Here are the two chapters of my book “Thoughts of a Gnostic, Vol 1” referred to in this email:

Chapter 84

Unresolved Anger

Each on this plane has suffered in countless ways, some more than others. Some have managed to resolve the negative emotions stimulated by the pain, suffering and misery they have been subjected to and witnessed, others have not. Many are so badly scarred, they are dysfunctional, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Many are wrecks, in the wings of life, being unable to cope any longer, terrified by thoughts of having to re-experience that which affected them severely.

Some, from torrid love affairs, and unfaithfulness, become hateful misogynists, even misanthropes. Many, of course, go on a destructive rampage against society, the system, religions, etc. Others appear less affected, but internally they hurt quite a lot. But what they are really doing is hurting themselves further.

Many are actual outlaws who are trapped and punished further eventually. The system is set up to emotionally exploit indiscriminately. Sure, the True Beings are the targets, but all live under the same conditions. To react, and become even more destructive, is to fall into an even greater trap, for that is what the system wants, for then it can punish more openly, and more severely, with apparent justification.

There are as many ways that people suffer mentally, emotionally, physically, as there are people. Many are traumatised in childhood, either being abused sexually by relatives and friends, etc., or bullied by peers and spiteful teachers at school, etc. One shudders to think how many young girls have been molested and raped by uncles, cousins, and others whom they trusted, how many others have been molested by religious figures from whom they sought counsel, etc.

Many of those doing the molesting, inciting suffering in minor and major ways, are demons placed there especially to do that. They do not see their victims in a personal way at all. The conditions are not unique. If it was not you they were taunting, it would be another. The personal aspect is very minor. They do sense True Beings however, and know these are more trusting, easier to fool, and they have more energy to be stolen. Hence, they seem to target such True Beings. The demons seem to be able to recognise each other more readily and are more wary of each other than True Beings are of them, but they still exploit other demons.

True Beings are built with a great degree of trust within them and the need to love, share, not judge, think the best of everyone, etc. This is because they are not evil. But these qualities in the evil societies of this evil realm are not valued. In fact, they are seen as weaknesses and exploited by the demons.

The fine qualities of the True Beings make them easy prey. They are more likely to listen to the spurious indoctrination of the demon-controlled religions, and attempt to love others, regardless of what they seem. They are the ones who try to turn the other cheek. They are the ones who try to be fair in business, etc.

The demons do not believe their own propaganda. They are hypocrites. When did the Catholic Church ever turn the other cheek or give its enemies a second chance? It raped, pillaged and burned without remorse. If you want more details, read my earlier book, “Death of an Evil God”.

True Beings have to learn the methods of evil, to act evilly, for evil is not in their nature. In every lifetime, because of the forgotten lessons of previous lives, the forgetfulness being due to the erosion of memory by the filtering mechanism of the physical body, the True Beings have to struggle to reach a point of awakening.

But almost without exception, they have all fallen into various traps which exploit them and make them suffer, before they reawaken. No doubt you, the reader, will have recognised the traps you have fallen into at this stage.

But all is not lost. It is now time to reassess the situation, in the light of revealed Gnostic knowledge, and see what can be done about it. You may have a great deal of frustration and anger within you which are as yet unresolved. These feelings can tether you to the past and prevent spiritual advancement and further fulfilment of your designated role. It will be as if you are trying to travel on a path with a burden beyond your capacity to carry. You will not get far. Hence, you, like every other True Being who has been affected deleteriously, must lighten your load. I do not know any True Being who has not been adversely affected. I do not know any person on earth who has not suffered.

True Beings who sell out to the system appear to escape somewhat, but they are really no longer True Beings. They are traitors and will be dealt with accordingly. It would be of little concern if they sold out and left others alone. But, in fact, they are used by the system to entrap other True Beings, and that is the tragedy of it all.

You have to examine your mind yourself and see what is there. What bothers you the most? In the quiet moments, what thoughts come to torment you? Often when your energy is low and you are least protected, the thoughts which have had the most exploitative effect on you, return.

They are always there in the background and are used to stir your emotions, to incite anger, guilt, frustration, remorse, feelings of unworthiness, etc., so that you will, once again, lose energy, or be motivated to act destructively against your partner, against those whom you want to blame for your problems, against society in general, against your religion, God, etc.

Ultimately, such motivation is to force you to self-destruct. In all of this you are the real target. These thoughts making you act this way are bullets with your name on them. They do not affect anyone else. They are dangerous.

Hence, do not entertain them. If it is in your power, destroy them by logic, by attacking them, by sublimating them, by sharing your problems, by asking for help, by praying, by calling upon Higher Consciousnesses for advice and assistance, by seeking out God’s advice directly.

You see, there are many ways to solve the problem. What you must not do is act destructively. Act constructively by all means. By this I mean that if you are in an exposed, exploitative situation, whether it be a personal relationship, business partnership, job, school, rental agreement, whatever, that is obviously detrimental to you in any number of ways, you should take steps to remove yourself from that situation. That is only common sense. But it is amazing how many people cannot do it.

They lack the courage to act, or else, they are blackmailed by little pleasures which in themselves are even more destructive and weaken the True Being further. You have to judge whether you are in such a situation.

This may appear remote and a little academic to some but it is of paramount importance to the physical well-being of an individual as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

It is well documented that unresolved frustrations, anxiety, anger, depression, etc., can all lead to physical disease including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, even cancer.

With the Gnostic knowledge, and knowing what is going on in this realm, you should be able to resolve your inner emotions satisfactorily. It may be even more painful initially, for we all tend to suppress rather than resolve feelings which hurt us, but it must be done. It will be like pulling out barbs from the flesh, and until the wounds heal, they will smart. But that is a once only procedure.

It is better to do that than have the barbs always there in the flesh to fester at any time and to have demons come along and torture us by giving them a twist whenever the occasion for them to do so arises.

Left in place they are a constant source of exploitation and energy drainage. We are better off without them. We are healthier without them. One is not cured unless they are removed.

Inner emotional conflicts must be resolved for you to become an effective worker of the Light.


You also said in this Book in chapter “Crisis” “As crisis come and go in your physical life, realize that evil programming, pollution and indoctrination are more effective when one is tired or physically and mentally overtaxed.  I used to be involved with a group from 2001 to 2010 and the teacher would keep us up all night.  During a week end workshop I would get just a few hours of sleep.  I was looking for the truth in the wrong places (traps!).

Chapter 63


Personal crises, mid-life or otherwise, appear to be a necessary occurrence in the Awakening Process as one begins to see through the Veils of Maya, through the sham of what the Evil Empire presents as Reality.

Not all such crises are spiritually orientated of course. Many have crises as they see the end of youth’s thought of physical immortality and plunge even more recklessly into the pursuit of self-gratification. This the psychiatrists can understand, for they are in the same group to be sure.

But the thought of spiritual reality to replace the mundane one is often beyond many of them and so they categorise the results of further pursuits by awakening aspirants in pejorative terms.

Do not be put off by any attacks from any quarter as you awaken. Be firm in your convictions and seek the Light always, regardless of how many obstacles Evil places in front of you.

It is the lower beings who must change to fit into the Plan of the Light’s correction and not vice versa. Hence, change yourself in any way needed for you to progress on your Path to Liberation. You will know when you are doing well and when you are doing poorly. You are no fool.

