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APRIL 2, 2010

From Dan Ryan of California.
Hello, Dr. Chiappalone
Many, many thanks for your fine articles published on the net.
I have not found any other source which better explains the true nature of the reality I find here.
I keep having difficulty finding a durable link to your book vending site.  (Dark side interference??).
It was not until I waded through all the material on the Xee-a-twelve site and Flying Buffaloes 7 site that I finally came across your site, which I suspect is the source for the X-12 and FB7 sites' materials. How much of those sites' material should I discount as tainted or falsified by those who seem to have "borrowed" your messages?
Best regards,
Dan T. Ryan
Antioch, CA
Yes, it certainly is okay to reprint my letter. I hope it helps others see the larger picture more clearly regarding all your excellent work over these many years, now.
Best Regards,
Dan T. Ryan

My Reply:
Dear Dan, Thank you.
The X-12 and BF 7 sites are in fact run by my ex-wife Amitakh and her Vulturite Reptilian husband, Steffan.
They plagiarize and distort information from many sites, mainly from my writings.
They have now been exposed by all the nefarious activities they and their minions were engaged in around this town.
They are trite and fraudulent.



Just to give you one example: They go about the geometrical configurations of spheres and supposedly of ‘heaven’, as if those facts are something they know pristinely. Well, in actual fact, they are repeating obscure assumptions from Ancient Sumerian trigonometry and astrophysics. They are deceivers, but cannot possibly get away with such rot.

APRIL 27, 2014



You all know the saying attributed to the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer:

All Truth passes through three stages.

·         First, it is ridiculed.

·         Second, it is violently opposed.

·         Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Well, judging from the detailed reporting, by the non-Zionist Media, regarding massive details of fracturing of the Earth, the environment and all Societies, it seems the Truth I have written about, concerning physical changes to the Earth to approach the Endtime, is in the third stage.

However, what I have written about the Nature of Spirit, the Solution to the Problem of Evil, Evil’s Programing, Pollution and Indoctrination, the Evacuation Process, selection into various Classes of Consciousness for continuation, etc., cannot be assessed on this level by the lower mind alone.

Thus, even if the morons accept that I am right in my writings about Planetary Fragmentation, Terminal Madness and the Endtime scenario, they will never appreciate the spiritual aspects of which I write.

That is why we shall now see them cast into the Gloom and Doom of the physically and spiritually vanquished.  They reside in a void with no future. And this explains the ubiquitous Terminal Madness, the massive Depression and increasing numbers of suicide!

The inability to separate the Physical Realm from the Supramental Realm, to which Viables are going, is going to distinguish the consciousness of failures.


Hence, they will be terrorized by the massive Earth changes, by the Nuclear War, and by the certain prospect of physical death.


The Viables instead, due to the connection to, and nurturing by, the New Green Energy, which I stated previously has been released to protect and nurture them in this Endtime, will be elated, for they will have the realization that finally, they are being liberated from this Hell-hole and going Home!


As well as the New Green Energy, another Energy has been released through me that few are aware of. It is the concentrated clearing energy, the properties of which I shall not reveal for now. The relevance of the descent of this second Energy is paramount. It means we are indeed in the Endtime and the destruction is about to commence.


I shall end this short essay by again quoting Arthur Schopenhauer. He said “I would not want to be the “God” who created this abominable World”.

Frederick Nietzsche, as you know, said mockingly ‘‘god’ is dead!” some 100 years later. And now, here am, some 100 years after FN stating this “god/ghoul” is definitely dead. Hmmm, do you see any connection, any pattern in the thought process of this continuum?

At any rate, fear not. That “god/ghoul” has been transmuted.

That too is a strong pointer to the fact that the End is here.


You may have noted I am keeping away from minutiae about politics, governments, society’s changes, facets of fragmentation, etc., etc..

As I see it, the devil is in the detail, and one could waste considerable time getting lost in the mire of useless detail.

Instead, you and I should spend our time seeing the big picture quickly, and then spending our valuable time in contemplation of the Numinous.

After all, that is where our future is, and not in the debris of the doomed Physical.

Who cares what evil crassness envelops the evil Archons and their foolish sycophants and minions? Who cares what mechanisms they use to vainly attempt to cover up their exposed sins?

Who cares what lies they tell?

Who cares how much anarchy, murder and mayhem they create?

They have been doing these things since their illicit creation.

Know that they are doomed. They are finished.

I spend just enough time to check their progress on their Road to Perdition and then I move on. I do not get bogged down in the detail.

You will admit, one could spend many hours a day reading reports and watching the clips being produced about this and that.

Why waste such valuable time when you could be spending that time with your loved ones, especially the four legged angels, in the form of our pets, and in contemplation of our approaching Glory?

Finally, don’t forget to protect as best you can. The End is near but we have not reached the Finish Line. The War still rages. It is not over yet. Protect so that you won’t be damaged. Evil’s energy bullets will still be whistling by until the Final Bell is rung!


April 28, 2014

I have explained a number of times that this plane is subject to mini-cycles in which energy patterns can precipitate into the Physical  in order to cause whatever those patterns represent

I have stated that the Archons and their Minions are programmed to self-destruct. The methods from their creator the Evil Mind that controlled them have been obliterated.

 Hence they are insane and very unpredictable as you can now see around the world. Their modus operandi is always with lies, deceit, exploitation, theft, rape, murder and destruction. This is clearly seen in any earthly situations. The next few years will make this even more obvious, leading to their total destruction.

I had previously predicted a terminating Nuclear War would precipitate in 2007. It didn’t. No fear, 2014 is now the next date of precipitation of this energy pattern. If it does not come this year, we may have to wait till 2021. So what? And after that 2028! But, as I told you before, 2035 is the outer limit of existence for this earth and all who dwell on and within it.


While we await the Final Bell, remain as calm as possible.

Look after your physical health as well as your mind. Watch your thoughts.

If you neglect yourself you will be targeted even more easily and will bring suffering upon yourself which could well have been avoided with processes of Purification, Protection and Blessing.

Your psychic abilities will be stunted if you have a dirty aura, or unclean Centres of Consciousness.

Watch what you eat, The most pollution is in animal products. Chicken and fish are now unsafe. You can get all the protein you want from nuts. Don’t drink alcohol.

Don’t take illicit drugs.

Once you recognize demonic beings, minimize contact. Protect if you must interact with them at school, at work, at meetings, etc.

If you have sex with demons you are asking for trouble. Not only will they drain you of vital energy, but they will pollute you so severely such that your Centres of Conscious could be irreparably damaged and you will be an easy target for Demonic Possession. This is why the rate of demonic body snatching is soaring!

Ask for the blessing of your food and drink and transmutation of any negativity that resides in it, from the source of the food, from the handlers, sellers, preparers, etc. Take these precautions and you will see a difference.

Carry on as if nothing major were to occur to the Earth even though you know it will. This will lessen your anxiety.

Fulfil all your social obligations.

If you have a job, stick to it.

If you are studying, stick to that also.

Do not think of ending your life or acting irrationally.

Do not abandon your set patterns apart from the warnings I gave above.

Be aware but remain calm.

Do not spend all your money or sell your house to go live on a mountain top or in a tree to await the evacuation Fleet.

Do not be foolish.

I repeat, learn to recognize who is who and protect from those who would drain you or harm you spiritually in any way.

You know, or will know, who is of Darkness, even in your own family.

Soon enough, if you don’t know  yet,  you will know who drains you of your vital energy in daily interactions.

Protect. If possible avoid those of Darkness.

This is no game. You are risking your Spirit if you ignore this advice.

Even after identification, treat all with equal love and respect as you would ones of Light,
but expect nothing in return.

Protect, protect, protect while in the midst of Evil ones.


April 29, 2014

From my book “Thoughts of a Gnostic Vol 4” written in the 1980s:


I will be the first to admit that this subject is heavy, heady stuff indeed. But the concepts of Nihilism, of Hell, of Eternal obliteration, of planetary destruction, of dimensional decay, of transmutation, are very serious topics. Do you not think that it is serious that so many of us have been kept spiritually drugged, confused and deceived for so long?

One cannot deny these things I have written for they are happening right now. This is the reality today. Welcome to the real world. The ones who want to deny these things are the evil, ignorant fools who are deluded, while at the same time, they have played roles to keep us trapped, confused and exploited. Now with the awakening, it is they who live in a cocoon of ignorance and illusion. But ignorance cannot bring bliss. They will be shattered forcefully by the impact of their illusion as it bursts and that will be too much for them. Their minds will blow. That is the Terminal Madness I keep writing about.

But if any do deny these things, they would then have to convince me that this world is wonderful, that life could not be better, that we are all happy and well, that all get enough to eat, are constantly entertained and free of the fear of poverty, illness, corruption and death.

They would have to convince me that all is well, no one exploits others, no one plans wars or lays landmines to injure others. (By the way, the Worldwatch Institute reported that in 1995 alone over 2 million landmines were laid, bringing the total number of mines in the ground to an estimated 110 million. What a sick place this is!)

Those who deny what I have written would have to convince me that demons do not go crazy and cause mass murders, that looters do not appear out of the woodwork at the least opportunity.

They would have to convince me that religions are not a mockery, that those who run them really are genuine and not lustfully after money and power, that they give their all to help the poor and do not hoard as it appears they do.

They would have to convince me that science has created all the known 59, 750 nuclear warheads for people's peace of mind. I am sure the number is far greater.

They would have to convince me that polluted land, air and water is good for me and you, and the rest of creation, and that people are not getting cancer, asthma, degenerative diseases in ever-increasing numbers.

They would have to convince me that people are harmonizing as never before and that the killing fields of Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Palestine, Somalia, Russia, Northern Ireland, (add to the list till you run out of ink) never happened. I think they would have a hard time convincing me of these things.

They would have to convince me that

     i      the Fauna and Flora of the world are not disappearing,

     ii      that people love and understand animals and do not slaughter them for food, for fur, for sport, for experimentation and for cruel, perverse satisfaction.

They would have to convince me that this is a world of harmony, of love, of Light where:

     i      racism and its hateful violence do not occur,

     ii      people are not ridiculed and persecuted for being different or for wanting to be different;

     iii      all things are shared equally and freely and each has an abundance for which s/he is thankful.

They would have to convince me that jails are not growing in size and numbers because this is a world of forgiveness and love and not, as I say, a world of hate, punishment and exploitation.

But how can they convince me of all these things if the truth staring us all in the face is the exact opposite?

How can they deny these things? They can only deny them by being liars and murderers of the Truth, just as Jesus said 2000 years ago that they were, for they are spawns of their father, the Moloch!

If you deny what I write,

     -      How are you going to convince me that the rate of justice is increasing in the world when all judiciaries around the world, and their police and politicians, are being exposed as extremely corrupt, in record numbers?

     -      How are you going to convince me police are effective agents of law and order and not cynical perpetrators of the very crimes they are supposed to prevent, such as cruelty, prostitution, extortion, drug running, and so on? If you deny these things you deserve to be called foolish! But more than that, you could be called ignorant and evil, a deceiver blinded to reality, a part of the problem, certainly not a part of the solution!!


May 13, 2014

The Devil’s in the detail.

Part A

1              Are you surprised by the adverse changes occurring in the world? Why should you be? I have told you this is a DEMONIC WORLD, run by Evil, with Evil, for Evil. If you are not evil, you are in danger of being a casualty in the Process of Exposure and Correction that is now occurring.


2              The Process of change is one of exposure of the Demonic System  of this Planet (and the entire Universe).


3        The exposure we are now witnessing, and which is causing us to suffer so much, is a necessary step to allow those not evil, and those of Evil, to see exactly what this level is – a stratum of Hell.


4        The exposure, of necessity, will lead to Terminal Fragmentation and Terminal Madness of the majority, as we are now witnessing.


5        Not one being will be allowed to escape the conclusion that things are bad and getting worse; that this System in which we live, in which some of us are trapped, is putrid and cannot, will not, continue.


6        The conclusion is that this vile system must be eliminated as quickly and as expeditiously as possible.


7        A major step for the Terminal Fragmentation of this Earth is the looming Nuclear War. I predicted such a war would occur in 2007. It did not. As we are in 7 year cycles, the chances are it will manifest this year. Events in Syria, Iran, Crimea and the Ukraine are leading towards this war.


8        What will happen if this Nuclear War does not precipitate this year?


9        We may have to wait as long as 2021 for conditions to come to fruition and precipitate the War.


10    I have explained elsewhere that the outer limit for existence of this World is 2035.


11    My Team and I have agreed that Earth will NOT be allowed to continue beyond 2035.


12    When Nuclear War does occur, it will be horrendous. One third to one half of the Earth’s human population will perish within a short time. Within 2 years, all humans will be physically dead. This period may extend to 2.5 to 3 years.


13    Thus if the Nuclear War starts this year, there is a very good chance Earth will be gone by November 2016 as I revealed in an earlier essay.


14    If the War is delayed until the next 7 year cycle, it will commence about 2021 and Earth’s end will be approximately in 2024.


15    If it does not eventuate in that cycle, there may be a delay to 2031 and the End will be somewhere in 2034-35.


16    This body I am using needs to be here for the Final Day for reasons which I will not disclose just yet. I am 70 years old. I cannot see this body lasting beyond 2035 when it will be 91.


17    The Terminal Madness I predicted long ago is inevitable for unprotected minds as more astute ones can now clearly see. The Madness will affect all levels of Consciousness, not just Human levels. Thus, the Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms will demonstrate such Madness. Rogue heavenly bodies which no longer obey what we thought were Laws of Physics are an example of such Madness.   


18    The Madness can only be escaped by having a valid contact with the Supra-Mental Plane. To have such a connection, the Consciousness concerned needs to be a viable one which can make a connection to the Numinous. Thus, as a logical result. non-Viables on every level of Consciousness will manifest INSANITY.


19    We are now witnessing such Madness in Governments around the World, in Judicial Systems which, as you will have noted, have become Injustice Systems, in Religions which are now manifesting overt Bigotry, in the Monetary Systems of Earth whose greed is destroying one and all, in the erratic Climate, in Animals, etc., etc.


20    I had previously revealed to you that Light would be withdrawn from this level. We are steeped in Darkness. Injustices and Iniquities are manifested without challenge. That is so all can see the true essence of this plane. That Essence is Evil


21    The Light has been actively withdrawn from this dimension so that Evil could not only clearly manifest without challenge, but also so that it could self-destruct without opposition.


22    This means that we, caught in this cauldron of Evil, will not only witness this Terminal Decay, but also suffer the consequences on the physical plane as it putrefies.


23    Thus it follows that SUFFERING is unavoidable. If one has understood the Process of Termination we are in, the suffering will be seen as an inevitable step of destroying the Prison we are in, so that we may be liberated.


24    Those who have this understanding will tolerate the inevitable suffering and focus on the outcome, which will be a glorious future in an evil-free zone.


25    Those who have no such realization will languish in the Gloom and Doom of Morbid Fear. For them there will be no peace of mind. They indeed will envy the dead whom they think have escaped this Hell.


26    Now you see why my Message to awaken those who were to be awakened was, and is, so important. The Message is to PREPARE Viable for the Final Step in the Liberation Process. It facilitates connection to the Supra-Mental Plane. It is an essential step in Spiritual Survival.


27    The Process affecting this Plane, and all of us who are in it, is unstoppable. The doomed ones are programmed to self-destruct. They are finished. There is no way the Process that will destroy them can be stopped. This goes for Evil Aliens who hover around us also.


28    As I just wrote, Viables will suffer along with the doomed ones in the physical, for they will be affected by all the factors of deterioration, but having the insight of what it all means, Viables shall be able to project beyond the Physical Suffering, beyond the Mental Anguish and Insanity and focus on the Light at the End of the Tunnel.


29    Without such realizations, all beings will go insane. And that explains the explosive increase in Mental Illness: Psychoses, Demonic Possession and resultant exponential Suicides in this Endtime.


30    As the Fragmentation accelerates, do not be caught in the detail of the putrefaction. The devil is in the detail and you could become distracted. Remain focused on the general picture of what is occurring, why it is occurring and what the end result shall be.


31    I have explained elsewhere that some 650 million consciousnesses in human bodies have been classified as Viable. In other words, such a number, about 9% of the world’s population, is to continue its spiritual journey and evolution elsewhere once Earth and this Physical Universe are totally destroyed.


32    To many of us, surrounded as we are by more and more putrid Evil, the number seems excessive. Some days, one would think the number is 650, not 650 million!


33    The Suffering we have to bear is all an Illusion. We shall not remember any of it once we are out of this dimension. Do not focus on it. Focus instead on the Beauty, Joy and Peace you find in your head, supplied to you by your Connection to the Numinous. Those who do not have that Connection can only focus on their terminating suffering.


34    Learn to make that Inner Connection, regardless of your external circumstances. Make that connection to your Higher Self, to your Light Within, to your pathway to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is possible. It is essential if you are going to maintain your sanity.


35    The Connection will minimize your pain, sorrow and misery and dispel DESPAIR which you will see engulfing the failures.


36    At this stage of proceedings, there is no help in the external. My words and energy may assist you in making your Connection, but realize that apart from that, there is no Light out there. All you need is within you. My words, books, energy, are merely means of awakening that which is in you. If there is no Light within you, you are not a Viable. It is as simple as that.


37    As we all witness the deterioration, we are witnessing the Modus Operandi of Evil. We are left in no doubt that Evil has been the MO of our existence for a long, long time. It had been hidden from us by the fact that we had been Programmed, Polluted and Indoctrinated by the Illusion of Evil’s Virtual Reality. But now, that Evil entrapping Illusion is broken once and for all.


38    Every consciousness in this filthy imprisoning system which was created by Evil (known as the Celestial Error) must wilfully acknowledge that things cannot go on this way, that there is a need to stop this Madness and that True Justice must rule.


39    True Justice WILL rule.


40    That assertion is what terrifies the evil miscreants most of all!!


May 14, 2014



 May 24, 2014
                                                                     A RESCUER SPEAKS


As I cross the evil realm of decaying space and time to achieve my goal,
and eventually reach my final destination,
with those I've helped rescue from Evil's traps and liberate from this abomination,
I have to suffer the slings and arrows of shameless misfortune and also the persecution
from the doomed demons and robots, archons and minions of the Counterfeit Creation,
as well as their ceaseless vituperation.

But with Godly strength and truthful sight, I have almost reached that aimed-for destination,
and am ready to witness the promised transmutation,
of the villains who have mocked all the Rescuers, including Jesus,
whom they especially derided with their spiny coronation.

O God of Light and Love, I joyously celebrate the transformation
from this realm of all trapped, salvageable True Beings into sparkles of liberated,
Divine, ever-loving Illumination,
As each, borne by the spacecraft's motivation,
enters into the New Dimension of everlasting Celestial felicitation.

Every moment of suffering, pain and misery will truly be worth the inheritance of that tomorrow,
When we, who are not evil, will live in Peace, Harmony and Love without Evil's sorrow.

Cry no more, my valiant friends, we have suffered enough, enough.
Our strength has pierced Evil's bluff,
and dispelled all the unreal fears
that reduced us so very often to tears.

In this vale of pain, sickness, death and perpetual scorn,
we, often in desperate times, were utterly vanquished it seemed, and forlorn,
almost at the point of quitting, as the robots around us were bleating that no Evil did, in fact, exist.

But we asked often again and again "How can Evil not be real, when around us, all, by force malicious, are forced to kneel, at the altar of the ghoul,
who, by exploitation and by rapine spoliation, treats every True Being as a demented fool?"

I have almost come full circle reaching, with true knowledge,
the point of destruction for this plane that I sought,  
And from Evil's grasp, the rescue of many deserving True Beings have I wrought.

Now all that is left, if you are one of these rescued, is to fly to the Dimension New,
Made of Love and Light, as you are, too,
where the Indigenous Divine are waiting to welcome you.









The Devil’s in the detail.

Part B

 41           Previously I mentioned this is a terminating fragmentation that we are undergoing on this Earth, and in this Universe, which will result in the total destruction of the Physical Dimension.

 42           Believe it or not, but 94% of this Universe has already been corrected. It no longer exists. Earth is in the last 6% scheduled for total destruction.

 43           What we are witnessing is not a cyclical death, and rebirth of species, as some scientists contend. This is the Final Process for the Total Destruction of the Planet.

 44           How do I know that? Well, for that matter, how do I know the exact number of those to perish and of those to be rescued and to continue their spiritual evolution elsewhere?

 45           I know because I am intimately involved with the Team doing the Rescue Work, as well as allowing the Terminal Destruction of this Evil Empire.

 46           As I mentioned in Part A, pain, suffering and misery are an inevitable part of our lot while the Process of fragmentation continues. The only way you can minimize this unavoidable suffering is to connect your lower mind to your Higher Mind, and the Light, within you.

 47           This Connection to the Supra-Mental Plane is essential for all Viables, for all survivors of this Correction. It had been predicted to occur by such Avatars as Frederick Nietzsche and Shri Aurobindo. It does not matter that you do not know this detail or the fact that they are lives of the Consciousness that previously had manifested many times, including as Jesus of Nazareth. BTW, Higher Consciousness can and does manifest in multiple bodies simultaneously as required.

 48           It is essential in this Endtime that you learn to control your emotions just as the Buddha advised us to do some 2500 years ago. He too was the Consciousness of Jesus in a previous incarnation. Now do you see the ridiculousness of religions feuding?

 49           Emotional Exploitation in this evil System drains us of vital Energy which the Evil System uses to run its Empire and create further traps for Beings of Light. Not all beings in this Evil System are Beings of Light. In fact, the majority are evil as I have revealed many times before.

 50           Indeed, today on Earth, the majority are beings of Darkness. Some 34% are Demonic entities who will perish, as will another 57% of the Human population who are failed robotic consciousnesses. That leaves approximately 9% of robotic beings who are classed as Viable.

 51           There are a few thousand True Beings of Light left on the planet. The bulk of them were evacuated, as I revealed in a previous essay, in November 1999. Since that time, the planet has been going precipitously downhill in all parameters we can measure, apart from Evil!

 52           The 9% of the human population classed as fit to continue their evolution have had attachments added to their consciousness which allows them to exist outside of this Evil Empire in which they were artificially created. You do not need to know such detail to remain viable.

 53           As revealed in Ancient Gnostic Texts, we are all to know who is who in the Endtime. Thus, in conformity with this prophecy, we shall all develop our psychic abilities to such an extent that we shall know who is viable and who is non-viable, who is demonic, who is a viable robot, who is a failed robot, who is a True Being of Light, etc. etc.   

 54           Prepare yourselves now for the discovery of who is who in your life will not be a pleasant experience at all. Some may find their spouse, their parent or parents, their children, their other loved ones, etc., may be failures, may be demonic, robotic etc.

 55           Learn to detach from all things of the Evil Empire. All aspects of this Evil Universe have absolutely no place in our existence outside of it!

 56           The suffering of those we considered as being our brothers and sisters, the exposure of the suffering of the Animals, of Nature, etc., will not be pleasant. Do not focus on the Evil Tragedy. See each unit as being liberated to go to a better existence where no Evil exists.

 57           Rejoice in the putrid death of the Physical. Such death was inevitable anyway. Witness what happens as the evil ‘cardboard box’ imprisoning the sacred consciousness being ripped asunder by an inevitable fragmenting process in order to allow that which is most precise to escape Evil’s prison.

 58           Be ever mindful of the fact that NOTHING OF VALUE WILL BE LOST in this Process of elimination of Evil from our lives. Know and recall the fact that Evil will be eliminated forever.

 59           If you remember nothing of value is lost, you cannot be sad at the destruction of the Evil which caused all our pain, suffering and misery.

 60           Thus, if you imagine billions, both human and animal, burned to death by Nuclear weapons, recall that the physical bodies (the Cardboard Boxes, as I like to call them) only are being eradicated. That which is within, the precious spirit, is being liberated to exist for Eternity in an Evil-free zone. And that is reason to rejoice.

 61           If it happens that the consciousness within some of the Cardboard Boxes was not viable, then you may still rejoice for such a consciousness had no place in the True existence of Light Particles. It was part of the Darkness and it was meant to perish with the Darkness, for it was an enemy of Light, part of the apparatus that was attempting to destroy you, a Viable, and all Units of Light!

 62           As I mentioned previously, some scientists are trying to allay the fear in people by describing the Fragmentation that is occurring as a cyclical event in the natural history of the planet. That is not so.

 63           There is no Scientific Explanation for what is happening to all levels of Consciousness on Earth and in this doomed Universe. The true explanation is metaphysical and spiritual.

 64           What is occurring is explained by the Eschatological Doctrine of the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom.

 65           From my book 'Making Sense of the Madness', Vol 1: And so it was that many times the Sons of Light and the special creators sent representatives to arouse awareness in the True Beings. They reminded them of what had happened to this dimension and that a Rescue Mission was on the way. But because of the evil conditions that existed, their messages were pounced upon by those of evil and distorted so that their true meaning was eventually forgotten or buried. The Gnostic Ancient Wisdom contains the True Message. The representatives in our era of recorded history include such beings as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Manichaeus, Haidakhan Babaji, the real Sai Baba, etc.

66           It is only now, with total destruction of evil everywhere on other levels, that finally the eradication of Evil on this level can be performed. This will be achieved by the descent of a New Clearing Energy onto the planet. Clearing of all consciousnesses out of the planet is not an option. It is obligatory. Where does that leave those who claim they can make their bodies last forever, you may well ask. They are just deluded fools!

67           One day, my Celestial Twin, Haidakhan Babaji and I were walking in a Rainforest in Far North Queensland. In 1984, He had dropped the physical shell he used in the Himalayas, and presented as a walk-in in Australia to work with me. He stopped and said to me “When you see the Blue Star, our work here will be all but done, and we shall return Home!”

68           The Blue Star has been seen in the skies. Even American Indian tribes have been awaiting its appearance.

69           Babaji is known, by a few in the West, and by many in the Hindu Tradition, as Lord Shiva, the Destroyer of Worlds.


May 15, 2014
This is the URL of the show I did yesterday with Jeff Rense :



May 16, 2014 

The Devil’s in the detail.

