If you have understood my writings, you will have gained the awareness that we are living in a temporary Virtual Reality which is about to be dismantled, thus liberating those trapped within it who are not part of the Virtual Reality.
From the very beginning of this dimension, the Virtual Reality has been built and maintained by LIES.
I cannot repeat often enough what Jesus said to the Pharisees, “You are liars and murderers from the beginning, just like your father (Jehovah, Saklas, Rex Mundi, Yaldabaoth, the Moloch etc.).     John 8:44
Throughout history, various Archons have created lies by which to harness the trapped ones, and punish them in due course. The History of the Catholic Church is replete with examples.
Of recent times, 2 lies of maximal intensity and effectiveness have trapped us and blackmailed us into silence. But, this will not last long.
The first is the Jewish Holocaust. This Myth was created before the turn of the Twentieth Century and an attempt to implement it was made immediately after the First World War, but that attempt failed. Then 20 years after the Second World War, the Zionists tried again and this time their mendaciousness germinated. By then the Archons had full control of the Media as never before and were able to do what they liked. But, Truth is Truth and lies are lies.
The Second Mechanism of entrapment came with the attack on the New York Trade Centres Towers on 9/11.
There is a great deal of material on the Internet that will leave you in no doubt that this was orchestrated by sections of the American Government, acting in concert with those of the same essence who instigated the lie of the Holocaust.
As these two lies now become exposed, the trapped beings will be liberated, and the Virtual Reality will be seen by all for what it is, in preparation for its total destruction.
I am aware that in some countries, exposing these two lies, the Holocaust and the false reason for the 9/11 attacks, can bring punitive legislation against those who will argue for the Truth. But, since when has the Truth required protection with punishment?
Why can the majority not see the absurdity of these lies? It is because they are still somnambulant, programmed to accept the Falsehood. But, it will not be long before they awaken. Time has accelerated, it is short, and the End is very near.
As I said above, there are thousands of articles exposing the LIE OF 9/11. What is truly amazing, and not acceptable, is the hesitation of true spirited ones to bring the evil perpetrators to justice.
On the subject of the Holocaust, the book “The Holocaust Hoax exposed” by Victor Thorn, is essential reading. It is published by The Barnes Review. www.BarnesReview.com
 AUGUST 16, 2009

Here are some sites to get you started:


Space craft have always existed as have many other dimensions before this physical dimension was precipitated from more ethereal dimensions. When this “zone” was non-physical, the consciousnesses known as the “Ancients” traversed this space on spacecrafts similar to the ones which are being seen now and are called “plasma crafts”.
Recordings of UFOs are found throughout history, even depicted in caves and on artifacts of all races and cultures. Many tribes, including the Aztecs and the Mayans of the Americas, and the Dogon of Africa, have had contact with the space people and the special knowledge they have supports their claims.
Many have recorded sightings in recent history and such logs as those of Christopher Columbus were hardly fraudulent attempts to fool humanity, about the existence of UFOs, 500 years into the future.
The question remains as to why so many are so violently opposed against those who want to believe in the existence of UFOs. For that answer, one has to delve a little into metaphysics and consider ontological natures, the programming to which various groups in human bodies respond, the roles they play on this level, and why they do not want the truth known.
In brief, there are many Demons and Robots whose function is to forcefully uphold the Illusion of this plane, the Virtual Reality, at all costs. But they have failed miserably.
The solid crafts seen around the world and which started crashing in our back yards since 1939 (the first one is reported to have crashed in Germany then) belong to the alien races which have hidden in and around the dimensions of this Earth.

It appears that their navigational apparatus is badly affected by the crude radar-emissions in certain areas and that is why they have been “felled” out of the sky in the last 60 years or so. The crashes coincide precisely with the use of radar. Aliens who have pacts with various governments, have, in fact, asked radar installations to be switched off at various times.

A quick glance at the Web sites which deal with UFO spotting, shows that the frequency is too numerous to even count, even allowing for hoaxes which some cranks might want to keep playing.
Since pacts with the evil Reptilian aliens were made by the US government and the USSR, man-made flying saucers, built with technology gained from those pacts, use our skies. These crude ones are easily distinguished from genuine (evil) alien crafts, and from (non-evil) plasma crafts, the latter being here to rescue “viable consciousnesses”, and allow the destruction of the evil Reptilian Races and all their progeny, which includes over 75% of the counterfeit consciousnesses forming “humanity”.
It is obvious that the incidents of UFO spotting have greatly increased around the world. The aliens are no longer taking precautions to camouflage their activities, and this is due to the massive changes occurring around them and this world.
They too are suffering mental aberration which really falls into the category of the Terminal Madness of the Endtime.

The real Amitakh and I were given the Message of the Elohim in the early 1980s. This is the information I have written about, and broadcast around the world in various ways that matter, in our role of distributing various energies. The message of the evil ones, as you will have guessed, is diametrically opposed.
While on a trip to Mexico in 1997 to do some “work”, and connect up with other “energy points”, a common message was elucidated from certain contactees who were interviewed by us with the assistance of Ruben Castro, an interpreter. All except one gave the exact message of the Elohim. This one too we know had been given the Elohim’s message, but he rejected it, and went to the Dark Side.
Each person we saw was interviewed and asked about the message which the aliens were giving to many people. To the amazement of all others present in our touring group, the exact same answer issued from each. Those interviewed included an architect and archaeologist; a hotel proprietress, a lawyer and his student daughter.
When we interviewed a young man from one of the little villages around the active volcano Mt. Popocateptl, he was extremely reluctant to give the message he had previously relayed. He had obviously been subjected to some ridicule and his parents had advised him not to repeat his information. Is this not a common, cruel fate on this evil level of all who have valuable, truthful information?

I have first-hand experience that this is so. As fate would have it however, he had given his message clearly in an interview on “Strange Universe”, an American TV show earlier.

All interviewees were quite reluctant to give their message and required a great deal of prompting, and reassurance that they would not be ridiculed, but that, in fact, they would be taken quite seriously.
Simply stated, they all said, as if reading from a common script, that

“A small portion of life of the planet,
including humans,
was being evacuated to be taken elsewhere
and the planet is going to be destroyed very soon!!!
All those with us witnessed that this is what they said. None of these people have ever read our books, or any of our publications, or attended my lectures, to know of the existence of this message which we gave to the world in Melbourne in 1985.
The media not only buried this profound message in 1985, but actually set into motion a great campaign to defame me in every way possible. But I won in every respect that mattered when I took them to court for such vile behaviour.
Remarkably, one of the Mexican interviewees told us that hundreds of people whom she knew, in and around the mountainous region of her area, had been given the message directly (telepathically) by the aliens. The majority of these are unsophisticated peasants living in third world conditions who want nothing but to keep to themselves.

They are not after publicity or notoriety, money, fame or ridicule.

They are simply reporting what they have been told by the “crafts”.

They are preparing themselves for eventual evacuation and are preparing for the imminent destruction of this vile, evil world.

The extent of this message throughout Central America is great. In fact, the message is universal, but it has been suppressed in countries where suppressive measures are more extreme. Now perhaps you can understand why the Western Media, the evil moguls who run it, the governments, etc., all have this conspiratorial attitude to prevent this information becoming widespread.
They have too much to lose and are working with the evil aliens to try and prevent the evacuation and global destruction. But attempts of suppression are futile. What will be, will be. Already many are being awakened all over the world by direct communication, as in the Central American areas I have mentioned.
Those who are not fully aware of the message know deep within that there is something very, very wrong with the planet and that something totally unprecedented is about to occur. That is a good starting point for full realisation. Of course, those to be evacuated are more advanced and have received a fuller briefing, even if they cannot fully reproduce it on the outer mind at present. But, they will do so when the time for it arrives.

In actual fact, there are two messages in circulation. You have to decipher which one you will want to believe.
Which is the real one of the 2 messages being dispersed by the 2 basic groups of aliens? They cannot both be correct.
Already there is a great deal of confusion, as I said would occur, for people who appear authoritative are sometimes vacillating, often opting for the false message. Your job, if you are interested, is to decipher the correct message.
I know many are confused, racing from one report to the other like
chickens with their heads cut off, trying to find the definite answers.

Many of the items now presented on the Global Internet have a little truth interlaced with mumbo-jumbo, false assertions, opinions and confabulations of those lost in the confusing darkness and void of their own ignorance.

You are certainly NOT going to find the answers you seek out there! Grab a few rudimentary facts and then connect to your own “Inner Internet”. Have you tried it? Cut your pollution down as much as possible, discipline your outer monkey mind, still it, and allow your Inner Mind to communicate with you so that you will be in tune with the wavelength to which you belong and get the answers that are right for you.
If you are of the Light and take precautions, you will eventually connect to the Light channel.
If you are of Darkness, you will connect to Darkness and its information.
This has been made abundantly clear by the change in various ones such as Whitley Strieber, the author of “Communion” and other books about alien contact; in the Boston psychiatrist John Mack, who investigated many alien abduction cases; and in many abductees themselves, who went from being terrified victims of their assailants to complying, sycophantic robots who have been “programmed” to present their evil experiences as good ones.
What has happened here? These beings have been taken over. They are either evil walk-in consciousnesses or robotic ones who now present the evil agenda.
Some contactees, one of whom has claimed he filmed plasma crafts as early as 1981, are attempting to cheat people of their money and truths. What else would you expect in this evil place? Those out to defraud unashamedly pronounce that the beings of the plasma crafts have asked them to gather money in order to heal this wonderful planet, with all its wonderful creatures. Their propositions are not sincere. They pander untruths and nonsense.
The fact that other sincere contactees gave us the appropriate message from the plasma crafts highlights the fact that the fraudulent ones have decided to work for Evil, to fool the people. In this way, they have no future.
Beware of insincere, pre-packaged New Agers.

