NOVEMBER 18, 2014

This is the url of a radio show I did yesterday on an Irish Station called Open Your Mind


Here is the show: http://youtu.be/0FVBqmX8kw4

I suspected most of their audience would know little about me and my information, so I developed my theme of Truth based on True Gnostic Knowledge gently, in order that initiates be slowly exposed to this knowledge that can be, as most of you know, rather explosive and even frightening for unprepared minds.



Just in case you have NOT connected the dots fully yet, know this:


The Being known as the Destroyer of Worlds is the Messiah!


The Messiah is He who rescues the Good (Spiritually Viable) out of this Hell, which He will destroy, and takes them to their rightful Home, while sending all of Evil to Perdition!


That Messianic figure includes many identities in our history, especially Jesus, the Christ, and Arthur Pendragon, the Celtic Christ, who are one and the same being. I have mentioned this same Being as being other personalities, other  Cardboard Boxes (physical manifestations),  throughout our History, both before and after Jesus, and  King Arthur.


Recently, I identified Babaji as Shiva, the Destroyer of (Evil) Worlds.

Babaji’s work, and mine, is all but finished in this Sector of the Physical Universe, in this Earth, Solar System and Galaxy.



The trouble with Bible-Bashers is that, in their ignorance, they have equated the insane demigod, Jehovah, the thief, hypocrite and murderer, who no longer exists BTW, with the Supreme God Consciousness which is destroying Evil and all its progeny!

These fools talk about their ‘god’s’ wrathful anger. But the True God Consciousness does not have anger, it does not have an Emotional Body. It has no human emotions. Bible-bashers, in their ignorance, have equated the now dead Jehovah, the Usurper, the demiurge, with the True God Consciousness that they really cannot comprehend, for they themselves are of total Darkness.

That Supreme God Consciousness sends out ‘splinters’ from Its level of Consciousness to do the work that has to be done. And what work is that? It is to correct the Celestial Error and retrieve the Trapped Beings of Light within it. Once this is done, the trap itself will be totally destroyed.

That is exactly what is happening now in our neighbourhood of the Error!

NOVEMBER 19, 2014





This is a broadcast of Amitakh Stanford’s singing.

If you are somewhat purified, and Viable, you will note that you will become more and more irritated, nauseated and fractured in the Heart Centre the longer you listen to her.







You will note her followers are reduced to mindless Zombies

As well as destructive, Demonic Idiots.






Further: even her voice has the same evil effect, but less powerfully so.

Listening, even for just a little while, will make you immediately note that you are “out of balance”, physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually.




Contrast with how you feel when you hear my voice.



You MAY FEEL no change from Amitakh’s assault on your Heart Centre,


And you may feel deep-seated FEAR listening to me,

For that is the effect the New Green Energy (NGE),

Which I deliver through my voice, and written words,

Has on non-Viables.


Conversely, Viables are soothed, and elated with the NGE.

They are lifted to a place of Peace, Serenity, Love and Joy.





Dr., I listened to your podcast with the Irish radio hosts that you had linked on your website. I thought it was your best radio interview that I have heard you do to date. Your passion for the Gnostic truths left the New Age hosts a little taken aback. Well done sir!


Dr., many people who I come in contact with have all noticed a considerable energy drain in the last few days (I live in Massachusetts USA). We just had the “polar vortex” bring bitter cold weather through after a period of rain. I have noticed in the last few years that some mornings I wake up exhausted an go through the whole day feeling lethargic and mentally drained. I’ve also had dreams where I was shot and when I woke up, I had pain in the area of my dream injury that lasted a couple of days. If you could take a minute, I would be interested in your thoughts on these topics, weather or other influences affecting energy levels and dream time injuries carrying over in waking life. As always, thank you Dr.



My reply: Warriors of Light often go to battles during sleep and can suffer subtle body injuries which are reflected in the physical. Energy drainage can also occur which is felt in the body..

Energy drainage is real ! Rest as much as possible when any of you are like this.


The polar change was expected.



Hello Dr. GC

I did listen to the interview with the Irish guys and it was a very good one. Not only did I perceive the NGE but I also sensed that Destroyer energy you have mention a year or so ago. And that clued me into the fact that that very energy is now ubiquitous. And that means that the end is nigh.





In regard to your recent Irish Radio Show, for those who wish to hear, you have allowed them to see where the door is.  The rest are doomed anyways.  Nothing will change what is happening.  I am spreading the ‘word’ too, but those who are lost will stay lost.  There are mightier forces at work than the little ant.  I think of it like we are ants and above is much more.  The highest energies have control. A.



Dr. Chiappalone,


Just sending another follow-up note of thanks, if I may.  I’m sure you are getting increasing numbers of them from those of us you’ve reached, as we proceed further and further into the end stages of this hellish world.


I have been diligently reading your books and have finished most (just 2 left), and they have seemingly been getting better with each one.  Death of an Evil God and Essential Gnostic Truths were my last two, and the best so far.  Your information and predictions have always rung true for me, and now, with the ongoing happenings in the world, they seem undeniable.


Like most of “us” I guess, I’ve struggled a lot in life, and been the target of negative treatment and luck that seemed to defy any stretch of logic or imagination.  Before finding your writings, I had no sane choice but to gradually accept what all around me was invariably judging and treating me as, and feel worthless and utterly out of place.  My self-worth and sanity were broken down bit by bit and I believe I was at the end of a rope when I ran across your site and books, and they have helped drastically.  My life may not be any better in visible terms (in fact if anything, the attacks have only gotten worse…one can only imagine what you’ve had to endure over the years), but being able to *know*, and make sense of things, has helped me very much to cope.  And so, like so many others, I just want to thank you very sincerely.  I wish I was in a position to repay you somehow, even if to make things happier/easier for you, but for now, I thought I could at least send another note of support and appreciation.


For myself, I don’t pretend that I am any better adjusted to this sick hellish prison…like perhaps all of “us”, I just feel increasingly impatient.  There is so little pleasure left in anything, and so much increasing revulsion day by day at the happenings in this deteriorating demonic world (proving your writings true by the day), that it is a struggle to find the strength to continue here.  But your writings, and knowing that you and the few others of us are also out there, are a big help.  Thank you very much again, and if I may, I wish you happiness and strength.  I hope we all meet again on the Other Side, sooner rather than later.  Grateful Regards, J.


Hello Giuseppe……….thanks for the link to your recent OYM interview. It’s great to see people in Ireland inviting you to spread Truth into their bleary lives. Your delivery was perfect ,energy therein, off the wall !! Cheers  G.


Awesome show on Irish Radio !!  The interviewers were most receptive.  I liked it VERY much!!! Every show you do I learn more!!!!! Thank you,  Anita


November 20, 2014


I have reposted an essay I wrote on Dec 31, 2011 for reference.

Let’s see how relevant what I wrote then is now, after the passage of 3 years:



There is no point in trying to be specific about the destructive changes that are about to engulf this planet, and all other physical structures in the Universe.

I have written previously that the Divine Energy has been withdrawn from this dimension and now all that is left, apart from a few thousand warriors assisting the evacuation of viable conscious from all classes (Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human) is the Evil energy in all its forms.

(Most of the warriors have now, in fact, gone Home. A few hundred remain.)

Evil begets Evil.

The evil energy will do what evil always does: it destroys everything, including itself. We will not be the first planet to be destroyed by evil practices.

Obviously Evil needs instruments by which it can cause its destruction. Evil beings lie, and cheat and are hypocrites and murderers.

There is also what is called “Natural Evil” where the evil elements in the Mineral Kingdom express their madness and cause pains, suffering, fragmentation and destruction.

I have also stated that all constraints have been removed, so Evil can plunge headlong into its self-destructive mode. This is quite obvious now. The Archons are not trying in the slightest to hide their evil.

Dishonesty everywhere has become the modus operandi.

Violence and anarchy are the disorder of the day. We will witness the most atrociously evil actions imaginable: War crimes of unprecedented magnitudes, slaughter of animals, of children, of the elderly, often for no reason. Remember demons get energy from that sort of suffering. Bestiality, cannibalism, sexual depravity, etc., will also occur openly. We are going to see the demons at their worst.

And all nations are planning on war, war, and more war, regardless of whether they have a cause to go to war, or whether they have no cause. Some are planning suicidal missions against superior forces for no reason other than that the ones in charge are affected by the Terminal Madness of the Endtime. No one is going to win. The result will be a loss-loss. So, does it really matter where it starts and by whom it is started? Of course not!

All the ridiculous plans of the Archons to cull Humanity, to introduce a New World Order, to announce the arrival of Aliens who will supervise us, will all be a grand show of Idiocy, and although these things may begin to happen, they will come to naught.

Every activity now on the planet can be likened to shuffling of deck chairs on the Titanic. Earth’s fate is sealed.

But awakened ones will suffer least for they will be prepared and will understand the operation in action is for the removal of this malignant tumour called Evil from the face of Creation.

The emotions that will saturate the planet will be those of Selfishness, Hate, Anger, Fear, and Despair. We see this even today.

Purify by cleansing meticulously, and protect, protect, protect,

Don’t let these destructive, evil emotions destroy you.

Think and express LOVE, True Love, and gratefulness that the Divine Light has seen fit to rescue us and correct this Celestial Error. With Love in your heart, the difficulties will be easier to bear, and you will be a comfort for those around you who may understand less than you do.

As the process proceeds, Viables will want to be with those of like mind and energy. We will be able to congregate if there is time. Already you have probably noticed you don’t fit into the Virtual reality very well any more. Others may shun you for they cannot stand your (purer) energy. You too find you cannot be near Reptilians when you recognize them, and those who carry much negative energy, be they robots or demons.

Those who do NOT respond to LOVE are not your friends.

Read that again: Those who do not respond to LOVE are not your friends, and in all likelihood are non-viable, regardless of what excuse they give for not responding to love.

Do not equate Love with sex or physicality. You all know what Divine True Love is. I am sure you have experienced it. I am sure you recognize it, and I am sure you have met people who respond to it and those who do not.

Do not make excuses for any who do not respond. Do not take chances.

By all means emanate love at all times. It is never wasted. It will bounce off those who cannot use it and return to you or go to one who can use it and needs it.

There is so little True Love in the world today that the pervading essence is of Darkness and Gloom.

You will find that as you purify you will recognize the New Green Energy more and more and it will nurture you more and more.

This is a miracle that should leave you in no doubt that this Finality is upon us.

Do not despair at any stage.

Do not contemplate suicide to hasten your departure.