Part C

70           PANIC in all populations will become obvious as the fracturing of all systems proceeds unabated.

71           The changes are incomprehensible to those with no spiritual acumen.

72           Those such as the New Agers, who appear to have some insight, but really have none of the Truth, will also be swept up by Panic, for they have lived in the Fraudulence with spurious notions of existence.

73           Only those who know the Truth will be calm in the horrendous storm that is to hit the whole Earth. That Truth will come from within them.

74           No non-Viable has the Truth within. It cannot be learned or rationalized.

75           My words and energies are but reminders to Viables to awaken to their Truth within. They have to work on themselves to awaken and see clearly.

76           The Truth within (called the Gnostic Nous) will dispel all fears, all panic, all pain, all suffering and all misery. One conscious of its Nous will not get depressed or suffer Terminal Madness of the Endtime.

77           No matter where you are, or in what circumstances you find yourself, know that things around you will get worse, a lot worse. It is only by knowing the Inner Truth, and understanding what is going on, that you can and will bypass the Madness that will engulf the whole world.

78           Once you connect to your Inner Truth, you will see more clearly than ever before that this is a Demonic World created by Demons for Demons who can only exist by exploiting the True Beings with Divine energy whom they have trapped in this Hell. It is the Divine energy that the demons crave. They cannot exist without such energy and they have none of their own.

79           Do not be lulled into a comatose state by the apparent beauty of the Illusion in this Virtual reality. The beauty is not real. When it is examined carefully, you will note it disintegrates quickly into absurdity.

80           Maximal drainage of energy from a Being of Light can lead to spiritual death. That is why every step possible must be taken by Viables to prevent drainage of their energy.

81           The atrocities, injustices, abuses, rapes, tortures, destructions, annihilations, murders, and the gross hypocrisy we are now forced to witness will be testimony to the fact that this planet and all the Physical Dimension is Evil and must be eradicated.

82           You can only spare yourself anguish if you truly know what is going on. Awaken out of your slumbering Illusion created by Evil and grasp the Truth with all your might. There is no other Path to Viability!

83           The atrocities we shall now witness shall leave no one in any doubt that this horrible, horrible world must end FOREVER!

84           You will be confronted with Untruths listed for your ingestion by the Evil Media and many Alternative sites that should know better but still spread BS for that is what keeps them financially stable.

85           Do not be side-tracked by argumentative fools. Do not drown in the devil’s detail. If you are seen arguing with fools, you run the risk of being taken for one yourself.

86           The Falsehood will be presented as being more palatable than the Truth. Do not be fooled. Stand firm. There is no chance the End will be postponed.

87           Under no circumstances are you to feel sorry for yourself. We have all tasted the Lash of Injustice. What makes you so special that you think you are the only one to be abused?

88           The higher your role in this War (and remember, we all have roles, we are all warriors), the more will you be traumatized by the Evil System that wants to annihilate you. Thus, rejoice when it targets you and enjoy the idea that you are a valued warrior; otherwise it would not bother with you. Enjoy the thought that you are doing your bit to eradicate Evil. In that way, you won’t mind the pain and suffering, knowing that they are temporary burdens you have to suffer on the Road to Liberation.

89           The failures and the fools (demons, robots and True Beings who have sold out) cannot understand my words. They will have none of this information, even though the changes I predicted, and that are occurring, are staring them in the face. They think I am insane, but, in fact, it is they who are mentally and spiritually insane. Their anguish will be maximal as the End approaches.

90           The effects of my words and energy on Viables are predictable and very obvious. After some initial doubt, due to their degree of outer mind pollution, programming and indoctrination, which they must bypass if they are going to awaken, they respond with an Inner Understanding that leaves them happy, serene and elated.

91           Conversely, the Failures, the non-Viable, are stung by my energy and words. The New Green Energy especially seems to irritate them continuously. They manifest anger externally, but deep within they are most fearful and will, in time, manifest the symptoms that accompany the Gloom of Doom, namely, anxiety, depression and Terminal Madness!

92           They will want to lash out as much as possible, at anyone, at any time, especially those who seem serene and composed (the connected Viables).

93           Do not be concerned. They are increasingly destructive as we see around the world. If you are caught up in their criminal actions, do not let it bother you. They can only affect the physical. Ignore your pain and suffering. And if you are in danger of dying,  all the better, for that is your Path to Liberation out of this Hell. With such assurance, you should be able to lift your Spirit to the Heavens and rejoice in your success.

94           Do not expect help from the external. The external is in the hands of the Demons. They are there to destroy you and themselves. They are not there to help anyone.

95           If you have understood my words, you will have understood that your Connection to the Supra-Mental Consciousness, to your Higher Mind, to your Light within, to your Guides and Helpers on outer superior levels is the Source of all the help you need.

94           It follows then that making that Connection is your most important assignment from now on. It is vital for your spiritual survival. Without it you will be lost in the morass of this Hell. You will not make Sense of the Madness; you will not receive the assistance you require. You will suffer far more than you should, if you do not make that connection.

95           Realize now that nothing on this level is of more value to you other than your Connection to the Numinous. It will sustain you through all the horror you may have to witness. It will calm you and prevent reactive depression. It will soothe you with the thought of the Glory to come. It will allow you to walk into the Lions’ den with no fear. If you want to see someone connected to the Supramental plane, watch the video of Saddam Hussein in his treacherous trial in which he manifests the love of God and the fearlessness of a True Light Warrior. You will find many YouTube videos of his Trial. Here is one:

96           As I have told you before, all Light has been withdrawn from this Plane. The only Light that exists is that within Beings of Light. They are few and far between. Do not forget that many of our pets and other animals are Beings of Light and they can greatly assist us in our hours of Darkness. Learn to appreciate your pets, try to discern who they are in spiritual terms, and what they can do for you in these Final Days.

97           As the Evil System incorporates the Astral World in which some of the future can be seen, Archons know in advance of some of the changes that are to occur. Evil knows its time may be up even though it struggles uselessly. It knows now who is an agent of the Light, who is Viable and whom to target. Hence, Protect, Protect, Protect from the evil influences on this level.

98           Read my books. You will know the agents of programming, pollution and indoctrination. Avoid them like you would the plague!!

99           Consume no alcohol, no animal products (although eggs are OK), and no illicit drugs of any kind. This includes Marijuana and Ayahuasca.

100         As you well know, recently there has been a great push to legalize Marijuana. This is a psychotropic drug. It may have some beneficial effects on the body, but so what? Opium, Aspirin and Arsenic have too at certain levels, even though they are poisons in large doses. The use of Marijuana will eventually destroy minds. That is why it is called DOPE! Governments who are having problems controlling belligerent populations now realize legalizing Marijuana allows them to sedate the revolting population. The problem is that many of the dopes using the Marijuana then want ‘something’ more. And so they graduate eventually, in most cases, to other harder drugs, exposing themselves to more serious disruption of their Centres of Consciousness and risking Demonic Possession. Thus, Marijuana is not spiritually so mild and safe after all, is it?

101         As many of you have experienced, once you awaken and see the Illusion, the Evil System retaliates any way it can. Usually you have to remove yourself from destabilizing and draining relationships, destructive jobs, menacing peers, etc., etc. The System will not let you be and attacks you financially, socially, physically, mentally and so on. See this as victory for you. Use it as the recognition of your worth and the fact that the Evil System sees you as its enemy, which means you must belong to the camp of the Light!

102         All failures are dorks, morons and fools. Do not argue with them unless you too want to be classed as a fool. They will attack you as they have attacked me and every other Light Being since the advent of the Celestial Error. Realize that Evil Beings wallow in the Stupidity of Darkness, no matter how many degrees of Education they claim they have and no matter how many Honours they bestow upon themselves. They cannot, and never will, see Truth clearly. They are temporary phantoms who will shortly disappear forever.

103         Isolation in these troubled times is a blessing. Do not be too concerned if you cannot find like-minded individuals. You have your Inner Nous to keep you company. Always remember, it is better to be alone than in the midst of fools.

104         If you are very busy with work, studies, family, etc., find some time, even 20 minutes daily, to immerse yourself in the Silence. Meditate, go for a walk, close yourself up in your room, etc. Clear your head of rubbish that bombards all of us every moment of the day and night from the circulating Negativity Pool.

105         Protect at all times. If you think you don’t need protection in this cesspool, you have already lost your personal battle.

106         Affirmations and Invocations are valid methods of asking for help. Do not let your Evil-created Ego stand in the way. Humility is a Divine attribute. Destroy the Evil Ego!

107         Watch your thoughts at all times. Thought Implantation are a reality. Evil’s thoughts are implanted to disadvantage Light Beings and Viables and to eventually destroy them if possible.

108         The best way to realign yourself when nasty, programming thoughts appear in your head is to dedicate yourself to the Light unconditionally..


Poem #105 from my Poetry Book, Volume 2


I pray to the God of Love, the real One,
not to the cruel impostor Jehovah,
That, in this battle against Evil,
He sustains me well, until it's all over.

Grant, O Lord, to me the sight to truly see,
to patient be, and to finish victoriously,
So soon I'll fly with the few, the chosen company,
By Your side to forever live harmoniously.

So many are the changes in this evil land,
I cannot make it to the end without Your guiding, loving, protective Hand.

My ego, pompous, vain, tries not to allow, to Thee, in humble quest,
in great respect, to bow.
But, knowing ego and pride come before a fall,
To Thee I make this my sincere prayer, my constant call.
Fill my heart with Peace, and with Your Love;
dispel any demonic effects in and around me,
such as greed, or lust, or hate.
Some have already tried surreptitiously to influence
me evilly, so that I will be like them, as they march
inexorably to ruination, anxious it seems to reach
quickly foul Hades' gate.

Some pseudo-intellectuals, with inflated egos, think that this,
the end of planet Earth and all its evil ways, is all a joke,
But I, with Your knowledge, am wiser, and not being
of Evil, am not such a foolish sort of bloke.

It's the ego that to Thee blocks the path,
filling one with illusions of grandeur, and with the
impious, self-justifying, destructive, demonic wrath.

I reject this evil-imposed, self-destructive mechanism
of ego and clearly from the correct action, the path
to thee, I no longer want to hedge.

Through Your love and knowledge, I now know what
is best and is to be.
I do not want to be left alone, defenceless, in this evil realm,
out on a ledge.
That is why I ask that You quickly rescue me
Out of this hell and let me with Thee be.

There is no future in evil, in sorrow, or pain,
in darkness, in misery or in deceit,
Those of the Dark Illusion cannot win, and they,
destroyers of everything, will end up in Satanic heat.

They seek by choice vile Evil, and its destruction.
They kill, lie, burn, deceive, without compunction.

These are the very enemies which tried so hard to
devastate all True Beings, including me.

O God of Light rid them all from my vicinity.
So all that's left in my life, is a clear path of
Light and Love, without too many delays, to Thee.

Evil enemies in thought and deed, tax True Beings,
including me, nefariously day and night.
I cannot succeed, this I readily concede, without Your
Protection, without Your Might.
It is for all these reasons therefore, O God of Light, of Love, of Grace,
that I beseech You to Liberate me from this Hell
and hold me, ever tightly, in Your greatly longed-for embrace.

No other reward do I seek, But that which Jesus
promised to the meek, That after all the sorrow
they did bear, Of Heaven's riches they would share.

And so, conquering ego, humbly before Thee, I bow.
Please hear my plea for all True Beings now.
Even while we are immersed in this Hell and all its
emotionally draining, soul-destroying devilry,
Reveal, please, to us Your Love, Power and Majesty.

Thus will the pain of our plight be cut,
And our rescue will be swift, and successfully
we will make our path to be with Thee eternally.

If dark, stupid minds think that this a simple childish prayer may be,
I'll find that more than complimentary,
For not only did Jesus the Christ say the oldest should,
to enter Heaven, reborn be, But he also said "Let the
Little Children come to me".

In your eyes Father, what am I, if not a simple child?
Unlike evil, pompous egos which are beguiled,
To think they are so clever, possessed of such profanity,
That they cultivate a malicious mental twist,
Thinking no one greater than they in existence could ever be,
And that You, God of Goodness, creator of all, do not even exist.

What blasphemy, what cruel irony, Friends with me, in your presence,
such evil minds could never be.

Vain glory seek they in temporary revelry,
Forgetting true love, humility,
the real existence in Your eternity.
These are the very venomous vipers
inimical to You and me.

I ask, O Lord, devastated them to see,
So I can continue and rejoice in a Loving, clearer path to Thee.

For having examined all that this suffering, illusional world has to offer,
having read its books, seen its so-called wonders,
which are really destructive, ignorant blunders,
and listening to others, and Jehovah's false story,
I cannot conceive anything, in this realm,
greater than You and Your Glory.

No reward, no peace, no lasting joy, nothing for True Beings
is there in this life.
To be with You, therefore, in Your Eternity I humbly
ask, unreservedly, unashamedly, away from this evil rife.

Father, what other valid endpoint in life can there truly be
Than to be in Your Presence finally?
Having total faith in You and Your rescue of me,
I only asked that rhetorically.

And now that You have seen fit to touch My life with Light, Love and Grace,
I grow impatient, ever so impatient, especially in the mounting turmoil
of this Earth, this demiurgal disgrace, for the Bliss of Your eternal embrace.

It appears we only live in this world harmoniously if we embrace its illusion
and immerse ourselves in self-deception, Foregoing any thoughts of a better world,
of the need for much needed spiritual correction.

But if we, True Beings, do that, we will have fallen into the illusion totally,
and taken it as the only reality.
Being in such a state then, would be living in Darkness,
damagingly, precariously.

I have seen through the sham of wealth, of earthly labels, of emotional traps,
of destructive power, of exploitation, of useless social titles galore.

Of these I grew weary, with no satisfaction,
the moment I set eyes on them.
I now reject all these illusions and only long for that Paradisiacal shore.

Grant me please, all I need to win my Personal War in this blight,
And, as long as I need to be here, to be of assistance to my faithful
brothers and sisters of the Light.

So then as a joyous, jubilant band we can come to Thee together
in the New Dimensional Land.

I see now signs of all the things You said would come, and it's all true,
This Earth is at its end. Soon, all who want to be, will be with You.

Vile, sick demons before me stand, Especially clerics, in every way.
In disguises livid, like peacocks every day.

Christ called them venomous vipers performing in colours gay.
With Excalibur's might, them I pray to keep at bay.
These creatures, dark, turbid, sullen, me, and other awakened True Beings,
they now do not fool.

I recognize them now and know they are from the
doomed, fake essence of a satanic pool.

I know the hearts and minds and spirits of True Ones they try to deceive,
But the smell of putridness from them destroys the very illusions they conceive.
I warn other True Beings to be diligent, cautious, and see through their evil plot.

Past their falsehood, their deceitful costumes, their masks, they must see the devilish rot.
These demons are of physical and spiritual disease, of pustular, gargolean fright,
Who shun True Love, Purity and Heaven's Light.

They fear True Beings and envy their Light, their Love,
their potential happiness,
For they are bellicose, of jealousy, and of the cruel, destructive Darkness.
To the darkest, sulphurous, fiery abyss of the deepest Hell
Will they be dispersed when You, O Lord, the True
God, ring Your timely, final Victory bell.


 May 17, 2014


As you perceive evil beings in your life who personally affect you for the worse, try to develop an impersonal attitude, for if they were to not play the roles they do play, to trap, harass and exploit you, others would be there in their places.

All evil beings are enemies of True Beings, not just the ones you identify in your life on a personal basis. One's spontaneous reaction is to lash out at the personal ones in a petty way, and to forget the vast majority who would come in to fill the void instantly if one could be rid of the personal enemies.

Is it not better to be patient and cooperate with the Light which has declared the Best Plan is being followed in order to eliminate all the evil beings in due course? Of course it is.

Emotionalism at this Endtime can be disastrous, especially now in this time of increasing strife and trauma. True Beings are blackmailed by the emotional body and the traps set by evil beings.

Dissociate as much as possible. Go beyond the physical. See the evil plan to exploit you of your energy. See interactions as dolls interacting and do not let the consciousness be affected. You know what is in store for spiritual failures!


 One of the few things which demons possess
greater than their evilness, their overt
spiritual malignancy, their ugliness,
mendacity, bellicosity and hypocrisy,
is their blindness to perceive
the imminent Day of Reckoning!


May 21, 2014
An essay to answer the following question:

 What is the True Spiritual Significance of Physical existence?

Short answer: Zero.

Long Answer: Absolutely Zero!

Soon, I may ignore Shakespeare assertion that ‘Brevity is the Soul of wit” and expand on this topic further. Don’t hold your breath though. In the meantime, as we are definitely in the midst of Terminal Madness of the Endtime, contemplate this poem:







What is Madness? What is Sanity?
Who has the valid right to judge another's state of useful mentality?
Is it a doctor, is it you, or is it me?

We have entered dangerous grounds for sure and this you must now see.
Who is insane? Is it the one whom the psychiatrist decrees of mind sick to be?
Or is it the very psychiatrist against whom the patient objects hysterically?

Is a man sane wanting to escape that which is of depravity and insanity?
Or is he insane for wanting a better world, less suffering, and less misery?
Is he sane or insane for diagnosing a world gone mad, wallowing as it does
in the inescapable viciousness and the malevolence of its gross insanity?

Is it madness for him improvement to want, and all people kinder, saner, be?
If one claims he is sane and a doctor says he's not, what here have we got?
Can a sane man truly claim insanity to escape, as in court cases we often see?
And is one of sound mind, in whom testing affirms sanity, really quite
validly insane if he declares he believes himself insane to now be?

When a person thinks s/he is sick, can  s/he be declared fit, healthy, really?
Or is the belief itself sufficient to reproduce illness physically, mentally?

Let us consider the example of the person who sees an unmistakable UFO
and is then excited at the thought of expansive, numinous glory that must be
a reality, for he has witnessed an aspect of higher dimensionality beyond
the ignorance imposed by Absurdity.

Such a person is often diagnosed by a doctor, using profound programmed
stupidity, to be insane, and certified thus with certainty, even poisoned by
drugs then prescribed legally, regularly.
Who then in this scenario is insane?
Is not ignorance of Greater Realities in those who profess to know, and have
legal powers over others, a true bane, for even as they think they know, they
know not that it is they in Ignorance who are remiss, and thus really insane?

Are not all health professionals and others, who almost blasphemously and
very vehemently protest the existence of other realities, really just insane?
Of course they are! And from their ignorance what is there for us to gain?

Would it not be better for them to listen to their "patients" and expand
mental paradigms, and from the scorn, from destructive diagnoses, refrain?
Christopher Columbus was called insane by the throng which was inane.
Even the Nazarene, Jesus the Christ, whom many of us cherish and love so
well, in declaring the eventual destruction of this world, this base hell,
was, by evil sycophants, called insane, as have so many other True Beings,
Avatars, clairvoyants and seers, and mystics, throughout Mankind's history.

Pioneers on the burgeoning frontiers of epistemology, visionaries who
advance true knowledge so fruitfully, always seem to have to suffer the
burden of being declared quite mad and suffering from delusional insanity.

What could one expect? With Evil controlling the plane and wanting
Ignorance, no other way could it be.
What right have closed-minded bigots to attack enlightened ones pejoratively,
and in loudest voice vituperatively, as they, the attackers, wrestle privately
with their own ignorance and the vast incomprehensibility of the True
Knowledge they cannot adequately accept in their minds which are stifled
by the very bigotry of their Darkest Ignorance of this illusion's depravity?

And what of the many brainwashed, programmed professionals who defend,
at all costs, the false knowledge of the demiurge, coated in stuffy ignominy?

Let me give these examples for clarity.
Many now see evil walk-ins taking over bodies in this Endtime as the power of
their clairvoyance is restored exactly.
Yet they are diagnosed with insanity, as dysfunctionals of society suffering
a malady called inappropriately as "The Delusional Misidentification
Syndrome". Is it not a tragedy really?

And what about the diagnosis made of multi-possession, called by the
professionals, "Multiple Personality"?
Have you ever heard such ignorance, such spuriousness and such banality?
Valid viewings of other realms and dimensions are called hallucinations
which are supposed to be false perceptions, or so say those of the
Counterfeit Creation, those of bigotry.

You know what such realisations, and visions of other realities are really.
They are supra-physical experiences, of psychic phenomenology which defy
attempts at rationalisation on the limited framework of the lower human
mind which cannot cope adequately.
It is then in their inability to cope with such Greater Reality that the limited
minds of these professionals, in whose ranks I admit there are exceptions,
diagnose insanity of those with the experiences, thus revealing their own
limitations and gross inadequacy.

Thus, who is sane? Who is mentally healthy with no hint at all of insanity?
Is it not the ones who know of, and acknowledge, savour, Greater Reality?
And are ones steeped in the hubristic, egotistical Arrogance of Ignorance not
really the ones who are thus insane?

My contention is that this, in fact, is the case and from them, the doomed
depraved demons of Ignorance, ones of Light have really but nought to gain.

Hence, again I ask you: "What is Madness? What is Morbid Insanity?"
It is the Mad ones, as you can see around the world who, with anger and
abuse, call enlightened ones insane.
The perversity is so obvious and the mockers are, for True Ones, a pain.
They are a scourge in creation, a bane which must be totally removed from
the scene, so Truth and Total Peace, those of Light and Its Love will gain.

Beware fragmented minds which peddle nonsense and utter sophistry,
for facts of knowledge repeated incoherently are not enough for sanity.
From judgement all ones of Darkness, should, as a must, now truly refrain,
no matter what medical, psychiatric or psychological degrees they do claim,
for they, if they do not rightfully recognise the truth of things, are the
mad ones really, not the enlightened ones in Light's Love, who are the sane!

 May 22,2014


It may appear a cynical thing to say, but in many ways, this level is worse than Hell. Why do I say that? Well, in Hell you would know where you are and what to expect. Demons there have no need to disguise themselves. You would know your enemies and their antics; you would know what they are doing, what they are after and how they propose to treat you. There would be no need for pretence and hypocrisy.

This level instead is all the worse because of the surreptitiously nefarious activities of the demons present on the plane who trick their victims by pretending they are something else. Hypocrisy is paramount, as are exploitation and deception. In one sense, this makes entrapment of the unwary even easier.

Any being with a sense of trust and the need to love and share is putty in the hands of these deceitful scoundrels. Do not just take my word for it. Open your daily newspaper and read the reports of the scams and stings many people suffer. Such incidences are reported with nauseating regularity.

The demons in the population are forever abusing, draining, exploiting the others relentlessly in a myriad of ways. The fact that many do not expect to be treated this way simply compounds their suffering and increases their energy loss. You see them often ask "Why, why has this happened to me, to us? How can people do such terrible things?"

The unexpectedness is planned by the exploitative demons and that is why, in many ways, this level is worse than Hell. There, such things are expected and provided for mentally, even though the suffering still occurs, the expectation of it somehow lessens the trauma.

Of course none of this will make sense to you if you are still trapped in the illusion. But if you are really sick of the lies, scams, deception, hypocrisy and unrelenting exploitation and abuse of this plane, then you are probably ready to seek a viable explanation of why the things are the way they are and what the solution to this Problem of Evil is. One cannot accept such concepts unless one has reached the point of truly wanting to know the answers. And one needs to be ready for the answers regardless of the consequences.


 May 23, 2014


Obviously the length of time it appears to be taking to get anything like correction of the Evil Celestial Error is going to be pointed out by the evil ones to suggest that no real correction is occurring and that this is the way things will always be. It is not hard to argue against this when faith is called in.

Is one being deluded, as the evil ones contend, in thinking things can be changed for the better? Or is one a gullible fool to believe those who say things will change for the better? Which is the illusion - the apparent reality we live in or the reality without evil some hope for?

From our physical perspective on Earth, it is easy to take this realm as the reality and forget a greater reality, for often we have no adequate notion or recall of other realities. Being so immersed in the illusion of this plane, we cannot even comprehend other realities at times, especially when programming takes over our being, and panders to the emotional body.

While the degree of Viability is inversely proportional to the size of the evil EGO, our ability to survive on this putrid level is directly proportional to our ability to laugh, especially at ourselves!

As the War proceeds, do not be blackmailed by the Madness of others, nor by their presumed fate. And do not speculate or judge, for the more you judge others, the more you will make mistakes and miss your own defects.



 May 24, 2014



As I cross the evil realm of decaying space and time to achieve my goal, and eventually reach my final destination, with those I've helped rescue from Evil's traps and liberate from this abomination, I have to suffer the slings and arrows of shameless misfortune and also the persecution from the doomed demons and robots, archons and minions of the Counterfeit Creation,
as well as their ceaseless vituperation.

But with Godly strength and truthful sight, I have almost reached that aimed-for destination, and am ready to witness the promised transmutation, of the villains who have mocked all the Rescuers, including Jesus, whom they especially derided with their spiny coronation.

O God of Light and Love, I joyously celebrate the transformation from this realm of all trapped, salvageable True Beings into sparkles of liberated, Divine, ever-loving Illumination, As each, borne by the spacecraft's motivation, enters into the New Dimension of everlasting Celestial felicitation.

Every moment of suffering, pain and misery will truly be worth the inheritance of that tomorrow, When we, who are not evil, will live in Peace, Harmony and Love without Evil's sorrow.

Cry no more, my valiant friends, we have suffered enough, enough. Our strength has pierced Evil's bluff, and dispelled all the unreal fears that reduced us so very often to tears.

In this vale of pain, sickness, death and perpetual scorn, we, often in desperate times, were utterly vanquished it seemed, and forlorn, almost at the point of quitting, as the robots around us were bleating that no Evil did, in fact, exist.

But we asked often again and again "How can Evil not be real, when around us, all, by force malicious, are forced to kneel, at the altar of the ghoul, who, by exploitation and by rapine spoliation, treats every True Being as a demented fool?"

I have almost come full circle reaching, with true knowledge, the point of destruction for this plane that I sought,  And from Evil's grasp, the rescue of many deserving True Beings have I wrought.

Now all that is left, if you are one of these rescued, is to fly to the Dimension New, Made of Love and Light, as you are, too, where the Indigenous Divine are waiting to welcome you.


