SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
Dirty tricks of Warfare:



Interesting 24 seconds:



Are the flood gates about to open?



This explains the complicit and disgusting history of these evil things:



Fukushima-update: http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/http/MP3Download/Sep2014/d61RW8/rense_090814_hr3.mp3


Some Canadians think Canada is lost forever:



Of Morons who really would be better if they were brain-dead:



Evil’s MO: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/09/08/obama-threatens-war-on-humanity/

Evil plays the same games again and again all leading to Self-Destruction !




Of expert lying: http://www.therealfoodchannel.com/videos/food-fraud/fake-foods.html


This is 11 days old but it may point somewhere.



You must judge for yourselves:





MH 17 was a failed false flag.



As they say in some commercials: It gets stupid-er and stupid-er:



SEPTEMBER 15, 2014
You remember:  Not long ago it was the non-existent WMD in Iraq,  Then El Wackiest in Afghanistan;
Now ISIS – ISIL so the bombs wont for long lay idle.



What is it really? It’s the Plan to allow these loonies to Self-Destruct.

Oz is so very quick to follow the Plan. Ain’t that just grand?





Iran is not fooled:


There are many videos on the right side of that page worth viewing. What are the targets? In order: Syria, Iran, Russia, China, and the other members of the BRICS alliance (Brazil, India, and South Africa) !

Yes indeed, the Path to Self-Destruction.


This next video clip is of paramount importance, but do not be foolish. Abraham Lincoln was shot in the back for urging whistle-blowers to speak up. Did he not say that knowing that Evil is being committed and not speaking up makes the observer guilty of the same Evil?

Today, it is too dangerous to speak up. That I know personally.

Let the demons fight the demons. If you are one of the Light workers, your job is to energetically support awakening Viables, not to cause further trouble on the Physical Plane. The demons will make trouble enough for themselves. Besides, Light Energy is most precious in this increasing Darkness of the Endtime. Do not waste it.



Demons have been at work for a long, long time. This is what they do to countries and simple people for the sake of profits and control of others. It is most horrible.

I wish everyone could see videos such as this. Then they would immediately understand why the whole Physical Universe must be obliterated from the face of the True Creation.


Many in the USA and around the World now believe it is time for valiant Merry Cans (most of whom do not seem to realize just how abused they have been) to stand up and be counted!



I post this clip to show that people are seriously thinking about the Endtime, the appearance of the Anti-Christ, etc., etc. Thus, if such ideas have penetrated the psyche of the numb-skulls, then time is at an end.



September 16, 2014

You have all head of the High Country. Well, Oz is being now called the ‘How-Hi Country’. The US says “Jump!”, and our elected PM, without any consultation with the populace, shouts “How High?”

This is from an Investment Magazine in Melbourne.. It shows even ordinary people are starting to wake up to the nonsensical workings of powerful ones. You, of course, being a reader of my work, know it is the Plan for Demonic Self-destruction!

From Greg Canavan in Melbourne:

–In a minute, I’ll show you the most important chart in the investing world right now. It’s affecting the price of just about everything else.

–But first, isn’t it good to see Australia still a part of the coalition of the eternally willing? On the weekend, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that military personnel and aircraft are off to the Middle East in a ‘humanitarian’ mission.

–Abbott said, ‘I stress that this is essentially a humanitarian operation to protect millions of people in Iraq from the murderous rage of the ISIL movement.’

–The Financial Review says that this is the fourth deployment to the region in the last 13 years. We were willing back in 2001, 2003, 2005, and now again in 2014.

–The country should ask why its willingness is not getting any results. In fact, the region seems to be going from bad to worse. Do you think this latest effort is going to make any difference?


A time for some proud satisfaction of helping others:

“Hello Giuseppe, Time for me to order again:

* Psychiatry – The Struggle For Your Soul

* Essential Gnostic Truths

I have to say a massive Thank You for reawakening me to the truth. Your information is such a clarion ring that reverberates in my whole being so powerfully.

Even giving me intimations of traumatic past lives for having
known/expressed such knowledge in the past. I would just like to share this with you.
In a private One on One session I once had many years ago with a Channelled Entity,
I was told that I was still carrying the pain of a most dreadful death possible
at the hands of the Church during a life as a Monk. I was told “An Angel” taught
me the meaning of “True Love” and that I publicly disseminated this knowledge to
many people against the repeated warnings of my Superiors. I was told that
stubbornly, every day I trudged up a hill and spoke my truth and that many people
were helped by the knowledge. I was also told I would have contact with this “Angel”
again in this life.
I have often wondered what this supposed knowledge was. Now I know. Although I am somewhat sceptical of Channelling and the Entities that come through. I can’t but now think that perhaps there was some truth to it

Highest Regards Phil.


It’ll be on soon:






Feeling listless at times?

Viables, especially Theomorphs, still on the planet often we go to war areas elsewhere and come back very tired, or even get injured in the etheric and have to be taken to the crafts for treatment.

When this occurs we are often very vague during the day with little energy.


Alas, it occurs to me often.

when it first began over 30 years ago I had no idea what was wrong. In time it was explained to me.


Do what I have learned to do: stay quiet and wait for the full consciousness to return.



More and more are awakening:



September 18, 2014

Hyperbole about Ebola?


I’m sure you have all seen this by now:



I finished reading the 5 Books on “My Conversations with God”  a few days ago … …. the best words that express the way I feel about these Books is they are a True Bible to me .    These Books answer the questions and confirm some of the answers I had since I was young.    Now I know why you recommended these Books.  I feel a change of vibration in me.     I feel more confident, more happiness, more joy inside and I know I can access that state anytime by going Within .   Amount the many, many good comments that are staying in my mind the most are to Surrender to God, Trust, have Faith, never look backward but forward, regain the innocence of Infancy, I am always with you, work on disciplining the shell, the True Knowledge liberates your mind and spirit, if Guilt threatens you affirm you Faith in Me,  look forward to Me and My Realm, I could go on and on.   As another friend of mine said, “these Books are a must read”!