You will most likely pick up such thoughts from the Thought Pool circulating the globe. It is full of the thoughts of Depression, Gloom and Despair. That is why suicides are increasing all over the world exponentially.

I have explained that as thoughts of Finality and Accountability reach the lower minds of failures, they will despair. That is the cause of so much gloom and its consequences that we see.

If you are alone a lot, do not become lonely. Focus on what is happening and where you will be soon. Stay in touch with those of like minds, by phone, by emails, by skype, by snail mail, etc.

Thus, fragmentation is of minds, of relationships, of families, of communities. It is a religious fragmentation, a geographical one, a political, industrial, financial and climatic one, as well as a Solar and a Galactic fragmentation, culminating into a Universal fragmentation and conflagration.

The process cannot be stopped. All the physical structures must all go.

The mendacious Archons will no longer be able to hide the Truth with their lies. We will all see what they have done. We are seeing that today are we not with evidence of their greed, deceitfulness and hypocrisy everywhere? But they cannot help being like this. They have always been like this. It is their nature. They cannot change.

Their lies will no longer matter. They are doomed along with their lies.

As less and less energy is available to sustain the Evil Empire, it will collapse upon itself.

Long after Human Consciousness has ceased to exist, the very bonds that hold atomic and sub-atomic particles together will dissipate for they too depend on energy to operate. Thus matter will fragment to its energetic form and be transmuted. Nothing will remain.

A dimension collapses upon itself if it has no content, as this one will have. Thus, time and space will no longer exist and the dimension and all its sub-dimensions will cease to exist. If you can believe the nonsense uttered by theoretical physicists, they are up to 27 or 28 sub-dimensions mathematically now, perhaps more, in order to accommodate their String Theories for explaining the totality of the Universe. They would be closer to the truth if they counted the string bags people carry around for shopping in any metropolitan area of a major city.

As an awakened being, you will see this fragmentation as having a purpose. While it is painful to see it occur, we must remember that we are seeing an illusion disappearing before our eyes.

Gaining psychic powers like I predicted may assist in knowing coming facts, but it can also traumatize minds for we shall see who is who. Don’t be emotionally exploited. You may see Reptilian Consciousnesses in your parents, your children, friends, associates, pets, etc.  It is a shock, believe me. But, we must soldier on.

When I saw (my ex) Amitakh’s reptilian eyes (we were having lunch at a restaurant) I was shocked into disbelief. I had to leave hurriedly. “It cannot be”, I said to myself. And yet the imprint of what I saw stayed in my mind. I could not erase it. The more I thought about what I had seen, and the more I examined her actions, they more I knew I had seen truly. When I examined what I knew of her dispassionately, clinically, I knew she was a liar, a thief, a hypocrite and a murderer. Why did I not put this together before? Because it was not time!

Timing is everything. And things will happen in your life when it is time for them to happen, just like you and all of us will leave when it is time for us to leave.

We will all know who is who near the End. You will know who is a demon, who is a robot, who is viable and who is not.

We will all, Viables and non-Viables, come to the realization that this world must end, so horrific will its state be.

It will emotionally destroy us, if we let it, to find some of those we called ‘loved ones’ are reptilian demons. That will truly fragment our lives if we let it.

But we must be strong and not falter.

Remember, all beings have had innumerable chances to turn to the Light.

It is their choice to be Evil – except for demons, of course, who have been created totally of Dark Matter and they cannot see the Light or respond to it or to Truth.

My final point is this: Prepare, prepare, prepare. Not to survive physically, but to survive spiritually.

NOVEMBER 21, 2014

Well? How accurate were my forecasts written in December 2011? And what about what I wrote in the 1980s, and 1990s and so on?

Things have gotten worse in the exact way I described they would. Is that not so?

Hence, you should have confidence that we are on the right track, that what I have told you is the Truth and your path is being  facilitated by the True Gnostic Wisdom.

You must develop Inner Peace, for the outer mind is going to be assaulted continuously by deteriorating conditions.

The most obvious FEAR we have to overcome is that of Physical Death.

Impatience for this Hell to end is going to make us jittery and unreasonable if we let it.

The abuse of us by others is another. If we are serene while they undergo the Terminal Madness of the Endtime, they will want to know why we are different.

If we have knowledge they cannot comprehend, they will want to attack us for being more aware of things they cannot understand. Dont argue with them. They will be maximally irrational.

Our tolerance of all things Evil will diminish even as Evil increases exponentially in our lives.

The pain of Evil exposed will cut us like a sword would.

Crumbling economic circumstances, relationships, jobs, families, friendships, cultures, religions, etc., will leave us despondent if we do not attain the proper mental stability to see it through till the end. We are witnessing the crumbling Illusion of the Virtual Reality in which we were trapped.

The thought of Viability and/or failure may blackmail outer minds and cause unwanted and unnecessary concern.

Loneliness could be a factor for, as we look around us, the total blindness of the majority is not only irrational to us, but also horrendous and soul-destroying for them.

The evil acts we will witness in the Last Days will tug our hearts right out of our chests if we do not detach and see what is really going on with enlightened minds. What is really going on is the scenario of Evil and its evil beings self-destructing.

And yet, we must soldier on till the end as best we can.

We must avoid, at all costs, those mechanisms and situations which have the potential to drain our energies to a dangerous level. To minimize this drainage we must purify as best as we can and avoid all those extracting situations and mechanisms that we can avoid. To avoid them you need to know waht they are.

The closer we get to the Endpoint, the more mechanisms of Energy Extraction will attack us. Here are some pointers from Chapter 25 of my second volume of Journey into the World of Metaphysics that may assist you.


Viewing with a metaphysical, ontological vision, it is obvious there is a war in this dimension and yet few of the general population are able to see it. Once the superficial camouflaging activities of Maya are perceived, what is occurring will become so obvious that it will make the everyday activities in which people are caught even more meaningless and useless.

Fundamentally the war is about energy, and the activities between people are all about energy exchange and energy extraction from one type of person (the True Being) by the other (the mock being). Some are robbed of their energy, others have their energies polluted, still others give away their negative energy to cause pollution, and others are energy suckers.

When so-called normal social interactions are viewed at the subtle levels, where the energy flows can be seen or realised, a true picture of the situation emerges. Outer physical activities and social interactions are meaningless. They are all part of Maya. The real situation that exists is the exchange of energy between the subtle bodies. This occurs in all interaction between all types of beings inspite of their metaphysical nature. This exchange is obvious on every plane except the physical and the astral planes, and that is why these realms have been so damaging to the True Beings.

Unfortunately True Beings have been trapped in these realms and have been exploited mercilessly. It has been like shooting fish in a barrel. Now that this situation is being realised True Beings can do something about it.

It just shows how important it is to protect the self at all times. Protection will minimise exchange of energy which could result in drainage of one’s positive energy, pollution of one’s energy or acquisition of negative energy.

Unfortunately the bombardment by negative energy from all facets of this realm is so intense, and this I’ve made clear throughout these volumes, that 100% protection and freedom from programming and pollution is impossible.

There are very few beings on this planet who set out to give positive energy to others on purpose. Hence, any interaction is likely to be disadvantageous to True Beings. Every situation of social interchange must be seen as an occasion of energy exchange and as an opportunity for Evil to attack, drain or pollute. The non permanent atom beings (non-Viables) have encouraged social intermingling of course, because this has been their duty. They are there to simply extract energy from True Beings. Hence, they have set up practices in society which give maximal interaction, maximal exposure of beings and the best chances for development of maximal dependence on such practices.

For beings to become independent of society is a very great threat for the evil beings. When facets of society have isolated themselves, as has occurred in monastic orders for example, evil beings felt threatened. But even in these, there existed a nidus of pollution and agents to cause drainage of energy from True Beings within these isolated communities due to infiltration. Much damage has occurred in the past to beings of Light who sought to isolate themselves in such isolated pockets by the infiltrating robots.

As beings of Light suspected the gross pollution of society and as they attempted to lessen this by joining the monastic orders, and forming isolated societies, they were often trapped in these more rigid traps and drained even more. As they sought seclusion from the general pollution, various non-permanent atom beings were programmed to respond to seclusion also, simply so that they could pollute and drain the genuine isolationists.

False beings (non-permanent atom beings that is) cannot live in isolation, nor can they live in groups with only their own kind as the components of the community in isolation. They require the presence of True Beings whom they can exploit (of energy). This is quite obvious. When there are no beings of Light to be exploited such isolated communities always fold up completely, and the reason for this is that there is no longer a need for the communities to exist.

The physical plane has been constructed in such a way that True Beings have been totally fooled on this level and they have been a continuous supply of energy for all the evil exploitative systems.

The churches fall into the category of energy-sucking systems. Genuine seekers have been trapped in these energy suckers by the millions. They have responded to the impulse within to return to the Divine, and due to the programming which commenced in infancy they have been directed to the organised religious institutions and evil sects to be totally drained of energy. Without the positive energy of the True Beings these religions would not have survived.

Apart from being drained of their positive energy such True Beings have been polluted with negative energy and the beings then responded in various ways.

  1. Some became totally converted with the programming of the religion and were used as bait to trap others.
  2. Others were polluted to such a degree that they denied the inner urge to seek and became agnostic, irreligious and often overtly and indiscriminately anti-social.
  3. Still others were awakened enough to see the insincerity and superficiality of the religions and gave them up. But not knowing where to turn, or why this was so, they lost fervour and simply gave up the quest.

As all interactions are energy interactions at the subtle levels, many more systems have been developed to make the energy extraction efficient and also to mask the energy exploitation which is occurring. This is how Maya was created.

From the earliest days of life, emphasis is shifted away from the energy possession and the energy exchange of a being. Material possession and exchange are given far greater importance. Other attributes are also given more importance than the energy content and quality of a being – physical looks, ego, intelligence, nationality, race, colour, etc. – all these are used and/or exploited throughout the life of a being in order to cause energy drainage.

The systems of society all have a material basis and this has been so since the takeover by Evil. The fight to survive from a material point of view has been so time-consuming and so difficult that the energy drainage which has occurred during this fight for survival and material acquisition has not always been obvious.

It is overtly obvious during wars that there is a fight for survival, but what is not obvious is the energy drainage which occurs. War is used as a magic veil for massive exploitation of energy from the people caught up in the war. Most do not even know why they are fighting when they are involved in a war. After all no-one really wants wars. Yet people are programmed by the evil usurper and his system (which includes the emotions) to fight, simply so that energy can be extracted.

In peacetime people have to earn a living or so it seems. But many are caught in traps which program them to possess more and more. Very few work to exist in a basic manner. Most are caught in a grind to get further and further ahead.

