October 28, 2014



Those of us with our eyes even slightly opened can see that some rather dramatic and catastrophic things are impinging on our life.


Such things as pollution of air, seas and land, GMO foodstuffs, injurious vaccines, massive climatic changes, fragmentation of economies, perennial wars, radioactive pollution, Chemtrails, degradation of standards of living, fracturing of minds, ever-increasing mental illness, social disorder, hatred, anger, abuse, sexual deviance, brutality, cruelty to animals, and the Earth, by rapacious, calamitous mining and fracking enterprises are but a few of the problems we see easily, even if we have no spiritual acumen.


To go further, it is a time when many are receiving messages of an extraordinary kind. People suffering Near Death Experiences and Out-of-Body Experiences are reporting the same or similar occurrences for the near future, namely, Planetary Destruction.


Without invoking psychic capabilities, we can infer from observational coincidences by down-to-Earth people that something is going to happen to the planet.


Deductive reasoning, of which we are capable, allows us to come to conclusions from astronomical data now easily obtained.


There is a wealth of information, as you will see, just from the few videos I have posted below, that may lead one to the conclusion that something BIG is about to happen.


If you have been a student of Ancient History and are aware of alternate views in Archeology, and are aware of possibilities described in the Sanskrit writings of bygone eras, you will know there is Precedence for destructive and sudden planetary change. (Graham Hancock’s ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ is a good starting point)


What differs on this occasion, in this the Final Generation, is the fact that we are able to predict this calamity because we are more awakened to what is going on in the Heavens. The Common Man can read and knows enough about Astrology, Mathematics, and Science to be able to deduce his own conclusions.


In bygone eras, such talents were attributed to the “gods’ that visited the planet. They were of course, the more advanced visiting extraterrestrials, both Good and Evil. Need proof? Look at the Life and Astrological records of the Maya. That was NOT their work. That was the work of the ‘gods’ that lived with them for a while. The Mayans as a race, were feral, murderous, cannibalistic morons who dissipated once the ‘gods’ left.


This assertion can be applied to Atlantis, the Egyptians, Sumerians, Altaics, Druids, the Hindu, etc., etc. In fact, it applies to any ancient group or race that appeared, inexplicably, to have advanced Knowledge and Science beyond its capabilities. And that is why they receded to their natural moronic state once the Aliens who built such things as the Inca temples, The Pyramids, Stonehenge, etc., etc., left the scene. They are back of course, and are well entrenched into Humanity and into our Knowledge and Science. And of this fact we are awaiting Disclosure.



Today, it is the Aliens that have infiltrated Humanity who have given us the useful, as well as the destructive, knowledge and technology that plague Mankind. For example, if you trace the development of weapons and rockets from the Nazis to the USA, via Operation Paperclip, you will see the handwork of aliens everywhere.



BTW, If you investigate this topic further and see videos with photos of Oppenheimer, the ‘father’ of the Atomic Bomb, you will see clearly a Class 5 demon in human form with distinguished reptilian features.






Apart from those points, we have extraterrestrials such as the Zeta Group warning us of a terminal event. And the Gnostic documents incorporated in parts of the Bible do the same. Although the latter have been distorted somewhat, we can deduct that the prophecies within them are about Earth’s termination. Just skip the idiocy attached to them by the Born Again Lunatics.


Zeta Reticuli: http://www.nicap.org/articles/hillzeta.htm


That someone like me was told in 1985 that the planet will be destroyed by 2035, at the very latest, is a story similar to extraterrestrial communication.


Many others are now spontaneously receiving psychic messages of similar events and timing.


Conversely, many psychics who are fed by the Dark Side (and that includes the majority) have no idea about this at all. And that is because they ARE fed information by the Dark Side which does not really want to reveal any of this.


The New Agers, well aware of the data that I have gathered for you below, come up with their own version of BS and tell us the Earth is going to split in two, with the Goodies, which includes them, going to an Earthly Heaven and the baddies (who only recently they admitted exist) going to an Earthly Hell. In reality, they mean the baddies will stay on this Earth as it is. Another version is that the Earth is dying so that matter and all life will be transformed into another Heavenly density. Only ‘god’ knows what that means, for it does not make any sense to anyone accept them on this level.


I’m really embarrassed to even post a site of the Cultivated BS the Dark Side is feeding the gullible fools. But, its here for completeness:





Having written all of the above, I must admit that some of you are picking up some catastrophic planetary event in 2015, one year before I was told Nibiru is to come. Bear in mind what I said earlier about my information. It may not necessarily be accurate for the reasons I stated earlier.


Ceres is due to come closer next year and could do a great deal of damage:






If you have time investigated these sites to gain non-psychic knowledge of what appears to be coming. Realize that there is much conjecture of what happened in the past.


Look at Nibiru’s path in relation to Earth at 1:30 sec into the video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BmPg9Gu0hSc




Who is playing dirty?   http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DLWwViEhvX4





The Zeta story again (comically): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoBzrqHGpJE





The death list grows; Astronomers being killed to maintain Nibiru Cover up:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTUCcnfnWVg



Thee are many more videos available if you have the time.


The Ebola bubble gets bigger and bigger. Well, we all knew this was coming:





Many of you have corresponded with your thoughts. Let us make a network of like-minded individuals in these harrowing times.


Dear Dr.

In regards to your past and present work you have given so many explanations as to how to refocus our minds to a ” Supra-Mental Consciousness, how to find our own Truth within and you have explained why this world is so evil.

You are doing your best, however people need to take the time from this crazy virtual reality to listen.  My past experience has shown that sometimes people don’t want to know because they don’t want to take responsibility for themselves.  It requires work. You have also mentioned other reasons so very well in your books.

You mentioned in one of your posts that there are now a few hundred Theomorphs left at this time as compared to a couple of thousand a few years ago.  What happened ?  Did they fall?

Thanks again for sharing all of this information. Gratitude, R.
My Reply:

Many of the civilian warriors who remained behind after the 1999 Theomorphic evacuation to assist me in the Endtime have gone home. They were in Class 4 (Human) and Class 3 (Animal). This is another confirming occurrence that the End is near.


Some Class 4 (Human consciousnesses) had taken the opportunity to come into animal bodies – usually as pets to be near us – so as to be of assistance. They are less entangled in the tragic human Rat Race that way and are able to finish their work with less interruption. I know of some who were placed in human bodies as “walk-ins” only to find the Dark Side simultaneously placed a demon in the body which neutralized their effectiveness somewhat. When they are ineffective in that way, the warrior is usually recalled and that body manifests overt demonic traits.


It is a very complicated picture. That is why you should not judge anyone. One example is V. Putin of Russia who seems to be a villain according to the Western Media and Governments. But, he will pull the trigger when he is given the order!


Also, from what I have just written, you should come to the conclusion that your pets are to be cherished. Some of them are Class 5 angels, not just animals or humans in pet bodies. Some contain even Higher Consciousness than Class 5 for short periods. Show them Universal Love and give them the care that they deserve. Of course, Counterfeit consciousnesses can also reside in animals. In fact, many are of such an evil nature, but the majority are simply Mock robots.
October 29, 2014

Warning!! More of my books are being sold illegally by thieves.

I cannot guarantee they have genuine content.

If you buy them, you are supporting the Dark Side.


Poem 48
from my Poetry Book Vol. 1


Silently flows the eternal, effervescent,
nourishing, Heavenly Spring,
That font of many things, even knowledge,
which I sought and now whose praises I do sing,
As daily by the Muses I am fated,
lovingly entwined and satiated,
on thoughts of wondrous facts and deeds
in which, by the Graces, I am guided.

Minerva’s wisdom no less a role does play,
In the facts I write for you and also I display,
On webs of world wide computer bands,
So we of Light can join, with energy, our hands,
And our minds too, for without
the Inner Nous that we share,
We would be victims in this jungle
and, without weapons, remain exposed and bare.

Our greatest armour is our Inner Strength and Love,
These are gifts we express when we are
connected with the Light above.
No man, or woman, unconnected to the Light,
against Evil, can win the Personal War,
Such a one would be mauled and killed
spiritually with ease, of that I’m sure.

So drink, if you are of Light sincere,
from the eternal font of Love and Cheer,
And connect to your Source of Peace and Harmony
so that your final role is clear.

Drinking waters from that succouring Eternal Spring,
will fill you with wondrous charm,
And in the midst of this raging Rat Race,
this decaying putrid jungle, you’ll be calm,
For you will have within you the Truth
and Love of Light with all its Might.
With these you will not commit evil
or fall into its traps, for you will be
on the side of Right.
As simplistically as this, to
unreceptive minds, may sound,
From the Eternal Fountain all must drink,
if they seek to be Heaven bound.

There is no life without the Source,
its Green Energy and its Strength you see,
And these can only be obtained
from the Eternal Font,
in this you must believe me.

Only those of Light can connect to Light
and its New Green Energy,
For this Energy knows the real True Beings
and cannot be deceived by any false effigy.
With you I’ve shared that
which the Muses have instructed,
Be of Spirit, Light and Love,
and so to eternal Life you’ll be conducted.

But if you think this is not for you,
Then here I will bid thee adieu,
I have no time to waste on those
who knowledge of worth do repel.
They, not of my ilk, reside,
and rightfully belong, in a place
whose name rhymes with bell!


November 1, 2014


Factors leading to the Endtime.

This is an essay about Planetary Destruction.

If you are easily disturbed by thoughts of the possibility of your physical demise, please read no further.

If you have contemplated notions of an Endtime and wish to know more, I suggest you read the first 3 essays that relate to this one titled ‘Nibiru 1, 2 and 3,’ which are to be found on this website at www.jchiappalone.com


As I write about this topic, please realize that these are my thoughts, my conjectures, my opinions and conclusions. You must make up your own mind at all times on what the evidence presented means, and what you want to believe. You know my Motto well: Take it or Leave it.

As a continuation from the other 3 essays I have written on Nibiru, here is another instructive video on the Planet X complex and Nibiru:

We can decipher some of the information revealed to perhaps make sense of some of the verses in the Book of Revelations. Ignore the attempts in the video to make you act like a Korean, and breath like a cloacal amphibian.


Latest positioning:


I have written in the past (See my book ‘Death of an Evil God’) that the Book of Revelations, supposedly written by John the Divine, has been rewritten many, many times by people who did not know what had been really seen by former Seers and what the writings really meant. Many commentators were of an obvious Evil Essence and gave erroneous conclusions to the Gnostic writings upon which the Book of Revelations is based. They were nonetheless in a position to dictate to the masses what they were to believe and what they were not to believe. One classical example is Irenaeus.


This is what I wrote in my book “Death of an Evil God”:

Apart from the purposeful creation of a false elitism of the clergy, what has really happened is that selective editing of the writings and supposed visions of many so-called prophets, saints, martyrs, and others, set a standard of absurd mystical irrationality that was, and is, hard to understand but it suited the church hierarchy for it to be this way. And so one finds people like Irenaeus, Hippolytus, and Eusebius in the early Christian church who were “correctors” of doctrines and texts and gave their versions of what others believed.

In its transition, the evil church needed to stop men thinking or awakening further to the Truth within them which Jesus, like all the other Messengers of God, had pointed out was within them. It began to oppress them with its own idea of what was right and wrong.

For example, in 180 AD, Bishop Irenaeus wrote 5 volumes entitled “The Destruction and Overthrow of falsely so-called Knowledge” against the Gnostic Truth. How did he know what was true and what was false? Who gave him the right and authority to judge? He purposely distorted Gnostic thought to make it appear ridiculous and his actions cost many innocent lives.

By their actions we know such beings as Evil Archons of the Evil system! Eusebius claimed to have letters from Irenaeus to establish some authenticity, but none were preserved. Without hard evidence pertaining to the claim, we can either accept this to be true or we can say so much was spurious about Irenaeus, including his martyrdom, that most of the information about him and written by him was either fictional exaggeration or plain lies.”

Things have not changed that much in the modern age have they? The Churches and Governments still dictate what we, the sheople, the Goyim, should believe or disbelieve. Have not governments, in conspiracy mode, hidden the truth about Planet X for at least 60 years while they knowingly built underground facilities to save themselves, and thus damning the masses? See the previous essays for details.

One disgusting example of how dominant the evil controllers are is the moronic stance of the Catholic Church in baking whole families alive in ovens especially built for the occasion on their special Feast days. What crimes did the victims commit? They believed in Gnosticism which is the Philosophy of the Truth, of the Greater Reality!

Again from my book “Death of an Evil God”:

The civilization of the Aztecs is usually written off by Western Historians as bloodthirsty and barbaric. When Cortes entered Tenochtitlan, he found a city larger and more splendiferous than anything existing in Europe, with an erudite priesthood highly skilled in Astronomy and Mathematics. (This was a legacy of the visiting Aliens. I may write about this later.) (At the same time) The Christian Spaniards were appalled at the bloody human sacrifices to the Aztec War God, Tlaloc. (This was a legacy of the Aztec ‘human’ morons, although it is known that many evil Aliens thrive on such practices, the Jehovah tribe of Aliens included. The Hebrews/Jews were renowned for these blood sacrifices of humans and beasts.)