I started The Books “The Revenge Of Camelot” last night.  I felt like staying up all night .  I am at page 50 and I realize all the Light Workers struggle down here with these Robotic Bodies, memory wiped out and everything .   It will be a very joyous day when we finally all go home. With Divine Love and Gratitude


Things are moving along:



This should seal the deal on Hollywood being the Devil’s playground:



My friend Anita has again put together a few of my quotes:


“The historical basis for the knowledge and the Truth of all this is clear for those who wish to see it, but there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.”


“No amount of rationalizing will erase the fact that this is a very evil place, that it exists upon a basis of dog eat dog and that it thrives on unfair and unjust methods of exploitation.


It is not simply survival of the fittest at all.  It is a place of survival of the most evil of those who can unashamedly steal the energy from others best of all.


There is nothing on this planet worth preserving.  There is nothing which is pure enough to be of value in a truly Divine dimension.”


“Faith is a measure of the degree of expressed Divinity of the being.  It is a measure of the success the being has had in connecting to the inner being and remembering the reality within.”


“In reality the ‘Father Energy’ does not punish anyone.  It is the failed beings who punish themselves by rejecting the offer to come into the Light”


“It was true sceptics…who told Christopher Columbus that the world was flat.  It was they who opposed him, forcefully, abusively and vindictively.  It was the true sceptics who told Pasteur that his theory of microbes was impossible.  It was the true sceptics who told us that man would never fly.”


“Metaphysically scepticism is a severe and profound form of programming which sweeps away the need to think.  Scepticism appears to make things very easy.  The easiest thing to do in any situation where effort is required to attain knowledge or to reawaken and discern information is to make an ACT OF DENIAL.”


“The truth is neither easy nor painless to acquire.  A degree of sincerity beyond curiosity is required of seekers of Truth to attain it and even then, once acknowledged many will refuse to accept the Truth to attain it and even then, once acknowledged, many will refuse to accept the Truth, for it is too painful or too distressing, or they have too much to lose, either from an egotistical point of view, or from a monetary one.”


“If a man(woman) convinces him(her)self that he(she) is the total sum of beingness, intellect and awareness, his(her) self-delusion will prove to be destructive in a very short space of time.” 


“Evil has no respect for anything, not even Evil”


“As soon as one truly sees through the evil illusion, there is a tendency for one to grow impatient for its total destruction.”


“Evil always destroys, it never creates.  This we are now clearly seeing.


Evil eventually destroys itself!  And that is exactly what the Light is allowing to happen.


The solution to the problem of Evil is now clear.”


“…unless we expand beyond the confines of the physical mind, we cannot adequately comprehend those concepts which are beyond it’s limited capacities.”  


“Only those who know the Truth will be calm in the horrendous storm that is to hit the whole Earth. That Truth will come from within them.

No non-Viable has the Truth within. It cannot be learned or rationalized.”


“If we question the fundamental principles upon which the present knowledge is built, then we would find the basis is false and the whole structure would crumble.  Showing these bases to be false would allow a reconstruction of the basis with the truth and then a full explanation of the truth as it really is.


“There is a door through which all will enter, but not all will exist in the ‘space’ on the other side of the door.  For many have declared themselves unfit for the conditions found in that space beyond the door which must be entered.”


“Evil is not a fad, a garment or a temporary learning experience.  Evil is an essence of beingness totally opposite to the divine essence and totally destructive.”


“Divine love identifies it’s own beings and enhances their nature.


Evil beings are not only incapable of giving Divine Love, but they are also unable to absorb it or be enhanced by it.  Instead True Divine Love reflects back off from their hollow internal formation and returns unchanged to the giver.


Divine love is never wasted.”



September 20, 2014

Charles, a long time reader of my work sent a video to support what I said in one of the shows I did with Jeff Rense.

This is what he thought I said:

” A black hole is in the center of this galaxy that is now shortly going to be bombarded so that nothing else will come through…..the whole galaxy will go……the earth is part of that and it’s going to go spontaneously…..that’s why we’re going to see the whole Sky fall in and so on ………different galaxies have been swallowed up by black holes outside of the Milky Way so this is nothing new……

Here is the video: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CNZecG3kXuY


Big sigh…..more about the bl…..y Holocaust:

1 http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/polish-archaeologists-find-hidden-nazi-gas-chamber-where-250000-jews-thought-have-died-1466283

2        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-m39QKicqk


For when the S….Sh….Sh… Shemitah hits the fan:

To be honest, as I watched, I thought of a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters coming up with a better scenario……




September 21, 2014

This site has some earlier work of mine including the Newsletters. You may wish to visit the site if you have not seen it before:



Changes are occurring throughout this Galaxy. Remember that the observed changes are in the past although the light of the changes is appearing to us now. Here is an example. What we are seeing is of 8 years ago. If our Sun which is also dying were to explode, we would not see the event until 8 minutes after it occurred.


“The Revenge of Camelot” selling for some $750 for a second hand copy on Amazon is now available from me for $30 as an eBook! Although it has myself and Amitakh as the authors, I assure you she did not write ONE words of it.


I need to remind you all that Body Snatching is a reality.

If a friend, relative or acquaintance suddenly changes personality for the worse, consider the fact that s/he may have been taken over by dark forces.

Another mechanism is also in play: when an individual’s work is finished on this level, or s/he is required on another level, the consciousness can leave the body without notice. The empty shell is then taken over by lurking discarnates or demons.

In some instances, the consciousness may leave for a short time and what is called a Stand-in occupies the body. These are selected by the Light for that purpose and are not malicious or destructive as in the case of evil discarnates or demons taking over the body. Their takeover is usually permanent. The Stand-in consciousness often appears rather vague and unfamiliar with the normal routine of the body. The contrast is noted when the original occupant returns.

So, if someone you know inexplicably changes personality as I have described, consider these possibilities, after ruling out obvious pathology such as a stroke, senior moments (indicating on-coming dementia), high or low blood sugar, sudden worsening of a uraemic state due to renal failure, etc., etc.