In the poorer countries this inability to get ahead, or even to subsist in some cases, gives emotional energy drainage. And this is a good method the evil system uses to exploit people who live their life in poverty and misery.

However, even in the wealthier societies the social interactions are always emotive and exploitative, no matter how much they are masked. The mechanisms of Maya are forever present to cover up the energy exploitation which occurs in the various situations in which people normally find themselves.

Hence, we have groups such as governments which try to prevent any monetary exploitation of the population by others. These governments set up rules and laws and courts. But these measures are often useless or of very little worth. They do not prevent exploitation to any great degree. More than that, the extra laws give more and more power to the governing bodies, which then use this power and authority to themselves exploit the masses. This occurs in every level and type of government be it Democratic, Socialist, Fascist, Communist, or totally Dictatorial.

Other watchdog groups are forever arising from the masses to try and prevent exploitation. If genuine, they are rarely effective. More often than not they are themselves overrun by “robots”, and used to exploit people. Or they simply merge to become quasi-authoritative bodies and therefore an extended arm of the governing authorities. Some of the genuine ones are effective and do help members from being energetically drained by society, but these genuine ones are very few indeed, and the members they attract have usually been severely exploited anyway before they get to these genuine groups for further protection.

In other words, much damage has already been inflicted on those who seek their help, and/or such great amounts of energy have been extracted from them that there is little more to be gained from them in this life and little to protect. Such groups and the beings they cater for are tolerated and are used to bolster the mayic veil. Amongst these genuine groups one can include A.A. (Alcoholic Anonymous), and Gamblers Anonymous, etc.

The types of traps to exploit people are innumerable. Often if one type does not work, others are tried. Often many types co-exist so that many are sprung at once. The commonest traps, of course, are sex, gambling, alcohol, smoking and drugs. These I have covered in detail in these volumes.

Any and every type of crime eventually becomes associated with these traps, and here I include white collar crime which is a means of energy exploitation from the corporate masses and not just from individuals. These traps are gross ones.

There are many subtle ones also. I’ve mentioned most of them – ones like religions, nationalism which bolsters war, soft pornography, media, etc. The subtle ones also work in such a way that beings do not realise they are being drained of energy. They do not realise that they often need to engage in a fight in the subtle levels to prevent this energy drainage.

Things which pander to the ego are often subtle traps to extract energy. Normally things of the ego lead to excitation of emotions which may be expressed or suppressed. The very instinct to survive at our neighbour’s expense, or to live better than him, leads to practices which drive us to exploit the system in order to better our lot. But this striving always involves energy loss in the subtle levels and on this level in one way or another.

There is an exchange of energy in the subtle levels. Often what occurs is that energy is lost in order to acquire some gain on the material level, e.g. a possession, wealth, power etc. (this can be equated to the well-known stories of selling one’s soul, heritage, to the devil).

A balance with little energy expenditure or loss is very difficult to achieve while existing in these systems of this trapped dimension. The interactions which cause energy loss, programming and pollution are then the causes of positive energy drainage and negative energy accumulation, which result in physical and mental diseases, accidents and death.

These illnesses are then used to further exploit us of energy and repeat the cycle. More drugs are used to treat illnesses, which means more exposure to programming. More interactions with people, (most of whom are non permanent atom beings – healers, doctors and nurses) occur. More exposures to institutions, hospitals, religions, etc. occur. All these things increase exposure to drainage and to negative input.

The cycle has been an intensive and never-ending one with virtually no escape. That is why this system and dimension in which we are trapped has been declared very evil and has been condemned. The only solution is that which is in operation now – total destruction of the system.

Note that the traps for energy exploitation initially have their own mechanisms to ensure their own survival. They have a pleasurable component which allows people to fall into them, and make them want to get further involved. The beginner in drinking, gambling, drug taking, smoking, sexual pursuits, etc. always gets `kicks’ and `highs’ from his activity. He often has moderate success which encourages further involvement in the trap. It is only as the trap tightens that the true effects become obvious. But often this is too late. Too much energy has been drained, or too much programming and pollution has taken place. In other words, for such an individual the energy-sucking trap has been successful. If the traps were not pleasurable and appeasing to the physical senses obviously they would not lure any victims.

Anything on this level which leads to a physical self-satisfaction must be examined closely, for the practice giving this satisfaction may be leading to programming and pollution and/or positive energy drainage. This would then cut off the inner mind connection to the outer physical mind.

Because of all these energy sucking traps in this evil system, it is obvious that True Beings could never be happy and satisfied in this realm. This whole realm is a trap and we have been caught in it. The trap is elaborately constructed for the following simple reasons:

  1. To emotionally exploit us.
  2. To keep us ignorant of what had occurred.
  3. To drain us of our energy, and
  4. To prevent reconnection to our Source.

Personal interactions in our everyday lives with relatives, friend, acquaintances and co-workers, supervisors, etc. are all battles in the subtle level which cause energy exchange and /or programming and pollution. There is no need to deny that beings of Light have always fared badly in these battles. The negative beings have always had the advantage.

The beings of Light are subjected to maximum efforts of energy drainage and pollution and therefore programming. Their true nature has forever been attacked from every quarter and they have been subjected to a forceful putdown since takeover. True Beings have had to suffer humiliation, harassment, degradation and timidity, and have become oppressed members of the systems in society unless they compromised with these systems and cooperated to some extent.

Their strength has been sapped and the attempts have been very much to break their spirit. Even today True Beings are severely knocked down, disadvantaged and forced to bear unjust Karmic consequences which punish and exploit them. They are usually the very sensitive beings of society and the exploitation to which they are subjected takes a great toll from them when measured in energy terms.

As I said earlier, non permanent atom beings in society are also subjected to such forces and exploitative mechanisms, but inspite of apparent appearances they do not really mind. They may appear disadvantaged and exploited, but metaphysically they are insensitive and not really concerned. This can be confirmed to be so on the subtle levels. Their loss of energy is really non-existent, for they are not the targets for exploitation nor are they the beings with the positive energy to be drained. They simply help to make all of the distorted existence on this plane appear that it should be as it is, inspite of all the inconsistencies and injustices. They help to make it appear `normal’ that people should be suppressed in the way they are.

Those who are used to doing the bullying and exploitation of the masses are extremely successful because they are part of the exploitative machinery. The more successful exploitants they are, the more powerful do they become! They are fed more and more power by the system which they help to expand and enrich. This is obvious wherever one looks. These exploitative beings appear protected by what could have been called before the exposure by this philosophy “an unknown force”.

They thrive on the pollution and negativity of society and are able to use more and more strength in suppressing and exploiting others. Most times a subtle mechanism is used for this oppression and exploitation, but there are times when the mechanisms are so gross no one misses them.

Some of these include, for example, the exploitative mechanisms used by despots and dictators, the ones used in Religious Inquisitions, in Religious wars such as the Crusades, in the war in Northern Ireland, in Wealth wars such as in the dispute over oil which occurred in Biaffra and in the one which is occurring in the Middle East today and which will be the scene of a Nuclear War for this generation, etc., etc. The material costs of wars are insignificant when compared to the energy loss of those exploited by the suffering and pain that the wars create. You must see that these mechanisms are very much on purpose.

It takes great courage and much strength on the part of True Being to escape any traps in which they have been placed, and to overcome the programming and pollution which have tried to emotionally exploit them and suppress them again, and again, and again.

This courage and strength are a true measure of the being’s worth. That is, they are a measure of the being’s LOVE, FAITH and Longing for the Divine.


With this Love they express the inner conviction (faith) and expose their true Divine nature.

Alas, very few True Beings have found the courage and strength to remain completely faithful after countless lifetimes of oppression and exploitation. Most have given in to the programming and pollution to some extent by an act of Freewill on their part. They can only blame themselves.

All mechanisms of exploitation are used and these involve individuals, societies, local and national governments, and whole nations and races. Those making up the societies, governments, nations and races are not all non permanent atom beings. The 70/30% split between non permanent atom and permanent atom beings still remains. (This was so until 1999 when one billion viable True Consciousnesses were evacuated.  The others had failed. Now we have 9% viable, and the rest are non-viable robots and demons, barring a few hundred Light workers.)

It just means that the majority is used to sweep the minority (the 30%) along with them in their trends of exploitation. And as a high percentage of the true permanent atom beings who make up the minority are unawakened or have not resisted the evilness of these exploitative mechanisms, the job of the majority has been made easier. At present nations are being used more and more to attack others and cause maximal energy extraction from True Beings. ( I am sure you have noted this mechanism of energy exraction has become extreme as the Endtime approaches.)

Because this realm has been cut off (and in fact this Earth has been isolated by the Light in preparation for the final phase of the war, as have all other planets), the amount of energy that can be exploited from the trapped True Beings is now very, very limited.

The quicker the positive beings are drained therefore, the quicker will an end of the positive energy supply for this planet be reached. The aim of the Light is to prevent positive energy drainage as much as possible and to minimise the pain and suffering in these last few years.

As there is less and less positive energy return for the evil exploitative mechanisms at all levels, the mechanisms will be used more and more. In other words, the fighting, oppression and exploitation will escalate more and more, and the return for the exploitative evil usurper will be less and less. This unavailability of positive energy (which has kept this planet balanced for a long time) will cause more and more frenzy on this plane.

The ratio of negative energy to positive energy will greatly increase, hence programming and pollution will become more and more effective. This will mean that the effect of negative energy will become maximal. There will be more evil in every direction. The evilness and wickedness will be exposed more and more. The positive energy to counterbalance these will be lacking. Hence, all caught in this enclosed planet, who allow themselves to be programmed in these last few years, will be programmed for maximum unrestrained evil.

As evil is a destructive force, and as it will become unchecked, it will be a destructive force totally out of control. There will be more and more exposure of evil practices and evil beings who have been used in the mechanisms of energy extraction. The unleashed, uninhibited negativity will result on this plane in an increase in fighting, sexual abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, crimes, perversion of all types, etc. In other words, the process of exploitation and wickedness in the whole system will be greatly accelerated and the system will head for self-destruction.

In this generation any positive energy which the enemy has gained has been from the exploitation of the trapped permanent atom beings. It is important to be drained as little as possible of positive energy by avoiding programming and pollution and by using protective techniques, not only to prevent personal loss of awareness and Divinity, but also to starve the evil system and help bring its eradication to fruition as quickly as possible within this generation!

The fireworks of the last phase of the war have already well and truly begun. The start of many facets of the destructive negative energy tearing into society is already being witnessed throughout the globe.