But, you would be foolish to think that this system will not submit you, as a True Being, to the utmost humiliation, if it can, especially as you awaken.

Every evil mechanism in creation exists for 2 reasons:

a to exploit True Beings of their Divine energy;

b to make True Beings give up their struggle against evil.

As Crises come and go in your physical life, realise that evil programming, pollution and indoctrination are more effective when one is tired or physically and mentally overtaxed. Avoid such states. Rest often on your journey and hasten slowly.

Give the lower mind little leeway, for to depend on human reason is to be human. But to depend on the Inner Faith is to become Divine.

And even as you struggle, like all other Viables must, know that admitting one’s weaknesses is the first step in their eradication. Never, ever give up the struggle against Evil, for sorrow and silence are strong, but patient endurance is godlike.

Confusion on all topics, with misinformation and disinformation coming from all angles, will be the order of the day as the final days approach. Such Confusion can deepen your Crises and make you entertain Doubt more easily. See through this phase and remain strong!

On any level at any time, especially the physical where we find ourselves, the Divine Power can only be as effective as the instruments used are effective. That is why any who want to use such Power should try to become as perfect an instrument as possible.

And watch your thoughts at all times. They can be implanted rubbish. Your mental function can make or break you. Beware of those who attack you insidiously and implant doubt as you spend time with them. They are anathema to the Spirit. When one is affected by the negative energies from anyone or any source, mental function manifests little or no Divinity. Realising this and accepting that it is so are the first steps to improvement and detaching from such sources.



No longer a guessing game?   http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/testmossad.mp4





Take courage. Only good will come out of this, for the Good.


The rationale behind Fluoride, Chemtrails, Psychotropic drugs, etc…..




About the coming Fragmentation which I first mentioned in my first book in 1985.

Warning: These clips are boooooring:






You are probably aware of most of these items, but it is still interesting to review them:



The ‘ghosts’ seen in such clips and photos are the etheric bodies of discarnates which can last hundreds of years before they dissipate.



Robots on the march with the clear programing of Nationalism! The best part of this clip is the few bars of music at the start written by Beethoven – an Avatar splinter who, with Haydn, Mozart, and Bach formed a renowned quartet for that era. They all contained the Avatar Energy. I know the identity of all 4. Babaji was Bach.  J





This is from Waking Times. I think they should call the site Wasting Time:




Dr Maurice Rawlings, in fact, provided data that over 70 % of NDExperiencers have a Hellish experience if they are interviewed as soon as they awaken. If the interview is delayed, the memory is washed clean and either nothing is recalled, or the ‘heaven’ baloney.

Where is the Hell? It is part of the lower Astral World!!


BTW The Astral Plane Hell is the level in which ALL Religious Hierarchy’s are based.


The “Wonderful” afterlife theatrics are Astral World Illusion.


This again reminds me to remind you that psychics and clairvoyants who contact your dead relatives, pets, etc., are giving you pre-determined baloney in nearly all cases.


I have firsthand experience of (True) beings who have been forced out of the Physical and gone to the Astral World and been encased in jail type compartments. They are in prison and await the time of Liberation.


If you have time, read Dr Rawlings’ book “To Hell and Back.”


I guess by now you have seen this:




Demons at Work:




Near the end of the video, there is the case of the older woman dying of cancer and donating most of her money to these demonic sharks who feast on the Fear of Death. It is said she hoped by giving them her money “god’ would cure her of her cancer. This is really sick !


The fault lies with the idiotic individuals in the audience too, does it not? If a person really believes in ‘God’ and Heaven, s/he would welcome the chance to get there asap by dying, no matter what the cause, as long as they were happy to leave. But programmed FEAR holds them back and instead, the fearful ones do everything they can to live in this Hell longer and to to prevent their journey to be with “God”.
Given the choice, what would you choose?


Generally speaking, those who try as hard as they can to live as long as they can in this Hell are not True Beings.


A true Being will seek the path to Home once it feels its work here is done.


If you are a True Being, you will know when that time comes, and you will rejoice the Liberation, regardless of whether it comes from war, accident, earthquake, drowning, radiation, cancer, starvation, assassination, etc., etc.



Consciousnesses in Class 1, 2 and 3 also need to leave the Physical. Don’t be like the stupid ones and feel sad. Be joyous for you know what it all means. The evil non-Viable consciousnesses are being eradicated. The Viable ones are ‘Going Home”. That is, they are going to another dimension to resume a new evolutionary cycle without Evil.





Dont fall for anecdotal stories of apparent great success like this one. I had many, many cancer patients taking this particular mushroom in capsule form with not the slightest change in the course of their disease.





August 28, 2014

In an attempt to help you a little more in these confusing Endtimes, here is another chapter from one of my books.


Please note, I have had to increase the price of books from today.





What is faith? What allows beings to believe certain things which they cannot prove on the physical plane? How is it that some understand things beyond the physical senses, and express an inner knowing which allows them to be confident of, and have faith in, that which cannot be seen, touched, measured or demonstrated to others?

What is the mechanism and rationale behind faith? Why is it that some have infinite capacity for faith and others have very little or none? These are the questions I will answer in this chapter.

Only fools believe that which is non-existent. Only fools allow themselves to be caught in a world of unreality. But, True Beings are not fools!

Faith is based upon the INNER REALITY.

All True Beings recognize and acknowledge the Inner Reality. They recognize all aspects of the Truth, and in their Inner Being they have access to all aspects of the Truth. Faith is only needed at the outer mind level. There is no need for faith when one knows all, when one is aware of the True Reality and all its implications, interactions and consequences. When all is known, there is no need for faith.

Faith is a condition of the outer mind which expresses an acknowledgement of the reality which is not immediately remembered, recognized or used at that outer mind level. In other words, faith is the essence of a being functioning at the outer mind level when the inner reality and the truth (which have been recognized at the inner spiritual mind level) have been temporarily forgotten.

It is a mechanism which reminds the outer mind that the inner being knows far more than the outer mind can remember, express or understand. The greater the degree of faith, the less room is there for the evil programming and pollution to create the essences of doubt and scepticism. Where faith expresses, doubt and scepticism cannot. This is the reason why all the Masters Who have descended on to this plane and all the genuine spiritual philosophers, exhort us to have faith.

In expressing faith we minimize the manifestation of doubt and scepticism caused by evil programming and pollution, and indoctrination, and maximize the chance of bypassing the filtering mechanism of the physical body and remembering the true inner reality.

Beings who have faith in certain things such as:

  • the existence of evil,
  • the destructiveness of the evil system,
  • the presence of an invisible war, the consequences of which are very, very visible of course,
  • the presence of a rescuing Divine energy, and
  • the existence of a `Father’ Who will judge, punish the evil and reward the faithful,

base their faith on facts of reality which the inner being knows.

Faith is based on a very sound logical basis. It is based on the actual reality of that which exists. Because things on this plane have been distorted and obscured, the logical basis for belief in various things is not obvious. People who believe certain metaphysical and spiritual things believe them because they are facts, and not because they are things that they want to make up.

When certain facts are remembered or encountered at the outer mind level often confusion results and the being is not certain as to how much it should believe and how much credence should be placed on these facts.

This confusion and conflict are proportional to the amount of programming, pollution and indoctrination which have caused doubt and scepticism on the other mind and also can affect the degree of faith of the being. The more a being recognizes the facts of truth, and to be able to recognize them he must connect to his inner being, the greater his faith and the less the doubt and scepticism.

