Welcome, dear fellow travelers, to this shared adventure.

We are well and truly on our Path Home. We are almost there.

Many of you have written to me saying you are excited by the thought of a Members’ Forum, a private Site free from the fools, and energy suckers, that seem to always very quickly infiltrate any open forum that is established. I will give you direct details as soon as I know them.

I am here to co-ordinate the Membership we are establishing, to answer any of your questions and to guide you on what I think is relevant in these Last Days.


Here is an essay from Membership Post 4:


“You’ve heard the bark?

Now here comes the bite!”

 Confusion, of what is happening to Humanity in general, the environment, our personal lives, and the entire planet, reigns supreme in most minds and is increasing the degree of manifested Madness in many groups. I had previous warned you about the emergence of Terminal Madness of the Endtime. It is now unmistakably present everywhere.

What is accurate these days?

In the last 30 years I have revealed much about world changes and about what is to come. Some changes have occurred and others are yet to ensue. When it applied, I gave you the variability that applies to all prophecy. The endpoint is the END. Because my information is so dramatic for those who know nothing about Gnostic Eschatology and about the Esoteric Past History of the Ancients, my revelations are SHOCKING to say the least for the sleeping morons.

That is why I have made my Motto ‘Take it or Leave it”.

It concerns me not in the slightest what individuals think or don’t think of me or my information. What I say will happen, will happen, and that is simply because I say it will happen. That has nothing to do with Ego. That is how things stand, as you will be able to confirm retrospectively.

You may well ask me: “Was your information accurate?”

I will answer you: “Indeed it was 100% accurate! Where there was to be variability in the timing of events, I said so too.” People can only come to this conclusion if they read everything I wrote.

Use that form guide of my past performances and what I have revealed about the coming End of the Earth and about conditions in the Endtime to assess my accuracy.

Use an assessment of my past performances to view my present prognostications about the mechanisms I have described that are yet to manifest, and their timing, to bring about a total End to Earth that has obviously NEVER occurred before! Indeed, there is evidence of many cycles of Mass Extinction Events, but what I am writing about is different again. I am saying the whole Earth will vanish, as well as the Solar System and the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

Apart from reading my material, at this very moment, even though very dramatic and very horrible, scary things are happening in our lives, or are predicted to happen, the only gauge you have to what these changes mean is your own feeling within of what it all means.

All people have purposely been confused by Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrinations. This plane has always been ruled by Evil which programmed doubt, confusion, ignorance, stupidity, malice, prejudice and hatred with its untruths and its lies.

Have a glance for these things in the dispute between the West (especially NATO and the instigator, the USA) and Russia, and you will agree with me this Earth has been ruled by Evil.

BTW, in my books, I have gone to great lengths to explain the Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination which affect all of us on Earth.

Clever demons, who have occupied these human physical bodies, since the bodies were developed by their Higher Grade Demonic Masters, have seen to it that the majority are kept in the Dark as much as possible, for as long as possible.

Some people, in fulfilment of Ancient Gnostic Prophecy are starting to see them as reptiles and as horned demons in human bodies. Gnostic Prophecy, repeated in the extant Bible, stated that this very thing would occur in the Endtime. In other words, in the Endtime, we would all know ‘Who is Who’.

Just to side track for a moment: Human Consciousness (both Theomorphic and Counterfeit) has been forcefully placed in a variety of physical bodies since the inception of this malignant Physical Universe.

Physical Bodies which we call ‘Man’ were NOT created by “God” but by the forces of Evil. These forces rebelled against the True Divine Essence in what has been termed the Celestial Error, before this dimension was created, and then created this abomination called Physicality, with all its species and variations throughout the doomed Physical Universe. For details you will have to read my books.

Note that consciousness was placed in a variety of physical manifestations. The bodies we have now as humans are a recent production.

I know my information can be traumatic for unprepared minds, and will send such minds spinning even faster into the states of Doubt and Confusion for a while.

But once viable individuals tap into this invariable Truth that is within them, acceptance of what I say is confirmed, by them, for them!