However, historians overlook the fact that a much greater number of people were butchered in the name of the Christian Church during their Heresy Wars and the Inquisitions. They would like you not to know about the men, women and children, whom the Inquisition had condemned and that were ROASTED ALIVE, in specially built ovens in Spain and Portugal, and other countries of Europe up to the 19th century. These “festivities” were held on Sundays and Holy Days and were known as ‘Acts of Faith’. The victims of the Aztecs were killed in a much more humane manner than the Inquisitional roastings. Is it not strange that these evil, so-called Christians should use the excuse of strong objections to human sacrifice for completely obliterating the Aztec civilization?”

Here is a Jewish view of the Spanish Inquisition:


Governments are no less dishonest and malicious. Consider the cover up of the Roswell Incident in which two (not one, two) space vehicles of extra-terrestrial origin crash landed due to being struck by lightning, and the butchering of truth by enterprises such as Project Blue Book, the cover-up of the murder of innocent people at Waco, the assassination of JFK and, of course, the Granddaddy of them all, the cover up of 9/11.


Dr Hynek exposed the cover-up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Allen_Hynek

9/11: Start here and go to other videos if you need more evidence:


Why have I gone to some detail about these things? It is because even today “We, the people” are still subject to Factual, Intellectual, Theological and Spiritual Corruption and humungous LIES, imposed on us by the Rulers of Societies. These rulers are the Archons, Class 5 demons, created by the Darkness to destroy Truth and any who possess Truth. See John 8:44 in the New Testament.

We live in a world of Lies, Hypocrisy and Untruth, the very opposite to what one seeking Truth would want. We are living in an Evil Illusion, within a Virtual Reality, created by, and with, the Evil Essence. Those of Truth are prisoners here. And the End, prophesied from the beginning of Time, is the mechanism of Liberation for them. Dismiss, as doomed fools, those who deny Evil. They are not your friend. They are the sycophants who keep ones of Truth trapped in the Illusion.

But, as I have written extensively elsewhere, the Demons who rule the Physical Dimension have failed miserably in their quest of feasting on Theomorphs, (Beings of Light) forever. The End of the Virtual Reality, and them of it, has come. All aliens who have interfered with physical life on this planet are members of the Demonic Hierarchy which will be totally destroyed. The Annunaki, written about by Z Sitchin, are included in this doomed category. They are just one of many, many Alien races that visited Earth. Many of them, of all types, are still here. For details, read my books.

The other reason for the detail I give is to remind you that we are living in a Hell of Untruth which must be destroyed totally and forever!

(BTW, in your readings you will come across many versions and opinions of Gnosticism. I am the only one you should read if you want the facts on Gnosticism. I don’t make that claim lightly or egotistically. It is only after you have read my work that, if you are a Theomorph (a Being of Light), you will agree. Even works like the Nag Hammadi Library are mistranslated by those with no Divine Inner Nous. Be warned!)

Ancient peoples, as you can confirm by reading the history of diverse primitive races around the world, including the Aztecs, Maya, Hindu, Egyptians and Hebrews of their common eras, referred to anything that came from the heavens as “angels”, “God” or “gods”.

Thus, spacecrafts were fiery chariots; Aliens were ‘gods’; meteors were messengers of ‘God” or flying mountains, and so on.

These descriptions are similar as given in Sanskrit writings and in the Old Testament, of spacecraft, missiles, flying platforms, etc., simply because the locals did not have a vocabulary to adequately and precisely describe what they saw. The same thing happened to isolated natives who called airplanes ‘very big, noisy, shiny birds’ as late as the Second World War.
Now, let’s have a brief glance at the Book of Revelations. Here is Revelation 16:3:

‘The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead person, and every living thing in the sea died.’

If you have listened carefully to the first video above, and others I have posted on Planet X and Nibiru, you will have noted that the Dwarf Star has plumes or wings. This makes it, in the eyes of the ancient writers, an angel with wings that pours ‘something’ into the sea. That something was likened to the blood of a dead person, and everything in the sea died.

You heard in the video that, as this planet and star approaches us, the whole of our planet Earth will be covered in dust containing many molecules, principally IRON OXIDE – rust – coloured like a dead man’s blood. It is the iron oxide that will kill everything in the sea, so concentrated will it be. The acidity of the water will be so extreme no living thing will be able to survive. The pH could be below 2! It will deprive all aerobes of oxygen. If there is enough iron oxide to choke the seas, can you guess how much will be in the air that we would be forced to breathe? Of course it will choke anything that breathes. Thus, we have the End scenario! We will all be dead before the Impact occurs. How long before we last before impact will be a matter of conjecture.


Our atmosphere and seas will reach extreme concentrations of iron pollution which are as yet unheard of.


If what poured into the sea was the blood of humans, then the sea creatures would prosper with the extra feed. It is not the blood of humans.

Iron (III) Chloride will be formed in massive amounts because of the quantity of iron everywhere. The colour of iron (III) chloride crystals depends on the viewing angle: by reflected light the crystals appear dark green, but by transmitted light they appear purple-red. Hence the appearance of sanguine seas!

Iron (III) chloride is toxic, highly corrosive and acidic. Ingestion of ferric chloride can result in serious morbidity and mortality. Can you not envisage massive concentrations in sea water and gross ingestion by fish and mammals in those seas which will kill all of them as they cannot avoid the compound?

Indeed, Iron is a toxic heavy metal. In excess, it can cause cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses. In the excessive amounts I would anticipate in the massive dust clouds from Planet X, I would say the death rate would be extremely high and it would occur swiftly, especially by asphyxiation.

How long do you think the goons (moles, demons, non-Viables) will live in their underground bunkers? How long could one stay in an air-conditioned room? How long would a gas mask last? How long would your filters last? How long would you have power to run air conditioners?

Revelation 16:3 is describing the fatal poisoning of the planet by iron oxide which we know this visitor, The Planet X Complex, will shed in deadly abundance.

Could it be the Archons know this and built the FEMA camps to kill people before time?


Earlier in Revelations, the first angel poured his bowl onto the Earth and it became a loathsome and malignant sore (on the people). I guess massive amounts of iron oxide (rust) in the air and covering everything, including clothing and skin would kill in due course. Can you not imagine fatal asthma, severe fulminating chest infections, skin pustules that would give rise to septicaemia that can kill within hours?

And what are we to make of Revelation 8:8 which states:

‘The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood’.

What can something like a huge mountain all ablaze coming from the sky be? Is it not a massive meteor? Aren’t the number of meteors spotted and travelling towards Earth increasing exponentially as the Planet X complex approaches us, as stated in the video? (How many second angels could there be? I would have thought there would be only one. This is surely an indication of corruption of the original texts by later ignorant scribes!)

Revelation 11:6

These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.”

This tells us that there will be no rain for the ‘heavens are closed’. Of course, if the sea is full of iron oxide, evaporation will be halted. Clouds cannot form and obviously, as a consequence, rain cannot be produced.

Revelation 16:4

The third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood.


Why did this iron oxide deposit never seem to happen to this extent in previous fly-byes?

My answer to you is that the Planet X Complex never came close enough to poison the Earth fatally like this before. And the Complex was never as degenerated as it is now. Realise that all heavenly spheres are degenerating and dying, just like Our Sun, the Earth, Mars, etc. This is not a recurring event. It is the last, final, fatal event giving us the Endtime.

With such poisoning killing ALL living things, whether an impact occurs is merely academic, for we shall all be on the ‘other side’ long before the potential impact. Negatives will go to the Transmutation vats. Viables will go to their respective Villages.

Of course, the whole Solar System will be in complete disarray. That is the intention. It and all the Solar Systems of the Galaxy are scheduled for liquidation as I have pointed out before.



And so I now refer you to something I wrote a while ago. How many of you recall that I wrote that one day Babaji, while walking with me in our garden in Far North Queensland, said to me “T., when the Blue Star becomes visible in the sky, you can take it as a sign that our work is done and we shall go Home!”

At that time, I did NOT know what He meant. I was not fully awakened. I knew nothing about the Blue Star, but we left the conversation at that.

If you listened carefully to the first video, you will have heard the mention of Kachina, the BLUE STAR, as being in the Planet X Complex. There is the proof of Babaji’s forecast.

Many have been awaiting the appearance of this star, including the Hopi Indians.

Wikipedia: “In Hopi mythology, the Blue Star, Kachina or Saquasohuh, is a kachina or spirit, that will signify the coming of the End of the World by appearing in the form of a BLUE STAR. The Blue Star, Kachina, is said to be the ninth and final sign before the “Day of Purification”, described as a catastrophe or a “world engulfing cataclysm” that will lead to the destruction of the Earth.


“In 1997, the Hopi Elders appeared with Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast show. They spoke to millions of wary listeners around the world as they predicted the coming of The Blue Star, Kachina, and that the Purifier, the Red Star, Kachina, would follow shortly after the twins had (Hale-bopp) passed from our heavens. They spoke about us seeing strange things going on with animals, frogs with six legs, rabbits with four ears, animals being born with both genders.  They spoke of Earth Changes, and ‘Firestorms.”  and they talked about the Eight Thunders Prophecies… and the Pale Prophet.

The following is an excerpt from LAST CRY, Native American Prophecies & Tales of the End Times, by Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf © 1994-2004. It has appeared in numerous articles over the web, and in magazines all over the world.

“The story of the Blue Kachina is a very old story, very old.  I have been aware of the story of the Blue Kachina since I was very young.  I was told this story by grandfathers who are now between 80 and 108 years of age. Frank Waters also wrote about Saquasohuh, the Blue Star,  Kachina, in The Book of the Hopi. The story came from Grandfather Dan, Oldest Hopi.


“It was told to me that first the Blue Kachina would start to be seen at the dances, and would make his appearance known to the children in the plaza during the night dance.”

(This is a psychic phenomenon, not uncommon in races closer to the spirit world, and similar to the phenomena recently experienced by people around the world who have Near Death Experiences and Intuitive dreams).

“This event would tell us that the End Times are very near.  Then the Blue Star Kachina would physically appear in our heavens which would mean that we were in the End Times.”


If you go further into Hopi Prophecy, you will be subjected to the corruption that occurs to all prophetic writings or legends. Take no notice of such things as ‘we have time to change’; ‘we are on a ride, and can change the course any time,’ etc.

I’m telling you firmly, without fear of contradiction, that the fate of this planet, of the Solar System, of the Galaxy, of every Unit of Consciousness trapped in this Illusion, and of every unit of consciousness which is part of the Illusion, is sealed!!

What we are now witnessing tells us that the so-called coincidences are too many to be just that.

That Babaji had the foreknowledge to tell me what He did was enough for the unawakened ‘me’, years and years ago. Indeed, it was enough for me then and it is even more absolute Truth for me now, for now I am fully awakened and have been for quite a while and can see the Greater Reality. As a bonus we all have tangible proof of the End.

To have it confirmed by the Book of Revelations and by what the above videos reveal, and by the many changes we see clearly in our lives, is a bonus.

(BTW, who is Babaji? For the answer, you will have to be aware of the fact that ‘Real Life’ exists beyond the Physical Dimension, which is very much a temporary, and soon to be destroyed, evil illusion.

Babaji is known universally, by those in the know, as the Guru of Gurus, the Immortal One, and also as ‘Lord Shiva’, who is of the Hindu Godhead. Shiva is known in Ancient and Modern Eastern Cultures as the Destroyer of Worlds. Why do worlds need to be destroyed? And why would part of the Godhead destroy them?

If you accept what I, and undistorted Gnosticism, say, that this Physical Universe is an illicit and very evil structure created by Darkness as a result of the Celestial Error, and that it must be totally eliminated, it all makes sense. Shiva, the Divine Destroyer, and his celestial Twin, and other Light Workers, are going about their business destroying evil ‘Worlds’ and Galaxies, until the entire Physical Universe is no more.)

Back to Planet X: From what I have been told, we have 24 months approximately to Impact.

Do not forget the aim of this Celestial Madness, and of clashing planets, deteriorating Suns and of life-extinguishing events, etc. All heavenly bodies have consciousness. Planets belong to the 6th Class, the Galactic Consciousness. They too are undergoing fragmentation due to Terminal Madness, and, in due course, the whole Galaxy will be destroyed, as will be all Galaxies of the illicit Physical Universe.

You need to integrate what I am revealing, especially the timing of events, with what I have written at length elsewhere.

Before this planetary perturbation comes, we will have to suffer the consequences of WW3, which I said will now probably erupt in December, 2014, and the perturbations caused by the approach of Ceres in 2015 as was explained earlier. The probability is that Nuclear Weapons shall be used in WW3, inspite of the warnings given to the Leaders of Humanity by concerned Extra-terrestrials. Between one to two thirds of Humanity will perish within 18 months!

If these concepts are beyond your level of understanding, you can do one of two things. You can either make a rapid attempt to wake up and catch up with the Greater Reality which lies outside and beyond the stupefying Illusion created for us by Science, Religions and History and maintained by our overbearing Archonic Leaders. Or else you can dismiss all this information and simply go back to the moribund, anaesthetized state Evil wants you in.





As much as is possible, I have attempted to base these essays, on Planet X and Nibiru relating to an Endtime Scene, on evidence.

I repeat: ultimately you have to make up your own mind about what to believe and what not to believe.

You know my motto well: Take it or Leave it!

And finally, to add to these supposedly ‘coincidental events’ with their evidence that I have described in details in the four essays entitled ‘Nibiru’, you must add this pertinent one:

This last Pope in Rome, a clear class 5 Demons from his physical appearance (as were Joseph Ratzinger, and most of the others when you examine photos of them), is the ‘Peter of Rome’ that St Malachi wrote almost a millennium ago in his prophecies. He is the last Pope to ever rule, for within his reign comes the End of the World!