When some facts are met, they awaken a `knowingness’ within and beings have more and more faith that they are true. In other words, they are believed more and more because they awaken beings and mirror the truth within them. At other times, when faith is called for, to accept other facts which appear very foreign and disturbing, the inner being knows just how truthful such facts are, and the inner being will tell the outer mind whether they are to be believed or not. So it is that our inner mechanism can actually filter false facts and confirm facts of the true inner reality so that the basis of our faith is unshakeable and it will not be misplaced.

Beings who are totally programmed on the outer mind for full scepticism as discussed in a previous chapter, do not only express faithlessness, but they also actively attack those who do give themselves to this feature of the inner reality.

True Beings, as I have said, are not fools. They recognize reality and the facts of reality no matter how distorted the system that contains them is. Their being knows what is true and what is false, and that is why faith is created within them.

It is the distorted evil system which tries to destroy this faith by bombarding them with more and more programming, pollution, indoctrination, scepticism and doubt in order to destroy the connection to the inner reality and allow acceptance of that illusion which it has built and which is called Maya.

This is why all the Masters have stated that we live in an illusional world, that there is a reality beyond the senses, and that we must have faith that this is so. A time has almost been reached in this generation when it will no longer be necessary to have faith because the true reality will be exposed, as the illusion is destroyed.

Faith is a measure of the degree of expressed Divinity of a being. It is a measure of the success the beings has had in connecting to the inner being and remembering the reality within.

Fools do not have faith. Fools do not have the courage to express faith. Faith is an essence of true Divine beings that have courage to express the fact that they remember glimpses of the reality which the Evil System has tried so desperately to make them forget.

The greater the faith the being expresses, the more unshakeable is s/he by the doubts and scepticism of this evil system.

Conversely, the more s/he allows programming, pollution and indoctrination to affect his physical vehicles and mind, the less will his faith be, and the more will he become subject to the whims of the Evil System.

The inner being connecting to the outer mind, and also connected to other levels and dimension and to other helpers, guides, protectors, and other dimensional beings, can communicate information to the outer mind of the being in various ways. Clairvoyant mechanisms, tuition in times of astral travel, regression, rebirthing, and so on, are used.

The faith expressed at the outer mind level is the manifestation of such communication and the success of the being’s ability to unshackle his outer mind from the effects of programming, pollution, indoctrination, doubt and scepticism.

The more a being is aware of the Inner Reality, the greater his faith. This is true logically, for the faith will be proportional to the amount of the Inner Reality brought onto the outer mind.

The unaware person can have only `blind faith’, and really this is a misnomer for how can one blindly believe in anything one does not know? Only a fool would do this. Only a fool would have blind faith.

No, the faith of True Beings, the faith of the aware person, is an essence of expression on the outer physical mind of the knowledge of the Truth within.

The unaware person, or the person who expresses blind faith in anything, is really like a mindless robot. He can be pushed this way and that by anyone who cares to program his outer mind. He has really no logical basis for any faith. He is a mind ready to be taken over. This is not a faithful being, this in fact is a faithless being. He would switch allegiance to match the programming!

The non-Permanent Atom beings also know the truth of things. Their evil controlling demigod dictates how much they can recall. They also have faith in their inner reality, and can express this at the outer mind level. However, their inner reality is a programmed reality and not the absolute truth. Hence, the basis of their faith is false, and they can be programmed with any information that the evil demigod wishes, once they have given themselves over to him by use of their freewill.

Once awareness increases and connection to the true inner being is made more proficiently, the inner reality will be revealed more and more to the outer minds of beings on this plane. It is then that the logical firm basis for their faith will be revealed, and the more the truth of the inner reality is revealed, obviously, the less the faith needed. However, greater will be the confidence that they will express in having had that faith.

And so it is in the latter part of this generation as the massive changes occur to clear the planet as I have described, the faith of the True Beings who knew this information in their inner being will be rewarded with that confidence of having known the truth in times of darkness and evil attacks.

As the knowledge is exposed there will be no more need for faith by anyone, for the time for faith will have passed. Faith is only required when the truth and inner reality are hidden. It is faith that allows the True Beings to say “I believe such and such”, and they could add: “for within me I know that such and such is the truth. It is only the filtering mechanism of this physical body I am using which prevents me from knowing the details of that which is within me. However, because of this faith I know that this inner reality for me is the truth”.

And so it is that the True Beings will awaken more and more as they hear this information, and their faith will increase for this information and message will correlate with the `knowingness’ their inner truth and reality provide.

And as their faith grows their doubt and scepticism due to the programming, pollution and indoctrination, which they will bypass more and more, will decrease. And then as the things described come to pass their confidence will increase enormously. Their faith will be vindicated.

As more and more of the evil system will be destroyed the programming which has been used to block any beings, including the non-Permanent Atom beings, will be smashed, and even they will come to the realization of the true reality and truth previously hidden by the Maya. And even they will see that this information and message were correct.

However, on the outer mind level faithless and evil beings may not acknowledge the truth of what has been given. In their stubborn, programmed way many will defy the Divine to the very last, clinging on to their evil egos and denying the truth and inner reality which is exposed more and more even as the planet crumbles around their ears.

It is impossible to have faith in anything unless the truth of what is given is within the inner consciousness of the being. And so it is that those who express faith in the `Father’, His rescue, His Judgement, His ability to punish and reward, base their faith on the truth within them. They know that this is so.

(In reality, the ‘Father Energy’ does not punish anyone. It is the failed beings who punish themselves by rejecting the offer to come into the Light!)

Faith can be built up more and more by going into the realms of the inner being and contacting that information contained within, even if it is not adequately translated back on to the outer physical mind. This explains the confidence, the poise, the serenity and faith of people who practise meditation, and practise connection to their units of consciousness, to their guides, helpers and protectors.

In these episodes of connection they receive the encouragement, information, and the reminders of the Truth, and, of course, these express as the qualities I have mentioned and as a strengthening of the faith in the beings. The faith of aware beings and their confidence of an inner knowledge are so strong that they threaten the doubt and scepticism of the unaware. (Thus, you will find the faithless and failed individuals will have a loathing for you while at the same time they secretly fear that you may be correct in what you believe.)

This faith and inner knowing are powers which are beyond the comprehension of the outer mind. One need not delve deeply into metaphysical philosophy to confirm that this is so. Many beings who have received communication form other levels, realms and dimensions even on mundane matters such as literature, mathematics, physics, etc., knew this.

Beings such as Newton, Einstein and Edison had powers which consisted of inner poise, confidence, faith and knowledge because their inner beings knew of undisclosed information which was truthful information and which would be released in their own lifetimes. At the outer physical mind level this knowingness of truthful information merely expressed as faith in their abilities to be able to eventually manifest the information onto this plane.

The mechanism of their faith was this: the information was channelled to them from other levels, realms and dimensions where the reality of the information was unquestionable. And in their inner being it was also unquestionable. It was a matter then of merely allowing the outer mind to produce the faith and express this know reality, which on this level was still a part of the unreal.

(I have mentioned this previous: Friedrich August Kekulé dreamt of the structure of the benzene ring. Dr George Ritchie mentions the creation of structures and solutions to problems to be passed down to this level as ideas from the Astral. He does so in his book ‘Return from Tomorrow’ in which he describes his NDE and what he saw while out of the body.)