Conversely, those who persist with bitterness, anger and hatred against me and my information are the doomed failures that shall soon be no more, both physically and spiritually. Alas, they greatly outnumber the Viables with the Truth within. Thus, one cannot judge on degrees of popularity of the information to decide whether to accept it or reject it.

Let me move on to specific topics:

Denying the very existence of the Planet X Constellation, inspite of Ancient History recording it, as we find in Sumerian texts and the Mayan texts, as well as other less pristine texts such as the Bible (Revelations 8:11), is one such cause of Modern Day confusion.

BTW, while most know about Dr Z. Sitchin’s work with Sumerian texts and the Annunaki (or Anunnaki), few know that the Mayan Creed mentioned, just the once, that after 2012 they would await the return of their 9 “Gods” from Heaven. This was the Planet X Constellation – the dwarf Star and its eight circulating planets and moons.

At first, in the middle of last century, the presence of the Planet X Constellation was denied to the general public, principally by NASA and the USA Government. Like rats following the Piper, other nations intrepidly followed suit.

When denial of the Constellation’s presence was no longer possible, for many amateur astronomers saw it in the skies, eventual denial of any major catastrophic effects it could have on Earth were openly uttered to placate the masses.

What I say, and what others say, for the moment on this subject is of secondary importance. Try and get your own information to “What’s Going On.” My books assist the awakening process that all must undergo if they are to be prepared for what is to come.

As far as my information is concerned, only in the final moment of your physical existence can you, or anyone else, assess whether I was correct or not on your outer, physical mind. If you are a Viable, and you will know if you are a Viable by your positive internal response to my words, why wait that long. Follow my advice and attempt to attain the Supra Mental Consciousness which will supply you with the answers you need.

If your response to my words is negative, and you are filled with anger and hatred by what I write and say, you SIMPLY CANNOT BE A VIABLE. YOU ARE A FAILURE AND ARE SPIRITUALLY, AS WELL AS PHYSICALLY, FINISHED.

This obviously applies to all those fools who are so maliciously vociferous in attacking me openly on various forums throughout the Internet.



To the non-Viables I say, “This is no game. The D.E.D. (the Divine Energy of Destruction) has now been released. The Final Bell has been rung.

Time for useless rumination into self-delusion of your spiritual status has passed. It is time for DESTRUCTION! This information about the Endtime is everybody’s business at this late hour. No one can escape their Final Kismet.

My first book, written in 1985 was called “Clearing of the Planet”. In it, I stated emphatically that all ‘physical life’ would be removed from the planet in preparation for its TOTAL PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION.

It was not going to be like the cyclical, evil-orchestrated episodes of mass extinctions on Earth of which there have been many.

No; this time it was going to be different.

It was going to culminate in the destruction of Earth, the Solar System and the Galaxy, similar to what was hinted to in Ancient Gnostic Texts.

Read Revelation 8 completely. http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Revelation-Chapter-8/

It was, and is, going to be FINAL.

No one, except the Avatar, who appeared as personalities such as Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, King Arthur, etc., has ever made that statement of Finality in its own words. These beings spoke of an ending but gave no precise date. What Jesus was supposed to have said about a timeframe, (an ending within His generation) as written in the Judeo-Christian Bible, is spurious. The word ‘generation’ is a misrepresentation. Did Jesus really mean the End would come within this Epoch, meaning the final time of the arrival of Wormwood, the Planet X Constellation? I think so, for 2 reasons.

  • Jesus was a Gnostic and knew of the Gnostic Prophecies,
  • And secondly, it was the Gnostics who wrote the Book of Revelations which was ‘borrowed’ for inclusion by the thieves who put the extant Bible together. Thus, he knew about the End of the World in that context!

This reconciled exactly with the subsequent prognostications of independent seers over the remaining 2 millennia. While St. Malachi and Mother Shipton were clear on a date for the End, which is NOW, the writings and sayings of prophets such as Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and the Hopi, as they are presented in this generation, are suspect.