Indeed, you will read that the longest and final prophecy predicts the Apocalypse:[14]



In this article you will read that this last Pope may just cut Catholics loose from unity and the papacy, causing total disruption and confusion. If you have been following the news from Vatican City, he is doing just that.

Apocalypse: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocalypse#End_of_the_age

As you read these texts, be mindful of the fact that great distortions have occurred, often to favour the Catholic Church. Nothing new there, is there? Look at what they did to the Writings of the Gnostics! As I said earlier, even modern day scholars are misrepresenting the writings and essence of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library. If they do not have the Divine Inner Nous, and from what I have read, the translators of these ancient manuscripts do not have it, they CANNOT understand what they are interpreting and attempting to understand!

Having given you all that information, I do believe things need to change radically, and they will change, for the better. And to me that means the exit of all Spiritually Viable Beings from this Hell, and the permanent transmutation of Beings of Darkness who have done nothing but abuse, in the most horrible ways imaginable, and pillaged and murdered, those of Truth and Love. Again go to John 8:44.



From this moment then, Earth will become hotter. The major cause has really nothing to do with belching cows and the hot air forever forcefully issuing from rambling politicians and ignorant, paid-off scientists all over the world.

First of all, there will be more radiating and damaging effusions from our dying Sun, as we are seeing of late, and as is being forecast continuously by Sun watchers. The Archons (our evil rulers) can hardly hide these facts.

Interstellar pollution, including cosmic dust and radiation will arrive and make our atmosphere, and lives, even more unpalatable. (Those of you who listened to a radio show I did with Jeff Rense before 2012 will recall that I said one of our problems was going to be “Dirty wind” coming from the introitus of the Galaxy.)

The numbers of Comets and Meteors in our skies will increase greatly. Some will cause havoc. Many WILL hit the Earth causing anxiety, death and destruction.

The iron oxide pollution which I described in detail above, will especially hit us a lot earlier than the time of the predicted IMPACT, by any of the companions of Planet X, which none of us will see from the physical for we shall all have left the physical by then.

The pollution will become life-threatening weeks or months before the time of impact which I have been asked to write as being in the vicinity of November 2016.

Yes, I fully appreciate that, if this information is accurate, it is life-changing in an unprecedented way to say the very least.

Remember I have published these details of an END since 1985 after attending a Conference in a Space Vehicle outside of this dimension. It is up to you whether you want to believe anything I write. If you have read my books and publications, you know there is a consistency in the information that I (or any human) could not possibly make up. The more aware of you can see and feel the New Green Energy in my words. It’s impossible that we are ALL deluded. So, go away and think about these things and prepare spiritually as best you can. I say ‘Spiritually’ for the Physical is all but gone! It is pointless attempting to build shelters, store food and water, masks, medications, iodine, etc., etc.

Put simply, we are all about to meet the Real Creative Force.

That which created the Physical Dimension and its Robots and Demons, that have attempted to drain to death the Theomorphs trapped in this Hell, is NOT the real creative force. It is a temporary imposter, a deluder, a usurper, a fraud, the Demiurgos as Plato called ‘him’.

If these concepts are beyond your comprehension, but you want to know more, know that my books go into extensive details. You will find a list of them on the first page of my website.

(Who is asking this body to write all this material? My Higher Consciousness, of course! And who may that be? Hugh Nose? (Hee, Hee.) When you are ready, when you have truly attained some link to the SMC, you will be told what you need to know, and you will know on your outer bumbling, Monkey mind what it is you know and what you have to do. That connection to the SMC is for you to attain. It is no one else’s business. And no matter what answers you get, keep them to yourself, otherwise you will be attacked by the sceptical, doomed ones!)

Of course there can be no guarantee of the timing of the End. It will certainly happen sooner rather than later. So what if the date is not as give? Could it be that it has been given earlier than the real date in order for us to hastily prepare ourselves for when the event comes? I think that is quite a valid assumption, if in fact, the End is delayed just a little.

Remember, the War Council of Light, which I attended, outside of this dimension, agreed in 1985 that this Earth must be destroyed by 2035 at the latest!


Quick reminders:

  • Don’t give this information to those who are unprepared, be they family, partners, friends, colleagues, etc.
  • Live your physical life as if nothing is going to happen. Don’t resign from your job unless you have ample resources for a 20 year retirement.
  • As you recognize the demons amongst us, do not panic. Send them love without expecting anything in return. They will become insane, and nasty, brutal even, but do not retaliate. They will envy you without reason, Leave their midst if need be.
  • Obey all laws of the land.
  • Fulfil all your social obligations.
  • Do not panic.
  • Don’t argue with Fools.
  • Attempt as best you can to contact the Supra Mental Consciousness (SMC). After all that is where you will be shortly.


Contact with the SMC via contemplation and meditation will provide:

  • All the comfort you need,
  • All the answers you need (we don’t all need to know everything),
  • All the support and
  • All the Pure, Divine, and Universal Love you could desire. You will never feel alone or lonely. Of course, the more you have purified your body, the more shall you appreciate this Love that will flow to you.


9             PURIFY: Thus, stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking, do not take illicit drugs, do not take any hallucinogenics, do not have sex with demons, and do not eat animal flesh. Keep away from polluting situations and people. Learn to discern energy-suckers and keep away from them. Read my books for further details.

The more purified your body is, the more chance you have of contacting the SMC. If you do successfully contact the SMC, you will have Peace of Mind which the failed ones will envy but which they simply cannot understand.

All FEAR (a condition purposely and forcefully programmed in our lower minds by Evil) will be dispelled from you and you will project your mind to our Home with ease.



You will become far more aware of the great nurturing and protection provided to you by the New Green Energy.

  • Most of us will die physically. Some will be extracted from the dimension by Divine Crafts as I have written elsewhere. Do not be concerned. It is an automatic process. I will write more about this as the time for Evacuation draws near.
  • In the meantime, follow Babaji’s advice:




Sleep well. Viables will all join hands and travel to the ‘Promised Land’ soon enough!


Home to Take Thee

True friend, I hear your cries and know your soul-felt pain,
But in self-pity dally not, for there you’ll find no gain.
In the noxious, stupefying depths of evil-imposed,

Heart-tearing misery I too have been,
And the destructiveness of ubiquitous
Evil and its iniquitously spread
unwanted Sorrow I have seen.

However, you must now know, that was not the Godly scene.
Our true life, and its worth, have been camouflaged by a deceitful screen.
We were never meant to suffer so; on this wretched, exploitative path
we were never meant to go.

Unknowingly trapped by fraudulent, deceitful hypocrites of Dark Hearts,
who drain our energies with deceit at every single chance,
We, True Beings, sought Love and Peace in what we thought was earthly, innocent dalliance and its romance.

We were fooled, and fooled well, abused in our trustfulness and in our naivety.
But now come, forget the pain and tears!
Discard these harrowing experiences; rejoice with me in levity,
there is abundant reason, this you’ll soon see.
You have reached this point, in your journey, of painful realisation,
From which you can now be free of the strangling, emotional traps in this doomed, evil abomination.

Here, take my hand, and let us now
proceed towards the Promised Land.
Let us journey in peace, in harmony
and its serenity, and in True Love,
As we contemplate the Harmony of the Truth
of the True Beings, that we truly are,
belonging in the Glorious Realm above.

Let us accept that this cruel, evil world,
and its incorrigible demons, will no longer
use us evilly as fodder, or as bait, but rather will be totally destroyed,
and soon, for that is now their inescapable, justified fate.

Come, honest, true friend, take my hand,
for you have suffered, far, far more than enough.
From this point on, trust in Light and trust in Love True,
and call, with me, Evil’s bluff.

Only in that way can you be free from the vicious, ferociously turbulent,
draining and poisonous emotional sea, which engulfs, and seeks to drown,
with spurious desires and fraudulent dreams, all who are trapped in the despicable, duplicitous realms of counterfeit Humanity.

But once you, like me, fully realise who you truly, truly be,
A child of the True God, a particle of Light Pure from Eternity,
You will wallow no longer in the Curse, or cry with pain,
or wish nihilistically to drown in Evil-prescribed destructive self-pity.

You will rise, Phoenix-like, to be another priceless Pearl of Infinity, that was temporarily lost in the mire of this mockery, this fatuous, vacuous, useless, fraudulent, soon-to-be transmuted, impurity.

Come, dear friend, smile!
Know that indeed you will soon be safe,
and you will be forever truly happy,
For I have come, to greet you
but with one solemn thought.
I have come, Home to take thee.


November 4, 2014

Please note there are many disinformation artists with no spiritual insight whatsoever telling people absolutely nothing will happen to planet Earth. The very people who pay these fools don’t even believe them, otherwise why would they bother building the massive, virtually impenetrable underground bunkers around the world for themselves? Surely they built them because they think, or know, a massive catastrophe caused by some heavenly body or bodies is about to hit within our lifetime. As most of them are 60 years old, and above, you can do the maths on the expected timing of the catastrophe

Besides, even just examining our Earth and ignoring space, you know there exist terminating mechanisms in the globe, and I have covered these in our essays.

As you read further and search the Internet, do not fall for the Cultivated Ignorance of ignorant fools and liars and the BS that goes with them.


Thank you for all your positive responses to Nibiru 4.

Dear Dr. Giuseppe,
Thank you for the detailed and beautifully written essay.  You have left no rocks unturned.


This was certainly labor intensive with putting all of the pieces together, but it  was done out of  Love for the Divine.


I look forward to meet the “Real Creative Force” as we Viables “join hands and travel to the “Promised Land”.


With Heartfelt Gratitude,


  • Earth is fragmenting and dying


  • Do you remember me saying all evil must be exposed in the Endtime?


  • According to this article, nearly everyone that can manufactory a thought in his or her head is a Terrorist! Now you may guess the reason for fluoride in water, aluminium in Chemtrails, nano-weapons in foods and drugs! They are there to destroy the brain and make us the virtually brainless robots the Elite seek.


  • I am not sure of the accuracy of this report, but it fits in with the above.




  • State Terrorism is for total control


  • Governments are honest, right?


  • Exposing American Dishonesty and Australian Stupidity:


  • World War 3 inevitable according to Putin




  • The West loses again:




Charles writes:

After reading the book revenge of Camelot it proved how much Darkness went to great lengths to destroy my family and myself. In your book you revealed that Darkness not only destroyed Camelot from within but even went as far to destroy Arthur and Gwenevere’s family in an esoteric sense even before they were mature enough to start there mission. The system targeted them physically, emotionally, and psychologically. After the incident of  what happened with my father earlier this year and the awareness of my childhood was like…..I could connect with Arthur and his wife totally of what the system will do in order to prevent one from completing any modicum hope of purpose  one may have. My father was the only one that ever came close of ever understanding anything I talked about in terms of spiritual topics, And now he’s gone…… I think the biggest obstacle any of us will ever have is finding one who can truly understand them.

Your writings had the biggest effect on me….even more than my father… and I love him dearly .  Now you know why your my biggest hero…for after you go….there is no one else…….thank you doctor :-) :-)


Dear readers, If you have not read The Revenge of Camelot, read it NOW.

I have a few eBook copies waiting just for you!!

Order NOW.


November 5, 2014

The Universe IS disappearing !!

Do you recall that I have said repeatedly that over 90% of the Universe had been “corrected”?

In other words, that it has disappeared as our Earth, Solar System and Galaxy will shortly? This illicit evil structure, called the Physical Dimension, and all its structures and physical beings are being destroyed by dissolution piece by piece.

Read this:


In 1985, I had stated in my very first book called ‘Clearing of the Planet’, which I then expanded into the 3 volumes of ‘Making Sense of the Madness’, that the Universe was over 85% Dark Energy. It was not for another decade that information on Dark Matter and Dark Energy was published worldwide by astronomers.

In the past I have also stated that over 90% of the Physical Universe has already been corrected and that ‘We, The Light’ were near the correction of the lot, all 100% of it.

How did I know the information?

I am going to make a statement that I cannot prove on this level and no one on Earth can disprove:

“I” have been involved with the destruction of the Universe, ‘brick by brick’, since the time the decision was made to demolish the Celestial Error. This ‘Made-in-Italy’ cardboard box that I am using for this incarnation (the final one) is simply reporting the facts.

It’s good to know some parts of Science are catching up to my assertions.

Of course, Science does not know the how, when and why of all that is happening.

If you have read my books, you know!!


Dr., Your posts and the recent timing and predictions about the coming end in the mid 2020s are identically on par with recent research and studies. You are on the money! Charles


Original article: http://rt.com/news/201827-dangerous-asteroid-discovered-ur116/



Recall what I said earlier: Orbits of heavenly bodies, large and small will become more and more erratic and unstable. They too are suffering a form of Terminal Madness. GSC



Our Sun is fragmenting and dying:


Another version of Modern Day of Robber Barons:





I remind you that more and more UFOs will be seen everywhere as their places of abode and their sub-dimensions are destroyed. They are mainly of evil Aliens. We will eventually see them fighting amongst themselves and with the aliens on Earth who can be disguised as ‘humans’. They may become involved in the nuclear WW3 coming up. They are not beyond blowing up the planet in disgust, for they too are suffering Terminal Madness of the Endtime.