Profound metaphysical concepts are involved in the lives, discoveries and works of these men whom I have singled out as `ordinary’ examples. They too were aware of them. And yet how illogical science is, it does not even acknowledge the existence of most of the truth and reality of Metaphysics and Ontology, the mechanisms of which were used to create, develop and enhance science on this planet!!

In these volumes I have asked people to examine the information and discern for themselves the correctness of any information, to go within and see whether the information does harmonize with the awakened being within. Of course I’ve mentioned the safeguards that need to be taken, such as protection, bypassing programming and pollution, cleansing of chakras, proper diet and so on.

Beings will find that the faith produced by the correct information will be a measure of their degree of awakening. The knowing will come as a realization from within, as an awakening which cannot be described with words. They just know it is correct!

It will not communicate via the brain and outer mind, rather it will communicate as a `knowingness’ from the fourth chakra, for it is at the fourth chakra level, (the heart chakra), that the inner being communicates with the physical and subtle bodies. The heart chakra is the channel of communication of the inner being to the physical in Class 4 beings.

To express faith is to recognize the presence of the inner being, the inner reality, the inner truth and the awakening that has occurred in a being. It is a measure of progress on the spiritual path, not because others have given information, but because the being has recognized information from within and has built faith with which to express it.

Conversely, the expression of doubt and scepticism is a measure of the degree of disruption of any connection and loss of recognition of the inner being, inner reality, and inner truth.

Doubt and scepticism are a measure of the degree of unawareness of any being. The further along the path of spirituality and the more awakened, the less the doubt and scepticism does a being manifest, and the more faith and unshakeable conviction of the inner reality and truth will the being have and manifest.

Faith is the fundamental principle by which all True Beings exist in this evil, distorted system.

It is the expression of confidence in themselves, in the truth, in their heritage, in their Source and in their heavenly `Father’, Who is about to rescue them.

Doubt and scepticism are impositions onto the outer physical minds because of programming, pollution and indoctrination.

Faith instead can only come from within the being. Anyone can be forced to have doubt and scepticism by being bombarded with programming and pollution and illogical arguments of the Evil System. However, no one can be forced to have faith, for faith comes from within the being, and it expresses from within outward.

Faith is a measure of the being’s knowledge, connection to the inner reality and truth, and degree of development of his awareness, whereas doubt and scepticism are a measure of his degree of programming, pollution and indoctrination.

As beings awaken more and more and connect to their true inner being they will bypass any distortion, programming and pollution which has caused misplaced faith in certain things to occur. They will quickly see those plots which are part of the illusion and the illogical basis of the spurious knowledge and information provided by this Evil System.

There is no way True Beings can be held back from discovering their true knowledge and truth and expressing the true faith which such a discovery brings. When such awakening occurs en masse the evil faithless beings will be no match for the Warriors of the Light, which the True Beings will become. Their faith will be so powerful and unshakeable that it will send shudders of defeat into the evil, usurping, energy-sucking mock beings. The illusion will have been destroyed forever.

Those who consciously astral travel know that they astral travel.

Those meditators who connect to other levels, realms and dimensions and to other consciousnesses know that these other levels, realms and dimensions and consciousnesses exist.

Those who channel information from other dimensions know that to they are communicating and channelling this information from outside this dimension.

Those who regress into past lives know that they have existed in the past lives they see.

Those who express psychic phenomenological manifestations, such as clairvoyance, etc., know that this mechanism is of their own natural abilities.

This knowing is the unshakeable basis for their faith. They do not have to believe in things that are unreal or untrue. Their faith is based on experiences of knowledge and facts, experiences which are just as real, and even more so, than experiences on this distorted, evil, physical plane. With these experiences and inner knowing they have all the faith they need and are unshakeable when targeted by the sceptics with their scorn and ridicule.

  • There is no other way to develop that faith except from the inner knowing.
  • There is no way that the faith of one can be transferred to another being.
  • There is no other way that faith can be explained except by the inner knowing.
  • There is no way in which the faithless beings can be given the faith produced by the inner knowing.

All those who profess lack of faith in any inner reality or knowledge of truth, as I said earlier, are either totally unawakened and fooled beings, or programmed liars. They are minions of the evil demigod and his system.

Some of the more difficult hurdles awakening beings have to overcome are the scorn, ridicule, hatefulness, derision and vindictiveness which the faithless evil ones have for the True Beings who express great faith in their inner knowledge and `Father’ energy. This is because these faithless, evil beings refuse to acknowledge the truth.

The certainty of the inner knowing of those who successfully connect with the true inner being and discover their nature, identity, mission, powers, Source and Divinity is also the quality which allows immense unshakeable faith to be expressed in their physical lives.

There is no way that such beings can be fooled by this distorted illusion of this system. And there is no way they can be convinced by the programming, pollution and indoctrination that what they experience within is not the true reality and the truth. The inner knowing gives them all the answers they need, and it expressed at the outer mind level as the faith which give them all the strength, determination and courage to valiantly wade through this filth, and assist in the war which is about to be resolved.

The faith produced by this inner knowing provides them with an armour and shield with which they are totally protected from the attacks of scorn, ridicule and humiliation thrown upon them by the unaware, the faithless, the evil beings and the robots of the Dark Side, and with which they can attack programming, pollution and indoctrination.

Be proud to express your faith which reflects your inner knowing, your certainty and your true identity. The more this faith is expressed, the more are the evil beings of Darkness repelled back into their demonic realms to await the fate which they deserve.

Just as doubt and scepticism are tools of the evil demigod, faith is the tool of the Divine beings, which is to be used until the time of liberation and total exposure and destruction of all Evil.


August 29, 2014
Modern Medicine and Big Pharma now clearly demonstrate their true nature. As one reader said to me, “You said the Evil Ones would be exposed! As always you are right! “

They are Demons at Work, so read this:

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And this: Canada used to be such a nice country:






As one cynic said “What better way to get rid of people, as per the Eugenics Program, than to give them compulsory, YES COMPULSARY, vaccines with death-dealing agents in them e.g. Ebola?






All need to know why the End is here and that some (the majority) have NOT ‘made it’.






But, to this day, it appears most do not want to wake up. But wait, when the S.H.T.F., all those asleep with yell with fear at the horror!








Be warned: It is going to become really confusing in these last days. The BS will be highlighted as never before.:











Galaxies do suffer trauma and death. Here is an example of collision.

This one, our galazxy, is scheduled for liquefaction as I discussed before.

BTW, take note of the movie trailer in this clip. Have you noticed nearly all Hollywood productions, especially TV series, are now about FEAR and Physical Death? What better way to control the mob?



They probably will keep using BS while they destroy Truth-revealing sites:



September 1, 2014
Who needs to smoke Dope to become one?


Governments, Modern Medicine and Big Pharma are looking after you

Ha ha!!


This is just another reason to ring the final Bell!





About Vaccines: Very Important data






Hopefully the above link still works by the time you get it…graphic video of the MH17 crash. It verifies the claims by Russian military that indeed the bodies of the passengers were in an advanced state of decomposition when the plane crashed. Here is the link to the article linking the video…



The Plot thickens









It’s called pandering to the goyim:



The Truth about Snowden:



Fatal BS! Truly Terminal Madness of the Endtime



Who is behind all the evil?