It is written that Cayce, and the Hopi said that there was to be a continuation after another cyclical Polar Shift. But were they reported correctly? I think not. The original utterings were precise with timing. The writings of Cayce were not accurately published in regard to this matter of timing. But, now it matters little.

The Inca and Maya knew of the End. They also mentioned a New Beginning. Minds focused on Physicality alone extrapolated that to mean a new beginning here after Earth suffered its disasters, as occurred after previous visitations by Planet X. But, I know the Inca and Maya did not mean that. They meant their “gods’ would come to take them away for Earth would be destroyed, and they would have a New Beginning elsewhere. In that context, their message is exactly as that of the Avatar. And why is that? It is because their main ‘god” WAS the Avatar incarnated for their time and location. It was the same consciousness as that of Buddha and Zoroaster and Jesus and so on.

Viracocha was The God (Avatar) for the Incas.

Take no note of the idiocy written in the Mythology of any of these races. The Avatar presented as Kukulcan for the Maya.

 For the Aztecs he presented as Quetzalcoatl.

The Avatar is the Consciousness from the Highest Level of ‘God-Consciousness”. It can split to manifest in more than one physical body at a time. It can manifest in all levels of Consciousness, including the Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Devic, Galactic and Universal level.

The Manifested Ray always splits into 2 major portions that occupy separate physical bodies sustained by the same Class 4 consciousnesses (of the physical body) every time and this has been so since the entry of the Avatar Energy into the dimension.

These two portions, which meet at every incarnation, can, and do, have minor offshoots that occupy other bodies in the respective levels entered during the time they are in the physical. Thus, the Class 4 Consciousness known as Zoroaster which accommodated the Avatar and the Christ Energy, in his time (which is uncertain to us) reincarnated to be known as Buddha, later as Jesus who then came as Manichaeus, then King Arthur, then Mohammed, etc. Many manifestations in between these are not recorded in our history books.

Do not confuse the activities, culture and customs of the Class 4 Consciousness with the Divine attributes of the Higher Avatar Consciousness within. The Class 4 being will be programmed, polluted and indoctrinated by Evil on this level to make mistakes as we all make, especially before it awakens fully on this level. Usually, the Avatar Consciousness expresses in the body for an hour, two maximum, per 24 hours, otherwise it would burn the body out.

It is evil fools who point to customs, practices and/or weaknesses of the physical body of the Avatar in each era and say it is incompatible with God-consciousness.

Zoroaster killed many in battle,

Buddha abandoned his family,

Jesus was said to have a raging temper,

King Arthur killed thousands in battles,

Frederick Nietzsche acquired syphilis as a young man following a dare to visit a bordello, and so on.

But who are these fools who think they have a right to judge? They are fools alright and they will soon exist no more.

The cryptic tablets of the Maya stated an End would come and a New Beginning would occur. The Hopi state this also. But, why can the End not be a total physical end of Earth and the New Beginning a beginning in a totally New, non-physical Dimension as suggested by Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus,, Arthur Pendragon, Mother Shipton and St Malachi, and many, many more?

Indeed that is the true interpretation. It is the Fear of Evil Humans that has distorted the Prophecy of Finality. They added the continuation of this dimension and this putrid, doomed Earth out of the Fear of Accountability!

I say, unconditionally, that this is the End! It is Final! My words and Message are dramatic and critical, and that is why my Motto is “Take it or Leave it”.

Thus, you see, there is a consistency in the Message of Finality throughout the Ages. To affirm, without contradiction, that this Message, given by so many Prophets and Seers throughout the Ages, is either true or false, can only be done AFTER the time for the event has passed.

I repeat, from the outset I warned all who came in contact with my information that the details I gave could NOT be rationalized on the lower, physical, evil-Created, Monkey Mind of the body, even though we have the historical details I reviewed above. There is no way anyone can offer full physical proof on this level for the metaphysical assertions I have made.

At best, Theomorphic Beings, the individuals with Light Within, once awakened even just a little, will know from that personal Truth within them that what I reveal is accurate! Eventually ALL WILL KNOW, because of the events of the Endtime, that this information is true. No one will be left in any doubt of what is going on.


