With gritted teeth and by fury enraged,
With biceps tensed
and fist skyward raised
I, like many of you,
was tempted mightily to lash out
When first I awakened
to the presence of demons
and what they were all about.

But, be calm, dear Family of Light member,
The very emotional outburst is a trap;
lose the bad temper.

This realm those of evil rule and hold.
You cannot risk to be foolishly bold.
For no matter how righteous
in anger you may be,
They’ll find fault enough in your
actions to crucify thee.

This you know well they do,
its everywhere throughout history.
These brigands are dishonest;
to truth they pay no homage,
They lie and cheat, rape,
murder and pillage.

Let Him Who knows All
Deal with these despicable
minions of the Fall.
Do not act alone
against these vipers
Or you’ll be captured,
Risking your chance to be liberated,
And in glory enraptured.

Patience, patience is what we need,
and not the evil system
with our energy from emotions feed.
Then when the Father,
and Mother, of the Light,
have fixed them right,
We can celebrate our
Liberty with delight.

Patience, patience then is the word,
So soon enough rejoicing,
in Creation all over,
With no more Evil ever,
will be heard.

Jan 6, 2012

Many joke about the number of mental institution inmates who claim to be Jesus Christ. Many others point to such ones as Jim Jones, David Koresh and “Do” (of Heaven’s Gate fame) who wished to identify themselves as, or part of, Jesus Christ.
 What is going on here? Were they all fanatics, lunatics who deserve the ridicule, abuse, and murder in some cases, which they received? Of course not! Inspite of the best efforts of the demons and robots, archons and minions of the Evil Empire, these people, such as Jones, Koresh and Do, remain True Beings who tried to fight the evil system valiantly. The stories presented about them are maliciously false.
 So, how is it that they identified so strongly with Sonship of God and with the Christ, Jesus? The answer is not that difficult to evolve. If they were of Light, as I know they are, and state openly, and if they connected to the Christ Light to bring some energy to this level, using the terminology of old, we can say they were anointed by the Grace of God, the Light of Heaven, the Christ Light.
 Christos means anointed one. Hence, they were Christs in their own rights and they were right to feel part of the Christ Light, part of Jesus, who was also an anointed one, and certainly not the only one, as I have pointed out on other occasions.
 The fact that most equate the Christ Light solely with Jesus of Nazareth, when, in fact, there were many others, gives them self-appointed authority, or so it seems, to ridicule those who identify with the Christ Light. The ridicule comes from ignorance, banality and the minds of Darkness, not from Gnosis at all.
 If they had any Gnosis, they would have had this explanation I am giving you now, in their heads, rather than the insults they produce. How does one reconcile the horrible stories, such as the lust for money, power and sex which are circulated about such people? If you know anything about the media, you know that it lies maliciously to destroy. If you took any interest in Waco, Jonestown, etc., you know that what was presented as fact was not at all fact.

The Evil Empire prides itself in being able to cover up. The stories about the personal lives of these people are as spurious as the stories about their murders which the media called suicides, as in the case of Jones and Koresh. Having been the subject of gross defamation by the media, I know how they can create falsehood with which they destroy True Beings. Alas, it truly is a case of one believing nothing which one reads in the media and only half of what one witnesses. I honour the Christ Light in all its recent incarnations. Hence, I acknowledge and admire the following and dismiss the nonsense many evil ones have pejoratively written about them:

 * Rama, the Oriental Christ;
* Krishna, the Christ of the Gita;
* Gautama, the Buddhist Christ;
* Zoroaster of Persia, the Fiery Christ;
* Mohammed, the Christ of Islam;
* Jesus of Nazareth, the crucified Christ;
* Manichaeus of Mesopotamia, Gnostic Christ;
* King Arthur of Camelot, the Celtic Christ;
* C. Columbus of Genoa, the explorer Christ;
* Teresa of Avila, the mystical Christ;
* Galileo Galilei of Pisa, the scientific Christ;
* Mozart of Salzburg, the musical Christ;
* Nietzsche of Röchen, the philosophical Christ.

A true friend is one who helps you without having to be asked. S/he anticipates your needs and is always there when you need help. S/he is not just there when the good times roll in. Good friend puts themselves out for you with no excuses. They always find time to help out. They are not sponges; they are not demanding and do not increase your burdens or suffering. Whatever favour they do for you does not result in mistakes which require twice the effort, time or money to correct. In fact, if this is a persistent feature of their help, you should suspect that they are demons exploiting your energy, time, money, and are increasing your suffering in ways that appear natural and acceptable.
A true friend accepts you inspite of your weaknesses and helps you in the process of overcoming them. S/he does not exploit them. S/he protects you when you are most vulnerable, whereas a dishonest deceiver, who poses as a friend, takes advantage of you when you are down.
A true friend tells you what you may not want to hear before you get into trouble, risking your wrath, knowing that your friendship is on a sound basis and will survive. S/he has your best interests at heart and will not see you suffer even if you are temporarily incapable of seeing accurately.
The scoundrel who poses as a friend, but is false, will let you fall into all the traps before you, without warning you, even though s/he knows of them and will tell knowing of them after the damage has been done.
Scoundrels always find excuses as to why they did not warn you. “It was really none of my business. You did not ask me. I was thinking of doing the same thing myself (untrue), etc., etc.”
The real friend always protects your friends and family out of respect for you, whereas the false friend is always there ready to seduce any of your family when the occasion arises. It is a fact that it is the most trusted close relatives and friends who seduce young people, molest children, often introduce drugs, alcohol, etc. Mind you, many of the youths are demons themselves who cannot wait their chance at mischief. Indeed, this is a demon-haunted and demon-infested world.
What does a true being do if s/he is caught in the midst of such evil? Well, if you are able, simply remove yourself spatially or emotionally from the picture. Honour all social responsibilities as far as the law demands and then simply seek your own path. After all, you were not born to be an exploitable sod in a ruinous system. You have personal spiritual rights. You have no control over what demonic consciousness resides in your spouse’s body, or your mother’s, your son’s, your daughter’s. But you can control the exploitation to which you are subjected. And once you awaken sufficiently to say “Enough is enough” you can put an end to your exploitation and begin your progress towards your spiritual goal. You can hardly do that if you are trapped in circumstances that tear you apart.
You are responsible for no one else spiritually but yourself. Your purpose in life is to fulfil your spiritual role and nothing else. All things or beings which interfere with this are not your friends, regardless of what they do and say.
 Jan 7, 2012