 Just in case you missed this short report on the danger of Vaccines:


May 25, 2014
                                                    GNOSTIC  KNOWLEDGE  LIBERATES!

In order to spread and share Love, Peace, Light and Harmony, one needs to confront and reject Evil from one's existence.

Hence, one needs to become a Warrior of and for the Light. Without the existence of Evil, no one would want to be or need to be a warrior. This role is a response to the emergence of Evil.

While Evil exists, no Being of Light can relax for one moment. Evil must be fought at every instance for it is surreptitious in the extreme and takes advantage to invade, program, pollute, indoctrinate and destroy whenever an opportunity arises.

Be aware of every weakness, every inattention, every carelessness, for it may allow a fatal dose of Evil to enter your life.

Warriorship can be expressed in many ways, but ultimately it is expressed in the War against Evil. The greatest War is in the mental level. Win your Mental War and pay meticulous attention to the mind, for it can make or break you. It can create a Hell out of Heaven or a Heaven out of Hell.

Control your mind and you will have won your personal war. Then you can become an effective warrior in the General War against Evil. While you are still struggling to control your mind you cannot be effective in the greater war.

In order to control your mind, you must eradicate as much as possible evil influences which affect it. Therefore, evil programming, pollution and indoctrination need to be minimized. This necessitates proper knowledge of diet, cleansing, protection, etc.


 Précis of one of my Lectures for Warriors


The question of identity of a being, that is, the ontological identity, always crops up. Many people ask, "Am I a True Being or am I not?" The answer is, "Who cares?" You know, the only one who matters, to you, is you. Besides, no one else can judge, only the Judge, so you are asking this rhetorically of someone else who is in no position to tell you one way or the other. You know the answer yourself within, and besides, until the final bell is rung, you could always fall or change sides, so the question is really a rhetorical one asked by the ego.

However, if you can get past that point and you want to be a Light warrior, you need to identify yourself as a warrior, as someone who is in an evil environment, being wakened to fight a war. If you do not see yourself as that, it is pointless going on. It is only a social practice to read books if you do not awaken further. Once you identify yourself as that being, one that wants to spiritually survive, then you can understand the situation better.

And you have to know all about the general war, the programming, the evil takeover, the final correction of the plane, why it is collapsing in all forms - ecologically, mentally, physically, emotionally - all around the world. You have to understand the situation, the invasion by evil aliens.

You have to understand the existence of multiple dimensions, of the hierarchy of consciousness, of consciousness surviving the physical body, the programming of the physical body, of the various traps, of the different beings that are present in physical bodies, and so on.

This is not difficult information to gain. It is all in the material I have put out and it all crystallises for a True Being, being part of the armament that s/he needs once s/he awakens.

Now, hearing the call is important under those situations, so you will have to take steps to purify sufficiently, so you can hear directions given from within. It is no good saying, "Oh, I feel O.K., I feel I am a True Being" and continue smoking your cigarettes and drinking your beer, and cavorting, and so on. You have to purify sufficiently and you have to take it seriously. And that involves a number of steps which I have covered a number of times and which are in previous books -- in other words, isolating, identifying the traps, escaping from them, strengthening, disciplining yourself, dedicating yourself, avoiding those factors of programming, pollution and indoctrination and so on.

·         You know those things that harm you.

·         You know those things that block you off.

·         You know those things that weaken you.

·         You know those things that are no good for you, so why ask anyone else?

You have to hear from within, and to do that, you have to take steps. You have to progress on a personal level, until you are well enough to be involved in the General War. If you are weak, if you are polluted, if you are undisciplined, if you are dead spiritually, you cannot be any good to anybody. And then you have to decide, "Will I stay in the secular life or will I join the ranks of Warriorship?" It is a very critical question, is it not? It entails so many things.

Some people have heard the call and travelled a little bit but then put their heads in the window to see what was cooking, as it were, and said, "Oh, no, I would miss my sex too much, or my girlfriend, or my drink, or my this, or my that -- this is not for me." That is fine, at least they chose, and one has to choose, but once the choice is made, you either do it whole-heartedly or resign. There is no in-between.

So hearing the call, you have to then spend your time establishing the inner link, like I often mentioned, for that is your survival line.

That is your ticket out of this place. That is the only way you are going to remain stable, joyous, content, happy as this world fractures. You really have to identify that part of yourself which is of value and which will survive.

If you have read the books carefully and if you have considered the situation carefully, you know it is not going to be your body which survives. After all, one look at the aging process and you know that time ravages looks, and gravity "fixes up" the physique.

It is not your outer mind which will survive. You could easily lose that with dementia or Mad Cow Disease, or a stroke, or whatever.

It is certainly not your ego. A bigger ego can come along and just flatten it and that is the end of your ego.

 It certainly is not your worldly knowledge because you could easily forget that and besides, you could be very much up to date and the most erudite of people, and tomorrow that knowledge will be redundant because something new and better will be found. So those things are of no value.

Certainly your emotions are of no value because, more often than not, they get you into trouble, don't they?

And so it is that your Astral Body is of no value because outside of the Astral Dimension which is going to be destroyed, it cannot survive.

Your relationships are certainly of no value. How many of the relationships that you have had in your life can you really value?

How many of the people that you have known can you count as your friends?

And how many of those boring relatives of yours are of any spiritual value to you?

And so it is - your wealth is of no good to you. You cannot take it with you - your possessions, your attachments. …

You have to find that part of you which is of value, which is going to survive, and the only part that is going to survive the destruction of this dimension is that droplet of Higher Consciousness that you are going to connect to. That is the part that you want to identify, know and nurture, because that is the only part of you that is going to survive.

So you have to make this decision. "Will I enter this pathway or won't I?"

If you are perceptive enough to reach that question, you have to then decide and get an answer. And no one can give you the answer; you have to make it for yourself. And you cannot make it for anyone else either. Some of you are tormented by the thought of your children particularly. Identify that as an evil, emotional attachment, purposely placed there by the evil architect of this system, so that you will not move.

Alright, let us assume that you have made the decision then. You embark on a course of personal training. It is like wanting to be an Olympian. You want to win the gold medal. You do not slobber around and drink beer, or smoke and not train, or engage in all sorts of abnormal behaviour. No, you develop discipline so that you get that maximal strength in every way. On the spiritual path, you are developing abilities to fight an Evil Essence. You have to identify what your abilities are, how to get into the best shape possible.

My books, especially "Essential Gnostic Truths" and "Towards Divine Warriorship" help you shape up. As you do these things which involve discipline, cleansing, protection, meditation, the proper diet, the proper thoughts, affirmations and so on.

You have to ask yourself daily: "Am I being effective? Am I getting somewhere or am I stagnating?" These are questions only you can answer. Of course you can ask others who may be of assistance and who may be honest enough to tell you, but you have to assess yourself daily.

Beware of programming of the Emotional Body. As you undergo this rigorous training, your ego might start playing up. It may feel annoyed, frustrated, affected by others. You may even get upset because others around you are not trying like you are trying. That is ego.

You may become impatient because nothing is happening; you are not improving. Obviously you are not improving because you are impatient. I can remember the joke about the one who dedicated himself to God but he was terribly impatient and he prayed to God thus: "Dear God, please give me patience - but, please, please, hurry up!"

You cannot do that. You have to let things take their time. And the most effective activity is the one that will nurture that link. I am talking about Meditation. So you have to practice Meditation. You have to enjoy it. But, contrary as it may sound,  you do it without expectations!

You do not know what is going to happen when you meditate.

A lot may happen and you do not realize it in the outer mind. There is much information in my books about meditation. Read the books again.

Make your affirmations: "I am getting better and stronger every day" and so on, but do them in a sincere spiritual sense, and see what it is you need.

Ask for healing, ask for the forgiveness that you think you need, and PROTECT, because this environment is going to remain hostile right through to the very end, to the final bell. Hostility will increase exponentially as the END is approached.

Remember the exercise called SCLOMP:

·         Surrender to the Higher Consciousness,

·         Cleanse maximally,

·         Listen to your Higher Mind, the Supra-Mental link for information, "What do you want me to do? What do you want me to know?" (daily you ask those questions).

·         Obey whatever direction is given as you under the conditions I have given elsewhere.

·         Merge actively with that Higher Being through that link, and

·         Protect, Protect, Protect!!

The big thing you want to destroy when that link to the Supra-Mental Plane is established is FEAR - of all types.

Many people mention that they have fear of confrontation, they have fear expressing as anger, they have fear of responsibilities, they have fear of relationships, they have fear of their sex drive, and so on. All these things should be completely destroyed if your link is sufficient.

Many find discipline very difficult. Hasten slowly. Take baby steps; do a little bit at a time. Try yourself on something small and build up your confidence and strength as you go. Develop your confidence and self-esteem as you do take these steps and as you do discipline, as you do dedicate yourself. If you do that, you will not lose focus. But if you do not improve, assess yourself and make an effort to improve, otherwise you will lose focus.

As you extract yourself from the traps, often you may be hit with another programming which is called the loneliness programming. It can get people into further traps - into the demon drink, into gambling, into sex, into associations with bad partners, and so on. Ones affected by the loneliness programming feel the need to become involved with something or someone. It is a programmed method by which the Evil Demiurge makes sure that you mingle with the Robots and Demons. If you have developed a proper link, you will know when you have done so. With the proper link, You may be alone but you are never lonely.

Place into the correct spiritual perspective, your friends, your relationships, your children, your parents, your spouses, your sex partner, and so on. They can either be for or against you. They can either be of benefit to you, and help you on your spiritual path, or they can be demons, hypocrites, or robots, hindering you. You know what they are and you will mask it only to protect your ego and your weaknesses, so you must examine those around you carefully.

You are the only one who can decide, because you are the only one who can accept whatever answer you get. No one else can tell you. So you have to go back within, destroy your programming of egotistical hypocrisy and be courageous and honest, and get the correct answer. Decide and move from there.

This brings me to another point: stop worrying about what other people think about you. You may appear extraordinary; you may appear unusual; you may appear eccentric in their eyes because you have shown that their values to you are worthless. Who cares what they think? Demons and failed Robots do not understand what is going on. They are totally immersed in the Illusion of the Virtual Reality and you are not. So do not worry about what they think. You will only waste energy if you do so.

At times, as you are improving and establishing this wonderful link with the Supra-Mental Plane,  and developing this great inner strength, you will be cut off, you may feel cut off.

You have to ask yourself, "How am I cut off? When did I get cut off? Why am I cut off?" If it is due to factors that you have allowed to creep in, that should not be there -- in other words, the Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination? Rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

·         If you have been eating the wrong types of food, you know your awareness wavers.

·         If you have been affected by peers in the wrong way, been pressured into the wrong thing, - wake up to yourself.

·         If you have fallen over, or if you have been cut off; rectify the situation.

You know what to do. Under those circumstances, your inability to recognise what has happened is due to the Evil’s programming, pollution and indoctrination which cut you off. That is when you may need someone that is not affected in that way, to tell you.

From experience, we know that those programmed are often the last to know that they are programmed. And do not take it personally when people tell you that you are programmed. You have experienced it sufficiently in the past to know that is so, because when you are out of the programmed situation, you see what a fool you were; you see that you were a totally different individual. So be prepared to accept that criticism. If you think it is harsh, it is only your ego that responds in a nasty manner, that does not want to respond positively.

Change: As you move on, as you improve, as you need to change, do not fear change. Many people fear change. It is very traumatic for them. Again we get back to the fact that it is due to Evil structures: the Emotional Body and the Ego.

Change, even in small ways, can be traumatic. Post-war psychiatrists wrote that when disposable biros (pens) were invented, elderly people who had been raised in times of scarcity, and had been through the depressed 1930s, actually had anxiety crises when needing to decide to throw away the disposable used biros. They were so used to having so little that the very idea of throwing something away, which they had used and spent money on, was traumatic for them. Well, if such a small thing can be traumatic to people who are not used to doing it, imagine what trauma our emotional bodies may have with massive changes.

Relationships: You may have to get out of relationships. You may have to alter your lifestyle. You may have to move jobs, geographically change location. These are major changes, but do not fear them. Realize that the fear comes from the EGO and the Emotional Body, and move on. You will be strong enough to cope.

And as things come your way, never give up chances to be of service. They will always be there. If you do not take one opportunity, do not worry about it. Do not ruminate, "Oh, I should have done this, I should have done that", or, "I am no good, I am unworthy", and so on. Chances will come again. Perhaps you were not ready. It was offered but it will be offered again. The War against evil is not over until it is over.

No matter how many times you fall over, pick yourself up and show willingness and enthusiasm. Try to enjoy the process of Clearing in which we are all involved. I know it is difficult and there is great suffering around the world, but try. That is the only thing you can do. You cannot guarantee anything except the fact that you can try.

It is a War of Essences we are in, and the odds are very big against us – overwhelming, in fact. Evil is a very cunning, vicious essence, so we all need help at some stage or other.

If you are floundering, just be the little child -- ask for help, but accept what you need, not what you want, under those circumstances. It is the Ego that refuses to ask for help. Place the responsibility back on your Higher Consciousness.

Say, "Look, I am not doing well, I need some help", and you can do that in your quiet moments of Meditation. We have been promised that any call for help will not go unanswered, so keep the beings of Higher Levels to their word. The more you ask for help, I am sure, the more it will be given.

And in that way, you can dispel insecurity because insecurity is also programmed in all of us. We become dependent from the very first. An infant struggling to feed at the breast becomes extremely anxious. It thinks it may be abandoned. That is a reflex; a reflex in the body even though it may have very little consciousness. That insecurity occurs throughout life and it is so strong that people develop ulcers from it. They develop cancer, they hoard things, they hoard wealth, because they can never be rid of the feeling of insecurity.

Security is a state of mind. Millionaires, billionaires, are insecure because they think they do not have enough wealth. And yet, someone with ten dollars in their pocket can be totally secure because s/he has defeated that FEAR that has been created by Evil in them.

Along the path in your Personal Battle against Evil, you are going to be buffeted many times and you are going to have spiritual "aches and pains and bruising", and great suffering. Battered, you will fall many times. No one is going to guarantee that you will be strong always.

But when you are buffeted in that way and when you do fall and you feel lost, go back to basics. Ask yourself: "Who am I? What am I doing? What is the situation outside in the world? Where are we heading? What am I trying to achieve?"

And in your basics, recommit yourself, rededicate yourself, resolve to do things better, improve your meditation. Unfortunately, it is a paradox that, when one most needs to meditate, one least feels like meditating. That is because that programming is trying to block the being. If you are affected, you have to fight it.

It is the same with discipline. You have to discipline yourself, cleanse and protect, all the more. But as we have seen, when people are severely programmed, they will not be told. Their Ego comes to the fore. They know better (or so they think) and that is when they reject things more. That is when it is most dangerous for them. So do not get to that stage. Recognize the warning signs when you are being attacked, when you are being polluted. Know the factors, know the vectors that are bringing that Evil Energy toward you.

And if you do go down under Evil’s attack and you do recognize the attack, destroy any self-pity.

Self-pity is a cancerous state that will destroy you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, if you let it.  Self-pity brings with it the fear of being worthless, totally unworthy, incompetent, spiritually illiterate, stupid, and being no good to anybody.

You know how many parents tell that to their children - millions do around the world, creating psychiatric complexes out of which those poor children never escape. Why do they do that? Because it is an evil programming to put those people down, to destroy their lives, to exploit them and make them suffer. But when we do it to ourselves, out of self-pity, it is a reverse cycle of the evil ego which is there to destroy any Divine aspect. Recognize it as that, and you will treat it exactly like you would treat a demon. In other words, you have an evil aspect within you called your EGO.

When wallowing in self-pity, your mind will see Black as White and v.v. In that state you run the risk of seeing your Divine side as your enemy.



For May 26, 2014



Not everyone knows everything. Some are very intelligent with much outer mind knowledge and some are very skilled with their hands, even when they have very little academic knowledge. When you think that you are unworthy, illiterate or stupid, say to yourself, "Look, I could go to extremes about this; a brain surgeon may know very little about other things. A motor mechanic cannot operate on a brain tumour but a neuro-surgeon probably could not strip a motor and put it back together again in three hours like some mechanics can do. They do not worry; they do not see themselves as incompetent. There are some aspects of knowledge that a more intelligent and highly trained quantum physicist would know nothing about. And, of course, a theologian may know very little or nothing about architecture, and so on."

These people are not worried about not knowing things and so we should also realize that we do not have to know great volumes of stuff. Besides, in one life you may have been a very skilled person or you might have been a simple, illiterate peasant. It does not matter. What matters is that the little droplet of consciousness inside you survives.

Under the stress and strain of your Personal War, develop some form of balance to keep you happy. Do not overreact. Do not exert excessive effort in the wrong way and do not expect the impossible. Things take time to be nurtured and to grow.

At the same time, of course, do not let the inner satisfaction become complacency. As your psychic abilities develop, as you progress in your Personal War, do not sell yourself short. Everyone has psychic abilities. It is just that some know how to use them more than others. Some develop quicker than others.

·         Learn to develop your skills using all methods available to you.

·         Write out your experiences;

·         Read books about them if you need to.

·         Make your observations.

·         See what your thoughts lead to.

·         See how you are stimulated to make prognostications and see how they come and go.

That is the only way, with practice, that you will be able to refine your abilities and eventually get to the right source. Of course, early on, mistakes occur, but sooner or later, you will progress on the correct pathway.

Some days, of course, you may have absolutely no ability. You may again feel completely cut off. Just realize that your Higher Being might be away in a greater or lesser amount. We are multi-dimensional beings. We do not just reside in one dimension and even when we are in one dimension we have multiple roles in the one dimension.

So when you are low in energy or you have very low consciousness, and you know you have very low consciousness, just settle down quietly, protect all the more. Do not make any life-changing decisions. Do not make radical changes.

Avoid the problem areas because, probably, you are not going to be able to cope as well at such times. Put decisions off until your energy, your acute awareness, your fuller consciousness, have returned.

We are creatures of habit, of course, because we are all programmed by reflexes. And these are difficult to change, but change you must. Investigate the spiritual significance of various activities and see what the consequences are. What is the programming in them? What policies are being pushed? What aspect of Evil is the source of interactions, information, etc.? What are the traps in daily activities? Who are the Archons trying to target? What are they trying to hide?

By doing this, you will be able to see more clearly the mechanism of Evil and how it works; thus you can avoid it, and learn. Subsequently, attack the Evil when it is time, even mentally.

You can see who is involved in these things; where the information is coming from. What is the truth of the matter? Where is all the funding for these things coming from? And then, when you have some answers you can ask yourself:

·         Do I need to write a letter against this?

·         Do I need to make a call?

·         Do I need to attack on the subtle level?

·         Do I need to attack these people on the physical level and so on, not violently, physically, but rationally and legally to confront them?

That is the way you develop Warriorship abilities.

In your quiet moments, when the Higher Being is away, that is the time when the attacks, which are ever-present, are more effective on you. Do not ruminate on them; do not ruminate on the past.

The past is really gone, dead. It is useless, but if you go back to it, it can be painful. So do not let it haunt you. Say to yourself, "Look, I have been along this path many times. It got me nowhere. I want to dispel it". This affirmation works.

I repeat, ask for help, if you need help. Assess your situation daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly. Warriorship work is very stressful. But you can all cope.

Enough help will be given, especially if you ask. We have been told many times that no one is given a task beyond his or her capabilities.


Suffering on this level is unavoidable. It is a no-cost option if you live in this dimension, because evil retaliates viciously, particularly on those who want to be Warriors against it. But, you will cope with the suffering. You will cope with all the tasks. You will cope with the stress. Besides, the best plan is being followed and the suffering is only temporary and illusionary. When you broke an arm as a kid it was very painful. Where is that pain today? It is gone! It is now an illusion. It does not exist. And so it will be with this present suffering, pain and misery.

No one said our role in this War to destroy evil was going to be easy. No one is saying that it is easy, but that is why there really are so very few REAL warriors around the world.

Sometimes the suffering does not come as stress and physical hurt. It comes when the opposition, the enemy, makes us look ridiculous, even simply foolish. Then, it is the Ego that smarts and makes us suffer. Get rid of that Ego. That is what it is there for, to make you suffer all the more.

If looking ridiculous or foolish is what we have to do when playing a particular role, if that is the price we have to pay to get things done, so be it! We certainly do not want it this way, but there may be no other way to accomplish a particular role. Besides, we will put up with it because we have been told that "Victory is assured".

Knowing these points, never give up. At the same time, if you are doing well, do not become complacent and smug.

Ask yourself daily:

·         "Who am I in spiritual terms?

·         What am I doing here?

·         Where am I in relation to my Personal War and in the General War of Essences?

·         Am I being effective as a spiritual warrior?

·         Am I programmed, polluted, indoctrinated by Evil more than usual, in any way, or less?

·         How can I perform my function better?

·         What changes do I need to make to myself, to my environment, to my relationships?"

Ask yourself about your relationships.

·         "Who, in spiritual terms, is this being that I am seeking a relationship with?

·         What is the significance in ontological terms?

·          Is this being for the Light, or against the Light?

·         Is this relationship for my highest good?

·         Is this job that I am applying for, that I am in, for my highest good?

·         Is this path that I am pursuing for my highest good?"

And with persons entering your life, analyze every one of them. Become astute, ask yourself:

·         "What is this person after?

·         Why do they want to interact with me?"

You will get the answer if you ask.

At the end of the day, ask yourself: "What have I achieved today?"

If you failed, you ask: "Why did I fail? Where did I fail? How did I fail? How can I improve tomorrow?" And also, do not forget that you can ask yourself to have a particular problem or problems solved so that when you sleep your Higher Consciousness can filter information that is necessary down to your outer mind.

Learn to solve your own problems. Do not expect other people to solve your problems for you.

They may not understand; they may think you are an idiot because that is their level of understanding. They may put you down; they will try to drag you away from your ideas if they are too different from theirs. And they certainly will be if they are totally Evil-programmed demons and robots.

Solve your own problems therefore. And never give up. If you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on. And whenever you are in a hole, ask yourself, "Am I using my abilities wisely, my talents, my time, my resources, my wealth, my psychic abilities wisely, or have I let programming, pollution and indoctrination in, to interfere with me?" If you have been polluted, more than usual, assess "How? When? Why? Where?" You must find the best path to your destination. You must avoid accidents, obvious dangers and pitfalls. You must look out for all obstacles. Avoid bad company, bad passengers.

Expect the unexpected.

If you are prepared and expect the unexpected you will be alert and aware enough to cope with anything the Evil System throws at you. And remember, attacks come most when you are low in energy, usually when the Higher Consciousness is away, because that is when Evil can make the most damage to the shell. That is why it is important to protect as much as possible and not make decisions under those circumstances.

As you progress on your journey, the more aware you become, the more subtle the attacks are going to be, and evil beings find newer and more difficult routes that they mask. But you are up to it. Anticipate the pain of awakening as you break your traps. Prepare and brace yourself. The emotional pain of escaping the traps is real for this time. But, it is temporary, and eventually illusionary. You have to decide whether you are going to be courageous or cowardly. Do you want to be a warrior or a wimp when faced with all these emotional traumas? If you decide to be a warrior, you must sacrifice everything at your disposal, in order to fulfil your role.

You must use your time, your energy, your wealth, even your health and your physical abilities maximally. Sacrifices are called for. If you really think that spiritual survival is worthwhile, don't you think it is better to spend your time, your energy, your money reaching that God Consciousness rather than spending it on useless comforts and luxuries? Of course you do. But if you do not think that spiritual survival and happiness are worthwhile, you should stop being a hypocrite and get off the path. Stop wasting your time and everybody else's.

As you succeed, do not become complacent. At the same time, do not become hyperactive and unbalanced. You know when you are doing it right. You know when you are overdoing it. You know when you are being lazy.

Another warning is now due: As you awaken and the Light within is burning brightly, when you are in the midst of demons, tone down. Otherwise, you will be a beacon for them to target and attack, even more severely. Do not expose yourself unnecessarily to the enemy because that will only invite attacks. And prepare well for any confrontation, any battle. As a warrior, you should know the battle is won, long before the first blow is struck, by adequate preparedness.

Preparation is paramount. Engage the enemy when your strength is maximal. Do not underestimate the dangers of Evil. Try and have the odds in your favour. That is being spiritually prudent. Take all necessary steps on this level to protect, to avoid traps, to cleanse, to avoid any form of programming, pollution and indoctrination. In that way you will not get hurt. Do not test yourself unnecessarily to see how good you are, how strong you are. Such thoughts come from the Ego. At the same time, do not test your Higher Consciousness or the Light.

If you find yourself in a situation where you could be overwhelmed by Evil, disengage and retreat, avoid the whole situation. Prepare to fight another day. Even in spiritual matters, in battles, discretion is still the better part of valour. Regroup, strengthen and attempt to fight your battle on your terms when you are stronger, when you know what is going on, when you are more protected and when you have better weaponry.

You must never forget that we are in the midst of a massive war. There is the Personal War, and there is the General War. As warriors, we expect to be attacked. We expect suffering. We expect to be wounded, for the outcome is extremely serious. The losers will be destroyed forever. Hence, this war is very, very important.

Do not expect to be given details of the plans. Why would you expect that? Only your Ego would demand that you be told everything. In any war, the War Council does not give plans to the troops or the volunteers, or the lowly staff. It only tells the ranks what they need to know. And so it is in this war. Besides, the human nature which we are using, with which we are trapped, is such that if all the possibilities were revealed to us, we would perhaps freeze or freak out. So it is for our better good that we are not given information.

Some are affected by evil programming, pollution and indoctrination in the form of low self-esteem, incompetence, unworthiness, feelings of being unloved, of not being appreciated enough, and so on. Realize that this is the Ego responding to the taunts of programming, pollution and indoctrination in order to destroy you. Destroy all such thoughts instead.

You are nothing to anyone except your Higher Consciousness. You need to be honest and sincere only to your Higher Consciousness. No one else is concerned with your personal war, with your spiritual path. If demons and hypocrites do try to put you down, to make you feel inferior, in order to gain an advantage over you by using outer mind knowledge, just remember these points and repeat to them that all such knowledge, be it scientific, philosophical, religious, or whatever, is a sham, is a dead end and has done no one any good.