There is daily escalation of hostilities, wars, riots, crimes, chance of economic collapse etc. all over the globe. Just as individuals are involved in this escalation, so also are all nations and cultures about to be embroiled in the last phases of this desperate energy war which will lead to self-destruction of the system which we now know.


Regarding the exposure of Amitakh’s evil plot to destroy Viables, I received this email from Mac, the person who alerted me to the YouTube video:

“The way you described the effects on your post is exactly how I felt listening to Amitakh just for a moment. I have spasm in my Heart Centre and felt ‘out of balance, etc., as you say so well.”


Do not be concerned about my actions of highlighting evil-doers. The New Green Energy and the other energy I carry (of which I have as yet given no details) are simply doing their job as I expose demons and hypocrites, all of whom, with no exceptions, must be totally destroyed.




It was well over 20 years ago, in the very early 1990s that, as I walked with Babaji in Far North Queensland, the topic of spiritual survivors on this Earth arose. Babaji became uncharacteristically subdued. His mannerism had always been one of joviality and light-heartedness.

He said “The harvest is very, very meagre. But, we cannot be disappointed. The majority have exercised their right to be destroyed. Alas, it is your duty on this level to tell them what is to come”.


NOVEMBER 22, 2014



Planet X?






Cometh….cometh….the Thief in the Night!

Verily, for doomed Earth, the End is in sight.

For Evil Ones, it is the greatest Fright,

For Ones of Love and Light the future now is bright!

This Hell a future has no more;

I gave you, from the beginning, the Final Score.


Rejoice my Dears; shed no more tears,

Express freely your Light and your Love

Soon enough we’ll meet in Realms Above.


For those who doubted me,

Who cares; just who cares?

And who, to doubt, to scoff at evidence, now dares

To say that things are not decaying quickly?

Are they blind? Can they not see?


Look at the video above and below!

What does it show?

It is the End for sure,

And quite early did I reveal the score.


Did I not say that not just Earth would die?

But also the Life-giving Sun, Nature’s pride?

From you nothing did I hide.

And did I not reveal the Solar System would also go,

Like the Milky Way, which eventually into oblivion would flow?


No need for Fiscal Failure, Global Warming or WW3,

Nor for Civil War, Fema Death Camps, or 9/11 iniquity.

It’s the certain End for Earth that with Planet X we see.


No time remains for Dementia to cloud our minds

With the deadly Chemtrails everywhere one finds.


More Madness of the Endtime now for sure,

As even the Solar System knows the score,

And fractures in its death throes as an encore,

To accompany Earth’s last gasps,

Destroying doomed non-Viable misfits both rich and poor,

Inspite of their dirty holes, fit for moles, galore.


No more need I say.

Cometh now that for which each Viable did pray.

We have won our War against Evil.


And so, to our true Home we are all but on our way.





Indeed my work and Babaji’s is almost done

It has certainly not been all that much fun.


But, Our victory assured, we leave soon

After giving the Viables a Boon.


I personally shall take you from the Villages

To your New Abode,

Where you shall celebrate our great Victory

Against Evil, for all Eternity.


Babaji and I shall then rest a while

On a Blessed Heavenly Isle

Before entering another Galaxy once more

To, against Evil, settle there, victoriously,

Once again the local Final Score.





Planet X? http://www.ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.com/page/26835.html
Even if this proves to be a hoax, it is only a matter of time!


And Charles, who sent me the same video wrote:


The fact that this video popped up a week after your recent essays on planet X is of no coincidence at all …… I believe it was planned as I believe it was Providence to prove your point





Indeed it appears the End is sooner than we all thought.

My lower mind had doubts when it picked up

The possible End of Earth in November 2016,

But since then look at what sights,

Like the video above, we have seen.


Nonetheless, the doomed fools cannot see.

They still pursue the Path of Iniquity

And with their bombs they’ll dangerously play

Till they are ended for all eternity:



1             http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/11/20/addicted-to-lies-kiev-cia-still-pushing-fake-reports-of-russia-invading-ukraine/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29


2             http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/11/20/us-nato-lie-about-russia-military-buildup-in-near-ukraine-analyst/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29


3             http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/11/20/nato-concerned-over-russian-military-buildup-inside-near-ukraine/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29


So, it looks like we are ready to go to WW3 in December (9 days away!)



This is Terminal Madness of the Endtime in Children who, in the main, are non-viable robots and demons (Star Children).




Demons in Self-destructive mode!





Be Happy !!

We are on our way!!

From my Dearest friend Kara:

Begone forevermore, evil Foe.

Tic Toc, Tic Toc, goes the clock,

Times a’ticking down for Evil’s Mock.

Planet X, Nibiru and the Constellation

Orbiting ever closer now this way,

True Beings celebrating

At Evil’s dismay.


Viables were trapped for far too long

By evil’s rotten, cruel throng,

But we fought valiantly to the End.

As Warriors True, Brave and Strong.

Now Home we go,

To the Promised Land where we belong!


November 23, 2014


Well, well, no news in the Mainstream Media whatsoever about the Solar System being invaded by an intruder which is Earth’s Destroyer, right?


In Australia, the Media, catering to sleeping fools, is choked with football, cricket, trivia of all kinds including horse racing, weather conditions, and varying points on the board for a myriad of supposedly exciting investment houses, while advertised are new sensational colours for horsehair wigs, and better wax for bikini lines that matter naught. Phew.


Not a word about what really matters: the termination.


I guess that’s how they choose to be. If they ignore it, I guess they think nothing will happen.

But, have I got news for them! Each is tagged and a certificate of failure they’ll be given; To Transmutation vats they’ll soon be driven.




What hoax?


Here is a chap who wants the video I posted above to be a hoax.




He claims the hoaxer makes money out of his YouTube hoaxes.


I noticed this in the video:


1             The voices could not be more dissimilar. He claims they are one and the same.

2             The photo of Saturn is a mirror image – easy mistake for anyone to make on a PC.

3             How could the supposed whistle blower make the gross mistake of calling Neptune, Uranus?

4             The supposed photo-shopped image of the unknown object is nothing like Neptune. The surfaces are very, very different. In fact, what the second video points out as similarities seem to be photo-shopped by him. I repeat, how could he make the gross mistake of calling Neptune, Uranus?


The question remains of why Saturn and the unknown object appear so close.


Could it be that both exist within the confines of the Solar System, as obviously Saturn must, and to make his point “Ken” transfixed the Unknown near to Saturn to make that very point?


The plot thickens.


Nonetheless, we know the following:


  • The Planet X Constellation exists.


  • It is within our Solar System.


  • All will witness the Planet X Constellation sooner rather than later.


  • Our Solar System is showing stress via heating of planets, destabilization of orbits (yet to come on a major scale) and sudden and unexpected decay.


  • Deadly collisions will occur, and Earth is imperiled.


  • The iron oxide dust from Planet X that will saturate our surface is coming and it will be our introduction to the End.


  • Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and laval surges are to be expected on a massive scale, as will be gross flooding, due to a fragmenting Earth, gravitational forces from rogue heavenly bodies, and both magnetic attraction and repulsion.


  • The Earth will heat up to life-threatening degrees as the whole Solar System heats up.


  • Mars and Uranus have already suffered death-dealing blows highlighting the sudden and unexpected decay that will occur in every orb, large and small.


  • By the time a major collision with Earth occurs, no living thing will exist on this planet.


  • I stated in 1985, as a matter of fact, that all living things will be removed from Earth which would then end no later than 2035.


  • There are accidental and purposeful mechanisms on Earth such as the Fukushima radiation, GMO foodstuffs, vaccines, Man-made Ebola and other manipulated diseases, Chemtrails, and HAARP technology that can terminate all life on the planet.


  • More recently I told you that the Process of Destruction had been accelerated and, in fact, we may well see the End as early as November, 2016. Variation is inevitable as all things become erratic, even the Laws that the planets obey.


  • I have stated the Solar System will be destroyed.


  • I have also stated that this Galaxy will be destroyed.


  • I have stated 95% of the Physical Universe has already been destroyed, and the remaining 5% is in the process of being destroyed, and that includes our neck-of-the-woods. I know this because I know.


  • Many humans have been shown life-ending cataclysms affecting Earth during Near Death Experiences, in Out-of-body experiences, and in dreams.


  • Seers throughout history have seen what is about to occur and recordings have been made of such predictions. Of particular importance are the Revelations of St. John and the utterings of Mother Shipton many, many years apart.


  • Of most significance is the fact that Babaji told me personally that when the Blue Star appears, the Clearing Work be done, and Viables can go Home. The Blue Star has appeared.


  • All the above points fit into the CERTAINTY of an Endtime scenario that I revealed to the World some 30 years ago.


Thus, I now need to ask: “Where is the hoax?”





Babaji means ‘Holy Father’. Nearly all venerable, elderly men are given this title in India.

I differentiate the Babaji I met by calling him Haidakhan Babaji. There are some YouTube videos of Him. His photos are of Him, but the superimposed writings, purported to be His sayings, are nonsense in my opinion.  Remember, I am writing about the Conciousness called Babaji, not the physical body!

Babaji and I met in 1983 and then again later after He left the physical in 1984. He gave me a personal, private name when I saw him in India and that is how I knew He was the same being that presented as a Walk-in in Australia a few years later.

Spiritually and metaphysically He has been associated, by devotees and spiritual historians, with the Essence of Shiva – the Destroyer of Evil, and of Evil Worlds. Shiva is the Liberator of the Just. Thus, as anyone might understand, being the One to destroy Evil, by sending Evil Ones to Perdition, and saving the Viables, by liberating them from Evil and taking them Home, He is none other than what one would call the Messiah!

The distortions about the Messiah in Judeo and pseudo-Christian texts are just that, nonsense!

He said our work will have been all but completed when the Blue Star appeared. It has now appeared.  But, what was that work?

It was my role to deliver the Message of Clearing of the Planet, describing all its sequelae, including  termination of the local Evil Realm and the Liberation of Viable Consciousnesses in all trapped Classes of Consciousness. Few listened to it. The fools fell over themselves to attack me for my efforts.

I think Babaji has been busy on subtle levels arranging the decay of matter in this Galaxy, using mechanisms our lower minds cannot understand, and this decay I presume we shall shortly see. I have had no direct contact with Him for over 20 years.

I write a lot. Is it fiction or is it reality? You must judge for yourselves. One could speculate on where the metaphysical information comes from. When I was in contact with ‘Superior Aliens’ in the 1980s, I asked them where all my writings come from, all they said was “They are your own thoughts at another level”.

Thus, if I am wrong, the fault is all mine.

If I am right, then I have perhaps read the ‘tea leaves’ correctly on some other level! Or is there another possibility?

