This is an essay I posted on May 13, 2012 on the “My Family” page, but for some reason it vanished. It is Part A of the series. The others that follow can be found in the “Resume” page.



Part A

 Tell me it is not so. Tell me truly that you are not confused, not perhaps a little and not perhaps a lot!

Alas, Confusion is the state most people are in at present. They don’t know what to believe.

Don’t focus on minutiae or details of the fragmentation. Look at the big picture at all times. For example, the Gulf oil spill, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, madness in various levels of society, the financial collapse, perennial wars, etc., are all details of the collapse of the Virtual Reality.,

All of sudden there has been a massive explosion of new knowledge. Actually it is old knowledge that had been there all the time, but it was well hidden and is just now surfacing for all to see. It is emerging because the Virtual Reality is breaking down,

  • We all have to awaken to the lies, deceit and skulduggery that have been perpetrated against us.
  • We must all see who is who and what is what in preparation for the total annihilation of this absurdity called the Physical Dimension.
  • We must know exactly what has happened, what is happening and what shall happen.
  • We must all realize that the “world” cannot continue in this way.
  • We must realize collectively and individually that some will make it to a new existence but the majority will not.

Finally we will need to realize

  • How we have been fooled,
  • How we have been trapped,
  • By whom we have been trapped,
  • How we will be liberated,
  • By Whom we will be liberated,
  • When we will be liberated.

What sort of knowledge do we have, want and need? It is the TRUE Ancient Gnostic knowledge now available to us. As you awaken you will confront some or all of the points of knowledge that I enumerate below.

Reflect on each point for it is a window leading to an aspect of the Knowledge that will set us free.

As you contemplate each point, windows within your mind will open up and you will then assess your own truth within. My points are simply catalysts for you to active your awareness and gain what you need for this Endtime. We are all unique and need unique knowledge, so once you begin your awakening process, let you Higher Mind guide you. You will eventually find facts and figures, and outer mind knowledge are not really all that important.

Points of knowledge:

1                     Kept as Mushrooms: There has been a conspiracy to hide the Truth from the Common Man. We have been kept enslaved in Darkness, in Ignorance and Falsehood. We have been fed lies by dishonest ones and murderers of men and truth. We have been kept in the dark like mushrooms. Any who attempted in the past to give us the Keys of Reality were mercilessly slaughtered.

 2                     This Physical Dimension is an illicit product of an experimental error. It is temporary and about to be dismantled.

3                     There are innumerable other aspects of the True Creation, but our awareness of them has been restricted by the mechanism that has kept us as mushrooms.

 4                     Not Alone: We are not alone in the Universe. There is abundant evidence of alien visitors. Over 100,000 alien races have visited Earth and this has been confirmed by Babaji, a Being with Whom I work very closely.

 5                     We are Spiritual Beings: We are not just physical beings. We have spiritual components. Some are of these spiritual structures are temporary and some are permanent.

 6                     The Consciousness of some beings, even though that component is spiritual, cannot exist outside of this Physical dimension without special modifications.

 7                     Robots: Some people are soulless robots. They have a physical body like the rest of us, but their consciousness is an artificial one which cannot exist outside of the Physical Dimension.

 8                     Life after physical death: There is life after death. Advances in Thanatology aver this. Near Death Experiences, Out-of-body experiences and Astral travel are valid. Even University experiments have proven this to be so.

 9                     Be aware that, unless you are a first time consciousness in a physical body, that is, you are a robotic consciousness recently created by the Evil Overlords (the Archons), you will have died and re-incarnated many, many times on this earth plane and in other locations.

 10                 Evil exists:  It is the cause of all our problems. The pain, suffering and exploitation, decay, degeneration and death that plague us are due to Evil. Evil created this Dimension. It is now being eradicated by a Process I have called the Final Solution to the Problem of Evil.

 11                 Demons, the sons and daughters of Evil, created totally of the Evil essence, are in human physical bodies, and in fact, in all classes of consciousness.

 12                 The Future is NOT in Humanity’s hands. A Superior Force and Divine Consciousnesses are rescuing the worthy Viables from the clutches of Evil. Humans cannot alter the course of events to any major degree. This negates any spurious assertions made by the deluded New Age Movement which is run by ignorant idiots and demons who delude the gullible.

 13                 Humanity, although sharing similar physical bodies, with variations of sex, colour of skin, race, etc., has many different consciousnesses within those bodies. I have enumerated the various types elsewhere on my website.

 14                 I and others have been outside of this dimension. In part, these visitations and their sequelae confirm the assertion that:

 There is life outside of the Physical Dimension, and after physical death;

  • Higher Consciousnesses exist;
  • Other Dimensions outside of the Physical exist,
  • There is a set Plan affecting this Universe, unbeknown to most inhabitants of the Universe, including most Humans and Aliens.

 15                 Fragmentation of all physical things as part of the Rescue Plan is a reality. You need to critically examine the evidence, and not be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand.

 16                 Aliens and Reptilians live among us. More and more are now seeing them with their extended vision.

 17                 Psychic abilities, which we all have, but which we have generally been forced to forget in childhood, are being restored so that people can now see demons, aliens and reptiles in human bodies. This is very much on purpose so that we will all know who is who.

 18                 Giants existed in the not too distant past. They were aliens in the main. This is proof other extra-terrestrial races existed and visited earth. At times their genetic code breaks through and their progeny in human bodies manifests gigantism which is not the same as the abnormal hormonal state we often see.

19                 The Speed of Light is not a constant, indicating that our Science and Physics are not accurate.

 20                 Bell’s Theory is no longer a theory. It has been proven and can be used to suggest instantaneous inter-dimension communication is a reality. The implications of this are shattering for ignorant fools such as Atheists.

 21                 The essence of Jehovah has been neutralized. That is the name given to the aspect of the Evil Principle in this age and in this area of the physical universe. Thus, as a consequence, all the structures this essence supported will now collapse.

 22                 The Essence of the Christ Light is back in a different form. The Christ Energy is the manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness that has often come onto this level to support those to be eventually rescued. Now, it is here for the final time to rescue the viable ones.

 23                 All Religions, with no exceptions, regardless of the original platform on which they were based, have become traps to ensnare spiritual awareness, and are devised and run by the Evil essence. They have snippets of Truth which they use as bait for Truth seekers. They are invariably run by demons.

 24                 Science and its handmaiden, Technology, are in essence against Spiritual Truth for they deny aspects of the Greater Reality and hide or eliminate the spiritual aspect of existence.

 25                 Modern Psychiatry does exactly like science does. It denies the spiritual dimension in human existence and in mental illness which is nearly always due to spiritual dissociation.

 26                 Humanity is far, far older than that given in history books. Evidence abounds. You can find it with a little effort. And, it is not a homogenous entity. It is now made up of 30 % demons and almost 70% of Robots since a mass spiritual evacuation that occurred in November 1999.

 27                 The major portions of Civilian Theomorphs, which numbered almost One Billion, were evacuated spiritually in November 1999. I wrote about it at the time.

 28                 Bishop Usher was wrong, wrong, wrong in his ridiculous estimation of the age of the world, and yet look at how many foolishly accept his assertion that the Earth is just over 4,000 years old. That point demonstrates the very dumb nature of some aspects of Humanity in general. Moronic, mindless robots is what they are and they will not be missed by anyone once they are transmuted for they have no innate spiritual value. On this level they are cannon fodder and space-occupying lesions, asserting by inference that being an imbecilic, lowest common denominator is natural to this evil world. And the Theomorphs succumb to being just like that when they are unawakened.

 29                 The Bible is a compendium of homilies, of distorted and inaccurate Gnostic truths mixed with some accurate facts, glued together with tainted history full of lies. It also contains stories, true and untrue, stolen from earlier civilizations such as the Akkadians, the Sumerians, etc. It was compiled by those who would fool the masses, and keep them in Darkness, for that was and is their role in this iniquitous Virtual Reality. We have evidence that evil ones continued the distortions in the 4th and 5th centuries at various Church Councils.

 30                 Zionism is Jehovah’s essence that rules this Planet and the entire Universe. That has now become obvious for all to see. Zionist essence and consciousnesses can be in any race, any creed, in anybody, and anywhere, anytime.  Just as an example, the Pope is Zionist, as is the Catholic Church in general.

31                 AS I said above, this Dimension is an illicit experiment and was scheduled for dismantling shortly after its inception when the evil essence that was responsible for creating it in that experiment refused to apply the usual correction process to its error. In the Ancient Texts, it is called the Celestial Error. It was created as a consequence of “The Fall of Lucifer”, “The War in Heaven”, etc.