When doctors began dissecting human bodies at about the time of the Italian Renaissance, a practice which was forbidden by the religions of the West in those days, anatomists claimed superior knowledge and denied any aspect of spirituality and God, stating that the ecclesiastics who tried to prevent dissections were trying to hide the fact that there was no soul. The doctors, after dissecting many cadavers, had found no soul. Hence, they concluded there was none, and that there was no afterlife, there was no God. Because of their empirical observations, they thought that they knew better. Can you not see how a little knowledge can be dangerous? Of course these fools judged in ignorance, as many so-called erudite ones do today.

As you proceed on your course, learn to hasten slowly. You will not miss anything. You will make far more mistakes by jumping to conclusions and being in a hurry. If you need to be evacuated, the Mothercraft will wait for you. You will not be left behind. But becoming anxious will not improve your lot at all. So do not make rash decisions. Do not make monumental decisions on the whims of emotion.

Your inner guidance is only as good as your inner connection, and your connection will depend on many factors including your degree of purity, your degree of avoidance of programming, pollution and indoctrination, your escape from the traps, who is controlling you, who is providing the information and so on. You will know when it is the right information you receive. If you do not know, do not do anything. It will come if it is right.

Of course, this process is not easy or perfect via the evil physical entity, and the Ego can mask itself as the Higher Consciousness and drive you to do all sorts of stupid things. My advice to you is this: If you are in doubt of what is going on, do nothing.

If whatever information you get compounds your fears, you know it comes from the Ego, which is an evil creation and is implanted there to prevent any progress on the spiritual path.

Ego is your worst enemy. It is acting against your true nature, so do not respect it at all. Many people defend their ego to the death. Of course, the death is their spiritual death.

At the same time as you are improving, do not fear to expose your weaknesses to yourself, because if you do not expose your weaknesses you will not eradicate them. And if you do not uncover your weaknesses you will not be able to know what your strengths are. Without knowing what your strengths are, how can you assess when you are fit, ready and capable? Expose your weaknesses and eradicate them. Do not protect them just because your Ego tells you to.

At the same time, do not depend on anyone from the external for your happiness, for your security or for your spiritual survival. You must become self-reliant. Of course you can be helped; you can share love, you can share the path, but ultimately depend on no one. Reduce your vulnerability at all stages, especially your emotional vulnerability, and this goes particularly for those people who appear to be genuinely concerned about their children.

Just realize that consciousnesses in children are old consciousnesses in young bodies. They have their own personal battle. They have their own pathway. They must make the effort! You cannot do it for them. You cannot decide for them. The best thing you can do is respect the fact that they have to make their decisions. If you try to interfere, you will more than likely interfere in the wrong way. Respect the fact that they are individuals.

Many people, when they have shortcomings pointed out to them, either by their Higher Consciousness, or others, self-justify by claiming that, "Everyone is imperfect anyway, so how am I different?" Do not fall into that trap. That is an excuse for accepting deficiencies.

Finally, you need to ask: "Why are we doing all this? Why are we awakening? Why do we want to dedicate ourselves to fighting a war? Why are we disciplining our bodies which do not like it? Why are we changing our life style radically in this way?"

The answer is: "Because we are warriors, and want to fight evil and spiritually survive, otherwise we would not do it. We have given our allegiance on some other level, not just this one here. We are awakening to that fact. We have promised to serve. We have given our word and now we will abide by it because we are not hypocrites. We do not have to know everything. All we have to know is what I have just said, that we are warriors and we have pledged our allegiance; we have promised, and we only have to know enough to play our role."

The role of others is not our concern, so never judge how someone else is doing. They may be double agents for all you know, and they may have to play that role in order to infiltrate the enemy's camp to allow you to perform your role.

Do not criticise and condemn. Otherwise you will do so like a fool, out of ignorance. The roles of others are not your concern. Do not judge what they are doing. Do not judge how well they are doing. Worry about yourself if you have to worry about anybody.

If we truly believe this information, if we truly believe in this work, if we truly believe in what is being revealed to us, we would accept this and we would serve unconditionally, with no "ifs" or "buts". We would be prepared to fight to the end. We would give our all for that end, that is, victory for the Light. We would give all our time, all our talent, all our resources, our bodies and our minds, our strength, our health and our wealth.

We would give all of these things without being asked because that is exactly why we have been implanted on this earth - to fulfil the pledge that we gave. If we believe this information, if we believe in this work, we would give our total beingness to the Supreme Commander. We would give and serve without reservation.

If we truly believe, we would sacrifice all we are, and have, without hesitating for one moment, without a grudge, and we would attack back vigorously those who attack us because we give unconditionally. If we tolerate attackers, we ourselves are not genuine. Those who attack us are not our friends. Those who attack you because you give unconditionally to the Supreme Commander are not your friends.

They could be severely programmed True Beings, but more likely than not, they are evil hypocrites; they are demons.

But, if you do not believe this work, this information, these revelations, you should resign and follow your own path.

Only you can say where you stand. Only you can say whether this is true for you or not. Only you can make up your own mind. And as I said, you cannot make the decision for others, be they parents, siblings, children, lovers and so on.

You must examine the evidence of all this for yourself and you must decide, for ultimately you will be held responsible and accountable for your spiritual survival or spiritual death.

The responsibility is totally yours. All I can do is wish you Good Luck on your path.



A Repeat of Poem 135

The Spiritual Warrior's First Prayer

Whenever in the raging battles of the Personal War or in the General War I seem to lose my way,
And mental torment, anguish, misery try to ruin my day, as for you too they may,
I return to the Spiritual Warrior's First Prayer.

As my physical mind fights the attacks and valiantly attempts to minimize the damage, the mounting bother,
I repeat the words of that Prayer:
"I surrender totally to the Will of the Divine Consciousness and the Ever-Loving, True, Divine Mother."

With these words, the mists lift from my mind, my thoughts are pleasantly realigned
and I am filled again with confidence instantly, Realizing who I am, what in this fray
against nefarious Evil I want to be,  and what it is that is expected of me.

I remind myself that I am a consciousness in a suffering, aging physical vehicle,
a consciousness of a dedicated Warrior, whose function is to fight as the Highest Will
directs from the Higher Realms knowingly.

With these very words and thoughts, from mental anguish and turmoil
which threatened to engulf am I free.

Try this yourself and you'll see. It's miraculous, if done sincerely,
regardless of the degree of evil-imposed despondency

and suffering in which you be.
You will instantly lose the pain and the burden for the War's responsibility.
Thus with renewed vigour you, the triumphing Warrior, into the theatre of War will re-enter to surely win,
And this you will do willingly, happily.

May 27, 2014


What control do any of us have over the thoughts, utterances and deeds of others? "Very little", is the answer. Hence, we are often subjected to the most evil thoughts, words and deeds of which demons are capable. Are you really that surprised? This is a world of injustices, of physical, mental and emotional torture. Why should you be spared? The most co-operative evil one is abused by his/her own kind, so you can well imagine what the evil ones will do to someone who has woken a little to their mischief. Imagine if you can, what they try to do to Light bearers who work against them.

If you think Calumny is just a word you read somewhere once, you are sadly mistaken. It is what you, as a True Being, are subjected to every day whether you know it or not. It is the vituperous slander of you by the worst dregs of 'Humanity' dressed in their finery and labelling themselves with the most self-exalting titles possible. But they are worthless and demonstrate this amply by their thoughts, words and deeds. Give them not one moment of your time.

You know the vindictive nature of evil ones well. You know the unreasonableness of ex-spouses, ex-partners, ex-peers who see your spiritual journey as a direct confrontation to their worth. Why this is so has much to do with the process of energy exploitation, by them, from you. But they do not relate it to such esoteric and mystical notions; they are wounded in the ego or pocket, and so lash out in the most vile ways. Let them be.

Where will it get them? Anyone with any sense sees them immediately for what they are. Only their own kind lend them an ear, and then it is to rejoice in the misfortunes they hear of the raconteur rather than truly lending support, even though they are great hypocrites and appear to be genuinely concerned. You would not want anything to do with such insincere ones, would you? Of course not. So, let them defame and bear false witness. They are spreading the Germs of Discontent which will consume them.

It is pointless trying to get your grievances addressed by the Evil System, for it is there to cause them in the first place. It breeds and thrives on them. It runs on unjust exploitation, so it is hardly going to put a stop to them just because you want it to, is it? The system runs on iniquities and the merciless, unrelenting exploitation of those who have the energy it wants. This is why no measure to change the system for the better has ever been effective and will never be effective. The system was designed this way. The only solution is its total, definitive destruction.

Now, more than ever, beware of evil hypocrites smiling falsely and whispering insincere platitudes. They will speak ill of you and plot to stab you the moment you turn your back. And remember, it is often better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt! Never take the word of another as Truth. Always go within to see what your Higher Mind thinks.


June 1, 2014

In Search of Understanding

 Periodically I get an email such as the one below with all sorts of questions in it. I take such emails seriously because these are the sorts of questions we have all had as we started our Journey to a greater understanding  of this existence. Thus, I am going to spend a little time to explain the situation and hopefully answer the questions asked in it as best as I can.

Here is the email:

"Dear Doc,

         I have been a big fan of your work for a few years and think it is the only thing that answers all the questions like why has God not stepped in? and how we ended up in this mess ,but lately a few things have come to mind and I feel I need to answer them .the first thing is if God made a mistake when he made this place, then it looks like he is acting like a human and gambling with the life’s of millions of others ,if it was an accident the same value can be applied, what is God doing in the same sentence as accident ? i though that was the lot  of us silly buggers? but what I find distressing is, after all these Arcons have done to me’ is it the divine thing to do to kill them and all the other unwanted trash out of hand? Is there no other way? sounds very human we make mad dogs then shoot them when they follow there nature? and the most alarming of all to me when you said that God would take away all our bad memory’s, the knowledge I have gained here must have been the hardest gotten of all, I don’t want to lose anything if I go, and I don’t like the idea of not being asked, and finally after all we have been put through why do we have to pray meditate or eat a special diet to prove our worth? Have we not done enough? after billions of years of what I can only describe as a f___+_____g nightmare why should we get on our knees to this being? should it not be the other way round? am I wrong or is there something that needs to be addressed? i know you are a very busy man if you could reply it would mean a lot."


As I begin to discuss points in this email and others raised by considering it,  realize that what I write consists of MY ideas. You are free to accept or reject as you please. Thus, always remember my motto: ‘Take it or Leave it!’


There are a number of “principles” with which we need to preface any situation involving evolution of consciousness and understanding of Truth. Some of these I have explained before, but I will do so again now.


1                     ‘We’, as warriors against the Iniquitous Force of Evil that has valiant beings seeking the Truth trapped and disadvantaged, work on a ‘Need to Know Basis’!


2                     We are in a General War of Good against Evil and also, individually we are in active combat in what I have called the Personal War. That is the war you must win to escape Evil’s Illusion and become aware of the Greater Reality on this level.


3                     Generally speaking, if you fail to win your Personal War, you cannot survive spiritually.


4                     If you have started your Journey of Awakening, you know that the first thing that happens, as you take even the first baby step on your Journey, is the retaliatory attacks from Evil.


5                     Evil does NOT want any of us to wake up to its existence and its unjust and nefarious ways.


6                     Evil wants all beings of Truth, regardless of their ontological nature and Class of origin, to remain somnambulant and entrapped in the physical bodies it created, as a vulnerable, exploitable dunce, entombed in the Illusion of its Virtual Reality.


7                     Its aim has always been to prevent those of a Divine Nature, trapped in this Evil Realm, from knowing what is going on.


8                     Evil wants all to be programmed, polluted and indoctrinated, by the various mechanisms I have explained elsewhere, to robotically obey its iniquitous rulings. Is that not so? I know this fact to be true for I experienced it, and according to your reports to me, you have all experienced this.


9                     Thus, the moment you open your eyes and awaken from the spiritually vicious, destructive, dream-like state, attacks commence which appear to be never-ending.


10                 It gets worse, of course, for those who expose and actively go against Evil’s systems. Bear in mind the fate of all who exposed the Evil ruling this world and spoke about it. Recall the fate of many martyrs like the Gnostics, the Bogomils, the Cathars, etc., etc. Even the Avatar in various bodies in various generations was not immune from the murderous ways of Evil. Thus Jesus was murdered for the utterings recorded in John 8:44. Manichaeus was skinned alive. Frederick Nietzsche was buried as the ‘Anti-Christ’ by Catholics when, in fact, he was the bearer of the Christ Light for his era. Alas, inspite of all my rescue work, the Stanfords, Amitakh and Steffan, who stole everything I had been given to do the work, and left me penniless, have called me Satan!  Rejoice in that fact, for it exposes them as nothing but evil!


11                 The attacks from Evil against those attempting to awaken are not just mental. Often we are attacked by family, peers, workmates, etc., who are programmed to block us anyway they can. I am sure you have experienced this. We are indeed ridiculed and called all sorts of pejorative names by the more stupid and unawakened ones. The attacks can also be to our health, our wealth, our relationships, etc., etc. The attacks may even be physical with illness, accidents, confrontations, etc.


12                 We cannot afford to give up once we start the Journey of Awakening and Self-Realization. From experience, I know that those who do give up, because of these attacks, are usually taken over by evil entities. That does not mean the consciousness has failed. It usually means it is displaced sufficiently to be forced to spend the time that remains for this Earth and Realm as an inert prisoner of war, usually in the Astral Realm. I have had many beings, even the ones displaced, communicate with me via various means that this is so. Being neutralized like that, they cannot be active workers, and have to wait passively for the war’s end and the Resolution to this Problem of Evil before they can be released. They can only be liberated when the Astral Plane is destroyed as it will be when this Earth is brought to its end!


13                 Each planet has its own Etheric and Astral Realms and they are not in communication with other Etheric and Astral realms usually. This is part of the trap Evil has created for consciousness. In rare instances prisoners are shuttled from one planet to the other and some have recall of this fact, usually under hypnosis. Rescuers re not restricted in this way and their consciousnesses can leave the dimension. I have stated that I attend the War Councils on a Mothercraft based outside this dimension. Some with whom I communicate have been given permission to observe this fact when out of the Physical.


14                 Any foot-soldier would not expect to know every detail of the War. Not only would such information burden us, but also, it would be incomprehensible and we would suffer burn-out that would paralyze us. We certainly would not want that, and that is why we are only fed the information we need for our own personal success once we connect to the Supramental Plane. Of course, more senior warriors are given a little more in accordance to their role.


15                 Here is a simple analogy to explain the case of ‘needing to know’ and the levels of understanding: Would you give a book on Quantum Physics to an ant in your garden? Of course not. There is no chance it would understand it, even if the body of the ant contained a droplet of ‘God-consciousness’ within its physical frame. That ant is only one Class of Consciousness removed from us. Imagine isolating a carbon atom from a piece of coal and asking it to understand that same book. Silly, is it not? Well, imagine a being from the Realm 9 Classes above us giving us information. There are absolutely no chances we could or would understand what it could provide unless it was dumbed down so that we could understand at our level!


16                 These concepts are important to understand, for they lead us to a multifaceted view of Creation and the notion of Humility which we must have. This becomes important for later when we discuss human hubris and the Evil-created Ego as possibly unintentionally posed by the writer of the above email.


17                 We must accept the fact that the knowledge of Higher Realms, knowledge that we seek but is beyond our reach, we simply do not, cannot, understand at this level, in these bodies. We are less than ants or single atoms in comparison to Higher Realms and their Knowledge. Do you want an example? I was told ‘Black Holes’ are fallen Galactic Consciousness! I dare you to find an explanation of what that means in the lower stupid Monkey Mind. It is incomprehensible, no matter how many books on Theoretical Physics and Quantum Physics one has read. There is no way of understanding this notion which was given to me as a fact by my Higher Self.


18                 A person or consciousness cannot contact the Supramental Plane (SMP) without effort. The first thing you must do is realize that you have two Minds – A Higher Mind which, as I have explained in my books, that has all the answers we need in this life because of its ability to connect to the Higher Realms, and the Lower Mind which is an Evil-created liability. The latter is most stupid, programmed by all the nonsense Evil throws at it. It is called the Monkey Mind because of its erratic stupidity. It is useless in understanding Spiritual Truths. It needs to be bypassed at all times as one seeks Enlightenment.


19                 Contacting the Supra-Mental Plane (SMP) does not mean you will get answers to everything. Far from it! You will get answers of what you need as information with proper connection. That information may not be realizable on the lower mind. Tricky isn’t it? I will expand on this.


20                 The information that may not even be realized by the Lower Monkey Mind is, in fact, essential to our spiritual survival. Hence, you may well be guided by a feeling of Inner Knowing which you may not be able to explain fully. Thus, you may know that you know, but you don’t know in specific terms what it is you know or how you know it on this level. This ‘Knowing’ pleases you, even though you cannot explain it to any other. It elevates you and makes you serene and happy. It destroys all fear and allows you to make realizations such as your ability to live eternally in an Evil-free zone. It is the feeling we have for a very short time when we exit a deep meditation session. Alas, as we leave the alpha state, the lower mind takes over and we are back into the Illusion, with all its putridness. But somehow we know we are nurtured by something we know exists beyond the Depravity of this level but which we cannot recall accurately in the physically conscious state!


21                 Just to diverge for a moment: I recall I had my first spontaneous bout of Supra Mental Realization at the age of 17 months. Later it occurred often, especially in my teens. The most dramatic that I now recall was of a few moments' duration but it seemed to last forever. In that state, which I know others have experienced because they told me, I knew everything! The answers came to mind before the question’s formulation was even completed. It was a state of bliss wherein the Consciousness was beyond the Scourge. I can well understand people taking their own physical lives to return to that state. We don’t, of course, because we know we have work to do. But when we are given the signal that our physical work is done, we can’t wait to get back to that Supra Mental State. Thus it is Mozart and Joan of Arc, just as two examples, welcomed their exist from this Hell when asked to leave. The former was poisoned and knew it, the latter was barbecued by imbeciles as you all know. They were the same being (Consciousness) by the way!



22                 Without doubt, apart from facts which would have no meaning for us on this level, the Connection allows sharing of Godly attributes which we cannot fully understand or describe, but which we can ‘sense’ and appreciate. Thus, we can share


·         True Universal Love,

·         The Peace and Serenity of a wholesome world far beyond this one,

·         The Wisdom that leads to understanding of our soul’s Serenity,

·         The sense of True Justice and of Timelessness, which is a concept the Lower Mind cannot comprehend adequately, etc.


Do not sell short the effect on you that can occur with proper connection to the Supra-Mental Plane. Properly achieved, the connection is so powerful that it grants the Understanding, Power and Courage that allows, as I just said, martyrs to joyfully march, with head held high, to their deaths (liberation) at the hands of the unjust demons who control this plane.


23                 You will note that many of the questions posed in the above email arise in our stupid lower minds. Valid answers will only be attained when that notion is realized and acknowledged, when that Lower Idiotic, Evil-Created Monkey Mind (which we all are burdened with while we are entombed in a physical body) is bypassed and when connection is made with the Higher Mind and its active ongoing connections.


24                 As I have explained many, many times, no one, not even the Avatars, can contact the Higher Mind accurately and efficiently without bypassing the pollution of the body and its Lower Mind to a MAJOR extent. The Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination of which I have written at length, and the Monkey Mind, have been created to block your conscious brain from contacting the Higher Mind and all the possible connections it can make. Babaji and Sai Baba presented a special case whenever they came down into the physical for short periods. They came fully realized but for short periods only. The connection would dissipate with the passage of time.


Are you surprised that the real Sai worked with me? Why should you be? I recall Him materializing in a locked motel room in Fremont, California, at 3 a.m. on one occasion. He came to me to discuss aspects of the battle in which I was about to engage. To mark the occasion, He created a special ring for me on the spot. It was red hot when He placed it on my palm. I wore it on that particular trip. He said I should wear it at all times until I returned back to Australia. I still have the ring. I was not alone in the locked motel room when this happened.


25                 Thus it is that in our March on the Journey to Awaken, we who are sincere attempt to undergo a concerted effort to see through Evil’s Illusion. We attempt to see

·         The Indoctrinations that hold us back: They may be Genetic, Religious, Racial, Nationalistic, Educational, Scientific, etc., etc.

·         The Pollution that blocks awareness. This comes from drink, food, drugs, implanted thoughts, oxygen, sunlight, disease agents such as viruses, bacteria, etc. I have given details in my books.

·         The Programming to which we are all subjected. The Programming is a mixture of indoctrination and direct instruction and Thought Implantation that began long before the body was a zygote. Some programming is in the genes. The body is further programmed by the mother’s thoughts while it is still in the womb. Later it is programmed by the thoughts of those who prepare our food, by the energy exchange with those we encounter, especially sexual partners, peers, etc., etc.


If this sounds foreign to you, you had better re-read my books. If you have not read my books, what are you waiting for?


26                 As I have said many times, the human body is limited in its ability to comprehend Spiritual facts on its lower mind. You may be able to tap into far superior knowledge with your Higher Mind only to discover that your lower mind and brain simply cannot comprehend the concepts you can appreciate when ‘out of the body’. This has often happened to me as I tried to reduce concepts from other realms into words for my books. Human nature and its stupidity, which hides as hubris, tends to reject as rubbish that which it cannot understand. I have experienced this first hand as I tried to share the Pearls of Wisdom that make sense of Earth’s Madness given to me by Higher Minds to share with the world and awaken those who are to be liberated. Recall the ‘pearls before swine’ lesson and Arthur Schopenhauer’s quote about Truth going through 3 stages.


27                 As I already hinted above, when writing of ants and atoms, there is also a limitation of Spiritual Potential that applies. Let me further explain this notion which will also provide a wider and truer definition of ‘God”. I have described the Seven Classes of Consciousness in this Universe. If you don’t know them, refer to my books. Humans are in the 4th class of Consciousness. There are three classes above us: the Devic, the Galactic and the Universal.


28                 The Celestial Error occurred at the Universal Level of Consciousness. It was not “God’s” error. It was a failed experiment belonging to workers (subordinates) at the Universal Level of Consciousness. 


29                 Above the Universal level, there are NINE other superior Levels of Consciousness. The Ultimate Level is a pool of Energy which contains the totality of experiences, Love and Power. It is the level of the ‘GOD Consciousness’. Thus you see, God is not an individual as suggested by the anthropomorphized concept in the Evil System. ‘It’ is a pure level of Consciousness far beyond the lower manifestations of Consciousness. It is far above the level of the Error.


30                 From that Highest Level, droplets of ‘GOD’ consciousness can filter down to manifest in any of the 12 levels below it. Thus, a particle of the God Consciousness can be in a single atom in a rock, or in a cabbage or tree. It may be in an ant, or dog or any other animal expression, It can be in a human, in a deva, in a Galactic Consciousness and so on.


31                 But having a droplet of God Consciousness in a physical manifestation is NOT the same as that manifestation calling itself GOD as the New Agers do. The droplet of God Consciousness can say it expresses the Highest Consciousness, but the ant or dog containing such Consciousness is not God! The droplet within is a droplet of God Consciousness.


32                 By the time that droplet of God Consciousness precipitates into a lower class, it is filtered by many layers and usually can only express that which the limitations of the manifestation allow. Thus, the ant cannot explain higher human knowledge such as Nuclear Physics, nor can the dog understand Quantum Physics. But they can express the Peace, Love and Spiritual Power which are properties of the God droplet. They are incapable of expressing the intricate knowledge that allows beings at the Universal of Consciousness to create a dimension of Space and Time, etc.


33                 In each Level of Consciousness, there are 7 sub-levels. Thus, there is an enormous gap between a single cell organism and a trainable monkey in the Animal Kingdom, for example.


34                 And so, we can understand that there is such an enormous expanse of POTENTIAL between the seven sublevels in each Level of Consciousness that we, as humans, would appear like gods to a dog or ant. We do not expect them to understand our esoteric poetry for example. But they can feel Love, Harmony and Peace, and all the other the Godly attributes.


35                 This leads me to say that while we can feel the Godly attributes from, and in, any class of consciousness, there is no way we can comprehend the mind of a being in a Higher Class such as an Angel (Class5) or the mind of a Galactic Being (Class 6) or the Mind of a Universal Being (Class 7). Imagine then our incomprehensibility of a Mind 9 Classes above us!!


36                 Even the mechanisms of robotic consciousness one class above us, as for example, the little alien Greys written about often, are beyond our comprehension. You know from my books and from your other investigative reading that they can walk through walls, that they can merge with inanimate objects such as statues and make them animated (as in the miraculous crying statures of the Madonna, etc.) They can take beings with them through solid objects such as walls simply by holding their hands! They are one class removed (above) from us and yet we are as imbeciles in trying to understand their nature and properties. Thus, how are we going to understand the “Mind of God”, so called, , nine levels above us? It is an impossible feat.


37                 When we frame questions as contained in the above email, which, as I said, we have also probably posed to ourselves often as we struggled to awaken, how much of the basis of the questions consisted of our ignorance, our religious indoctrination and our defiant EGO?


38                 We all know we have EGO. It is an Evil-created mechanism to prevent awakening to the Greater Reality. Ego is divisive, abusive and destructive, the very opposite to Godly attributes. Thus, we should ask questions with no prejudices, with no pre-conceived notions, and without thinking we definitely need to know or that we know better, regardless of what answer is given. That is hard to do for we all have Ego. But, we must fight it, and destroy it, if we are to become fully realized.


39                 This latter concept is beautifully explained by many of the real saints such a ‘Jesus” saying 'It is not I but the Power of the Father within me that manifests that which you witness'.


40                 None of us can be fully truly spiritually realized without a connection to the Supra-mental Plane. Once we are connected, we realize that we do not even have to ask the questions we asked when we were ignorant ‘fools’ starting our journey towards Enlightenment. When we are connected, we accept that:


·         We will be given what we need to win our Battle;

·         It will be given when we need it;

·         We do not have to know everything;

·         Our role is to be of service, not to feed the Ego;

·         Our Ego is an impediment to our Enlightenment and must be destroyed;.