For when you have nothing else to do:



What an O’bummer:



Laurie writes:

So much going on it is hard to keep up with it all….i usually just go for the overview of what’s happening and focus on a few headlines that catch my eye….


Do you think this is for real?….it’s amazing how quickly the failures and robots are being exposed….


I read something from your books or website everyday it really keeps me grounded, focused, aware so THANK YOU


Demons at work, at play, on TV


Demons are bound on Self-destruction. Iacta alea est: The Dye is cast:



Oh oh, more S…t for the fan:



I’ve just returned from a 9 day tenting vacation and missed your posts.

However, while camping I had the most priceless items with me your books.  I’m reading ” Keys to Reality” which I find interesting and so enriching. The information resonates to the core of my being.  There is so much to read and I would like to reread the books a second time.

We are all so trapped here and we are waiting for the Rescue Team to take us home.  Soon I hope.
Reading your books is helping me to understand everything at a much deeper level.
You have brought so much joy in my life and I am truly grateful.

Must add that it was enjoyable having you on my camping trip.  Oh yes, and my bedtime reading are your poems.  I never cared much for poems, but yours are from the heart.  Thank you for sharing.


There will be no end to the BS in order to start a war:



My assertion that ALL religions are evil stands:



Where is the root of all Evil?




September 2, 2014

Part Three



I suggest that if you are timid or easily upset by descriptions of the ferocious Reality we are being forced to live in, you do not continue reading this essay. Rather, try to tap into your ‘soul” and ask for guidance in these horrendous times through which we are entrapped and ask yourself what the Endpoint of it all may be.

If you want the essence of what is happening, regardless of emotions being stirred, and brutal, illusional, evil Fear raising its ugly countenance in your life, more than ever before, read on.

FEAR is a programed illusion, for what is to be is to be, and there is no point worrying about the outcome of the situation we are now in.

Fear is programmed onto our Outer Mind. Yes, there is also an Inner Mind, and for explanations you will have to read my writings further.

Fear is programmed by the Essence of Darkness that controls this ungodly world (the Physical Universe) for the purpose of exploiting all of us and controlling us, but the real targets are the ones with Divine Energy within them. Again I ask that you read my books for details. You will find a list of my books on the first page of my website whose address is given below.

There can be no better example of this evil exploitation than the FEAR engendered in the lives of all of us, in every country on the globe, now especially in our American cousins, by the purposeful fragmentation and disorder orchestrated by ruling archons that do not have the best interest of the citizenry at heart. Three simple words will expose this feat as nothing else can: “The Eugenics Program”. In modern times, although it has been disguised as a moderate, humanistic, self-serving Plan called ‘Agenda 21’ the Eugenics Program essentially refers to the evil and selfish elimination of most of “Humanity” for nefarious, and certainly not benign, reasons.

But, there is a Divine Plan in action, and this Plan CANNOT fail! This I guarantee.

Even Blind Freddie and Dumb Debbie can now see something extremely dramatic and unprecedented is occurring in the world.

Our lives are affected by hitherto unimagined factors that spell DOOM for the Physical Component of our existence.

Those who can only conceive a Physical Component of their existence are, in essence, doomed and are going to be extremely distressed by what is taking place and what is to develop as we progress inexorably towards an Endpoint.

Those who know and see beyond the Physical Absurdity can easily bypass the temporary, programmed fear of physical annihilation and project into a welcomed Evil-free future.

 The challenge now, in the few short remaining years, is for every living creature on this globe to come to grips with its Physical Mortality.

In essence, we are all going to physically die very, very soon.

In the meantime, what does Hollywood do? It attempts to traumatize its audiences with its movies even more by forever exploiting the Fear of Death! This is the very opposite to what you should be doing, which is taking steps to destroy that evil-programmed and unreal Fear. Does this mean that Hollywood in essence is evil? You bet!!

It is a punitive Law of Physical Nature that all physical things must come to a physical end; Physical Immortality be damned. We were all going to die sooner or later. Physical Death is unavoidable. All of you reading this need to know that you have physically died many, many times before, here or else on other planets. Physical death is a physical reality, but conversely, a spiritual illusion!

But, this time there is going to be a mass extinction of EVERYTHING; the planet, the Galaxy in which Earth is in, and the whole Physical Universe. All these illicit structures are going to perish. To find out why I call them illicit, you will have to read a little more of my work, if you do not now know.

I have told you before we are living on a DEAD ROCK. The Consciousness of “Mother Earth” is gone. The planet has no aura. Those of you who are familiar with the dying process know that humans and animals, even plants, which are about to die lose their aura. Hence, we can see by this that although the physical body is still there, breathing and moving, without an aura we know its time, a matter of minutes, hours or days, is up.

Thus it is with the Earth. It has no Aura. The weakening magnetic fields are an indication of its demise. As the Earth is doomed physically, so are all physical things on it.

But, we are not just Physical Beings, and that is where the Hope, Joy and Bliss exist for some who are to continue. Alas, not all will spiritually survive the coming changes concluding in a Physical Endtime.

Most scientists now agree that we are undergoing some mass extinction event. They compare it to past episodes when the exact same thing seemed to have happened, and then regeneration took place, often with divergent species replacing those eliminated. But, I am here to tell you this is not a recycling of species. This time, as I said above, our physical home, the Earth, is also dead!

I shall go further and say, as I have said previously, that our Sun is all but dead. All the planets of the Solar System are dying; the whole Galaxy, in fact, is in its death throes.

This is all part of a process which commenced long ago for the elimination of ALL the Physical Universe which is a product of Evil. If, at this stage, you do not believe in Evil, you are a blind, ignorant, programmed idiot. More likely than not, you are of the Evil Essence, thus you are denying your own essence for truly immoral reasons. Just look at what other, more powerful and often Alien, Evil Ones are doing to your life, the lives of your family members, your friends, associates, country, etc., etc., and then tell me no Evil exists.

Faced with these indisputable facts, our Greatest Challenge, for all of us, on this very day, if we have not already done so, is to come to grips with our Physical Mortality.

In this day and age, you very well know we are being inundated with information, misinformation, propaganda and downright lies as never before. Connectivity is unprecedented. This is very much on purpose in order to confuse, frustrate, and further hide the Truth of the unfolding Greater Reality as well as spy on each and every one of us. The Evil Ones in control are failing miserably in their evil agendas. They are being exposed as never before and the Truth of what they are, what they planned, and what shall REALLY happen, shall win!

Beware Information Overload. Do not get caught in the detail of the Terminal Fragmentation, or in the minutiae that have no relevance or importance. The Devil is in the (spurious) detail.

Very briefly, let us look at the most potent of the factors affecting our lives that represent the Plan of Total Physical Annihilation and Extinction:


  • RADIATION: The deadly radiation from the so-called nuclear accident at Fukushima must stand alone. This poisoning will eradicate ALL living things from the planet by the mid-2020s. Many scientists agree with this assertion of mine. This correlates with the timing I predicted before anyone had even heard of Fukushima.


There are other less dramatic forms of destructive radioactive poisoning as you well know, including HAARP technology, radioactive vaccines, our mobile phones and Wi-Fi, and that from our dying Sun.


  • AEROSOLS: Chemtrails are poisoning our air as never before. Chronic respiratory ailments including asthma, chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, and Morgellons, dementia, etc., resulting from the compounds in these Chemtrails, are no joke. They are deadly. Can you not see that, as they get more and more desperate, the Evil Controllers will lace their Chemtrails with cocktails containing death-delivering viruses such as Ebola and more radioactive material? Is it that so hard to believe? They have done such evil things as spraying deadly chemical and radioactive elements before on a lesser scale.