I gave the basic reason for such destruction of the Physical Universe in detail in my books.

Here is a summary:

There are 2 creations sharing this dimension, the True Creation and a false, illicit, temporary one. The latter is the Evil One, an illegitimate, parasitic, impermanent one that exists by sucking out energy, and thus destroying, the part of the True Creation trapped without its boundaries.

Along the Path of Revelations, I gave the number of Viables on this Earth.

I revealed the outermost date for destruction of the planet (and the Solar System as well as the Galaxy) agreed to by the War Council of Light of which by now you have guessed “I”, the real Me, not this next-to-useless Cardboard Box, am a Member. After 2035, at the latest, Earth would exit no more. All ‘physical life’ would have been removed before the physical destruction.

The destruction of the Galaxy will be witnessed by others living in other as yet uncorrected Galaxies. The only ‘humans’ who will witness it will be the Viables who will be on the Rescue Crafts.

I am to stay here on Earth, physically, till the Last Day. It is part of my role to do so. I think those of you who are ‘Avatar splinters’ will be here till the end too.

In due course, I revealed the fact that all of the Physical Dimension would, in time, be totally demolished.

As time passed, I revealed the fact that 95-96 % of the Physical Universe had already been destroyed, and that we, in the Milky Way, and the surrounding neighbourhood, were near the tail end of the demolition of the Physical and its associated Etheric and Astral Components.

In time, I revealed our Sun was dying. I then said the planets of this Solar System were all fragmenting and were to be destroyed, as would be the whole Milky Way.

While revealing this material, I wrote that nothing of TRUE WORTH would be lost in this destructive Clearing Process, for the only thing that matters is the eternal spiritual component of Theomorphic Beings. If you don’t know what those terms mean, read my books.

I gave details in my books of how this dimension came about, who were Divine beings, and who were temporary Evil beings, who were Robotic beings to be saved, and who were Robots and Demons to be liquidated. I also revealed details of the Demonic Creation and its fate, as well as the fate of the Evil Essence and of everything it spawned.

Obviously, I cannot give tangible proof for any of these assertions. They will only be assessed as being accurate retrospectively.

On a more prosaic level I wrote that:

1          The Programming Mechanisms of the Evil Essence, which controlled its physical bodies, here and everywhere, had been demolished and that all that was not actively protected by Divine Light would Manifest Terminal MADNESS of the Endtime. That has, in fact, been the case as we examine life all over the globe.

 2          As well as that, I wrote that Terminal Fragmentation of all aspects of our PHYSICAL EXISTENCE would occur. There is no doubt that this fragmentation is occurring. But, when one is off-guard, it is easy to feel comfortable with the world and think that nothing dramatic is really happening. A trip to the supermarket and interaction with the negativity there soon tells a different story, as does repeatedly watching the ever-more-horrible-News, especially the news spewing from the mendacious and sycophantic Main Stream Media (MSM).

 3          To accompany the Terminal Fragmentation affecting all 4 Classes of Consciousness on the globe (the Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human classes) Evil beings were now programmed for Terminal Self-destruction. And, as we can see, they are Hell-bound in their attempts to destroy themselves and everyone else on the globe. Their irrationality knows no bounds. Again look, at and listen to, the MSM. Their perennial War, of, for and on, Terror affecting ALL can lead to no other conclusion than an Evil Process of Self-destruction!

 All these actions have been sanctioned by the Light as they are mechanisms to eradicate this ‘cancer’ called the Evil, Physical Manifestation. As the eradication proceeds, the assistance by the Light to suffering Viables seems to be minimal.

The Light is not there primarily to appease Viables in any way they want in the physical. The Light’s role now is the destruction of the Physical. We have to help ourselves to make the best of a really bad situation while we are still trapped here, and until our rescue.

4       Throughout history, valiant ones were tortures and murdered in the most despicable ways. Physical consequences mean nothing in spiritual terms. The faith of martyrs saw them through. The same applies to us in the last days as things start to get really, really bad for the Physical.