 32                 Chemtrails, which we can all see, are a reality, and are dangerous to physical existence. People are waking up to their presence. Of late the evil ones are spraying them at night. They are used to interfere with proper mental function, thus dumbing populations down even more. Excuses were given by governments once people became aware of them. They included the assertion that they would shield Earth from excessive radiation and prevent further heating. Apart from their being neurotoxic, they affect the respiratory system deleteriously and one side-effect is the protrusion of fibres contained in the Chemtrails through the skin in some people. The condition is called Morgellons. It is real. It is not a neurosis as the mainstream Medical Fraternity would have you think.

 33                 There is a Eugenics program operating in order to eradicate the majority of humans from the planet. Chemtrails, HAARP, Genetically Modified Foods and Vaccines are some of the means to be for this culling.

 34                 Alien abductions and animal mutilations are real. The Internet is replete with accounts.

 35                 Colonel Corso was substantially correct in his book “The Day after Roswell”, wherein he exposed the duplicity of the US Government regarding the existence of aliens. Some poetic license is implied and necessary.

 36                 Jesus of Nazareth was a real man that accommodated the Christ Light inspite of the pseudo-scholastic attempt to deny his physical existence.

 37                 The Jesus Myth, with a dandified do-gooder who is said to have loved this evil, evil world, was created by the pseudo-Christian Churches and is a mockery of what Jesus really was and is. The Consciousness that was in Jesus has descended many, many times in all eras. It is the Consciousness arranging the Rescue and assuring the total eradication of Evil.

 38                 AS I said above, this Universe is a Virtual Reality in which certain ones, whom I have called Theomorphs – created by the real God, have been trapped in order that their innate Divine Energy (which only  Theomorphs have) can extracted from them by the Evil System by means of programming, pollution and indoctrination.  The Evil empire cannot exist without that energy.

 39                 Knowing the Evil cannot exist without the Divine energy from Theomorphs has led to the formulation of the Definitive Solution for the Problem of Evil which will lead to its permanent eradication: remove all Theomorphs and their energy from the dimension and cut off all other sources of energy. This is exactly what has been done. This evil dimension is running short of energy. That has resulted in various phases of fragmentation that we are now witnessing, and soon it will die an entropic death.

 40                 To sustain Viables until they are removed from the decaying dimension, a New Green Energy (NGE) has been introduced which Evil cannot use. This NGE neutralizes evil on contact.

 41                 Governments cannot be trusted for they set up and exploit their subjects regardless of truth and fairness. In the main, they follow evil principles and are dictated to by Evil Archons who are Class 5 (evil) beings that control every major governmental, religious and educational institution on the planet.

 42                 Big lies are easy to sell to the gullible masses, and they are used often. For example:   The reason for using Chemtrails, the reason for developing HAARP, the reason for using Genetically Modified Foods, the reasons for using (sterilizing) vaccinations in poorer countries, the reason for the Pearl Harbour attack; the false Myth of The Holocaust; the reason for starting the Vietnam, the Iraqi, the Afghan wars, etc., etc.

 43                 Our Sun is dying. Evidence for that statement exists. Our inability to convert precursors to Vitamin D as we could previously do avers to this.

 44                 Empirically, the Universe must end for it had a beginning as in the Big Bang Theory.

 45                 Humanity is not in control of its own destiny, or of any other process affecting Earth such as Climate change, the fragmentation, the Rescue of Viables, Governments decisions, Religions Dogmatism or the functioning of Secular institutions, regardless of arguments put forward by fools. It never has been in control. It is an illusion we are allowed to wallow in. New Agers who advocate that humans control their destiny are deluded fools or evil liars.

 46                 Communication with other dimensions is possible and occurring spontaneously more and more. Cleanse and purify so that you too can communicate with Guides and Helpers from other levels and dimensions.

 47                 The basis of Modern Psychiatry is false. It is going to be of absolutely no help now that Terminal Madness is gripping minds everywhere as I predicted in the 1990s would occur. Most mental disease is due to spiritual disconnection. The solution is spiritual reconnection.

 48                 Demonic Possession is real. Those with psychic vision can see it occurring. There are well recognized mechanisms that allow demonic infiltration of a physical body. The use of illicit drugs, of hallucinogenics, sex with demons and Reptilians, are just a few of the mechanisms. Be careful what and who you let into your body!

 49                 Being able to see and hear things in the range beyond the senses called Psychic Ability, is not an illness as classified by Modern Psychiatry. The misdiagnosis of a normal spiritual state by those who are supposed to care for our wellbeing is a serious matter and going to cause even more problems as we progress. Alas, we are dictated to be those of “Cultivate Ignorance”.

 50                 God Consciousness is a reality. You will be able to connect to the Higher Divine Levels wherein the realization of the Numinous will become very real and detailed for you if you are one of those to be rescued. And God realization will be in preparation for your eventual rescue.


Link to Rense Show of May 11, 2012:



 DECEMBER 10, 2014


There are a number of reasons why I continue to write, attempt to sell books; give interviews, etc., even at this late hour of Earth’s doomed existence, inspite of the continual attacks upon me from all sectors of society.

  • I am attempting to awaken the Viables to the falsehood of this World and the reality of their own nature and their future. They can only awaken if they want to, and see the evil traps if they wish to do so. My information gives them that opportunity to see what has happened to them, what awaits them, and what the Nature of this Physical Universe truly is. It is evil beyond lower mind comprehension.

As I attempt to awaken Viable ones, I support them, and the already awakened ones, in all their daily struggles, with the New Green Energy (NGE) this body has been given to distribute to them and all Viables in all Classes of Consciousness, so that they are sustained in a healthy spiritual, mental and physical manner until the moment of Liberation from this Hell.

If you have felt the superb healing and liberating effects of the NGE, you are left in no doubt of its wonder. When it floods lower minds, all Doubt, Confusion and Fear are dispelled. The woes of this world just seem to dissolve and we turn our thoughts to the nourishing Numinous, and our existence in it that is to come very, very shortly.

But, inspite of my exposing, attacking (and destroying) the Evil Status Quo, as I do, many have called me “Satan” no less.

Tell me, could Demonic Energy, or Satan himself, be able to awaken and sustain you, and all Viables, with the Divine NGE as I do?

It would be the very opposite, surely. It would try to annihilate you!

The Demonic Hierarchy would want you drugged and uselessly unawakened so it could exploit you maximally for ever and ever. Is that not so?

It would hardly expose Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination that it uses in an attempt to keep all in the physical stuporous and trapped.

And yet, I have revealed these traps to you as no other teacher in History has ever done. (If you have read all my books, you know that is a fact; no ego involved.)

That being the case, how could anyone then say that I am Satan?

They can say I am exposing and destroying this evil Hell. But that is a different thing altogether. Satanic energy does all it can to sustain this Hellish trap.

They say it because they want to discredit me and to stop me awakening Viables!

That means, surely, that the people who call me Satan, are workers for Evil, does it not?

I have mentioned this before: Amitakh and Stefan Stanford wrote an essay in which they called me Satan, once I exposed their illegal tax scam here in Australia.

They are both Vulturite Reptilian Demons, part of the Satanic Consciousness that must be exposed, for they have already adversely influenced many Viables who remain still trapped in their nonsense. They exploit those whom they have trapped, like all demons do, of their money and energy.

They have to try and stop me because if people awaken, because of my work, the Stanford’s pilfery will come to an end. They can’t have that, so they frighten people by calling me Satan.

Why am I spending time on them?

It is because they are my direct enemies on this level. It is they who are Satanic.

I was directed to go with Amitakh, in the early days of this body’s awaking, as part of a plan to prevent her joining up with Stefan Stanford. While they were apart they were ineffectual in their evil. Once Amitakh met him and began copulating with him, the Demon in her awoke.

In an attempt to keep them inactive, Amitakh was told directly, through her own channels,  by Higher Divine Spiritual Beings who “I” was. She is a trans medium. She believed then what she was told, and then wrote a book stating exactly what she had been told by Higher Consciousnesses.

When the demon in her awoke, the first thing she did was deny what she was told by those Higher Beings. She denied what she wrote in her book, and said it was false.

Why would she do that? It is because ALL evil beings are liars and deniers of Truth. The proof of their villainy is in the pudding, as it were.

A while back, a highly spiritually evolved and awakened being, who reads my website, sent me the site that has Amitakh’s singing. That sound shatters the Heart Centre, if you listen long enough, and facilitates demonic possession. I wrote about it as a warning, if you recall. Is that singing, to do that shattering of the Heart Centre, not Evil?

I know this is true. All the followers who have gathered around her are like zombies. They are brainwashed fools, taken over by demonic energies.


Is that not what happens to followers of all very evil, charismatic ‘gurus’?


You must know these dangers even at this late hour.



3       I persist with my message and give previously undisclosed details because the non-Viables must be told WHY they are being spiritually destroyed and why an End must come.

Emotions do not come into this. “I” state the case impersonally, and even though “I” know who is to be rescued and who is to be transmuted, it does not affect me physical, emotionally or mentally, in the slightest.

Do not write asking me what your spiritual status is. I have told you in the past that your response to the NGE is your best indicator of your Viability or otherwise.