Beware of those who ask for money to heal the planet.

Do not trust people just because they appear more knowledgeable or have had unusual experiences.
Do not trust all who utter the words “Spiritual” or “Love” or “Goodness”.
And most of all, with the knowledge that is now available, you know that any who speak of healing Mother Earth and ask for money to do so are evil cheats who are attempting to hinder the Divine Clearing Process.
Whitley Strieber’s case is interesting to examine, for in it we see the modus operandi of the evil aliens, and also the process of takeover which can ensue.
There is no doubt that Strieber, like many other contactees, was approached by both sides. The Goodies told him the planet was being destroyed and this fact was repeated in his book “Communion”.
No one could read that book and not also feel that some aspects of the aliens he described were evil, even though Strieber did not discriminate. He demonstrated fear, anxiety, a sense of foreboding, etc., etc. Of late, he, like many other abductees/ contactees, has changed. Inspite of all the warnings given by the Elohim, whom I have called the Goodies on occasion, he now, as far as I am aware, in his last publication, promotes the evil agenda, claiming these traumatising, lying, evil aliens are here to help humanity.
Phew! What nonsense. What happened to Strieber was repeated in John Mack’s case. Some years ago, we, as representatives of Space Command, paid a visit to Dr. John Mack in Boston and warned him, among many things, of the impending danger of his being “taken over” by evil archons. Initially he appeared to take the warning, but when we contacted him some months later, again when we were in Boston, it was obvious he had been “taken over”.
When we first saw him, he was perturbed and anxious because he felt he was dealing with some evil essence. John has since left the physical.
Before going further, let me once again elaborate on the 2 messages so that you are clear in your mind as to what they are.
Basically, this evil message spuriously states that the evil aliens are our friends, that they have been supervising humanity for a long time and, in response to the ecologically suicidal conditions we are creating for ourselves, they have come to help save this planet. These are the aliens whom I have labelled evil.

They are the ones which cause much distress to contactees and abductees. The information about them is important. How are you going to trust what these evil aliens are saying when they are obviously evil, unscrupulous liars who are terrorising humans and animals? There is no way they can be trusted, no way they can be believed.

They are misrepresenting their presence here. They are not here to help humanity at all. They are here to kill off humanity as we know it today and take the planet for themselves, for their own dimensions are defunct or near extinction as part of the Correction Process. They are hastily experimenting to create physical hybrids which will live in these changing conditions and which will accommodate the consciousnesses who will reside in them.
Implanting consciousnesses into various manifestations is a simple process for beings with more advanced technology.
These evil aliens are also encouraging humanity, via programmed demons and robots, to clean up the ecological mess as much as possible stating, of course, that it is not too late for this, when in actual fact it is, for the Earth, condemned, has passed the point of “no return”! They are asking, urging, forcing aspects of humanity to clean up the mess before they wipe humanity out, and take the place over for themselves!
These are the ones now scurrying to and fro in our skies, for they have thrown caution to the winds. They know time is running out.

Hence, they are being seen as UFO spacecrafts everywhere. Any night one goes to view Mt. Popo in Mexico, their crafts can be seen flying in and out of the volcano. They have been photographed and videotaped doing just that by many witnesses.

These are the evil ones – there are many subgroups as I pointed out – who have connived with human military establishments and have often reneged on their word. Such incidences of deception have actually caused exchanges of firepower in shared underground bases, with humans coming off second best every time. The point is that like evil humans, they are untrustworthy. But it is the military who are the fools and have been fooled, for they have been used and exploited.
So you see, these evil aliens are fighting among themselves; they are fighting against human military establishments and also against the Divine aliens. They are doomed war-mongers. Many of them have made pacts, as I said, with groups of humans, particularly some of the controllers of this world.
But the lower consciousnesses being used by the evil essence, which is the same as the essence of the evil Reptilians, are being fooled. As controllers, and as minions, they are fooling themselves in thinking the evil aliens will comply with details of their agreements and keep them as partners. The reptilian evil agenda is to use chosen humans as special slaves, in due course, for as long as it suits them, just like the rest of humanity, and then liquidate them when they are of no further use.
These aliens, although evil, are far more advanced technologically than humanity, some of which is also of their evil essence, as I have explained in our publications. (Just to refresh your memory, I had previously stated that over 75% of consciousnesses in human bodies were of a Counterfeit origin, with 15% being demonic – these are of the Reptilian Essence. Most of the other 25% are failed theomorphs, failed True Beings who have sold out their Divine nature.)
Although all Counterfeit consciousnesses, be they human or alien, are spawns of the Celestial Error, the alien sub-groups have been on a differing time zone. Their own dimensions are all but corrected and they are attempting to escape correction by taking over this one. But, as I have said before, their attempts are futile.
They have placed evil robotic consciousness in many of the contactees and abductees they have worked on, and that is why these people who initially were terrorised, and expressed all the human emotions of distress, are now compliant, passive supporters of these evil aliens and their agenda. As they displace more and more human consciousnesses, more and more of these artificial alien consciousnesses will exist on this plane. This is a corollary of the principle of body-snatching which I mentioned previously.
In other words, bodies are being taken over by demons from lower
levels as well as evil aliens. They have stolen much human and animal material, including foetuses and blood, in order to experiment and develop hybrids. Consider the fact that over 33% of all human pregnancies result in spontaneous miscarriage. Many of the female abductees report that they are having restored memory of having pregnancies terminated and the foetuses stolen. Of course, their bodies evacuate the remnants of the pregnancy when the foetus is removed and, to all intents and purposes, they have had a miscarriage.
I am NOT saying ALL first trimester miscarriages are due to evil aliens stealing the foetus. What I am saying is that a good percentage are due to this. I knew this pilfery of human foetuses went on even before abductees reported their experiences, because I, the little “i”, had been told so directly by the Elohim at “the conference”.
I said there are many sub-groups of evil aliens. Some are using humans as food. When this was reported by an abductee who miraculously escaped this fate, and his story was told in the movie “Fire in the Sky”, many thought it was gross, unrealistic science-fiction in florid, exaggerating form. How wrong they were.
Humans husband animals for consumption. These aliens see humanity as animalistic, and they are simply doing to humanity what humanity is doing to animals. They are cultivating humans for consumption. If you like, consider it as inter-dimension karma gone mad in this mad, evil system.
We now have definite proof of the hybrids that these evil aliens are creating, and these are the Chupacabras I refer to a number of times. You have to use your brain and decide whether you want to believe these traumatising, lying demons and accept their agenda and message that they are healing this world, or else believe your own eyes and see that the world is deteriorating beyond a point of no return.
If you believe these evil aliens, you will have to call the group who say they are the Divine Elohim, the Goodies, liars. You cannot believe both. The choice is yours.
We can classify these facts mythologically by recognising these evil aliens as the Titans of  Mythology and the Satanic legions of Biblical stories and myths. The Goodies are represented by Zeus and his workers in Greek Mythology, and as the Elohim in Biblical narrations.

I will not elaborate on this at this stage. Just realise that the Bible stories and mythology have been now reduced to worthless, senseless fables, as I pointed out in “Death of an Evil God”.

The evil propaganda includes the messages of the so-called “Virgin Mary” appearing as “she” does, in many locations around the world, and asking people to be more religious, even become Catholic, as reported in Medjugorje, and to do ecological penance to save this “wonderful” planet.
This is the message you are familiar with if you have read my previous publications. It is the Gnostic Message repeated throughout history, or what history remains for us to read, from the time of the Celestial Error. In this era it forms the basis of the pristine philosophy of Zoroaster, Manichaeus, Jesus, Moses, Plato, Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Mohammed, etc.
Basically, it is the story of the separation of the 2 creations, destruction of the spurious one and liberation of the trapped Divine consciousnesses. The message of destroying this dimension and placing viable consciousnesses in an evil-free zone will only make sense to those who have the Gnostic NOUS within them, for it is only they who will be aware of other precedent facts with which to make sense of all the madness around them.
It is they who will accept readily that this temporary, exploitative abomination called the physical dimension is the flawed handiwork of an escaped Celestial Lunatic Essence which formatted as Plato’s demiurge, also known as Jehovah, Yaldabaoth, Rex Mundi, YHWH, Saklas, the Celestial Fool who was himself spawned by a Celestial Experimental Error which is undergoing correction.
These are rather complicated concepts and for further information on them I refer readers to my books.
Those with this Nous are true ontological Gnostics and have no qualms with the concept that creation, and our existence in it, should not have been as miserable and depraved for the majority as it is on this level. They cannot accept that the hunger, misery, pain and suffering of this level are part of a Divine scheme. Nor do they accept that man is to blame for his abuse in a myriad of ways.
They believe this is a plane of Darkness and Deception, a prison from which they are being liberated, as promised by the True Divine Consciousness. If you have any doubt that Gnostics such as Jesus said this, I refer you to my books and also to the texts of the Hag Hammadi Library.
In brief, the message of these Divine Aliens is this:
* Evil aliens are presenting a false picture;
* The planet is all but finished;
* There will be a sorting out of consciousnesses; those who are viable will go to a New Dimension which has been purposely prepared; those of an unacceptably evil consciousness will be transmuted in due course;
* All on Earth are to be awakened to this fact now; the Clearing Process can be devastating for those who do not prepare adequately or to those who refuse to accept the reality of this situation.
* Selection will be automatic. None will be able to feign a response.
* All evil will be eradicated, including the menacing, evil aliens.
* All were to be ready for evacuation from the physical plane by the year 2000, even though delays might occur. The figure 2000 had no significance in itself. It was merely one of convenience.
* No aspect of the physical can be conserved. Hence, no bodies will remain intact. Nothing of Earth will remain.
* The Light does not punish anyone. Rather, all the destructive mechanisms which will occur will be due to evil’s own supra- and infra-structures collapsing on themselves as a result of their war against the Divine Clearing Energy.
* Beware of the evil aliens. They will do all things possible to take as many consciousnesses as they can with them into their hell. They will irradiate the planet with mind-waves which will send the unprotected into a frenzy, causing many to become demonic assassins. By such action they plan to gather energy with which to fight off the Elohim. But their efforts are futile. This, and exposure to the Clearing Energy and the collapse of their evil Empire and all its evil exploitative processes will cause them to succumb to the Fatal Terminal Madness I have often referred to.