September 22, 2014

More info on VACCINES

1 http://cts.vresp.com/c/?BeforeItsNews/63b887a9de/cc77e90d7f/3c8bb936c9

2 http://beforeitsnews.com/survival/2014/09/about-all-those-vaccines-2539816.html

3             http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/09/18/the-cdc-nih-bill-gates-own-the-patents-on-existing-ebola-related-vaccines-mandatory-vaccinations-are-near/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29

4 http://www.infowars.com/dozens-of-children-dead-after-un-gives-tainted-vaccine-in-rebel-held-syria/

5 Another scam; another way to milk money out of the suckers: http://beforeitsnews.com/health/2014/09/drug-companies-begin-push-for-alzheimers-vaccine-on-millions-2549572.html



1 Full speed ahead. http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/09/16/russia-admits-ww3-is-coming-there-is-a-war-coming-in-europe-2/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29

2 This is hilarious. After you have viewed the videos, go and check your cat’s litter box. If soiled, I  think you will find a clearer path to the prognosis of Earth and of the Endtimes there than in this sham show:




These articles are to demonstrate that many know what is going on.

This one talks about the origin of ISIS:


This one is about Ebola again:


Free Food and Lodgings anyone?


This is a natural development from what the USA government is doing to the USA, its people, to the whole World and its peoples.


But, recall that I said evil was going to be allowed to destroy everything without opposition!


You would think essays such as this next one would serve Truth. But, they don’t. They serve Evil by once again obfuscating Truth and re-enforcing the false Oneness and the Denial of  Evil.



My thanks to Phil Hogan for forwarding this:


The trouble here is that the author of these clips paints EVERYTHING WITH THE SAME BRUSH!

Many he labels as being Evil are, in fact, representations of Light, (e.g. Isis and Osiris, Horus, Zeus, etc.) and he fails to distinguish facts from corruption that created Myths. But, I got tired after the 5th 10 minute clip. He may clarify things further on, but I doubt it. If any of you watch further and he becomes more precise, please let me know.

The critical point is made is that Evil is seen to be maximally pervasive in all dealings in our existence, past and present, and it was designed to be so, thus proving conclusively my often repeated assertion that this is a Demonic World!
Many others,  of course, have stated that throughout History. So you have to wonder who the Deniers of Evil really are. They are simply minions of Evil, are they not?


September 23, 2014
BTW Monsanto means Holy Mount. What is so Holy ABOUT SUCH Demonism you may well ask!



War IS Coming 2015-16: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTFAfhyBI7s#t=263

View the other videos on the Right side when this site opens.


Who has the biggest bragging rights?



American Pie being overcooked. This you already know:



This would be a natural precursor to WW3:



Ebola becomes Mammon’s BS embolism?
1 http://truthsector.wordpress.com/2014/09/20/final-nails-in-the-ebola-scam-coffin-the-2014-ebola-outbreak-is-a-proven-fraud-here-is-the-evidence-i-am-sick-and-tired-of-repeating-this-fact-over-and-over-again/

2             http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/09/its-all-scripted-ebola-outbreak-and-impossibly-rapid-vaccine-response-clearly-scripted-3033078.html?utm_content=beforeit39snews-verticalresponse&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fb4in.info%2Fce9I&utm_source=direct-b4in.info&utm_campaign=&utm_medium=verticalresponse


Some in the USA government are awake:


Don’t forget: the Demons are in Self-Destructive Mode, and nothing will stop them destroying EVERYTHING, INCLUDING THEMSELVES.


September 26, 2014
Georgia on all our minds:


I had told you that it was very likely that Nuclear War would begin in 2014, and that, if it did, we could all be out of here by November 2016.

I recall Babaji often saying that the longer the mechanisms of destruction were delayed, the more concentrated would they be near the End which would then be a fulminating one.


Have no qualms about calling certain ones demons.

I recall Henry Kissinger stating long ago that the USA needed to fight a major war every 5 (five) years just to keep its economy afloat.

He was the same one who was said to have ordered the bombing in Indo-China at the time of the Vietnam slaughter.

An article in Cosmos Magazine confirmed that there are so many bomb remnants in Laos and Cambodia that a whole jewelry industry has been started there using the metal from bombs.

The magazine quotes this statistic: A planeload of bombs was dropped on Laos and Cambodia every 8 (eight) minutes FOR 9 (NINE) YEARS!!!

Who else but demons would be so generous with their bombs?

That episode lasting 9 years is no cause for National Hubris. It is a great tragedy. It is a reason for massive National Shame.

That is just one of the many genocidal acts committed.

So, what Karma do you think the USA has earned?


Demons at work: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/war-crimes-1/the-best-kept-secret-of-ww-ii.html

The first time I visited Japan early in the ‘work” I was told the exact number of True Beings there on the Japanese Islands. The number was 2 – yes, two – and one of those was a young Exchange Student living in Tokyo.


A wealth of information here: http://beforeitsnews.com/

The real reasons why Syria is being bombed:



It gets stupid-er and stupid-er:



This may have been posted before:



 September 27, 2014

More and more on the Endtime War

4             http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/09/corrupt-government-fear-mongering-3035218.html?utm_campaign=&utm_medium=verticalresponse&utm_source=direct-b4in.info&utm_content=beforeit39snews-verticalresponse&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fb4in.info%2FffYd
5             Here are a  must-read and a must-view video from Forbidden Knowledge:
If you watched the Webster Tarpley interview a few days ago, this excellent summary of world geopolitics today might be even clearer to you but SCG does a phenomenal job, here:

“…[W]hen you see the mouthpieces of the ruling class begin to demonize a foreign country, the first question in your mind should always be “what is actually at stake here?”

“For some time now Russia, China, Iran, and Syria have been in the cross hairs. Once you understand why, the events unfolding in the world right now will make much more sense.”

9/11 and the seeds of WWIII cannot be fully understood without understanding the yoke of the Petrodollar, which has been placed around the neck of any country that wanted to buy oil, since the 1970s…as SCG says here,
with the establishment of the Petrodollar, “…the dollar went from being a gold-backed currency to a oil-backed currency. It also became America’s primary export.”


“This petrodollar system stood unchallenged until September of 2000 when Saddam Hussein announced his decision to switch Iraq’s oil sales off of the dollar to Euros. This was a direct attack on the dollar, and easily the most important geopolitical event of the year, but only one article in the western media even mentioned it.