The size of UFOs can vary. Some can be as big as Earth when they come into this dimension of ours. I have explained before that usually they shrink to be of a relatively appropriate size. Conversely, they can come into the dimension from smaller sub-dimensions at a size that is microscopic!


Consider this: All 650 million Viables, and the few Theomorphs left on the planet can, when reduced to their basic Centres of Consciousness, can be all transported in a Divine Plasma Craft the size of a pea.

I have included this sight for interest. The first 2 videos are interesting and support what I have just written, about the inimical presence of UFOS and about their relative size.








WW3 definitely on its way:



Britannia no longer rules the waves, Fear, Terror and Lies do:


Funny and so very true: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/war-is-a-racket-1/why-albania.html

Is this another false-false flag?




I have told you repeatedly that all Evil will be exposed, and that the Evil Beings are in self-destructive mode.

They will fight and kill as much as they can in the Endtime.

This includes not just Earthlings, but all the tibes that make up the extra=terrestrials in our Galaxy.

So expect fireworks anywhere and everywhere.



Doomed Earth:


I guess most New Agers are in Portugal making a huge, huge cork to put into this hole until their Earth elevates itself to their 5th dimension!!


Confirming what I wrote about Nibiru:


November 7, 2014

A Day for Miscellany

Is it not amazing that, inspite of the overwhelming evidence and information available to us all, everywhere we look, so few are even the slightest bit awakened to what is going on?

The massive dramatic changes to occur which will end Physical Existence in our Solar System will come as such a shock to the unawakened ones, that verily shall there be, in the last days, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Not knowing what is happening, and why it is happening, will fill the ignorant ones with maximal fear and they will ‘envy the dead’.

Even many well educated people in various professions are totally ignorant of the facts.

Whom can they blame for their unpreparedness? There is only one person each can blame: itself!


Who is preparing for What, When, How?

I’m here to tell you not one physical being will survive the changes to come.

Exposures of Evil and Self-Destruction abound. Here are 2 examples:




New Cities:


This is how the Martians live underground !!

Impatience grows:



Are there Martians?



How do I know the following information is accurate?

If you have read what I have written in the past, you will know I said the Greys are soulless robots (as are 55 percent of ‘humans’). As this dying man describes them in the video, they are like robotic individuals with no emotions! That is exactly right. They have no Emotional Body because they are ROBOTS. Their masters are the larger Greys and the Tall whites. Human Robots do have an Emotional Body whose main function is to drain energy from others, and collect it too for the system when needed.

How did I get the 55% I quoted above?

36% in human bodies are now Demons.

9% are Robots who have qualified to continue existence and have had attachments placed into them, as I have explained elsewhere, that make them Viable.

That leaves 55% as non-viable Robots.

91% of Earth’s population will cease to exist anywhere in Creation.

Such figures apply to all other planets in Creation. Some have a smaller percentage of Viables, some slightly higher.




The Planet X Fireworks/bombings have begun


Nibiru 2014: The evidence says it’s still out there.



9/11 once more:






If you have read my book “Death of an Evil God” you would know all the miracles attributed to Jesus are false assertions. They are part of the “Jesus Fraud” to trap fools.

Here is a laugh for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umRRCkspaQU

What is this JESUS FRAUD?
By creating a religion on the Gnostic sayings of Jesus, which it distorted, the Church fraudulently gained a powerful tool for entrapping the unwary. Once they fell into the trap, the victims were easy prey for manipulation, exploitation and abuse, as the two thousand years of TRUE History of Catholicism and pseudo-Christian sects demonstrate.

In the early days, as you well know, there were intense battles between the nascent pseudo-Christian Church and Gnosticism. And these continued for many centuries. Evil always wins to win on this level as those battles reveal. But, it has lost the war that comes. It has lost its own LIFE!

BTW, Gnosticism is not a splinter of he Church as it wants you to believe. Gnosticism is the Ancient Wisdom that arose when the Universe Solidified after the Celestial Error occurred and was condemned by the Light, for the consciousness of the Error would not allow the appropriate correction.

The Higher Consciousness of Jesus came to energize the Viables and sustain them while separating them from the demons, and yet, what grew instead was a malignant plant (the church) that trapped Viables even further with its spurious doctrines.

As I have explained elsewhere, this Higher Consciousness returned again and again to this level, as it did to all other planets in the Universe, via the Cardboard boxes known as Zoroaster, Jesus, Manichaeus, King Arthur, Joan D’Arc, Galileo, Hitler, Shri Aurobindo, Frederick Nietzsche, Sai Baba, Babaji, etc., etc. This Consciousness is the Supreme Consciousness and it splits into many rays, as you may well understand, to be present throughout this evil Universe. There is ample evidence to demonstrate that it splits into many sub-rays to be in 2 or 3 cardboard boxes in each generation at any one time. Jesus and John the Divine is an example I am now giving.

It often enters the physical body of beings and works quietly without being recognized.

It is in all sectors and levels of consciousness. Thus, your cat may be of the Christ Consciousness, as can be a tree, or a pebble.

There is more than one cardboard box accommodating the Christ Consciousness at this time on Earth. There is a main Ray and splinters from it. You could be accommodating such a splinter. You will know when the time comes.


Did not Jesus come with a sword to separate the Wheat from the Chaff? What do you think that means?

Jesus did not say many of the things attributed to Him that make no sense in Gnostic Terms. They were all interpolations. One classical example is the Sermon on the Mount.

Those who are asked to accept the Jesus Fraud, the Myth, are forced to believe what those that dictate to them tell them to believe. They are forced to sell their minds, and their FREEWILL, to these scoundrels.

Once they have accepted the Fraud, can you not see that they are putty in the hands of demons? They are forced to do whatever the demons ask under threat of punishment or excommunication and perdition.

They are asked to accept the whole package unquestioningly, even abuse, exploitation, penance and victimization. This goes no matter how idiotic the Doctrines and Traditions of the Fraud are. There are many examples of those who stood up to this bullying, only to come off second best. Galileo is a prime example.

The Church argued that Faith in what it said was the way to salvation. Once people accepted that, what did they become? They became unthinking, gullible and easily manipulated MORONS, as they are today. Just examine the Bible Bashers and the Born-Again Brigade!

The Gnostics saw through the danger of that. They firmly said that it is the Knowledge of Truth (the Divine Nous), within those that have it, that liberated the being from evil enslavement. The Church could not have that, for it would mean it would have no prisoners, so it set about slaughtering the Gnostics to stop the Truth anywhere and everywhere they presented themselves. What hypocrisy! Where was the Church’s tolerance, its love for its enemy, the directive to do good to others, the principle of turning the other cheek?

The Gnostics went further, of course, and correctly stated the Jehovah Mechanism was Evil! Jesus too said that in John 8:44.

As I have clearly pointed out in my book ‘Death of an Evil God’, there can be no doubt that the Catholic Church and all the pseudo-Christian sects are of EVIL, and they have trapped innumerable Viables in their clutches. Alas, few Viables have seen this trap and those who have not awakened on this level have suffered life after life as a consequence. They cannot awaken when in the Astral World either, for it is an extension of the Physical with exactly the same traps created by Evil.

There are many good people who are Viable still trapped in these evil religions.

Finally, to end this short discourse, remember that Jesus said the “Kingdom of Heaven is Within’ (the True individual) as I am teaching by getting you to establish a pathway within yourselves to the Supramental Consciousness.

He also stated there were 3 types of humans – Theomorphs, Robots and Demons. Those words were not used. Other words are, and you will find the discourse describing them in the Nag Hammadi Library. Of course, the Church couldn’t have such Truth publicized so it ordered all those texts burned, under punishment of death. One brave monk, as the story goes, had the foresight to realize the value these texts would have for Humanity in the future and so he buried them in caves. They were found as you know in the middle of last century. And since then, the ignorant know-alls have been misinterpreting them as much as possible.


How do I know what is correct in the distorted texts of the Bible, and what Jesus really said and did not say? That is an exercise for you to find an answer.



Lighten Up !



Archons in Self-Destructive mode:



Oz gets into the act:




November 8, 2014

This  video hints to the fragmentation of Pseudo-Christianity and the stupidity of (fabricated and therefore false) scriptures in the Bible:


Among many idiocies, note the references in the Bible to Jesus being the Creator of this evil Physical Universe. In contradiction, Jesus is quotesd as saying, in the same ‘babble’, that His Kingdom is ‘not of this Earth’.


Russians on night watch; Aliens holidaying at the Ice Rinks:


And there you have the proof to my assertion that spacecraft can be as large as Earth (and larger).


The Love of Money IS the Root of all Evil.

And here is just one more example that we, the supposed Goyin or cattle, are prisoners of the Archons who have the Greed for unending exploitation in this Hell:


See here, War is all about the Money:


And where is perhaps the biggest lair for those who Love money?

All Evil will be exposed as the Archons self-destruct.


Will Morticia turn out to be a mortician?

The nauseating ugliness of this level will be extremely hard to bear as we approach the Endpoint!


More about Nibiru below. You now know most of this information, so do not waste too much time on these videos.



Making onions with layers and layers and layers of unending BS. This video gives some indication of how the Spin-doctors work on a story.  Evil knows no bounds when it comes to coveruing up Truth in order to promote Untruth.



December looks good for start of WW3





November 10, 2014


How, When and Why

Today I will attempt to highlight, explain and expand on some of the points made, and also hinted at, in the first playable video on this site I posted yesterday:


It is the one showing a static line of women before the video begins and is some 2 hours 37 minutes long. The first half is the most informative in my view.

First of all let us address questions I have discussed in detail in my books.

What is Evil? Evil is a Cancer in the True Creation that arose from an experiment by Light Beings. It is a temporary aberration that must not continue for it would, like a fatal, feral virus, destroy everything with which it comes into contact. It is contained in the Physical Universe and its sub-dimensions which the Principle of the ‘Cancer’ created inaccurately from stolen plans. These structures have been isolated by Evil to prevent its capture and correction, and by the Light to prevent its escape. In reality, by sealing itself off, Evil built a tomb for its own demise.

Who is responsible for the development of this Cancer? The Light takes full responsibility.

Do Evil Beings know what they are doing? In reality, the answer is “NO”. They were created with the energy of the Error (the Evil essence that arose within and expanded from the Error) and behave the way they do for they know no other way. They are created to take Divine Energy from Divine Beings anyway they can, for they cannot exist without it, and they have none of their own. Evil modifies that energy to suit its purposes. That it cannot do with the New Green Energy I have written about. Therefore, the Evil Beings, everywhere in the Universe, including all the evil extraterrestrials, are exploitative thieves and murderous hypocrites as Jesus stated in John 8:44.

Do they really have Freewill? The answer again is “No”, for their creator, the Evil Mind, a temporary artificial mechanism, that arose from activation of the Negative Balancing Principle in the Error created them as servants. There are, in reality, 3 classes of Evil Beings.

The first batch were robotic beings created with some Divine energy from the ‘Divine Mother Principle’. It is some of these that responded to the Light when they were given a choice (follow Good or evil) for they recognized Good and Evil and their differences, due to the fact that they had some Divine Energy within them. On Earth they are the 9% I have referred to in the past.

The second batch is of Robots made entirely with stolen Divine Energy modified by the Evil Mind to be entirely of an evil intent. They cannot survive outside of this Physical Dimension and will perish with the third batch.

This last batch is the far more malicious line, called Demons, that were created in order to control both types of Robots and the trapped Theomorphs, and to maximally exploit any being or situation at all costs.

The Demons, with far greater powers than humans, are the ones incorrectly called the Fallen Angels in ancient non-Gnostic texts. The ‘War in Heaven’ refers to the separation of the Evil Essence, and all its structures, from the Divine Realms, once war on it was declared by the Light Beings.

If you examine the irrational behaviour of most world leaders even on Earth, you will see the distilled Evil Essence within them. They have no love, no compassion, no scruples. They are beings full of lust for Money, Sex and Power. They will destroy at will whomever they choose. More about that later, perhaps.

Neither of the latter 2 batches have Freewill. They act according to their physical and pseudo-spiritual genetics (which are of the Evil Essence).

What I have just written suggests why there needs to be a PHYSICAL Endtime?

From the very beginning, when the Evil Principle rebelled against the Plemora (the Divine Beings of the Higher Realms) and refused to conform by VOLUNTARY correction, its personification was called a doomed fool, Saklas, by the ‘Mother Principle’ that brings forth creative aspects and which took full responsibility for what had happened in the experiment that went awry.

After numerous attempts to appease the erroneous Principle, the Mother Energy gave up and stated clearly that there was only one course to end the travesty that had ensued: Total elimination of the Error and all its by-products.

In the meantime, the Error solidified into the Physical Dimension, entrapping many Theomorphs. Hence, the rescue of these was paramount before destruction of the cancer. Realize that from the beginning of this Horror, the Divine was concerned with the rescue of the Divine Centres which became trapped by Evil, regardless of what physical garments the Centres were wrapped in by force. This is an important point to consider, for the various structures such as amphibian, reptilian, animal, and human bodies were merely ‘clothing’, developed along the evolutionary pathways, everywhere in the Physical Dimension, in which to trap the Centres that were ‘spiritual structures’. Thus for example, the fact that more advanced evil beings such as the Annunaki could infuse higher grade DNA to morons on Earth millennia ago is simply a continuation of the physical development of the clothing for robots, demons and Theomorphs in this vicinity.