And, as I mentioned elsewhere, the civilian Viables were totally evacuated by late November, 1999.

March 17, 2012
Part B
If you have not done so, please read Part A.
51           A state of confusion exists all around the world about what exactly is going on. More than that, people are now really concerned about possible outcomes for themselves, their families, their country. Deteriorating physical and mental states are making things precarious. Confusion is mixed with anxiety, depression, the onset of dementia in many, and MADNESS in all groups, expressing as hate, violence, road rage, dishonesty, terrorism, abuse of the elderly, abuse of vulnerable women and minority groups, of homosexuals, of the young, etc.
52           No longer is there respect in any measurable quantity. Demonism and immorality rule the day much to the chagrin of those who still have some altruistic and spiritual values.
53           The young are corrupted younger and younger by television, MTV especially, by pornography, by drugs, by peer pressure, by demons in their age group, and by the abandonment by their elders who can no longer cope. It is a truism that the young in the Western world are now fornicating even before they know each other’s full names.
54           It is in the midst of this maelstrom, which will become worse as speeding time passes, that I write these points in the hope of giving some of you the opportunity to Make Sense of the Madness that has gripped this planet and our existence in it.
55           These writings and all my writings are to awaken certain ones and prepare them for the inevitable changes that are upon us. The more prepared they are, the less their suffering will be, and the easier their transition to the New Dimension that I have mentioned previously. It will also facilitate the “start-up” in the New Dimension.
                The fools will laugh and scoff, but who really cares? That is what fools do. The really good thing about them is that we won’t have to put up with them much longer. They will be transmuted and never appear again. So, let us continue with further points that will act as catalysts to your awakening and hopefully will help you immensely to dispel your confusion:
56     Stages of Awareness.
Previously I categorized people as being in one of three stages of awareness:
I      The Prosaic Reality.
This is the reality in which live the lowest common denominators, the majority by far, the unaware robots and unawakened individuals, be they Divine or Evil.
·         They accept without question what their ‘betters’ and those in power tell them.
·         They follow their Religions without question.
·         They believe History is accurate,
·         They believe that Governments never lie or else do so for their good, and
·         They believe that Science has all the right answers.
·         They are putty in the hands of the evil Media, and can be used as slaves and cannon fodder without resistance from them.
As a result of collapse of the Virtual Reality in which we all live, the minds of this group are escaping the mechanisms that control them, and en masse they are becoming dysfunctional robots who will cause much angst as time passes. Thus, the measures governments are taking to retain them in due course in holding pens and to cull their numbers. Even though their minds are escaping the evil programming that previously controlled them, most are not awakening spiritually to any degree. They are like wraiths awaiting dissolution.
II     The Arcane Reality.
Those in this reality have more awareness of life.
·         They believe in UFOs and aliens;
·         They are aware of psychic abilities and often have them.
·         They are aware of astral travel, of other levels such as the Astral and Etheric Worlds;
·         They see that the world is not what it should be.
·         They have become cynical of politicians, of those in power, etc.
·         They see through the lies of Governments, and Religions, and question History often, as they do Science also.
·         They are suspicious of mainstream institutions and they take more responsibility for their health and wellbeing.
·         Often they are into alternate therapies and have an open mind to more esoteric learning.
·         Some of them suspect there is Evil but peer pressure thus far has held them down in awareness.
·         They are awakening but as yet have not availed themselves of the opportunity to make the jump to be in the third category if they are viable.
·         Most psychics who earn a living by giving readings belong to this category. Influenced by the deceitful New Age Movement and by such publications as The Course in Miracles, which I will discuss later, they are blinded to the existence of Evil. Not all of the psychics and few of the others in this group will make the jump to the third stage.
III   The Supramental Reality.
Very few are in this last classification at present. But, this is where you, a viable, are heading to with my material.
·         You will awaken to the True Divine Nous and be aware of this Supramental State in due course.
·         You will have a full understanding of the Celestial Error, of the entrapment of Divine Beings in this Evil System, of the need for Rescue and the total eradication of Evil.
·         In this reality you will KNOW that Evil exists and that it must be eliminated.
·         You will be aware of, and see, Demons in our midst in human bodies.
·         You will be imbued by True Universal Love and not be blackmailed by evil-created emotions.
·         You will recognize the blackmailing, fear-engendering, Emotional Love as a tool of Evil to trap us in exploitative states. It is mainly hormonally based but can be engendered and enhanced by the programming of needs. And, it is self-corrupting.
·         You will become aware, and be nurtured by, the New Green Energy of which I have spoken previously.
Go back to the essays and books I have written previously for details of these things I mention briefly here.
57     Atheists are idiots. It is egotistical nonsense that allows people to state there is no Consciousness superior to Man’s. They can be EVIL idiots who are programmed to hide truth or else they are deluded fools whose Evil-created EGO is far greater than their ability to reason. I will waste no more words on this topic. They are fools and idiots.
58     Cultivated Ignorance: Atheists and mentally programmed morons in all classes, through all businesses and industries, governments, medical institutions, educational ones, especially Universities, have the brazenness of assertive authority which is really bogus. They bully people with their nonsense and are the elites with “Cultivated Ignorance”. And they spread their nonsense with an Arrogance that is truly frightening for the awakened ones.
59     The best example I can give is the Psychiatric Fraternity which has, in the main, dispelled all valid notions of spirituality when assessing mental function and mental disease.
In these times of increasing Terminal Madness of the Endtime, of course most of theses professionals have no idea how to cope with the fragmenting minds, for they have ignored the basis of the problem. And yet both Carl Jung and William James, whom many see as the Fathers of Modern Psychiatry, based their beliefs and conclusions on the spiritual implications in the causality of mental illness.
60     Reincarnation is a fact. All Gnostics believed and continue to believe in it, if they are true Gnostics and not the sham Californian Gnostics who don’t even know the true meaning of the word.
Many other historical groups including students of the Kabbalah. Hermetists, Orphites, Neoplatonists and Manicheans. Hindus and Buddhists, etc., all believed and still believe in it.
There is still evidence in the Bible that belief in it was there, but it was incompletely expunged at the Councils of Nicaea.
There is a great deal of Medical Evidence for it now, as well as historical and anecdotal evidence. The reasons why we do reincarnate are sinister. Go back to this topic in my books and read why I say that. For research purposes the book Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnationby psychiatristIan Stevenson is a good start.
61     Near Death Experiences (NDE) are valid experiences inspite of the negating rants of Scientists of the “Cultivated Ignorance”. Experiments have now been done to exclude all poisoning factors, used by the ignorant ones, to deceitfully explain away the spiritual aspect of such experiences.
Very young children don’t lie, and their evidence of such experiences is an eye opener. The work of Dr Melvin Morse on this topic is invaluable. See http://www.near-death.com/experiences/experts06.html
62     People who have undergone Near Death Experiences awaken with greater cerebral lucidity, far greater psychic abilities, greater understanding, and love, of life (existence) and greater inner awareness of the existential meaning of things IN ALL CASES. That would hardly be the case if the experiences were of a dying, toxic brain attempting to delude itself like the ignorant fools would have us believe. Use this example if you must of the absurdity of those with the “Cultivated Ignorance”.
63     While the Near Death experiences are real, they are still experiences of a Virtual Reality within the Virtual reality. I have explained this in detail in my books.
64     BTW, as you have probably come to realize, Evil is an active, self-aware, menacing Consciousness. It is destructive and extremely exploitative entity that became activated in the Celestial Error. It should never have reached that stage.
Evil is not simply the absence of Good as the demon Augustine of Hippo, a Doctor of the Pseudo-Christian Catholic Church declared. You know he is a demon, having been rejected as such by Manichaeism of his time, if you can read energies of beings such as him, of past or present times. He introduced the concept of “JUST WAR” which is an excuse to harvest energy for the demon Jehovah.
65     What I have just written above about Augustine leads to a very important axiom.
66     KARMA:
One other very effective mechanism Evil has for harvesting energy, apart from continual pain, injustices, misery, wars and strife, is the Mechanism of KARMA. It very much exists, so don’t argue about it. But, Karmais not dispensed justly. Are you surprised? Of course you are not. As I just said, Karma is an Evil-created scheme. The aim of the whole Evil System is to extract energy from certain beings. Hence, the Essence of Evil, which is a self-aware, active Consciousness, uses this ploy of Karma to unfairly target those who have energy to be extracted.
67     Ignorance is NOT Bliss:
The fact that we don’t recall past lives makes us easy prey for exploitation. You will find Theomorphs are the most unfairly targeted by karmic consequences, whereas the Demons and Reptilians, including the Archons, seem to escape unscathed. What else would you expect in an evil system?
What the Buddha is reported to have said about karma is distorted. Remember that his sayings were passed on orally for 500 years before anything supposedly resembling what he said was written down. You know the joke of the message being passed on along a line of ten soldiers. By the time it reaches the tenth, the message has no semblance to the original. Imagine what would happen to hundreds of sayings orally passed on over 500 years to peasants with little innate understanding of metaphysical reality.
68     The Lords of Karma, forming a supervisory Board, is an evil concept of the Archons dictating who is to be punished and who is to be forgiven.  There are no such individuals as Ascended Masters.
This is New Age BS formulated by Alice Bailey and the Archons.  Bailey’s concept of a “Unified Society” aka “A New World Order” and a “Global spirit of Religion” should warn you that she is being dictated to by the Archons who make up her “Tibetan” guide and the elders in the mystical caves of Shambhala. Yes, it is an evil sham all right. Can’t you see her writings are to prepare the way for the New World Order and for the Culling being planned?
69     The Physical bodies, all of them, have a Filtering Mechanism by which all memory of past lives and time spent by the consciousness in the Astral and Etheric planes, even while we are “alive” in the Cardboard boxes, is blocked from reaching the lower, conscious mind.
This Filtering Mechanism makes it very difficult to know who we are, what we are doing here, and what we have learned from past lives unless we learn to bypass the lower mind and connect to the Higher Spiritual Mind. Most cannot do this, as they have no Higher Spiritual Mind.
That blockage by the Filtering Mechanism is an evil method of keeping us as Mushrooms. As I said, it can be bypassed and it will be bypassed by those who enter the Phase of Supramental Reality. It was after I had written about this Supramental Reality in my books that I found such a state had been tangentially predicted by the German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche who said ‘Man is something to be surpassed’ and directly by the Indian philosopher Shri Aurobindo.
Here I reprint an extract re Aurobindo from Wikipedia:
Triple transformation of the individual
Sri Aurobindo’s argues that Man is born an ignorant, divided, conflicted being; a product of the original inconscience (i.e. unconsciousness,) inherent in Matter that he evolved out of. As a result, he does not know the nature of Reality, including its source and purpose; his own nature, including the parts and integration of his being; what purpose he serves, and what his individual and spiritual potential is, amongst others. In addition, man experiences life through division and conflict, including his relationship with others, and his divided view of spirit and life.
To overcome these limitations, Man must embark on a process of self-discovery in which he uncovers his Divine nature. To that end, he undertakes a three-step process, which he calls the Triple Transformation.
(1) Psychic Transformation — The first of the three stages is a movement within, away from the surface of life, to the depths, culminating in the discovery of his psychic being (the evolving soul). From that experience, he sees the oneness and unity of creation, and the harmony of all opposites experienced in life.
(2) Spiritual Transformation — As a result of making the psychic change, his mind expands and he experiences knowledge not through the hard churning of thought, but through light, intuition, and revelation of knowledge, culminating in supramental perception. Light enters from the heights and begins to transmute various parts of his being.
(3) Supramental transformation — After making the psychic and spiritual change, he makes the supramental and most radical change. It is basically a complete transformation of the mind, the heart, the emotions, and the physical body.
 Supramental existence
Sri Aurobindo’s vision of the future includes the appearance of what may be called a new species, the Supramental being, a divine being which would be as different and superior to present humanity as humanity is to the animal. It would have a consciousness different in kind than the mind of the human, a different status and quality and functioning. Even the physical form of this being would be different, more luminous and flexible and adaptable, entirely conscious and harmonious. Between this supramental being and humanity, there would be transitional beings, who would be human in birth and form, but whose consciousness would approach that of the supramental being. These transitional beings would appear prior to that of the full supramental being, and would constitute an intermediate stage in the Earth’s evolution, through which the soul would pass in its growth towards its divine manifestation as the supramental being in the earth nature.
I am extremely close to Aurobindo in a number of ways. I go further with my information concerning the progress to the Supramental state. He was not to reveal more, for it was not time. The new information is the Message of the total disintegration of the Physical.
It is to be noted that many Indians, and other nationalities, revere Shri Aurobindo as an aspect of God. Yes, he was an Avatar as was Nietzsche.
70     Earth is NOT a classroom. Surely this inability to recall what we have done, who we are and what our reason for existing is, and for just being here is, must go a long way in dispelling the notion that Earth is a classroom and that we are here to learn.
We live in a hostile, exploitative environment set up by Evil where the modus operandi  is DOG EAT DOG, whether you want to believe it or not. This is so on an individual level, group level, family level, community level, national level and international level. The clearest recent examples I can give you are the ‘murdering assaults against Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya in recent times. They had oil. The USA wanted that oil. Ergo, destroy Iraq and Libya with any lie and prosper. That is Evil’s way.
Let’s go closer to home:
·         How many of you reading these points are really anxiety free?
·         How many of you are NOT depressed? The degree of depression has reached epidemic proportions. It is not a joke that doctors are claiming everyone should be on anti-depressants, such has the quality of life deteriorated for so many, in so many countries, and in so many ways.
·         How many of you have health, wealth and peace of mind in abundance?
·         How many have to drink alcohol until they are numb just to try and cope?
·         How many smoke tobacco and marijuana, take powerful hallucinogenics and illicit drugs, opiates, spend hours watching porno, visit prostitutes, just to get by, day in and day out?
·         How many contemplate suicide? Why do you think suicide rates are rising exponentially?
·         In an Evil environment, and remember, this is an Evil environment in which we live, all you learn, if you allow yourself to fall victim to the fear, misery and relentless exploitation, is how to induce fear, how to exploit and how to be miserable.
·         In other words, Evil can only teach one how to be evil. Is that a godly thing? Is that what classroom Earth is all about?
·         The demons do very well for they exploit relentlessly on this level. They love being on this level,. Hence, they don’t want to disturb the status quo.
·         They exploit individually and via organizations such as Government departments, Health services, Educational institutions, Religions, in jails, via Banks and Finance companies, the Armed Services, etc., etc. Americans now know all about ruthless, unrelenting exploitation by Government, Banks and Financial Institutions, right? In a few short years, due to the unchecked greed of demons, the wealthy Middle Class in the USA has all but disappeared. That, dear American cousins, is Evil at work, and you have had a front row seat. Tell me now that you deny Evil exists.
·         Shakespeare, Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, and many others were spot on when they inferred that EVERY profession is a conspiracy against the common man! Why is that? This state of affairs, this stage of fools, suits evil ones fine for they gain energy. And that is why they are shocked to hear that an end to their pilfery is being called.
·         Many may want to argue with these statements, so I will give a simple example. Capitalism is the main system of progress everywhere. It can only exist by exploitation. Look at the wealthy nations. They can only exist by exploiting lesser nations. It gets easier:  America is wealthy because of its exploitation of other poorer nations, by exploiting its Blacks and Hispanics who are slaves in the most successful Capitalist Society in the world. You are deluded if you think you are not exploited. Of course demons do the exploiting. Hence 30 % of the population who are demons think life is wonderful, for they mercilessly exploit the rest.
If you do not see that, you are still in the stupor that the Evil Essence and its Virtual Reality want you to be in.
Alas, if you are to spiritually survive, you must now make every effort to awaken, for time is shortly to be no more on this level.
To be continued…….