“I” have done this work in many, many other Galaxies, and will continue to do it until the very last one is destroyed, and the entire Physical Universe, and ALL Evil, are no more.


From my Poetry Book, Vol. One


It’s thirty years or more now in which time many books and newsletters

Have I written with keen eye,

Explaining mysteries, and many things, that will happen

Long before they do so, bye and bye.

And many times in print, which many find so cherishing, so dear,

I’ve explained the why of all that’s happening in terms that are quite clear.

But inspite of all this effort on my part, you see,

There is a genotype of stubborn human donkey, arguing,

Saying all cannot be as I decree.

But to read what I have written is all that one needs to do,

No matter how high or low the brow or the supposed flash IQ.

To see clearly all the world’s events developing near and far exactly as

I described they would develop now, with no bar!

What sort of grandiose evil fools they be,

The ones who, inspite all the evidence, want to contradict me?

They are a special class of stupid demons, cretins to be sure,

Who all, thanks to the ‘God on High’, soon will be no more.

Unlike Pythagoras, I am asking none to subscribe to “ipse dixit”,

All one needs to do is lift the head, open the eyes, and witness it.

The only reason any refuse to believe things they see with their very own eyes,

Is the fact that they are Doomed Demons, evil rabble, in disguise.

They really see the world changes I’ve described, with open eyes,

But to say as much is admission of their evil, and imminent demise.

And so as liars and hypocrites do these rotters live,

By their own evilness cursed, to them no mercy or pity give.


DECEMBER 11, 2014

 “Uh, Uh, …. Dr. Crimplelline, I note your new webbed-master in Swedeland has placed a Detonation button on your new, mirror-imaging website.”

“Yes, that is correct, Jerry and it’s a DONATION button, not a detonating one. We are not quite at the End yet.”

“Sowwy. But, but….Just think of the possibilities, Dr., with all that money that is coming in, you can now afford to retire even further in your retirement, ….go even deeper into your boredom as it were…..”

“And jut how would I do that, Jerry?”

“Well, for starters, you could employ me as a Ghost writer and I will slave away writing your near-daily essays and posts on Ghosts-in-schizm and frying far coasts.”

“Jerry, it’s got nothing to do with ghosts, nor with distant hot topography. It’s about Gnosticism and fearsome Forecasts. Besides I can’t seem to get you to stay awake for 10 minutes at any one time, thanks to your Scottish whisk….err…alien spirits. How are you going to manage writing for an hour or so?”

“Easy Dr Chaplaine, I’ll wear pajamas and if I falls asleep I’ll sleep-talk and walk and talk some more, straight to your computer and write.”

“Jerry, that’s ridiculous!”

“Please, please, please, pretty please? Besides, when you fire up all your neurons, all 2.5 of them, I don’t get a chance to express.”

“Oh, all right. Go and check to see how much we have received in donations and then I will decide.”

A little later…

“Dr., you is nearly rich…..”

“How much?”

“$2…but its US currency, and after PayPal takes its toll, you have almost $1.75 Ostrayan…”

“But Jerry, that $2 is what the webmaster put in, trying to see if the button works.”

“Oh….well….I’ll work for a free fee in that case ….and besides …if you double the nothing you get every month, till the End, from the button that seems to have detonated readers….. see? I was right the first time …..you will never be sub-zero, Dr C. Isn’t that a positive for us?”

“Ok, I’ll see……Geesh…ah…, you’ll be the end of me…..”

“I only worked one time,….. during the Carrion War …..near a Geisha…….”

“Cork it Jerry. No one wants to know your past. Besides, you told me you were in the Pacific theatre during the war?”

“I was. I was watching Scary War films in that theatre on the Pacific Highway just south of Busybane. …..It was so hot in there ….like the Black Hole of a Coal-cutter …..before the movie started …..after the lights went out….., and I had to worm my way through a hole in the crowd to get a stair gate …. then ……a drink….Anyways I now know a lot about Black Wars, warm holes, and steep stairs and gates in Star films …. I think I can qualify to write on Astrophyzzers and haemorroids ,,,, err … asteroids ,,,, and …. comic.. …commies…..commodes…. commiteds ….that’s it ….Comets… if you want……”

“Jerry I think you mean Black Holes and Stargates and ……oh, never mind…..”

Dear readers, ….Yes, I am addressing all 3 of you, ……our own Jerry Attrick promises to have his first attempt at Gnostic writing posted in the next few days for a free fee. Take advantage of the time interval and go buy plenty of aspirin……or better still…go on holidays…….

“I heard that err ….Herr … err…Dr. Cippollini…….”


 Exposing Endtime Baloney and persistent

Camouflaged attempts at Demonic Possession!


What is it with these persistent and very comical modern BS artists who are far weirder than the old-time bible-bashers?

Why are they so vociferous in cajoling the moribund sheople into committing themselves to a biblical ‘god’ and to their ‘GEES-USS’ in repeated YouTube videos as in the one below? Even a cursory glance at the Old Testament reveals that the ‘god’ within is an egotistical liar, hypocrite, abuser, rapist and murderer. How could anyone take ‘him’ seriously? If you want details of these revelations, read my book ‘Death of an Evil God.”

Why are they pushing Zionism, flavoured with pseudo-Christianity, down people’s throats by frightening them as they do with the coming Wrath of the Lord and inescapable Judgement?

Are they manifesting Terminal Madness of the Endtime or is there a more sinister and concealed ulterior motive?

Don’t they remind you of the TV commercials in which a lying lout yells “Hurry, hurry, hurry! Get your wooden toaster while they last at his fantastic price. This offer must end soon and will not be repeated!”

Here we have these theological goons DESPERATELY URGING people who could not care less to believe in their GEES-USS, and to OPEN THEIR HEARTS, unconditionally, and with absolutely no protection from demonic forces, so then they can be ‘saved’ by whatever maleficent forces come into their hearts!!!

What is it they are so forcefully demanding from the brain-dead?

They are, no doubt, using FEAR OF THE ENDTIME to ensnare people.

The battle as I have told you has always been about ENERGY! If these demons can get to a being’s Centres of Consciousness and drain them of the energy therein, then they, the demons, are well fed.

Better still, for the barking demons, if the targeted zombies are stupid enough to open their Centres completely and let whatever forces are lurking about them into their unprotected centres, then those centres become purposely occupied by the malevolent forces waiting for just that opportunity.


Thus, the demonic barkers, are calling on sheople to surrender their Centres to Evil. Their mode of action is exactly like hallucinogenic drugs.

Religion of any type tries to block a person off from the real God Consciousness and also implant spurious knowledge, while it drains the individual.

Now, at the Endtime, these demons think they can invade enough individuals and demonically possess them so that they, the demons, will be energetically strong enough to survive the Endtime. They can’t survive, of course, but that does not stop them from trying. They are programmed to do what they have always done. They have been programmed to drain others of energy and possess their Centres if possible, since the day they were created by the Ghoul. It is with energy drained from others that they exist. They are parasites and energy vampires. As I have explained at length, they have no energy source of their own.

Just by the way, the battle between the early pseudo-Christian Churches and Gnostics was exactly about this topic. The Churches insisted that people had to give themselves totally to the Faith that the Church stipulated, without question! That included Faith in the teachings it stipulated and in the Traditions it spuriously created, Truth be damned. And by these actions, Truth was damned by the demonic clergy who took control! You will recall the real Jesus said the Sacerdotes took the keys of Truth and hid them.

The Gnostics argued that the ‘Faith alone principle’ was for Fools, and that such Idiocy did no one any good. They were correct, of course, for no matter how much Demons believe in themselves as being Divine, and wanting the Evil Essence, (represented by Jehovah, Yahweh, Yaldabaoth, Saklas, the Ghoul, the Moloch, etc., ) to forgive them, they are still of Darkness, and very much doomed, for without Inner Light, they cannot survive in Divine Dimensions.

These modern day tele-evangelists want sheople to follow this false principle of ‘faith alone will save you’; faith in whatever they say is to be believe!

The Archons, who are always evil, and New Agers, most of whom are demons and misguided robots, believe they are a part of ‘god’ consciousness. That does not make the Darkness, of which they are made, the Divine Light. They are simply deluded. If they were genuine and sought the Divine attributes and lived in the Light, then they would be included in the Light as Viables. But, not one demon has done that. They are unable to, as they are programmed to be liars, hypocrites and murderers from their very inception. (Thus sayeth the real Jesus, in John 8:44)

Once the proselytizing demons of each era had people committing to the “Faith” of the Evil-created and Evil-controlled church, regardless of its name, the church then had, for all intents and purposes, mindless robots on its hands and could, would, and did, use them to do anything, including committing the grossest evil imaginable. For starters, they murdered all the Gnostics they could get their hands on, simply because the Gnostic Knowledge exposed the Church’s Evil Essence even before it committed anything.