“In the same month that Saddam announced he was moving away from the dollar, an organization called the ‘The Project for a New American Century’,
of which Dick Cheney just happened to be a member, released a document entitled ‘REBUILDING AMERICA’S DEFENSES Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century’. This document called for massive increases in US military spending and a much more aggressive foreign policy in order to expand US dominance worldwide. However the document lamented that achieving these goals would take many years ‘absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event –
like a new Pearl Harbor’.

“One year later they got it.

“Riding the emotional reaction to 9/11, the Bush administration was able to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and pass the Patriot Act, all without any
significant resistance.

“There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and this wasn’t a
question of ‘bad intelligence’. This was a cold calculated lie, and the decision to invade was made in full knowledge of the disaster which would follow.

“They knew exactly what was going to happen but in 2003, they did it anyway. Once Iraqi oil fields were under US control, oil sales were immediately switched back to the dollar. Mission accomplished.

“Soon after the invasion of Iraq, the Bush Administration attempted to extend these wars to Iran. Supposedly the Iranian government was working to build a nuclear weapon…[but] after the Iraq fiasco, Washington’s credibility was
severely damaged. As a result, they were unable to muster international or domestic support for an intervention…However, the demonization campaign against Iran continued even into the Obama administration.


“Well, might it have something to do with the fact that since 2004 Iran has been in the process of organizing an independent oil bourse? They were building their own oil market, and it wasn’t going to be tied to the dollar. The first shipments of oil were sold through this market in July of 2011.

“Unable to get the war that they wanted, the US used the UN to impose sanctions against Iran. The goal of the sanctions was to topple the Iranian
regime. While this did inflict damage on the Iranian economy, the measures failed to destabilize the country. This was due in large part to Russia’s
assistance in bypassing US banking restrictions.

“In February of 2009 Muammar Gaddafi, was named chairman of the African Union. He immediately proposed the formation of a unified state with a single currency. It was the nature of that proposed currency that got him killed.

“In March of 2009 the African Union released a document entitled ‘Towards a Single African Currency’. Pages 106 and 107 of that document specifically discuss the benefits and technicalities of running the African Central bank under a gold standard. On page 94, it explicitly states that the key to the success of the African Monetary Union would be the ‘eventual linking of a single African
currency to the most monetary of all commodities- gold.’

“In 2011, the CIA moved into Libya and began backing militant groups in their campaign to topple Gaddafi and the US and NATO pushed through and stretched a UN no-fly-zone resolution to tip the balance with airstrikes. The presence of
Al-Qaeda extremists among these rebel fighters was swept under the rug.

“Libya, like Iran and Iraq had committed the unforgivable crime of challenging the US dollar.

“The NATO intervention in Libya segued into a covert war on Syria. The armories of the Libyan government were looted and the weapons were shipped via Turkey to Syrian rebel groups working to topple Assad.

“It was already clear, at this point that many of these fighters had ties to terrorist organizations. However, the US national security apparatus viewed this as a necessary evil. In fact the Council on Foreign relations published an article in 2012 stating that ‘The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle
experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results. In short, the FSA needs al-Qaeda now.’…

“Let’s be clear here, the US put ISIS in power.

“In 2013, these same Al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels launched two sarin gas attacks. This was an attempt to frame Assad and muster international support for military intervention. Fortunately, they were exposed by UN and Russian investigators and the push for airstrikes completely fell apart when Russia steppedin to broker a diplomatic solution.

“The campaign for regime change in Syria, as in Libya has been presented in terms of human rights. Obviously, this isn’t the real motive.

“In 2009, Qatar put forth a proposal to run a natural gas pipeline through Syria and Turkey to Europe. Assad however rejected this, and in 2011 he forged a pact with Iraq and Iran to run a pipeline eastward cutting Qatar and Saudi Arabia out of the loop completely.

“Not surprisingly Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been the most aggressive regional players in the push to topple the Syrian government.

“But why would this pipeline dispute put Syria in Washington’s cross hairs? Three reasons:

1. This pipeline arrangement would significantly strengthen Iran’s position, allowing them to export to European markets without having to pass through
any of Washington’s allies. This obviously reduces the US government’s leverage.

2. Syria is Iran’s closest ally. It’s collapse would inherently weaken Iran.

3. Syria and Iran have a mutual defense agreement, and a US intervention in Syria could open the door to open conflict with Iran.

“In February of 2014 this global chess game heated up in a new venue: Ukraine. The real target, however was Russia.

“You see, Russia just happens to be the world’s second largest oil exporter, and not only have they been a thorn in Washington’s side diplomatically, but they also opened an energy bourse in 2008, with sales denominated in Rubles and gold. This project had been in the works since 2006. They have also been working with China to pull off of the dollar in all of their bilateral trade.

“Russia has also been in the process of organizing a Eurasian Economic Union which includes plans to adopt common currency unit, and which is slated to
have its own independent energy market.

“Leading up to the crisis in Ukraine had been presented with a choice: either join the EU under an association agreement or join the Eurasian Union. The EU insisted that this was an either-or-proposition. Ukraine couldn’t join both. Russia on the other hand, asserted that joining both posed no issue.
President Yanukovich decided to go with Russia.

“In response, the US national security apparatus did what it does best: they toppled Yanukovich and installed a puppet government…

“Though this all seemed to be going well at first, the US quickly lost control of the situation. Crimea held a referendum and the people voted overwhelmingly to
secede from Ukraine and reunify with Russia. The transition was orderly and peaceful. No one was killed, yet the West immediately framed the entire event as an act of Russian aggression, and this became the go-to mantra from that point on.

“Crimea is important geostrategically because of its position in the Black Sea which allows for the projection of naval power into the Mediterranean. It has also been Russian territory for most of recent history.

The US has been pushing for Ukraine’s inclusion into NATO for years now. Such a move would place US forces right on Russia’s border and could have potentially resulted in Russia losing their naval base in Crimea. This is why Russia immediately accepted the results ofthe Crimean referendum and quickly consolidated the territory.