May 21, 2012

Part C
71           The Awakening Process to the Truth of what is occurring to us and to the world in general can be emotionally disturbing in the initial phases even though it will provide much Joy and Elation to True Ones as they eventually realize the truth of things.
When one is awakened, it is wonderful to finally Make Sense of the Madness and to attain an understanding that allows one to not only see what has gone on but also take steps to extricate oneself from the evil mire of the Fraudulence in which some of us have been trapped.
It is by focusing on the future, which involves the destruction of all things evil, the Liberation of the True Spirit from Evil’s clutches, the fulfilment of the Promise of Rescue, and the placement in an Evil-free zone that one not only copes with the deteriorating conditions and the coming disasters and distractions but also is filled with the bliss of the Numinous.
But, the lower mind, being what it is, namely a creation of Evil to serve Evil and to thwart one’s Divine nature, can blackmail the awakening one with thoughts of further pain and suffering.
Thus, awakeners may initially be tormented by many thoughts. Here are some examples:
72           Torment can come from the thought of whether one is really Viable or not to continue existing.
Every individual knows in its heart whether it is a True Viable or a damned Hypocrite, regardless of what s/he expresses in the lower mind. Evil Beings can’t imagine themselves being Evil and they have no sense of True Justice or of True Light. They are blind to the Truth and the True Light. Thus, you will see every Evil criminal that is caught expressing the exact same words: “I have done nothing wrong!” That, in fact, is the imprimatur of Evil. They say this because, for Evil ones, there is no Evil, and they cannot see that they have done wrong. For evil ones, Darkness is Light. They are blind to the True Light.
73           The thought of the suffering one may undergo in order to leave the physical may be bothersome. Any concern about this is programmed fear that the body expresses about any chance of physical death. It is ridiculous because the body knows via each individual cell of which it is composed not only that it will die, but also when!
74           Evil has used the Fear of Physical Death to greatly advantage itself. If you know about Consciousness and its cycles, you will realize what a mockery Physical Death is, and what a mockery Funerals are, as are the mental traps of mourners who cannot get out of that depressive state.
75           The Truth shall set you free. If only people knew that we spend much time in the Astral and Etheric Worlds with those who have dropped the body when we go there during sleep, they would stop their grieving. Once they re-incarnate, they would be back in the physical as someone else. So why mourn someone who could very well now be the baby next door?
Besides, we all have to die, that is, dump the Cardboard Box, sooner or later. And if you think about it, ‘sooner’ or ‘later’ do not exist, for once you have traversed time, there is no gap.
76           Time is very much an illusion. Let me give a simple example. Think of 20 years ago. It is but an instant away in your mind. Now think of 20 years hence. It seems far away, but when it comes, it is the same moment as now for you. Thus, where is the fear of dying sooner or later? It is an evil illusion to frighten us. Besides, if you understand and fully accept the continuity of the consciousness, you really should be impatient to get out of the Cardboard Box for conditions are much better outside of it. But don’t do anything rash. You will leave when it is the proper time for you to leave.
77           As further consolation to dispel this fear of death, just remember that you have ‘died’ many times. That is, you have exchanged Cardboard Boxes as they wore out, or were injured beyond repair, many, many times. And yet you are still here. Where is there the need for fear?
78           The ridiculous process of Re-incarnation is no more significant than us changing clothing throughout our lives. We do not mourn the suit we wore out 40 years ago, do we? Of course not!
Can you really remember the shoes you wore in tenth grade in your youth? That is how significant each life and each Cardboard Box we use in that life is.
But, evil ones have greatly exploited the situation. Look at the price of funerals, just as one example. And do you think the Evil System wants to correct the gross emotional exploitation that occurs when someone dies? Of course not! Those emotional states give Evil great amounts of energy. Hence, why would it stop them? Once we wake up to that, we put a stop to the energy drainage.
I explain all these things to my moribund patients, and their loss of fear is great to see. They then approach death as they would a doorway, calm and enthusiastic to go to the next stage of their existence.
80     You will have noticed some of the mainstream Religions are mechanisms for energy extraction especially in this death phase of living. Thus, it is easy to see they are exploitation tools acting for Evil. That is why in the West they had to expunge Re-incarnation from their Creeds. Otherwise, if people knew that would come back in a new Cardboard Box sooner or later, they would question why there should be so much energy draining emotionalism for a recycling of consciousness.
81     Alas, many partners suicide on the death of their loved ones. Destructive ignorance does that, and the Evil System would have it no other way, for then there are increasing numbers of mourners and more and more energy harvested by, and for, Evil.
82     Ancient cultures knew better. Thus, as examples, the Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the Egyptian Book of the Dead, explain that physical death is but a revolving doorway.
83     The thought of the fate that awaits Loved Ones can cause concern to some.
Being trapped in an emotional body, which is an Evil-created electromagnetic envelop around the physical body that acts via the neuro-hormonal pathways to drain us of energy, we do express joy with our Loved Ones, but also anxiety and fear for their welfare.
84   Most of us have seen the destructive effects on people from losing a loved one, a child or a pet. It is a cruel blow indeed, and not only do they ask “Why?” but also often blame ‘god’ for their misery.
They are right of course; they should blame the Evil God, known by many names, including Yahweh, Jehovah, Yaldabaoth, etc. He set them up via his iniquitous system to hurt them as much as possible. That is what the Evil System is for. Our existence is not a life or game of chance. Nothing is by chance. It is calculated, imposed iniquity that destroys lives. Thus, these people, so hurt, are in danger of learning to hate, and falling into the trap of being alienated from the True Divine. Do you see what a trap this is?
85           As I stated before, Evil can only teach one to be Evil. The story of Job, in the Bible book of that name, is spurious and one such as Job would be a fool, for he accepted Evil as being the natural state of affairs. But, it is not. The story is all about an innocent man suffering at the hands of ‘god’. Suffering is an evil-imposed state. We should never have been placed into any state of suffering. It is because of the existence of Evil that we suffer.
86           Job’s story makes suffering a virtue. It is not. It is a mechanism of evil exploitation. There is no reward in ‘Heaven’ for suffering. In fact, suffering can drain the spirit so much that it loses the ability to remain in its Class. Thus a human can be reduced to a state where s/he can only re-incarnate as an Animal, for it has insufficient energy in its Centres of Consciousness to support a human Cardboard Box which requires 7 functioning centres.
Then, if it loses more energy in its next few lives, due to evil energy drainage via exploitation, it can incarnate only in the Vegetable Kingdom, then into the Mineral Kingdom. If the exploitation process is not stopped, it can finally expire and be spiritually assassinated. Thus, it can be seen that Evil murders spirits. No Just Loving God would do that. Do you see how evil that process is? Now do you see why Evil MUST be eradicated totally from the face of the True Creation?
87           I was strolling along the riverbank with Babaji in the Kumaon Hills where His ashram was at the foot of the Himalayas one morning in 1983. The awakening of this Cardboard Box I use was just beginning and Babaji was ready to pass me the “Baton”.
                Shortly after my visit, he left the physical. As we strolled and chattered, he would stop periodically and bless the rocks along the bank. Finally he said, “Many of these rocks contain what remain of human souls, and they are near Me for comfort, quietly awaiting Liberation.”
88           After the visit to Babaji, the further awakening of this ‘Cardboard Box’ I am using was fulminating. The following year I travelled to Adelaide in South Australia to give a lecture. I arrived in the afternoon for the evening’s lecture and strolled into the gardens opposite the motel. It was summer and over 40 C degrees. As I approached a seat under a very large, shady tree, I made out the phantasmic outline of an old man in the silhouette of the tree. He started crying and then connected to me telepathically. It was the consciousness of the tree projection his former human form.
“Thank you, thank you for coming” he said. “I and many others who can now only express in the Vegetable Kingdom have been waiting patiently for a long, long time for you to visit us here, and for the Final Rescue”. He then recounted how foolishly he had fallen into innumerable traps as a Human in many lives, and then in the Animal Kingdom in repeated incarnations. He gave me much information of what he experienced over thousands of years, and then said my visit had given him and the others enough energy so that they could hang on till the End.
If you think I made that up, and I don’t know why you would think that, how do you explain what Babaji said?
89           Back to the Bible and Job: Later in the story, Job is rewarded by being immersed in an even greater trap of the Virtual Reality via Wealth, exceptional Fecundity for himself and his wife by which they produced a lot more ‘cardboard boxes’ in which to house robots or trap Theomorphs, and Physical Longevity – all very useless things in spiritual terms.
90           You must now know and acknowledge the fact that every consciousness, be it your spouse, child, parent, relative, friend, stranger, pet, etc., has had exactly the same opportunities as all of us have had to turn to the Light, or choose Darkness, or remain in the Light if it is Theomorphic.
91           No one can alter another’s choice. You cannot make anyone Viable by wishing it to be so, if s/he has turned away from the Light or failed to enter into the Light. You have to accept their choice and not be emotionally blackmailed.
92           Elsewhere I have given the percentage of Humans to be relocated. The remainder will be transmuted.
93           If you suspect, or confirm via your psychic abilities, that any person or pet you thought was your ‘Loved One’ turns out to be demonic, know that their fate is sealed.
94           No member of the Demonic Creation has turned to the Light. That is a fact and no amount of praying or wishful thinking will change it.
95           Again I urge you to recognize the distinct and very real difference between Emotional Love which is an Evil-created tool of relentless exploitation, and True, Universal Love that is the Love of, and from, the Divine Pool. For details, see my books.
96           It is important that you realize that Evil beings do NOT respond to True Love. They respond very well to emotional love and its possessiveness, its selfishness and its pathways to sensuality, but they do NOT respond to True Universal, Unselfish, and Godly Love. And that is one of the major problems of why they cannot turn to the Light and/or live in Peace, Simplicity and Harmony.
97           The physical body is appeased in various ways by Emotional Love for a while, until that so-called love dissipates and turns, as it often does, to sourness and then often to abusive hate. Do you recall the black comedy movie called ‘The War of the Roses’? It highlights the eventual punitive dramas and destructiveness of Emotional Love succinctly.
98           Some may be tormented by their “Sins” of the past. We will examine this topic at length later, but realize that the ‘Cardboard Box’ can be programmed to do very stupid and even evil things when the being is severely programmed and unaware.
99           As I wrote elsewhere, there is no Freewill while we are in the ‘Cardboard Box’. Freewill decisions can only be made when out of the physical body. While in the body, all the factors of Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination see to it that we virtually react as automatons. It is only when the lower mind is connected to the Higher Mind that these factors of Evil’s Programming, Pollution and indoctrination can be bypassed to some extent.
                Are you having trouble accepting this last paragraph? Let me give you three very easily understood examples.
i               Given enough cortisone, in whatever form, a person will become psychotic regardless of their wishes. Where is the Freewill then?
ii              Ingesting enough “L.A. Ice” a person will become a demon due to demonic possession. At first the demonic state is transient, but if the ingesting continues, it becomes permanent. Where is the Freewill to prevent possession? There is none. You may want to argue that the person used Freewill in the first place to take the drug. But, if you examine each case carefully, you will find evil programming factors that predisposed that person to taking drugs. It may be worry from numerous sources, or peer pressure, or depression, etc.
iii             Given enough Testosterone, a man, or woman, can be turned into a rampaging wild, insatiable sexual predator. No act of supposed Freewill will prevent him or her from attempting to masturbate or copulate indiscriminately with others or even inanimate objects. Body builders and athletes who have been foolish enough to overdose on this hormone know all about what I am writing.
Once the lower mind of the Cardboard Box is connected to the Higher Mind of the Consciousness, Freewill decisions made at a Superior level can manifest in the physical and one can genuinely make an attempt to bypass further, and with greater ease, Evil’s harrowing factors of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination.
100         The thought of destruction of all the Beauty that exists may cause concern. On this point I want to reassure all of you that not only is the beauty we see around us in the main an illusion, but that nothing of value will be lost in the transfer of viable consciousness into a New Evil-free Dimension.
Near Death Experiencers invariably comment on the far greater beauty that exists outside of the physical.
When one is truly spiritually awakened, one begins to see the ugliness of the World and the truly beautiful beings trapped by and in it.
One sees the ugly demons, the ruthless reptiles, the never-ending iniquities, the pain, suffering and misery in ALL classes of consciousness.
One sees how those of Evil use beauty to exploit others, to blackmail their victims, the drain those with the beauty. Not convinced of this Evil?
Tell me,
·         Where is the beauty of a whale ‘playfully’ tearing a seal to bits?
·         Where is the beauty of 3 children dying every 2 minutes on the Earth because of poverty, malnutrition or dysentery?
·         Where is the beauty of a majestic mountain unleashing an avalanche that kills many people?
·         Where is the beauty in rape, especially of young children? One religious book (Jewish Talmud) has this in it: “When a grown man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for when the girl is less than three years old, it is as if one puts a finger into the eye – tears come to the eye again and again; and so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years” (Kethuboth 11a -11b).
·         Where is the beauty of a child dying of meningitis, of a cancer patient slowly, painfully reduced to a cadaver during which process all the loved ones are reduced to drained shadows of themselves?
·         Where is the beauty of a wonderful, intelligent person being reduced to a vegetable with incompetence of mind, and incontinence of urine and bowels due to the process to old age?
·         Finally, consider how girls and young women noted for their beauty are promoted to being starlets, fashion models, etc., only to end up, as the majority do, in the hands of the tolerated but notorious demons, as drug addicts and prostitutes? Stories of such occurrences abound.
None of these things occur in the REAL Creation.
The promise is that nothing of True Beauty will be lost once Evil is destroyed totally.
With that promise, True Ones can rejoice.
To be continued……….
May 29,2012