Think about that. It is a great answer they gave me for, if I am wrong, or their plans go astray, I can be set aside as another failure in life who made a complete fool of himself!

But, if I am right, it may well mean I have the Power of Truth in my bones. Scary, hey?

Having been in this field for some 30 years now, at least in this life, it is obvious to me that what is to occur does not seem to depend on the beliefs of ignorant humans or aliens. If changes depended on belief, then no clearing changes would occur, mainly because none of those of Evil would want the changes to come and then for them to go back to Hell and thereafter be transmuted!

Where have I gotten the unique and seemingly extremely accurate information I have written about over the last 30 years since I lost contact with my ‘Superior Aliens”?

There are 2 possibilities;

  • I am a really, really good creative writer of Fiction that 99.999999% of people reject.

2                 I am in some way working with, and for, the Superior Aliens from whom I have not heard for many, many years.

Any unaware person would go for the first choice, of course.

I do not have any powers other than the ability to write until my PC overheats, and the ability to talk till the legs fall off a kitchen table.

I do not have any extra-ordinary powers like the demon Dynamo, and others, seem to have demonstrated.

I calculate that, judging from interactions, I have managed to reach a few hundred people in a world of 7 plus billion after 30 years of trying to deliver a message that could turn out to be important.

A further consideration for you is this: To give a date for the outer limit of the existence of Earth, something that no one has ever dared to do in the past (except those that were wrong, of course), should alert you, once again, to the possibility of Finality. But, it could still be a sting, a ruse !!!! We won’t know until it happens.

This physical body I am using knew nothing about such an ending. It was an Alien idea from the beginning. And this leads us to the notion that the lowly bodies have no idea of Supramental Consciousness and Knowledge (SMC). The evil-created physical bodies are idiotic, empty-minded containers.  The SMC is a property of certain Consciousnesses that occupy the bodies. So, we now  have to ask these questions: ‘What consciousness occupies this Cardboard Box I wear? And why does it seem to have a natural/spontaneous connection to the Supramental Consciousness?’

Identity aside, prophecy aside, visions of world’s end aside, we won’t know what will happen until it happens.

We can begin to judge by what is happening on Earth and in the Solar System, but that evidence is not conclusive either, even though the Fukushima poisoning seems serious enough.

Why the End is to occur is the crux of the matter. I have explained why the Physical Universe must end in detail elsewhere. Again we must ask, where did I get that information from? Did I read tea leaves about that too? Why has no one else gotten the information about the percentage already destroyed?  Could it be I am permanently connected to the Supra-Mental Plane?

I wrote that all consciousnesses have been categorized, in all Levels of Consciousness, as Viable or non-Viable. You will find details in my books. But where did I get that information from?

Could I be more than the sum of the parts I present on this level? Time may tell.

To the loonies (the unawakened sheople) I am an even bigger loony than they are, or so they say.

Nonetheless, I know that the End has been set as fact into the Divine fabric of the True Creation. No loony could know that!

If this seems too much for you, remember my Motto: Take it or leave it.


November 24, 2014


How half-truths make complete lies:



Listen to the ‘Pleiadian’s” voice and note your reaction.

The more awake you are, the quicker will the nausea arrive!

Who are the Pleiadians? They are a race of demons who escaped captured from another Galaxy that has since been liquefied.


Why do they bother with their untruths? They are part of the Illusion in this Virtual Reality. What else are they going to do, reveal the truth? Not on your nelly. They feed on our energies.



I’ve posted this next video for 2 reasons: The very beginning has the President of the Merry Cans telling them, and the rest of the robots and Goyim of the planet, that they/we are mindless and useless blobs and don’t know how to manage our lives. Therefore, the NWO is going to manage us. The inference being that they will get rid of us at their leisure. Is that address enough to wake up the sleeping ones? Apparently not! Which means, Obama is saying this: “the dorks deserve what they get”.


The second point starts at 7:30. It is the statement by the French Foreign Minister saying something about the 500 days towards a deadly catastrophic period. That was said in Washington on May 13, 2014.


I don’t think the rest is worth watching, especially the fear-mongering promoted by the demon in the red dress. She is also, in a subtle and rather lateral manner, urging people to think about pre-emptive strikes on the enemies of the USA to prevent an EMP attack. So, the fear-mongering is to bring on WW3. Can you not see that?

As these changes occur, the Terminal madness of the Endtime will not go unnoticed! If you do listen, Madness is hinted at in the video at approx.. 25 minutes. Don ‘t take any notice of the BS that follows about the cause.





I received this email regarding the Hoax video:


Dr. C,
About the giant body behind Saturn.  As you’ve already indicated, despite the increasingly desperate denials, it is not a hoax.  Here are a few extra points to consider that most may not have noticed:
– If you search on Youtube using the video id (just search for “JWCvt6t_54M”), you will get several hits, when generally you should only get one hit (sometimes, rarely, a couple).  Literally within hours of the original posting, the “debunk” claim videos started appearing trying to shout down the original video.  HOURS.  They have been altering and re-uploading the videos so they appear to have been uploaded a day or two later, but I saw it happening in real time.  They have also added more videos as the days have passed, since their views are very low in comparison.  This (and the flood of negative comments) is very obviously the work of shills, and increasingly desperate ones at that.  Youtube (and the other sites below) is beyond saturated with “conspiracy” and “Nibiru” vids and the like…one more would normally hardly be noticed or make a difference, no matter how much of a “hoax” it was.  Let alone to engender this kind of disproportional response.  A nerve has been hit

– On the Before Its News site, the link was skyrocketing almost as soon as it was posted, and just as quickly, the comment thread became flooded with “debunkers” shouting it down as a “hoax”.  This in itself was already odd, but very shortly afterward, the link suddenly plummeted to the bottom of the list and all but disappeared.  Now, you generally have to search to find it.  (here it is, for as long as it’s allowed to remain:  http://beforeitsnews.com/science-and-technology/2014/11/111914-leaked-giant-body-behind-saturn-entering-solar-system-2732618.html
This was very unusual and again I saw this happening in real time, in the span of hours.  BIN is no stranger to outrageous fear-mongering and conspiracy links, most of which are brain-dead hoaxes, and there are tons of Nibiru links as well…one more would hardly make a difference, if it really were a “hoax”.  And, if it really were that unpopular a video, it would never get so many comments (very rarely do obscure BIN videos garner large comment threads, or any at all for that matter).  But the “debunkers” flooding this one seem particularly…motivated.  So now, an obscure so-called “hoax” video, so unpopular that it hardly shows up in the list anymore (and in the list for only a few hours), now has one of the longest and most hostile comment threads on the site.  Odd, wouldn’t you say?

– On the ForbiddenKnowledgeTV site, very shortly after posting the video, the site admin herself posted a rambling disjointed notice advising that this was determined to be a hoax video, “apologizing” for it (quite lamely), and pillorying the original vid posters for “hoaxing” for financial gain on Youtube hits…an absolutely ridiculous, hypocritical stance to take if one is at all familiar with that site.  The majority of what it posts are various questionable conspiracy lunacy (one has to sift through to find the bits of value), and ALL of it is of course for financial gain, through Youtube hits.  So this vid was not unusual in that aspect whatsoever, other than in the ridiculously hostile response it has engendered.  Also, NEVER has she posted a notice like that, let alone an apology(?!?).  That site, like BIN, is filled with hoaxes…one more would hardly be noticed let alone make any difference.  It is so obvious what is happening, and almost surreal in its ridiculousne
ss, and transparency.  Someone got to her, and quickly at that.  That is one browbeaten operative…its masters are not happy.

Similarly, secureteam10 (the original vid posters) have now also just posted a notice saying that the vid is a hoax.  They don’t explain how, just that it’s a “hoax”.  So, unsurprisingly, they have also been gotten to.  And frightened/threatened into posting that notice under duress.

And, look at the comments of the those posing as “debunkers”, you will find they all echo the same comments across sites, liberally peppered with “crazy”, “stupid”, “batshit insane” and the like.  Their language in trade.  Whereas the posts of the genuinely innocent/curious use much more muted language and try to speak logically about the vid’s potential legitimacy.  This is nothing new but the language now indicates an urgency and desperation which was not there before.  There is something very unusual about this vid and its information.  Again, a nerve has very obviously been hit.
There is a lot more that I can add but this note is getting too long, and the point is made enough.  My guess is that those behind this squelching/debunking campaign are trying desperately to push this vid out of the majority’s attention/consciousness, and when they feel things have cooled off a bit, they will have all the vids silently removed altogether (they aren’t doing that now because there’s too much attention and would only make it more blatant that they are actively hiding the truth of the video).

That video was not a hoax.  That huge object near Saturn is real.

Doctor, it looks like your predictions may be coming true sooner rather than later after all.  Though, not too soon for me… Kind Regards, Joe


In these astronomical videos of what is seen in the skies of today, realize that what is being photographed is light that arrives on our lens after travelling for many millions of years from its origin. Hence, most of those structures that emitted the light are no longer there in real time.


This video tends to demonstrate that it is a sycophantic existence on all levels of consciousness in this filthy, evil Universe:






And, it is a Dog eats Dog Universe which is limited by its own avarice:





And, of course, Black Holes are part of the energy-sucking Evil web. I described them in my earlier books as “Fallen (and therefore evil) Galactic  Consciousnesses.





Dissatisfaction grows. Civil War will be at all levels:



November 25, 2014


I am proud to announce that Light Beings (Viables) shall see the destruction of their enemies BEFORE the physical END!!


We will be left in no doubt that all those of Evil who have hurt us in so many ways will be gone forever from our midst. Their arrogance and conviction that they are unassailable will disappear as does the morning dew  with the appearence of Light.


Think for a moment what this means, and rejoice. All Evil will have then been removed from our lives.


The suffering and gnashing of teeth we shall witness in those of evil is due to their own evil, for evil beings are cursed by their own evil!


It will be important to witness this for once out of here, our memories will be wiped clean and we shall not recall anything of Evil.


But, this way, we will have known Evil lost the War, as was obvious from the very beginning. It wsa only a matter of time!



Look at how embarrassingly sad it is, at this late hour, to see such insanity and blindness attempting to give (false) hope to the hopeless dimwits:







Do you recall I stated all evil beings will be exposed in their true ontological nature in the Endtime? They will all be seen for what they are. They can no longer hide their evil nature, no matter who they are or what roles they play, and this includes Princes and Popes.

I also said that evil beings are in self-destructive mode. They cannot pretend forever. Their time is up! Their actions of self-destruction will become obvious.