Consider the cardboard box millennia ago in earth as being a 2 cylinder vehicle. Along come more advanced beings and experiment with these vehicles of expression (physical bodies) till they get a V8 motor into them (always to their advantage, of course). The Theomorphs thus trapped were always the Divine Beings at their arrested state of development. It is that now they have a more advanced vehicle in which they are trapped.

Consider further the rapid growth of intellect and technology witnessed by Humanity in the last century. That has all been due to input by more advanced and evil extraterrestrials. Note it all led to more destructive and evil enterprises. This had occurred in cycles on Earth as ancient history reveals. Some of us are aware of far more advanced civilizations for we recall them in our twilight times and dreams. We have been there, done that. But the Theomorphic Centres remained the same – clothed in fashions of the periods with destructive knowledge being properties of the clothing, but awaiting rescue all the same from this Hell.

Some Divine Consciousnesses have also always come in to sustain the Viables with the Energy they brought down. But many Theomorphs got tired of waiting and sold their souls to Evil in exchange for the preferential treatment they would receive from it. They became as demons for the exploitation of others.

Many Theomorphs, and even Robots, have been traversed throughout the Universe. Some recall living in other Worlds and Galaxies, some more advanced than this Earth, some less advanced.

The Centres were also clothed in bodies of lesser classes, for maximizing exploitation of their energy, for their suffering would be increased. And so, many remember (especially under hypnosis) being in dinosaur bodies, in eagles, in whales, dolphins and so forth.

From the time of declaration of the intention for total annihilation of this illicit tumour, an Endtime scenario was envisaged.

Here on Earth, and in this Solar System and Galaxy, we are now witnessing the time for our Endtime. The Light Workers have been steadily working their way around the Galaxies of the Universe, cleaning up one neighbourhood after another. It is a massive undertaking. As I explained elsewhere over 90% of eh Universe has been eradicated. They Theomorphs who were trapped there are waiting in Intermediary Villages for permanent placement in Divine dimensions when 100% is eradicated.

Most of the Theomorphs on Earth had been rescued, as I stated in my essay in 1999, and the viable robots have been fully modified to exist outside the Evil Realm. The few Theomorphs still on Earth have specific jobs to do, right to the very End, as I have discussed elsewhere.

Why do we suffer? We are trapped in an exploitative system. There is no other way we can exist while in the physical. Existence in this system brings suffering, for it is a system of maximal exploitation. Those who support the system seem to be advantaged. Those why fight the system, as you well know, are targeted for maximal suffering and exploitation.

Karma is NOT applied justly. Evil cheats. What would you expect? Recall when you first awoke to this Gnostic Truth and the fact that you may be a Divine Being trapped in matter. What happened to your physical life? I dare say, like mine, it went down the drain hole and you had to fight as never before to try and prevent your physical and spiritual demise.

Everything seemed to turn against you, did it not? You may have lost your wealth, your health, your family, your friends, and so on. What other indications do you need to realize you were being held prisoner in a hostile, exploitative Hell? It was OK for it while you were asleep and allowed the process to maliciously, surreptitiously, quietly destroy your spirit in an environment everyone else around you took as being normal.

But the moment you started to awaken, you became enemy Number One to the System, for you could then not only escape the traps but also be a force to awaken others. Evil could not have that. Thus, now, you understand the fate of the True Gnostics.

Why does the Light not see our suffering and do something about it? It sees our suffering clearly. But the Light knows that suffering is an illusion that affects our physical and spiritual bodies. If the physical is exhausted or killed by the exploitation, nothing of importance is lost. As things stood, regular Theomorphs went to the Astral Dimension and then were forced to reincarnate into meat bags again to repeat the vicious, malicious cycle all over again. Each incarnation took its toll.

If the Theomorphs have taken the advice given to connect to the Divine, sufficient Divine Energy is given to them via the visiting Avatar and His/Her ‘splinters’ to be sustained, thus nothing of real value is lost!

If they did nt take precautions, they could lose enough energy to be thus unable to sustain a vehicle of their class. In other words, a Class 4 being (human) could lose enough energy as to be forced to reincarnate into a Class 3 (animal body) which required less centres (5 as opposed to 7) to function reasonably. But it would still know it was a class 4 being. If you recall I told you the story of meeting a Class 4 who was most distraught at having lost the energy to activate his 5 Higher Centres and was now in the vehicle of Class 2 as a tree awaiting the Liberation that the Endtime would bring.

Why would the Light be concerned about the state or suffering of any cardboard box? It’s not, of course, unless the malfunction via degeneration or some disease process interferes with the functioning of the special being using the box. If it is destroyed, that being may reincarnate into another prepared box, either from birth or as a walk-in. If time does not allow this, another is chosen to complete that particular mission.

If a being has an important mission, the Light usually helps it maintain the cardboard box in working order until its particular role is finished.

Generally though, the Light is not in the slightest bit interested in healing your arthritis or heart disease or cancer, etc., if you have no mission to accomplish or if you have finished what you have had to do on this level. Until 1999, It knew you would simply recycle after each physical death.

If you are a non-Viable, why would the Light worry? It doesn’t! If you are a Viable and have no mission to finish, it matters not whether you are in a meat bag or attending choir practice in your Astral Body in the Astral. The Light is only interested in the spiritual health of your Centres of Consciousness.

Whether you live in a cardboard box (meat bag) or in your Astral Body in the Astral is of no importance to It. The Light is only concerned about the viability of the Centres which are truly Divine. The cardboard box, the Emotional Body, the Etheric Body and the Astral Body are evil, rubbish appendages with which we are burdened in this realm. They have been forcefully imposed on us by Evil to drain us and reduce our spiritual effectiveness, awareness and viability. Thus, why would the Light want to heal you or any other Viable of conditions that would assist Evil in its role to exploit you and other Viables more easily of essential Divine Energy?

It will keep those who have important jobs to do in the physical for as long as it takes for them to complete their missions.

It is up to each of us to ease our suffering, and therefore lose as little Divine Energy as possible by noting the advice given to us periodically by the Avatar. We must always remember we are eternal beings wrapped in in useless costumes. What did Buddha say about attachment and emotions?

And here is Shakespeare, an Avatar’s Splinter for sure, in Sonnet VI:

Be not self-willed, for thou art much too fair (i.e. Divine, an Immortal Beloved))

To be death’s conquest and make worms thine heir.


Why has it taken so long to correct the Error?

It is a very complicated process. Inspite of its brutal arrogance, Evil knew it was doomed from the beginning. In order to improve its odds of survival for as long as possible, Evil split Theomorphic structures in half and attached them to evil, robotic structures. Thus, the Clearing Process involved, from earliest days, the virtual separation of Theomorphs, one by one, from the evil ones. Just imagine how many there are in the whole Universe.

Scientists calculate that the Physical Universe is some 13-16 billion years old. Babaji told me it is closer to 50 billion years old. To answer this question of why correction has taken so long, we need to understand the Nature of Time.

Time, like Gravity and Distance, are interdependent properties of a dimension, once it forms. Outside of that dimension, there is no specific Time, Gravity or Distance. Note that if there is no Time, there can be no Distance. If there is no Distance, there can be no Gravity!

(This concept of Time, Gravity and Distance – and Mass – came to Galileo as he listening to a boring sermon in Church one hot summer’s day. It was 1582 in fact, and he created his formula by watching the swinging motion of a chandelier in the Pisa cathedral. Thus, he integrated the concept of Time, Gravity and Distance in his formula for the Periodicity of a pendulum, long before Newton’s claim to having discovered Gravity! Newton came up with his “discovery of the Theory of Gravity” exactly one hundred years after Galileo used it in his formula. Isn’t History wonderfully accurate and precise? Ha!)

What did Galileo, the Father of Modern Physics, use to define his formula and how did he know the value of G for Gravity? His belt buckle you say? No, it is clearly a case of contact with the Supra-Mental Plane, for he was the Avatar of his era. His had been Chris Columbus who had visions of a round Earth! Remember, regardless of what Consciousness was within them, they (He) had to express through an ignorant, recalcitrant, evil cardboard box as all of us, not of Evil, have to.

Time is also a variable, as are Gravity and Distance which can alter with changes in the dimension. Thus, we are now seeing the acceleration of Time as this dimension fragments. I have discussed this in more detail elsewhere.

(BTW, as an indication of the imperfection of this Physical Universe, consider the value of Pi. It has no precise value which means the whole physical system was doomed, from its inception, for terminal decay. That is why physicality is a danger unto itself!)

Thus, if you have understood that Time, Gravity and Distance are properties peculiarly of, and within, a dimension, and do not apply outside of it, it is easy to accept the notion that, no matter how much time has passed within this Evil Dimension, for the Beings effecting the Correction, no time has, in their Reality, passed. This is a most difficult concept to appreciate. Just take my word that this is so.

Thus, Time is an illusion, emotional suffering is an illusion and Evil is a temporary illusion. All of these illusions will pass in due course. In regard to our Endtime scenario, our physical deaths will also be illusions. It is just that most of us, thinking we are just the body, the cardboard box, the meat bag, cannot appreciate that it is so. Read Shakespeare’s Sonnet 6 again in its entirety.

So, after such a lengthy introduction, what is it that we can decipher from the above video?

Let us start with the 3 prophecies of Fatima.

The first was reported as being a view of Hell: a sea of fire and noxious fumes below Earth. All visions are translated in the lower mind with the acquired interpretation of the resident knowledge. Thus in ancient cultures, spacecraft were described as fiery chariots or as flying, smoking serpents; beings in spacesuits were angles, or gods, etc. A vision of a beautiful lady to Christians is the Virgin Mary, a male is Jesus; For Jews it is Moses, etc.

If you read what has been published as the visions, you will note they have a preponderance to favour Catholicism and the Papacy. What were released are forgeries just as the message of Medjugorje is. The dishonest Archons who manipulated the Messages want all of us to convert to Catholicism and fall under the yoke of the Papacy, the most evil of Evil’s instruments on Earth.

In the first vision the children were reported as seeing Hell. In reality they saw a vision of a fiery and noxiously effusive Planet X, situated below the Earth! It will indeed manifest to us, still living in the Endtime, as the fires of Hell. Thus, they claimed (according to the evil manipulators) that they saw Hell.

The Second vision was not of WW2 but of WW3 in which a third to one half of the population of the planet will perish. Mother Shipton refers to this, as does Revelations. What has been delivered by the Papacy is timely nonsense, for its benefit.

The third vision has been withheld. The way the Vatican, Popes and Cardinals handled this third vision, which was to be shared with Humanity, demonstrates the absolute hypocrisy and evilness of the Papacy. We can extrapolate what this third vision is about from:

  • The timing of the approximation of Planet X to Earth according to the Annunaki records;
  • The postulates of Mother Shipton;
  • The comments about the Last Pope from St Malachi;
  • The Prophecies of the appearance of the Blue Star signifying the End;
  • The assurance given to me in April 1985 by Beings in another Dimension involved in the Correction of the Error that Earth would be destroyed no later than 2035 in order to liberate the remaining trapped Viables on it.

Many other Extraterrestrial groups, apart from the Annunaki and the Zetas, have attempted to warn Humanity of the coming cataclysms throughout history, but the recipients of the messages were, in the main, ridiculed as fools. But these warnings were of a prosaic nature only, with no spiritual acumen or perspective and were thus useless other than to cause Panic on whose liberated energy the Extraterrestrials fed.


The third vision of Fatima was a vision of the End, full stop!

It was some time after my meeting with Them, which I have described elsewhere, that information filtered through of how great this Opus of Correction was, how the whole Solar System we are in is to be dismantled, and how, in fact, the time has come for this whole Galaxy, the Milky Way, to be liquefied! The percentage of the Universe thus corrected was eventually revealed.

Mother Shipton was a Theomorph, as was Edgar Cayce. It’s comical to read Cayce’s reaction when he introduced incarnation, while in trance, as a fact in his readings. He, being a staunch Christian, thought he was being deluded at first. He soon woke up enough to accommodate the truth beyond the fallacy of what he was taught as a so-called Christian.

Mother Shipton gave as a superb timeline for the End, as did St Malachi.

In essence, she said that those who survive the century of Movies, Submarines and Airplanes, will wait in the last Days for the End.

Generally speaking, Movies were developed in the same year as the Wright Brothers flew the first heavier than air machine – 1903.

Although the submarine was in some form of development from the late 1880s, it is generally agreed that an acceptable functioning and useful form was introduced in 1914.

Thus, from her prophecy, we entered the Endtime Days THIS YEAR!

Revelation 8:13: Then I looked and saw a lone eagle flying across the sky. It was shouting, “Trouble, trouble, trouble to everyone who lives on earth! The other three angels are now going to blow their trumpets.”

She states half the world will be in blood. I take that to mean the Nuclear WW3 which will kill, as I previously said, one third to one half of the people on Earth in a very short space of time indeed. There is no stopping it. The Destruction of this Hell is mandatory!

Thereafter, will come the harbingers of Earth’s Death: Stones from the sky (meteors – which have already begun in abundance) Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Fire from the Sky (this could mean the iron oxide clouds which will appear to be as fire in the sky) an increasingly heated Earth, and the appearance of the Red Dragon with its 7 heads.

The Red Dragon is Planet X and the seven heads are the seven planets that orbit around it. The ten horns are the moons of those planets. Revelation 12:3New International Version (NIV)

Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads.

Apart from the account from the Annunaki, when did some people know about the appearance of Planet X?