You are probably aware of these examples, so keep them in mind:








Remember Pinocchio when the Archons give their reasons for creating Chemtrails:


BTW, in the 1990s, I mentioned on the Jeff Rense Show, even before the Chemtrails began, that the world’s skies would be poisoned by such spraying to affect living creatures and their minds deleteriously. Search Jeff’s archives for that show. I am not privy to Archonic Plans, so how did I know that would happen? You tell me. How do I know all the things I have written about?


In regards to the eugenics Program, the intention of Evil Aliens (a topic I have covered elsewhere) who wanted a changed Earth for themselves, once they had displaced (killed) 80-90% of ‘Humanity”, was to implant more controllable Humanoid Hybrids that they have already prepared. Why do you think they abducted so many ‘normal’ humans and stole ova and sperm from them? But, of course, their evil schemes will come to naught, for they, and all Physical Things, are to end.

There is no chance of continuity of the Physical. Full Stop!

By what Authority do I declare that? You tell me!


  • THE ARTIFICIAL FOOD NIGHTMARE: GMO products are means to an end – a dead end.




There is great detail on the Internet about GMOs. If you are not familiar with this topic, I suggest you search pertinent articles for yourself on the WWW.


  • BIOWEAPONS AND VACCINES: Ebola, a bioweapon created as an agent of the Eugenics Program, as HIV-Aids was, to eliminate a major portion of human bodies, will take off very soon. Who of you is to say it will not be in vaccines and aerosols coming into your Health Programs and skies?








As many ask: Could it be possible? What better way to get rid of people, as per the Eugenics Program, than to give them compulsory, YES COMPULSARY, vaccines with death-dealing agents in them e.g. Ebola?


Who needs to smoke Dope to become one?

Governments, Modern Medicine and Big Pharma. are looking after you, ha ha!!

This is just another reason to ring the final Bell!


Here is some more Very Important data about Vaccines:




  • WAR, WAR, WAR: Nuclear, Civil, Financial, Racial, Religious, etc..: Nuclear War, which no one on the planet, or in the planet, can survive is a certainty, and on its way. By ‘in the planet’, I mean the evil human moles who have the erroneous belief thy can ride out the furore in their artificial underground hideouts.


Wars based on false Religious Paradigms (actually all religions are based on distorted Truth and Falsehood) are the order of the day. As they have been throughout history! Now we have the ISIS crisis.




  • INEVITABLE STARVATION: As the air, soil, seas, and all foods are poisoned, starvation will be the result, EVERYWHERE. Have no fear. Your Divine Helpers are waiting on other levels to welcome you as you drop the shell, the meat-bag, the cardboard box, and are then rescued into the non-Evil spiritual realms!


  • FALLING SKIES: Rogue comets and meteors are still scheduled to strike Earth before it is liquefied. Some of these will enter from inter-dimensional portals created by the collapse of other physical sub-dimensions which are also to perish. Thus, such heavenly bodies may not be spotted until the last minute before they strike Earth.


BTW, Ol’ Sol’s ethereal twin is due to make his appearance. What? You did not know he had one? How can you have an elliptical orbit like Earth, and the other planets have, without two foci?


  • FATAL LOCAL PHYSICAL INSTABILITY: With anticipated Earthly fragmentation from its death throes and poisoning, one must expect instability on a grand scale. Thus, the Earth may fall on its axis with catastrophic results before we are all dead (AND out of the physical into other non-physical dimensions).


Fault lines will become unstable and cause volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, flooding, disease, pestilence, etc., etc. As a dead, rotting apple collapses and fragments before our eyes, so too will this dead rock, this Earth, do the same, helped along by the Terminal Madness of the Self-destructing Demons that are bent on destroying themselves and everyone else. It is the Light’s intent to accommodate their self-destruction which we, with extended vision, now clearly see all over the globe!


  • MENTAL DISINTEGRATION. Years ago I coined the phrase ‘Terminal Madness of the Endtime’. It is a reality. Those of you with open eyes and with even a slight amount of true spiritual awakening are now witnessing the rapidly progressive, ubiquitous, unstoppable disintegration of unprotected minds (the failures). The descent into Self-destructiveness and suicidal Nihilism, in all its forms, Ethical, Existential and Political, and Epistemological, is as overt as it can be.


While Evil’s programming, pollution and indoctrination on captive minds (the stupid, evil, lower monkey minds that all physical bodies possess) is becoming more and more ineffectual, more and greater false Religious and Scientific paradigms are being released to the masses in an attempt to harness them into the net of mind-control. But, as we can all see, the Madness is everywhere. Evil has failed miserably in programming its own Robots and Demons.


Scientific Paradigms will collapse, for they are based on Human Laws of Physics which appear to hold true but are actually false. The presence of the Solar Twin is a perfect example, as is my ability to consciously travel into non-Physical Dimensions (my Home) and return with the information I have shared with you over the last 30 years or so. As these Human Laws collapse, the angst among those who depended on them will inflame their madness.


Entrapping, punishing, exploitative, Religious Paradigms, which, as I said above, are all false, apparently fuelling crazed minds, even in the West, will be further and totally exposed in their demonic nature. Their members, already committed to slaughter and mayhem, or murderous support of those whose demonism is now obvious as we see around the world (do I really need to spell the sites out?), will fall into Terminal Gloom and Doom as they realize they have been lied to by mendacious sacerdotal overlords.


Religions have used falsified, so-called sacred documents, and faked tradition, and as people trapped within them sense they are doomed for having embraced the Darkness and rejected, repeatedly, the Truth presented to them time and time again, the madness can but increase. As the promised false Endtime scenarios do not develop, foolish, gullible minds will be crushed into insanity bearing the destructive anger of doomed desperados.


No ‘Jesus on a cloud’, no ‘Resurrection of the Dead’, no ‘Trumpeting Angels’ will meet them, only the Divine Reality will present itself, the Reality which they refused to accept and which they willingly buried as they attacked those who were different in Truth. The True Gnostics can now validly say ‘We told you so!”


Whom can the Failures blame for their lot? None but themselves, for each is responsible for none other but itself.


Warmongers everywhere are practising their highly skilled reprehensible crafts. But no victory, nor booty, nor joys await them. Only Murder, Destruction, Terminal Madness and Perdition await them and all the followers they once again incite to action.


As some of you have surmised, the Christ Light is among us for the final time and yet the failures cannot see It, feel It or hear It. They are blind, deaf and dumb. The few who see, fell and hear truly are even now rejoicing for they unerringly know “What is Going On”!


Alas, all classes of consciousness, including the Plant and Animal Kingdoms, are demonstrating this Terminal Madness and disintegration of non-Viables therein.


That being the case, what can you expect? It shall be vileness in its most iniquitous forms: murder and mayhem, wars with plunder and death, suicide, cannibalism, demonic possession of men, women and children, rape of minds and bodies, desecration of all things with the hint of holiness. Now it is that you might understand why the majority of viable consciousnesses were removed off the planet in November 1999. It was so that they would be spared the horror we see, the horror that will escalate beyond the wildest imagination.