(Today’s exposures of the evil practices of the various churches leave no awakened person in any doubt of what is going on in those hypocritical institutions. Their evil is exposed maximally, and they can never hide it again.)

As Truth would have it, Jesus, as most of you know, belonged to the School of the Essenes, who were Gnostics, even before the pseudo-Christianity trap was sprung. The Essenes lived a contemplative, peaceful life, following the Gnostic tenets of Pythagorean Philosophy. And why would they not? Pythagoras was the Christ Light bearer of his era who later incarnated as a carpenter’s son called Jesus! Before that Pythagoras had been Zoroaster.

Baloney easily flowed in the history of spurious religions as time passed. But, I am here to tell you all 3 were the same incarnated Class 4 Theomorphic Being who acted as host, in the physical body it occupied, to the Christ Light, as every Avatar did, and does, in every era.

The Zionist demons murdered Jesus, for He was teaching Gnostic Principles which exposed them as Sons and Daughters of the Evil Essence. As history tells us, the evil-inspired pseudo-Christian zealots then eventually murdered all the other Gnostics they could get their hands on, throughout the ages for the same reasons of exposure.

Jesus revealed that there can be any of 3 types of spiritual beings in a human body, and this equates to what I have termed Theomorphs, Robots and Demons. See my books for details. There is a passing mention of this in the Nag Hammadi Library. But, of course, it may be that by now such detail has been expunged from the texts. Demons corrupt absolutely.

The true Jesus explained that the Kingdom of Heaven, and its knowledge, are within some, and not in the spurious waffle of the old religions (and their sects to come).

The Sermon on the Mount is spurious nonsense, as are the miracles He was supposed to have performed.

Thus, you see, as these modern day evangelists passionately plead for sheople to accept their fake GEES-USS into their hearts and become robotic morons to be ‘saved’ (from Rationality), and to give them money in the process, they are activating the Mechanism of Demonic Possession, as well as stealing energy, if anyone has any left.

Pseudo-Christianity battles all other beliefs, and attempts to place itself above all other religions doctrines and beliefs, in a childish and very egotistical manner, by promoting the falsehood that their GEES-USS was the ONLY Christ, the ONLY Son of God, that he was the only one to resurrect, that he was the only one to open the Gates of Heaven, etc., etc., etc. All of this is spurious nonsense.

Buddha was Christ, as was Zoroaster, Pythagoras, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, Arthur Pendragon, Joan D’Arc, Galileo, Mozart, and so on. It is the same Class 4 Consciousness that incarnates in each era into a physical body. It has been trained from time immemorial to accommodate the Christ Light within the evil body it occupied in each incarnation.

This event has infuriated the Evil Essence that controls the plane and that is why each physical ‘Son or Daughter of God’, in each era, has been trapped, traumatized and eventually usually murdered for its efforts of accommodating the Christ Light which helped sustain the Viables trapped in this Hell. Until the work proper was to be performed, the Christ Light carrier usually remained incognito.

Not only that, but the body’s lower mind had to be awakened in order for the Class 4 Consciousness to be allowed to re-awaken to its own identity and then recommit to allowing the Christ Light to descend and do its work, regardless of the hardship the physical body was to face.

It is the Christ Light that presents to us and the New Green Energy. (Remember, we are simply using words to describe Beings and energies we cannot fully comprehend). However, in this last incarnation, energy beyond the Christ Light has descended, as is usually the case when the Galaxy is to be totally destroyed. I may write about this later.

This true knowledge reveals the lie of these demonic babblers in claiming that their GEES-USS is the one and only Path to God the Father!

I repeat, it is the Christ Light, which the same individual (the Avatar) accommodated in his various incarnations, that lights the way to the Divine Realms. When required, that Christ Light divided into fractions that entered the consciousnesses of other Theomorphic Class 4 beings, on this earth and all other structures in this vile, evil Universe, to perform its function of sustaining the trapped Viables. As an example, I cite the case of Haydn, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven who incarnated in roughly the same era and accommodated the Christ Light for that era. The true spiritual identity of all 4 is known to me.

(BTW, here is another point to demonstrate the evilness of the Stanfords. They both urged Amitakh’s older daughter, who studied Music, to write a malicious essay attacking Mozart and calling him demonic. They did this because the rumour had gone around that someone had said I had been Mozart, and in order to attempt to discredit me…and so on. Can you believe the extent of the evil of these demons? As History would have it, Mozart was Haydn’s pupil for a while and Haydn is report to have said that Mozart was the greatest musician the world had ever seen and would ever see until Earth’s end. Yes, Haydn was privy to the Endtime scenario.)

With this Knowledge, one may understand better that such a Light could and would have, and actually has, an infinite number of projections in all celestial structures in this illicit universe, helping to sustain the Viables until the Second Energy I have mentioned does its demolition work. There, you have cleverly forced this information out of me. J.

The way the demons, with their one and only GEES-USS, would have it, only Earth has had such a being (The Christ), and only once, in the 13.7 billion years in which the Universe existed. Even a child could see the fallacy in that notion. Of course, the demonic idiots counter with their stupid notion that the Earth is just over 4,000 years old, as espoused by Bishop Usher in what must have obviously been his pre-senile dementia phase, and that Man is the only ‘living thing’ in the Universe.

One of the reasons why most Theomorphs were evacuated in 1999, as I revealed in the essay ‘Phase of the Shells’, was to minimize this drainage of Divine Energy from them with which the demons could fight even more. Besides, the End was near and there was no reason for them to be here any longer.


Back to the video I have posted below: The targets of these proselytizers are the robotic Viables on the planet. Of course, they target all people, for they don’t fully know on this level what they are doing. They are programmed demons themselves and do not have this knowledge of Viable and non-Viable Robots and Demons.

It must be obvious to you from what I have written here and in my books, that the GEES-USS they have created is a myth. Listen to their Bible-bashing and you will realize it is utter nonsense.

They are using fear tactics to steal whatever little amounts of usable energy remain in humans, Viable and non-Viable alike. From the Viables they get energy. From the non-Viables they hope to get money, which on this level is a form of energy.

Think about this for a moment: Why would anyone shouting “Save me GEES-USS” actually be saved?

These barkers ask the sheople to repent for their sins. What are they to repent for? Is it for being idiots? Is it for being liars, hypocrites and murderous from the time of their creation?

To be ‘saved’ out of this Hell, one has to have the Theomorphic Energy and the Divinely-created apparatus within that will allow one to exist in non-physical dimensions.

The robotic Viables to be saved, all 650 million of them, have had modifications to their Centres of Consciousnesses in order for them to survive in Divine dimensions, as I have explained before.

They earned their “salvation” by:

  • Being of a spiritually wholesome heart,
  • Being truly loving and caring,
  • Putting Justice and fairness before greed,
  • Attempting to eliminate Evil from their lives,
  • Living in Harmony with all who would respect such Harmony,
  • Seeking Righteousness and the Light of Truth,
  • Avoiding the Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrinations that affected them from their day of birth, even though they did not know the details of such entrapments,
  • Glorifying Truth,
  • Putting Honesty before all things,
  • Seeking Wisdom,
  • At all times seeking Peace,

Compare these points with

  • the characteristics of the murderous warmongers who rule the planet,
  • the liars and hypocrites we meet every day,
  • the dishonest scoundrels who run our Religions, Governments, Injustice Systems, rewrite History, abuse Science and Technology for profit and for the exploitation of Earth and its populations, its Fauna and Flora included.


The claims of these evil-hearted evangelists are nonsense too. Note these points:

‘The Lord’ has been among us ever since the Error was created.

He has been here in the form of the ‘Son Energy’ that I have written about.

The Lord has instructed, encouraged, supported and spiritually healed those who remained worthy but were trapped in this Hell since the time of their entrapment.

None can be rescued out of this Hell until the entire Universe is dismantled.

Only Holographic Projections of Higher Consciousnesses have been able to enter and exit the dimension.

That Lord Identity/Consciousness (energy) has had to incarnate in each and every generation to help the trapped Viables and to sustain them, as best as possible, with the Energy ‘It’ brought down from the Divine Dimensions.

Realize that I am using words which do not convey the full meaning of what has happened and what is happening.

The “Lord” Energy had, and has, Its own battles to, first of all, awaken in the meat bag into which it incarnated, and then battle to not only minimize the bombarding evil programming, pollution and indoctrination, but also try to stay alive as long as possible, avoiding all the entrapments laid out maliciously in its path. Its experiences are no different to those of any other Theomorph of this level.

Have you not had to fight against all sorts of demonic encounters and mechanisms in your life? Have you not had to avoid or escape many entrapments that awaited you as you grew up, as you worked, as you married, as you reared children, as you studied, as you tried to maintain an occupation, a career, etc.? Were those entrapments not carefully laid out with the specific purpose of making your life as difficult as possible and to destroy you if at all possible?

Indeed, we all have the scars of running evil’s gauntlet on this level. And it is a miracle we have reached this point of realization to what is going on!