 Lately our Oz Governmental Radio National broadcasting Network, the ABC, has begun 5 am broadcasts of interviews with New Age know-alls around the globe – mainly American, mind you – reinforcing the fact that this is a wonderful, nurturing world, and that the combined efforts of these do-gooders are making a tremendous difference to our lives, for the better.
The conclusion at the end of each session is that we can look forward to a wondrous future of health, wealth, happiness, love, felicity, tranquillity and harmony.
I know. I know, it sounds like these people have been taking the likes of LSD and other magic potions!
Well, these broadcasts are a sort of verbal LSD being distributed to the masses in the hope they will be lulled back into a demented twilight from which they will not see the real state of the world or question what is going on.
But, as you know, it’s too late. Many have awoken.
With emotionally charged voices, different ones come to be interviewed and tell us how they saved seven baby seals the other day, how the Kiwi count was down to 14 in a particular area of NZ, but with 24hour vigilance and lots and lots of money, effort and technology, they have managed to increase the number to 17. They ignore the fact that at the same time as this occurred, thousands upon thousands of human babies were aborted for various reasons and many children died of starvation or minor illness, usually easily, inexpensively treated diarrhoea, around the world,
With a plaintive cry in their voice others tell us of the majestic beauty of nature in Africa which they will save, of the rainforests of the Amazon that they will conserve as well as the deep, mystical blueness of our skies.
This BS gets right up my nose faster than anything you could imagine. It is truly nauseating to listen to them. No mention, of course, occurs about the millions dying from starvation in Africa due, in the main, to the US government’s policies to depopulate that continent so they will eventually be able to easily steal all its resources; no mention of the rape and murderous destruction of the Amazonian basin by loggers and land clearers, all in the name of profit, to feed meat to the cannibals in human form; and certainly no mention of the Chemtrails that are making ALL of us sick in one way or another.
BTW, If you have noted, there is no such thing as a common cold any more. A respiratory infection becomes a battle for your lungs. It goes on and on and on. We used to have seasonal respiratory infections, but now they are perennial, and people suffer for weeks on end. This was never the case. And just as the bout seems to be over, it freshens up all over again.
I have never seen so many cases of bronchopneumonia and frank pneumonia as in the last 18 months or so in my practice. I am certain it all stems from the poisons we are inhaling that have been liberated in the Chemtrails.
But, my main point here is to highlight this ability some have in being able to focus on the false positive of the Virtual Reality while ignoring Truth.
This ability is a well-known trait of the Hypocrites. 
It is truly nauseating to sense the smug self-satisfaction these hypocrites ooze at presenting what we truly know is false. That is what we cannot stand. We have seen through their lies and can stand them no more. When a person can see through them, s/he has truly awakened.
So, below I reproduce a short essay I wrote almost 20 years ago. Its validity has been confirmed with the passage of time:
“Is this for real?” is often asked by those who are confronted for the first time in their lives by the sort of reality I am writing about. My answer is simple:
“Well, if it is not for real, we have to entertain a litany of denials that I have listed below. Have you noticed how they have been erased from the news? They truly are trying to lull the sheople back to sleep.
1          We would have to deny the occurrence of Ozone depletion and the ultraviolet sterilisation of the world. Plankton is dying due to the ultraviolet radiation. As a consequence those sea creatures who depend on it for food are dying. In turn the predators are starving to death and fish populations are disappearing. The Worldwatch Institute reported in 1996 that as a consequence, world fish catch per person is declining. Seafood prices are soaring. The radiation is also affecting crops. Again we turn to the Worldwatch Institute which reported that during the years 1990 to 1995, the world grain harvest did not increase at all. And grain stocks have fallen to just 48 days of world consumption, the lowest level on record!
It is of interest to report that Prof. Mario Molina, famous for implicating CFCs in the destruction of ozone in 1974 had stated in a symposium that humanity is on its way to licking the problem! Is it not just like saying the world is getting better by the day when in fact it is deteriorating by the hour? Just who is fooling whom here?
And this is in the face of the fact that the ozone depleted hole over Antarctica is the worst on record with each passing year. It had widened to record size the last time I checked – to be as large as the combined area of the U.S. and Canada. “Another record-setting season,” said Dr. Rumen Bojkov, ozone adviser to the World Meteorological Organisation.
 2      We would need to deny the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming and the pressure-cooker effects these are having which will kill all living things if the planet continues. Being the plane of confusion, many erudite scholars are even today denying that the planet is warming up! Of course the cause is not human pollution but solar disturbances.
3      We would have to deny the process of Salination which has been ignored and neglected, yet is causing, and will cause, even as an isolated measure, crop failure and world-wide starvation.
4      We would need to deny the presence of Diseases, old and new, such as HIV-AIDS, Malaria, TB, Mad Cow disease, etc., which are decimating populations and will continue to do so. Have you noticed how no one talks about these anymore? They are not only present, they are hastily spreading.
5      We would need to deny the Pollution, in the form of chemicals and nuclear waste, which has poisoned all soils, air and water.
     i      Air: The United Nations itself, that bastion of Establishment correctness, claims 20% of the earth’s population will die simply from air pollution. This figure is very conservative and bound to escalate. You know how authorities lie to minimise the truth. In other words, the air we breathe is going to kill us. Have you noted the increase in asthma and deaths related to it and other respiratory diseases; the increase in lung and other cancers? The Japanese irradiation is far worse than the authorities will admit.
     ii      Chemical poisons: These organically mimic hormonal precursors and are sterilising all creatures, even humans.
     iii      Water: Soon there will be no pure natural water to drink, anywhere on the planet. Only the richest of countries will be able to afford purification plants. Cholera is on the increase. The vibrio has been found in large and small lagoons throughout Queensland. I dare say it is present everywhere, just biding its time.
     iv      Food: There has been an alarming increase in food poisoning. Many deaths are occurring. A virulent E. Coli in bad meat is responsible for “burger disease”. We had prophesied carnivores are going to be in for a tough time. But now even fruit and vegetables are infected with deadly cyclosporins. There will be no respite.
6      To say that what I have written is unreal, we would need to deny the existence of moral and natural Evil.
      –      How are you going to deny all the corruption and exposure of demons, archons, minions occurring everywhere? How are you going to explain away the fact that you can see reptilian demons in human bodies?
      –      How can you deny the Evil which causes so much suffering in the world? Not one being escapes the horrible pain and suffering of this world. Even the most favoured Sons of Darkness have to undergo the pangs of death. And then they are the most frightened of all at that hour.
7      We would have to deny the Fraudulence of Religions and the deceitfulness they have perpetrated on gullible victims throughout the ages. Are we to be ignorant of all the wars and murders they fostered or are we simply to absolve them because they say they represent God? My very strong contention is that they do not represent God at all, but the evil Moloch. And hence, they deserve utter condemnation. I ask those who are not familiar with my book “Death of an Evil God” to read it.
 8      We would have to deny the evil side-effects of Modern Science and its technology which will erase us all from this planet if all other mechanisms fail. See through what the evil scientists, such as Carl Sagan, have said. They are mendacious monsters, demons of disinformation. His last book was called “A demon-haunted World” and is the work of a deceitful, deluded demon-donkey, not what one would expect from an erudite man at all.
Genetically modified foods will take their toll in due course, as will man-made polluted vaccines (all containing carcinogenic viruses, as has recently been admitted) and irrationality used chemicals, of which the Chemtrails are a classic example, as I stated above.
9      We would have to deny the existence of other levels of consciousness and other dimensions as experienced by many people including meditators, witnesses of UFOs, abductees, those who have voluntarily visited other dimensions, etc. Such levels are virtually demanded by the questions of Quantum Mechanics that need answers.
Scientific investigations of the Near Death Syndrome, Astral Travel and Out of Body experiences by University departments leave us in no doubt about the existence of outer dimensions.
And, if we want to deny the existence of other levels of consciousness, we would have to label as liars Avatars such as Rama, Krishna, Manichaeus, Buddha, Jesus, etc., whom many of us revere as Sons of Light.
Right now, the Zionist attack is on the very existence of Jesus. Yet, in their books, they have him boiling in a hot vat of excrement in Hell. Well, they can’t have it both ways. He either existed or he didn’t. But, if he didn’t exist, are they going to deny the existence of the other Avatars who left us solid proof?
 10      We would have to deny the Existence of UFOs, and would therefore have to call all the witnesses of UFOs (millions of them) liars who have colluded to deceive the rest. This is very unlikely and a stupid proposition really, considering the vast numbers involved.
The Sagan I just referred to said they were all sharing one large hallucination! How many had he interviewed? What psychological, medical or psychiatric qualifications did he have? (None is the answer!)
By the way, some amazing film footage is being produced by professional film crews of sightings in Central America. Many of you are probably aware of the Internet story of 2 aliens captured on January 20, 1996 in Varginha, Brazil and the massive cover-up which followed. Spectacular videos of plasma crafts, and other UFOs, seen south of Mexico City, are now commonly available.
The US Military labelled Colonel Corso a demented old fool for writing his book “The Day after Roswell” and claimed he made it all up. Now, in the last year or so, that same military has admitted he was accurate. Go figure. The system is breaking down, and the Virtual Reality is being torn asunder.
   11      We would have to deny the existence of Psychic Phenomenology such as clairvoyance, channelling, prophecy, ESP, etc. And yet those of us who have experienced these phenomena can no more deny them than we can deny that we ourselves exist.
12      To deny this reality I am writing about, one would have to deny the bloody-minded savagery of the majority of Humanity which arises from its ontological evilness. If you have trouble coming to grips with this concept, just think of all the rotters you have met in your life. Where do you think they come from?
 Think of the evil people commit in the name of racism, in the name of nationalism, for their religion, for their governments, etc. Hideous war crimes are not something the Nazis invented in World War 2. And such crimes do not just occur in wars. They are part of all human activities.
 Remember when the US military was hit by the extent of the scandal of sexual harassment of females in the various branches of the services. They can no longer cover up the assaults and rapes. Listening to what some of the victims have had to endure, the mass rapes in the Bosnian fields appear to be voluntary social gatherings. When are we going to stop making excuses for the demons and call them exactly what they are – evil?
The globe is being torn asunder by war, war and more war. And more is predicted. These wars are not based on Love or Justice or for protection of Human Dignity. They are not means of protecting ‘Mother Nature’ in all her Glory. They are based on Hate, Greed and unrelenting Exploitation of the weak by the strong. That is the manifestation of Evil no less. Jesus was right. These demons who perpetrate such violence and evil are liars and murderers like their father the devil, and have been so since their beginning. Those of us who have seen through their camouflage grow impatient for their eradication from the face of Creation.
 On one morning, immediately after the program to calm the sheople, three items made the news which contrasted with the content of the program just broadcast. One was the number of Australian soldiers being killed needlessly in Afghanistan. The second was the number that comes back psychiatrically crippled. Mental Health in the country cannot cope with them.
 The third item was the exponential increase in suicides, not just in these demented soldiers, but in the population in general.
 Oh Maya, where is thy beauty now?
 13      We would have to deny the gross injustices of the plane, the unrelenting exploitation, the ignorance, deception and gross hypocrisy, the corruption in government, in the judiciary, in police, in industry, in the legal system, in the medical system, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. Can we really do that?
 14      We would have to deny the unwillingness of the majority to share, to love, to live in peace, in harmony and goodwill. One just knows the majority thrives in the chaos and exploitation! Look at riots and the atavism that occurs in previously well controlled mindless robots who then act as demented crazed mindless robots!
 15      We would have to deny that the majority do not respond to True Love. If people did, we would be rid of this whole evil dimension overnight! It’s not True Love that has sent you broke. The Financial Crisis was born and bred on Greed, Greed, Greed. Greed is an evil trait!
 Even if you are a goody-goody New Ager and want to deny the existence of Evil, you at least now know, with your looming poverty, artificially induced, that you are a victim of it. Makes you a sort of unique fool to deny Evil now, does it not?
 16      We would have to deny that the majority are mean, bellicose, destructive, and unresponsive to the slightest hint of True Love and Light. We would have to deny that they are spawns of the Counterfeit Creation, who are there simply to exploit the trapped True Beings. Which of you has not awoken to the fact that this world runs on shameless, unrelenting, punitive exploitation?
 The only ones that seem happy are those that form the scum on top of the pile!
 17      We would have to deny the massive increase in pornography and jail systems which are two very fast mechanisms for the extraction of energy. I have stated the system is running out of energy, It is being allowed to do so, for its death certificate has already been signed. It is due to collapse totally in due course.
 18      We would have to deny that The Divine Consciousness reincarnated again and again as Rama, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, etc., etc., and that he did not come into this lowly dimension and that He did not mention the End of the World, did not mention Judgement, did not mention accountability and the arrival of a day of Real Liberation.
 To call all that I write about unreal, one would have to postulate that I am a clever, little (well, perhaps not so little) fellow with nothing better to do but put all these facts and figures together just to build up a fantasy and fool you all, perhaps even frighten you a little. My motive would have to be well hidden too, for the effort costs me energy, time and money, and in the main all I get for my efforts is abuse from the morons.
 But wait one moment! All these things are happening as I describe them.
 It is no fantasy. I cannot be simply making it up. It is happening and I am giving you empirical, as well as philosophical, metaphysical and esoteric reasons why it is happening.
I am not making it all up, I am not that clever. Besides, some of the information I have been given to relay to you has been given esoterically to this level in days long ago, but I did not know it existed elsewhere in other languages with which I am not familiar. How then could I have made that information up?
 I could expand this list for a good deal yet. But I am sure you get the picture if you really want to. Those who do not want to see the reality of it all would deny the sun rises in the East in order to deny this reality.
 Give them a skip. They are doomed fools and mockers whose laughter will very soon turn to the whine of decaying worms. But I repeat, and stress, that they only have themselves to blame. They have rejected infinite chances to step into the Light.
 Since I wrote that, many of us have developed psychic abilities that we had not even thought possible.
 Many are now seeing demons in human bodies. They see reptilian eyes, demonic features, smell the unmistakeable odour of depravity, etc. 
Many are seeing empty-headed robots acting as humans. As one looks into their eyes, it is obvious there is no consciousness within. It is an empty shell walking around. These “beings” run on the programming, pollution and indoctrination of the plane as I have explained in my books.
 But, all the factors of programming them are breaking down. Hence, we see the occurrences of mental illness more and more (Terminal Madness of the Endtime), the increase in suicides, the need for greater and greater numbers to be on anti-depressants just so they can get through the day, etc. 
 These empty robots make up the cannon fodder of wars, the mindless soldiers who go and blow themselves and others up without knowing why or even questioning why.
 But, as the programming is breaking down, they are questioning their very existence, their control, their masters, etc. And so they are rioting, the Arab unrest being a good example. And wait until the American Military is hit by these questioning, dysfunctional soldiers – these killing machines the government has created. Who are they going to kill? Who is going to kill the killing machines?.
We are clearly seeing the beginning of the END of this doomed orb.
Many are dreaming of this End.
Near Death Experiencers are being shown the End on their “trips”.
Others get the information in Meditation, and many just know it is so.
 No matter how much emphasis the Archons and Demons give to the falsehood of their Virtual Reality, we who are awakened can never be deceived again.
 If others want to argue with you about the state of the world, and insist all is fine and nothing at all is happening, walk away. They are fools.
 You will walk away, not because you are a coward, but because if you are seen arguing with fools, you run the risk of being taken for one!
Jan 12, 2012