Indeed, Frederick Nietzsche, the Christ Light bearer of his era, was correct. There is no meaning to the lives of the failures. I will now assert that they are but Wraiths in the Shadow, awaiting their final dissolution by the rays of the dawning True Light!


That is a very brief view of what is on our plate even now.

These are now, undeniable, self-evident, physical truths of “What’s Going On”

If you are a Viable, this Truth shall have set you free from the FEAR of what is to come. Your future is of eternal Love, Serenity, Joy, Happiness and Bliss.

Deniers can verily be called blind fools who are no longer spiritually viable and will be dealt in accordance with the Divine Law of Justice with which I am most familiar.

I repeat, if you understand the process, and WHY it is happening, all FEAR in you shall be dispelled.

Inspite of what appears to be horrendous destruction, NOTHING of TRUE VALUE will be lost! The Physical World has always been valueless except to the demons and non-Viables who themselves are temporary and worthless in spiritual terms.



Falsehood of the Illusion
o satisfactory explanation of what is going on can be given without an examination and understanding of the metaphysical and spiritual components affecting our lives. Evil has done its best to make us ignore or even forget these

components and in its place given us pseudo-truths, in particular in the form of Science with its false answers, and Fear-mongering, rapacious, extorting, raping, murderous Religions.

I had mentioned previously that we are witnessing a resolution of a War of Essences, a War of Good against Evil, with the result definitely being the total elimination of Evil and all its by-products. Viables are going to live and witness the Solution to the Problem of Evil.

Some “Humans’ are by-products of Evil and are to be eliminated as they have rejected the often repeated offer to step into the Light and abandon the Darkness with all its animosity to all that is Good..

As you can see, some of the destructive actions to bring Earth to an end appear, superficially, to be instigated by “Humans”. Thus, GMO products, Nuclear War, Civil war, the Fukushima Catastrophe, Chemtrails etc., etc., are all “man-made”. The reality is more complex, and I have dealt with it elsewhere. More evolved, evil, alien beings, called Demons, Archons, etc., are the Masters of this Evil Universe. I explain how they came to be created, and why, in my books. I know them all and I promise, all will disappear from the face of the True Creation.

I had previously told you the “Army of Light” had retreated from the planet, and Galaxy, thus allowing the Evil Ones to self-destruct without resistance. The actions of the evil ones always result in SELF-DESTRUCTION! And that is exactly what we are seeing. The total destruction of Maldec which now remains as the ‘Asteroid Belt’, and the partial destruction of Mars forcing many of its inhabitants to leave and others to live underground in Mars are two recent examples.

Whether you want to believe it or not, Physical existence is all over folks!



 The Fear of Physical Mortality

The situation, as you may well appreciate, is far more complicated than this simple outline that I have written here. If you are interested, read more of my work.

I am the first to admit that this, at first glance, is a frightening scenario, even for prepared minds. Hence, my assertion that what is happening now, today, is the Greatest Challenge to each of us still on the globe. It is the challenge to our Physical Mortality.

I repeat: Your Divine Helpers are waiting on other levels to welcome you as you drop the shell, the meat-bag, the cardboard box! This applies only to Viables, of course.

You will be aware enough by now, of course, to realize that Humanity’s Science, in the main, does not believe in any of the spiritual components of existence even though it is greatly assisting the Self-destruction!

My advice to you is this: “Don’t argue with the fools!” There has been much research by more aware doctors, scientists, and psychologists into such things as UFOs and Aliens, Re-incarnation, Near Death Experiences, Astral Travel, Disturbances of the Spirit and Demonic Possession of Centres of Consciousness to produce Mental Perturbation which manifests as Mental Illness, and so on. Being an Allopathic Physical and a member of the Medical Profession, my belief in these things, and my writings, resulted in a 30 year battle with some members of Medical Boards, and many other doctors in the profession, resulting in a letter from them to me in 2013 saying they “did not want my kind in Medicine!” I have the letter on file.

What is my response? I know them all individually on other levels. I don’t want their kind in the True Spiritual Dimensions. They will NOT spiritually survive. That should tell you a lot. I will write more about this at a later date, perhaps.

Those who can reason with their Truth within as we progress to the Endpoint and conquer the fear of the challenge of Physical Mortality successfully will be rewarded instantly, even while living in this decaying Hell, with Peace of Mind, which is invaluable seeing so many that surround them are succumbing to Terminal Madness, and will also be rewarded with the Anticipation of Better things to come as promised by the Light and its representatives throughout the Ages.

Those who cannot meet this challenge are destined to languish in the Doom and Gloom provided by The Terminal Madness of the Endtime that I had described at length previously. It is all their doing. No one else is to blame for the existence or failure of any other, regardless of what your Monkey Mind tries to tell you.

How does one conquer the FEAR of Physical Mortality?

It is done by connecting to that part of the Self which is Immortal!

That connection will take you to a non-physical, Evil-free future if you are one of the ones to have one. Alas, only 9% of consciousness in Human Bodies will continue. The rest will perish (and dissolve) in body, mind and soul. But, it is not a simple, painless process. They have to pay, in ways I may describe another time, for the evil damage they have done to others. The Law of Divine Justice applies!

I have written about this very thing often. If you have forgotten those writings, go find them.



In Retrospect

The ‘Retro-spectroscope’ is a wonderful instrument. If only we all had one! The trouble is, it can only be of use retrospectively. If you have studied what I have written since 1985, all that remains for me to do is say “I told you so”!

In 1985, I revealed all these things to come, all the changes towards an Endtime, the Death of the Planet, the Terminal Madness of the Endtime, the Transmutation of Matter, the elimination of the Physical, the elimination of all Evil and the placement of Viable Consciousnesses in an Evil-free zone.

Thus, it is almost 30 years that I revealed

  • What was going to happen;
  • How it was going to happen;
  • Why it was going to happen;
  • When it was going to happen.

True to form, the evil fools in the Mainstream Media attacked me for all they were worth (they are spiritually worthless, by the way) so that my Message was buried in the stupidity of simpletons. Of course, they were driven by controlling Evil Masters who did not want the Truth revealed.

Alas, even today most psychic and clairvoyants have no idea what I am talking about, even as the Mechanisms for the End stare them in the face. Why is that? It is because most of them are part of the Fraudulence that is to be demolished totally. They have no real spirituality. They have no Truth. They are moronic phantoms of a soon-to-disappear Evil scenario.

30 years have been wasted since then. Just think, people could have been a lot better mentally prepared for the changes I announced and much suffering could have been avoided if it were not for the destructive effects of the demons on my work and for their blocking it. But, forget the past. Let’s look ahead. If you are familiar with my information, you know what’s coming. You know the Endpoint. You know what the future after your physical death and after the death of the planet holds.


As an Allopathic Family Physician, I was running one of the busiest solo medical practices in Melbourne, Australia, when I received the signal that it was “time”.

After a Conference at my “Headquarters” outside this dimension, in April 1985, I published the blueprint for the elimination of Earth and all non-Viables in all classes of consciousness.

As time progressed I released more and more pertinent information of what was going on and what the Endpoint was to be.

Alas, I was somewhat distracted by having to make a long list of the pejorative names that I was called and became amused at the creativity of some of the mindless, evil cretins in that regard.

But now things have changed. The Reality has struck. What I said has hit home. The time for name-calling has well and truly passed.

There is no turning back.


Those who claim otherwise are deluded fools and failures who have truly mistaken the Darkness for the Light. The reality is that they cannot see the Light for they are of Darkness!