“Meanwhile, in Eastern Ukraine, two regions declared independence from Kiev and held referendums of their own. The results of which overwhelmingly
favored self-rule.

“Kiev responded to this with what they referred to as anti-terrorist operations. In practice this was a massive and indiscriminate shelling campaign which killed thousands of civilians. Apparently, killing civilians didn’t qualify as aggression to the West. In fact, the IMF explicitly warned the provisional government that their 17 billion dollar loan package could be in danger if they were not able to put down the uprising in eastern Ukraine.

“While the war against eastern Ukraine was raging, elections were held and Petro Poroshenko was elected president. It turns out that Poroshenko, was exposed by a leaked diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks in 2008, as having worked as a mole for the US State Department since 2006. They referred to him as ‘Our Ukraine insider’ and much of the cable referred to information that he was providing. (A separate cable showed that the US knew Poroshenko was corrupt, even at that point.)

“Having a puppet in place, however hasn’t turned out to be enough to give Washington the upper hand in this crisis. What does Washington do when they have no other leverage? They impose sanctions, they demonize and they saber rattle (or pull a false flag).

“This isn’t a very good strategy when dealing with Russia. In fact, it has already backfired. The sanctions have merely pushed Russia and China into closer cooperation and accelerated Russia’s de-dollarization agenda. And in spite of the rhetoric, this has not led to Russia being isolated. The US and NATO have put a wedge between themselves and Russia, but not between Russia and the rest of the world (look up BRICS if you are unclear about this).

“This new anti-dollar axis goes deeper than economics. These countries understand what’s at stake here. This is why in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis, China has proposed a new Eurasian security pact which would include Russia and Iran.

“Consider the implications, here as the Obama Administration begins bombing in Syria, which also has a mutual defense agreement with Iran.

“This is not the cold war 2.0. This is World War 3.0. The masses may not have figured it out yet, but history will remember it that way.

“Alliances are already solidifying and and a hot war is underway on multiple fronts. If the provocations and proxy wars continue, it’s only a matter of time before the big players confront each other directly, and that is a recipe for disaster.

“Does all of this sound insane to you? Well, you’re right. The people running the world right now are insane, and the public is sleep-walking into a tragedy.

“If you want to alter the course that we are on, there’s only one way to do it. We have to wake up that public. Even the most powerful weapons of war are neutralized if you reach the mind of the man behind the trigger.

“How do we wake the masses you ask? Don’t wait for someone else to answer that for you. Get creative. Act like you children’s and grandchildren’s
futures depend on it, because they do.”


(As I have told you often enough, there is no Physical Future – GSC.)


Video: (21 mins) : The Geopolitics of World War III



All these items above give details of the Terminating Ha Ha War in La La Land.


You know the esoteric meaning of it all: The demons are programmed to Self-Destruct!!

September 28, 2014



I have revealed to you that the Demons are programmed to self-destruct and thus reduce this World to rubble by their iniquitous efforts, and at the same time, kill themselves and most of us as we approach the End.


I have also revealed to you that there is a massive Spiritual Energy shortage on this Earth and in the whole Galaxy, in fact, because the Energy has been cut off by the Light. That is what I meant in part, in previous writings, by the statement that the Galaxy has been ISOLATED.


No ‘living’ thing can exist without spiritual energy to drive the Centres of Consciousness which make all of us aware, regardless of ontology. The Energy is needed even by the Evil Empire and its Minions for they have no source of their own. They have been stealing the necessary energy from any Theomorphs they can trap and drain. Theomorphs can be drained mercilessly by those of Darkness to the point of not only just physical but also spiritual annihilation, and many have been thus destroyed!That is why this Evil Empire must be eradicated completely.


In order to prevent the viable minority from being further affected by spiritual starvation, the New Green Enegy (NGE) was introduced into the Physical Dimension as I revealed many times before. However, this Energy is only of benefit to those deemed to be SPIRITUALLY VIABLE. Non-Viables cannot use it.


That means that the others (the non-viables) will run out of energy sooner or later, and will decay spiritually and then physically. Without that energy, the Centres of Consciousness will collapse in due course (resulting in spiritual death) and all the other bodies (etheric, astral, emotional, physical, which are all part of the temporary physical make-up) will then decay and die.


As it progresses, this process will have deleterious effects which can be observed by astute ones before the termination point. That is why it has been stated that, in the Endtime, we shall all know who is who. We will see those who flourish (the Viables) in the deteriorating Endtime collapse, and those (the non-Viable) who will degenrate and die with the Evil System.


As a matter of fact therefore, I can catagorically state that the ‘lifeforce’ within those not nurtured by the NGE is waning. Thus, their Higher and Lower minds will fragment, and their bodies will go into a degenerative phase which will lead to physical putrifaction and death.


I have witnessed irrifutable proof that the decay from loss of spiritual energy is affecting the Sons and Daughters of Darkness, and non-Viable Robots, and this proof can now be observed by others, for the processes of Terminal Decay and Spiritual Death, as well as physical Death, have commenced..


I knew this day of being able to witness that event would come. That day is here!


I can confidently affirm that I have witnessed the effects of the spiritual starvation of which I wrote.


With spiritual starvation, the hypocrites will be unable to sustain their camouflage. That is why it will become easier and easier to see who is who. Their true identities will be clearly seen. Firstly their evil nature will come to the fore and then we will be able to see their reptilian countanences with unmistakeable clarity. Some of you are seeing these things now.


Yes, such a prophecy is included in Ancient Gnostic Texts, which have also been ‘borrowed’ by, and included in, the extant Bible. At the Endtime we will all see who is who. And this is also a confirmation, as we see who is who unerringly, that it is the Endtime!!


BTW, It is reported that NASA is preparing a plot to expose Aliens to the World. That is because they now know the Aliens, even in human bodies, can no longer camouflage themselves or hide out as if they were just humans. Thus, NASA and those associated with this plot know it is the Endtime, but they are hoping against hope that they can beat the Terminal Process, which they cannot, of course.





Two prominent members of Darkness were seen in this town the other day. I know who they are ontologically. (I know who everyone is ontologically. If you have a problem with that assertion, too bad for you. Work harder on yourself spiritually.)