In between these details, some ten years ago, I published the fact that the Light, in the main, had temporarily withdrawn from the Dimension in order to minimize the energy available for the Evil Ones to STEAL. That is how they, the Evil Ones, have been surviving all this time since the inception of the Physical Dimension resulting from the Celestial Error.

This step of Light energy withdrawal, repeated in all the Galaxies that have previously collapsed, assures the total collapse of this local Evil System that has had a vice-like grip on all activities on Earth. That is why Evil-controlled robots and demons are slipping out of control, and not only going insane (The Terminal Madness of the Endtime that I predicted) but also seem to be Hell-bound on finding ways to Self-Destruct.

5           In conjunction with that removal of Light from this ‘neck of the woods’, which resulted in energy depletion and accelerated deterioration and fragmentation, a major portion of Theomorphs who contained the Divine Energy, which the Evil Ones (both Robots and demons) kept stealing, were removed spiritually from this planet in 1999. Other Theomorphs in other planets were involved in similar rescue operations.

6        A few thousand Theomorphic Warriors were left on the planet to aid in the March to the Endpoint. Their numbers have been receding as we approach the End Day. They are being shipped Home as they complete their missions. Many of the Warriors were, and are, in Class 3 (Animal Class) and they too have been systematically evacuated as the work towards the End is nearing completion.

7          In order that the remaining Viables would not starve from lack of energy, a new nourishing and protecting energy was released onto this planet and on all others, via the Avatar Consciousness, to sustain the Viables. It is called the New Green Energy (NGE). I have seen this energy with my own eyes. Many others saw it even before I wrote about it.

8         The NGE nourishes the Viables physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as long as they cleanse and purify sufficiently to be able to allow it into their lives and are able to connect with Higher Levels. With this energy, Viables feel serene, joyous, happy and confident, inspite of fragmenting, ever-deteriorating conditions on Earth. That is what it is supposed to do.

10        I discussed the connection to a Supra-Mental Consciousness (SMC) which sincere Viables would attain, in due course, before the End, so that they would be given help and information to remain strong in very trying conditions. I warn you that any information you receive via this Pathway to the SMC is for you only, and not to be shared, unless you are told to do so.

11        The effects of the NGE on non-Viables are the direct opposite. They feel ANGER on encountering the NGE and externally manifest this irrational anger if they are given the chance.


They know they are doomed, and that increases their outer mind MADNESS and their physical manifestations of destructiveness. Perhaps now you understand this Madness that has gripped the globe.

Do not be fooled by the false bravado of the treacherous demons that are being rounded up.

12        Variously I have mentioned the evil mechanisms for local destructive effects, such as I listed many times previously: HAARP, Vaccines, GMO foodstuffs, Perennial Wars, accidents such as the Gulf Oil spill, Fukushima, a Nuclear WW3, Chemtrails, etc. These are evil mechanisms of Evil’s Madness and are not really related to the true, Divine Clearing of the Planet. They are examples of the demonic self-destruction.

 13        I also hinted at a second Energy that was to be released by the Avatar in due course.

 14         I gave details of how those who survive the Nuclear Holocaust of WW3 would either physically die (via the effects of the radiation, or the nuclear Winter or of effects of the red Iron Oxide dust from Planet X) or else be rescued by the Divine crafts, which by-the-way entered our Solar System in December 2014. I also gave details of how the planet would be destroyed by that Planet X Constellation after we (of Classes 2, 3 and 4) are all out of the physical.

15         The second Divine Energy, which I had previously mentioned, but of which I gave no details, was released approximately 50 days ago and this is the first time I am writing about its release.

It is the energy of maximal destruction of all Evil. That is why I wrote that WW3 may well start in December 2014 or very shortly thereafter. I had the inkling that the Divine Energy of Destruction (DED) would be released in December 2014.

Its storage in the appropriate container (the physical body of the Avatar) before its eventual initial release had side-effects, inspite of modifications for its accommodation having been performed on the container for quite a period before the energy descended. These actions were somewhat perilous and could have had very serious consequences, but all has gone well. It will be henceforth steadily released at an ever-increasing dose as required.