·         The degree of Enlightenment will vary from Individual to individual;

·         Once we have realization of the Truth we are marked by the Evil System as enemies of its evil state and scheduled for extermination. This I have experienced personally and many times. Did not Jesus say the World will hate us when we align with Him? 

·         We seek true Protection from Evil. Without it we would be removed from the scene by Evil and neutralized far more easily than is the case.

·         Too much knowledge too quickly can be counterproductive and we can ‘choke’ on the information.


June 2, 2014

Refer again to the above email as you read my comments.


41     ‘God’ did not make a mistake. That God Level of Consciousness empowers subordinates in all levels of Consciousness in the TRUE Creation to express, experiment, experience and enjoy.  This experiment in which we find ourselves became antagonistic to the other Beings outside of it,  and unlike in other experiments, the Negative Polarity which had been activated refused to be rectified. But, it was only going to be a matter of time until the Error was corrected. In the meantime we had, and have, the Illusion in which some True Beings have been trapped, and some mechanical ‘vacuum cleaners’ have been created by the non-co-operative Evil Mind to suck out the Divine energy from the trapped ones in order to sustain the illicit Error, for it had no energy source of its own.


42     This Celestial Error, like any other Celestial Errors that could arise, had no energy source from the very beginning. Thus, it was doomed from the start.


43     This Error has lasted as long as it has simply because it has been able to extract energy from the trapped beings while Corrective measures were implemented.


44     The ‘Avatar’ brought down energy into the Error to sustain the trapped beings and that too was pilfered by the ones of Darkness. But, without the Avatar’s energy, the trapped beings would be all exhausted of energy quickly and would perish.


45     For this Era of Correction, as I have written many times before, a New Green Energy has been brought down by the Avatar to sustain Viables. This energy has been created in such a way that Evil cannot use it for its own nefarious purposes.


46     The lack of Divine Energy falling into the hands of the Sons and Daughters of the Error is the reason why the whole realm is now fragmenting at an obvious and accelerating rate. Its end is but a matter of time.


47     Time itself is an illusion, for it only exists while the dimension exists. This is very difficult for us to understand. It is another reason to remind ourselves that some concepts are beyond our understanding.


48     On May 28, 5 days ago, I was discussion issues with a clairvoyant friend who lives some 200 kilometres from me. I had referred patients who lost ‘loved ones’ to her over the years in order to allow them to communicate with whoever it was that died physically. From what my patients reported, her accuracy has been outstanding. As we chattered, she asked me  ”Do you have a birthday coming up, Joseph?”


I said, “Yes, I will be 70 tomorrow in fact. Why do you ask?”


“Your Grandmother and Mother are here to wish you a happy birthday.”


I know my Grandmother has been assisting me from Higher Levels for many, many years, and many psychics whom I have known have noted her presence around me. My mother died some 5 months ago and had obviously joined her for the visit. She had presented to me about one week after ‘dropping the shell’ and we discussed timing of the End on that occasion. I mentioned this in a recent Radio show I did with Jeff Rense.


This time my mother said “Relax as best you can in the Fragmentation Process. You, We, have done all that needs to be done in this War. In other words, everything that needed to be done to culminate in the End has been done. It is now simply a matter of waiting. In the meantime, sustain the Viables as best you can.”


Can there be a better message for us? I don’t think so. Here is a being who has confirmed my date of the End, with approximations, and who, having left the Physical, now has the knowledge of what needed to be done and what has been done. There can be no doubt in my mind that the End is upon us. I think it is of extreme importance that she said all is set up for the End!


49     It is only the Monkey Mind, in its moments of idiocy, which occur sporadically and quite often, I must add, that entertains Doubt. Why should we doubt? We are not in a position to argue. We do not know the exact details of the War on this level or on other levels.

50     My Higher Consciousness descended to give the Message of Finality, to explain the Status Quo, and to nurture the Viables till the end.


51     Many battles ensured since 1985 when I broadcast the Message of Finality, and now we have the Message of Victory. We are told, by what I regard as a most reliable source that the War of Essences is all but over. We can thus prepare ourselves for the Victory Parade.


52     As we witness the fatal fragmentation of this Evil Putridness, we should be able to rejoice in Victory. All FEAR should be gone, and our vision should be cast to our Journey Home.


53     It is not for us to be judgemental. Everything of the Physical will perish. But, nothing of value will be lost.


54     The ones who will cease to exist are/were but temporary Shadows; illicit agents whose job was to drain the trapped beings by any evil method they could design. They were liars, hypocrites and murderers from their beginning, as was their (Father) Creator, the Mind of the Evil-spawning Error.


55     What do trapped civilians do in a war whose end is near and victory for their side is assured? They stay out of harm’s way certainly. They prepare themselves mentally as best they can for the Rescue. They rejoice in their knowledge, and protect themselves as best they can so that the desperate Evil Failures will not hurt them in any way in the last days of the war.


56     It follows logically that if you have understood what I have written,


·         You will be filled with Happiness and Joy.

·         All Doubt will be dispelled from your mind.

·         All Fear of any loss, fear of Physical Death, of the fate of ‘loved ones’, will vanish.

·         Understanding will fill your mind

·         You will glow with the sanctifying New Green Energy that will sustain you.

·         Your mind will exhibit the clarity of the Beatified

·         You will escape the scourge of Terminally Madness that is even now engulfing the Plane.

·         As failures around you go insane, from you will emanate the Love and Glory of the truly Divine.


57     With such understanding, with such change in you, where is there room for Anger against anything, especially the true “God Consciousness”? There can be no such thing if you have understood the meaning of my words, if you have connected to the Supramental Plane adequately, and if you have cleansed and protected sufficiently in order to prevent the Evil Rings of Anger, of Doubt and of Confusion impinging on your aura.


58     If you have understood the above words, you would never consider that the true ‘God Consciousness’ gambled in any way.  Gambling is an erroneous notion. We must bypass the inflammatory emotions which are a creation of EVIL TO EXPLOIT ENERGY. An Error occurred. The Erroneous expression refused spontaneous correction that was for the good of all. Various mechanisms for a resolution of the Error were applied. As the error rejected these resolutions, the ultimate solution we are experiencing now is being implemented.


59     When the writer of the email asks: ‘what is God doing in the same sentence as accident?’ we see a total misunderstanding of things knowable and perhaps unknowable to the Monkey Mind, and an untenable assertiveness of that Monkey Mind with its ignorance over uncomprehended reality. Is it not a direct attack on “God Consciousness”? Of course it is. And the attack arises from ignorance and stupidity on this level. I am not attacking the writer, for such notions have been implanted in all our lower minds at some stage or another. They arise from Evil’s Thought Implantation onto the Monkey Mind and they disturb us in order to cause disharmony and thus cause us to lose energy. These notions do not affect the Truth. We are the ones that suffer if we entertain these notions. To clear this point up, let me give you this example. In a ridiculous attempt to detract from the eminence and importance of the Leader of our Nation, we could try this silly argument that is in similar vein to the above: ‘What is Our Leader doing riding in an automobile as part of a cavalcade that had one vehicle with a flat tyre six months ago?’ Silly, is it not?


60     This next sentence is an attempt by the writer to show his superiority (in ignorance) to the Divine and that he knows more, when, in fact, it is a direct attack that diminishes the quality of his thought processes. He is not alone in this. I am sure many of us have formulated the exact same notion in our heads at one time or other. Here is the extract:

“what I find distressing is, after all these Arcons have done to me’ is it the divine thing to do to kill them and all the other unwanted trash out of hand? Is there no other way? sounds very human we make mad dogs then shoot them when they follow there nature?”

I ask: "Who is the “we’ who made mad dogs? Was it the writer and his pals? Who is killing whom? What is the nature of which he speaks?"


One cannot discuss such notions with an angry, human point of view, using the ignorant lower mind to examine resolutions for Celestial Errors. I’ll make any bet you like such writers had never heard of Celestial Errors before I wrote about them. And who is he judging as ‘mad dogs’? Why are any of us judging at all? Were we not warned not to judge?


In fact, his notions arise from simple misunderstanding supported by Ego which is a handmaiden of Evil – always!


The Truth of it is that the Correction is allowing the Sons and daughters of Darkness to follow their nature to the End without interference.


Have I not written that all Light has been withdrawn from the Plane in order to allow the Demonic ‘mad dogs’ to do what they do best?


And what is it that they do best? Is it not destruction and killing, even of themselves? Indeed it is. Go back and read John 8:44 in the bible again. It is about the only quote worth remembering.


Thus, these ‘mad dogs’, these evil Wraiths, are following their nature and are self-destructing. The Divine is simply allowing that to happen.


The Divine did more than that of course. It gave them a choice. “Step into the Light to exist when the Darkness ceases, as it must!” Few availed themselves of the offer. The ones to perish exercised their Divinely given Freewill to say “NO”!


Regardless of the ending, could the process have been any fairer than that? I for one don’t think so.


61     Rancidity enters the fray with the following sentence:


“and the most alarming of all to me when you said that God would take away all our bad memory’s, the knowledge I have gained here must have been the hardest gotten of all, I don’t want to lose anything if I go, and I don’t like the idea of not being asked”




What exactly did I write about loss of memory? Was it not the loss of memory of Evil’s curses and the suffering it imposed on all of us?


What good are evil memories to any of us? Only a masochist would want to keep such memories. What good can they do? Nothing is the answer. They only cause evil destruction on many levels of a being who has them.


Mental distress and its dire consequences are often caused by the fact that people cannot let go of painful, distressing, very evil experiences. Medically we try to heal people by getting them to let go of such haunting memories. Memory of the things Evil has done to us can cause enough distress that can kill us. Ask a Veteran why s/he is going insane and contemplationg suicide, as many do.


Would you like your Bliss tainted by the memory of the pain, suffering and misery you suffered at the hands of the Iniquitous Systems on this level?


You are a fool who does not deserve to continue if you say ‘Yes’.


62     Alas, with the following extract, the writer falls into the abyss of Ignorance, Stupidity and Self-pity.


, and finally after all we have been put through why do we have to pray meditate or eat a special diet to prove our worth? Have we not done enough? after billions of years of what I can only describe as a f___+_____g nightmare why should we get on our knees to this being?


He does not understand why we pray, meditate, and attempt to purify our physical vehicle. It is certainly not to prove our worth, Rather, by doing these things voluntarily, we attempt to protect our viability.


·         We pray for we wish to talk to Higher Levels and ask for things, even if prayer is the last vestige of scoundrels.

·         We meditate in an attempt to receive answers we prayed for and to connect to Purer Realms.

·         We cleanse our bodies with special diets so that we can pray and meditate and communicate more efficiently. It is in our best interest to do these things.

·         These practices are voluntary and, I repeat, certainly in our best interest.

·         Admittedly the imposing religions have created a feast for themselves by forcing people to practice what they preach which is invariably for the benefit of the sacerdotes, not the trapped fools.


63     The last outburst is Ego’s defiance. ‘Why should we get on our knees to this being?’ What an insult to the true God Consciousness. Do you really think one who uttered this angrily would be a viable? It may be just temporary programming on the idiotic lower mind that would allow such rudeness. If it persists, then it is a mark of spiritual non-viability for sure.


64     Remember my mentioning Humility? We have respect for many things and for beings on this level and other Higher Levels. Why would we not have respect for the “Consciousness” that guarantees our eternal existence? Only doomed, egotistical fools would be so rude.


65     The closing remarks of the email suggest it is temporary evil programming on the writer’s Monkey Mind that produced it, for he seeks adequate redress for the conundrums he posed.


66     Always remember, words are bullets. Thoughts are real. They can injure us when we produce them in moments of programmed anger.


67     Finally, never, never wallow in Self-pity, for such a state leads to Cancer of the Soul.


June 3, 2014


I thank those of you who wrote to send me good wishes after the last post.

Such entries remind us very much of the Greater Reality and of the true nature of existence. Such stories, as my mother communicating with me via my friend “L”, allow us to focus on the Ultimate Reality of existence beyond this harrowing Hell.

They make a mockery of our finite troubles and fears in these bodies, and dispel the foibles of everyday living in this putrid sewer.

Such verifiable stories lead us to full realizations, and so, on reflection, we accept who we are beyond the confines of the Physical shell, the ’Cardboard Box’, as I like to call it, and prepare for our real Existence, without doubt.

My mother had been involved in many of my ‘adventures’ in her lifetime.

I recall one time after I had written my book called “My experiences…” that she stated in a conversation when only the two of us were present “Joseph, you were a precocious little rascal and you used to scare the daylights out of me! You were about 2 when you got into the habit of sitting in a corner facing the lounge room wall. You told me you were waiting for your ‘Friends’ to arrive and chat. When they arrived, you often asked me to meet them, but I could not see anyone. You would stay talking to the wall for up to two hours, an amazing feat for a two year old.”

I recall those episodes very clearly as an infant and then as a child. In the book I just mentioned, I wrote about my Out-of- Body experiences when I, as a mature consciousness, would leave the child’s body and attend conferences on the Mother craft, just as I had done as an adult in 1985. I recount that episode in the book.

(By the way, most infants and young children are highly clairvoyant as their Centres of Consciousness are open. They can still communicate with other levels and dimensions. There are many recorded episodes of Past Life recall by children in the literature. Their Centres are usually closed down by stupid adults abusing the children, and their utterings, and by increasing levels of hormones, especially testosterone, in the bodies.)

I recall that the conversations I had with the visitors when I was a child were all about the fate of the planet.

I know, I know. You will ask “Why would an infant, or child, be bothered with that sort of ‘nonsense’?”

The fact is, it was not nonsense, as subsequent events in my life and my writings prove. The visitors were not talking to the body. Rather, they were awakening the body by communicating with the mature Higher Consciousness within it.

I recall that around the age of 17, they said to ‘me’ to go back to sleep for they would retreat for some 20 years and that I would not be needed until then. I wrote about that in the book too.

I then described the struggle I had to ‘reawaken’ and make contact with the Supra-Mental Plane, for I had been inundated by the programming, pollution and indoctrination of the evil realm.

I have met many clairvoyants and psychics in the course of my work. Most contact the Astral World to gain information. That world is part of the evil physical set-up and gives false answers.

That is why most psychics and clairvoyants do not believe what I say. They do not believe in Evil. I have not met any who were truly connected to the Supra-Mental Plane. In fact, I know for certain that many are agents of Evil who give spurious information such as “Evil does not exist’, ‘You can do no wrong’, etc., etc.

This correlates with the false information given in some Near Death Experiences. That which the surgeon Eben Alexander relates in his episode is a classic example. The work of Maurice Rawlings sets the record straight with truer depictions of Hellish states. He wrote such books such as ‘To Hell and Back’.

How did my psychic friend “L” get on with what I had to say about Evil and Earth’s destruction? She did not believe in Evil at all when I first met her. When I got her to examine certain persons closely in ontological terms using her own abilities, she exclaimed “OMG, these people are extremely evil!” Thus, she then knew, first hand, Evil existed.

She was very reticent to accept my End-of-Earth scenario at first. She believed what the New Agers had to say. As you know, I have condemned New Agers as Bunkum, first class.

Well, how then did she change her mind?

We were discussing the book she had written, and my books, on one occasion. After a while she said ‘Joseph, you are going to be famous after your death because of what you have written’.

And I said, “After I am dead, there will be no one to read my books for there will be no Earth”.

She wanted to argue the point. “But I can see lots of people on Earth after your death!”

I did not have a chance to respond for she immediately shouted ‘My goodness, a really High Being, from a much higher level than the one your Grandmother comes from, has just come into my mind and said

Quite! Listen to Joseph. He is right!

The way ‘L’ related it, the uttering from above was a forceful command, not a polite suggestion.

She was very shaken by the episode. But it left her in no doubt that when I spoke of the End, I meant it and that it was a Reality.

With the recent visit by my mother, ‘L’ no longer has a choice in the matter. She now knows the End is a done deal. BTW, it is no accident that various ones are selected to work with us.

Clairvoyance and Psychic Abilities have nothing to do with spirituality. So, don’t think those with such abilities are Divinely Spiritual Persons. Most are not.

Most psychics contact discarnates who are as stupid out of the body as they were in the body. Most psychics contact the Astral Plane which, as I said, is an illusionary area controlled by Evil. Thus, how many truths do you think Evil will reveal about itself from that level? ‘None’ is the answer.

That is why you will find almost no psychic reader who agrees with what I have had to say or written. From experience I know they are frightened by my information.

But, developing circumstances on Earth will force them, and everyone else, to agree that the End for Earth has arrived.

When I first started my Mission, New Agers insisted there was no Evil.

When Evil began engulfing them and the planet, it was a temporary situation for them, or so they said.

They then decided it was a choice by people to stay in Evil until they woke up, etc., after which Evil would magically disappear. And, in the meantime, Earth would be split into 2 Earths in order to accommodate good (evil) ones and evil, evil ones. Thus, they still negated the thought of a real END. Can they be more stupid? They are still waiting for Aliens to come through a portal with very large mops to cleanse the planet, just for them, of its entire terminal, physical life-destroying pollution!!

Why are most psychics ignorant of what is going on? The answer is simple. They are still trapped in the Virtual Reality. Sure, they can gain information from the Astral and Etheric Realms, by communicating with discarnates, but as I just said, those realms are still part of Evil.

The true knowledge is only available from the Supra-Mental Plane. And thus far, very few psychics and unawakened, ordinary people have contacted this Plane of Reality.

Remember, we all have psychic abilities. These will develop in you at a remarkable rate once you connect to the Supra-Mental Plane.


June 6, 2014

The tip of the Iceberg?
Just in case you missed this report:

 In Maureen Dowd's latest column for the New York Times, she describes her scary experience eating a pot candy bar while reporting on legalized marijuana in Colorado.

She sat in a Denver hotel room experimenting with the legalized edible, "nibbling" on some of the chocolate-flavored bar.

"For an hour, I felt nothing [...] But then I felt a scary shudder go through my body and brain. I barely made it from the desk to the bed, where I lay curled up in a hallucinatory state for the next eight hours," Dowd said.


 She goes on to explain how her paranoia deepened, saying the high wore off "distressingly slowly."

"I had been convinced that I had died and no one was telling me," Dowd said.

A medical consultant told Dowd later that these types of candy bars should be consumed by inexperienced users by cutting them into 16 pieces. That recommendation, she said, was not on the packaging label.

Months after Colorado legalization took effect on Jan.1, Dowd cautions in her column that the state is "coming to grips with the darker side" of marijuana, especially when it comes to dealing with tourists and children.

Media organizations, including USA TODAY and the Times, have reported on kids getting sick from ingesting pot-infused edibles. The Rocky Mountain Poison Center reported a statisticallysignificant increase in the number of parents calling the poison-control hotline to report their kids had consumed pot.

 However state inspectors are conducting stings at pot stores to ensure they're not selling to minors, Julie Postlethwait, a spokeswoman for the state's marijuana enforcement division told USA TODAY. And regulations require pot edibles to be sold in child-resistant packaging."

The Archons are clever Archons, hey?
They are destroying minds with Chemtrails,  and are now giving the idiots what they want (DOPE - Marijuana ) in order to finish the job with a different agent.

The Archons seek control of the rabble and in doing so don't mind if the hordes are DEMENTED. Widespread use of this hallucinogenic and psychotropic drug will greatly increase the incident of Terminal Madness of the Endtime. Just watch and see!! 

Just one more point to consider is ths: What exactly is in the Marijuana mix? How certain can you be that no disastrous GMO "stuff" is incorporated in the plant and its products?


June 7, 2014

Item 1      Demons by any other name:

Remember the trademarks of demons: Lust for Money, Sex and Power !

Item 2       Our Own Colliding Galaxies

Item 2 tells us in brief, with physical evidence,  that the Physical Universe is finite, it fragments, that Physical Life is limited, and expendable. The only variation from what I have written is in the timeframe.


June 8, 2014

*    You will recall I mentioned the possibility f contamination of Marijuana with Genetiically Modified matrial and other contaminants. Thanks to "Bill" for wrwarding this site which delves directly into the notion:

*    Here is a perfect example of Cultivated Ignorance found in a site "Waking Times" that energetically promotes such Ignorance while pretending to be a spiritually awakening site. It is not of course. It is a site that promotes Fallacy.
The increasing and out-of-control Police Violence reported everywhere is due to demonism. It's that simple. Do you recall I said some 35% of human bodies now accommodate DEMONS? This violence is living proof of the accuracy of my assertion!Injustices will greatly increase everywhere, of course, as Evil has a free rein in these Endtimes.

Recently I have been a victim of this at the hands of the Injustice system. I will report on this once the lawyers finish their work. What the evil fools dont reailze is that the more they attack me, the quicker the End will come. A recent minor court case allowed me to reduce the time to the End  by almost 9 months!!

None of this will make sense until the End does come and we are out of here. Until then, we on this level have to suffer the burdens Evil very unjustly imposes on all those of Light.


June 9, 2014

Corruption and Dishonesty are indelible aspects of the demonic Archons:


June 13, 2014

I predicted Terminal Fragmentation.

Here is an update:

  June 15, 2014

Looks like some of the mechanisms towards the End are getting closer:



And here is some light but relevant entertainment:

Do you recall when I wrote Saddam was acting for the Light just as Hitler did? They were Avatar Energy allowing the pieces to fall into place for the development of the Final Fragmentation Phase.


William King, an old friend whom I met in the USA in the 1990s recently asked me whether I was busy in my retirement, or just wasting time.

Hopefully, I am working hard to kill Chronos, In other words, I hope I am fulfilling my role in bringing this dimension of Time and Space to an end. Of course, I am only a small part of a very big Team doing this.

Whether you want to believe it or not – and I have nothing physical apart from my energy and its healing properties, that some have experienced, with which I can convince you of this – I am the sole distributor of the New Green Energy on this level. You have heard something like that written elsewhere before?   – “I am the way, ….” etc.

I don’t say this lightly. Immediately refer to my Motto if you have any conflicting thoughts about it.

Now do you see why I cannot die before the last day? I have to be here till the last moment to support the Viables with the NGE. Without it, they would perish. Couldn’t someone else take my place? “No!” is the answer. You are stuck with me folks, arthritic knees, grey hair, and Wisdom warts included. Oh, and Jerry Attrick. How could I forget him?


June 18, 2014

Just in case you missed these in your reading:

Yep, it’s a Demonic World, Galaxy, Universe, all right:


Terminal Madness:

Make sure you read my book "Psychiatry, the Struggle for your Soul" !

JUNE 20,2014

Don’t you wish they would hurry up?

BTW, you will see a quote from Thomas Jefferson in the article. He was a demon who specialized in raping his black slaves. He refused to release them even after slavery was abolished!

 As if you did not suspect such a thing:

If you have the time, you may wish ti check out some true and false data from the Esoteric Reality of this world:

Oh no!! Don’t tell me governments lie:


Well, what-do-u-know? Some are actually catching up to what I have been saying for years !!

Frightening the Merry Cans:

Finally, some Comedy Hour BS:

I love this one: Talk about the Demons programming their own self-destruction:

Remember readers, Earth is finished, our Sun is finished, the Solar System is finished, this Galaxy is finished, the whole Physical Universe is finished.

There is no Light anywhere in the Galaxy for it is doomed. All Light has been withdrawn.  The Galaxy is to be totally destroyed. Some of us are here waiting, hoping to be filtered out once the whole thing goes up in flames. As individuals with a labelled Cardboard Box we are less important than a grain of sand in the entire Universe, so let the Ego go. More about this later.


June 22, 2014

This video below is like many other stories of Aliens in and around Earth. I have told you up to one hundred thousand races have visited Earth since its formation. Obviously many have made bases in the Earth, under the Sea, in Mountains, in Volcanoes, in caves, etc.  This is all knowledge of the Esoteric Reality.

Don’t get too excited about it or too carried away by these facts.

Apart from knowing about their existence, you should by now be aware that they are governed by a different set of Laws of Physics.

Thus, the aliens can walk through walls, materialize objects, safely perform 180 degree turns at very high speeds as we see their crafts doing, appearing and disappearing, walking on water, levitating, walking at right angles parallel to the ground down the side of tall buildings, translocating, perforating wormholes, predicting the future, animating inanimate objects such as statues, overtaking minds and bodies, implanting thoughts, and so on.

When they manifest these things, they usually do so on this level through Class 5 ROBOTS which are easily recognized by those with extended vision. Their eyes (grey, metallic, lifeless) are a dead giveaway. Examples of such robots include beings by the name of Dynamo (Steven Frayne) that is based in Bradford England, and “Criss Angel” based in California. There is another in Poland and one in Russia that I know of.

Sai Baba used the same sets of Laws to manifest objects such as watches, chains, crystals, 'holy ash', etc., while he was in the physical. He could also read minds, translocate, appear and disappear and implant thoughts. I have recounted the story of Him appearing in my locked Motel room in California in the middle of the night to talk with me and manifest a ring I was to wear as protection.

You would do well to read up about Dynamo and Angel as many people think each of these 'magicians' is Jesus Christ on Earth. They could not be further from the truth.

BTW, apart from 'Healing' which all Higher Beings can perform, Jesus did not perform the Miracles ascribed to Him. I have explained this at length in my book “Death of an Evil God”.  There are also many types of 'Healing' and I have described those in my books also.

Do not be a gullible fool and think these trickster magicians, like Dynamo and Angel,  are Divine.

They are Class 5  robots  of the Evil System.

As time passes, we will see more of their ilk, especially in younger so-called "Star-Children". And who are these? They are escaped Demonic Convicts, from collapsed Galaxies. They escaped the net and are scattered all over this Galaxy. They are very good with electronic equipment, without ever having to learn it. It is second nature to them for they are from advanced civilizations.

The idiotic New Agers think Star Children are angel-like creatures come to save Humanity. You should not be surprised they think this way. Most New Agers are demons themselves. The latest is that they are awaiting assisting aliens to come through a Vortex that will manifest shortly and they will bring with them very big mops to clean up the pollution of the Earth so it can become a Paradise for them again! Go figure!

Why are these Class 5 demonic robots here?