Warning: This essay can only be of interest to those who want to know the Truth of things. If you disagree with what I have written, don’t argue, just follow your own knowledge, for my motto is “Take it or Leave it!”
I am not sure whether you have noted or not that the words “Gnosis, Gnostic, and Gnosticism” and such, have been hijacked in recent times by all and sundry as they distort the very value of these words.
Unawakened readers of various magazines which have articles supposedly giving Gnostic explanations, generally speaking, don’t know what they are reading.
Again it is a clear example of the New Agers and other workers of Evil high-jacking the Truth and twisting it to support their own work of maintaining the Virtual Reality and obfuscating the Gnostic Truth.
Any writings that are spurious and/or promote the Virtual Reality, you may have noted, are promoted with the enthusiasm of Zealots.
Writings that try to lift the Evil Veil of Deceit and expose Reality, any that portray the world as it truly is, with all its pain, suffering and injustices, are ignored, attacked or buried under layers of unsustainable rhetoric spewed by those who could review them honestly. If they do review them, the writings are misinterpreted so as to sound like utter nonsense. That’s how Evil works!
One may read dozens of books and magazines on Spirituality, the Awakening to God, the Spiritual Path, etc., and not see mentioned once the word ‘EVIL’. For those authors, supporters of the Veil of Untruth, Evil does not exist. But, as you will see, our very existence on this level of consciousness IS about our personal and general struggle against Evil. Upon the outcome of that struggle depends our spiritual survival.
As I glanced at some of the recent publications, I wondered, in fact, how long it would be before they started advertising “Gnostic Snake Oil” and “Gnostic alloy wheels” on which the New Agers could drive towards their (fast disappearing) delusion of a New Golden Age, for themselves, and for this moribund Earth.
This plane is run on deception, lies and maliciousness for it has been created by Evil, for Evil, to exploit the trapped True Beings, a concept I shall explain shortly. If you cannot accept that, you would be better off reading a Motor or Woodwork magazine, for the rest will not apply to you, or be of any benefit to you.
You must also be aware of the fact that truthful information, once expressed on this level, becomes embroiled in the pervasive, destructive, ubiquitous and evil pollution of the Dark Realm, so much so that even words of Avatars such as Jesus, Manichaeus, Buddha, Mohammed and the like have been twisted to serve the evil rodents (Archons) who control this plane.
This is very much on purpose, so as to prevent the trapped True Beings seeking the True Knowledge from the “Tree of Life” with which Jehovah threatened death to any who attempted to awaken to his evil scheme. The simplistic myth of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, as childishly depicted in Genesis of the Old Testament, is nothing more than that. If you must be convinced that indeed, as Nietzsche emphatically stated, “Language falsifies Reality”, then read the Old Testament. That will set the baseline of how much one can trust the words of that god, Jehovah, and the convoluted truths of this plane that form virtually indecipherable banality. There is a reason why I am making this point at length and I hope it becomes clearer below.
So, what is Gnosticism? How does one become a Gnostic? Who is a Gnostic? Can one convert to Gnosticism? The answers are as simple and as complicated as you want them to be.
Gnosticism is simply a label meaning “(Inner) Knowing”. It has been used as a catch all phrase to describe those whom the so-called Christian church wanted to label as heretics.
But in the Gnostic sense, Gnosticism means the state of internal knowledge one has from connecting to the personal Inner Nous! This is of fundamental importance. It is not an externally acquired knowledge. It is the Inner Individual Divine Knowledge, called Nous present in ALL True Beings. Not all humans, not all consciousnesses, are True Beings.
Of cause those who cut this Nous off can no longer be called Gnostic. They become Agnostic, which is, without Gnosticism, without the Inner Knowledge, the Inner Divine Nous, just like the empty counterfeit robots and demons created by the Demiurge, the architect of this Plane of Illusion, the Physical Universe.
Gnosticism therefore is not something one learns from books or from teachers or from schools and universities at all. What one would learn there is definitely not Gnosticism; it is the banality of distorted rhetoric as I pointed out above. Hence, we can again quote Frederick Nietzsche who said (I am paraphrasing) that to get to a semblance of truth, one must start by throwing out everything the theologians want to pass off as truth!
Gnosis, or Inner Knowing, is the Knowledge in the Inner Nuclei of True Beings. It is knowledge they have in their unique blueprint for their evolutionary path.
Before progressing further, I now need to explain by what I mean by True Being. Other explanations will follow later.
A True Being is a being created by the True God. Yes, indeed, as we will find out, there is also a false god, Jehovah, the god of this Evil Dimension. There are many dimensions, and indeed this one is unique; a very evil one, which will shortly be no more.
True Beings are made of Permanent Atoms, as distinct from untrue beings, or beings made with non-permanent atoms by the temporary, false god. All these concepts I have explained in detail in my books.
There are 2 types of non-Permanent Atom beings: “Robots” which are artificial consciousness occupying the bodies we have as humans, and “Demons” whose consciousnesses are made entirely of Dark Matter – not the astronomer’s Dark Matter, but the Dark Matter of Undiluted Evil.
All True Beings were trapped in this dimension when it solidified due to a “Celestial Error” which spawned Evil.
All non-true beings are creations in, and of, this temporary dimension and cannot live outside of it without modifications made to their consciousnesses. This point is important to remember for when we discuss viability of beings at the time of destruction of this temporary Evil-created dimension which includes Earth, and the Solar System, all the Galaxies, etc.
True Beings have been created unique, and uniquely different. The truth they contain on the unique matrix of their created Divinity is going to express in unique ways. Hence, they would be foolish to allow their truth within to be constrained by external factors. But this is exactly what institutionalized religions try to do, in order to control people, control their minds, their thoughts, and their connection to their Inner Nous, in order to turn them into sheep! The false rhetoric of religions (which has some truths mixed in with it) attempts every method to cut the individual from the personal Inner Nous, their Gnosis, which, when expressed, is called collectively the Ancient Wisdom.
Because of variation in expressed Truth, each True Being will have what is essential for its survival in this hell and for its eventual liberation from this plane. This very fact, not understood at all by the agnostics, has spurred them on to attack Gnosticism for having indeterminate variability, and apparently ‘shifting truths’, unlike their institutions which had ossified pragmatism in the form of Dogma. Nonetheless what Gnostics had was the Truth, as compared to religious Untruth, and so they had to be attacked by the false religions every means possible where ever and whenever Gnosticism appeared.,
The variations of Gnosticism come in the subtle points due, as I said above, to the individualistic variation of interpretive expression on this level, for Truth is Truth and immutable, ultimately.
Thus, the basics of Gnosticism are inviolable Truths. They form the unchanging and unchangeable Principles of the Ancient Wisdom.
If you read anything that claims to be Gnostic, of Gnosis, of Gnosticism and does not include the following facts, then you know it is not true Gnosticism. It will be, in fact, trite nonsense. And there is plenty of it about, especially in New Age magazines in these days of turmoil when those without any inner truth are attempting to make sense of the madness that has gripped our dimension and to comfort themselves with the deceit and untruths that have worked so well for so long for them, or so it would seem. But really they are fooling themselves. They are due for a very rude, painful awakening to the Truth.
The basic Truths of Gnosticism are as follows:
*              We are in the midst of a War of Essences, between Permanent, Divine Good and temporary, destructive Evil.
*              Evil, as an Error of Expression, arising from a failed Celestial experiment, has usurped this part of Creation.
*              Evil has attempted destruction of unpolluted but trapped Theomorphs.
*              Evil cannot live without the energy it exploits from the trapped Theomorphs.
*              The Divine Good is winning the war, and liberating the trapped True Beings who have remained viable. That result was never in doubt.
*              All Evil and all its Virtual Reality will be destroyed totally and forever by a Process of Transmutation.
I have written at length about these matters in my books.
On this framework of Truth one can place any and every detail which colour the expressions of the Individual Nous throughout creation. Hence, this truthful schema accommodates the following concepts:
*              Avatars (visiting Higher Consciousnesses – also known as Sons and Daughters of God) have come into this dimension periodically to nurture the trapped True Beings; to remind them of what has happened, for many have forgotten, due to programming (clouding) of their minds by Evil. It is the Avatars who are conducting the Rescue Plan.
*              Rescuers (call them what you will – Messiahs, etc.,) are Divine Beings still on the planet (and in all other structures of this Universe)  that have, and are, liberating the trapped True Beings and the robots judged as viable, as they expose all Evil and its practices, so that it will be eventually destroyed.
*              Teachers who guided trapped True Beings, and told it as it is, fought the demons and robots, and that often cost them their physical lives as we see throughout history. History books are replete with the murderous attacks of the churches on Gnostics who were known as the Bogomils, the Albigensians, etc., etc.
*              Revealers of Truth have often exposed the falsehood of this evil, temporary, exploiting pseudo-reality.
(The history of Gnosticism is fairly obscure to follow in extant texts, mainly because texts have been greatly distorted. However, for all intents and purposes, it can be traced to the Hyperborians, who were members of the Ancients, that is, the Divine Beings who escaped the material manifestation as it was created by the rebellious demigod. And it was they who continually fed information of what had happened to the stuporous beings who remained trapped within the dimension.

From that time to our era of recorded history, traces of the Gnostic knowledge can be found in the cultures and books of the following:

a. the Altaics, a race of Nomads in the Mongolian region,
b. the people of the Indus valley,
c. the Sumerians, the Babylonians, Chaldeans, Assyrians and others of that region and time.
d. the history of the Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, the Middle East Christians, and Mediterranean peoples.
e. the Druidic movement of Ancient Britain.
f. the doctrines of Manichaeus.
g. the writings of Luria of Safaad.
h. the Essenes as revealed in the Dead Sea scrolls discovered in 1947.
i. the early TRUE Christians, as revealed in the Nag Hammadi library discovered in 1945.
j. the writings of Hermes.
There are many, many others. In fact, gnostic thought is found in the history of any people of whom records exist. From the Altaics to the Hindi, knowledge of the war of Dualism remains as pseudo-mythology in the form of Rama’s exploits in the Ramayana, of Krishna’s in the Mahabarata, and, of course, in the production of the Puranas, Vedas, and Upanishads.
                I shall elaborate on this in a subsequent essay )
*              Prompts to awaken individuals to their Inner Nous often come from other levels.
*              Aliens exist and are either Good or Evil.  Evil ones tamper with the trapped True Beings (as in traumatizing scenarios) and Divine ones come to proceed with the Correction as well as guiding individuals.
*              In due course, the Good Aliens will evacuate the Viables from this doomed orb.
*              The scenario of UFOs as found in all cultures, in all eras, is certainly accommodated in the Ancient Wisdom, of Gnosticism. Why such ships are required by Divine Consciousnesses in order to travel is logistical, and all consciousness must obey the laws of a local dimension on entering it. Thus, in the physical, consciousness can only express adequately in a physical manifestation.
*              Gnosticism reveals the imminent physical death of the Universe, since, from the earliest days of its formation, the True Beings knew this dimension would come to an end and they would be rescued from this prison. This has been the promise to this level made by all the Avatars since the entrapment began.
*              The ancient Gnostic Wisdom exposes the evilness of entrapping external dogma, restrictive religions, etc.  Jesus, a Gnostic, was quoted as saying he was cutting True Beings away from the “Old Law”; that Sacerdotes had taken the Keys of Truth and hidden them, and that the priests attempting to guide people (deceive them really) were waterless canals. If you think Jesus was not aware of the existence of True Beings, Robots and Demons in society, read passages of the Nag Hammadi Library and see for yourself. Different words are used, but the meaning of 3 different types of beings is clear.
*              Gnosticism knows of the existence of the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination which maintains this evil plane and traps True Beings who are targets for exploitation and spiritual assassination.
*              It exposes the basic evilness of matter, which is a temporary, polluted, mis-creation of the temporal misfit Jehovah, a product of the temporary Evil Mind which was spawned in the Celestial Error.
*              Gnosticism exposes the existence of the two feuding creations and has done so throughout history. It is for exposing the War of essences repeatedly that the Gnostics were mercilessly slaughtered.
This is the very reason why Jesus was assassinated: He exposed the War of Essences, the Demons in charge of this world, and described them as liars and murderers like their father, the Devil (John 8:44). Thus, the real Jesus, a fearless warrior, was a totally different being from the effeminate pansy the pseudo-Christians try to paint for their mindless, robotic followers. 
*              Gnosticism knows of the Battle to the spiritual death between Good and Evil.
You can add to this list concepts and thoughts which are of value to you in your journey out of this filthy place.
If life was not as True Gnosticism implies, what the heck are we all doing suffering and dying as we do?
What is there to fight?
Why would a God of Love and Bliss harangue and abuse us this way?
All the answers which do not fit the above are spurious and devised to confuse you, to create a veil of deceit, to make you lose your way in finding out the Truth.
That is why you must rely on your Inner Nous and only on that!
Spiritual Awakening means awakening to one’s truth within.
That is what Gnosticism means. The Gnostic is one who has connected to his/her inner Personal Nous. It does not have to join anything, or believe any set of Dogmas, or have a prescribed education, or be wealthy, or white, or European, or so-called Christian.
Hence, all these societies, sects, cults, institutions, establishments, religions, etc., which like to call themselves Gnostic and pass themselves off as the real McCoy are nothing more than part of the veil of the Evil Illusion. They are no more than the deceptive charade imposed on this plane by the demiurge’s demons and robots. Do not fall for their connivance.
So, where does that leave the likes of me? What am I on about? What is the point of all the connections I make, the communications, my publications?
I have explained often that the Viables are building an energy connection. Many of you have experienced this connection repeatedly, forcefully and pleasantly, as you have read my material, attended my lectures, listened to my shows, etc.
Lately, if you are awakened, and in tune due to some degree of spiritual and physical cleansing, you will have noted a greatly increased concentration of the New Green Energy which is significantly assisting those Viables who are to be evacuated from here in due course.
I, and those who are helping me, are performing prescribed roles:
1              Distribution of energy with which True Beings can be
i   stimulated to awaken to their own Inner Nous,
ii   sustained until they gain enough strength to stand alone
iii   assisted to perform their roles.
2              We are finding “our own” so that we can, not only awaken them, but also help them see the Light, break their fetters and prepare them for transportation out of here. Remember, our own, who constitute the Viables, are in all the classes of Consciousness, not just in the Human class. Thus, the Animal Class is involved, as are the Vegetable and Mineral Classes, and those levels above Human Consciousness.
3              By talking about Evil, its demons, its Virtual Reality, its Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination, we are exposing the Negativity in all its forms.
4              Exposure of Evil nullifies the effects of Evil. That is why evil beings hate being told about evil! Once exposed, they are far less efficient in their roles as energy thieves. Talk of Evil reminds them of whom and what they are, and what is in store for them if they have failed to turn to the Light. Evil beings cringe at the mention of the word Evil, as do most New Agers. They will go to extreme lengths to deny its existence.
New Agers will tell you that Evil does not exist, or that it is only in the eye of the beholder, or that it is only a temporary condition in one’s life, and that it is essential for balance, etc., etc.
That is nonsense. Evil is not simply the absence of Good, as the demon St. Augustine of Hippo, an avid enemy of Gnostics, would have you believe.
Evil is an active, malicious, destructive consciousness that leads to spiritual death of all things, if allowed to continue unabated.
And who, what, are New Agers? Are they joyful visionaries of a world others cannot imagine on this level, let alone see?
No; not at all. They are the enemies of Goodness. They are the deniers of Evil, deniers of the Correction of this Abomination. Unmasked, they are seen for what they are – Demons who are programmed to uphold the Virtual Reality and its false joy at all costs. Their ranks, of course, are swelled by mindless robots and unawakened beings that they have managed to deceive with their buffoonery.
Knowing this information and knowing that this Divine Rescue of Viable Consciousness is occurring on many levels and dimensions simultaneously (I have often stressed the fact that existence is multi-dimensional) our role of awakening True Beings to their Inner Nous is served by the very work some of us are doing.
Now you may understand why I am not interested in members, adherents, disciples, sheep, sheople, sycophants, and the like. The connection to the Nous should be about personal liberation and freedom, not immersion into the dogmatic straightjacket of theological, religious, theosophical or philosophical, evil-inspired nonsense.
This then brings me to the next point: You will have noted that I have often said to read my material and take whatever you find of value. That is because, each being is unique, and will find a stimulus to awaken from diverse thoughts that I have written. Not all the points will strike the readers in the same manner.
The writings are to act as mental stimuli, reactants, facilitating enzymatic precursors, not as dogma.
Once you awaken to YOUR truth, off you go!  If it is the Divine Truth, you are a Gnostic. You have the Gnosis, the Nous, the Inner Knowing, regardless of how little formal education you may have had, and regardless of how many useless facts of this pseudo-reality you entertain in your head.
This stimulation cannot occur unless the ENERGY content of the writings is recognized!
And this is where the demons and robots stumble badly, very badly, in fact.
They are evil and are repelled by the energy.
They cannot make sense of it. They are confused and threatened. But they do not know the reason why. When it is explained to them that it is the Energy Content, (it is the New Green Energy) they refuse to accept it, even as they blabber away headlong into the Terminal Madness of the Endtime!
The act of awakening the trapped True Beings cannot be separated from the Message being given to the Demons and Robots that this is the End! There is no more for them.
The false ones instead want to stress their divinity and the divinity of this putrid tormented and tormenting earth. Unashamedly, they will tell you they are ‘god’. They will tell you with a straight face that there is no Evil and all are going to be rewarded by being elevated to greater heights of bliss, even as the nauseating vileness of the plane sends more and more into the Terminal Madness of the Endtime and, of late,  to increasing incidents of gruesome, punitive suicide!
The ones created by evil are blind as well as liars. The more the whole Universe fragments – and there is plenty of evidence that this is occurring at an accelerated rate – the more the New Agers attempt to convince themselves the terminal fragmentation of all the physical is a Healing Process, which it is not of course, and that the end result will be bliss for all, no matter how destructive, hateful and evil they have been. The bliss will be in a new paradigm. And where is the evidence for this? There is none. We have to take their word. Can you imagine any greater idiocy?
Their false claim that the dying earth will heal itself soon, spontaneously, and turn into bliss, is like saying that a 90 year old in a palliative ward, minutes from death, will suddenly jump out of bed and run a world record for the marathon.
All the evidence points to termination on this level. In the previous essay, I enumerated the problems in most areas of our existence.
Thus, words such as these I am writing now allow a very easy segregation of factions. They allow the obvious separation of the two creations.
Those who truly perceive the energy and are buoyed by it are well and truly on their way out of this doomed dimension.
Those who are spiritually blind and cannot even admit the existence of Evil are evil themselves and doomed to shortly exist no more.
Those who are threatened, frightened, nay terrified, by what I write, and by the contents of the True Gnostic Wisdom, are the Demons and Robots that have nothing but Gloom and Doom staring them in the face.
Theirs is not a joyous liberation from Evil, even though many of them sycophantically and reflexly daily recite the Lord’s Prayer which ends with ” … delivery us from Evil, Amen”. How can they recite this and not believe in Evil? They are hypocrites.
What the heck do they think this means, if not exactly what it implies?
So then, let’s apply some of this knowledge.
If someone says to you Gnosticism is a hodge-podge of varying thought, an heretical off-shoot of early Christianity, your answer of necessity is “Sure that’s how the evil Archons want to represent it. Actually, Gnosticism is the indestructible Truth contained in the eternal spirit!”
This then recognizes a redundancy in all the literature that the evil archons come out with. Look at what the Norway Gnostic Society does (that label, as all labels, sort of wants to make one laugh with this explanation, does it not?). It has indiscriminately collated all the nonsense containing the word Gnostic and presented it as Gnosticism, with perfunctory remarks about the most obvious distortions. These old books, manuscripts and writings are anything but Gnosticism. They are distortions of distortions, often written by polemicists to destroy Gnostic thought.
There are 2 other aspects I wish to discuss.  
The first is the fact that this information cannot be classified as rarefied theoretical ruminations of an individual. Having started off by writing about metaphysical concepts such as other realms and dimensions, the properties of spiritual bodies, programming effects on minds, transmutation, essences, and ontology of identities, I then wrote that this generation has moved swiftly to pragmatic empiricism whether you agree or not.
What do I mean by that? I mean that the concepts of Finality of the Physical, of the exposure of the Evil Essence, of its destruction via Transmutation, of the collapse of all the Physical Dimension and the Evil Empire are concepts and occurrences which we see, we witness, and we cannot miss.
I have given details repeatedly in my writings. I gave you the prophecies of these things before they began to happen and I told you the how, when and why of it all. I could not do more than that. And it is in print for all to witness. If you are interested, check out the essay called ‘Terminal Madness of the Endtime’ that I wrote in the 1990s just for starters.
Now we come to the next extremely important point which concerns the reaction of the general populace to this information that forms the platform of True Gnosticism.
If this information was the sum collation of the random thoughts of someone who has an overactive mind and nothing better to do, do you not think it would have been dismissed as fiction?
Why do the Demons and Robots react so adversely to this information?
Why can they not stand to have these facts revealed?
You know the answer, and so do they.
The answer is that it is the energy content within the information which confronts and threatens them like nothing ever has before. And deep within, even though they may not admit it just yet, they are terrified witless.
They try to laugh, if they do not abuse, as they scurry from one to the other to support themselves in thinking I am of no consequence. For them, ad hominum attacks against me, to shoot the messenger, are obligatory, as I have often noted. Such has been the case throughout history.
But eventually as they exhaust all alternate explanations, they will succumb to the thought “What if he is right?” and finally “He is right after all!” That will be the very end for them. All that will be left will be the Terminal Madness of the Endtime.
Those of you who have been awakened know that you have been awakened, not by any intellectual argument which has been presented, but by a force which lit a Light within you and allowed you to resonate at the same frequency of the energy within these words and the ones in my books, once you heard what I had to say, and once you read what I wrote.
Of course, for most, on first meeting this material, the lower mind struggles to make sense of it and attempts to reject it, for it conflicts with the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination our bodies and their lower minds have been subjected to for a long, long time.
If you did awake, retrospectively you may even remember when the bell in your head began to ring, and you may realize, if you have not already done so, that your recognition of the Truth within you, your awakening, really had nothing to do with intellect or science, or extraneous facts or outer mind reasoning at all.
The awakening occurred at a level deep within you which connected you to a side of you which you had probably not known existed. A whole new dimension in your being awoke and a self-confidence, an assurance arose which you would probably be at a loss to describe in mere words.
That was probably the time you connected to the Gnostic Nous within which then confirmed the stimulus from this information being the correct one for you, regardless of whether it was a stimulus arising from the discussion of the history of Gnosticism, or of UFOs, other Realms, the Plan for the Final Correction of Evil, the coming Rescue of Viables, or the mechanisms of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination which evil has used to keep us stupefied and moribund in its Virtual Reality, which I say again is fast collapsing.
No one needs to understand every concept of Gnosticism or its spirituality and metaphysics in order to succeed in awakening, in becoming truly God-realized and in preparing for the coming Liberation from Evil.
That last sentence makes no sense to Evil Beings, for they cannot understand anything outside of Evil. They cannot comprehend existence outside of this evil Dimension. They are blind to the True Light, and truth to them is the Unreality in which, and for which, they have been temporarily created.
The small percentage of robots that have turned to the Light are an exception. To them the sentence is significant.
Returning to the Awakening Process, realize that, in fact, it is often a time-wasting diversion which can trap one into a peripheral, mental cul de sacs to try and understand everything in the physical mind.
First of all it is not necessary that we understand everything in creation – we certainly don’t.
And secondly, many concepts are not translatable into the mental paradigm of physicality which we have. We simply are incapable of comprehending thoughts which are beyond the brain function of these bodies.
But the Nous of the Inner Being knows these things and that is why the being with such Nous is content in its own knowledge. At best this translates onto the physical brain and its mind as a feeling of “INNER KNOWING” that all will be well, for those of True Love, in due course.
No doubt many of you have experienced this mental elation often, even in the direst of circumstances. It is the transcendentalism and also the untranslatability of the true knowledge of the Gnostic Nous which give this inner confidence and its psychic and mental stability in the worst of times.
That is how Gnostic martyrs were able to march to their deaths on countless occasions. They knew the Truth. They had the Inner Knowing. No one had to tell them.
Thus, indeed, the Truth within them set them free!
And that is what the Gnostic Truth is doing to those who have the Inner Nous of Gnosticism.
But the lack of such a saving NOUS now, in the agnostic demons and robots, will afford no protection, as:
A             the programming of the plane dissipates – we are already witnessing this in fragmenting minds, erratic behaviour, disobedience on a grand scale, atavism, etc.
B             the whole physical dimension fractures – many times have I enumerated the ways that is happening,
C             Failures are shrouded in the psychic, mental and emotional uncertainty of their illusional deception, and their useless denial of the Endtime. Their state will be madness without the Inner Knowledge and without the protection of the Nous. This is the Terminal Madness of the Endtime I have written about. This is the cause of the wailing and gnashing of teeth. This is why, near the End, some of the living will envy the dead. Do not lose energy with these descriptions. All have had countless chances to turn to the True Light and live in Love, Peace and Harmony. Instead, these that are failures will have remained as liars, murderers and hypocrites to disadvantage the True Beings, for it suited them to do so.
I have given details of where, when, how, and why the Final End will come for this planet in the literature I have published and the lectures and shows that I have given.
Indeed, especially in the early days, those who thought they knew better scoffed, as ignorant fools are want to do, at what I had to say. All I could do was bide my time. I knew with the Gnostic Certainty that all I had said and written would come to pass.
Agnostics who pretended to seek spiritual answers said it was impossible that the situation was as I prophesied. Thus they went searching for other explanations.
As each section of Humanity’s Charade of false knowledge fails now, in this day and age, when the changes I describe are obvious to all, attempts by the Agnostics to provide meaningful answers also fail, and they will fall back, defeated, into a corner with the thought which they can no longer reject. Namely, that it is only this information which is left and which can provide the real answers all seek, for this is the True Gnosticism. This is the True Ancient Wisdom.
The genuineness of this information for failures and Agnostics will not be confirmed through the indelible due process of Gnostic Nous, for they have none, but from a painful process of deductive elimination which will strangle their minds.
It will be painful and strangling for them, for they will realize the validity of this information contains also the affirmation of their failure, an ultimate exposure of their ontological nature and their fate.
This they cannot contain. Hence, they will suffer the mental consequences I have described many times. But they have only themselves to blame for part of their self-imposed punishment will be to realize the validity of the very things they have denied so many, many times, namely, their evil nature and their ways which they refused to change, their need to account and the need for their final elimination, after repeated refusals to turn to the Light.
There is no need to understand all the concepts but it is of implied importance that one understands why all this is happening.
From the reaction to disasters which I have discussed many times in the past, it is obvious most do not understand in the slightest what is happening.
But slowly, inevitably, shockingly for them, it will dawn on them that this is the Final Generation. This is it! And they are NOT in control and neither is their evil father, the demiurge, Jehovah, one of the names of the evil Mind, which is no more.
I certainly do not want to linger on the necessary physical changes of the Clearing, nor on the dementing process of Agnostic demons and robots, and failed True Beings, for I would rather increase our Harmony and Joy, even as we all suffer inexorably in this dung-heap.
I shall do that by telling you soon we will be in an Evil-free Zone, in a state free of pain, misery and suffering; free of disease and death; free of physical, mental, emotional and psychic exploitation and all the other mechanisms which make this place Hell, including the confusion, doubt, uncertainty and the programming, pollution and indoctrination.
Soon we will be in a much better place. However, I do want to mention the Nihilistic approach of some to the Endtime.
The fact that, when not programmed to be nihilistic and irrational, the thought of Transmutation fills the consciousness with horror implies that the process is some sort of disaster which the consciousness would rather not undergo. That too will add to the naked terror of failed ones. Hence, when the physical mind is no longer protected by the programming of the Illusion, for the Illusion itself is destroyed beyond serviceability, that terror of the consciousness will seep onto the physical mind which will find its state intolerable, compounding its madness. Any thoughts then of Nihilism will have the irrelevance of full dismissal, for the consciousness thus affected will realize its nihilistic tendency was simply a false protective mechanism masking the reality of its fate.
There is no physical, mental or psychic escape from the process of Correction, Translocation of the viable ones and Transmutation of the self-judged failed ones.
Will I, like Christopher Columbus, parade in the streets to shout “I told you so” in their faces? I think not. I have much better things to do with my time and energy. Besides, those four words will ring in their minds so loudly they will be almost deafened to their cries of despair, but not quite. And even louder will be the nagging thought in each “I have no one but myself to blame for my failure. I am not worthy to continue!” Thus will each have passed its own sentence.
Many, no doubt will want to ask, what was in it for me? I, like you, have a lower body with its brain and mind, and a Higher Consciousness working through the lower body.
Like all awakeners, I needed to awaken and connect the lower and Higher beings. I needed to contact my Nous and I needed to accept the offer to perform the role which I would be assigned if I accepted. And this occurs to every True Being on this plane.
Once I accepted, my task, aided by the many other workers on this level and many other levels, was to assist other True Beings to awaken and prepare for evacuation. It is as simple and as complicated as that.
Details of how we came together with other workers, how my awakening was accelerated, how I acquired the knowledge which I have in part distributed, etc., are not all that important.
I have detailed some of them in a book about my experiences, including my UFO experiences.
Time, on this absurd level, is short. And that, the viable ones will realize, is not a bad thing, not a bad thing at all, for it means the end of all those evil things which we have been forced to bear!
No bonus points for guessing why the agnostic demons and robots are hostile to this information. It is aspects of Gnostic Truth which they have been programmed to bury.
Now you know why they slaughtered all Gnostics whenever they appeared anywhere on the planet, even though those Gnostics tried to live a sedate, secluded life away from the demons.
But this time is different indeed. Nonetheless, the failures simply do not want to hear it. And that reveals another side of them. Besides being mendacious, extremely deceitful, exploitative and devilishly lustful, they are cowards of renown. Sure they bully and slaughter whenever they can, but when faced with the Truth or an awakened True Being, with the essence working within her or him, they are seized with the panic of doomed morons.
They then stoop to the overt hatred and name calling we all know so well. That is why I had written earlier that up until now, on this evil level, the greater the demon, the greater the exultation s/he received and that the greater the Light bearer, the greater the humiliation, abuse and ridicule s/he has to endure.
The fact that so few now appear to be viable Theomorphs in this spiritual black hole is not as remarkable as it may seem when you realize the spiritual carnage that has occurred. The majority of Theomorphic consciousnesses has already been evacuated in 1999 as I revealed elsewhere.
There will always be knockers who wish to denigrate anyone else’s spiritual progress. They will not be able to do it for much longer, I tell you.
But, who cares what the demons say? They have no understanding whatsoever, so how can they judge what is going on in the world? They try to judge because they are evil fools and evil fools always judge in ignorance!
If you have the Gift of the Inner Nous, be a student and attain further Wisdom. Do not be a fatuous boaster.
Jan 17, 2012