As you heard, Aliens that crashed at Roswell in 1947 told the US Military that Planet X was coming. What did those people do to prepare Humanity? Absolutely nothing, as did the Vatican in 1917!

But the Military and Elite began trying to save their own skins by commencing the building of underground shelters, implementing Alternative 3 (bases on Mars once flight was adequately established via Wernher Von Braun from the knowledge he and the Nazis had been given, again by aliens, and by searching the world for Stargates and the physics of Wormholes as mentioned by the Annunaki and other visiting aliens. Now you know where the trillions missing from the US budgets went!

But just consider how futile these exercises are. The Stargates and Wormholes are simply physical structures that can be used, by those who know how to operate them, to go from one part of the physical dimension to another. They are simply doors and passageways in a condemned house. What is the point of going from the kitchen to the lounge room in a totally sealed and condemned house like this Galaxy is? There is no escape, not in that doomed house, not in this doomed Galaxy.

They are evil fools attempting to avoid Correction. They cannot escape their fate. No evil being can.

As things became desperate, the search for the Stargate that the Annunaki used in Persia some 3600 years ago became intense. Hence, the War against Iraq where the Stargate was thought to be. As a byline, all the oil was stolen and millions mercilessly murdered. Evil Archons have no conscience and no scruples. They will not be missed when they are totally eradicated. But, there is a price they have to pay for their maleficence. Perhaps I shall reveal what that price is in detail soon.

Evil ones have used this technique to escape collapsing Galaxies in the past. That is why we have so many aliens in and around Earth and so many Star Children being born into the physical at this time (after 1999), They are escaped demonic class beings from Galaxies that have collapsed in the past. Most are from far more advanced civilizations and that explains the technical wizardry they possess and which we observe. After a time in this polluted backwater called Earth, they become dumbed down by the severity of the mental pollution found here. Could they do it again and escape this doomed Galaxy? It is a small possibility. But, it is futile for them to run. Sooner or later they will again be cornered and transmuted. No non-Viable will escape the Process of Correction.


Once Planet X is close enough to destabilize the physical poles (and there will be signs when that will occur) we then have 7 days before the END! In other words, once the Earth falls on its axis, one week of Earth time will remain.

Why is this episode of Planet X’s proximity different now to the previous ones? Planet X has passed by Earth many times.

It is different now because it has been declared the Endtime! That may sound tautological, but let me explain.

All structures in the Galaxy are in a state of Terminal Decay as they will be in all the remaining sectors of the Physical Universe. This is obvious to us as Earth decays also. What do you think all the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, erratic, murderous weather, etc. etc., mean? The Sun is also dying, as are all the planets. The whole Solar System, in fact is heating up as a result of this decay.

Planet X is burning up. It is a torch! It is much hotter than ever before. As I said above, that is the lake of fire the children of Fatima saw. Its planets are heated in the extreme and many of their former inhabitants are already out of the physical. This fragmentation is due to the Terminal Madness affecting all beings and structures of Evil. It is due to the lack of Divine Energy with which they can sustain themselves, due to the malevolent actions of the evil ones, and the presence of Special Divine Beings who are to see that the end of all heavenly bodies occurs, just as is the case on Earth. Orbits are being manipulated, erratic behaviour ensues, destruction is sequenced.

The fragmentation not only affects their orbits which will become erratic but it will also allow a bellicosity to express in alien inhabitants which means space wars of an unimagined magnitude. We on earth may suffer as a consequence before the End. Aliens from the Inner Earth (Yes, the Earth is hollow and inhabited) who had warned the demons in human form who developed the Atomic Bombs not to use them again may retaliate on what remains of Humanity after WW3 starts. We are aware of their capabilities as attested to by the carnage suffered by Admiral Byrd’s expedition to the Antarctic in 1939.

You will note in all the videos about Planet X, and other videos of impending disasters to which Humanity may succumb that there is absolutely no spiritual perspective whatsoever.


Timing from History

The last Annunaki visit was in the middle of 1600 BC, just after Nibiru’s approximation to Earth. It was very close to 1640 BC. Adding the periodicity of Planet X (3657 years), we get the closest point to Earth as being 2017. As some of its planets will be in rotation around it, any of them or their moons can crash into Earth before or slightly after that date. Of course, massive changes as I and many others have written about will occur before the Impact date: meteors, magnetic fluxes, heat, iron oxide dust, deadening of the seas, volcanic eruptions, massive earthquakes, tsunamis, polar shift, etc., etc.

Thus, it could all end in the next 2- 5 years. Don’t forget, WW3 is to commence shortly too.

You will note that the arrival of the RED DUST, iron oxide, from Planet X is to signify the End. That dust has already made its presence felt. So, I guess we are in the last 7 years (max) according to my calculations.

The red dust will be most pronounced some weeks before the Pole Shift. So, how far away can that be?

Remember, this is not about the survival of the Physical. No one will survive physically.

It is about survival of the Spiritual by Viable beings.

Most humans are not viable. The rats attempting to hide underground or on the Moon, or on Mars, or any other place within the dimension, or its sub-dimensions via Stargates and Wormholes, if they can find and operate them in time, are fooling themselves. No one will survive physically, not even the evil aliens who are virtually everywhere.

One final point that may have relevance in all this, and especially the timing of the End: I was told repeated that his cardboard box that I inhabit has to be here till the Final Day of Earth.

Inspite of my asking, I was not given an official reason for this assertion. I speculate that it may be to do with the New Green Energy or another energy, of which I am aware, which flows through this cardboard box.

I have no reason to doubt ‘Their” this assertion seeing ‘They’ have been so accurate with their information to me in the past.

As coincidence would have it, this cardboard box is genetically limited by processes which make it somewhat unlikely to last another 5-7 years. It is even more unlikely it could last 10 years. Thus, we could speculate and say the End is going to be sometime within the next 5 to 7 years. I have previously written the outermost date as given to me for the End was 2035. I do not think we will reach that date.

As all things are possible according to Quantum Theory, I could be completely wrong about all this, and I could end up being another Methuselah with some ‘magical’ changes to this cardboard box (God forbid) thus postponing the End indefinitely. But, I very much doubt that will happen. I am in as much of a hurry as any of you to finish my assignment and get out of this Hell and go back Home.

The only other major question anyone could possibly ask is this: What if nothing happens? What answer can I give?

Too late! It’s too late to ask that silly question. All the destructive mechanisms have begun as you can aver if you have been paying attention, and all the postulates of the End’s timing, both old and new, are there for all to decipher!

I think you and I have read the above information correctly. It’s the End folks!

Think about these things and prepare well, as I have advised you to do previously.

PS You can take this as proof that the Galaxy we are in is being dismantled, as have been most of the others in this evil Universe”

Read this:


And this:



November 13, 2014

On the Question of Viability

I wish to thank  all the readers who have sent appreciative comments especially over the last few weeks.

I guess most of you have realized that what I have revealed over the last 30 years is true, and that we are nearing an Endpoint very quickly.

This body I am using had been instructed in 1985 to deliver a Message to the World. The Message was simple and yet terrifying to all unprepared minds: ‘All Physical Live would be removed from the Planet in preparation for its total destruction, which was to occur no later than 2035’.

This Message was unique for no date had ever been given so clearly for the End of Earth!

For my troubles I received the scorn of fools and morons, and was attacked viciously and very stupidly by almost all who heard what I had to say.

I recall that even the Medical Board of the day attempted quite vigorously to declare me insane inspite of the fact that I wrote quite a number of books detailing the Message. Did any of the Board Members bother to read what I had to say? Of course not! These people are used to judging in complete ignorance, for their cultivated ignorance had allowed them to climb the dead limbs of a dying society rather successfully since the commencement of time in this doomed dimension.

In the 30 years that have passed, the decay of which I wrote has certainly occurred, and as things progressed towards an Endpoint, I released more and more information to eventually relay the fact that not only Earth but also the Sun, the Solar System, this Galaxy and all the Universe, in fact, were involved in a dying process, purposely commenced, and supervised, by Beings whom I represent on this level.

I did not write about Planet X in the past for, with the great denial by the Archons about the existence of Planet X, and its Constellation, readers would have been in a state of greater confusion than would have been desired. Once the Archons were forced to admit the rogue Constellation actually exists, I was instructed to pursue the topic as I have done.

Who or what instructs this Cardboard Box? Obviously it is “I” at a higher level. So, it is “I” that takes full responsibility for what the Cardboard Box writes and does which is in accordance with the Light.

Realize that, as you probably clearly understand, there are risks in using an Evil-created Cardboard Box to disseminate Truth which goes against the Evil Essence that created the Cardboard Box. All objects of physical expression, including the physical bodies that we humans use, have been created specifically to block Truth on this level and prevent such dissemination of it in the first place.

I have written a great deal about this in my books and, if you are really serious, you will read those books which I list on the front page of my website.

One has to consciously overcome the inertia and evil of the evil-created physical Body (the Cardboard Box) before Truth can manifest through it. To manifest Truth under such circumstances is a victory in itself for the Light, for it is only the Light that can disseminate Truth.

Neither your Cardboard Box, nor mine, has any idea of what Truth is. It is the True Consciousness of Light, within that physical body, which has the Truth. If there is no True Consciousness within, that particular Cardboard Box is just an evil container and cannot, under any circumstances, recognize even the slightest scintilla of Truth.

BTW, this is why on first hearing the Truth, unless the Light within has been contacted even in miniscule proportions in individuals of Light, the Truth sounds foreign to the outer mind, and we all tended to reject it on early encounters. To those with no Inner Light (Nous) the Truth will always be, for them, unintelligible hogwash.

It follows therefore, that if a Box manifests, understands or contains Truth, then what is contained within the perishable Box must be an eternal, viable Particle of Light.

Failure to recognize Truth is a dooming failure! Evil Beings, no matter which vehicles of expression they wear cannot see, manifest, understand or contain Truth. Hence, they are not viable.

Regardless of how this information manifests, as far as you are concerned, the most important question that is uppermost in your mind is this: “Am I a Viable?” Is that not so?

Please read the section on the first page of my Website dealing with ‘The Effects that may occur on reading or hearing my material’.

The single most important factor on which to base the answer to your very important question is YOUR REACTION TO MY WORK.

Initially, of course, until you cleanse your Centres of Consciousness a little, cleanse your physical body a little, and learn to bypass the Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination on your outer mind, you are not in a position to have a valid reaction to my work. This is understandable, and it occurs, or has occurred, in each of us. The outer Evil-created Monkey mind rejects the Truth as forcefully as it can, in the beginning, in almost all of us. That is what that stupid mind was created for; to reject the Truth and uphold Evil’s Illusion.

Few are the ones who awaken instantaneously on first encounter with my work. But, I have witnessed that happening, so it is not impossible. I have known people who, on hearing what I had to say in only one lecture, came up to me and said “I know what you say is right…… I don’t know how I know but I just know it is the Truth”.

Most of us are sceptical at first, and that is a healthy sign.

We battle within our minds as to what to believe and what not to believe. If we are sincere and begin to cleanse and purify, little bells seem to go off in our heads every now and then, and the information seems to become familiar to us INTERNALLY even though we don’t know why that is so at first. That, in fact, is an unmistakeable sign that the Inner Nous is awakening in us.

Often we swing backward and forward, especially if we try to discuss the information with morons and fools who try to humiliate us with their profane and/or cultivated ignorance.

It may have taken weeks, months or years for us to reach a point at which we could say “I know this is true!”

The ones with no Inner Nous can never say that, and even if they initially attempt to accept my information, one finds that they, in due course, drop off, for they have no Truth within to sustain their efforts on a True Spiritual Path.

Worse than that, they often become hostile and attack me and my work, and other Light Beings, for all they are worth. It is amazing how often such a situation arises in marriages. It is no accident. Evil, in order to expeditiously drain energy from Light beings, is well known for pairing demons with Light Beings in marriages, and has given that repulsive command that no man should pull asunder that with their ‘god’ has joined together.

In their stupidity, many, even organizations, have called me insane, deluded, etc. All who attack me and ridicule me, or my writings, are evil.

[According to some who have told me, Amitakh and Stephan Stanford, my direct enemies, have even written that I am ‘Satan’. Go figure! See how malicious and desperate these people are? Of course, they are both Reptilian Demons and will be cursed by their own evilness soon enough as will be all who support them, especially Cheri Fowler and Alan South. The former was a robot on the cusp of viability until the Stanfords strangled her mind. The latter has always been a reptilian demon like the Stanfords. All 4 are the ones behind the theft of my books. They have undermined the faith of many people who responded to me, and my work, but who became confused by the lies these hypocrites spun and continue to spin.]

But, it must be obvious to you that any who are my enemies, any who attack me, any who have entrapped me, and any who attempted to entrap me, are non-Viable.

I am the first to admit the Light works in mysterious ways. I was trapped in a marriage to Amitakh for many years, but it suited the Light to keep me there until it was time for me to move. Use was made of the fact that she was a demon, a fact they did not allow this physical body to know (although I suspected it) until much later. When I asked why that was the case, I got the answer I received many times before and since: “Timing is everything”. You see, by unknowingly being in the ‘lion’s den”, I was able to contact many, both viable and non-viable, that I would not have been able to contact otherwise.

Now, fully aware, I know who is who and the specific fate of each. And that is because of what my next role involves.