Detach, detach, detach! What we are going through is very painful. But, it can be no other way.

I live out in the ‘bush’ in Australia where the road kill toll is unbelievably high. It is mainly 18 wheeler trucks that race along at night killing anything in their path. They don’t stop because at the speed they travel, they simply cannot stop quickly enough to avoid any animal in their path. Strewn on both sides of the road one sees kangaroos, sheep, cats, dogs, red foxes, the occasional cow, etc., etc. every few metres. There is no stopping the carnage.

But, strangely, perhaps like you, I hardly noticed it when I was unawakened. However, once I began to awaken I became more and more upset at the pain and suffering these creatures had to endure.

Now, as I come across each carcass, I say my usual prayer for them, give them directions on what to do, in case the subtle bodies are still around the area, as they usually are when a sudden, traumatic death has occurred. This applies even to humans).

After that I ratonalize that if it was a Viable, it has been liberated from its physical prison (the meat bag) and if it was a non-viable, I still rejoice for one less energy-sucker is on this level to contend with.

Inspite of the countless kangaroos, especially, killed every night, and motorists complaining of their numbers on roads, their population has dramatically fallen when their total in the country is taken. You see, they are being cleared like all other species are, not just by accidents but by many other factors.

Either way, I feel happy for ‘the Planet is being Cleared’ by these processes. You will read that many places around Earth are losing the local flora and fauna at a very rapid rate. We, the awakened ones, and especially my helpers down here, are enthused by witnessing this process being completed, for we now know that the total destruction of the planet will occur in due course.


By now many of you are having thoughts that you are one of the Helpers in the Endtime. You are not picking up these thoughts extraneously. They are purposeful. You may well be picking up who you are, in an ontological sense, why you respond to my words, and what role it is you are fulfilling, even though you may have no idea of details. Cherish these thoughts for they will elevate you to Joy and Serenity. You are being given recognition of your worth in spiritual terms. But keep them to yourself. The fools will not know what you mean if you talk to them about such thoughts.

And, of course, even as the energy is decreasing on all physical levels, Doubt and Confusion will be at a maximal. When you become confused or doubtful, just say something like this: “I know what is going on. I expected these attacks. I am great when I am not attacked. Evil is in desperation mode for it is starved of energy and attacking everybody. I will ride these attacks out! This is a passing phase!”




Emotional pain on this torrid level,

In the awakened individual,

Is the Price of Freedom.

Be aware of why you suffer.

Minimize your suffering by detaching.

If the suffering is inevitable, rejoice,

For you are paying the price of Freedom.

And, knowing this, who would be

Unwilling to run Evil’s gauntlet?



Dear Dr. Chiappalone ,

Many thanks for this post tonight.  Your essay from Dec 31, 2011 applies right now.  It is amazing how accurate you are in everything you say and said.

I also feel this post is kind of personalized for me tonight. This is what I needed to read even if I did already. You mentioned “The pain of Evil will cut us like a sword would“.   This is so true for me; I have to constantly block it to avoid draining of my energy.

When Babaji said ”Alas, it is your duty on this level to tell them what is to come “, I am sure you did not completely realized the enormity of the work involved, the attacks that would come etc… With gratitude, P.



Regarding Higher Divine Energies


Realize we are using words to help these evil-created, moronic lower minds of ours to understand that which they were created to dismiss.

There are 3 categories of Divine Energy: Father, Mother, and Son.

Parts of the Mother energy became trapped in the Error that evolved into this dimension.

Part of the Son energy came into the Error to sustain “Her”, and Viables, until total correction could be made. Together these two energies, in time, coalesced to form part of what can be termed the “FATHER” energy which would, when it was an appropriate time, manifest in the Error, to cut away the Mother energy from the Evil Creation and liberate Her.

By saying the Father energy is here, I mean that the Clearing energy is now here and that it is the Endtime. The story is replicated in the Myth of Isis, Osiris and Horus.

I sense that some of you, ‘splinters’, are clearly attached to parts of the Mother energy and therefore feel the cutting away from Evil more acutely than other Viables.

The Christ energy is the Son energy and, as I explained in the books, it is not from the Highest level as such. It anoints. It sustains and teachers. The World Teacher that has presented in each generation since the start of this abomination is the Christ energy. But it becomes the Father energy in due course at each area that is being corrected.

The Father Energy is like the Shiva Essence.  But, these are just terms. It is hard for us to fully understand the mechanisms involved..

Realize also that I am talking about Units of Consciousness that were/are to be rescued. The packages in which they (we) were placed by Evil, once the dimension was closed off, are artificial, ever-evolving ‘cardboard boxes’ and of no spiritual consequence.

Thus, at this time we have these human bodies. At this stage of physical, biological evolution (which is about to come to a complete halt)  we are as we are, obviously, but the Units of Consciousness had been trapped in many diverse physical traps, including all species of microbes, algae, insects, reptiles, birds, mammals, etc., both on this Earth and in other Planets and Galaxies, even before Earth was formed and was suitable to sustain physical, aerobic life.

We are all waiting and as we do we (Viables ones, that is) are all growing more and more impatient. That is an indication that the End is just around the corner.


“I don’t know about you, Doc.”, Jerry Attrick said to me, “but Armageddon out of here!!”



November 26, 2014


How, When and Where did news of planetary destruction arise?


Many may think, with the limited capacity that they have for such considerations, that termination of all life on this planet and destruction of it may be a big deal and virtually impossible. But, I can categorically say it is no big deal. Many, many planets, just like this one, and many other diverse ones, many Solar Systems and many Galaxies, have been exterminated by matter liquefaction. Some of the beings identified as Divine Energy splinters have been involved with all of these endings and will continue to be involved until there is no more Physical Universe.

What is so strange about the notion of planetary destruction? Planets, Solar Systems and whole Galaxies are destroyed by a number of mechanisms and we have the evidence of this by observing our skies. Galaxies collide and are torn asunder; many are swallowed whole by Black Holes, ripped apart by extraneous gravitational forces, and so on. Few last as long as their potential. Our Sun is supposed to last another 5 billion years, but I have it on good authority that it is degenerating and dying now.

So, what is so peculiar about our Solar System being destroyed? There is nothing unique or peculiar as it is a common occurrence. What is of importance is the question of why it is happening.

We can give the reason that it is an unstable Universe and it matters not who or what is physically on planets at the time of their untimely or accidental destruction.

Or else we can consider the Gnostic view that all these structures are illicit and are being systematically destroyed by a force greater than the creator of these worlds at a time that suits the Superior Force.

If we accept the latter explanation, as I have been asked to delivery to the inhabitants of this planet, then we can more easily accept that Earth’s time is up, as is the time for its neighbourhood, and for the whole Milky Way.

Unfortunately, to date, this message of termination has been mixed up with the Biblical mumbo-jumbo, and has received minimal publicity and acknowledgement on Earth. I’m not in a position to say if things will change. One would think that after 30 years of trying to delivery it, some breakthrough would have occurred. But, that is not the case up until now. So I guess at this point my mission can be marked down as a failure. Or is it? It may be that the morons and unawakened robots can’t be bothered with such matters. And we know that demons have no concept of life outside of this Universe. So, for them, no Universal destruction is possible. They won’t believe it even when it happens.

The Biblical Mumbo-Jumbo is actually this message, distorted and convoluted in a manner that suits those who have twisted the Truth and trapped the unawakened. Instead of presenting this finality as part of a Universal event, evil miscreants have focused on it being a predominantly local phenomenon in which the main character of their ‘Jesus Myth’ will come down and play his bit the way they, the Truth-twisters, say he will. The fallacy of resurrection of the physical body, the variations of what happens on arrival of Jesus on his cloud with trumpeting Angels, the Book of Life readings, etc., etc., all lend scenery to a comically staged play.

Physical occurrences, such as the Planet X Constellation and its sequelae, have been rewritten as pseudo-fantasy in a puppet show. And even today many so-called charismatic fools are taking advantage of the situation and are telling the morons “Give us your money, believe in us, do what we say, and you will be saved”. The unawakened are falling into traps in which they lose, not just money and time, but also energy which is the primary target of the so-called charismatic demons!

The Message of planetary, and Universal, destruction is as old as the Universe itself, for no sooner was the Universe manifested to trap Light Particles, that its doom was prognosticated and sealed! Thus, every generation since the beginning of time, regardless of what physical manifestations it wore, be they amoebic cells, snake bodies, bird bodies, dinosaur bodies, mammoths’, monkeys’, or the bodies of Homo Sapiens, etc., and each consciousness trapped in matter, have been reminded of the local AND Universal destruction to come. Who reminded them? The Avatar of the era did.

As the epochs and eras passed, the message, inspite of pristine reminders, became more and more convoluted by demonic efforts. And this occurred to such an extent that today the unawakened majority not only don’t give the time to listen but also dismiss it as gruesome fantasy. And besides, the demons have seen to it that it became a mockery by getting puppets to announce a false Ending in just about every generation that has existed. With nothing happening, the fools were satiated and put back to sleep as well fed sheep and cattle would be.



I continue to write for the benefit of the very few who seem to have responded in some way.

I have explained previously that what we are now seeing in the heavens with our telescopes are views of long ago. Most of the structures whose light we see have long gone. In reality, we are living in a Universe in which only 5% of its original structures remain. Accepting this assertion makes it easier for us to accept that the End of it all is approaching.

These thoughts do not originate from the stupid lower, mischievous Monkey mind of this meat bag that I am occupying on the physical level. They must be implanted thoughts from someone or something which has knowledge beyond that lower mind. How could the lower mind know such things? It would be impossible.

By the mere fact that these thoughts of the End of the Earth, its Solar System, this Galaxy and the entire Universe are again expressed on this level tends to allow some of us to conclude there is a certainty about the information. Who could or would dare to repeatedly make up such a story with absolutely no evidence from where we are located?

We have witnessed from reports by astronomers that Galaxies get destroyed, but we could have no idea of the extent. The 95% destruction rate must come from a consciousness outside of this Universe who can view it as a unit in time and space. That consciousness cannot be of the Universe for it exists outside of it. Hence, what is fed to this cardboard box must originate from outside the Universe for no being or consciousness within the Universe could have the capability to decipher the extent of destruction.

Of course, if an individual refuses to believe any of this, well then, for now, it does not matter. But it will matter in due course. If we start to accept that the Earth is dying, that our Sun and Solar System are fragmenting and dying, that the Galaxy is imperiled, as many others had been, then we can more easily accept that these inferences and assertions are accurate. That opens our minds to the wonders of a possible Greater Reality and its Truth. We will have escaped the Illusion of Untruth, of which the Avatars spoke, in which we were trapped and deluded.