I have enumerated many personalities who carried that Energy (of the Son, of the Lord) in recent history. Alas, He/It did not fare well in all the lifetimes, for the demons did their best to entrap Him, the Consciousness, and force It out of the physical so it would stop helping the Viables who would then become weaker targets for the demonic nefariousness and energy extraction.

Thus, all I have explained is part of the real battle of Good vs. Evil

In the meantime, while the Christ energy nourished us generation after generation, aspects of the Creative Energy (the Mother Energy) had been trapped in this Error, because aspects of Its energy were part of the anatomy of creations which had both Divine energy and the altered demonic energy.

.None of these points of Truth are known, or explained, by these howling jackasses.

They misinterpret that which they do not understand for a very important reason. They are spiritual energy vampires on death-row. They know not Truth or their Fate, and yet, they will continue to try and fool the masses till the very last.


Finally, consider this, just as an example of how these people mix up reality with stupidity:

They are expecting the Lord to come on a Cloud from the East

To bring the Day of RECKONING!

Actually what will come from the East will be The Planet X Constellation,

On An iron oxide DUST cloud,

to bring the Day of WRECKING !!

Do you see how, with all their ignorance and misunderstanding, they twist words to suit themselves and fool the sleeping, gullible dorks?


 John 8:44 Proven yet again. http://rt.com/usa/212499-george-bush-cia-torture/

As usual, Demons at work: http://rt.com/usa/212839-cia-torture-senate-report/


DECEMBER 13, 2014


Let me give you details of what will happen to Liars, Hypocrites and Murderers.

The first thing you may ask me is “How do you know this?”

I know because I know.

If you are not happy with my response, remember my Motto.

Here we go: Watch these videos and vomit



Why did these supposedly highly civilized Merry Cans torture victims as they did?

The ones in charge and all the subordinates who executed the plan of attack on 9/11 knew the victims they tortured and murdered did not attack America as per 9/11.

So why did they torture and murder so many?

It’s for the extraction of energy, don’t you think? It is what evil Beings have always done throughout the Ages, in all areas of the Earth, and through the entire Physical Universe, in ALL Classes of Consciousness.

When is it proper to torture and murder? “Never”, is the answer!

“CIA will continue torture with help of mediators’ – UK’s former envoy to Uzbekistan”

Think of this question for a moment, even if you are aware: How much pity do you think the USA and its leaders and citizens will receive when the Shit-hits-the–fan with the negative Karma they earned from their actions, from all the countries they destroyed, from all the families whose members were murdered, from all the innocents that were bombed with malicious pride by the soon-to-be, not-so-Merry-Cans.

They murdered not just humans, but beings in Class 3, 2 and 1 also. Think about that. Who gave them that right?

There is such a thing as collective negative karma. It has already begun.

This is only one chapter in the sorrow-filled history of this globe. Think of all the other atrocities committed by the demons in other eras, other countries, etc. If you know history at all, you know that the overt and occult evil that the Catholic Church committed in its 2100 year history cannot be surpassed. I am using this USA torture episode here to highlight my points of the Eternal Moment which all evil Ones shall suffer.

We have reached an Endpoint when True Justice for all will prevail, and Mercy will apply to the truly contrite.

But for the unrepentant liars, hypocrites and murderers, no Mercy can apply for they are NOT contrite:


Expect more, much more exposures even on this level, and then for these foul demons, and all foul unrepentant demons, there will be an eternal Hell in an Eternal Moment.

Now read what is in store for these demons:

Although they were created by the Evil Essence to do exactly what they do, they had been warned many, many times that, if they continued in their nefarious ways, there would eventually be devastating consequences for them at a future point when accountability would be called for. They were left in no doubt that a Time of accountability and Judgement would come.

Do you think they listened? They simply scoffed at the idea. Not for one moment did they reflect on this. They continued on their destructive ways which gave them what they craved: energy extracted from their victims and consequently much, much pleasure from committing evil. This does not just apply to demons in human form. It also applies to more highly evolved demons who appeared as ‘gods’ to Primitive Man.

Although they were warned innumerable times, they continued with their Evil, thinking they were protected by the Evil Essence. They thought they would never be brought to Justice. How wrong they were!

Each will be transmuted back to Primordial Energy, in due course, but, for an instance, which will appear to each Evil Individual to last an eternity, they will suffer all the pain, sorrow and misery they had inflicted on their victims. It is too gross for us to conceive such punishment. But, it is not the Light punishing them. It is punishment they have brought upon themselves. They had been warned of the consequences innumerable times. Unlike them, the Light does not lie.

In contrast, the punitive consequences of evil doings in Dante’s Inferno will seem like a Sunday Picnic.

Before they get to the eternal Hellish Moment, these miscreants WILL suffer while in the physical. We will all suffer the consequences of fragmentation of Earth and of the Solar System and the Galaxy. Such events are unavoidable. Those who are aware, and in contact with the Supra Mental Consciousness (SMC), will welcome the transition that will result in the end of the physical, even though the physical has to per force go through this harrowing passage. Those with no connection to Higher Planes will suffer the anguish of doomed fools.

The biggest fools will be those of evil who think they can cheat Divine Justice by hiding in their underground lairs or fly through Wormholes to safer locations. Their DUMBs will be torn asunder as the Earth yields. There is nowhere for them to escape, for all the Galaxy will fracture and be destroyed. If they attempt such journeys through Stargates and Wormholes, they will suffer Time-warp, that will seem to last forever, even while they are in their physical bodies in those passages, and they will suffer the conditions of Hell IN THE PHYSICAL, as if forever. So, they suffer both ways, more extremely than those who suffer, then physically die, on Earth.

It will be not so much the fear of physical death that will affect the evil ones deleteriously. After all, most adults have resigned themselves to the fact that they have to physically die at some stage. It will be the thought, which they had hidden deep in their memory banks, but now overtly exposed by circumstances, that they are accountable. That thought of accountability, and their knowing full well that they are of an evil ilk, and that they are now being forced to account, will drive them insane as nothing else could. For so long have they foolishly convinced themselves that the moment of accountability would never arise!

Contrast this reaction to the reaction of the Viables. Knowing they are of Truth, of Justice and of Immutable, Eternal Love, after quickly dispelling the fleeting fear of physical death, they will be joyous at the thought of True Justice occurring, of the eradication of Evil and all its progeny, and of the fact that they will be lifted into the Light as they have yearned would happen for so long. They finally will realize, even before they die or are lifted off the planet, that their prayers have been answered.

In Viables, all fear will be dispelled, for they will be blessed with true vision and Truth. They will not be blackmailed by the evil emotions of the evil physical body or by such thoughts as who is Viable and who is not. At that instant of Total Realization, they will know the meaning of Justice. They will see with unerring vision who is who and what is what. They will not be blackmailed by the thought they may be failures, for the certainty of their true status will stamp their minds indelibly that they are particles of Light being gathered as part of the meagre precious harvest from this doomed orb.

The FEAR of what will happen to their children, parents, relatives, pets, gardens, etc., etc., will all vanish in an instant as they realize who their true siblings of Light are. The evil, camouflaging mechanisms will be gone forever, never to be remembered again, never to blackmail or deceive them again. They will be truly free of sadness, misery, injury, degeneration, disease, punishment and the fear of death. In fact, they will be FREE of all fears, of all types, forever, for these were attributes of the evil trap which will have been, in that moment of Illumination, totally destroyed also forever.

But for the evil ones, their suffering will be compounded by their recall of what they have done, of what misery they have imposed on others, on how they raped, abused and murdered those of Light. Their fear of confronting the JUDGE, as they must, will force them to die again and again and again,. But THEY CANNIOT DIE UNTIL THEY ARE TRANMUTED, for they are spiritual, and so the fear repeats again and again and again, in them, for an Eternal Moment that they cannot escape, no matter how hard they try to do so.

They can blame no one but themselves for their fate. What fools they are! What fools have they been!

Simply by being in the presence of the Judge, the non-Viables will know their fate. There is no escaping that FATE. They judge themselves by their reactions to the Judge. But, of course, it is the Judge’s presence that allows the judgement to occur. Without the Judge’s energy, they would not realize their evilness and doomed future.

Who or What is the Judge? It is a manifestation of the Highest Divine Energy. It is the TRUE LORD, manifesting for each in the moment of judgement.

Viables will be drawn to that Energy from all Levels of Consciousness. They don’t see it as a Judge, but as a personification of the eternal loving, nourishing Father/Mother Energy. That is what they feel, even in the physical, as the fragmentation occurs for that is what the SMC supplies.

For non-Viables, the appearance of the Judge will be a moment for them to DREAD. Let them try to crucify Him now. Let them try to spit on Him, to mockingly crown Him with thorns, as they did when he presented as the physical being called Jesus. Let them try to skin him alive, as they did when he presented as the physical being called Manichaeus. Let them try to burn Him at the stake as they did when He presented in the female physical body of Joan of Arc, and so on.