Back to Viability: The best way to assess your Viability, or otherwise, is to accurately assess your reaction to my energy, the energy in my voice and the energy in my work.

But, go easy on yourselves. You may not yet be in a position of adequate purification where your connection/reaction to Truth is a valid one. Continue working on yourselves.

Once you feel uplifted, even just a little, even for a very short time, by the information in my essays, or by my voice in a lecture or radio show, or you are uplifted by some parts of one of my books, by a poem, or by all of my books, you know you are responding to the Light and the New Green Energy this body has been given to distribute. I know this is so from experience.

However, it does not matter if you cannot be accurate about your response. There is time to awaken more fully, if you need to awaken more fully. Btw, you may be viable even though you do not awaken to that fact in this final life. So, don’t worry! Be happy.

Conversely, if you are inimical in any way to these energies, move on. This is not for you.

If you manifest increasing anger at me or my work, you are certainly not one of mine.

If you are reassured and soothed by my energies and words, you are on your Way!

At first we can all react with FEAR to this information. After all, it is a profound change we are contemplating and we do not know how we are going to handle what is to occur. A little fear in the outer mind is good for a short while until we dispel it. It is good in the sense that it will spur us on to find why we have fear and how we are going to eradicate it.

When you read one of my books, or essays, or poems, and the fear is replaced by a sense of tranquillity, of understanding, of happiness and joy, even though you don’t know why, then, friend, you are on your Way.

I know some who have a favourite essay or poem or passage from one of the books that they have beside their bed to read when they feel low. They use the energy in the contents to elevate their own energy and to dispel attacks or polluting doubts. Is that effect not a sign of Viability? Of course it is.

No one can understand everything on this level. You don’t have to understand everything. Just a sense of knowing that somehow this seems right for you is enough of an indication that you are Viable.

Contrast positive effects that my work has upon you with the upsetting and nauseating effects from the websites of evil ones. That will tell you where you stand and what you are. If you have no such ability to discern, put greater effort into your spiritual purification. You will get nowhere without effort.

As you awaken more and more, your reaction to Good and Evil energies will be more and more pronounced. Your psychic vision will develop quickly. You will find you simply cannot view or listen to lying politicians for long, since nausea seems to overwhelm you. You may have the same reaction to smug Tele-Evangelists and crazed Born-again pseudo-Christians who are having a feast with the energy extracted from their frightened audiences whom they urge to send them big money in order to be saved, ‘cos their ‘god’ needs lots and lots of money at this time when everything is about to be destroyed.

If you are unsure about your reaction to my work, go easy on yourself. Wait until you are more purified, until you are a little better connected to Higher Realms, until the Doubt, Confusion and Fear leave your outer mind.

Realize you don’t have to be connected to the Supra-Mental Consciousness so explicitly that you will obtain answers to great technical or philosophical conundrums. It does not work that way. Connection gives one a feeling of Joy, Serenity and Peace of Mind, in the quiet moments of the day.

It will give sanity in the midst of the Terminal Madness with which all others around you are going insane.

Note that your state of wellbeing will wax and wane according to attacks upon you, upon pollution you acquire, and upon the degree of activation of your Nous at any one time. That is why daily cleansing and meticulous avoidance of pollution are essential. Spend more time cleansing and less time surfing the Net if you are in that habit, for most sites are not worth looking into. Remember, ‘the Devil’ is in the detail. Besides, how many of them have truth that will assist you spiritually?

Realize that even as you awaken, it may not be your role to write as I do.

It may not be your role to attempt to assist others.

We are all concerned for those we know and with whom we are close. But that does not mean we force what we believe to be true down their throats. If you do that, you are doing them a disservice, Let them respond to whatever stimuli come their way. You must remain neutral, no matter how much you want them to wake up the way you want them to awaken.

And that brings me to another point. One does not need to be awakened at this end stage in order to be Viable. Are your pets awakened to this information on their outer minds? Of course not! But, chances are that they are viable beings of Light.

Finally, let’s have a look at the question of who is who. Why do you want to know? Is it not ego that is so inquisitive if there is no need for you to know?

You will be told who you are, or who others are, if the need arises. Thus, if you are in a partnership that is overtly or surreptitiously, abusively destroying you, and you lose a great deal of energy, your eyes will be open to the nature of the partner who is abusing you. You will leave that union. Like will seek like. That is why it was stated we shall know, on a need-to-know basis, who is who in the Endtime. That is why your psychic abilities will return, in proportion to the degree of your spiritual awakening.

(Is it not interesting that the pseudo-Christian Church, from earliest days, knowing that spiritual awakening would expose its evil basis, and the demonism therein, declared such awakening and spiritual acumen to be works of the ‘Devil’?

If the need does not arise for you to know the status of others, why bother about it? We work on a need to know basis. Respect that and be happy with what you know.

Most who contact me and tell me they are viable, and are of this and that importance, are usually not of the Light.

So, be careful and destroy the Ego.

Finally, this question often arises: “Doctor C, who are you?”

Who cares who I am?

I am someone who writes books, gives lectures and does radio shows. That is all you need to know.

If you need to know more, you will be told privately by YOUR Higher Being. What your Higher Being tells you is for you only! Whatever information you get is no one else’s business.

Giving myself an ‘identity label’ could actually interfere with your task of seeking your own pathway to the Supra-Mental Consciousness (SMC). Do you realize that? It could interfere with your decision making, for you could be tempted to glibly accept something because I said so, rather than because you know it is so, having diligently obtained your own answers from your connection to the SMC.

In this perilous journey, never accept at face value the thoughts of another. Always refer information to your own True Light Being within. If it resonates within you, well and good! If the information does not resonate within you, put it aside or discard it.

When I specifically point out the spiritual nature of others, as I have done above, and occasionally in my writings, it is because I need to warn people of the great danger those exposed ones are.

In summary, you will know your state of viability from the reaction within you to the energies that emanate via this Cardboard Box. After all, your pure and true reaction will come from the level where the Truth resides, and where all Viables belong. You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you whether you are viable or not, regardless of whom you or I may appear to be on this level.



Poem 84 from my Poetry Book 2

A Rescuer Speaks

As I cross the evil realm of decaying space and time to achieve my goal,
and eventually reach my final destination, With those I’ve helped rescue from Evil’s traps and liberate from this abomination,
I have to suffer the slings and arrows of shameless misfortune and
also the persecution from the doomed demons and robots,
archons and minions of the Counterfeit Creation,
as well as their ceaseless vituperation.

But with Godly strength and truthful sight, I have almost reached that
aimed for destination, and am ready to witness the promised transmutation,
of the villains who have mocked all the Rescuers, including Jesus, whom they
especially derided with their spiny coronation.

O God of Light and Love, I joyously celebrate the transformation
from this realm of all trapped, salvageable True Beings into sparkles of liberated,
Divine, ever-loving Illumination, As each, borne by the spacecraft’s motivation,
enters into the New Dimension of everlasting Celestial felicitation.

Every moment of suffering, pain and misery will truly be worth the
inheritance of that tomorrow, When we, who are not evil,
will live in Peace, Harmony and Love without Evil’s sorrow.

Cry no more my valiant friends, We have suffered enough, enough.
Our strength has pierced Evil’s bluff, And dispelled all the unreal fears
That reduced us so very often to tears.

In this vale of pain, sickness, death and perpetual scorn,
We, often in desperate times, were utterly vanquished it seemed, and forlorn,

Almost at the point of quitting, As the robots around us were bleating
That no Evil did, in fact, exist.

But we asked often again and again “How can Evil not be real,
When around us, all by force malicious, are forced to kneel,
At the altar of the ghoul who, by exploitation and by rapine
spoliation, treats every True Being as a demented fool?”

I have almost come full circle Reaching, with true knowledge,
the point of destruction for this plane that I sought,
And from Evil’s grasp, the rescue of many
deserving True Beings have I wrought.

Now all that is left, if you are one of these rescued,
is to fly to the Dimension New, Made of Love and Light
as you are too, Where the Indigenous Divine
are waiting to welcome you.


Poem 553 from my Poetry Book 10

(For the Peedee Attrick in all of us)

Over hill and over dale, there I skip, to regale;
for I’ve found my “Holy Grail”.
Over hill, over dale, listen to the failures wail.
Better off would they be with their heads in a pail.
Over hill, over dale, ‘bove clouds I plan to sail,
As the spacecraft that I know takes me back to Heaven’s glow.
Over hill, over dale, with Love’s Light I’m so hale;
that’s why now, ‘gainst all Evil, I can’t fail.
Over hill, over dale, like a hare, not a snail,
singing happily all the while, running mile, after mile,
for my ecstasy, does prevail.
Over hill, over dale, won’t you join me? It’s worthwhile!
‘Tis the last, the very last mile; we, victorious, cannot fail!!

November 15



With our hearts in True Love entwined,

And our minds to the Supreme Power assigned,

Our Spirits, with Hope, soar ever higher quickly,

And, unerringly guided by that Love and Power,

Cannot, simply cannot miss,

To reach their goal of Purest, Eternal Bliss.



November 16, 2014
Regarding WW3

All decisions affecting this level are always taken on a Higher Level first.

The Green Light has been given on Higher levels for WW3 to occur.


Who are the liars and hypocrites?




Dear Giuseppe,


After reading the latest poem you posted and all the information on Nibiru, (which is spot on) I just wanted to say  T H A N K Y O U for everything you have endured in order to bring us Truth….. There is absolutely NO-ONE else that is sharing what you are sharing out there, nor saying it as you are, and to have found you years ago is a miracle to say the least…. With Love, gratitude and respect




Dear Dr. Giuseppe S Chiappalone,


I am most thankful to you for all your work, which through all the years you have been doing. The essays on the coming Nibiru are most appreciated by me. I started filming the progress of this approaching System in 2009. and knew something out there was being covered up by the powers that be. I said I would wait until I hear you say something about it.

I had a vision of two Suns sometime back. I know you are right on track with all that is going down. I agree with you this is the end.


It is great news to know that finally all evil will be destroyed. That all true being and Viables will be taken out of this mess by rescue in the crafts or by dying, that is dropping the cardboard Box. It has been a long ride of pain and suffering for all of us throughout the ages. The time for going home to an evil free dimension is very close.That thought brings so much joy to me I literally applaud and shout yes. If you saw or could see my reaction to your writings I guess you to would break out laughing with me.


Let me say thanks once more. I am ordering the book: The Revenge Of Camelot. Please let me know the cost and i will forward it to you pronto!


Yours truly,  Keith

Another great post ! (on Viability). This post is important for the Viables .

I like your explanations on how to know if we are Viables or not .  In this life I was put down by so many people that I eventually thought I was a bad person for wishing and end to all this horror .   I have a feeling that most Viables go through the same thing .  Right now I think it is very important to find out who we really are to be able to do whatever we have to do before we leave .  For me right now  it is to take care of my cats, go Within more, be available if needed and nourish my Spirit by reading your wonderful Books .


Also, like you said we have to know Demons to know who they really are .  A person who has never been sick does not know what it is like to be sick .  A person who can not Love does not know what Divine Love is .  Etc…

On this planet we have to experience whatever to know .



Again,thank you so much for the ongoing posts Giuseppe, they pick me up so much upon arriving home after a hard days yakka in more sense than one !

I remember the day twenty years ago your book ‘”Journey into the world of Metaphysics” fell at my feet in the philosophical section of my local library and I took it home and finished it that night.Let me be quite clear,the info contained therein resonated with me as the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH and has done ever since to this day.

I know I am far from perfect down “here” but I know enough about myself to know I was meant to be introduced to you and your body of work for which I am eternally grateful.

Best Wishes,   G. McG.


I am reading “Death of an Evil God”  right now.   I did not know exactly the meaning of “Supreme Consciousness” and “Brotherhood of Light“.    At chapter 13 “Monotheism” it is so clearly explained .


So people that are asking all kind of questions, can find them all in your Books, we can find all the answers and know who we really are. You have a lot of information on your web site ,  but reading a Book quietly somewhere is totally different.  I go in a meditative state every time.


I did a lot of research these last 20 years and I did not think I could learn a lot more until I started reading your Books .   We can not even imagine the amount of information and True Knowledge there are in your Books .


With Gratitude ,



From my book “Death of an Evil God”


“I am the Lord thy God, Thou shalt have no other Gods before me, …. for I am a jealous god.”

(And with this he revealed that there were other Gods in existence)

And the Divine Mother, on hearing this, said, “Thou art an evil fool Yaldabaoth, (Jehovah) and blind, for with this utterance thou hast offended the entire Divine Hierarchy.”


By this bluff did Jehovah (also known as Yaldabaoth) fool the True Beings and belittle the genuine Divine Hierarchy and by extension of this doctrine did the Christian church claim itself to be the One True church. Monotheism is not so much the doctrine of one God, but rather the doctrine of belief in only one valid manifestation of God even though in Christian doctrine, which is a subsequence of Judaism and its Monotheism, that manifestation becomes tripartite and is called the Trinity.

Polytheism has been both misunderstood and misinterpreted, very much on purpose, by those who wished to gain from their own doctrine of Monotheism. The polytheists (and here must be included the Gnostics) with their pantheon of Gods, never for one moment believed that there was more than one ultimate level of consciousness at the Divine Godhead which could be classed as the level of consciousness called “God”. Never did they suggest that all which was Divine did not belong to the “One”. They saw the Divine Pantheon, not as a multiplicity of individual and independent Gods, but rather as being made up of the legitimate manifestations of the same God consciousness in diverse characters.