16        It was on December 16, 2014, that I revealed that the Rescue Crafts have entered the dimension. This would tend to suggest, if you accept what I say, that the End is near. Realize I can’t as yet take photos of them or make them land on my property so that their existence can become undoubtable. At this point, we have to take the information on trust. No one is being forced to believe any of this. Go within to assess the value, to you, of this information!

 17        On December 19, 2014, I confirmed that Iron Oxide dust from the Planet X Constellation had entered our atmosphere. The fate of Earth is sealed! For details of how it will affect us, and the planet, read my essay called Nibiru 4.


 Even to a lower mind, all the information I have released over a time span of 30 years is far too precise and detailed to be spuriously made up by one individual using its lower, Evil-created Monkey mind of the physical body. As I wrote earlier, all bodies and their lower minds are created by Evil.

When I first published this message, all I got was abuse, defamation, ridicule and attacks from the fools. University educated morons turned out to be the biggest closed-minded bigots on Earth as far as I could judge from their response to my words.

As the accuracy of what I wrote became pronounced, fear mounted in the fools. But to protect themselves from that fear, they went into further denial.

The world changed to openly demonstrate  Destructive Madness, Terminal Madness of the Endtime, Terminal Fragmentation, evidence of Death of the Sun, etc., etc.?  The certainty of what was to come mounted. There was indeed undeniable truth in the information I delivered. And yet the morons dug deeper holes in which to hide. My message has been totally ignored. It is as if I and my message do not exist. Boy, are the masses in for a massive shock?

All the changes are PREDESTINED. I am simply reminding the World and giving more detail than ever before.

Did I invent the story of the NGE, whose presence many have affirmed, and of the Divine Energy of Destruction (DED)? Of course not! They are Divine Mechanisms to assist in the Endtime to solve the Problem of Evil.

There is a logical sequence to all of this, if anyone bothers to read my books, which leads us, step by step, to the conclusion of a total ‘Clearing of the Planet’ before its Total Destruction, as I wrote in my very first book. And, the mechanisms for achieving this End are here! Now!

Even from a lower mind perspective, if one considers all the factors I have mentioned, one can easily come to the conclusion that it is most probable that the End will be within the Timeframe I have published. With the points I now write, all who understand this work may more easily conclude that the Final Bell has been well and truly rung.

  • The Divine Destructive Energy has been released;
  • The persistent talk of annihilation via WW3 and the deteriorating conditions, not the least of which is the dying Sun, lead to an Endpoint. (The fools in their costly bunkers may survive the Nuclear bombs and their fallout. They may even expect to survive a protracted Nuclear Winter over many years, but how are they going to survive the planet being smashed into smithereens by impacts from the Planet X Constellation?
  • The accelerated fragmentation of all parameters, as we witness them, of our previously homeostatic planet, means total annihilation;
  • The confirmation of the existence of the Planet X Constellation, and its arrival, as confirmed by the presence of its iron oxide dust in our atmosphere, affirms the possible destruction of the planets within this Solar System;
  • The fact that Planet X’s red iron oxide dust has entered our atmosphere indicates ITS DESTRUCTIVE EFFECTS ON EARTH HAVE BEGUN!
  • With the Divine Crafts re-entering the Dimension, and this Galaxy and this Solar System in particular, to take Viables Home, we may conclude, that the final Rescue of Viables is a very short time away.

I am well aware that I am probably the only one of the modern writers discussing Planet X that says there will be no ‘other side’ for Humanity after Planet X passes the Earth.

Study what has been written throughout the Ages about the Endtime, and study what I have given you in my books, and then decide what is going on.

Be aware too that the Demonic Controllers of Earth (through Governments) have attempted to obfuscate the Truth about Planet X and the disasters to come which will cause great devastation. But, as you can now see by the many publications and videos with photos of Planet X and its Constellation, they have failed miserably.

Of course, fools will be fools till the End. And these very fools who make up a very large percentage of Humanity don’t want to know anything about the REAL End!

This is not a time for Fear. It is a time for Understanding!

 In time, we will all know the Truth!