I can only give you earthly examples. But, believe me, these evil sycophants have committed such blasphemy repeatedly, throughout the entire evil, Physical Universe. It is now time for them to receive their just dues!

I am able to write this way because it IS the Endtime,


Because I have the Authority to do so.

If you don’t like it, you can leave it for now.

But, what will be, will be! And it will be exactly as I say it will be!


 Further evidence of

Fragmentation of Terminal Proportions for Earth



DECEMBER 15, 2014


If you are new to my website, these later entries may not make as much sense to you as they should if you lack a basic understanding of WHAT IS GOING ON in this final Era on Earth.

It will assist you to read my earlier entries and also my books in the order I have placed them on the Books page.

I am not out to convince anyone of my views.

My Motto is Take it or Leave it.

The Website and all my work is to basically deliver a Message of Finality.

You must understand that for full understanding you will have to attain a spiritual perspective of all that is happening, for the lower, evil-created, Monkey mind simply cannot understand all that is happening at this level. For example, the reason why we have Terminal Madness of the Endtime is because the spiritual basis that sustained the evil robots and demons has collapsed. The fragmentation, chaos and anarchy that result from that madness are subsequent effects of the Madness, not the cause of it.

Some of us are spiritual beings that will continue after the destruction of the physical world. We are made with what I have termed “Permanent (Spiritual) Atoms”.

The majority of humans also have a spiritual component, but it is a mock structure that cannot survive outside of the Physical Dimensions which include the Etheric and Astral dimensions. These, in essence, are spiritually Counterfeit Beings. They are robotic and their consciousness is artificial. They were NOT created by the true ‘God’ Force.

For details please read my books

The material in the website and in my books is to help awaken individuals, and as they do so, they can prepare for what is to come physically, emotionally, mentally and, most importantly, spiritually in this period which I have called the Endtime.

Depending on your state of spiritual awareness or otherwise, some of the revelations in my work may seem far-fetched or even untenable. Until you awaken fully to whom you are, and to what is going on around you, I ask that you simply read with an open mind, for you may simply NOT be in a position to assess information of this type accurately just yet.

No one is forcing you to believe this or that.

The material is to awaken you to YOUR Truth within.

Once you have awoken somewhat, you are then on your way in the Spiritual Journey we all need to make. It is a lonely path, so don’t expect others around you to understand you fully. Many will, in fact, attack you rather than support you. The majority are inimical to true spiritual understanding, so be wise in what you say and reveal about yourself, your thoughts and your progress on your Spiritual Journey, even to the ones closest to you.

Nonetheless, I must warn you at this late stage, that the Message of Finality I bring is indisputable. For all intents and purposes, the Earth, and this Solar System are all but finished.

The Endtime is a period when all Evil will be exposed. Previously, it had been cunningly hidden.

At the same time of revelation of all evil, the evil ones (both robots and demons) are programmed to self-destruct. That accounts for the never-ending battles and conflicts e now see.

This self-destructive process also applies to other Classes of Consciousness, and so the planets are fragmenting, as are our Sum, the Solar System and the Galaxy in toto, for it is time for them to cease existence.

What you need to do is find your place in the spiritual dimensions once the Physical Dimension is no more.


This short letter about me and my writings was sent to me recently.

“I managed to get hold of couple of Dr. Chiappalone’s books, and it’s mind-blowing stuff. (What’s going on? Making sense of madness volume 1, and volume 3).

His writings are metaphysics with Gnostic perspective, which I found extremely revealing, educating and….sobering. I think everyone should read his books, but bare in mind, those are hard to get and expensive. You cannot buy his writings in any bookshop and I managed to get hold of his books on internet. There’s some articles circling around and discussion threads if you type his name on Google. But it’s important to remember, not everyone is ready for what his writings reveal, and an open mind is a must to take it on board.

I am a seeker and read hundreds of books on all sort of esoteric knowledge, paranormal, occult, (wasted 10 years of my life on studying New Age writings), and to add to the package, I’ve been a catholic for 33 years… And, can tell you, nothing has contributed to my knowledge, only frustration unnerved my soul.

What I read in Dr. Chiappalone’s books is simply a confirmation what I’ve always known to be ’the truth’. That is why his writings are a breath of fresh air to me, as most of the other stuff was a waste of time and effort…  Kind regards, Tina.


Another reader writes:

Dear Dr C.

You did not mince your words in this wonderful essay of the Transmutation and Eternal Moment.   Truth is Truth and so it is.

I’m at the end of reading “One World Order” and can relate what you have written about in your book to what is happening now.  You have left no stones unturned. I’ve reached the point where I can no longer view some of the videos because I just want to vomit.

Hopefully some people will awaken to what has been done to society all along by the elite.   It’s time that all be revealed.  Thank you for helping to expose these Evil Consciousnesses. After all of the pain and suffering that the liars, hypocrites and murderers have caused it is time for them to face their own demise. Thank you for bringing the Truth …….Gratitude and Love, Rachelle


In the Endtime, all evil will be exposed.

Look briefly at these articles and videos that are in the public domain:

Those of evil, regardless of Race or Religion, have forgotten this idiom: “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”

I have stated often previously that, for all of us, it would be wise to remember the Akkadian Golden Rule at all times “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

The spiritual class separation in the above article can only originate from Evil. It clearly demonstrates that there are beings of 2 creations in this Universe: Beings of a Divine Creation who are trapped in this dimension, and beings of a temporary Evil Creation, run by an unfair, evil demigod, who apparently is as asinine as the Old Testament and its followers make him to be.


Evil runs this world, which is part of its physical apparatus, regardless of the living beings in it. The most evil institution of the last 2,000 years indisputably has been the Catholic Church. It rules for Satan in Satanic ways. The history of the church that I have exposed in my book “Death of an Evil God”, and recent exposures in the public domain, should leave no one in any doubt of the evilness of this institution, inspite of the good intentions of the many caught in its clutches over the centuries.


 If such information about the fraudulent Holocaust is new to you, begin your research by reading “The Holocaust Hoax exposed” by Victor Thorn.

Also, avail yourself of the excellent essays and articles on Rense.com


 And the Truth shall set you free…….


Shocked you may be after reading the above article. But, remember that the Founding Fathers were Masons and thus, the fledgling Nation, being dedicated to Jehovah ( and not the true spiritual energy of Isis, Osiris, and Horus), was as doomed as doomed can be. Where has its dedication, firstly to Jehovah via the Masons, and then to the Vatican’s Jehovah led it? It led it along a path that has exploited and destroyed many Nations and True Beings, inspite of what spurious History tells us. That path had to end in total misery, as all Evil does. He who lives by the sword…..

Today, what you are seeing in the USA, as it crumbles before our eyes and as its population is husbanded to be slaughtered like diseased cattle in FEMA camps is due to the Fragmentation and Terminal Madness that are the inevitable result of using Evil to commit Evil against all others.



Merry Cans may fool themselves as much as they like, but an Empire of Evil, masquerading as a benign one, has truly been the mechanism under which they lived and, for a time, prospered illicitly. Do you call the progress made by the USA a blessing? You can only do so if you view the destructive, and biology-ending, so-called technological progress brought down onto Humanity by the Military-Industrial ghouls and warmongers. No war that the USA has fought, since its inception, has been a so-called ‘Just War’, no matter how many spurious words are spun in its defence. The only Just War is the one that eradicates evil. On this level, all Wars are for the enhancement of Evil, to the detriment of all who favour Peace and Harmony.

Here is an incomplete list of Earth-destroying and very dumb items of Technological Progress. Of course it is not just the USA that has engaged in these nefarious activities, but it does share a major portion of the iniquitous developments:

  • HAARP technology,
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction,
  • Biological warfare viruses and bacteria,
  • GMO products, whose malignancy has to be hidden by legislation,
  • Brain-destroying vaccines,
  • Fluoridation which is again brain-destroying,
  • Nuclear Radiation Poisoning, of which Fukushima is the alter dispensing the poison for Termination of all live in the Seas and eventually of all life on Earth, if there is time, http://rt.com/news/214239-fukushima-radioactive-water-pacific/

Brain-destroying and cancer producing short wave radiation and cell phones,

  • Spent-Uranium bombs which have poisoned Humans, Fauna and Flora, even when it is mockingly, maliciously called ‘friendly fire’,
  • Cancer and abortion inducing Wi-Fi,
  • Chemtrails and the poisons they contain which lead to Dementia, Asthma, other obstructive Respiratory Diseases, Morgellons, etc., etc.


The list goes on and on.

If these notions are new to you, read about them.

Looks like the ‘Luddites’ were right, hey?

There can be non-destructive beneficial progress, but, not in an Evil Environment where everything is exploited deleteriously for the sake of a few elite (demons) gaining wealth. Greed is the epitome of Evil.