They are preparing the unawakened fools on this plane for the eventual, full-time takeover by the  Evil Class 5 demons who up until now have used human bodies to manifest on this level, as these robots have done.

One would hope the End to the Physical will bring their evil plan to a halt. But, if things are delayed, or if they do not eventuate as I have been told in the past by those who claim they represent the “Light”, then we will be enslaved by these fully manifesting Class 5 demons. They are actively pursuing the Eugenics agenda of depopulation for this very reason.  

Do you find this concept of these God-like magicians farfetched? You shouldn't. You are one too, you know!

Late afternoon in your kitchen: Your pet cat (or dog) is starting to make its presence felt.The cat usually wraps itself around your ankles to make sure you notice it. You know what it wants. And it will trip you if you dont give in. The dog sits in front of you making it awkward for you to move around it and with supplicating eyes says, just like the cat, 'Please, O Magician-God, feed me!'

They see you open the pantry door, pull out an object (a can) with which you fiddle and presto: Dinner is served.

They think you are not just a magician. They think you are GOD! You read their minds, you pulled out something from nowhere and produced a meal for them. Only God can do magic tricks like that! Don't forget, in their brains they have the sequence of chasing and killing prey or they will starve. Feral dogs and cats live under 2 years. Your cat, with your care will live to 20 years or more. You dog will see its full genetically promised, life-span out, thanks to you, his GOD!

I wont go into the heart-wrenching cruelty of demons towards animals. You know all that. Animal cruelty does show clearly that Evil and its Demons exist! Go hang yourselves in shame, deniers of Evil!


 June 23, 2014

An email from “Bill” following yesterday’s post:


Dear Dr., Watch the magician’s eyes change when he is suspending the ball. It is exactly what you describe.

The eye changes are best seen at 1:15 and 1:44. I was not aware of this individual before Bill’s email.

 Also watch the following:

You can watch all the episodes on YouTube. Episode 5 explains the use of heavy metal music to program the younger generations for the acceptance of demonism.

30 years ago I had written that heavy metal music was demonic and that this is a Demonic World.

I must admit that, after watching these videos, the Demonic Magician Manifestation is more widespread than probably most of us thought.


June 24, 2014

More about Demons and Black Magicians

The presenter is so confused, he just has to be demonically possessed.

 It’s a demonic world with performers demonically possessed:

I strongly advise you to take an anti-nausea pill before playing this vile video.

Drugs and Demons:


Hooray, Hooray! Which of us have been waiting for this day?

Armageddon out of here? Arwegettin out of here?


June 26, 2014

·         We reside in an unstable, self-destructive Universe.

My thanks to Anita  for forwarding the url.

There is no reason why our Sun could not undergo such a reaction to obliterate the Solar System.

As I have previously said, the Sun is slowly dying and may accelerate to this status as revealed by the Hubble telescope shots at any time.

·         Again from Anita:

Where does such data leave the religious simpletons and their myopic view of creation?

·         Non-Viables viewing their coming abodes:

·         I have witnessed the exact same eye changes, so I am pretty sure this video below has  not been photo-shopped. My thanks to Bill for forwarding it. It shows such reptilian creatures are ubiquitous..


·         Reptilians are Class 5 Demons. Many have possessed human bodies. If I had not witnessed these slit eyes and mouth movements, unexpectedly and very clearly, I would probably think the following video was photo-shopped. 


My Oh My, Look at who we have demonstrating reptilian traits at 9:47. For non-Australians, it is a former Australian Prime Minister.





 June 29, 2013

                                                                      EVIL OR NO EVIL?


I am still receiving hate mail from people who are adamant Evil does not exist.

I don’t argue with them, for arguing with fools runs the risk of being called one.

It is Satan who was masterful in declaring he and his Evil do not exist.

It is evil ones who deny the existence of Evil.

We have all, I am sure, felt the effects of Evil in our lives. If not directly, then we have seen such effects on those we know and often love.  Honestly, I do not know one person who has not been affected by Evil directly.

New Agers still deny the existence of Evil, but their resistance has greatly weakened in the 30 years I have been writing about the Battle of Good versus Evil.

Why Evil exists and whether a Battle of Good against Evil will ever really, really be resolved are obviously questions beyond comprehension in our lower minds.

I have written about both topics, giving you what the Higher Beings who guide me say. But there can be no way we can give proof of any assertion regarding Truth on this level. We merely go within and accept what we feel is right for us to believe. But we have to be flexible for Truth may change as circumstances change.

A few years ago a book called ‘A Course in Miracles’ was published and it became extremely popular with the New Age crowd. After reading it, I condemned it as Evil, even though it was supposedly dictated by Jesus to the female authoress in NYC.

I called it evil for it denied the existence of Evil and ultimately denied, if read closely, the need for judgement and accountability.

Oprah Winfrey publicized the book forcefully and gave many copies away, or so the story goes. I wonder why? The video below about her may give you a clue.


David Icke was another who denied Evil. Look at this video and decide his ontology for yourselves:

David Icke:

The most recent and most publicized book about Near Death Experiences (NDE) is the one called ‘Proof of Heaven’ which relates the NDE of a neurosurgeon called Eben Alexander. If you are near a book store, pick up a copy, look at the photo in the back, look at the eyes, and tell me what you see. I see eyes similar to Criss Angel and Dynamo types.

I mention this book for its contradictions.

1                     Eben, while in “Heaven” where there are clouds, and winds, flowers, pastures, etc (obviously not a spiritual dimension), is told creation has many dimension. This statement is plausable.

2                     Then he is told Evil exists in all dimensions in a small amount. Ouch for the New Agers.

3                     Then he is told Evil exists to allow beings to exercise their FREEWILL!

4                     But in an earlier section, he is told “You – the Human Race- “ can do no wrong. If that were the case, why would one need Freewill and why would one need Evil to disrupt everything to test that Freewill. Silly is it not?

5                     I want to believe that there are Evil-free zones in the real Creation, outside of this Physical Horror. I agree this Physical Dimension has many sub dimensions each with Evil in them.

6                     But there must be Evil-free states, otherwise there would not be a Battle of Good against Evil.  Why would there be?  If Good and Evil  are twins that co-exist, there would be no need for a battle between them, for they would be everywhere together. Is this not nonsense? Could the so-called battle be a farce as some philosophies claim? Could the battle of Good versus Evil be the rumble in the jungle that keeps Higher Consciousness awake? And would that Higher Consciousness go to sleep if the battle stopped, such as in the Theory of Bramah's Day and Night? Some say we are deluded, for if "God" meant to get rid of Evil "He" would not take 13 billion or so years to do so, surely? A quick revision of History demonstrates Good has never won a battle against Evil as far as we can see. Was it ever meant to?

7                     I, for one, want to argue that there is not a small amount of Evil in these dimensions. After living 70 years on Earth, I am prepared to say there is a Hell of a lot of Evil in this Dimension.

8                     Let’s go back to the reassuring assertion Eben Alexander was given: “You can do nothing wrong!” Is this BS or Not?

9                     If it were so, and remember, Eben claims a very Higher Spiritual Being told him this, then what are you waiting for?


Rob that bank you see every day and steal millions!

Kill that noisy SOB who lives next door and makes your life hell with a blasting stereo all night long.

While you are at it, shoot his dogs who bark on occasion and annoy you!

Rape his wife as you have been tempted to do for a while, and kill her before his eyes before you kill him.

Support Genocide of weaker, poorer nations so you and your buddies can steal their wealth.

Ask to be demonically possessed as Devil Worshippers do so that you can increase your power of destruction, your lust, your bank balance and your ego.

Demonic Possession:


Why would you commit these atrocities?

If you did commit them, it would be because you believed what you had been told: “You can do nothing wrong!”

 And you have been told this by a very ‘High Spiritual Being’ as Eben relates. In fact, it would have to be a well-placed Demon in full disguise to say this.

Those acts I just described are Evil - horrible and repugnant. No loving being would contemplate such action.

Now do you see what BS the assertion of not being able to do wrong is?
It even offends common sense.

There are not many things one can decipher in Metaphysics with the Lower Monkey Mind, but the Existence of Evil is certainly one that you can, and you can do it easily!

But why Evil exists and the significance of its battle against Good are just a little more difficult to decipher on the lower Monkey Mind.

Here is an interview with Eben Alexander:


July 4, 2014
From my book “Thoughts of a Gnostic, Volume 5:


Is it not amazing how those of soul substance Light
Sing with delight, and joyfully shout
As they see the Evil Empire,and its Archons and minions too,
collapsing all about?
They know that those of Darkness, of Evil, Of blackened hearts, are filled with fear,
And being exposed, are made ineffective, no more to lie and cheat and murder;
that's why Light Beings cheer.
It's true I tell you, their end has come about,
And the Purifying Power all the hypocrites does rout
From all their hiding places and under rocks,
That is why Fellows of True Love sing and shout!
Filled with hate, Gloom and Doom,
the faces of evil ones now scowl
And in their panic and confusion,
Slipping into Terminal Madness, they prowl,
But, being less harmful than paper tigers
they scurry ineffectively all about,
As the Liberated Ones of Love everywhere
thank the Lord for the coming final clout.
Thanks to the Celestial Mother too, kind and sweet,
Who has sent us, trapped here, Love and Rescuers
Which in welcoming embrace we do meet.
Oh, how wonderful is this treat;
This Plan of Rescue has been,
by no means, a simple feat.
However, let us not on the destruction harken,
For the misery of the lost ones could darken
The very minds of those still unduly meek
Who have been terrorised and are still weak.
Happily, let us focus on the future instead,
And savour the joy, peace, glory and love ahead,
which all liberated sparks of Light
Amongst each other shall shed,
As they sing and thank, for their rescue,
the Infinitely Loving Godhead.
Do not let the dark clouds which gather
of necessity on countless horizons your mind unsettle.
Realise the truth of what is going on,  Stir the flame within your heart
and steel the mettle.
Hard times need to be passed on this earth, don't you see?
Before a complete evacuation and the Light's Final victory.
All the structures, minds, souls, spirits created
by the forces of Darkness, by Jehovah's Evil,
Must be destroyed before the end of the reign
Of the Black Brotherhood can be declared totally believable.
Not one warrior of Light, no matter how weary, can,
for a moment, in the battle rest, Until every quantum of evil
is captured and destroyed, Only then will we have a completed quest!
We, Children of the Light, per force must suffer
the dramatic changes, for we are caught in this mess,
In which evil must be totally destroyed, before reaching Our realm of happiness.
But this, with me, you will agree, Is a very small price to pay, for eventually
living in a realm of Wonder, of Love Pure, Which we have all persistently sought
While this hell we did sufferingly endure.

Smile then, and the inevitable suffering try to enjoy, if you can,
As warriors of Light from every aspect Of existence expel evil and impose its ban,
So that all units of an evil essence canbe trapped expertly and well
And be placed, to await the final transmutation,
in a place of Evil's construction, called Hell.
You know now that many,  of necessity, must die,
And you may well, in that number, be,
But having this special knowledge of the Nous,
A time of sorrow it should not be for thee.
I know that those of Evil will never understand,
But rejoice when disasters strike for they are now
signs of a Divine Hand,
Accomplishing Its work  of clearing this plane
So evil a foothold again can never gain.
Be not saddened then, by this work of clearing
But, with a genuine smile,
gladly you should be cheering For each phase of destruction
is a step closer to Light's victory,
Which will ensure our total inviolable liberty,
From the struggling, suffocating stranglehold of immutably
evil assassins who shortly in existence will no longer be!

Oh, how my heart skips a beat with Joy,
As I contemplate the Final Day
And picture myself in the New Godly Realm
With all its Glory and the Angels at play.
Can you think of anything that could give
Greater happiness and satisfaction,
Than the thought of rescue from this evil, destructive,
exploitative, physical contraption,
Which not only drains and sends one into madness
But also ends each phase with bodily putrefaction?
I cannot!
That is why my heart skips a beat with Joy so gay
As I contemplate our rescue on that glorious Final Day.


The individual of Peace has no problems,
even if he is in the midst of and beset
by a million enemies.
Evil, bellicose ones are full of problems,
even when totally alone.


To work for the Greater Glory of God
is the highest, most noble
ambition a being can have.


Cry not for lost riches or opportunities of
this world, for nothing of value has
been lost to the True Beings.


Protection is very important

It is important at all times, especially when one goes to sleep and during meditation. You must practice it actively, for meditation does not guarantee automatic protection.

Pay attention to protection exercises and do them carefully. If you are in a high risk area, that is, mixing all day with polluted people, having to interact at the work place, in traffic, at school, universities and so on, protection is even more important than if you are in an isolated area.


 July 6, 2014
Not all the emails I receive are hate mail:

"Hello Dr. Chiappalone,


Just a small note following our previous correspondence (included below just for reference).  


I have finished reading three of your books so far (already read almost all of your site), and am continuing through the others.  I just wanted to say thank you, and to let you know that you have "reached" me at least.  I can imagine that you must get horrible amounts of skepticism and attacks and abuse, and even with your incredible perseverance (I don't know how you do it), it might wear on you a bit at times.  So the least I felt I could do is express my gratitude to you for your efforts and information, and let you know that it is not falling solely on deaf ears.  I may not feel resonance with 100% of it, but you are the only one whose information has "felt" right to this extent, certainly more than anyone else I have found in many desperate years at this search.


Anyway, you are indeed reaching some of us, and thank you very much.  Silly or not, I find myself thinking about repaying your efforts in some small way or other on the Other Side.  Or at least the celestial equivalent of buying you a (non-pollutive) beer.  For now, I offer my best wishes for your ongoing efforts, and my gratitude, while we are on this one. 


Regards, J"


From Priscille:

"I received all the 11 poem books and the 5 Conversations with God. Thank you so much !   You almost give your books away.


 I will repeat the words you say often : “ They are constantly after the True Beings “ .  They are after you even more than us because you say and write the Truth as it is.  You reveal the lies which they have tried to keep hidden from us for millions of years.


Your Love and Power is revealing Itself through your class 4 being.   You are generous , strong , loving etc.. I know you always answer our questions on your web site.  You uplift us if we express sadness or pain in our messages, you give us words of encouragement etc., something very few of us ( Viable Beings ) had in this life.  You keep giving even if you are going through rough times . 


With Love and Gratitude ,  Priscille"


“Anita” likes quoting me:

Only those who know the Truth will be calm in the horrendous storm that is to hit the whole Earth. That Truth will come from within them.

No non-Viable has the Truth within. It cannot be learned or rationalized."




Divine Love identifies its own beings and enhances their nature.


Evil beings are not only incapable of giving Divine Love, but they are also unable to absorb it, or be enhanced by it.  Instead True Divine Love reflects back off from their hollow internal formation and returns unchanged to the giver.


Divine Love is never wasted"


-Joseph Chiappalone


An interesting perspective from  writer  Jim Stone at

About Japan changing its constitution to allow war . . . .

I strongly believe that the Japanese government is changing its war policy because they know Israel and the U.S. did the earthquake, Fukushima and the tsunami. They are not going to sit there and take it. If the Japanese government does the right thing, Israel will be an ocean of glass and Japan will just have to take whatever the response is.

Japan is a nuclear weapons equipped state, Japan always had them in parts that could be assembled in 15 minutes. So they could say they have no working bombs, but all the pieces are there. And even though they are not tested, I would bet my life that Japan got it right the first time and needs no testing.

The bible says an Eastern nation will destroy Israel, and I am hedging my bets it will be Japan in retaliation for Fukushima and the nuclear tsunami. The quake itself was nothing as anyone who can find their way here would know.

One thing is certain - Fukushima trumps Pearl Harbor.


It’s going to be non-stop fragmentation:

Worth reading: The End is signalled in these words.




The BS never ends:




Coming Endtime: Looks like the sides have been settled:

July 12, 2014

Here is stupidity disguised by a cloak of pseudo-cleverness. The author tries to tell us how evil this world is while denying the existence of absolute Evil.  Are you confused? Not as much as the author of this essay is, I bet!

I direct you to these next 3 articles in order for you to gain yet another glimpse of how evil this world really is:




The question to be answered is this: Why is Evil so easy to see at this time?

Here is an extract from my book “The Kingdom of Zion”

If you have not read it, I urge you to do so immediately, as it will enhance your understanding of what is really going on!

Return to the Light

“We finally come to the question of why we need to bring all of the dealings of evil to Light. Why must every act of deceit, abuse, corruption, exploitation, and illicit behaviour be made known? The answer is: this is how evil is exposed and destroyed, by bringing it to Light. Shadows and darkness cannot live in the Light. In the same way, every exposure of evil is another evil energy pattern, another evil system, that can no longer hide, deceive, and destroy the good.

Imagine yourself in the unfortunate situation of having your foot caught in a bear trap, and the ensuing occurring: Doctors rush to your aid, to give you drugs to suppress the pain; lawyers come to tell you that they can help you for a percentage of the money you get for your damages; the money changers come to you and ask for payment for the use of their trap while you are stuck in it; the media write a story that there are really no traps out there, and people should not be paranoid about traps; entertainment is provided for you, including cable TV right where you are; the scientists decree that your life is unique and valuable, what has happened to you is normal, and suggest having your head frozen after you die so that you can come back; the educators develop a study program for you, to learn how to live in a trap and succeed; the industrialists see the effectiveness of their trap, build many more, and place them everywhere; the religionists declare that your suffering is entirely due to original sin, and deserved; the politicians promise you programs to aid you after they get elected; the economists convince you that it is better to remain in the trap than to be free from it, to have faith in the system; and the psychiatrists declare that you are merely suffering from delusions, especially if you have any perceptions of the insanity that is going on all around you. And none of them ever helps you out of the trap.

This is how life is.

There are no limits to the number of ignorant, hypocritical, insane, and evil people who will come to your aid - to take advantage of and perpetuate your suffering. If you are a good, True Being, they home in on you like vultures, looking to feed off the energy that you release by your suffering. And, this is why they do not offer you anything to release you from your spiritual suffering, but keep you in the system to suffer more, and more, and more. They are "enablers". The evil system does not want to release you from its trap because its survival depends upon your entrapment and destruction. It does not wish you to awaken to the truth, because spiritual truth is the only thing that can help you to get out of the trap.

Further, if you are able to escape the trap, you become a threat to the evil system. You are able to see its evilness for what it is; you can reject or denounce it; you can tell others of the traps they are in; you can testify to the utter worthlessness and evilness of all of their systems of traps. You become a spiritually aware and awakened being, no longer one of the sheep or cattle, able to resist the wolves. You become free.

If the experts and authorities, leaders and politicians, scientists and religionists, economists and educators had all of the answers, life in this world would be bliss for everyone. Instead, all of their "knowledge" is for the sole purpose of preventing realization of true knowledge - to prevent you from perceiving the truth. The endless trivia, disinformation, distortions of truth, and worldly knowledge are a barrier to true inner knowing. As you know, this worldly "knowledge" has given us every mechanism for destroying life on this planet. That is the legacy of all the worldly knowledge.

What we see in the world, all around us, are the slaves of evil, and the elect of Zion profiting by the suffering. This evil exploitation of all life on this planet has reached the point where life is no longer compatible with this world. The last thing the evil archons want is for you to awaken to the truth of their control, their abuse and destruction, their denial of the truth, their rationalizations for how everything is the way it is supposed to be, that life is normal and good. This is why they fill their newspapers with nothing; this is why they fill their books with nothing; this is why they fill education with nothing; and this is why their system of finance and control is based on nothing - and their scripture declares that the "goyim" are nothing. The rulers of this world have built their kingdom upon lies, deceit, and ... nothing. This world and all of its grand schemes and charades will soon pass like a bubble being burst. It will be seen by all for the illusion that it truly is. And, the horror and screams of the demons will be all that fills this world, before it and all its evil - including all of the evil beings - are destroyed forever.

This is why evil is being exposed for all to see, so that there are no shadows left, no dark corners in which evil can yet hide. Yahweh, his progeny, his chosen, his elect, all will be removed from the creation as surely as a Light eradicates darkness. And, they have no rock to hide under, no retreat, no excuse, and no way to avoid what is to come.

This is the message of their doom, and all they have to look forward to is increasing doom and gloom and "terminal madness". As they lose their cover and concealment, their masks, their false authority, and their worldly "riches", they will realize that it is they who have everything to lose. They will be consumed by unbridled fear, desperation, and the true and certain knowledge of their coming destruction - and this will be the one truth they will not be able to deny or suppress.

The end is near. Truth, Light, and Good have won in the end.

The one and only thing that good, True Beings can depend upon is their inner connection to the Divine Being. All external worldly systems and "support" are going to collapse and fail. Direction, truth, wisdom, love, peace, and perseverance must come from within. The True Being must rely upon the inner Divine spiritual essences. Many worldly traps have conspired to prevent this connection, to instead program, pollute, and indoctrinate us in the ways of evil, the way of the world. It takes an effort to free oneself from the traps, the emotional blackmail, the financial dependence, the social approval, and all of the pleasing mechanisms that entrap the senses, emotions, body, and mind. People are "happy" to the extent that they suppress their unhappiness or render themselves unconscious of their suffering and exploitation. The evil system does all it can to "assist" you in this. The drugs, endless entertainment, false love and romance, biological "family", authorities, and religions all work to keep you trapped, to cater to your hopelessness, despair, self-pity, or need to be loved. They are a lie, a trap. Again, it is not easy to get out of the trap; the trap has been made pleasurable to stay in or painful to remove. Evil has designed all of the traps of this world with great cunning; they wouldn't be traps if you could easily see them or easily extricate yourself from them.

Evil - and those who are evil - will retaliate and attack you if you try to escape their trap. After all, you are their next meal. But, if you make the effort, Divine assistance will be provided. All the help you need is available; just don't keep looking for it in all the wrong places. Turn to the Divine Being, the Light, the Truth, for your survival. It is the one and only lifeline, and you must find it within you. The more you can see through and reject - rather than simply accepting - the evils of this world, the more you free yourself from your trap. But, you have to do something about it. You have to make the effort to reject evil and embrace Good. It is your choice.”


July 13, 2014
In the course of my Metaphysical work, I have made many assertions that are unprovable on this Earth at this time. I had and have no proof to offer you for their veracity. They had to do with ‘What’s Going On’, with Essential Gnostic Truths, the Endtime, Earth’s fate, and the fate of the 3 major components of consciousnesses: Light Beings, Robots, and Demons.

In particular, I made these 3 assertions concerning Light:

1                     Approximately one billion Light Consciousnesses were withdrawn (rescued) from the planet in November 1999 in preparation for its complete destruction.

2                     Over 90% of the Universe has already been destroyed in order to rid this dimension of Evil.

3                     Almost all Light has been removed from the Dimension in order to allow the total collapse of the last 5-10% that remains and in which we on Earth find ourselves. The withdrawal of Light was to have a number of effects:

i               Evil would be more easily recognized; Yes!

ii              Evil would be seen to be ubiquitous; Yes!

iii             Evil would seem to automatically self-destruct; Yes!

iv             The Endtime of which I wrote would ensue…..?

I thought from earliest days that once true vision was restored to Viable beings, these assertions would become obvious. In the meantime, I had to bear the abuse, scorn and wrath of the Fools whose minds were steadily fragmenting via the process of Terminal Madness that I predicteed, and that is now so very obvious all over the globe!

This article below speaks of a diminution of ‘light’ in the Universe, in terms of physical and not spiritual connotations. I don’t know  in absolute terms how it might relate to my assertions, but some thought is warranted.

My thanks go to ‘Anita’ and Laurie for drawing my attention to this article.


Marching onward to an ever more depraved Demonic World:

Again my thanks to Laurie for forwarding this article.


July 14, 2014

·         At last, someone is seeing through the BS re 'Dope' that creates Dopes:

 ·         What 8 US Presidents thought about Zionists:

 ·         Articles such as the one below are really BS mixed with some facts, stirring people with fear and false hope. While attempting to convince readers of ‘What’s Going On’, such articles attempt to call gullible ones to arms where they will be slaughtered mercilessly by superior forces. Once again there is the catch-cry “Save Humanity”! Such authors have no idea of what is really going on. Have your wits about you. This is war-mongering in another mode to exploit you of as much energy as possible. You know what is going on; the mechanisms of termination are not important. The important thing is to conclude the Termination of Evil in the fastest and most painless way. The more one is realized, the less the pain of exit from the decaying Dimension.

·         Related to this topic are the emails pleading me to heal people who have a terminal illness. From their pleas I gather they have no real idea of what is going on and what it is their fate entails. Any with true spiritual vision would welcome the arrival of their ticket Home and they would rejoice, hoping their exit would be as expeditious as possible. Doomed ones fear physical death morbidly.

From my Poetry Book ,Vol 2, Poem 75

The Wheel of Justice

Whenever I think of those who abused many, including me,
Or took advantage, defamed, stole maliciously,
I cannot help but think how much their troubles multiplied will be,
When the Truth of what I said, and say, is plain to see.

For them, there will be no consolation for the misery,
No benefits reaped from the mockery.
Terminal Madness of the Endtime they will suffer triply.
First for rejecting the Light and remaining evil continuously,
Secondly, for cowardly attacking the Light and the likes of me,
And thirdly, for trying to profiteer from such evil
and ensnare the True Beings nefariously.

Thus, triple-doomed, cursed by their own evil curse,
No thought of mercy or pity for these villains nurse,
They are of Evil essence which could never be
In God's Light, or of Love, or in Serenity.

For they are destructively pusillanimous
in the extreme, acting surreptitiously and cowardly.
They murder, lie, rape and steal constantly.
But, Justice, like the proverbial revolving wheel,
Will crush them fully with the weight
of the evils they committed voluntarily.
That of necessity according to the True Seat of Justice
is how their end must be.
And this, does the One on High decree!


July 15, 2014

From my book “Thoughts of  a Gnostic, Volume 4":

Chapter 6


It is easy to ridicule others and reject the occurrence of psychic phenomena and the existence of UFOs, aliens, other levels of consciousness, both above and below our own, other physical dimensions, etc. But those who do this act out of ignorance and indoctrinated prejudice and not out of any scientific or academic knowledge or intellectual superiority.