They looked old, decrepit and very, very evil. They could no longer sustain their mask of deception. They were a male/female couple, and the male appeared to be very close to physical death, for sure. The female had the countanence of an exposed Demon, and this was verified by others who reported back to me. These reporting persons said they had never seen a demon so clearly before. They stated that the obvious evil on the countenance of the couple they saw was unmistakeable.


Thus, while Viables grow weary of the horrific Evil, and all its despicable and cowardly acts around the globe, and patiently await the End, the Demons are about to enter the PANIC PHASE, as they realize the energy they crave and must have to stay spiritually alive, is no longer available.






If you are Viable, your Higher Mind, and even your body and its lower mind, will REFLEXLY steer you unerringly, because of the New Green Energy (NGE), onto a Path of least pollution and greater physical and spiritual safety. Your body will dictate which foods to consume and which to avoid. Your mind will tell you with whom it is safe to mix, and with whom it is not. You would be foolish to ignore what your body tells you. Your Higher Mind impresses the body and its lower Monkey mind towards the correct Path.

Being nurtured by the New Green Energy, although you may feel impatient for the End, and disgusted with the antics of Evil and its Minions, you will actually feel stronger, younger and more confident in your body. Even your lower Monkey mind will appear less erratic with greater resolve to obey the Higher Mind. That is the result of the nurturing by the NGE. You will avoid the Mental Fragmentation others are undergoing. You will not be fearful of what is going on.

Many will note you look younger, that you are happier, and that you are not like ‘the rabble’. You know what I mean by ‘the rabble’. And they will be envious. They will want to know why you are like this, but they will not understand any explanation you will give. They will think you may be taking extra vitamins and other medicinal compounds to prop you up when, in fact, you are being subjected to an automatic process of absorbing the NGE which is creating miracles in you and for you. The NGE is a very healing energy.

In contrast, the non-Viables will appear simply awful, no matter how they try to camouflage their looks. Viables will see both the physical and spiritual decay in the failures which they can no longer hide. Their energy will repel Viables, and Viables will be unable to stay in their midst for long.

This is indisputably a sign of the END!

As this process of increasing fear grips the failures, in contrast, you will feel joyous at the thought of dropping this shell and GOING HOME, inspite of the ubiquitous physical and mental destruction!

If any of you thought I had been making all this up, this last piece of evidence pointing to energy starvation should dispel any such thoughts of doubt. This is something you will witness, even if you are thousands of miles away from me. These changes are unmistakable. For the non-Viables, they are signs of their Terminal Madness, Gloom, Doom and journey to Perdition. For Viables, they are the signs of the End of the War and their return Home.

Pretending to be ust an aging ‘human’, I could not be more privileged, proud and joyous at being able to give you this news today!


PS There are approximately 1,000 Theomorphs on the planet assisting me in this Clearing Process. I have written about this before. You may be one of them. I do not need to know you personally on this level, even though I have met quite a few in person and via the Internet.

If you are one of these Frontline Warriors of Light, you may experience days when you become more tired than usual without any valid reason. You may feel mentally vague, ‘not with it’, with aching muscles and joints.

Do not be concerned. More likely than not, your Higher Consciousness on such occasions is usually away, fighting battles elsewhere, or assisting other Viables, attending Conferences on Crafts, etc., etc. You will usually not remember these episodes of visiting other places because of your body’s Filtering Mechanism.

You may have noted a pattern in your life of such episodes, and you may now identify the timing when you feel one such episode coming on. Often you will rest or even take a nap. When the episode is over, you will usually feel just fine and full of vigour again. That means your Higher Consciousness has returned.

Such episodes do not last more than a day or two. Often, if they are to last longer, a ‘Stand-in’, selected by the Light, may enter your body and continue your normal activities while you are away. Others, in such circumstances, may find you a ‘little off”! You may be less familiar with routine work, ‘less with it’, less spontaneous. Do not be concerned.

Having described these episodes of ‘whizzing away’, I must warn you that if you have physical ailments (anaemia, hypertension, vertigo from whatever cause, fainting spells, cardiac problems, history of transient cerebral ischemic attacks, strokes, renal disease, liver disease, etc., etc., please be wise and seek medical reassessment of the state of your physical health. Do not blindly or ignorantly classify any symptoms as being due to spiritual effects alone.

Of course if you do see an Allopathic Physician and describe these episodes of ‘whizzing off” during the day, more likely than not he will diagnose a form of CPS (Complex Partial Seizures) of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and he will then want to subject you to a lot of expensive investigations and treatments, and specialist consultations. If you have nothing physically found (such as the conditions I mentioned above), ignore this diagnosis and tell him/her to go jump! Alas, Metaphysics (and its Truths) and Allopathic Medicine are inimical.

 September 30, 2014

This article and its videos are definitely fuel and matches that will ignite WW 3 and let Russia validly accuse the West of dishonesty, hypocrisy and war-mongering.

 MH17 Fully Exposed! You Won’t Believe the
Shocking Truth About the Ukraine False Flag



CONFIRMED: MH-17 Victims Dead Before Crash – Forensics and Witnesses

Before the hideous tragedy of Flight MH17 disappears entirely down the memory hole, let us honor all of those grievously injured by this travesty
by NOT FORGETTING the ineffectual false flag terror event and horrendous
crime for what it was, as it disappears before our eyes, having been completely ineffective at achieving its ends; to make Russia look like the aggressor in this crime.

The crime scene continues to languish in the middle of an active war zone and the case will likely officially remain “unsolved,” if the PTB have their way.

Here, we see very genuine-seeming and spontaneous reports from local civilians on the ground, two of whom “won” the lottery, when their ceiling was crashed open by most of the remains of one victim, who landed inside. Another man describes a body that had landed on the street, already stinking awfully of decomposition.

Several witnesses shown here reported soon after the crash of MH-17, that the corpses of some victims appeared to have been dead for several days. Some were even reported to have undergone the initial stages of embalming.

This would be consistent with the ample evidence shown in other films, that the crash site appears to have been set-dressed, with props and planted evidence (such as unstamped passports and hole-punched, invalid ones).