We are living in an absolutely Evil dimension, regardless of what the Evil Beings try to tell us. Some of you may not see it as such because you are still somnambulant in this Evil Illusion of this Virtual Reality, created by Evil so it could extract the energy from those who have been trapped here. Indeed, this is a prison planet! You will need to read my books for a fuller understanding of these concepts.

Here is a tongue-in-cheek idea of earth as a Prison Planet. Many of the anomalies cited in this article below can be explained by Gnosticism. The bodies we now have, as Homo Sapiens, are experimental adaptations, created by more advanced Demons, who are/were not from earth. The fact that so many recall their home in other planets and Galaxies is because they come from there and have been translocated to earth for maximal energy exploitation, or else they have escaped the destruction of those planets and Galaxies of origin.


What I have just revealed to you, in general above, is the reason why the whole Physical Dimension and this Earth, obviously, are being totally destroyed, planet, by planet, Galaxy by Galaxy, until the whole illicit Physical Dimension is no more.

But now, as the destruction of the Physical progresses, the call for Accountability is to be made, by the Father (energy) of Goodness. The USA, and those who supported its iniquities, and all iniquities since time immemorial are, in the main, to be found wanting.

Is it not a fact that ‘those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it’?

And ‘Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity.’ This applies to all of Evil in this Evil Earth.


 Evil acts like this one are not reported much because History and the Media are, to a very large extent, controlled by Evil and its minions.



Zionists and many in Israel believe the prophecies for Israel’s territorial expansion. Why could it not be that they want to take over Ukraine and Russia in due course? As they contemplate this, let them know that time will beat them and that the Prophecy of Luria of Safaad is to be fulfilled before Time ends. You will find that Prophecy in this website. Search for it.


December 16, 2014









Be patient
It cannot be long now !!

I will give details later, as they are needed by individuals who to be rescued


December 30, 2014

Hello again. It seems that the problem with the sitebuildr has been corrected for now.
However, as my work is being stolen and placed on other sites which charge for the privelege of giving you MY informtion which is FREE on this, MY website, I have decided to commence a Membership Club and will email entries directly to members.

Some have already responded  to this suggestion with enthusiasm.

There will be a charge for membership.

I reserve the right to allow or reject Membership.

If you are interested in this Membership Club, please email me with your Name, Postal Address and other contact details such as phone and skype.

I am not sure how long the Internet will last, so emails may still be valid when websites are torn apart.

It appears major events are closer still than when I last swrote about them.

I will write about such things in the Mmebership papers.

DECEMBER 31, 2015




The Fee will be a voluntary donation as I realize THESE ARE DIFFICULT FINANCIAL TIMES FOR MOST OF US.

If and whenever you are ready to become a Member and want to send a donation, no matter how much or how little, please let me know how much you wish to donate, and how often you wish to do so, and I will send you a PayPal invoice for each occasion.

I have been forced to do this to keep the information away from SHILLS AND THIEVES who are tampering with my work.

I have asked for postal details simply to keep Membership genuine.


I intend commencing the Membership posts no later than January 5 (Oz time).

If you, as a paid up Member,  have not received a copy of the Post by email,
please inform me immediately.


Kristina writes:

Everything you have written online (and graciously given for free) has been like finding a light in the dark.  I’ve been on the path for 30 years and only just now discovered Gnosis.  I also have experience with astral projection, and I do believe I (and my son) have been abducted.  I see through all the hoaxes.   I recognize the non-humans.  I can no longer look at news even online.   I have very few people to talk to about such things.  So, your words are like a breath of fresh air and a renewal of hope!  Thank you again, Merry Christmas, however you celebrate it.  For the very first time, I feel confident in Jesus’s message, without all the religious bullroar!  😀




January  4, 2015


Dr. C . You have a great sense of humor!  The Post is so nicely done . Lots of work involved .

Packed with most  helpful information. I wanted for a while to make the suggestion for these kind of posts .

While reading your Books I often would like to ask questions and discuss certain subjects with You etc…

I really laugh when I saw the picture of the Real You. I guess you remind me of myself.

For over 20 years I have had a thirst for Truth and knowledge, non stop.

I do not know if that is what you meant by that picture, but that is what I see from it.

At the beginning of the post you talk about attacks on True Beings.  They tried to kill me at Birth and the attacks never ended after that.

Before I found Your teachings , I used to reflect on my life and hate just about everything about my life except the Beings I Love.

I love The Spiritual Warrior First’s Prayer and The Daily Prayer , but also love to repeat this following Quote from You.

Amount the many many Quotes I Love from You there is this one I read often

”The more Your Higher Consciousness may be in the Divine Hierarchy, the more will the Evil Ones attack you and attempt to entrap and eradicate you if they can”.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…………P.M (California)






















January 6, 2015
Izdihar  wtrites:  Thank you especially for sending to me your fantastic Membership Post 1.

I completely treasure your beautifully created presentation for it’s extremely valuable information which you have offered so generously and lovingly. I just love your work so much…I can’t stop the love it awakens in me. You are absolutely exquisite in your writings. Nothing compares ……. …WOW! A Most Devoted Admirer, Izdihar


Hi there Giuseppe……………just got and read your inaugural members’post.

Thank you so much, it is fantastic !!

love the humour, caricatures and of course the generous NGE content.

All the best,    Glen


Thanks a million for your brilliant  1st Post in the new genre. You have successfully  bypassed  Evil’s attempt at sabotage & discreditation  –  and given us who hope for a better future in a better world  reason for renewed  hope & confidence.

In particular, I would like to thank you for  those  YouTube  music clips. They will give great benefit  to many, like me, who don’t have  an extensive classical music collection, and are sick to death  of all the mediocre & downright satanic sh.t that we are bombarded with from most sources these days. I look forward very much to your 2nd posting.


This first Post was very beautiful. These intimate posts without a doubt will sustain us now until the end. Remember one thing doctor……..you are my greatest hero………I believe in u! :-)
C. E.


January 12, 2015
Dear Joseph,

Thank you so much for the awesome membership posts.

Apart from the comedic aspects provided by Jerry (which unfailingly induce a giggling fit), I am left feeling reawakened to some little treasured truth, comforted and energised at each reading.

In the eighteen years since I first stumbled upon one of your books in the local library, my life has changed so dramatically that I sometimes cannot believe it myself.

From years of confusion and depression, I emerged from that first reading of your work with newfound clarity and hope.  There is no real way I can thank you for the gifts you have bestowed over the intervening years.

My thanks is truly heartfelt.

Love as always,


I’ve finished the first book (MY EXPEREINCES OF ALIENS….).

All I can say is THANK GOD for this information.  I’m so relieved to find out it is all temporary, and that it isn’t real at all, and that I’m not really part of it, that I’m actually a much happier person.

For the first time, I actually feel light in my heart, things aren’t bothering me much, and I’ve been finally able to detach emotionally from mostly everything and everyone, and I feel more loving because of it (that sounds paradoxical but I know you get what I’m saying).  Every moment of my life feels happier.  My family is happier, I can see this.  It really does feel like being born again.


Please invoice me for the next two books, “Journey into the World of Metaphysics” volumes 1 & 2.  I will be purchasing the books in groups of two or three now, depending on what goes together.  I’m going to be tearing through this material.


Also thank you for the Membership Post #2, these are wonderful.  Any luck getting a forum started?



JANUARY 16, 2015


I  read both of your posts, 1&2. And I remember reading your books and you gave similar info.

But there is a different energy this time.

The New Green Energy is much stronger and there is another energy present.

I feel it is the Babaji energy, for lack of a better word.

Anyway, whatever it is……….It is beautiful beyond belief.

This is a sustaining energy of, I think the color of white.

I could be wrong but anyway it is beautiful and I thank you for it.







JANUARY 28, 2015
Wow !!! Post Number 6 is absolutely wonderful ,…… So much work involve in your posts

….. All the musical soirees spin magic!

The music you share with us is one of the first things I check. I love music ! Love the beautiful picture under Dvorak Symphony in that post. I am listening to this Symphony right now ! I love it !

 Love Story, Moonlight Sonata, Chopin’s Tritesse and many more just melt my heart . Makes me want to go Home!  Only a person with a Tender Heart can make this choice of music !

This is so rare in a man. In this Evil place Tenderness is taken advantage of.


 I prefer The Best Ever O fortuna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdIpoE2LEps

With Much Gratitude, P.


Forbidden Knowledge TV Alexandra Bruce November 22, 2014:


Alexandra:  “This lecture is too true for me to broadcast. It’s a doggone shame.

If ever there was a truth that most people couldn’t handle. This would be it.

With so much mystification and BS blindering us at all times, it’s a miracle that an incarnate human was able to articulate this message.”



My information has been STOLEN  and placed on other websites.

On those websites you will find NO GOOD ENERGIES.