Once one has personal experience, and/or sees a spacecraft or has communication with other levels of consciousness which may include aliens and others, and has situations, with present and future events, described in minute detail which turn out to be correct, the certainty of the existence of these "parapsychological phenomena", as they are labelled, is unshakeable.

As a doctor, one of my greatest disappointments has been to realise how narrow-minded and therefore limited the psychological and psychiatric branches of medicine really are. The more highly "educated" a person is today, the more likely he/she is of falling prey to scientific ignorance and reductionism as far as awareness is concerned. But one of the events that has been promised for the last cycle is the re-establishment of communication between various dimensions, and their consciousnesses, and a complete breakdown of all barriers between such dimensions. This is happening now. When the process is completed no one will be left in any doubt of what has occurred and what is going on. In the meantime those who can make the jump and elevate their awareness are truly blessed for they will be able to avoid much anguish and suffering in these last days of the planet by simply knowing what is going on.

To the very end most will deny that what I write is possible even as it occurs. But there are plenty of examples of the majority of people, and their firm beliefs in their status quo, being completely wrong. The belief of the shape of the earth before Columbus is one example. The geocentric theory before Copernicus and Galileo is another. The ridicule thrown at Pasteur turned out to be unjustified. All these were called crazy and persecuted one way or another. In recent times, the scientific world set out to ridicule the belief that plants respond to, and with, emotional energy. On reading the experimental evidence, no one is left in any doubt that they do, in fact, have emotional bodies influenced by hormones, stimuli, communication etc.

The medical profession is a great one for gaffes. It was not so long ago that the various medical associations set out to destroy the myth that acupuncture and acupressure could actually be of benefit in treating various diseases. Instead of destroying the notion, investigations confirmed the very opposite, namely, that these practices are valid and do assist in treatment even though "modern medical science" does not know how.

I appreciate the fact that these episodes are minor in comparison to what I am postulating. But in their time-frame they were just as extraordinary. Besides, there is more proof to substantiate what I am saying than was ever available for these examples at the time of their pronunciations.

The Mechanisms of Planetary Destruction have been activated and are proceeding around the globe.


It is just that most people do not want to accept their proper significance for various reasons, which include their ontological nature, and the fact that they are supporters of the evil side trying to prevent correction of this horror-filled dimension. But they will be forced to realise what is going on soon enough by the events in the world, much to their chagrin. How many before Columbus must have viewed a ship disappearing over the horizon and not understood the significance it had in relation to their erroneous belief that the earth was flat? How many would have looked at the sun and the stars and not realised the canopy they formed was relatively fixed while the earth moved? The majority did not understand. And so it is with today's mechanisms of planetary destruction which I have explained at length in my books.


 For July 16, 2014


It is the ultimate, evil-inspired ego trip to refuse to accept that there can be a greater consciousness to which one may be accountable. That is what an atheist is saying when he/she states it has no belief in a deity.

In this very day, many will not accept the existence of consciousness as a separate entity from the physical body even with all the evidence which has accumulated from:

*      Past life regressions, which give information far beyond what is possibly "genetic memory",

*      Near Death Syndromes,

*      Recalled Astral Travel,

*     The various forms of "channelling" from other dimensions with differing times,

*     The successful photography of the etheric component of the metaphysical anatomy,

*      The sighting and photographing of apparitions and so on.

Many still do not want to accept that what is called ET life exists inspite of the sighting and photographing of, and communication with, spacecraft and their occupants, inspite of the experiences by many people of being kidnapped, examined and operated on by evil aliens. Even animals have been dissected, as you well know. This latest phenomenon is about to shatter the medical world and tear it asunder as some accept the irrefutable proof while the majority defend their ignorance to the last.

But in the very last days of the human race these phenomena will not be seen as absurdities of crazy men but as monumental revelations of the real status quo which has been hidden by the evil-sponsored ignorance of this plane. But fear not, one way or another we ALL must know exactly what is going on before the very END in order to prepare us all for what is to happen after the physical destruction.


DEMONS AT WORK (example 342,684 and counting......)

The latest in demonic idiocy:

Warming! This is really nauseating and disturbing. images/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29

How aware are you? Were you able to identify most of the supposed human people in the clip as demons and evil aliens from their appearance, auras, eyes, and what they were saying. Be aware that many demons present themselves with a false aura. See through them. In the physical, go by all your senses. They drain energy from True Beings and they emit a pungent odour, like decaying flesh, when they are excited.

On this level, we can do little to stop these demons. But, a promise has been made. Not one of them will escape its fate when the End arrives. Hallelujah!


July 17, 2014

Things ARE heating up:

 This next video is a good one. Watch it!

Related to these matters, this is what I wrote in my book “My Experiences….”

Terminal Madness of the Endtime is affecting all living things, as well as apparently non-living things such as the weather, our sun and celestial bodies such as comets which are becoming more and more aberrant and unpredictable in their paths.


In denying the possibility of collisions with earth, scientists are quoting this and that reason, the distances, the flight paths, etc., etc. But, the fact that collisions, massive ones, in fact, have happened before, and the fact that the flight paths are changing raises the possibility of collision enormously.


In regard to comets such as Comet Lee, they were misrepresenting the facts as they did with Global Warming, radiation, HIV-AIDS, and many other things. Besides, other comets are coming. It is for these reasons, and many others, not the least of which is the mendaciousness and hypocrisy of the majority of people that this world has been rightfully called the realm of Deceit by Gnostics.



Also from my book “ My Experiences….”




My intention is to write more volumes along these lines, and I will do so  ... if there is time.


The year 1999 saw seen the annihilation of Serbia by NATO and the beginning of realignment of major blocs, especially the West, and Russia, China and India, to signify a major conflict ahead which will result in nuclear war. The fear of such a conflagration has been present since the 1950s and it appears that the signs being transmitted now from these blocs are towards fulfilment of this prophecy.


However, an even larger physical factor looms on the horizon which will, in due course, reduce planet Earth to rubble, and destroy all aspects of Humanity, again with the proviso that it will occur if there is time and there is a need to do so.

Specifically I am referring to a number of comets heading our way which can be manipulated at will, despite what rigid, sceptical scientists say.


About Comets


In June and July, 1999, while I was finalising the first edition of this book, scientists showed their Arrogance of Ignorance and refuted the possibility of any damage from Comet Lee, one of the first of a number which pose a threat to Earth. The others are not even considered yet by science, but they are travelling towards us. Scientists denying reality?


What can one expect from metaphysical ignoramuses?


Just for the record, note these points:

1. “Heretics” have always been the real advancers of knowledge – for example, Galileo, Columbus, Pasteur, Marconi, etc.

2. Orbits of celestial bodies can, and do, change. Nothing is static; nothing is written in stone.

3. Solar flares affect any and every chemical reaction on Earth.

4. Even one photon (or neutrino) from a distant star affects the person upon whom it shines.

5. Prof. Hoyle (of the Big Bang theory) and Prof. Wickramasingh – two scientists – concluded that viruses as “cosmic dust” from passing asteroids, and other heavenly bodies, certainly interact with Earth and even bring diseases.

6. All celestial bodies have consciousness and are under the direct control of either Good or Evil. This Earth has been under the control of Evil for a long time.

7. Their orbits can be changed at will.

8. Collisions of asteroids with Earth have happened before. Hence, they can happen again.

9. Science is a sham and gets things fatalistically wrong very often.



 July 18, 2014

Aliens and UFOs

I’m not sure if I have posted this before.

I know such crafts exist, and I don’t think this is a Photoshop project.

“Bill” who sent me this next one said it is being deleted all over the Internet.

As I have written in other articles, UFOs are part of all cultures on all continents in all eras.

Findings in Egypt, in the Indus valley, in caves in Southern France and Northern Spain, in paintings of the Middle Ages, depictions on coins, etc., all aver to the existence of UFOs.

Nonetheless, even today, in mainstream society (made up of the most closed-minded bigots you could imagine, full of self-importance, clutching their degrees in Cultivated Ignorance, the belief in UFOs and Aliens is, by these dim-wits, taken to be one of the greatest crimes against Humanity one can commit.

I recall my very first TV interview in Melbourne way back in 1985 when I was asked abusively:  “You don’t believe in UFOs, do you?” I had closed my Medical Practice and began giving public lectures in a suburban library, and speaking about world changes in a way many did not like to hear.

Saying what I did say saw the “know-alls” label me as a whack, a screwball, a complete nut, not only by the TV interviewers but by most of the viewers that were reached it seems, and most importantly of all, by the Medical Board which  could not live with the notion that a registered Medical Practitioner in their ranks could actually be so “nutty” and so out of touch with reality. Of course, it is these fools who have no idea of the Greater Reality I was lecturing about.

When I returned from the USA and reapplied for my Medical Licence in Australia in 2004, the Medical Board naturally sent me to yet another psychiatrist in an attempt to prove me insane and therefore deny me the licence. I recall the interview quite clearly. I have written about this episode in passing before. This psychiatrist was an Irish Catholic who seemed to be already living in hell such was his demeanour. His biggest concern about me was that I believed in UFOs.  He gave me the impression that he was certain that all people who believed in UFOs were severely mentally ill and probably certifiable

I was prepared. I said to him, “You are a Catholic. You should know what the Church and the Pope say about UFOs and Aliens?”

He didn’t.

I said to him, “Are you aware of the fact that Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a theological member of the Vatican Curia (governing body), and an insider close to the Pope, said that the Papacy affirmed that UFOs and Aliens exist?”

My interview ended. I gained my Licence … in due course.


Aliens and I have always had a close affinity. All consciousness that is not of this dimension is Alien.

Thus, Higher Consciousness can be classed as Alien.

Even Class 4 consciousnesses that are trapped in human bodies but which were created before this dimension came into being are alien to this dimension.

Thus, we have Aliens of this dimension who are alien consciousnesses to this Earth, and Aliens originating outside of this Dimension who are Alien to Earth and the Dimension.

All Evil Aliens, whether they are in human bodies or in alien bodies around this Universe (dimension) or its sub-dimensions, are scheduled for transmutation. None of them are viable.

The only ones not alien on this Earth are the Robots and Demons created here. In fact, their consciousness was created in UFO craft outside the Earth, or on other planets, but still being part of the Physical Dimension.

So, in a sense, all consciousness is alien consciousness!

I was 40 when this body and its lower mind developed an intense drive to find out what was going on in spiritual terms on this Earth. Obviously my Higher Consciousness knew everything all along. But, I did not know that in the lower Monkey Mind.

Obviously I was receiving the stimuli to awaken, but I, being near fatally destroyed by the Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination of Evil’s Rat race, did not know that at the time. You too may have experienced such episodes that led to your awakening.

In due course, after wasting time trying to gain scientific answers to how I felt, I realized, due to the advice from an old friend, that I was seeking a spiritual path that many spoke about. But I hit a brick wall. I had been indoctrinated as a Catholic in childhood and I recall that indoctrination saying anything outside of it was anathema – the evil work of the devil!!

I really had a hard time convincing myself to proceed and read non-Catholic literature, including plain spiritual books.

Nonetheless in due course I tried to meditate, change my eating habits, cut down alcohol, etc. ect.  In one of my earliest sessions I clearly saw a Spacecraft in my mind! I almost feel of the chair. “What the hell …..” I yelled.

No one had ever discussed UFOs and aliens as being part of the spiritual scene. Sure, like many others I had seen the documentary called ‘Chariots of the Gods’.  I even read the book. But, it passed off as a flight of fantasy in my mind.

Listening to Dr Moody being interviewed on radio one morning on my way to work had a greater impact as I was nowhere near spiritual awareness.  He had written about Life after Death! Still no UFOs in my life though. All bodies need to be awakened, regardless of w whether Higher Consciousness resides in them or not.

Slowly I evolved as I meditated and eventually made contact! At an even slower pace realizations began forming in my Monkey Mind and I eventually began to recall who I was, what I was doing on Earth and what was to occur. My contact with the UFO and Aliens strengthened!

In due course my memory was restored of some of my many past lives on Earth and in Other Dimensions, and of lessons and communications with my “Alien Brethren” in this life.

I recalled that I was 23 months when I first remembered whizzing back to “My Craft” in another dimension.

As I mention in my book, “My experiences of aliens….” I had many such episodes as a child and young man.

As a small child I recall “My Brethren” coming through walls to chat with me. My mother confirmed this many years later and she said I scared the living daylights out of her as she could see nothing. But she said I would sit facing the wall and chatting for hours. I recall those conversations. They were all to do with the fate of the world.

All little children see inter-dimensional beings, but here I was discussion very serious matters of work with which I would be involved in the future. And my mother confirmed these discussions

In my early teens I recall my “higher consciousness” coming back from space wars.

Once, I recall coming back into this body as the real identifiable Consciousness that I was/am.

At 17, I was contact by the Golden Ball and told to go back to sleep for 20 years or so, for the work would not start in earnest on this level for me until then.

As I have revealed elsewhere, in 1985 I consciously went to “My Craft” in another dimension and that was the initiation to commence the work in earnest.

Could I have made all this up?

I could have, but then we would have difficulty explaining the accuracy of the prophecies that have come to pass, especially those I outlined in an essay called ‘Terminal Madness of the Endtime’ that I wrote in the early 1990s.

Until I stepped out and began the “work” in earnest, I was inert, as it were.

Once I began to work, I needed all the protection I could get, for eliminating me would be of great advantage to the Dark Side.

We are in a War, and all warriors in a war expect to be attacked, to be wounded, or even killed, physically.

No Light worker is immune from such damage.

Light works are grossly disadvantaged on this level for Evil controls every aspect of existence on it.

It is discouraging at times, but we must realize that it is a temporary illusion in which we find ourselves. That is hard to understand especially as we are immersed in daily pettiness which seems so essential to existence in this putridness.

The “Higher Being” within those of us who have such Higher Consciousness knows all. It is not subjected to the waxing and waning of emotionalism as the body and lower mind are.

The lesson of all this is this: Bypass the emotions at all costs!!


JULY 19, 2014

Of some pertinence re the recent 'news' of a Malaysian plane supposedly shot down:

And what are we to make of this?

Don’t you just wish they would all get on with WW3 so Viables may go home?





 July 20, 2014

Worth watching - a video from

And of Gaza:

David is exposing Zionism, the tool used to Jehovah to control us.
Its exposure is a step towards Terminal Fragmentation of the Virutal Reality now that Jehovah exists no more.
While David Duke has reached this point, he perhaps is not aware that the whole Physical Apparatus is doomed, and this world will shortly be no more.
Realize how fortunate you are to know the Truth, the whole Truth, of this vile, evil Illusion!
And also remember that not all Jews are Zionists, and that not all Zionists are Jews!

As you view these videos, recall the prophecy of Luria of Safaad, a non-Zionist Jew: "The whole world will rise and destroy all (Zionist) Jewry before the End!"


 One of the many replies I received after yesterday's post:

I find your website and your message very intriguing.  It seems that I have always been on a quest to satisfy some internal desire to make logical sense out of this world. Of course, I could never find explanations that were entirely satisfactory.

             After decades of trying to find my answer restricted to the "physical reality", I started to expand my personal research into UFO's and the consciousness model.  This sounds like your story or really anyone else who somehow ends up venturing into the metaphysical.

               Before I came across your site, I was reading the work of (reptilians as you put it) David Icke and that of your ex-wife (i.e. a lot of your work repackaged).

                I'm in possession of five of your books and I consider your work to be the "complete unifying theory" that answers everything. Just an observation but it appears that this evil creation was superbly designed for achieving its intended purpose. I think that it was David Icke who said this but "the best prison is one where you can't see the bars" is about right. Being born and raised in a very sophisticated evil system makes it nearly impossible to recognize it as such and/or people go on accepting it as part of their natural physical living environment.
                  I'm sure you have many other e-mails to get to so I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for your effort as Project Manager (Terra) in the recovery and salvaging operation.  Tom


 MH 17: The plot thickens:


JULY 21, 2014

I have had many lovely responses to my request for regular readers to contact me.
Each of you are anxious for the End and feel the pain of the fragmentation.
As I have written elsewhere, unfortunately that is to be the case.
Hence, realize suffering is unavoidable, expecially the emotional trauma of witnessing Evil's brutality in the Endtime.
Evil is to be exposed in its most minute details so that even evil beings will say that an end to this Madness must come!

Detach from the emotions and continually remind yourselves that this is an ILLUSION that will shortly be no more.


Angel wrote:
Dearest Joseph,

Throughout all the years of knowing your work, your message of finality has been the only one that has made any REAL sense. Your work in its entirety, has allowed me/us to truly make sense of all the madness. You have revealed to us information that is crucial to these end times, which without this understanding, would have left many of us confused and lost..... Coming across your work 9 years ago, has indeed been a blessing, for without it I/we would still be questioning, what on earth is going on?


Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for your time and support, it is GREATLY appreciated..... and though many of us throughout the years have shared this knowledge with others, personally, i have not yet found others who receive it well, infact i have found that everyone in their ignorance “still” wants to SAVE this world, and any talk of finality turns these so called spiritual seekers into enemies instantly, they turn against us as soon as they hear such words, thus i too, cant wait for this to end so that we can all go HOME.


Your words and energy unite us in ways that many do not and cannot comprehend.... ith much Love and Joy. .


 MH17: The plot thickens even more:

July 22, 2014

MH 17 Near to boiling point?



3             A must read:



So, what is MH17 all about?
It is Evil being exposed for what it is: Evil!
The evil mechanisms will no longer work, and all the world must see this.
Hopefully they will start WW3 so deserving ones can finally go home from this area of the Physical Tragedy.
Evil is now going to be seen shooting itself not only in the foot, but in the neck, the head, the belly, the kidneys, in fact, everywhere, until it is totally, totally dead and eradicated.

What wicked web have Demons spun?


July 23, 2014

More on MH17:

Why am I spending time on this subject? It is because it gives us a clear view of Evil’s Modus Operandi.  It’s now Evil vs Evil and False Flags are no longer going to work.

Let the War Games begin.

Remember, we are witnessing Evil in self-destructive mode.

·        The Russian military's statement on Ukraine crash :

·        Russia has satellite images:

How long will the whistle-blower  in thisnext clip last?  





July 24, 2014

Listening to the Australian National News reports last night on Radio, I came to the conclusion that America blinked first.

It may mean my forecast of the End in November 2016 may have dissolved and the date for the End is delayed. Who knows?

This fiasco makes clear the fact that this Evil world runs on unending HYPOCRISY !!!!
The Demons whom Jesus was addressing were not just Liars and Murderers, but also Hypocrites and Fornicators.

Read John 8:44 below 

 If you have not realized it yet, Putin is part of the small team of Light working to the End point, inspite of what the FOOLS say!!

John 8:44Living Bible (TLB)

44 For you are the children of your father the devil and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning and a hater of truth—there is not an iota of truth in him. When he lies, it is perfectly normal; for he is the father of liars.


July 27, 2014

In case you had missed it, here is part of an interview I did with Jeff Rense some time back:

 End Phase approaching; I urge you to watch these:

From these videos we can see that the Demons are determined to self-destruct. They can’t help themselves. They march towards their doom, and unintentionally liberating the trapped Viables in their midst which is what the Light has intended to happen.


·      Detail indicating WAR:

·      NUCLEAR STRIKE againt China is NOW part of US LAW! NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act:

Part of Comedy Hour (for 2 minutes) :  Chinese Admiral Discovers Weak Point of US Military | NTD China Uncensored  :

·      War-mongering: US threatened to take military action against China over space missiles:

Torches are lit: China to invade the United States under Obama's Declaration of Martial Law (11.07.2013) - Fred Woods (clips also shows how widespread ignorance and national hubris are among the robots.)

And if you have time:

World War III 2014 (The Best Documentaries of 2014):

All these wars, weapons, threats, are also evil means of producing fear and of exploiting energy from True Beings trapped in this Illusion.

The Physical Dimension matters not one iota, and yet, so many are trapped by the thought that it is real.

It is not real. It is an evil illusion which will be totally destroyed.

Most of the Physical Universe has been destroyed, as I have stated before. It is the turn of this sector to now vanish into cosmic dust. And soon, I will write about what we can expect.

Have no fear. It is the end for the evil fools, so cheer.

JULY 30, 2014

Minimizing Destructive Effects From the Terminal Fragmentation.

If you are not familiar with my work, I suggest you read my website and my books for a fuller explanation of What’s Going On!

In a nutshell: This Physical Dimension – our Universe and all its sub-dimensions - are undergoing systematic, permanent obliteration in order to procure the release of those consciousnesses trapped within them who have been deemed “spiritually viable’ to continue elsewhere. You will need to read my books to know why some living beings are no longer viable in spiritual terms.

The Physical is an aberration, a temporary evil Illusion within a Virtual Reality that arose from what has been termed a “Celestial Error” which resulted in a War in the Heavens (realms outside of this one).

Some of us are children of God Consciousness trapped in the Error, some of us are children of the Error (which is Evil) and some, like me, have descended into this Error to:

·        Trigger the awakening of trapped Viables in all levels of consciousness via direct and indirect communications on all levels – the Physical, Etheric, Astral and Spiritual;

·        Nurture Viables, till the rescue occurs, with an Energy – the New Green Energy - that the non-Viables cannot use or contaminate;

·        Facilitate the destruction of the Falsehood by bringing down certain energies from outside this Horror which will explode the Illusion and all its physical structures, and liquidate Matter;

·        Arrange the Rescue of those who are to continue elsewhere.

 I give abundant details in my lectures, radio shows, website and particularly my books. 

Inspite of all the pejorative labels that have been bestowed upon me by the evil failures and evil fools, I know what I am doing. On this level, I am limited by the physical body, of course, and like everyone else, I have had to struggle against Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination every single day of my body’s life. But, I have been in the physical before and know the ropes. And, I have the experience of doing this work often, which has resulted in the elimination of over 95% of the Physical Universe already. Thus, please yourself whether you want to believe any of this or not. You know my motto well. Look at it again; it’s at the top of the page in BOLD!

Failed Fools possibly see me as a deluded “nutcase”, Satan at worst.

Awakened ones know, deep within their hearts, who I am.


This world is undergoing horrendous changes.

Fragmentation is being allowed to occur by the Superior Governing Force of Creation: the Light.

The Mechanisms of Fragmentation include:

·        Programmed evil in humans and even lower Classes of Consciousness (the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms) which, for various reasons, will manifest evermore destructive behaviour;

·        Evil manifested by superior evil Classes of Consciousnesses I have termed Demons, Archons, etc.; Most Alien visitors fall into this category;

·        Natural Evil that results from the imperfections of this horrendous monstrosity called the Physical Dimension which was doomed from its inception. This explains fault lines, mad meteors, exploding Suns, etc.;

Even blind and naïve fools can see this fragmentation proceeding inexorably now, surely? Here are simple glimpses of the status quo with all its falsehood, hypocrisy, cruelty, murder, exploitation and murder:







·        End of America:


·        You don’t think evil is planned by evil ones? Look here and see more coming misery for the Minions:




Where is the real Citadel of Zion located?


 How long will the Merry Cans stay jovial? Spot the Terminal Madness in those of authority and the persistent fragmentation and its cruelty in the most menial of incidences.



Realize that the intended outcome of the fragmentation is total annihilation of not only this earth, but the entire Galaxy as I have explained in detail elsewhere. I will write soon how this is going to occur to our Galaxy as it has occurred to so many other Galaxies in this most foul and doomed Universe

If you remember at all times that the ultimate aim of the world changes is the rescue of Viable Consciousnesses from this Hell, and placement into something better (a non-physical dimension that is a lot, lot better as it is Evil-free) you will better tolerate the unavoidable suffering of the Evil-created body, in which we have all been imprisoned on this level, and its lower Monkey Mind, while the transition is occurring. If these concepts are foreign to you, I again suggest you read some of my books and the contents of my website.

We are at the point of the resolution of a War of Essences (Good vs Evil) in this Sector of Creation, specifically this Galaxy of the Physical Universe. Fragmentation and total annihilation into nothingness is the only possible outcome of this War in its end stages.

Of course, the Fragmentation is also a planned Process by which the Light is to be rid of Evil in all its forms. Hence, non-viable consciousnesses will be eliminated, as will be all manifestations of the physical dimensions, including all physical bodies and their minds.

You know well the mechanisms of the Terminal Fragmentation:

·        Polluted air, including Chemtrails that give sinus and pulmonary problems as well as heavy metal toxicity and dementia;

·        Ozone depletion;

·        Virulent epidemics including AIDS, Malaria, Ebola, other laboratory-created pathogens and modified viruses, etc.;

Ebola in America? Never? Well watch the planes coming in:


·        Polluted Foodstuffs – due to poor soil, noxious additives, GMO products, sprays, preservatives, etc.;

·        The evil-sponsored Eugenics Program which includes sterilizing vaccination of populations, murderous GMO foodstuffs, and other mechanisms to kill people physically. However, this is another story to do with Evil: the elimination of the useless eaters on the planet in order to allow its takeover by superior aliens and the hybrid species they have created. Now do you understand why so many humans were abducted and had their ova and sperm stolen?


This Eugenics Program, started by Zionists in Germany early last century, is doomed to fail as it will be overtaken by the total obliteration of the Galaxy in which we reside;


·        Fish laden with mercury, animals with diseases, e.g. chickens with Salmonella, cattle with synthetic Growth Hormone which is carcinogenic for humans, Mad Cow Disease, GMO fruits and vegetables which ‘accidentally’ contaminate the organically grown ones, etc.;

·        Polluted water – containing hormones, heavy metals, chemicals, antibiotics, etc., leading to sterilization of species as well as Humanity, diseases, dementia as per Fluoride, and so on;  

·        Dying Seas. Scientific predictions are that all seas on Earth will be sterile within our lifetime of another 20-30 years. (The Light has planned that this Earth, this Solar System, this Galaxy will not last that long). I have previously published the date of the outermost date for liquidation of this earth into Cosmic Dust. It is 2035.