Their level of understanding was greater than the monotheists because ultimately they understood that the level of God consciousness could not be reduced to one mere expression or manifestation. They knew that while manifestation of that God consciousness was possible, an Unmanifested Aspect of the level of God consciousness always remained, for it would be incomprehensible to even suggest that the omniscient consciousness would limit itself to one level, or one manifestation or one character. Only a portion of that Deific level of consciousness would do that, or only a lesser level of consciousness would do that.

Any manifestation, any character, any essence, any representation of a level of consciousness therefore which declares itself the “one and only God” and forbids its subordinates to believe in the existence of other aspects of the Godhead is either a mendacious portion of that Godhead or a member of the Divine Hierarchy who is lying and in reality is not God at all. By definition, no aspect of the Godhead would be mendacious. Hence, the conclusion is that only an evil subordinate would claim itself to be the only aspect of God. Only a scheming liar would forbid lower consciousnesses to acknowledge other Gods (that is, other aspects of the Ultimate Consciousness). Only an evil demiurge would perform this act of self-aggrandizement at the expense of the other members of the Divine Hierarchy.

The True God consciousness has no need to carry on in this way. It has no identity crisis. It has no need to try and convince anyone it is the God Consciousness. It need not set up punitive measures for those who do not believe its decrees. It need not be jealous of its other aspects for, in truth, they are all aspects of the One Supreme Consciousness.

Only an evil demiurge would be mendacious, jealous and punitive. Only such a being, who is not “God” but is pretending to be, and is trying to convince subordinates of its false claims, would try to discredit other aspects of the Supreme Consciousness. And this is the case with the demiurge who has been identified as the Rex Mundi, Yaldabaoth, Saklas, Samael, Yahweh, Jehovah, the god of the Old Testament, the god of the Judao-Christian Doctrine. Only he would need to self-aggrandize. Only he would need to deny the existence of other aspects of the True God Consciousness. Only he would call the others of the Pantheon false idols. Only he would be threatened thus. Only he would be concerned about men worshipping these others, for in truth, the Real God would receive any worship offered to any of its Divine Aspects.

Polytheism as a doctrine then, is a misunderstood one, but only in the cultures in which Judao-Christian monotheism became embedded. The Polytheist who truly understands the concept does not hesitate to recognize the different aspects, representations, characters, personalities, manifestations and avatars all as parts of the One Supreme Godhead. Within him there is no confusion for he knows that God is a Level of Consciousness with both manifested and unmanifested aspects, and that the manifested aspects can take many forms at different times, or different forms at the same time.

Polytheism and belief in a Pantheon of Gods is not synonymous with Pantheism. In Pantheism, the belief is that ALL material and spiritual manifestation is God, that is, that all levels of consciousness are really differing levels of consciousness of God. This is not correct, for although God has created differing levels of consciousness which exist in Its creation, they are not levels of consciousness pertaining to the Godhead.

They all have the potential to evolve to levels of consciousness to be incorporated with the Godhead, but they are NOT levels of the Godhead from the moment that they are created. To complicate matters, there is the spurious creation formed by the evil rebellious demiurge which will be totally destroyed by transmutation along with the demiurge, and these two certainly are not part of the level of consciousness of the Godhead.

Gnostics, who are polytheists, do not make the mistake of equating polytheism with pantheism. Nor do they believe the claims of the evil demiurge when he says he is the one and only God and that all other Divine aspects of the Godforce are false idols.

In the light of Polytheism and Gnostic philosophy, the command: “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt have no other Gods before me”, is therefore spurious and untenable. Realizing this opens a whole world of Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom and begins to allow us to make sense of the various aspects of the Divine Godhead which have visited us on this plane as Messengers, Prophets, Seers, Sages, Warriors, Sons of the Light and Sons of God.

Rejection of the monotheistic principle which allows only Jesus as the Son of God and the Holy Ghost as the pervading essence of God, at least in Christian theology, allows us to give full recognition to the many other aspects of the Godhead which have manifested on this plane as Divine “Walk-ins”. We can begin to realize, acknowledge and accept that beings such as Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus, Manichaeus, Orpheus, Hermes, Moses, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Zeus and his pantheon, Odin, Mohammed, King Arthur, Gwenevere, Merlin, etc., etc., were all aspects of the one level of consciousness of the Godhead.

The doctrine of Monotheism, which is false of course, rejects this realization, acknowledgement and acceptance for a very good reason. By doing so, it divides populations and allows an intolerance and animosity to occur between those who believe in the polytheistic Doctrine and those who do not. It creates disharmony between those who worship different Aspects of the Divine Godhead. Being a fundamental part of the Creed of Judao-Christian philosophy and one which needs to be accepted by the members of such religious institutions, Monotheism negates the validity of the other religious doctrines because it labels the identities around which the other religions were based, as false prophets, false idols and charlatans. This is religious bigotry arising from fundamental religious theology. And from such bigotry have arisen the divisions, intolerance and persecutions of those who would not accept such evil manipulation of the truth. Monotheism cuts off all the others, labelling them heretics and pagans for believing in the polytheistic manifestation of the Divine Level of Consciousness which is the Godhead. It classifies all the others, apart from Jesus, as false prophets and false idols. How sad, how disruptive, how disrespectful, how calculatingly destructive and how EVIL this doctrine is!

The Demiurge knew that its Doctrine of Monotheism would disrupt the populations in this way. It knew what it was on about, because its aim was to exploit the True Beings, trapped within the dimension it overran, of their Divine energy through the mechanisms of conflict, disharmony, war, persecutions, etc. arising from the religious bigotry, intolerance and hatred. The proselytizing effect from the monotheistic doctrine is a result of the programming which this creed spawns and also from the need to destroy the Polytheistic creed, for if the truth of it were grasped, it would dispel Monotheism. Hence, with the doctrine of Monotheism there is created a struggle of creeds with survival of the fittest, as it were.

But Monotheism could never win, for within the essence of all True Beings there was the Knowledge and Wisdom which stated that a doctrine which calls the Deities of other Religions false prophets and idols is not only uncharitable, disrespectful, divisive, offensive and wrong, but that it serves no good purpose and is therefore very evil.

Monotheism discredits the creeds of others. It belittles their concepts of Divine Beings and labels those who do not accept Monotheism as beings outside of the Truth, as Heretics. In fact, the Truth is the very opposite. Only when one accepts the various aspects as manifestations of the one God can one re-awaken to the Truth of things and to the Truth of what has really happened on this plane.

Only when one rejects what the evil demiurge is trying to do with this doctrine of monotheism, can one truly perceive the efforts made by the Divine Hierarchy to awaken the trapped beings of this plane in all eras, in all cultures, over all continents since time immemorial via different beings such as Horus and Dionysus and Attis and Jesus and Tammuz and so on.

Only when one recognizes and acknowledges that it has been the same Divine energy which has nurtured the True Beings and tried to awaken them and remind them of a time of Liberation to come, can one understand the words of philosophers like Hermes and Manichaeus, Zoroaster, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Plato, Plotinus, Philo, Roger Bacon, Milton, John Locke, Ben Franklin, etc. These were men who accommodated the Christ Light and the manifesting aspect of the consciousness of the Supreme, which is even higher in the Divine Hierarchy than the Christ Light, even though the more recent ones were labelled as Deists.

The consciousness of this Christ Light and the consciousness of the Supreme Godhead were “walk-in” consciousnesses within the basic consciousness of these beings. I have explained the concept of walk-ins elsewhere. Such an explanation does not belittle the nature of any of the Divine aspects which different people cherish, but rather it unites all of the Divine manifestations into the Brotherhood of Light and into the Divine Hierarchy of Light, which culminates in the Supreme Consciousness of the Godhead. All these Aspects have been working for the good of the True Beings and those who have turned to the Light, and for their ultimate liberation since the takeover by evil.

Jesus is in no way belittled if he is acknowledged as one of the many Aspects of the Supreme consciousness which has been called God, and not just the only begotten Son of God. To say that He is the same Walk-in consciousness as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Adonis, Attis, Apollo, Orpheus, etc., all of whom are manifestations of the Supreme consciousness of the Godhead, does in no way detract from the fact that He is God. He is an aspect of God, as is Mary, the consciousness which played the role of his physical mother, and as are many, many others.

There can be no belittling of Jesus in equating Him with other Messengers of God around whom religions grew. In fact, there are great benefits for all True and faithful Beings of the Light to recognize and acknowledge all the Divine Aspects.

If this truth of the Oneness of all the Aspects was accepted, at least the people who believe in the various aspects of the Godhead would realize that they were believing in, praying to, and cherishing the same energy, the same Level of Supreme consciousness, the same Godhead. There would be an instant destruction of that which has caused prejudice, bigotry, intolerance and hatred between populations, which have culminated in so many wars, persecutions and deaths. If this Truth and the aims of the evil essence had been exposed earlier, there would have possibly been less labelling of others as pagans, heretics, infidels, etc. There may have been less persecution of the Gnostics, of the Essenes, of the Coptic Christians, of the Cathars, of the Albigensians, of the Hermetics, of the Manichaeans, etc. etc. There may have been less disastrous Crusades, less effective Inquisitions and less burnings at the stake, for the awakened people would not have been indoctrinated so readily by the evil essence driving the religious institutions which caused all of these tragedies.

Exposure and acceptance of the Truth would have, in fact, thwarted the plans of the Demiurge for physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual exploitation of the beings it had trapped on this plane. But, alas, forgetting the Truth and accepting the destructive monotheistic doctrine, which is the basis of the Nicene Creed formulated in 325 AD, has led to great suffering and death.

Actively pursued attempts at conversion of polytheists by those who were heavily programmed in the false monotheistic doctrine gave rise to great conflict, resentment and confusion in many of the populations which were literally invaded by the proselytizing missionaries of the false doctrine. Many are the stories of the massacres of pagans, heretics and savages, and destruction of legitimate belief systems such as those of the Incas and Mayas as well as of all the other well-known religions in ancient Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Ireland, Britain etc.

And such stories are based on the destructiveness of those who, believing in the false monotheistic theology, thought they knew better and used force to displace the Divine energy manifestations worshipped by these foreign beings, with their own idol which they were indoctrinated to think was the only valid one. Missionaries taught that Christianity was the ONLY path to “Heaven” and that all other deities were demons and that their myths were false but that the Bible myths were absolutely true. The Celtic Druidic church was driven Westward into Wales by the invading Christian church in the early 5th century.

In the Light of Gnosis it is easy to identify such attempts as evil infiltration of populations in order to forcefully destroy the faith of others, to confuse, to harass, humiliate and belittle them and to remove their Gods from the status of Divine Beings. There is no other word but evil for such action. But, of course, the programming which did this did not affect the Monotheists alone, for many evil beings infiltrated all the religions that grew around the Divine Messengers. And these evil beings perverted, distorted and destroyed the True Divine philosophies and manipulated what remained for the benefit of evil.

They too, inspite of the truthful concept of Polytheism, were able to generate religious bigotry, prejudice, intolerance and hatred for others just as the monotheists did. And this situation has existed to this very day.

The unperverted Gnostic Knowledge allows the Truthful recognition of the many aspects of the Divine consciousness of the Godhead. And it allows this recognition to be used to UNITE the True Beings of the world, who had been trapped by the evil Demiurge, into one large family of Beings of Light. This knowledge allows the identification of: Rama as the brother of Jesus and Krishna as the brother of Moses and Hermes as the brother of Manichaeus and Horus as the brother of Zeus, and Dionysus as the brother of Osiris and Shiva as the brother of Attis and King Arthur as the brother of Mithra and so on.

And it recognizes that all were the receptacles of the Christ energy which descended onto this plane, and that they were receptacles of the Ultimate Father/Mother Energy of the Supreme Consciousness of that Level of consciousness which we call “God”.

Denial of this Knowledge denies the worth of the faith, beliefs and knowledge of others and their Gods, and sets up the battleground for heated confrontation. And this is exactly what the production of the spurious doctrine of Monotheism did. That was the intention from the very outset when it was created by the evil Demiurge.

Those who recognize this GNOSIS (true knowledge) and message are joyous. They are not gripped by fear as the evil ones are. They sense that, despite the physical changes which are to come and which I have detailed elsewhere, the clearing means liberation from this hell and the gift of unobstructed Grace and Love from the True Father/Mother God as they are bathed in the Purity and Glory of the Divine Light. And this will occur even as the physical world crumbles.

Let the evil ones live in their stupidity and evilness. Those who wish to listen may do so. The ones who refuse will eventually be forced to listen to the voice of change. They will be forced to listen, not by me, but by their own fear of what is occurring. Do not argue with fools. Let them be. When it is time we may say: “We tried to tell you but you would not listen. We told you so. Know then, that even this suffering, which you could have avoided, is all your own doing!”


November 17, 2014



When you can see beyond What your eyes can see, And perceive through the fog

Of the Evil created Virtual Reality, When your hearts sings with Joy constantly,

Even as your lower mind is battered By negative thoughts attacking it relentlessly,

When you love with fervour, With Justice and Truth, unconditionally,

When you believe with all your being, That soon all things will be corrected totally,

And that an end will come to all The suffering, pain and misery,

Then friend, are you truly free,

For beyond this Abomination, This Depravity, this horrendous Nightmare,

You are living really!

Indeed, friend, when thus you see, You are truly free!!