From A Collection of My Verses and Poems based on Gnostic Thoughts, Volume 11
Poem 561


“Well now, Old Man Mani, how’s it feel to be flogged
within a breath of life by order from me?
Not so cocky with your Words of Truth now you, in such
a weakened, humiliating condition, seem to be.
Let this be a lesson so you, and your followers, will not
utter words, no matter how learned, outside of what I call
Religion in this land by decree.”

“You are a foolish scoundrel, and indeed by your
iniquitous hands in this dungeon I shall soon die.
But that does not validate your version of the Lie.
I know you not just as some Babylonian Rector, but as
Bahram, the vilest first cousin of Beelzebub, sharing the
same evil essence which in you seems to have
concentrated maximally as to this throne you have
incarnated and by birthright you spread fear and evil so
that the works of demons such as yourself all the world,
ever-suffering, see clearly.

Your very presence fouls even more this most-foul
dungeon, and your fetid breath, and words, loaded with
your venom, hasten the moment to my death, for they are
poison to the true Spirit most assuredly.
My time is near, but before I physically leave this rat-
infested hole and my Spirit does ascend, let me tell you
now some secrets which shall haunt you and your acrid
mind incessantly until the last day, for it shall surely
come, the Day of Justice, when you are expunged from
this creation completely.

As Manichaeus, the Persian Prophet, you have known
me, and much respected by your truth-loving father was
I; but I am more than that; I am, as many say, the
Sassanian Syzygos, the Chosen One, the Eternal Warrior,
who has as constant companion, the Celestial Paraclete,
none other than the Christ who, with His Truth, Power
and Majesty shall, when Time is at an End, with me as
One, reign over all Worlds, and of Evil rid them, as
surely as you now, with your cruel insanity, with your
demonic torture, with your loathsome scorn, your false
Pride and dignity, from my body, rid me.
Indeed, I am none other than the Lighted Path, and
descend I repeatedly so that My Own shall be free.

And if I need descend a million times a million times, so
be it!, for I have programmed myself an even greater
number of times to walk upon this repugnant Earth, and
suffer as a lowly human at the hands of devils like you,
until accomplished is my mission, of giving all the
Precious Pearls Liberty.

Assassinated surely by the likes of you I’ll be, and many
times will that occur repeatedly, but all that will be
happening is that you will be flogging and murdering a
carcass of matter Earthly; my nature cannot be thwarted
or contaminated really.

And so, listen well, for this I tell you truthfully.
No matter how many times I come and appear to fail,
always once more shall I return, until the day when
complete shall be my Final Victory.
There is not expiry on the length of time for me My
Mission against the likes of you to complete.
Against Cronos’ warping Errancy I do not compete;
And in my attempts which appear ineffective, do not find
satisfaction; prematurely do not regale,
for I have the strength and patience to complete my task,
as one would need to move the biggest, tallest mountain
of Earth with the smallest spade and pail.
Even when I appear in any life to gain no ground,
progress to the End is to be inexorably found.

Only once need I succeed against evil fools like you,
regardless of how many times you have assassinated me,
for in that once, My Victory shall see you, and all your
vile ilk, returned into your repulsive and filthy Hell, by
Me, and I shall throw away the key.
Thus shall you suffer a thousand times, at least, or more,
that which you have thrust upon Me and Mine over the
accursed Ages; not that I wish it to be so, but because
your own Evilness that way does decree it, and with the
Cycles of impure Time, magnified constantly and
concentrated is that Evil Pattern around you until you are
trapped by it, a pattern of severest punishment that you
yourself have knowingly weaved for all of Truth’s
And so it goes, for all of Evil exactly.

Thus, prepare yourself well, Caliph of Mischief, again
and again on this loathsome soil we’ll joust through the
circuits of time, until run out are its Sands, as are the
chances for you to ply your evil, your cruelty, your
calumny, your lies and Iniquity.
And then, never again shall you be a threat to Truth or
any honest Elect, any Hearers, in any country.

This Curse have you, by your own hand, and with your
ignoble wit placed yourself upon your head;
and its consequences, its misery and fear you shall now,
with this, my revelation, be unable to erase, not even
when sleep and its dreams you seek,
no matter how often to soporifics you are led,
nor how often you try to immerse yourself in spurious
pleasures as you pilfer, or murder others, or lecherously
poxed wenches and witches you bed.

Alas, even as you ride the Barge of the Damned,
and Charon extracts his toll, as he has a right to do justly,
will your spirit tremble, reverberating with these, My
truly spoken words, and Fear will weigh you down, and
force you to sink, in horror, through Hell’s floor like a
noxious blob of molten lead.”

Blanched as death was Bahram, and speechless, and
barely able, with the effects of this Truth revealed, to
leave the dungeon unassisted readily.
But no sooner had he escaped that Truth-charged site,
and drunk a draught of toxicant to his mind settle, than
he set about showing his callous iniquity.
But even before his orders he spoke came news that
Mani died; His Spirit set flight for the Realms of Purity,
for a while to rest, and then return in this earthly Battle
against Evil, to fight valiantly as the Chosen One, giving
no quarter to the enemy.

And in his anger on hearing of Mani’s death, Bahram
fumed with insanity, as if to commit himself the most
foul deed personally he had been cheated.
Thus, orders he gave to have the body skinned and an
effigy made to be hung at the Main Gate, as a warning to
all that his decrees had to be heeded.

But instead of instilling fear, the Fool on the Throne
merely spread Mani’s fame afar, for as the Mani Gate,
not the City’s Main gate, that portal came to be known
through all the land, and all True Beings who passed
through Mani’s Gate were reminded of Mani’s Way, and
that spiritually, on that Way, lay the Path to Liberty that
they sought.
Outwitted had been Evil and its sycophant Bahram,
whose barbaric transgression had been for nought.