Part D
Please read Parts A, B and C before proceeding to Part D.


In these brief essays, I give a cursory view of the Metaphysical topics. For
fuller explanations, please read my books.

In this Evil Realm, in this Physical Dimension, we have been kept as Mushrooms, in the dark and fed lies by Evil Archons and their evil sycophantic minions who, on this level, know more or less what is going on. Their roles have been to exploit the ones who are their victims, us and also make sure the victims do not awaken to what is going on.

And, because the purposely evil-created Virtual Reality has worked so well, this true concept I am now writing about, that the world is a Demonic World, is probably going to be, for some of you, the hardest concept to grasp. But once you see through the camouflage, the rest is easy.

While we have been kept in a Virtual Reality, short episodes of programmed emotional appeasement throughout our lives have kept us ‘lulled and placated within the illusion for short bursts’ as, in fact, we have been surreptitiously, murderously exploited and drained of our essential energy. The ‘moments of illusionary, emotional happiness’ are the programmed, and programming, false episodes of the Illusion.

True happiness can only come from connection to our Source and the realization of our eventual Rescue from this Evil Abomination and the elimination of all Evil and its workers, sycophants, adherents and demons. I will discuss this further later.

That there are two creations, a temporary, evil-spawned creation illicitly feeding on a trapped segment of the True Creation is the Fundamental Tenet of the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom. Those of Evil will never grasp this concept, for they have no concept of a True Creation. They cannot see the True Light; they have no sense of Truth; and they cannot see that they are doing anything wrong by draining their victims to spiritual death by stealing their Divine energy.

This IS a Demonic Dimension and that is the reason why:
• Everything is so hard on this level;
• There is never-ending pain, suffering, misery, violence, dishonesty, hypocrisy, war and unrelenting exploitation for the majority;
• There is never any lasting peace and
• Temporary solutions never work and
• No lasting solutions can ever seem be formulated by ‘Humanity’ to solve its troubles and woes.

In this generation, even more than in the horrendous war years of the last century, there is no doubt that tumultuous changes are occurring in many and most aspects of our lives, and because deterioration and fragmentation are very obvious, more and more are asking “What is Going On?”

We see that the answers provided by Governments, by Science, by Religions and by the New Age Movement are not sufficient to even begin to explain what is going on. At times they have partial answers but not the complete set that we need to explain the scenario unfolding before our eyes.

And now, with the ability to do research ourselves, thankfully mainly via the Internet, which by the way, the Archons are intent on destroying, we are able to delve deeper than ever to approximate proper answers. But, there are many traps for those not fully awakened and much falsehood to keep the ‘mushrooms’ still in the Darkness of the Evil Empire.

The Archons have anticipated such an awakening of the masses, and that explains the lengths to which they have gone to control minds via chemicals in foods, vaccines, Chemtrails, etc., and massive holding pens of which I am sure you have become familiar via your reading on the Net. You will no doubt be also aware of the Eugenics Programs by which they, the Archons, intend culling the major portion of Humanity and killing some 6 billion of the “Cardboard Boxes”, by which I mean the physical bodies we use to express on this level..

As we critically examine the spectrum of society and awaken even just a little, we begin to see the hypocrisy, the lies and the demonism behind the façade of ‘normality’ that had previously been presented to us as the way things should be in ‘god’s’ earthly creation. As we awaken, some of us start to think and question that ‘Hey, perhaps things should not really be this way?’

The massive financial collapse in the USA in the last couple of years, that has all but destroyed the abundant Middle Class, has been a jolt to people to awaken and realize that things should certainly NOT be this way in the richest country in the world, and that evil ones (the Archons) have manipulated things, as they always have done, to disadvantage these people for no other reason than to STEAL from them.

Thus, from this Financial Fiasco and tragedy has come the opportunity for some to awaken to this aspect of the Demonic World. If your thought patterns have started on this trail in this way, you are to be congratulated, for you will be amply rewarded by making such realizations of evil mechanisms that destroy lives in this maleficent Virtual Reality.

Most of us are now beginning to see that it is not a ‘benign’ world at all. Many factors seem to work against us. Many outside our circle of friends, our family, our nationality, etc., seem to be demonized for no other reason than to keep us afraid and to give those who rule us the power to wage war wantonly as they keep us caged with manufactured fear and supposedly necessary more and more restrictive regulations.

Paradoxically, while our Governments claim they are waging repetitive and never-ending WARS to ensure and protect our freedoms, they ensnare us into more and more constrictive and sinister traps which curtail our liberties. Thus, the rhetorical hypocrisy: The greater our illusionary freedoms, the more restricted we become!

When we become aware of this, it leads to frustration on our part and eventual loss of energy, unless we are aware. Those who remain at the absolutely moronic stage where we don’t even know when we are being reduced to virtual prisoners are just cannon-fodder. The Archons have sinister plans for them.

This has always been the case on this evil level. And when there were not sufficient governing bodies to harass us, Religions did the ensnaring, enslaving and energy drainage.

There appears to no longer be any Honour in any of our dealings, not in Government, or in the Military, in Medicine, in the Pharmaceutical Industry, in Religions, etc.

We find, as we dig just a little below the brazen façade, that all those in charge have, almost in all cases, lied to us, and that they are corrupt and purposely so.

Once we realize these things, there is no going back into the slumber of fools, into the Darkness of Mushrooms, into the idiocy of total trust of those who prey on us.

Eventually we come to the realization that those in charge are in almost all cases Demonic and that this is their world, their Happy Hunting Ground, and the rest of us are exploitable and exploited victims. If you think this is paranoia, why are you suffering so at this time, in this generation? Read on.

I have previously said that now 30% of the Human population of Earth contains demonic consciousnesses. This percentage is rising for a number of reasons and I will explain why in subsequent writings.

BTW, Demons do not only appear in Demonic and Archonic forms and roles. Demonic consciousness may be in the humblest of people, in animals, including our ‘pets’, in vegetation, and in mineral entities such as crystals, radioactive isotopes, etc., and in devas, fairies, ‘little people’ and angels of Darkness such as Incubi and Succubi.

A few years back, Carl Sagan a Reptilian Archon, wrote a book entitled ‘A Demon Haunted World’ as a rebuff to the rising awareness of the Evil in the world. What else would you expect from such a Hypocrite who was stridently anti-awareness as he pushed the physical aspects of Science against the Paranormal, Metaphysical and Spiritual aspects of Normality which, in fact, are the true aspects of permanent existence?

Admittedly in the West, and here I include the USA, Britain, Australia and NATO countries in particular, we have been appeased by useless things such as possessions, and national hubris as we slaughter foreigners and have supposedly won wars and brought ‘democracy and freedom to ‘lesser breeds’. Admit it, that is what most in the West thinks, is it not?

We are bribed with so-called wealth (really due generally to humungous mortgages and credit card debt), and bountifulness in our stores, as we are spoilt by choice of which car to drive, which fast food to clog our coronaries with, and which soft drink with neurotoxic aspartame to drink.