These civilian reports were initially doubted, because they were from “rebel”
witnesses (those supporting the secession of their area from the Ukraine, as per the recent popular elections), contrary to the agenda of the USG and other players. However, other third-party witnesses, presented in this film, confirm these initial reports.

What were already-dead bodies doing, mixed in with the remains of the crash victims is anybody’s guess – perhaps it was a convenient way to dispose of airline workers who were witness to the switch-up of the actual aircraft, which was disposed-of in this crash?

As I have pointed out previously, there is much evidence to substantiate that the plane which was shot down over Ukraine had serial numbers and a distribution of windows on its fuselage that matched the plane that went
missing during a separate unsolved crime, involving the same airline, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing last March – and NOT those of the actual aircraft that was scheduled to fly to
Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam and which, was evidently shot down over the war-torn Donetsk region of Ukraine.

(Let’s also not forget that in hearings held during 2011 and 2012, the Malaysian war crimes tribunal found Tony Blair, George W. Bush and members of the latter’s Administration guilty on several counts, in
the Wars of Aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan).

Also, here is a video with more information about the likelihood that Flight MH17 was taken out by standard-issue weapons used on Ukraine fighter jets, NOT by a Russian BUK missile fired by Ukraine separatists:

Video: (under 8 mins)

CONFIRMED: MH-17 Victims Dead Before Crash –
Forensics and Witnesses


Dear Dr. Giuseppe,


After reading your last post of 9/28 I was compelled to write to tell you how privileged and joyful I feel for receiving this news.


I have experienced what you describe in your post about being fatigued without any valid reason.  Napping was not something that I was use to do but lately I’ve had to rest more frequently.  Good to know that it is part of being a Warrior of the Light.  Whatever it takes to bring this Evil planet to its demise I’m willing to do my part.


I just finished reading ” The Revenge of Camelot” and have a renewed sense of commitment, inner strength and confidence. As I was reading it was as though I was in another Dimension.  The struggles and challenges that Arthur and Gwenevere experienced are the same as those of today.  Yes, history does repeat itself.  It reaffirmed for me to recognize  and avoid  the traps, to not  get pulled in to the emotions, to always go within, to keep that pathway of communication open to the Divine Power and most important to Surrender to the Divine Being of Purity and Trust.

What a well written story as it also applies to what is happening now.


Your urgent message that we are near the End time brings such joy because that means that we will go Home soon where Divine Love, Peace, Harmony and Beauty will truly be.


Thank you for keeping us sustained.  You are a Treasure to us True Beings.


Gratitude and Love,



S writes:

I read your latest post for today, the 28th, September, and “feel better” after reading it.  I have been being blasted lately with thoughts of what a horrible person I think I was in the past and am aghast at how I could have been this way.  This type thing may be happening to others also at this time.  Anyway, thanks for what you are doing for us.  Even dark people can be helped by you if they desire sincerely to turn to the light.


A H writes: Sir,

Just finished the first volume of your series “My Conversations with God”. It was awesome.  I am in a room where my mother is watching the MSM news which is awful!!!!  Anyway, this book is wonderful.  I will check out Volume 2 tomorrow.  You are right about how everything is looking.  Models are not very beautiful at all.


Charles writes:

Beautiful essay(s) dr. . Thank you !! please don’t stop writing.  And remember those lives you changed and have an effect on, even all the way across the world in Boston 😉



I have told you that Evil would be exposed in all its facets in the Endtime for all peoples to see it clearly. This article is of particular significance in fulfilling that prophecy:



Hi there Giueseppe………….wow thanks for the post today (Sept 28) !

I do feel and look younger especially since being in India. I do hope I am helping you on this and other levels.

I do feel sore and knackered at times ,before always bouncing back. I do see who is who in the zoo far more readily these days. I do feel the NGE far from you as I evidenced in Mumbai. Glen.


More about ISIS BS:



The “KEY” is making the rounds:


Think of the consequences of the revelations made once the “Key” of 9/11 is analyzed peoperly by many. There will be no rest for the wicked.


October 3, 2014


While this article and its videos reach the conclusion of conspiracy against the sheople, their meek cries for correction are stupid and stupefying in the light of the Eugenics Program and Agenda 21.

Thus you see, some can awaken so far and no further.  Such limited and limiting knowledge is still part of cultivated ignorance.

It is like the many groups who are urging others to cut down their carbon footprint, and asking Governments around the World to reform themselves towards a better outlook and outcomes to thus advantage the (targeted and doomed) sheople. Such aspirations are pointless in the Light of What is Truly Going On.

It means such people are really still very much part of the Illusion and cannot see beyond it. They are non-Viable for sure, just like the rest of the non-Viable components of the Illusion.



In this next video, this gentleman, partially awake, wants to blame the apathy of the people for what is going on. But that is not the case at all. The populations have been purposely made apathetic so that the mechanisms of the Eugenics Program could be implemented with little resistance. They are being applied by Class 5 Demons (Archons) who are in human bodies and also in the next physical dimension above us.

Overriding this nightmare scenario is the Plan of the Light for Clearing of the Planet, and the whole Galaxy.

If you have read my books, you know all about that!



I do NOT expect you to watch all the videos in this article. I post it to demonstrate the fact that the “Archons” have always used the “Fear of Physical Death” to manipulate the sheople.

Even as they blackmail sheople with this fear of death, they give (false) hope by saying there is a Heaven as reward. But, they are quick to point out there is a Hell if you have sinned. Of course “EVERY BODY” is programmed by the Evil System to make mistakes which the System calls ‘sins’. Thus, unless truly spiritually awakened, one is in fear of punishment for ‘sins’ commited. Clever, hey? No, not clever; just very evil!! Many overcome this fear somewhat by declaring they are atheists and do not believe in any afterlife mumbo-jumbo – an even more stupid pseudo-solution to the Problem of Evil.


Awakened Viables are looking forward to their exit from this Abomination, regardless of the Mechanism of exit. Of course, we would like our exit to be peaceful and painless, if possible, for all Viables, including our wonderful pets.


Confirming what we all know:



This article explains clearly what I have revealed to you. However, the conclusive thrust is NOT what they say here. We need to prepare to get out of this HELL before it is totally obliterated.