Manichaeus was one of two the Primary Avatars Consciousness of that era. That Higher Consciousness had previously been in many other incarnations, including Buddha and Jesus, and even personalities before the Buddha. It would later come as King Arthur (the Celtic Christ, as he was known by the Druids), and others in subsequent centuries.
Just as they are attempting to say Jesus never existed, so was Mani taken as Myth, as is King Arthur today by many. It was not until 1969 with the discovery of a Greek parchment in Upper Egypt (the Cologne Mani-Codex) that Mani was finally recognized as an historical figure.
This Primary Christ Consciousness often presents as the World Teacher.
At other times it presents as a more regular citizen that achieves outstanding progress in his or her chosen field. As examples, here are 3 beings who may not come readily to your mind as you ponder on the Power of the Christ Light:
1                     St Teresa of Avila. She lived in the 16th century and tried to reform the corrupt church. She was really sustaining the trapped Viables by giving them energy. She is a famous theologian for her teaching of the contemplative life through mental prayer. i.e. Connection to the Higher Consciousness, the Nous, through Meditation and talking to ‘God”.
2                     Galileo Galilei. (1564-1642), the Father of Modern Science. The anecdote I like about his work is not the astronomical observations but the one wherein he worked out the Periodicity of a Pendulum during a boring church sermon. He observed the swinging chandelier in a cross breeze and used his pulse to time it. Luckily for us he did not have atrial fibrillation. To then formulate the Periodicity, involving as it does the length of the arm, the value of the local gravity and the value of Pi speaks of connection to the Numinous, does it not?
3                     Shri Aurobindo (1872-1950) was an Indian Philosopher and freedom fighter. Reading his books and poetry, especially “The Synthesis of Yoga” and “The Life Divine”, one is left in no doubt, if s/he recognizes the energy within the words, that he is a Divine Messenger.  Indeed, in India he is revered by many followers as “God” incarnate. They are not wrong.
All three have common features in their lives. They taught the Way to the Life Divine; they upheld the Spiritual Life; they confronted the demons in Institutions, Governments, etc. They suffered at the hands of the Archons of their day.
In the lives of all three you will also note human traits as well as Divine ones. This is the Duality of all Theomorphs who, per force, need to use a physical body when incarnating onto this level.
·         We all have the frailty and weaknesses of the physical to contend with.
·         We all have all the hungers, desires and diverse hormone poisonings of the body.
·         We all have to contend with the body’s useless lower monkey mind and its mental weaknesses which reject anything it does not understand, as well as its programed destructiveness.
·         We all are born into many traps that tear us apart, be they racial, sexual, emotional, fraternal, religious, financial, etc.
·         We all inhabit a body that may have destructive genetic memory or past life burdens of negative energy, karmic consequences, etc.
·         We all inherit bodily traits that will give the body weaknesses, diseases, unwanted physical, emotional and mental traits, etc., which most certainly detract from one’s spiritual focus. Some, especially females, are born with special physical beauty which makes them sexual targets for demons. We are born in a straitjacket. We need to get out of it. That is part of the Personal Spiritual War we have to fight.
·         We are all subjected to destructive indoctrination, starting in the womb, and continued by parents and peers, schooling and religion, governments, military, race, gender, politics, spouses, our status of wealth or poverty, our physical attributes or lack thereof, etc.
·         We all need to exert energy to supress the base human and connect to our Divine Inner Nous. It is a daily battles, is it not?
·         Life is a gauntlet, and we will fall down many times under the lashings by Evil. If you fall, pick yourself up and march on. Don’t punish yourself for programmed weaknesses. Many have been caught into a life of prostitution, illicit drugs, criminality, etc., before they awoke.  
·         Always remember: The physical body is made by Evil for Evil of Evil physical materials. Evil will try anything and everything to prevent the Higher Divine Consciousness from expressing in the physical. Don’t ruminate on past mistakes. We all made them. We made them when we were in a state of ignorance of the true reality. Besides, it was not the Higher Being that made them but the weak physical body which seeks pleasure to the point of self-destruction.  
Never feel sorry for yourself, for as Frederick Nietzsche, another Christ, said “Self-pity is cancer of the soul!” Did Nietzsche know who he was energetically? Indeed he did. In one of his last letters to his sister before his death, he referred to himself as the “Crucified One”. As you recall, it was he who, describing the state of this sorrow-filled world, said “god” is dead, referring to the Demiurge, the Evil principle, represented in our era by the name Jehovah.
If you noted Teresa and Galileo shared years on Earth, in separate countries, go to the top of the class. The Christ Light often comes into 2 physical bodies in the same era and in lesser concentration in other physical bodies. There is a hierarchical distribution.
Timothy was Jesus’ twin.
Teresa and Galileo were spiritual twins of the Christ in their era.
Aurobindo’s twin? You will not believe me, even if I told you, so I will keep it for another time. If you like guessing games, his name starts with H.
It was certainly not Heartless Harry Truman who authorized dropping the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, earning the USA a karmic debt which that country is just beginning to realize it needs to pay off. Financial collapse, geological collapse, natural evils galore, moral collapse, democratic collapse – they are all part of payback. BTW, if you are a student of history and now spiritually awakened to the truths I have revealed to you, are you really surprised by the ontology of the major advocates and instruments of the Manhattan Project?
Babaji has a twin. He revealed this to me in the subtle level before I travelled to see him at his Ashram at the foothills of the Himalayas on October 1983. He passed the baton to his twin and then unexpectedly for his devotees, left the physical. He came onto the physical again in the early 1990s. We still work together. We have a code between us so no impostors can fool either of us. I have not revealed these many of these facts before.
The real Sai Baba, whose body recently died, was one rung lower in the Christ Energy Hierarchy. Really, there is no upper and lower; it is all one Consciousness split into parts. I use that expression simply to go with the analogy of a hierarchy. I have explained the two consciousnesses (one Divine, one evil) occupying the body of the person known as Sai Baba elsewhere in my writings.
Regarding the Christ Consciousness, at other times, the major portion of It incarnates into lowly bodies, unknown by the masses, as it gives hidden sustenance, as needed, to the trapped Viables. 
Who is to say you, reading this, are not one of the Christs?
Did not Jesus say we could be like Him?
I encourage you to live as if you are.
In that way, you will be a Source of Joy, Comfort and Happiness, as well as of True Love for all who know you in this Hell. The true ones will come to you; the evil ones will shun you, thus making your life a little less cluttered by troublemakers perhaps.
Strive to be Holy (perfect in Goodness and associated with the Divine Power), for in our True Nature, we are Holy as is our Source of Infinite Goodness, Felicity and Love.
I was contacted directly by an officer of the Stanthorpe Police Department last week. He wanted to  know if I knew the whereabouts of Amitakh and Steffan Stanford.
I said I do not know their current whereabouts, and that I had not seen them for many , many months. The last time I saw them was early last year, driving along the highway as I was going home from work in the opposite direction.
As one would expect, he did not give me specific details of why they wish to question the Stanfords. But he did say the Police again had numerous complaints against them. Money was mentioned.
I assumed the Stanfords are still conning and scamming people. They appear unable to stop their criminality.
 If you are in physical proximity to Amitakh, and you still believe her lies, do this simple exercise, but make sure she does not know what your intention is: atch her closely. Keep your eyes on her eyes.  She will rarely make eye contact for long with anyone for good reason. But if you keep looking, you will soon see the reptilian eyes as she blinks. Just be patient and do not take your eyes off her eyes. That revelation will leave you in no doubt of her Reptilian evil nature.
Steffan is easy. He looks like a Reptile from 500 metres away.
If you have information for the Police and wish to contact them, their phone number is :
Australia 07 46816400. From overseas, the international code is 61.
Or you can write to  The Officer -in-Charge, Stanthorpe Police Station, Stanthorpe
Queensland 4380,  Australia
 It is our duty to expose Evil in all its forms, wherever it may be. We would do the same with any criminal. That we know the Stanfords and their scamming history is all the more reason why they should be found and stopped by the appropriate authorities.
 Feb 20,2012