But close examination reveals we are victims entrapped in a system that is to our gross physical, emotional and spiritual disadvantage unless we are the ones doing the exploiting. That is, unless we are demons.

As I said, as it is in the physical, so it is in the emotional and psychological aspects of this worldly existence. So it is in all classes of Consciousness. Thus we find those in the Animal Kingdom are grossly disadvantaged, as are consciousnesses in the Vegetable and the Mineral Kingdoms. They too are subjected to the Decay and Fragmentation we witness. They too are in an erratic state and are suffering the inexorable anguish imposed by Evil. This has always been the case, since the creation of this evil Abomination. But this Generation is different, as I have stated many times.

Thus, because of the ubiquitous nature of the degeneration we are now subjected to, and the evilness of those who harness us, some of us have to come to the realization that some ‘force’ outside of us is responsible for the decay and fragmentation throughout all the classes of consciousness and that something other than our human existence as we understand it is deteriorating, that something beyond us is corrupted and moribund.

It is this realization that will allow us to find the Answer to ‘What is Going On’! And it will lead us to the realization that the Evil Essence which is responsible for all our misery is fragmenting, losing control and, in human terms, ‘dying’.
As it fragments, so do its Empire, in its entirety, and its Demons.

The correctness of what I write is borne out in part by the truism that we are, as a group, more emotionally unstable now than in any other time in history as is our environment. I will expand on this a little later in the essay.
The Climate is more erratic than ever, as is our Sun, as are the celestial bodies, as are isotopes and the basic building blocks of Nature.

The deceitful ploy of Religions, run mainly by Demons and/or deluded unawakened beings, claiming this is a Wonderful World and that we must suffer to earn our place in ‘Heaven’ is now being seen for what it is – A BIG, BIG LIE all part of the Evil Fraudulence that has kept us trapped..

By using that ploy, the Demons in charge have been able to blackmail us and steal not only our wealth, as Americans have seen in the last 2 years or so, but also our energies as we fall into their traps.

As we awaken, we see that the solution being offered to rectify what is wrong with society are the same solutions offered by Evil to the previous generations of which we are aware, and as we read we note they are the same given to generations in antiquity. What is truly amazing is that THESE SOLUTIONS PROVIDED BY THE EVIL SYSTEM HAVE NEVER WORKED. They were, and are, never meant to work for Evil does NOT want to change the status quo. It is far too profitable for it.

Why would they give us solutions to liberate us from pain, suffering and misery? They don’t want that. They want to exploit us for the exploited energy is what they feast on and keeps them alive. They thrive on the pilfery of our energies. And in that understanding exists the Solution to the Problem of Evil.

Thus, and especially now that the level of energy available is falling away rapidly for reasons I have mentioned elsewhere, we find ourselves immersed, by the demons in charge, into more and more evil exploitations via more anarchy, wars, abuses, programmed sexual deviancy and exploitation, resulting in more physical, emotional and mental stress, and resultant DEPRESSION than ever before.

Of course, in this epoch, especially in the last 200-300 years, there have been great advances in technology and longevity.  But these are nothing new. There have been other eras in History, wiped out from our records and memory, which have been even more extraordinary, even on this very planet.

But, of what value are they really? And besides, is it not a fact that Technology has developed in a manner by which we can kill far more people far more easily, enslave far more far more easily, entrap, harass and illegally pry into lives far more efficiently?

Now with innumerable time saving devices, we are always short of time in our day. Have you noted that paradox?

Science has not given us happiness. Old people suffer as do younger people, more than ever before. Depression is rampant. Now we have the looming Dementia Epidemic that I discussed in a previous essay.

Ask people in their late 80’s and 90s, as I do in my work as a Primary Care Physician, if they are happy. Unless they are Demons, enjoying the exploitation of others and reaping their ill-gotten gains, they will tell you they cannot wait to die! Thus, for all our technology and longevity, the majority are far more dissatisfied and miserable, harassed by overbearing ‘red tape’ and burdened by the iniquitous physical existence. The quality of live has deteriorated so much according to many in the older age groups that truly life for them is no longer worth living. And yet, dur to Cultivated Ignorance that the Mushrooms have been subjected to, the majority fear what is beyond the Door of Physical Death.

And what about the FEAR we are immersed in throughout our lives? We are made to forget that FEAR by moments of emotional satisfaction, but really, the fear is never far below the surface.

We can all cite examples of lives shattered by disease, accident, suicide, drugs, crime, unfaithfulness, etc., etc.  Many do not recover from the harrowing experience. Is this really ‘god’s’ way?

Devastating tragedies are purposely programmed in our lives for no other reason than to exploit us mercilessly. This is not cynicism. This is the Reality in which we live!

I will not get into the ridiculous assertion promulgated by idiots that Man is the cause of all Evil in depth in this essay. My first question to those who assert this nonsense is: ‘How did you, a man, create the Black Holes that are this day swallowing whole galaxies in a location of which you are not even aware? Did Adam and Eve (another stupid Myth for the moronic gullible) create them out of their left over fig leaves?

When there are hiccups in our lives, FEAR engulfs us and we are reduced to rubble. Now, more than ever, the Archons are using fear to rule us. Hence the exponential increase in our societies of:
• the use of anti-depressants, tranquillizers, anxiolytics, anti-psychotics,
• alcohol, tobacco and pot
• Illicit drugs,
• Pornography.,  and
• Suicide.

There is the fear of losing one’s job, one’s health, wealth, even one’s life. Look at the panic the Fukushima radiation leak is causing.
There is fear our children will take drugs, that they will be irresponsibly promiscuous and get HIV-AIDS.
There are the artificial fears that Governments force upon us. For example: that the hordes and those they have designated as enemies (all spuriously of course) are under your bed and will kill you in your sleep, or detonate a nuclear bomb at your local mall or again attack NY or Washington, etc., etc.

In the 1950s and 60s, sheople here were kept in line when Australia reached its xenophobic heights as the Government of the day terrified the already nervous population with the threat of the Yellow Peril. This implied that hordes of yellow-skinned Chinese would invade us from the North and steal everything we had including all the land.

It is a purposeful ploy by the demons in charge to keep us unbalanced and fearful. In that way they can control us. If you are not convinced of these things, if you think I am being cynical, examine the evidence. I have generalized on many points of course and I have done so on purpose.

Again now, I must remind you that there is a percentage of the population that thrives on the filth and gains immensely from the suffering of the majority. These are the Demons who control the World. They are known by other names now: Archons, Illuminati, Reptilians, Nordic Aliens, Anunnaki, etc., etc.

Demons are a Class of Consciousness and I have discussed them in detail in my books. They can be in any class of consciousness. Thus, animals can be demonic, etc. They are in the Human Class and occupy bodies similar to ours. They can be male or female, rich or poor, black or white, etc. With recovery of our psychic abilities, many of us are now beginning to see them.

Their function is, and always has been, to rule this Evil-created dimension and Earth, and exploit as much energy as possible from the ones who have the energy, namely, the Theomorphs who were trapped when the Physical Dimension precipitated. The demons cannot live without that energy. Thus, extrapolating from that, you can see that the whole dimension is a massive exploitation chamber.

To disguise that fact, the non-demonic entities, the victims, have purposely been kept as mushroom, in the Dark, lied to and fed BS. Thus the saying by Jesus: ‘The (evil) Sacerdotes have taken the Keys of Knowledge (and Truth) and buried them!’ (Gospel of Thomas; Nag Hammadi Library). See also Luke 11:52.

That is what the Virtual Reality is and does.
That is what is being dismantled.
The Demons are the ones being eradicated.
The Demons, and their Creator, known by many names (Yaldabaoth, Yahweh, Jehovah, Saklas, The Fool, The Father Of Lies) are the cancer on the face of the True Creation. They are the war-mongers, the liars and murderers in our midst. They are the corruptors, the prostitutes, male and female, who drain the energy of others and assist in the demonic possession of bodies.

This notion of Demonic Masters and the lesser bred (cattle) to be drained (of energy) presents in some writings as the Jews and the Goyim, the latter beings supposedly being worthless and to be exploited by their Masters. That concept is a corruption of the one I have written regarding the Demons and the Theomorphs.

Now I want you to consider another very important aspect of our lives of which you may not have been greatly aware. We are subjected to Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination in every way possible, so that we become like mindless robots in most actions throughout our day.

We all know the examples given in George Orwell’s 1984 book. But, it is far more extensive than that. Not only are we programmed and indoctrinated by the Fears our Governments invoke in us, and the fears our Religions unleash on us, but also, we are subjected to many, many purposeful factors that appear indispensible to our lives but which, in reality, keep us as morons and automatons. Even formal education is such a factor for it subtly forces us to close our minds to the Numinous. We have all heard of atheist Ministers of religion. Can there be a greater oxy-moron? I will write about these matters at length later.

Like many, when this Cardboard Box that I use awoke to the True Reality of which I write, its lower mind, the little ‘i’ had to put aside all the knowledge in my lower mind which I thought made up Reality until I was able to grasp the Concept of the True Reality and see the fraudulent Virtual Reality clearly.

On this level, we are programmed, polluted and indoctrinated in such a way, rather surreptitiously most of the time, by demonic mechanisms, that we become putty in the hands of the demons and are far more easily exploitable.

I will give more examples below, but for now, think of the effect TV and the Media have on us. You have heard the saying ‘If it’s on TV, it must be true!’ By now, some of you know that ‘the Media’ manufactures ‘news’ and ‘answers’ to problems, in order to program the vulnerable masses so that they will virtually do anything and everything the Demons in control want done.