You either know this is correct or you don’t. Experientially, it really does not seem to matter as we proceed in our daily lives, for ultimately we can only know for certain when the End happens. Those who see nothing wrong with our physical existence will never understand writings like this.

But, those who accept this truth can prepare for the knowledge they will subsequently gain which then opens them up to a spiritual existence beyond the putrid and doomed physical.



The Man who would be King! He is very creative. He is going to create

1             Civil war in teh USA,

2             WW3,

3             A Doomsday scenario.



Everyone in the USA seems to say he is not even a Merry Can and should not really hold the office he holds. So why doesn’t someone do something about it? Too few are there to go against the evil tide at present. Will they let things go, as they have done with 9/11 until they all drown? Or will they act?


Meanwhile, in the not-so-delusional world:




Well, you knew this was on the cards to start WW3:




Liar, Liar, pants on fire:



Amazingly, it seems many prefer to view the occurrence of the Planet X Constellation as a hoax rather than the encroaching reality. Why would they do that when many others tell them it is coming? Is it not he FEAR OF DEATH that sends them into denial? Indeed it is.


It will be worse for them unfortunately. Here is what I wrote years ago in my book ‘My experiences of aliens and Other realities”:


A Worthy Milestone

It is a very important milestone that is reached on the path of spiritual development when one realises one is not the body, but that the body is simply a disposable vehicle of expression. It is only then that the fear of physical death is dissolved.

Where does the fear of death come from? It comes from the sense of the need for self-preservation of the basic physical, unaware being. It is instilled even in animals. But, like the gross unawareness in Humanity in general, it is part of the corruption that has occurred on this plane, a subject beyond the scope of this book. Many books demonstrate that consciousness does survive death of the physical body and therefore, it is valid to believe that all consciousnesses survive physical death. Documentation exists to prove the marked improvement in the quality of life that occurs when people understand the significance of the continuation of consciousness after physical death. I have referred to a few of these books.

Although some sceptics try (unsuccessfully in my view) to discount the validity of the continuation of consciousness after physical death, they are lost in trying to explain the real improvement in the quality of life in those who have Near Death Experiences. They cannot explain the occurrence of often staggering increases in awareness, psychic abilities, in healing power, etc., in these people either. Auto-suggestion can go just so far. Ultimately, there must be a basis of substance to allow these powers to develop.

But most people are not spiritually aware. How many want to increase their life span in order to be of greater service to their fellow man? How many really want a long life out of selfishness and because of the fear of what may be in store for them after death? Most do. Investigation and research into cases of Near Death Experience, Out-Of-Body Experiences and other phenomena assist both the patients and the investigators.

Both have a strengthening of faith and their quality of life improves. The literature reveals that this has occurred in doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and many other health professionals. With proper knowledge, one can resolve the inherent fear of death and then bypass the grief, sorrow, anxiety and depression often felt by people who have little understanding of the meaning of physical death.

Do people need to undergo such traumas as massive heart attacks, severely painful cancer, life-threatening surgery, perilous transplant operations, all with their gloomy fear of death in order to awaken to the significance of physical death? I certainly do not think so!

People can be and should be taught to dispel the fear of death while they are still healthy and strong, and not in danger of dying, so that when the episode which threatens or ends their lives comes, they can cope quickly and easily, without fear, anxiety, depression, etc., and hence, they can sustain the mental, if not the physical, quality of their lives. The disease process may place a time limit on their physical existence, but at least they do not become devastated by a sense of impending doom, as many do at present. Now those people who are to continue must prepare to end one chapter of existence and look forward to the next.

I repeat, nothing can shatter and devastate the quality of life quite like the fear of impending death. All else in one’s life pales into insignificance when one is at death’s door. When one can understand why physical death for all is now necessary, one simply accepts the situation and obeys diligently the command to leave by whatever means are prescribed, without fear, without anger, without any of the emotive stages enumerated by Kubler-Ross in her book, except the final, loving acceptance that “God’s” Will be done.

If unprepared for the confrontation with death and the fear it can engender, one may not recover quickly from the emotional trauma, and the consciousness may be affected deleteriously. In truth, the emotional pain of death is always there, for we have an emotional body which invariably and reflexly responds to such dramas as death. But we can lessen the pain greatly and indeed, convert the process to one of true happiness, as shown by the examples of those who have had Near Death Experiences and who have sublimated their fear of death into joy for a new, better beginning.

People must educate themselves to bypass these emotions of grief, pain and sorrow which drain them. These emotions serve no useful purpose. We can do without them, and we are better for doing without them, as surveys of Near Death Experiences show.

As a doctor, I often witnessed the devastation of a person’s or his family’s life by the occurrence of sudden death or by the shadow of impending, unexpected death. Even a diagnosis of a fatal malady was enough to send some reeling into the gloom of desperation from which they never quite recovered. Imagine, if you can, the effects on six billion unprepared people, now, as they are told they will die, for the planet is doomed. An ounce of preparation would have surely relieved a ton of anxiety and fear.


Those with the Truth provided by the Gnostic Nous, are dealing with idiots similar to the Flat-Earth brigades of long ago. These zombies and Masters of Cultivated Ignorance are all over the place in society. I cannot believe the depth of ignorance and stupidity in supposedly university educated men and women, professional people, educators, religionists and in those claiming to be on a Spiritual Path.

At the End, they will suffer the torment of the damned. But many will be there to say, as they said many times before, even on this Earth, “We told you so!”

But, it will be far worse this time for failures will face their doom, and upon physical death they will know what awaits them clearly and succinctly. True Justice will prevail and the Transmutation vats will do their work efficiently.



December 1, 2014

I am sure most of you have seen these items, but I paste them here just in case you missed them.
This video is about WikiLeaks and its work exposing the liars, hypocrites and murderers. Is this the world the New Agers are telling us will turn into Heaven very, very shortly? If you are easily disturbed by witnessing the madness of murderous and inexcusable violence, do not watch this. If it is watched, one must ask this: What karmic retribution will come to the willing killers and all who support them?





A Must watch:

The Secret Mars Colony


It does not matter where the Evil Ones go, they are doomed!!!’


Is Modern Medicine part of the NWO Agenda 21?




Is this creeping Genocide?




Another must watch!!

Is Justice coming on this level?


It will never equal the Justice to be metered out on the next level!



Are we waiting for WW3?





Of Great Significance:



Notice the last sentence:

The third possible explanation for the continuing refusal of the British royals to set foot in Israel is that either they or the Foreign Office harbor deep and undying enmity toward the Jewish state



December 2, 2014

Global Awareness Day

Should we have a Global Awareness Day?

I say, “Why bother?”

As I wrote to a friend recently, “It appears to me that, from a true spiritual perspective, most of the ants in my garden are more aware than 99.99% of humans on the face of this Earth, so why bother?”



December 3, 2014


Many have criticized the format of this website. But, I find that is stupid of them to do so.

This is NOT a commercial site, even though I make my books available through it.

I began the site specifically for 2 reasons:

  • To continue delivering the information that may be of assistance to people who truly want to examine my version of the Truth and truly want to awaken to what I believe to be details of a Greater Reality

2                 To deliver a new energy, the New Green Energy, via my written and spoken words.

I set out to deliver the former by giving information in the form of essays, items of news and my interpretation of them, and extracts from my books, as well as informative and entertaining poetry.

The important thing was to make people concentrate on the words and their meanings. Hence, you see no commercials, no distracting rush to here and there, no diversion of the flow to other distracting pages, etc. At times, readers are directed to various videos and sites for further ideas and knowledge. All one needs to do is start at Page One and read on.

Soon enough, as visitors to the site commence reading in earnest, those who are receptive to the Energy know something is happening to them in a very positive way.

Those who seek information simply to expand their egos will not get the Message, or the Energy. Soon enough they become bored, and don’t return, or else they seek to change my site to suit themselves, and some then even begin to criticize and abuse the site and me. What they are doing by engaging in that criticism is exposing their true spiritual nature.

The website is like a daily Journal and I feed readers with what I think they need for that day. When some news items come that I think are relevant, of course I include those on the site and expand on their meaning, if I feel that is necessary.

As a human, I am the first to admit that the response to the message I was instructed to relay to the World has been disappointing. But that is a reflection of Humanity, not of the Message. I am sure the sponsors of the Message anticipated the poor response.

I will continue in this manner of writing on this website. I have rejected many times those who wanted to make it a jingoistic or commercial site.

You don’t see any commercials or paintings of dancing girls in serious books on Philosophy and Metaphysics, do you? Well, you won’t see them on this website either.

You will notice that, if you do commence reading from Page one onward, that there is a progressive chronology in the entries. That is by design. That would not be possible with a scattered website that caters to curiosity rather than the Message and its Energy content.

Here is a letter from Charles, a long-term reader of my work that supports what awakened ones feel:

Dear Doctor.

I think your website is very beautiful. It is very true indeed that all one needs to do is read from the beginning until the end. I think the energy content and the truth of what one reads on your website should ultimately outweigh anyone’s opinion on the format or style of the website 1000 times. I agree things should be affordable and you have to do what’s best for you.

In my opinion, the website you have, with the combination on the lectures you have on YouTube, Jeff Rense, etc. is way more than enough to reach out to the masses. Take, for instance, your original YouTube video. It has well over 15,000 views. The truth is that the biggest outlets on the Internet just do not want to broadcast your material whether it be for personal issues, metaphysical disturbances etc… That is just the case here.

It’s not like no one can understand it, they know what’s at stake when they listen to your information. You just get backlash because of what you talk about. After a brief correspondence with Forbidden Knowledge TV that I had, the lady in charge just thought your material was too controversial (which is a load of nonsense).

I forwarded your website, your YouTube videos, as well as other corresponding videos and articles talking about the electromagnetic net around the planet etc. She just felt that it was too controversial and she was afraid of the backlash she would receive. For me that was an unacceptable explanation by her for rejecting your material.

In my opinion, if your website has the ability of impacting someone’s life well over thousands of miles away, I am sure it has the possibility for others as well.

I believe that if one truly wanted to find the truth that they would find it… they would go to great lengths to find it…. as I did. Yes Doctor, you should definitely just carry-on as usual …if you need any assistance at all when it comes to such issues like that, let me know and I will certainly see what I can do to help you J Charles




We are all weary and impatient for this Mad Hell to end. The more awakened we are, the more we see the Evil to which the majority are blind. Indeed, what I wrote about Ants being more aware than Humans is very true. At least they have an enviable spiritual connection which guides them in a far better way than Humans are guided. Remember the Principle of the Hundredth Monkey? It applies to all consciousnesses in the lower 3 classes.