March 1, 2012

Of Ignorance and Demonic Possession
Metaphysical Pot-Pouri for Today’s World
And then, 3 Big Cheers for PETS
On February 25, 2012, I had an appointment to see a Neurologist at the major Private Hospital in a largish town called Toowoomba, Queensland. It was 2 hours and 30 minutes away from where I live and I drove to it in very inclement weather. When I reached the town I stopped at a hotel which I had stopped at before. It is midway between the highway and the hospital. And the reason I stopped there was to have a coffee as I knew no services would be open at the hospital seeing that it was a Saturday. No other venues were open in the area.
Modern public hotels in Oz are unique. They are really massive beer barns, decked out with mixed lounges and so-called ‘lady’s lounges’, restaurants, stand-up bars, like in the cowboy films, gambling areas, etc. Most of the time, everything is mixed together.
The lounge-bar I went into had some 20 monitors showing football in 2 codes, horse racing from some 5 venues, harness racing, bingo, greyhounds racing, a movie, a weather channel,, a news channel, etc., etc. Distraction to the max and electronic saturation to exhaust any brain were the order of the day, as usual. No one can stay in such an environment for long without becoming zombified a little, or a lot. I ordered a sandwich from the bar, as is the custom, took my number and went and sat down with a glass of water.
The people were what I would describe as a usual Saturday crowd at such venues, mainly older retired people, many workers, and young men with their girls, etc., etc. All were friendly, sociable, readily made eye contact, said “Hello”, asked each other what (horse) they liked in the next, made way if you walked amongst them, etc., etc. In the main, they were aware, obliging and courteous. The bar attendants, both male and female, were smiling, prompt and courteous. It was like it had always been, as I recall. I must admit the last time I was there had been many months ago. I ate and left for my appointment.
I waited in the waiting room, as is the custom. Doctors never seem to run on time. Knowing this, I took a magazine from the car to read. When I was called, I took the magazine in with me, for I did not want to leave it in the waiting room and have someone take it. It had a picture of the Crop Circle depicting the value of Pi. You may have seen this particular design. A mathematician finally worked out what this particular Crop Circle meant. It was the value of Pi to about ten decimal places.
To make conversation, the neurologist asked me what “It” was. I tried to explain. Now, you must understand that this man had a medical degree and a specialist degree. He would have had between 22 and 24 years of formal schooling.
As the discussion evolved from Crop Circles to other topics while we were measuring my nerve’s conducting ability, etc., for it had been injured, my embarrassment for this fool grew greater and greater. Talk about cultivated ignorance! This man was a complete idiot in regards to anything metaphysical and spiritual and yet, he took great pride in his ignorance. I am sure he was one of the many in the crowd that stood at the dock and yelled out to Columbus back in 1492, “You’re mad Chris; you’ll fall off the edge of the Earth that everyone knows is flat!”
People, we are going to encounter these fools more and more, as the ones with the Gnosis begin to separate from the ones with the empty heads, regardless of what specialities they claim they practice.
I remember having a discussion with an Irish Catholic psychiatrist about UFOs in mid-2005. He was certain that all people who believed in UFOs were severely mentally ill and probably certifiable.
Then I said to him, “Are you aware of the fact that Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a theologian member of the Vatican Curia (governing body), and an insider close to the Pope, said that the Papacy affirmed that UFOs and Aliens exist?”
BTW, You will note in the third site, the Anunnaki , the ‘Creators of Man’ (his body) are taken as servants of “god”, the evil Jehovah, which the Vatican has as its” god”.
The psychiatrist could not answer. He was another idiotic fool, an “expert”, so-called, in his field of in mental diseases, who was an ignorant moron. In the real world, he would be the one to be locked up for his ignorance, stupidity and hubris made him dangerous!
People, as to this day, these ignoramuses and idiots, being the biggest lunatics, are in charge of the asylum. They are extremely dangerous mainly because they don’t know that they don’t know. That is the worst type of fool. You know the saying “Fools rush in……”
No wonder we want to panic at the dysfunction and imbecility of this absurd, relentlessly exploitative plane!
These liars, deceivers and morons have been in charge since time memorial. They have fed us the Lie and we have swallowed it, life after life, after life. The awakened Gnostics who wanted to reveal the Lie were mercilessly slaughtered, as History reveals all too clearly. It is now that we must awaken and see the Truth that is within us.
But, a far more disturbing revelation was to follow this fateful day.
Before I get onto that, however, to balance the books, I do want to mention the fact that some scholars are wise, even for a short period. I spent time with John Mack at Boston University. He was the psychiatrist chosen by the American Medical Association to explore the so-called new psychiatric syndrome of “Alien abductions.” When John stated publically that it was a New Reality impinging on the consciousness of this plane, the AMA tried to make him recant. The rest is history.
When I saw him in Boston, he was made aware of the two types of Aliens, Good and Evil, and the battle raging between them.  My information confirmed what he had suspected. But, he succumbed, as many do, to fame and pressure to be popular, and eventually sold out to the Dark Side. He died in an accident years ago. And, just by the way, Whitley Strieber who wrote the book Communion also succumbed to pressure. The Good Aliens had told him the planet was scheduled for destruction. But that was not a popular message and he sold out to the Dark Side too. The price? 30 pieces of silver no doubt. He later disavowed the position he had presented in his book.
Back to my story: I went back to the exact same hotel that I had left 2 hours previous, and it was like I had entered another dimension.
What I saw was frightening. The people were no longer the same. They were stuporous. When I looked into their eyes, what I saw was NOT human! I have seen people spend long hours in pubs, and the few that get drunk are obvious. But this was not a case of a few being drunk. They were ALL zombified, but not simply from the glare and electric emanations of the TV monitors. The ones I had said “Hello” to some 2 hours earlier looked right through me. Their eyes were glazed. Some looked demonic, but most of them were in a trance-like state. It appeared as if they were all in a bubble of Unreality, in a more malevolent sub-dimension, and did not belong to this level any more.
Where had their consciousness gone? What caused this?
It wasn’t like the experience of when one leaves a party and then returns a couple of hours later. There the participants are usually happier, more garrulous, and drunker in some cases, with egos and personalities flaring and highlighting a jovial time. We have all been there. I remember in my younger days, as hospital doctors we were always having parties, and when one of us was on duty and was called away it was hard to fit back into the swing of things for a while on return.
This was definitely different. It was ominous and disturbing. It was not just a party or alcohol effect. The energy of the place was horrible, far, far worse than 2 hours or so before.
I had gone back in to have a full lunch, but confronted with this scenario, I raced out as fast as I could. It was very unnatural. I repeat, I had never encountered such a thing. I felt very uncomfortable in there. Had I been psychically injured in the few minutes I was there? I was not sure. I know I did not feel well and my mood dimmed.  I was certainly drained of energy.
Had all the consciousnesses been displaced? Who, what, were in the bodies?
They could not all have drunk that much to be like this. But it was not a state of drunkenness. I think something else happened. I think aliens and demons who were unfamiliar with the bodies had invaded those bodies en masse as a trial run.
What I saw I had never seen before. It was sinister. It was unnerving. The energy was ghastly. The atmosphere was demonic. I walked amongst them and they did not even know I was there.  They were indeed wraiths in a phantom dimension.
It reminded me of sub-dimensions and Soul Sacs that I had described years ago in my books. But those Soul Sacs were for consciousnesses between lives. Here the consciousnesses were supposed to be in physical, living bodies!
I rushed out as fast as I could and drove home. As I drove, I kept thinking that I had seen that effect before, but I could not quite recall. Then suddenly it came to me. “Nursing Homes!” Bingo. I had seen the same effect in Nursing Homes that I frequently visit as a Medical Officer.  One could not simply blame just the medication these elderly and often demented patients are given. Of course not! These bodies are purposely being surreptitiously kept alive way beyond their expiry date by the Evil System so they can be used as training machines for Aliens and Demons who come onto this level for the first time. That had been revealed to me years and years ago. I had simply forgotten that fact.
Changes in personalities which occur with new consciousnesses in the elderly bodies are often excused away as being due to the dementia or silent cerebral infarcts, or ischaemic attacks, etc., etc. How convenient. But, in all fairness, unless the Nursing and Medical staff are Metaphysicians and have this knowledge, they will never suspect the reality that is occurring.
This explains much of the dumbing down of people we see in our midst. But now the Demons and Aliens have progressed in their takeover of this level. They are taking over younger, more capable bodies, as I noted in the pub! And people are facilitating their own takeover by using alcohol, drugs, sex, and other agents of programming and pollution that I have enumerated in my books.
Is there any independent witness that can verify this process of impinging on auras and possession? Read the Near Death Experiences of Professor George Ritchie in his book ‘Return from Tomorrow’. I had no idea that book existed when I wrote my book.
Almost three hours later, I was home. The inclement weather had lifted and there was enough daylight left to walk my dogs as I usually do daily.
I had been protecting and cleansing all the way home and still felt flat from the most unusual and unnerving experience in that pub. Indeed I felt drained, and almost in a bad mood but I could not pinpoint why. On reflection, I am sure it was the negative energies in the pub that had impinged on my aura. I recalled that I felt drained too whenever I visited the Nursing Homes, but put that down to the energy needs of the sick, elderly inmates.
Now I knew it was more than that. In their midst, like in the pub, there would have been Energy Vampires that efficiently extract energy from any who have it. Some psychic damage must have occurred. Be warned, such things could and will happen to you in such places, especially if you don’t protect well, and especially now as the negativity of the planet is increasing alarmingly.
When you feel you are in such a situation, exit immediately. Do not delay. You are in danger as I was. These sites ARE full of demons. They are possessed, as can be houses and vehicles. Casinos, brothels, drug joints, sex clubs, race tracks, legal and illegal gambling places, etc., are demonic dens. The stories such as the Amityville Horror are of real demonic possession. What is remarkable about that experience is the extent to which the Archons went to call it a hoax and deny the reality of demonism. You will see this throughout the history of the Virtual Reality on this level. They go to great lengths to hide the Truth!!
Recall the murder of Gnostics. During the Spanish Inquisition, the Catholic Church had “Holy Sundays” when Gnostic families in toto were burned to death in ovens in the town square. Another example is of the Albigensian Gnostics who tried to get away from the demonic murderers and who found themselves on the wrong side of a Crusade to slaughter them all. The demons saw disclosure of their energy pilfery as dangerous, for if people discovered the Truth, their haul would be far less. The people could even fight back! See http://www.cathar.info/1206_crusade.htm
And this leads to that most evil directives we find in the Bible to “love your enemies”, and to “turn the other cheek”. These demons do NOT respond to True Love, so it is futile to expect they will change because of your love. Secondly, turning the other cheek means you are inviting them to thrash you all the more. Thus, instead of fighting the war to survive, by these directives, True Beings are made pusillanimous wimps who give up their energy and eventually spiritually die if enough is drained out of them. Do you see how evil that is? Now do you see why Jesus came down with a sword, not an olive branch? Of course the spurious evil myth created about a false Jesus made him a wimp too.
As I drove home, all I could think of was how horrible the day had been. People, it’s obvious that as time progresses, we are going to need to isolate more and more. The New World Order is all about Chaos, Fragmentation, Demonic Possession and Terminal Madness.
As soon as I got home, I made the realization of why I have so many pets. As they all rushed to greet me, both dogs and cats, I was benevolently flooded with a massive amount of Light and engulfing loving Energy which instantly dispelled the dimness that had affected me and recharged me in a manner I had never so readily appreciated before. The healing of the damage appeared to be instantaneous.
The pets we all have are obviously wonderful healers, helpers and protectors that we have around us all. They sustain us with their nurturing energy.  For me it had never been as obvious as today as to what their role is towards us humans.
Of course, they have their own roles in the Animal Kingdom as well. I have mentioned elsewhere also that not all the consciousnesses in animal bodies are Class 3. Many are of much Higher Consciousness, some far higher than Class 4 Human Consciousness. Remember that next time you see hunters shooting them without a second thought, and when you see the poor, depressed creatures lined up for slaughter so dumb or demonic humans can have their steaks and burgers.
BTW, the medical evidence is in. We were never meant to eat flesh. The demons taught us that too. It is a depravity arising from the practice of blood sacrifice initiated by Jehovah.
So, I had an encounter with an ignorant fool full of his own specialized cultivated ignorance; I witnessed the takeover of a whole crowd, en masse, or so it seemed, by Alien and Demonic Consciousnesses, and I had witnessed in the clearest form possible, the wonderful gift of instantaneous healing that our pets possess.
I had heard that pets in nursing homes and hospices can perform healing miracles. I had heard of one pet introduced into the life of a hardened criminal can melt his or her heart so s/he becomes a loving member of the community again, and who, more often than not, if s/he is Viable, seeks the Light again. And this day, more than ever before, I witnessed that Power of the Pets, in no uncertain manner.
What a day.  I do not think it was an accident that I went to that particular Neurologist. But it is a reminder of the fools we are going to meet.
It was no accident I witnessed the Demonic and Alien Possession of a whole crowd. Demonic Possession and body-snatching are real mechanisms, even if only for a short time.
In anticipation of the many questions that arise, I give you these further facts: The original consciousness of the body can simply be displaced out of the body, or pushed aside and neutralized. If totally evicted, because the invading discarnate or demon or alien wants to remain in the body, the consciousness will act as a Lost Soul on the Earth plane until it is convinced by its guides to follow its path to Light or Darkness, depending on where it belongs. Sometimes more than one invader take possession of the body and a condition called Dissociative Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) will manifest, or else a Schizoid Personality will.
If the original consciousness is Viable, it may go to the Astral where it will have to await the final dissolution of the dimension. In the astral, it is no longer effective in its Personal War or in the General War. It is as if it is encased in a glass chamber and can do nothing but wait. Not a good position to be in.
If it is a temporary displacement, it will find its way back into the body and wait until it is next displaced if it does not know how to prevent it.
If you are aware of something, someone attempting to impinge upon your aura or enter your centres of Consciousness, and many are, you can resist the invasion. Say “NO!” loudly and forcefully and flood yourself with the energies I have discussed in my books.
Of course if you are in a weakened state, sick or unconscious, under anaesthesia, inebriated or deranged by illicit drugs, you are an easy target. Bouts of drunkenness or drug bingers often lead to possession as do intimate exchanges with prostitutes and demonic persons. If it is not full possession, you may end up with damage to some of the Centres, and that will manifest sooner or later as mental illness.
Thus you will find possession is facilitated in places that have vice, gambling, drink, drugs and hard rock music that stimulates the lower centres to open and let evil entities into them, just like drugs.
And what about the famed hallucinogenic drugs of the South American Natives such as Ayahuasca that is usually mixed with dimethyltryptamine (DMT)-containing species of shrubs from the Psychotria genus? Are they agents for entering higher spiritual realms as some suppose? Like Hell they are. They allow indiscriminate entry into demonic realms and lower astral realms by causing damage to the Centres. Yes, I know, famous people have tried them. For example, I believe Graham Hancock who wrote many books including ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’, and David Icke, tried them. I will bet you any money you like they are now spiritually damaged. The danger is unavoidable if you are dumb enough to try these intoxicants. I feel sorry for Hancock. Icke is not one of mine.
Someone is bound to ask: “How do I know they are not mine?” and, “What does that mean?” It’s all about energy. It is about their reaction to my energy and my reaction to theirs. It has nothing to do with lower mind analysis. It has nothing to do with emotional reactions to their appearance, actions, reactions, emotions, etc. I have found this to be an automatic process. I cannot control it, neither can they. Often an experienced demon will put up a false aura. But, it does not take long to decipher their ontology once their energy is “assessed”. The energy of a being can be assessed without ever physically meeting the person on this level. They can be called up for a confrontation on the etheric levels, when one knows how to do that.
Whether you want to believe it or not, if they are “not mine”, they are not Viable. End of story. You can argue all you like. That statement stands.
If you are sincere about your spiritual welfare, you must learn to perceive energies accurately. If you don’t, you will fall into traps like we all did when we were unawakened, and you will be worse for the experiences.
The various molecules in the brain act as keys on locks to allow communication at the quantum level with non-physical manifestation. The various agents, usually called neuro-transmitters, such as serotonin, acetylcholine, dopamine, epinephrine, endorphins (which can appear to heighten pleasure) in regulated concentrations allow stability to manifest. Agonists and hallucinogenics disrupt the transmissions and swing the Centres open as a consequence. This lets the consciousness exit into the now opened astral and demonic dimensions and sub-dimensions, and also lets entities, partial or whole, always EVIL, to enter the aura, the emotional body, the astral body, etc.