These are some of the most classical examples in modern times:
• The ‘Hate the Hun’ propaganda of 1916 to drag the USA into WW!
• The Pearl Harbour Set-up to convince the American public to go to war again.
• The fictional attack in the Gulf of Tonkin that convinced Americans that War against Vietnam and the subsequent deaths of 50,000 American youths were essential to protect their welfare and the American way of life.
• Propaganda regarding the Weapons of Mass destruction held by Saddam Hussein in his outside toilet that could destroy the USA at very short notice.
• So-called ‘Communists’ picking their own bananas on the own lands that the American public was convinced by the Media that they needed/wanted in Central America, and were led to a war in the guise of fighting Communism.
• Chemtrails to protect us from radiation while they kill us.
• Fluoridation to stop dental decay while it really destroys our health.
• Vaccines that they are becoming more and more sinister after an initial period of some degree of transparent altruism.
• GM Foodstuffs that stress the bodies and give rise to chronic illnesses as well as acting as vectors of any substances the governments want to poison us with, even Race specific destructive prions.
• The Myth of the Jewish Holocaust so Palestine could be stolen by the Zionists, Germany could be bled to death with reparations and the rest of the world blackmailed into letting Zionists do whatever they want, including slaughtering Palestinians and anyone else who gets in their way.
• 9/11, a US Government and Mossad exercise, as now everyone that can read realizes, which allowed the emotional stirring of Media-controlled minds so that countless more would be unjustifiably slaughtered in the pursuit of energy-harvesting.

These are mechanism used by the Demons, the Liars and Murderers of Men and Truth that Jesus so aptly identified, even though it cost Him the ‘Cardboard Box’ He was using in that lifetime.

So, after what I have revealed, what are we to make of the Bible entry at John 3:16? That ‘god’ so loved the World….etc.  Can you not see now that is bunkum?

What ‘god’ would love this evil exploitative, destructive World that murders Theomorphs, physically and spiritually?

What ‘god’ would send down His ‘only begotten Son’ (another joke) to be spat
upon, brutalized, humiliated, bashed, lashed, speared and crucified? No True God would; only an evil demi-god would make up such a vile story.
So what label are we going to place on a book that advocates John 3:16? It can only be an evil instrument that serves Evil and the Creator of that Evil, the cruel lying and murdering evil demigod, the Father of Lies, and of those Archons that Jesus identified as liars and murderers from the Beginning (of this Physical Universe).

We have all been fooled at one time or other by this Evil Biblical Idiocy. But, it is now time to wake up!

The other pervasive mechanism used by demons is HYPOCRISY. They will say one thing to your face but do the opposite behind your back, always to your disadvantage, whether you are a True Being, a Robot, or another Demon.

They can’t help themselves. They have been Liars and murders of Truth, and
Men, from the beginning, from the very day they were created.

You need to realize that apart from gaining wealth from Wars, demons also harvest energy from the pain, suffering and misery they inflict on us all.

Demons have used many hypocritical excuses to get their way, to convince the public that destructive and very evil ruthlessness is the only way to go. Do you remember the lie that babies were being thrown out of incubators by the Iraqis? That was a callous, hypocritical ploy, was it not? There have been countless such ploys. And by the way, a very similar lie had been used often before, including in WWII, against the Germans, to convince the American Public to enter WWI and help the surreptitious ploy of the Zionists to eventually steal Palestine via the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917.

Suffering comes in many forms. While peasant in Africa worry about their daily bread and see their children dying of malnutrition each sorrow-filled day, the affluent countries have their peoples suffering the mental anguish of unrelenting stress that is leading the majority to the depths of depression and despair.

According to studies conducted and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the World Health Organization and information gathered from the National Institute of Mental Health, it is now publically stated that: By the year 2020, depression will be the 2nd most common health problem in the world.

As we are in a phase of terminal shortage of energy, what is the headline greeting us in our morning papers? It is the Concept of Perennial WAR!! And what is the reason for the need of never-ending war? The Demons hope to not only continue, but also hasten, their harvesting of energy.

But it is a ploy that is doomed to fail, for the energy within this dimension is diminishing rapidly and no new energy is available TO THEM. (For the reason I say that, read my notes on the New Green energy.) Hence, with no more energy, the death of this dimension, and of all Evil and its adherents and sycophants, is a foregone conclusion.  Entropy will have won.

Although I am focusing on Earth, realize that what I am describing is affecting every aspect of this Physical Universe and all its sub-dimensions. Stories, by visiting aliens relating the Peace and Wonder of their physical worlds, are false. They are all BS. They too are two-faced, demonic hypocrites.

The reason for the need to harvest energy from those who have energy it is the reason why an examination of History reveals that rarely has there been a time of true Peace on Earth. The hypocrisy could not be more obvious than the Yuletide greeting of ‘Peace on Earth, etc.,’ as parents give their children toy guns, tanks and rockets as presents, and as malicious armies prepare to wantonly murder the ‘undesirable heathens’. And BTW, have you noted how often Religions are the basis and cause for such destruction? Thus, who do you think religions are serving?

War is a means by which the Demons feast! And that is why they make the greatest number of people suffer maximally on as many days of the week as they can, year in and year out.

There are a myriad of ways the demons are now using to harvest energy especially as the amount available is shrinking. Do you really thing Airport scrutiny is all about safety? It is to emotionally frustrate people and make them lose energy which the demons use.

Do you think the red tape you encounter whenever you deal with Government departments, Tax departments., School departments, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Grocery stores, etc.,  etc., is only due to a cumbersome system?. Think again. It is meant to be that way to make sure you and all others with energy lose as much energy as possible in as many ways as possible.

I am not being paranoid or cynical. Sit down and count the ways you have been frustrated today. If you really can’t find any frustration in your day, you are either deluded or blind or demonic Perhaps you simply fail to see the truth of this exploitative Virtual Reality. Perhaps, like all those unawakened, you are so used to the exploitation and frustration that you take it as being part of ‘normal living’ which it should never have been.

It gets worse. If you have lived through the day relatively unscathed, what about your loved ones, spouses, children, parents? One or any number of them will have been stressed in one way or other throughout the day and lost energy. When they come home, they need energy. If you have energy, it is an automatic process by which they will extract it from you without you even knowing. Thus, you too have been drained without knowing it.

Sick people, the frail and elderly, all with little energy, often drain us and we need to replenish from elsewhere. We do visit Prana Dispensing Stations in the Astral World when we sleep. But they too are running out of energy. Here I should also mention Energy Vampires who act for the system, like prostitutes, to efficiently drain unwary people. All they have to do is stand near you or shake your hand, or give you a hug, etc., and they will deplete you to a dangerous level. If you think about this for a moment, I am sure you can recall instances of people leaving you feeling ‘drained’. Thus, you see the need for Protection. I will discuss these topics later. They are fully explained in my books.

The wise, awakened ones now see and bypass the frustrations that occur in their day. They curtail their loss of energy by curtailing their emotional responses and energy wastage. Live your day with equanimity as the Buddha, who was Jesus in an earlier incarnation, said.

If you think you truly had a ‘divine’ day, examine the plight of every one you met or saw today. What of the beggars that one sees in LA, SF. NY, Rome, Paris, London? Yes, they are there, I have seen them, as you have surely? What of the starving masses, the cancer sufferers, the road victims, those pushed into drug use, those raped, bashed, murdered?

What about the prostitutes and in-your-face-pimps whose numbers have exploded all around the world. At petrol service station in Africa it is said that young girls and boys act as prostitutes and service the drivers while the vehicles are fuelled and serviced.

What about the junkies, the drug pushers, the thieves, the ill, the frail, the homeless, the starving? Do you fail to see them? To do so, you must be both physically and spiritually blind. Wake up! It is later than you think.

Murphy’s Law rules Supreme! Anything that can go wrong usually does, on purpose. It is to make you, a non-demon, suffer, so that the demons can feast on the energy exploited from you.  And yet, as I wrote previously, suffering is hypocritically made a virtue by the Evil System and its Demonic Archons via their sacerdotes and evil propaganda books such as the Bible.

It’s a Wonderful World, hey? No, it’s not. It is a Demonic World. Many claim they prostitute themselves because of poverty. But the reality is that most of them are demons and they are harvesting energy for the Evil System and impregnating the ones they service with demonic energy. Yes, this world, this whole Physical Dimension, and its sub-dimensions, are the Demons Happy Hunting Ground.  This is all they have. They have nothing else. And they cannot exist outside of this dimension. Hence, their fate is sealed!

While I am describing a case of them (the Demons) and us (the Viables), do realize I am NOT advocating violence or ontological racism. I am giving you a description of how we have been affected by Evil, and its Demons, and the Definitive Solution to the Problem of Evil.

Finally, do not dismiss demonic exploitative traits as the shortcomings of an evolving species as science tends to do with its postulation of ‘evil genes’ and so forth. Demonic traits are not such shortcomings. They are the purposeful, evil, exploitative mechanisms of the creators and citizens of Hell.

Just in case you have forgotten, my whole point in this essay is that this world runs on persistent and unrelenting exploitation at all levels of society. The demons are there to make sure that is how it functions, for if that exploitation stops they starve.

And, as I have already revealed repeatedly, that is how the END of this Demonic World will occur.

The final, irrefutable proof, for the non-believes, and for those without Nous, of the correctness of what I am saying, is going to be the Final Act of Total Elimination of this illicit pseudo-creation, and this Demonic World.

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