Why are humans, in general, less guided? Blame the blasphemous Religions that labelled all knowledge and practices of a superior spiritual nature, and connection, as works of the Devil, when they, in fact, were active devils of that Demonic Consciousness! Even early meat-bags (robotic physical humans) were programmed to use drugs and abhorrent practices such as rape, torture and murder to reach Demonic Levels that fed them more and more Evil to use against the less fortunate.

Even today we have programmed fools, acting very much in the same manner, urging people to use Marijuana, Ayahuasca and other such brain-destroying agents to reach into those soul-destroying demonic levels. Some hallucinogenic drugs, as you will read in the literature, were defended with the abhorrent argument that they were religious tools for the enhancement of the spiritual welfare of participants. Can things get more demonic than that on this level? These practices lead to demonic possession of the meat-bags. Well done demons. You have certainly won many a day and destroyed many a Theomorph by these practices!

Not only that, the more awakened we are, the more we feel the pain of the savagery we see around us. We feel the pain and sorrow of the Evil being committed, of the injustices metered out, of the miserable fate of the poor, the weak, the sick, the injured, and the captured ones, such as animals in Zoos, and of those unjustly jailed and/or executed.

We are sickened by the spiel demons vomit out on our television and radio sets and movies, now that we can see that they are demons and that the words they speak are fatuous, scurrilous lies!

We see the evil scheming that allows strong ones, including most Western Nations, to bully weaker ones to death. We see most clearly how evil ones set up false scenarios to maximally punish any whom they choose for reasons of extracting energy from their victims and for stealing whatever they hold of value because of geographic locations.

Awakened, we now see the Evil with which beings have become entrapped in soul-destroying religions and sects, how supposedly ‘good-thinking people’ are fooled to believe their fate depends on History and Science, with all their spuriousness.

Even now, the fearful, and very evil, hopeless ones are turning to doomed Science and its rockets and bombs, DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases), rockets to Mars, Stargates and Worm Holes to escape the Solar System, etc., in order to furtively save them from the fate metered out by a collapsing Solar System and the death-dealing Planet X Constellation. They are doomed. They are beginning to suspect it. And soon enough, those of us more sensitive than the rest will perhaps feel their fear also in our bodies. But that is the price of Freedom it seems we have to pay.

Awakened, we see how people, the Merry Cans in particular, have been truly but surreptitiously milked like trapped cows, of their funds and of their future, by the Evil Archons who are in charge. They are the ones who have stolen trillions from the sleeping populace in an attempt to save their own skins, their subjects be damned. To add a huge insult to their injury, those very Archons murdered many by a well-planned and well-executed scheme (a la 9/11) and started many more wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc., etc.,) to hide their pilfery and to continue on their so-called, by them, merry, thieving ways. Alas, all other peoples throughout History have suffered the same fate since time immemorial.

Awakened, we see all these evil mechanisms and are nauseated in the extreme with the exposed Archonic hypocrisy.

Do you think these Archons in charge are just greedy humans? They are not human.

  • They are Reptiles and other evil alien consciousnesses in physical bodies.
  • They are the ones who, under instructions from the aberrant Evil Mind, set up this Universal Abomination.
  • They are the ones who set up these filthy mechanisms for draining the Theomorphs on every planet in existence.
  • They are the ones who care naught for the lives of these so-called cattle (Goyim) they created artificially. Of course, they only created the bodies and the artificial intelligence in the majority of those bodies. They did not create the Theomorphic component which is their enemy and target and which ws trapped in matter.

These in charge, with few exceptions are the Ancient Aliens who are said to have repeatedly visited Earth in the Days of Old. But, many of them were here from the beginning of Time, to rule and abuse at their leisure.

As you know well, whenever benevolent Aliens descended into meat-bags to instruct and support the Viables, they were attacked mercilessly. Most were destroyed one way or another. And boy, don’t I know it! The representatives of the Christ Light were crucified, skinned alive, poisoned, burned at the stake, beheaded, starved to death, etc., etc. You call it, the evil ones did it!

Why could not the Divine Beings in physical bodies who had the Christ Light within them fight and win in the past and now?

The answer is simple. They were, and are, restricted by being in the physical. They were, and are, no match for the Power of the Evil Ones on this level. There are too many evil ones and they control everything on this level – Laws, Religions, Science, History, etc., etc.

Even when the beings containing a drop of Divine Consciousness gained power, as did Hitler, the Evil Ones ganged up to destroy any effect the Light Beings may have had. This is an inexorably Evil Level. No non-Evil individual can win the day here by acting as a human. This level, the entire Physical Universe, has to be totally destroyed as I have described and explained elsewhere.

(Just to diverge a little: If you scan through the present day nonsensical Mayan Myth of Quetzalcoatl which is repeated somewhat in many other ancient cultures, you will find that the Flying Serpent was, in fact, the Christ Light Being. The Myth goes back to the creation of the Universe at which point an evil entity (represented as a bird) extracted the blood (energy) from the Serpent to build the Universe. That accords with the Evil Mind stealing energy to build.

When the ‘Serpent’ made its periodic visits to the trapped people, obviously to supply them with knowledge and energy, ‘He’ was either killed or forced to leave the plane. Distortion over the years has given us the nonsense you read in books today about Quetzalcoatl, the Christ.

Notice that the Flying Serpent notion is not just a Mesoamerican Myth. It is in many cultures including China’s. It is quite possible that flying crafts appeared to the ancients as a fiery serpent in the sky, hence the name.)

Knowing all of this, we simply cannot wait for the End to come.

We seem helpless on this level. No matter who we are, and no matter what knowledge or energy we possess, we are hopeless against the Evil Ones. I know that personally. That also leads to frustration in the physical body. The more elevated your Consciousness may be in the Divine Hierarchy, the more will the evil Ones attack you and attempt to entrap and eradicate you if they can. I know that very well too and I am sure most of you do.

Just think about this: the Consciousnesses of Haidakhan Babaji (The Maternal/Feminine Aspect of Creation and of the Destroyer of Evil Worlds – Lord Shiva) and His Twin (the Father/Masculine Aspect) and all their Band of Merry Splinters are scattered throughout the Physical Universe as droplets of Consciousness.

They are here, as Holographic Projections, taking this illicit, Evil Creation apart, brick by brick as it were. Why are they Holographic Projections? The answer is this: So that they cannot become trapped in the Evil Essence.

When any of these Consciousnesses enter meat-bags (physical bodies in any of the lower levels of consciousness, to exist on the Physical level, they are stripped of all their power. If they did not tone down, they would burn the body to a crisp in seconds.

What they do have, that they bring down from Higher Levels, is a little bit of truthful knowledge that they can awaken to, and with which they can awaken others. They then can recall enough to make a connection to the Supra-Mental Plane that subsequently allows minute droplets of Energy to descent in order to further awaken and sustain any trapped Viables that respond to them positively.

These High Beings become trapped by the physical body as all descending consciousnesses are trapped. They have to struggle to reconnect, to who they truly are, while going through the misery of being human on this level. You may well be such a splinter. Is it not a fact that you have struggled like a weak, emotional, and very vulnerable entity? Indeed that is the case, even if you are a Splinter of the Highest Consciousness.

Thus, knowing this, namely, that we may be part of the Massive and very powerful Divine Mechanism systematically destroying Worlds and Galaxies, while simultaneously appearing to be a weak, humble human on this level, and are being kicked about and spat upon by any demon that wishes to do so, leads to no end of frustration. And the frustration grows the more we awaken and feel the senseless, unfathomable Evil and our relative impotence on this level.

Having no control on the timing of the End, or any ability to process our True Powers, all we can do, as vulnerable, weak humans, is hang on, and keep praying: “Please, please, deliver us from this Evil….”

And just to whom is it that we are praying? Why to our Higher Selves, of course!

Disregard what your Evil-created Monkey mind tells you. It repeatedly tries to tell you, especially when you are off guard, when tired, hungry, stressed, attacked, etc., that you are a weak, useless, sinful, doomed and trapped fool, just like the Religions tell you, does it not?

Truly realize the fact I revealed above, namely, that you, dilute and trapped in the physical body, are praying to your Higher Self, and instantly shall your heart be filled with the ecstasy of eternal, indestructible, Divine Love and its effusive Joy.


December 6, 2014

I had indicated December 2014 would be the start of WW3. This article leaves us in no doubt of what is going on:





All evil will be exposed in preparation for its total destruction:

Next is a rather prosaic and relatively ancient but nonetheless interesting video demonstrating that the natural evolution of Evil leads inexorably to detrimental effects and to its own self-destruction.

The video is extremely suitable for beginners.


It ends of course with the banal and specious plea to the sheople to collectively do the impossible and save doomed robotic Humanity (and its hitherto well-concealed alien masters).





Flying Horse-sheet

DECEMBER 7, 2014

It did not take long for V. Putin to respond to the USA and NATOs threat of war!



Worth reading:




You don’t think the majority of Humans are robots?

Wait and see:




BS vs. BS


Before you click the next site, let me say that  at first I did not really think Humanity was as stupid as it appears. The response to my work has been virtually nil at thsi stage !!


But, on the other hand, it is reasonable for them to stick their heads in the sand, for if the majority suspect or know they are losers in everything, why would they want to be reminded?




The Mesmerizing BS is never-ending:




This is a short video with Oprah Winfrey. Forget the words which are a problem for another day. What do you see in the cardboard box?





Isn’t loverlee?



Human robots, created by Superior Archons of the Demonic Creation, have always been play things of the demons. Today’s situation is no different. The demons know they own the ‘lab rats’ they created.

The Theomorphic consciousnesses entrapped in the robotic bodies were treated even worse than the non-viable robots.

In my books I have mentioned that robotic classes were created very early on. Some had true Divine energy in their make-up. The ones that were totally robotic, made of negative energy, were periodically eliminated and new species created as evolving experiments  throughout the  entire Universe continued.

Some of the Theomorphs were eliminated also, as they lost all their Divine energy by cutting themselves off from the Divine supply line that allowed the faithful ones to survive till now.

It is a fact that, over billions of years, many lost hope of rescue. And who can blame them? Just look at how overwhelming Evil is in our lives. Many philosophers gave up the quest of becoming a Divine instrument. Many others declared not only that there is no ’god’, but also that there is no definite Good and/or Evil, only just a chaotic game of random idiocy, affecting us all, which has no purpose or endpoint. This appears to be the conclusion of Modern Science also, inspite of its declaration of the existence of a Selfish/Evil gene.