JANUARY 30, 2015

Dear  Dr. Chiappalone,

I think the Post are all very good. I place top value on them and pay special attention to the exercises you give. The Music I love and I play them ever so often. Your work is truly making a huge difference in my life. Thank you.

I have not yet received Post #6. I saw a comment about it on your website and decided to let you Know since i might not be the only one who have not received it.

I really appreciate your dedicated service to us. Lots of love and light to you and the family.

Yours truly,  Keith.


Dear  Members and Readers

I am at a lose to know what is going on with the Internet Service.

So many did not recieve Posts and I did not receive emails the first time round from so many others that I think both ends are being attacked simultaneously.

As the posts come out very 5 days or so, contact me if you have not recieved your copy.


I shall be doing a radio interview with Jeff Rense on Monday at 8 p.m. Pacific Time in USA

This translates to 2 p.m.  Tuesday, Queensland time.


February 5. 2015
If the Angel of Death came to you
Right now and said:
“Come! Come this instant,
the banquet is ready”,
Would you panic?

Or would you say:
“Thank You, let’s go!”?


Dr., the posts have been getting better each time. They are not too long since I enjoy reading your information. I especially enjoy the information regarding the preparations that need to be made leading into the future changes. Thank you. Stephen.


URL for Rense Show of February 2, 2015


Problems of sending and receiving emails continue.
I appreciate your patience.


FEBRUARY 19, 2015


I am writing Posts to assist readers maximally in these harrowing days.


As you will see from the comments below, they have been a great success.


They are to provide knowldge, energy, encouragemnt and comfort as we go forth towrds the Final Day.
Obviously they are not for everyone, as many think they know everything there is to know in these Last Days.  Some think they know more than I do and only want to argue. They will not benefit from what I have to give.
If you want to join the MEMBERSHIP, contact me.


A fee which is less than a weekly cup of coffee applies.

YAAAAAY I’ve been WAITING for another post.  These posts are great.  I have some thoughts I’m going to write up later, you can tell me if I’m on the right track or not with my current paradigm of thinking.


Everything in the posts is appropriate and appreciated.   Keep the posts coming, they feel like life preservers.   Please and thank you!!!!!


An Amazing post,
I love this post preferably at the very beginning when you were talking about the new dimension. you have never been so explicit about what to expect in those realms. Have you never revealed such details about the new dimension before? I don’t believe so. While reading that part the energy therein was very strong.

It takes me some time to read through the post because I know you take so much time in them and I don’t like to rush through. I actually have to read it in moderation, take a break from it due to the energy content, drink water or eat something to refresh my mind etc. and come back to it. If one actually takes the time and reads through it slowly and really grasps what you’re saying you get more from it in energy terms and it is very nourishing as opposed to just rushing through it quickly with one straight shot. You can never be too detailed in my opinion preferably when talking about the realm we are to go to. I have many questions about that, but for now I will let these writings quell the appetite. The Jerry Attrick Corner is very interesting, using him as a Segway to more great music posts.

You were spot on when you said we would be more aware of the poisons that affects the mind body and spirit. I try to keep the divine light on my mind so much that they’re actually times when I say to myself “am I thinking about things too much? should I really be calling upon this power in small situations such as this” It’s just so hard to tell sometimes. AnyWho all I can say is that I am truly blessed that I have found you and have tuned into your work. To work with you on this level is truly an honor and a blessing. Thank you for doing this!


Dear Dr. Giuseppe,Another wonderful Post #10. Jerry had me laughing when he said that some people may not fit in the cargo bays of the Rescue Crafts.  He is most accurate about that.  I do have to admit that sometimes I don’t always get what he says but he does add some humor.


The details that you give are essential to give us a better understanding of the whole scenario.  You really know how to communicate this in writing.


I love the music and of course the videos support what you are telling us.


In doing the Lessons it helps me to go within even more. Thank you again for your work and your continued assistance.


With Gratitude,


I I hope this finds you well. With regards to the feedback that you requested, I’m going to keep this brief and to the point:


I do enjoy the links to other articles that are relevant to the material in the post. I feel the material is detailed enough yet not too complex that it would leave some scratching their heads. The material you present gives a lot to ponder on. I find myself thinking back on events I’ve experienced relating to what I’ve read. When my husband and I first found out about your group we were excited but weren’t sure about the frequency with which we would receive your writing. Much to our surprise, we are ELATED that you average about a post and a half per week…we look forward to your posts and we both start reading immediately. I enjoy the contents very much.


Love the detail and the knowledge contained in this detail…please continue


Love the music.


The verbage is ‘just right’ for everyone/all levels to understand


My husband and I always joke about the Jerry Attrick corner…(the pronunciation of Attrick). I say it’s pronounced like Geriatric, he says it’s like ‘A trick’…not that the pronunciation matters but we found ourselves laughing like little kids which is a great change of pace.


I like that you have a little of everything. Your poems, music, Jerry….these things provide some beautiful things that we can focus on and keep us uplifted and energized until we’re evacuated.


Be well and looking forward to your next post :-),



Thank you for your wisdom which has tied all those loose pieces of thread together into a True picture and has expanded the base I had.


I appreciate all the time and energy you put into them. Nicely done.



I listened to Your show on Rense a week ago which was great !

Rense was surprised to hear that scientist are now backing your predictions



I I find each post is great. !  I love music !



Re posts : .  I think you’re doing a fantastic job:)




* They’re just perfect for me although I could read them everyday 


I really appreciate what you’re doing with all my heart.



Dr., posts every 5 days is just right. I’ m enjoying the music attachments. I never spent anytime listening to this type of music before, but I enjoy listening to these peaceful pieces as I read your posts. Please keep them coming. For me, your writings are serious and instructional. I enjoy each post more than the one before and look forward to them showing up. Thanks for the help that you provide all of us.


Dr. G.,

All posts are TOO perfect, a smorgasbord for the senses, Spirit and  mind to soar far away

and leave the mundane behind .So spoiled for choice i barely can digest without evoking admiration and wonderment deep within my chest. Love, Iz.


Just finished reading post 10. Thank you for all that you do for others.  Your posts are perfect


The Posts are very timely, even though life’s daily tasks do not always make room to sit and read.  The detail is absolutely appreciated.
Before finding your work, the metaphysics out there was either made hard to understand or fell short. You have actually made it possible for anyone who can read and comprehend at least secondary school level English to grasp what is written. (One can use a thesaurus too), but it’s how it speaks beyond words… Love the motto too…. Love the music, very educational!

Thank you for your sincerity, your love, your support and so much more, it is a true example (IMHO) of a spiritual warrior to the rescue. Sincerely, W.



Dear Dr. C.
What I get from the posts is focus, encouragement and reinforcement. The reading can get intense, but you break that up with humor and music. This helps to keep thoughts or eelings from going too far one way or the other. I don’t listen to all of the music, only because I do better with silence sometimes.
The news links help us to pay attention and be vigilant.
For me, these posts are doing what you set out to do.
I enjoy the posts and thank you very much for your work.-Bob



I think the postings are about the right frequency, size, and the content spectacular. Truth is so terribly hard to find in this world so I patiently wait for your postings. The more I read of and about the Gnostics it’s abundantly clear they, and you, have pretty well nailed it.

The music links are valuable as they have extended my musical appreciation to areas heretofore unknown.
It’s my hope that I won’t be here to experience what Jerry experiences since I’ve had more than enough of my own already in my 52 years on this whirling globe of inequity.

I love to receive your posts.  I feel happy when they come in.  Hearing from you is a high point in the week.  Receiving your posts allows me to shift from reviewing your books to something new.  It’s a lot of fun to receive and read your posts.  As far as I am concerned, your posts could come in as often as every other day, but I am retired and have the time to read them.


We love the Consciousness in your books and posts.


My thoughts are that your posts offer something for everyone.  I think you are being guided to reach as many others as possible.   Different people have different states of consciousness and like different things, so I think it is good that you include different things in each post.


One thing that I do notice is that the energy in your work causes distortions to be activated for clearing in both myself and my wife.  I will read for 15 minutes and feel something being activated for clearing, then I will go over to the sofa and facilitate the clearing, then go back to the post.  My wife does the same thing.


Peace, R


This post was soo spot on for me, it hit right home many times. I just can’t wait to move to the gold city and get rid for good of all my demons. Fighting them is really exhausting. Love


Hello Dr. C!


The Posts are just right in frequency and length.  I check for them and wait eagerly for the next one.  The content you feel inspired to include will no doubt be helpful and useful to some, if not all, readers.  There is a nice variety and mix of topics, media, and tone.  Personally I don’t watch all the videos or listen to all the music but I do the exercises and read the assignments so I imagine a lot of other people also take what they need and save the rest for later.  Thanks very much – and keep ’em coming!!  L.

Dr Doctor,

These posts of yours are of inestimable value to those of us who can appreciate the ENERGY within them,  AS WELL AS THE KNOWLDGE AND WISDOM.

They ARE PEERLESS. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. G W