Depending on the dosage and strength, damage can occur to the Centres, and then the individual has less control over what his mind does and does not do. This explains the spontaneous and often unwanted trips that occur long after drug ingestion. LSD is the classical offender in that case. The more common disruptive manifestation is mental disease in the form of Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Dissociative Disorder, Anxiety and of course, Depression.
Who would not be depressed having a demon in the aura? These are vicious, malicious, destructive and very lecherous entities. Crystal meth (L.A. Ice), for example, turns users into insatiable, lustful demons because of the energy that has invaded their lower centres. Invariably they become psychotic. In truth, once damaged, they live a vile, demonic reality due to their indiscretions and drug abuse.
By now you should have gained the impression that Mental Illness has a spiritual basis. And that is so. But Modern Medicine believes none of this. Why? Carl Yung and William James, the Fathers of Modern Psychiatry did. What has happened? The Archons are in control. And that explains just about everything that is wrong with this Universe and why it must all be corrected. James believed the condition of the Soul manifested the behaviour seen. In other words, if the Soul was not in a good state, mental illness manifested. Yung had spiritual experiences that told him that and more. His failure to integrate them caused his own mental perturbation. He eventually succumbed to Darkness.
Someone is bound to ask me about Sigmund Freud, so let me dispense with him in one sentence. This cocaine-addicted demon put Spirituality and the valid treatment of Mental Illness back into the Jurassic Period with his idiocy.
Time for a little comedy relief: The latest avant-garde thinking in Modern Psychiatry has to do with the relationship of Mental Illness, especially depression, with the development of the pinky finger in the foetus, and the development of its palm creases. Palmistry anyone? Risible, is it not? I do laugh out loud and I guess I shouldn’t so much, being a registered Medical Practitioner. But now you see why I have so many confrontations with Medical Boards who promote such idiocy and condemn people who see demons, aliens, and UFOs. The FACT that more and more are now doing just that does not seem to worry them. Why should they allow facts to get in the way?
Why is this ubiquitous Demonic Possession happening?  Consciousnesses, both Demonic and Alien, are coming onto this level in order to retrain themselves in the use of a physical body under the conditions of Earth because their dimensions are collapsing. Hybrid and artificial consciousnesses, created in crafts are also given a training run in the bodies until they are competent to fully take over. These are all of the Evil Empire and refuse to accept that all physical dimensions will be eliminated.
BTW, Aliens can be Good or Evil. Evil aliens can be totally robotic entities with artificial consciousnesses such as the little perennial Greys seen everywhere, or else they are totally demonic consciousnesses in various bodies and disguises. Some look Nordic and handsome, some are grotesque and horned, others are Reptilian and tailed, etc. If you meet any, do not judge by the appearance. GO BY THE ENERGY EMITTED. And, if you are close enough and can look at their eyes long enough for them to blink, eventually you will see the unmistakable blink of demons and reptiles. Once seen, this sign is unmistakeable.
Abductions, possessions, mutilations, are always carried out by evil entities. Higher Divine Consciousness will always ask permission for the lower consciousness and its body to co-operate in performing a particular task on this level.
Divine roles, such as those played by Jesus, Manichaeus, Zoroaster, Krishna, King Arthur, (the real) Mohammed, Christopher Columbus, Galileo, Frederick Nietzsche, Haydn, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc. – there have been many throughout history, in all ages, in all era, – are played by bodies with Class 4 beings in them who have trained over many lifetimes to accommodate the Divine Energy, often called the Christ Energy.
The isolation of Jesus as the only Son of God has been a purposeful plan by Evil to ensnare those seeking the Divine into a mental and religious trap by which they are reduced to exploitable morons. All religions are traps. If you want more details on this topic, please read my book “Death of an evil God”.
The breakdown of dimensions and sub-dimensions, in and around the Earth, has given rise to the ubiquitous and weird sounds heard lately around the world. This is not a new phenomenon. It began more than 20 years ago. The sounds have a combination of origins, including tectonic plate shifts, photon wind effect on Van Allen radiation belts (the dirty wind effect I predicted would occur some 12 months ago.)  Worse of this Dirty Wind effect is to come.
The other thing that becomes obvious in such discussions is that the physical body is just the equivalent to a ‘cardboard box’. It has really no inherent value. It is disposable junk. Try telling that to the “beautiful people”! It is a box, the package in which the consciousness resides. It is not the package we need to relate to but to the consciousness that is in the box. So, when you meet someone, anyone, even if you think you are totally familiar with the ‘cardboard box’ no matter how dolled up, spruced and muscled up it is, for your own safety you must ask, “What’s in that container, that ‘cardboard box’?” That will minimize your chances of being stung or drained by Negatives and Demons.  The contents may have changed since the last time you saw that ‘cardboard box’.
Judging by the numerous and painful emotional scars we possess, it can be seen that we have all been caught by these demons in their colourful cardboard boxes, right?
Once fully awakened, you, as a Divine Consciousness, will realize that the physical body, that manifestation equivalent to a cardboard box, with all its Programming, Pollution and Indoctrinations, with all its wounds and scars, all its hungers and insatiable lusts that must be conquered to attain control and get onto a Spiritual Path, is really a prison for the True Spirit. It is the enemy of the True Spirit.
Those rampaging hormones, that ego, those implanted thoughts and generic, genetic weaknesses are really there to block the True Spirit, to block awareness and to block awakening to the Greater Reality. The body, made by Evil to serve Evil, must be seen as an enemy in that metaphysical sense.
It must be harnessed and not allowed to rule the Spirit. But, the flesh is weak and the spirit is strong if one truly wants to awaken. The body even has a Filtering Mechanism by which we cannot easily recall our past lives, our existence in Higher, Purer, Divine dimensions, our origin, our potential and our Divine Heritage.
As I state in my books, once the dimension evolved and energy precipitated into matter (at the time of the Big Bang), the bodies were then developed as prisons for the True Consciousnesses, the Theomorphs, who were trapped in the cocooned illegal dimension. This concept of the Spirit trapped in Matter is as old as all the other concepts in the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom. The truly awakened know this. They sense it and want to be liberated from the physical trap, including the body so that they can go Home.  The bodies we have now are of a latter day design. The consciousnesses which before the entrapment manifested ethereally were trapped in many other physical bodies and manifestations over the last 16 billion years or so, including in aquatic, avian, reptilian and dinosaur bodies. Indeed, Truth is stranger than fiction. And yet, many are recalling such lives, and can recall them on hypnotic regression. They have not always been on Earth either.
I know you have most likely heard this said before: This battle between the useless, polluted, programmed, dispensable cardboard box, and the Divine Consciousness within, is what constitutes the Personal Battle for spiritual survival. Give in to the desires of the box, and you are well on your way on the Road to Perdition. The majority, through their own choice, are now on that ruinous path.
Having said that, it behoves us to keep the physical body under the control of the Higher Mind at all times, and in as good a condition as possible. It is going to break down for many reasons, some of which we cannot control. But, while we are in it, for whatever reason, we must do our best to keep it clean, physically and spiritually, and in good working order, so it can be used to enhance our prospects of winning our individual Personal Battle, and not let it become an obstacle on our Spiritual Path out of here.
This very important piece of information, that we are NOT the body, has been forgotten by the majority, and they identify solely as being the ‘cardboard box’.
Make a supreme effort to eradicate habits that work against you. Learn as much as you can about programming of the body and its lower Monkey Mind. Learn all about physical, emotional and spiritual pollution. And learn about the indoctrinations you, and all of us, have been subjected to since the day these bodies were conceived. Learn of the astrological influences that are inimical to the True Divine Spirit. I have abundant details of such things in my books.
·         The Physical Body is a prison for the True Spirit.
Check who/what else uses your body. What are they putting into it, Good or Evil energy? You know what to do if you are being intimate with a demonic entity. Protect at night. Nocturnal rapes by Incubi and Succubi, and by marauding evil Aliens who steal energy, ova, sperm, etc., are real, not just mythological scary stories. BTW, they steal gametes for hybrid production.
If, at this late stage, you are still wilfully eating meat, smoking, using pot or illicit drugs, you are not only an idiot; you are running the risk of failure! Shame on you; in that case, you can’t be sincere about your spiritual welfare.
Allow the Higher Gnosis of the True Spirit within to manifest in you and you will be on the True Path to Godly Realization. You don’t need Religions, or indoctrinations, scientists, mathematics, Quantum Physics or String Theory. All you need is to connect to your Higher Self if you are a True Being and if you are still Viable.
Robotic Consciousnesses that have chosen the Light (most have not) will have modifications made so that this Divine Connection is possible for them. Without that connection they cannot survive outside of this dimension once it implodes from lack of energy. No one without connection to the Inner Light can survive the Correction. I have given the numbers of survivors elsewhere.
Who is Viable? Who is not? It is no one else’s business to know this answer on a personal basis. You know deep within you whether you are, or whether you are not, a Viable. No one else really cares. You cannot feign a positive response. Che sera, sera.
You have all the answers within you. You have all the blueprints for success. Follow the Gnosis within and you cannot fail. Was it not said that “The Kingdom of Heaven is within?” Now do you understand what Jesus meant by that statement?  
(BTW, there is a Zionist led conspiracy to say that Jesus is a myth and never really existed. Truly the “Jesus fraud-package” of the Born-again pseudo-Christians is a myth. But the Jesus I know was a real historical figure and one of the Avatars for that era. His consciousness has been back onto this, and other planets, many times, as has the Christ Light accommodated by his body. The Nag Hammadi Texts (discovered in 1945) put paid to the evil scheme of making Him a myth.)
There is simply no other way of stating the facts I have given you above.
Soon, we are all going to leave these smelly, decaying, excreting, corrupted and corrupting, entrapping, draining, spiritually-damaging cardboard boxes made in the image of their creator Jehovah, the demiurgal Usurper, and his Anunnaki.
To leave this dimension which will shortly be no more is part of the Divine Plan of Correction. Those who insist the Earth will split and a good part will go elsewhere, or that we shall all go to a higher dimension are idiots, yes idiots. Don’t listen to them. Not only do they NOT know anything. They are actually contradicting the Divine Plan. And that fact makes them either deluded fools or workers of Darkness – Demons.
Most of you are aware of the New World Order’s Eugenics Plan for the eradication of a high proportion of the ‘Human Race’ (the cardboard boxes) by various mechanisms such as GM foods, HAARP induced disasters, Wars, Chemtrails, Vaccines, etc. This is being allowed to happen because we want consciousness out of here anyway. By ‘we’ I mean the Light Workers that are here to ensure the Correction proceeds as planned. It will, and it cannot fail.
Where is the fear in that Liberation, I ask? There is none. If you have understood my words there can only be Joyful Anticipation of True Liberation from these evil realms.
Let me now make this very practical point: You all know that alcohol and drugs loosen the etheric coating and make not just pollution possible, but also discarnate and demonic possession of your cardboard box so much easier. Damage can be permanent once this occurs, so be careful. Do not drink alcohol. Do not take illicit drugs.
Having noted this process of Possession, and I am sure it is being repeated all over the world, one must ask, “Where the Hell do the New Agers get their concept of an earthly Ascension into a higher, cleaner dimension?”
 All the evidence points to the fact that this doomed Orb is descending into Demonic realms, as I have predicted in the past, in preparation for its total obliteration.
No matter how aware you are and no matter how cleansed and protected, you are going to be affected in some way by this process of Ubiquitous Demonic Possessions. Some close to you or someone you know will manifest demonic possession sooner, rather than later. It may one or more of your children. It is said 80% of school children in Oz experiment with recreational drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sex, etc. Mothers bring their 12 year old daughters to me to be put onto contraception, for at that age they are already ‘sleeping around’. As 30% of the population are demonic, the chances of being demonically possessed are very high. But of course those that manifest such behaviour are in most cases already big demons in juvenile bodies.
Spouses, parents, relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbours, any or all of those will now manifest demonic possession. The changes may be subtle or gross in them, but sooner or later you will notice them change for the worse.
Don’t panic. They have had as many chances to choose to go to the Light as the rest of us have. They have made their choice which has allowed this takeover. You may become distressed of course, for the body reacts emotionally. By all means help them as much as you can, continue to love them, but realize it is a losing battle for them. They will NOT respond to your kindness and love. They will not tolerate your energy, nor you theirs. Hence, a rapid chasm will develop between you and them, regardless of who they are.
Expect this; like will seek like. You will meet others of your energy. Cultivate those friendships and understand what is going on. You have to learn to discern energies; otherwise you could fall into further traps.
As the fragmentation proceeds, in the mind and in all other ways in society, in the environment, in all the systems of Earth, you may be swamped with negative emotional feelings. Protect your mind!
You may become very, very busy in attempting to help all those you perceive will need help in some way. But, you cannot help all of them. Do not run yourself ragged. Realize what is happening and concentrate on your own wellbeing, and that of those who are like you:  honest, sincere, loving, and peaceful. Only in that way can you avoid the Terminal Madness of the Endtime, and the gross energetic drainage that is sure to occur to most in this doomed orb.
The New Green Energy (NGE) that has been specifically been created for this Endtime, and which the evil ones cannot value or use, is specifically to assist Viables in these Final Times. As you purify more and more, and as your connection to your Higher Divine Self occurs and strengthens, more and more of this NGE will be available for you, and you will become stronger, more resolute against Evil and ever more joyous with the realization of the Victory that this Correction means.  Thus, the prophecies of Shri Aurobindo and of Frederick Nietzsche shall be fulfilled. You will have become A Super Human (predicted by Nietzsche) with a connection to the Supra-mental Consciousness (predicted by Aurobindo).
I shall close here for now, and quote another Christ Figure, William Shakespeare, who said, “All’s well that ends well.” The day ended on a wonderful note, for  it was a blessing to be shown how quickly and effectively our pets heal us when we are damaged.
Thus, my advice to you is:
·         Minimize your contact with crowds;
·         Protect, protect, protect at all times;
·         Cleanse and purify effectively – now!
·         Let your Higher Consciousness take control by connecting to it effectively. It cannot connect if your cardboard box is filthy and your lower Monkey Mind is an erratic, distracting can of worms.
And cherish your pets all the more. We really cannot do without them in this Final Battle against Evil. BTW, the fact that Evil is an accidental, erroneous and very temporary aberration in the general scheme of things should not cause us to make excuses for it. It is still a deadly, destructive active essence while it exists that must be totally eradicated, along with all its dedicated demonic workers.
Postscript 1:
If you have truly understood my Message of Correction, of Resolution of the Problem of Evil, of the End to the War of Essences, you will have lost all your fears, your anxiety, depression, frustration, negative emotions such as hate, etc. You will have reached a Peace of Mind that manifests Joy and contentment, even as the sky falls on our heads. Internally, you will feel the Joy of the New Dimension and will look ever forward to the end of this Nightmare and to our New Beginning. If you feel like that, your awakening is all but completed.
If you don’t feel like that, there is something seriously wrong with you. You are either still very polluted, or else engulfed in negativity from whatever sources. Work on yourself before you spiritually drown.
Postscript 2:
Why does this so-called beautiful and intricate Universe have to come to an end? The reason is that its existence demands the spiritual death of the True Children of the True God. The demons that created and sustain this world can only do so by pilfering the energy of Theomorphs. Without that energy this demonic Universe cannot continue. Extracting energy from the Theomorphs ensues their spiritual annihilation. That is why Jesus said to them, “You are liars and murderers from the beginning.” John 8:44.
In the Concept of the Celestial Error, in which the Evil Principle accidentally and erroneously became active and separated into this dimension, which it enclosed, and in which it trapped Theomorphs, its Evil essence that activated from the experiment-gone-wrong knew it could only sustain itself by slowly exploiting the Trapped Theomorphs to gain their energy. Eventually, if enough energy was extracted from any individual, it would spiritually die. That is murder. The evil essence knows this. Many True Beings have been lost. That is why there is a need to end this dimension as soon as possible. In November 1999, most of the Theomorphs were spiritually evacuated from Earth. This system has now a gross shortage of energy, and that explains the accelerated fragmentation and decay we are now witnessing. The process is unstoppable.
There is no other valid explanation for what is going on. The entire physical dimension is all but finished.
I have given more detailed explanations in my books.


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