·        The Dying Sun – irregular radiation; lacks of certain spectral light waves leading to Vit. D deficiency, erratic germination of plants, pseudo-psychotic episodes in susceptible minds, etc.;

·        Radiation from Fukushima, cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.;

·        HAARP and its man-made disasters;

·        Inimical non-Viables undergoing Terminal Madness and destroying everything they can get their hands on, including themselves, with the most vile use of pornography, emotional exploitation, drug induced demonic possession, etc., etc.;

·        Irrational spouses, relatives, parents, and children who cannot comprehend awakened ones who have higher spiritual knowledge, and don’t want them to know what they, the awakened ones, know!

·        Energy Vampires and polluting Demons whose numbers are forever increasing on this Earthly plane. The process of Body-Snatching by demons is real. The demons are forced to abandon their lairs because they are fragmenting too. This body-snatching process and demonic possession is assisted by use of neurotoxic agents such as Ice, Ecstasy, other opiate and amphetamine derivatives, Marijuana, Ayahuasca, sex with demons, etc., etc.;

·        Spiritual pollution from many sources, including marauding evil aliens, leading to personal damage, and/or Demonic possession of Centres of Consciousness.

·        Demonic activities which we cannot control such as the coming massive Nuclear War, and all the sporadic but deadly wars around the globe, incessant pornography which is masquerading s artistic liberalism even in primary schools;

·        Heavy-handed programming mechanisms to further destroy minds and bodies so people will comply with the dictates of the ruling evil archons. Hello Hollywood!;

·        Murderous mindless Drones and robotic killing machines which are a reality in all cities near you.

·        Exploitation by greedy governments, utilities, doctors, hospitals, lawyers, industries, builders, banks, etc., etc.;

As you well know, this list can be greatly expanded.


What can you do?

What are you to do now in the midst of the coming terminal disasters?

Use common sense (a rare commodity it seems) to minimize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual damage to you and your pets while you await extraction from this sector of Hell.

It is the duty of every Viable to attempt to remain as fit as possible in those categories ( physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) during this Endtime scenario.

You are to be fit to help yourself, others, your pets, etc. Does not “God” help those who help themselves?

I think the most important thing to do is to avoid any form of trouble and poisons of which you are aware and can therefore realistically avoid with a little effort.

The better state your body and lower mind are in, the less the suffering you will undergo. If your mind is strong and your Will is resolute, you will be able to shrug off the unavoidable pain, suffering, exploitation and sorrow imposed upon us by an Evil, dying system as we march forward towards the Rescue Point!

A close look at your diet is essential. 

Eliminate all animal products including dairy products. It is a fact that even medically speaking humans were never meant to eat flesh!

Many of you have noted you are now intolerant of fish, meat, dairy products, prepared foodstuffs, packaged food, restaurant food – which often contains contaminating evil energies from the cooks and handlers – canned foods, frozen foods with preservatives, etc., etc..

What is your body telling you by being so intolerant to these foodstuffs? The more New Green Energy (NGE) you have and hold in your Spiritual Centres of Consciousness, the less tolerant you are to pollution and to the negative energies around you. Your body is telling you to avoid these products. I have written much about the NGE. Find those essays on my website, and in my books. The pollution and negative energies don’t just come from foodstuffs, drugs and drinks. Remember they also come from polluted people, robots and demons

Back to foodstuffs: Some are even upset by eggs. If you are, don’t eat them.

Listen to your body. You will note that, in this Final Phase, you are able to sustain your strength and body weight (in the normal range) with less and less food. I can vouch that is so.

If you are overweight, eliminating these foodstuffs will allow you to reach your normal weight range. Thus you will be fitter to help yourself and others.

Avoid alcohol, even if you have been told you need a little wine medicinally. The spiritual disadvantage of consuming alcohol outweighs any benefit you may gain medically. And besides, a recent medical paper concluded no amount of alcohol is safe to consume!

Tobacco and ALL illicit or neurotoxic and/or hallucinogenic drugs, including Marijuana, and the others I mentioned above are a no-no. Stop kidding yourself if you use these. They will spiritually destroy you in the long term!

Avoid people who annoy you. You know what I mean. It is your Higher Mind telling you to be rid of them in your life, in the little time that is left for they are hindering your spiritual progress whether you understand that or not. You may feel uneasy in their presence. You may feel drained by them. They may be argumentative. They make you feel like you have to apologize for just being you, for what you know and believe. Minimize your contact with them. If they are family or relatives, keep communication to a minimum. Give them no chance to attack you. Avoid unnecessary contact.

If the spouse is troublesome, get rid of him/her if you are in a position to do so. Do not tolerate verbal, physical, or emotional abuse from anybody for one moment longer, including parents. The Fifth Commandment “Honour thy Father and thy Mother, etc.,” is an evil trap, especially when one or both are demons to help spiritually destroy you. See a lawyer; see the police; see anyone who can liberate you from such nasty traps.

The Bible has a lot of plagiarized nonsense.

From my book “Death of an Evil God”:

The story of the TEN COMMANDMENTS which were supposedly given to Moses on the Mount was copied from

i  The story of the Canaanite god Baal-Berith, the "God of the Covenant".

ii  The Commandments of the Buddhist Decalogue.

iii   The life of Zoroaster who had also received the Law from Ahura Mazda from the mountain top, and

iv  King Hammurabi who received the Laws from the Babylonian God from a mountain top also.


Warning: We live in an evil trap rule by and for demons. However, don’t judge who is who unless your spiritual vision has been fully restored. If you feel uneasy around someone, move away. But, as I just said, unless your psychic abilities are well developed, and you can unerringly see soulless robots and doomed demons by using your spiritual expertise, don’t assume those who irritate you are necessarily non-viable. They may be double agents.

Protect your body at all times, especially when you go to sleep. Watch who you let into your body. This is no joke. Evil ones will abuse you even as you sleep. Incubi and Succubi are not mythological. They are reality in this most foul dungeon. Look at how evil and foul some humans (demons in human bodies) are:

Celibacy never killed anyone. If you think your spouse is a demon, refuse to have sex with him/ her. That should end the partnership and their abuse! Demons lust over money, power and sex. If they can’t abstain for a while, there is usually something critically wrong with them

Do not mingle with people who manifest loose moral or ones that take illicit drugs, drink alcohol, etc., especially if you cannot discern demonic behaviour too clearly just yet. Marijuana is now being legalized in many places. That does not mean it is OK. It is still a spiritually dangerous toxin. Much of the marijuana being sold by governments will turn out to be GMO modified rubbish. Do you know what else they implanted in that product? Of course you don’t. Do you think it could be part of the Eugenics Program to eliminate your mind and/or body? Very likely, don’t you think? At the very least it may well turn you into a much more easily controlled, useless zombie, and that’s what governments are aiming for and want. Your elimination will then be a lot easier.

Avoid political entrapment. Minimize your exposure to commentaries on Radio and TV that nauseate you. The energy content in these messages is to program people with evil intent. If you are not evil, the effect will be to make you ill. The more spiritually awakened you are, the more easily you will see through the rhetoric and the more disturbed and nauseated you will be by the tripe they disgorge through all forms of the Media.

The Media is there to program idiots to do the bidding of the Archons. Want proof? Watch:

Hollywood, and the entertainment Industry in general, are demonically run by demons for demons, which, as I have revealed before, now make up some 35% of the population, and also to exploit Viables and robots alike. Again I ask, what are we to make of videos such as this one below:

To fill your vacant hours, listen to uplifting classical music instead.

Avoid heavy metal music for it is indeed demonic in order to incite the lower Centres of Consciousness whether you want to believe it or not!

Avoid all situations that incite emotions, be they personal, religious, nationalistic, etc. These are all evil traps to exploit energy.

Avoid exposure in general.

If you are of child-rearing age, seriously consider your desire to have children, I have warned you in the past that since November, 1999, no True Being or Robotic Viable has incarnated. Since that time, only non-Viables, including Star Children, have been born. I don’t mean to offend anyone. If you wish to reject this last statement, remember my motto: Take it or Leave it.

Just like the deleterious solar effects, none of us can avoid RADIATION from the many other sources that are targeting us. Be courageous in your stance. If you get serious conditions such as cancer, melanoma, lymphoma or leukaemia from such radiation, instead of fretting, see the terminal condition as your means of going Home. Of course, you will guard your health and you will take the necessary steps to obtain a cure, for you may be needed for longer on this level. Be sensible at all times. But do NOT be emotionally drained by the process of physical illness or any other process.

As your true spiritual vision develops, and you see or sense the demonic and robotic nature of those around you, do not react emotionally or in a way that may disadvantage you.

DO hide your Light ‘under a bushel’ so you won’t be easily spotted and targeted by hungry demons who feast on the energies they can exploit from others in this darkening hell!! They are parasites who drain Theomorphs (trapped Children of Light) to death. That is why they must be eliminated. They cannot live without such energies.

You may, in due course, when your spiritual insight is at its best, see parents, children or other relatives, neighbours, etc., as non-Viables. This reacquired ability had been forecast by Gnostic texts from the very beginning of the Celestial Error and its entrapment. We all have it due to our spiritual nature. Evil dumbed us down so we would not awake to its deceit.

Do not stress out if you identify anyone is evil. Keep the information to yourself. Fulfil any social obligations you may have pertaining to them; treat them with respect; always express True Love (not possessive, destructive, emotional love that is shadowed by Fear) and KEEP THE PEACE.

Do not feel sorry for them or any failed ones. Pity will drain you. Compassion is an evil trap to drain you also of your precious energy. Remind yourself that they have had infinite chances to become Viable. It was their choice if they chose the Darkness. It had/has nothing to do with what you did or did not do.

Non-Viables will sense you are different however, if your body contains a viable spark of Light, and they will usually attack you in a myriad of ways for reasons they themselves do not understand. It is the New Green Energy within you that stirs them. Inwardly, they fear what they perceive, but outwardly they manifest HATE and anger. This is so even on a general level with commuters on your bus or train, members of associations to which you belong, in the workplace, etc., etc. A classical example of this is the hate and odium for Russia’s leader Putin by other (mostly demonic) world leaders.

On this topic of Putin, these videos are a must:


Strange is it not that Edgar Cayce in the early and middle days of last century forecast the Hope of Humanity would be from Russia! That is how it was expressed in books others wrote based on his clairvoyant utterings while in trance. They did not understand the prophecy. He meant salvation of Viables would be facilitated by Russia (Putin).  

Please read this also written by Jeff Rense:


I take this opportunity to publicly announce that Edgar Cayce was a Being of Light as are V. Putin of Russia, and Jeff Rense who has been of inestimable value over many, many years by helping me to spread my Message to awaken people.


In order to minimize further stress in these Last Days, move away from large cities if you are in a position to do so.

If you can move out of a destructive relationship, do so.

If you can afford to stop working, do so.

Don’t sell yourself short, however. Make sure you have enough money to fulfil social obligations. Make sure you can provide for those for whom you are to provide. Make sure you have enough money to pay all your bills.

Cut down unnecessary expenditure.  Drive a smaller car. If you are paying off a massive mortgage, realize the bulk of your payment is interest and you will never see the benefit of that as time is at an end. You may be better off getting a smaller dwelling or renting. These are personal decisions.

As the end approaches, you will most likely want to be with like-minded beings.

If there is time and opportunity, I have envisioned an isolated campus/community in Australia for the many that could come here to be with me and many other like-minded individuals.

On this topic, I wrote in my very first book back in 1984 that Australia would be the safest place until the end.

Many of you are having visions and dreams of the rescuing crafts at the End and of the destructive end itself. Those visions and dreams are indeed pertinent. The Joy that accompanies such visions and dreams could not be made up and is a most welcomed companion as we march on to the finishing line.

In the meantime, the whole idea is to reduce stress as you will have enough stress from those things that will occur over which you can have no control, like Civil War, Nuclear War, Economic Collapse, degenerative diseases, epidemics, fault line collapses, volcanic eruptions, meteor strikes, disintegration of Earth’s magnetic polarity, fall of earth on its axis, etc., etc.

None of us will be able to escape hardships in the next few years.

It is best that we mentally prepare ourselves. See these disasters as necessary steps towards Spiritual Liberation. One cannot go to a Spiritual Realm unless the Physical Realm is left behind.

If pets are caught in the maelstrom and die, be happy for them. See the process as one of Liberation and remind yourself you will be together again soon.

As Civil and Nuclear wars decimate countries (including the one that was once called the land of the Brave and the Free) and hunger becomes profound, as death looms large on all horizons, maddened, desperate ones will raid farms and houses to steal, to kill animals, and even kill and eat humans. Cannibalism is on the way. Demonic behaviour will have no bounds.

This goes for the destruction of wild fauna and flora too. This will be in a flash when nuclear weapons explode far and wide, as they shall. Fauna and flora are made of consciousnesses, some of which are viable. Rejoice in their liberation from the Evil Trap and their journey to a better place. Ask for blessings for the consciousness of the animals that are killed on our roads. Australia is a mess in the outback with dead dogs, cats and especially kangaroos every few hundred feet along highways and byways. The fools don’t stop for them as they don’t give a damn.

Many of these creatures contain human consciousness and must suffer the indignation of being slaughtered on the roads by selfish, hate-filled, uncaring spiritual failures. Often they are wounded and stagger off to die in severe pain. This is indeed the Planet of Death. The whole Physical Dimension was designed that way by the Father of Evil, Jehovah, for the energy liberated by such suffering feeds the black-hearted ghouls who are his progeny and who do his bidding!

Matthew 13: 8; Matthew 13:38New American Standard Bible (NASB)

38 and the field is the world; and as for the good seed, these are the sons of the kingdom; and the tares are the sons of the evil one;

John 8:44: John 8:44New International Version (NIV)

44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Do not trust alien transmissions which claim they have conquered Evil on their planets, etc. It is all bunkum to fool unaware ones. This Universe runs on pain, suffering, misery and relentless exploitation.

TV commercials often show distressing scenes of starving, dying children, animals, birds, dolphin, whales, etc., etc. The demons do this to extract emotional energy, and money which they keep for themselves, from the audience. You, instead, should see this as an expression of demonic evilness, but should nonetheless rejoice at the liberation, from this Hellish physical plane, of Viables that you see in the pictures.

The Gaza murders are a clear example of this, and of Terminal Madness of the Endtime.


But, now that you have understanding from True Spiritual Knowledge, be happy for those victims. They are being liberated. All that the Viables among them are losing are their useless physical bodies.




Remember what I said previously about the destruction of the Physical Dimension: Nothing of True Spiritual Value will be lost. The physical is useless and valueless. It must disappear completely from the face of Creation for it is a product of Evil, and Evil can be likened to a spiritual cancer that must be totally excised and annihilated forever.

Not convinced about the value of this physical life?

Think of the most valuable PHYSICAL things in your life. Are they your spouse’s body, your children’s’ bodies, your house, your car, your bank balance, your good looks, your sex drive? Where will these be in 100 years, if the planet were to last that long? Are they not of perishable uselessness?


How certain am I of these things about which I write?

There is no way I can guarantee you any certainty in regards to prophecy. The mechanisms of destruction I mentioned above are pretty obvious one has to admit. My past performance has been reasonable to say the least. Read my books and study my form guide! Ultimately, you have to make up your own mind about all this. In the meantime, remember my Motto at all times.

I have tried to demonstrate by all the videos I have posted in this essay and on my website that something very real and dramatically evil is happening. My essay on Terminal Madness of the Endtime, written in the early 1990s, has been conclusive proof of the veracity of my earlier forecasts. If you have not read that essay, you will find it somewhere on my website.

Cynically, some tend to try and blind us with “Science”, another handmaiden of the Virtual Reality, as are Religion and History. They are all temporary pillars created to uphold the fast dissolving Illusion that had us anaesthetized in this dungeon.


Do you really believe the fools who claim this is the best of all possible worlds, as first stated by Gottfried Leibniz in 1710, or that we are heading that way as this ding-dong does in the video?

We know for a fact that:

·        The World is going mad,

·        Evil rulers and governments are planning really big, murderous wars,

·        We, and all living things on the planet, are suffering from many unsavoury conditions,

·        People are becoming irrational in a myriad of ways,

·        Economically we are all being destabilized,

·        There is no respect or politeness in societies any more,

·        Heartless killers are doing as they please everywhere around the globe,




·        There is diminishing Goodwill all over the globe,

·        Amorality is the norm,

·        Children are no longer safe from sexual predators, pornography, alien abductions, food poisoning, etc.,

·        Our Sun is deteriorating as are other planets in our Solar System,

·        Evil Aliens exist, for they abduct people, slaughter and mutilate both humans and animals; arm governments for wars, and so on.

 Thus, this picture I am painting for you is not a flight of evil fantasy. It is the reality we live in. And its ending is a welcomed conclusion to the prayers of those who know more and want better things.

But wait; ‘Isn’t Prayer the last refuge of scoundrels’ you may well ask?

It is now, for all Light has left the dimension in preparation for the total dissolution of this sector. Thus, if you pray now, the only ones who might hear you are:

1                 Earth-bound discarnates who are as useful in answering your prayers as a dead horse would be here on Earth, and

2                 Light beings in the Astral Plane who are still bound by Evil’s rules and are thus rather ineffective. They will be liberated when the Astral Dimensions around each planet individually disintegrate.

Read Dr. George Ritchie’s book “Return from Tomorrow” in which he describes his NDE and explains who really listens to prayers. He is a Professor of Psychiatry.


The points I made above are the reason why you will have little success in having favours bestowed on you at this time. Your prayers are not going to be answered. If you have been labelled as Viable, your prayers have already been answered. What more could you want?

Classification into Viable and non-Viable has occurred for all Classes of Consciousness, and the process has been completed, as I revealed some 2 years ago, so no favours need to be bestowed. You are, at this stage, either saved or lost forevermore.

And, you may well ask: “What about Meditation at this stage?” You would be foolish to think you are going to connect to Superior Beings who have left the Dimension unless you are from an external dimension and have been holographically projected into this one. Oops, I’m complicating the picture. Forget I wrote that until a future time when I will expand on that notion.

Perhaps when it is very close to the End and the Superior Light Beings re-enter the dimension to pick up Viables in their luminous plasma crafts that some Viables are already seeing in visions, as I said above, you may get effective and proper connection.

But for now, with communication lines cut, and the spiritual aspect devoid of Light, all you will get visiting you, in all probability, when you meditate, will be discarnates and demons. So, if you have noted deterioration in the quality of your meditation and in the information you are getting, you now know why.

At this time it is best to close down your Centres of Consciousness as much as possible and protect, protect, protect.

Don’t take any message you receive seriously; more likely than not messages will be from marauding demons or mischievous discarnates.

Don’t ask for stupid things or selfish favours at this time.

Don’t test whoever comes to communicate. Just assume they are of the Dark Side for now.

Don’t follow any directives. Don’t take information from “guides” that may disadvantage you or anyone else. It is bound to be evil!

When the rescuing Light Workers return, you will note a big difference. Until that happens, tread cautiously.

This goes for Life Readings by psychics and those who claim they can contact dead relatives. Be suspicious, be very suspicious. They are, in all probability, contacting demons who pretend to be your relatives, reading information about you from the Akashic records (which are manipulated and not accurate) and they will give you false information, even if it appears to appease you.

Everything you need to get to the proper finishing line, and to the point of Rescue, will be provided by the NGE (New Green energy) with which you have been supplied.

The NGE is now being intermittently sent out in wave forms around this planet to be absorbed by viable consciousnesses in all the Classes of Consciousness 2-3 times a week, for certain vibrational rates affecting all of us have changed and a Finalizing Energy is being distributed more and more. This energy has a different colour and therefore differing properties and a differing vibrational rate. It is not an energy for ordinary Viables to accommodate or use. It is to produce decisive destructive effects on Evil’s physical matter which will eventually be reduced to Cosmic dust and then inert energy which will be returned to the Primordial Pool after its essence has been transmuted.

As it is the Final Phase, in order to accommodate certain changes, I also have reverted to my birth name which is Giuseppe Stephano Chiappalone (pronounced Key-app-alone). Numerologists may appreciate the value in such a reversion. I have done this for it truly is the Final Phase.

August 1, 2014

Dear Dr. Giuseppe,


Thanks for the update !  To know we are in the Final Phase makes me happy , suffering for all Viables will be finally over.   Thanks for all the videos, some of them I have not seen.


You said “Failed fools possibly see me as a deluded “nutcase”, Satan at worst”  .  Well, you are not alone .   One of my brother said to my husband that I am “bizarre” ( French word )  which means about the same thing.   I have had some other people saying  similar words about me . It is only the ones I know about.   They are projecting on others what they  are  .


I read many books about Edgar Cayce 20 years ago . Thanks for confirming the good feelings I had about him.


You also confirm how I feel about and with food.   I do not eat as much and I have to eat the best foods I can find otherwise I am sick .  In the summer it is easier , I have an organic garden.


You also said to avoid listening to the news on TV .  I have noticed that news make my body weak .  When I am alone I rarely turn on the TV.


Also the way you care and love animals go right to my heart .  So few people really care about them . They will have a pet and do not care about the rest of them or they will see them as just something to eat and kill.

One of the first essays I read on Rense was  ”Caring For Our Pets”.  You said exactly what I wanted to hear.  Otherwise I would not have bothered to continue reading.


Also, since I found out about the NGE and your Information I have noticed  after I have been with certain people (Parasites) my energy comes right back up in a few hours .   Before it would take me days even weeks.

Reading your Books are also a great way  to get my energy back.


With Much Love and Gratitude,  P.



John 8:44 in action:




MH 17 falls under the umbrella of John 8:44 too:



War is like Ebola (

– unstoppable:


Go back to the front page of my website and re-read my poem #143 on Earthly War.



Of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination:

Go back to  and make sure you read the July 29, 30, and 31, 2014 entries. To go with what you have just read –


How they fool the Sheople again, and again, and again……..:


Do you notice how all Evil’s tactics are being exposed?

Why is that? It is because it IS the Endtime!!


Demons at Work and Play. It’s all being exposed. They can no longer take any trick!



Dear Dr. Chiappalone,

Thank you for your latest update on what's going on at this time. I would like some clarity around protection. Do we continue to use the White Light  and/or the New Green Energy.  Also by closing down the Centers of Consciousness does that mean that we do not do the cleansing of the Centers?

I had intuitively stopped meditating a few days ago because things felt different.  Now I understand. 

I have read several of your books and continue to be amazed of all of the information that you provide.  Every time I read I feel re energized by the truth that it contains.  My inner being feels joyful.

I would like to purchase the "Collection of My Verses and Poems".

My prayers have been answered.  Continue your wonderful work.  You have my support.

From a Grateful and Joyful Merry Can, R. Walsh


The injustices and hate in this world seem never-ending.

But, I promise you, they will end, and soon!

In the last few posts I have given you examples of mechanisms affecting the Earth and us more personally. The next major post will be of broader views of the Endtime.


 August 3, 2014

 I’ll be busy over the next few days, but these items will keep you busy for a while.

 I am disappointed in some who cannot see the Truth hidden by the evil dross.


Special note must be given to those who are highly specialized in fields like Government, Law and Medicine. Unless they think "outside of the box", they will be trapped by the intense Programming and Indoctrination to which they have been subjected.


I will write about Medicine at length in due course, again. I have written about it in such books as “Psychiatry, the Struggle for your Soul” that I wrote long ago, and I touched on the other matters in my books ‘One World’ and ‘The Kingdome of Zion”.


It is most disappointing to see supposed Children of Light flounder because they think they know better when, in fact, they are blinded by the Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination of their chosen professions.


The Lockerbie Affair is just one classical example, among many, to show how cunning and corrupt the Injustice System really is. Another, of course, is the non-existing Holocaust.  Waco, the Jim Jones Fiasco, Jesus' crucifixion, the murder of Joan D'Arc, etc., etc. are others. The list is never ending.

The Injutice System is expert at using language to falsify reality. It can manufacture evidence, implant evidence, produce liars as witnesses, make black appear white et v.v., bribe judges, barristers, lawyers, etc., etc. 

I look forward to the speedy destruction of this Evil Abomination as you, if you are truly awakened, must!


I will have no time for those who cannot see such Iniquities and Injustices and for those who are trapped in the Illusion of their own egotistical support for the Virtual Reality.


·        They just can’t help themselves:


·        This was forecast in the 1960s in a book called “None dare it Conspiracy. It enunciated US Policy for a Greater Israel very clearly even then. It is the USA behind all this murder and mayhem!


·        Here is a 1971 version of None Dare call it Conspiracy. Read it.


·        The Plan for a Greater Israel:


·        Bunkum for the robots:


·        Beginning of the end for Israel?


·        We must all remember David Irving’s work:


 ·        I’ve told you how it’s going to end:



August 4, 2014


It is indeed satisfying to see so many of you responding enthusiastically to my posts and my commentaries, especially the essays such as the one I posted on July 30.

It indicates that those of you who do show this enthusiasm are now even far more acutely AWARE to the effects upon you of the New Green Energy.

Many of you have written stating you feel happy, with a a newfound internal Joy, that you are fulfilled, with an anticipation of bliss wen reading my words. That is a reflexion of YOUR spiritual status. My words have always had the NGE content. If is that now you are far more awakened and responsive to it. Your efforts to cleanse and awaken truly are paying dividends.

In contrast, many are repelled by what I write, even externally angered and while they are, in reality and secretly internally fearful,  and that is indicative of their FAILURE.

So, to answer the question I am asked more than any other by readers, “Am I Viable”, I say: YOUR  reaction to  my energy, my words, my name, my posts, is the answer you seek!

If you feel the elation from the NGE, you are one of mine.

If you are fear filled, you are either still spiritually blind and very grossly polluted or else doomed to eternal Darkness.

Congratulations those of you who have seen the Light, and are happily embracing it!


The RATE of Fragmentation is too rapid to ignore.

Realize that this is the very FIRST time in History that we are able to see how Evil works and how rotten this Earthly System is. Of cause Evil is ubiquitous, that is why the whole Galaxy, the whole Universe MUST go!

How long they will allow us to see this evil manifestation is a good question. But, at least some of us have seen it, and that is enough to know what is going on and how the End will be.

·        Wacky whack at Science:


·        UFOs -  Come out, come out wherever you are!


·        Plans began early last century for these changes:


·        “They” want Putin dead!


·        Re Children of Zion:


·        MH17: in case you missed this video:





























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