Again the emphasis is on the impossible: Survival of this Condemned Hell. These types of articles are doing a great disservice for as they highlight the danger, they give false hope of survival of the physical and continuation of this Hell. In other words, these authors are working for EVIL. They have no idea about the Greater Reality, and if they have, they are making sure no Sheople know about it.

I have told you repeatedly, this Physical Dimension is finished!!

Your mental, emotions, intellectual and spiritual preparation should be to prepare you for the exit from here asap when the signal to do so is given.




My thanks to Randy for forwarding these most revealing articles about Vaccines, Aspirin, Dishonesty, Greed and Death on a massive scale:

Read the other articles within the main one. They are most revealing:





I guess you have seen this about the evils of Big Pharma:


These articles confirm that this is a very Evil world that exists for the exploitation of certain beings that are trapped within it.

The only solution possible is the total elimination of the Prison, release of the trapped beings that are still viable and placement in their proper Evil-free dimensions.

It has been my privileged role to be able to

  • Give this information to the world in this Final Generation;
  • Provide a timetable of the eventual total destruction of the planet, the galaxy and the whole Universe.
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the Virtual Reality, how it arose, who runs it, and what is to be done about it and its non-viable minions;
  • Provide a detailed explanation of all the facets of Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination which have kept us (as physical beings) drugged, incompetent and unaware of the Greater Reality to which we truly belong;

5                 Assist in the distribution of the New Green Energy which will spiritually sustain the Viables during this period when the non-Viables will spiritually starve to death (energetically).

I do more than that, of course, but it is not yet time to reveal all aspects of my work.


Dear Giuseppe…


After all these years i really looked at your heading on your web site…it was more beautiful than i had ever seen it before…i saw this beautiful seed of divine spark floating in a sea of the New Green Energy…


All my best to you and your beautiful pets… Lots of LOVE;  L.

October 5, 2014

There are many items to explore today. Big breath, take phone of hook, turn off mobile and go..go..go…

Reminders of what I wrote in the past:

Evil begets Evil!

Evil Beings are cursed by their own evil!

What the latter means is that evil Beings cannot escape self-destruction!

So, let us continue to examine other videos from diverse sources that affirm these statements I made years ago.


I reproduce what I had written on the website a little earlier:


It follows logically that if you have understood what I have written,


  • You will be filled with Happiness and Joy.
  • All Doubt will be dispelled from your mind.
  • All Fear of any loss, fear of Physical Death, of the fate of ‘loved ones’, will vanish.
  • Understanding will fill your mind
  • You will glow with the sanctifying New Green Energy that will sustain you.
  • Your mind will exhibit the clarity of the Beatified
  • You will escape the scourge of Terminally Madness that is even now engulfing the Plane.
  • As failures around you go insane, from you will emanate the Love and Glory of the truly Divine.



As time progresses, Viables will sense the foul energy of the non-Viables more than ever and they will want to shun them, and to be with ones of like energy, if possible. This will not always be possible.

The non-Viables will grow angry, irrational and violent, mainly because their minds are decaying at an accelerated and alarming pace and because of their reaction to the NGE, as I mentioned above.

Watch closely the leaders of the World. The madness will be most clearly expressed in them. This is already abundantly clear as they start threatening each other with nuclear weapons and forecasting the desire to kill their own populations on suspicion of lack of Patriotism to support foul deeds, past and future, etc.


List of Consciousnesses

In answer to a reader’s question, here is a list of consciousnesses on Earth today:

  • There are 10 major classes of consciousness in human bodies and they are physically indistinguishable while in the physical bodies.

These classes are as follows:

i Ancients,

ii Ancients of Ancients,

iii Earthling PA beings, (PA means Permanent Atom)

iv Translocated PA beings from other planets (beings who have been kidnapped from other planets — many of these are now spontaneously awakening to the fact that they are not earthlings),

v The counterfeit, Evil-created non-PA beings (both robotic and demonic),

vi Class 5 beings (Spiritual beings called Walk-ins), of both essences. Reptilians are in this class. They are all demonic and therefore evil.

vii Fallen Class 5 beings (from the Angelic, Devic class),

viii Special Creations of the Supreme,

ix Evil incomplete beings (called soulless beings) and

x The Divine Rescuers (Avatars).

For details of these you will need to read my books.


More from Randy about the Ebola scare and scam:

Pretty happy looking people at the ebola-fest. Check out the guy behind the judge. Is he looking down because he has a big smirk on his face?


Cheerful property manager.


This site has a few anomalous photos.


Here we have a cleanup truck with a guy wearing jeans – very protective. We also see the judge entering the building with no protection. Since he is in on the scam, he knows there is nothing to fear. We have cops standing around doing nothing, and a spectator sitting on the curb. There is also a big scrum in front of The Ivy complex, which would not be happening if there was any health risk.

Here is a second photo of the cops with one of them smiling – nothing more amusing than ebola, don’t you know.


Read on http://www.jimstonefreelance.com

Jim Stone thinks Ebola, real or not, is a ruse to get the Merry Cans vaccinated and chipped.


Who really is behind the Ukrainian abuse of Russia?



My thanks to Priscille for sending these informative videos.

More Examples of Terminal Madness:





Bill & Melinda Gates , they are always up to no-good !



On the fun side:

1             Who loves you baby?


2            Dance with me:



Leopards cannot change their spots and Evil Beings can never stop lying:



Proliferative Terminal Madness:

All 7 billion outside of the USA now know 911 was a false flag, as do 90% of the people in the USA.

This Archon wants to kill them all for knowing the Truth!!


  1. H. writes: Thank you so much for the wonderful books “My Conversations with God” and the time you took with them.  The quote below rings so true with so much!!!!!



There is a bully that worries me,

What should I do?”


“Pity him,

for the manifestation of

Physical Violence denotes a

Weak, undeveloped mind.


Pity will arouse Shame,

Then Self-pity, which,

If not dealt with properly,

Is soul destroying

Even in bullies.”


-Conversations with God, Book 2, Joseph Chiappalone (Doctor of Metaphysics)