Those to continue have been anointed. The percentage is certain.

The changes that will bring about the annihilation will occur as I predicted. They are in motion now if you have eyes to see. Become wiser and seek understanding of what all this means and what is really going on. The evil Aliens of a superior evil evolutionary ladder think they will escape the Endtime. I am here to tell you they cannot and will not. When that realization filters into their outer minds we will truly see madness in them, for they have far greater destructive powers than we have yet witnessed.

I had previously repeatedly revealed that 2035 would definitely be the outermost year to terminate this abomination. It was scheduled by the War Council of which I am a member that 2035 was to definitely be the last year for Earth if it did not finish earlier. We are ahead of schedule.

Had Nuclear War commenced in July 2014, the End was scheduled for November 2016.

Never mind, other dates are now 2019, 2021, and 2024 for the End. The End date does not really matter. Most Viables are already mentally in their New Evil-free Homes! The Rescue vehicles can penetrate this dimension at short notice for evacuation of the Viables. They had made their presence known in the dimension previously to a select few but for now have all retreated.

I doubt that Earth will go beyond 2024.

The End depends on a number of factors which we do not control from this level. The consciousnesses in the rest of the Galaxy need to be classified. When that is done (we are nearly finished) 2 years (Earth time) have been set aside for total destruction of the whole Galaxy.

I will have more to say about the re-entry of the Light and the Rescue Teams for the Final Days, about the Rescue itself, the Crafts and how to discern Good Ones from evil ones, about the physical dying process, what else to expect, etc., etc., as the time for the End draws near.

It is wonderful to hear that more and more people are being prepared for the coming changes in NDEs, in pre-cognitive dreams, in short periods of Day-dreaming (which are really bouts of Astral Travel) and episodes of intuitiveness in normal awakened states.

If my words mentally and spiritually exalt you, it is the energy within them that you are responding to, and you are to be congratulated. It is a very positive sign.

If you are made anxious and fearful by what I reveal, I suggest you work spiritually on yourself; attempt to contact your Higher Consciousness (the one that may live forever) and ask for help to eradicate all Fear and elucidate your Path of Destiny.

I am the first to admit what is coming is going to be horrendous, thus, the prophecy that the ‘living will envy the dead’.

But, if you are truly mentally and spiritually prepared, your suffering will be greatly minimized. And, you will make the realization that this existence and all its suffering, pain, terror and misery are soon-to-be-forgotten illusions.

To assist you even more in your quest for Spiritual awakening, consider consuming a diet more appropriate for spiritual purification and progress.


  • Avoid animal products. Eggs are Ok if you must have them.


  • Do not consume alcohol or psychotropic drugs. If your Centres of Consciousness are damaged and you suffer any form of mental illness (which is disturbance of the spirit manifesting on your physical vehicle) take the appropriate prescribed medication if and while it assists you. Ask for the blessing of everything you consume, even medications.


  • Practice what I call SCLOMP:


i              Surrender to the Will of the Divine, which is to destroy Evil, and rescue Viables by the most appropriate means the Divine sees fit. Your Will, what your monkey mind wants, is not going to count for much in the events that are unfolding, is it? So, merge your Will with the Divine Will.


ii             Cleanse your Centres of Conscious daily, removing all the negative pollution accumulated in a myriad of ways in this putrid dung heap called Physical Existence.


iii           Listen to your Higher Self, to your Guides and Helpers on more pristine levels via the process of Meditation which is simply sitting quietly and stilling the outer Monkey mind. You may be able to meditate while jogging, swimming laps of a large pool, listening to the music of the Avatars such as Haydn, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc.


iv            Obey any direction from the Higher Realms as long as it is NOT deleterious to you or anyone else. This is important. Look at how many nuts claim ‘god’ told them to arm themselves and kill infidels, rape children, overthrow elected officials, etc., etc. If the directive is not for your personal spiritual enhancement and not for you to promote Love, Peace, Joy and Harmony, forget it! You have contacted the wrong channel! Keep cleansing.





v             Merge your lower Monkey Mind with the Higher Mind. It is not hard to do. Learn to think like a ‘philosopher and saint’. Bypass the evil emotional body and respect all, no matter of what essence they may be. It is not your job to judge anyone. Never lose your cool or show anger; always manifest Love. The Divine Energy knows who is who.


True love is never wasted. If the recipients of your love are demons, they will reject it and it will come back to you in other ways. Thus, by manifesting love even in the midst of the most despicable demons, you are enhancing the quality of your own life.


vi            Protect, protect, protect. It’s an evil jungle outside your door, and often even inside your house, even inside your head, if you are in a relationship with a demon, or have demonic parents, relatives, children, siblings, and so on. Beware of Emotional Attachment. It is evil programming for which you will pay a heavy price. (For further explanation of any topic I mention, see my books). Protective exercises should see you in a cocoon of White or Golden Light protected from Evil’s harm while forced to exist in the midst of these demons and robots, and being a temporary part of this soon-to-be expunged Tragedy.


(BTW, Body Snatching is on the increase. Spiritually protect yourselves at all times. I will write about Body-snatching by evil entities soon.)


The failures (non-Viables) have nothing to look forward to after ‘paying their dues’.

Once they fully comprehend, the Viables could not be happier that they are going Home, out of this Hell that kept them prisoners. You will find the reasons I say that in my writings.

Do not worry about the physical effects of the Fragmentation. See each physical death of humans, animals, plants, etc., as either liberation of a viable consciousness or the elimination of a non-viable one.

The Process of the Endtime that we are going through and forced to witness is inevitable. The thought of an Endtime for this Dimension was conceived the moment the ‘Celestial Error’ refused correction, long, long ago.

There is no sadness in this. It is what the Divine Energy wants. It is what Viables want. The Solution to the Problem of Evil was never going to be any other way. It is a process for the eradication of the spiritual and physical cancer (in metaphysical terms) that has temporarily existed, by accident, in the True Creation.


At the end of almost every lecture, show or workshop, I get the same questions from novices: “Who are you, doctor? Where do you get your information from?

As an Allopathic Physician I had lots of patients.

It is now your turn to have some patience.

In the meantime, remember that Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding (of What’s Going On!)

I realize many doubts will arise in unprepared minds from what I say and write, but I want to remind you of this: What I have said and written is immutable.

You know my motto well: “Take it or Leave it.” If you can find and use a retro-spectroscope, or peep into the True Future, you will be able to prove the immutability statement as true for yourself indubitably. I am not boasting. I do not need to boast. Truth is Truth, regardless of who thinks otherwise, and I write such remarks because it is TIME to do so.

Horror will engulf ALL the planet. Thus, my final piece of advice is this: Regardless of the circumstances around you, keep living the Golden Rule!



URL of Show with Jeff Rense yesterday Sept 4, 2014 (Oz Time)




September 6, 2014


Jeff Rense & Dr. Joseph Chiappalone – Terminal Madness Of The End Times






Suntzeff says the discovery that even the universe’s smaller galaxies are now dying also raises other, more philosophical questions. “Thinking not as an astronomer, I find this behaviour curious – we are living in a time in the universe when galaxies are dying out,” he says. “Is it just coincidence? What is our future?”


I need to add this: “Remember that when you are reading articles such as this one, observations therein are being made and conclusions are being formulated  about what was there millions and billions of years ago. ”  GSC

“When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion — when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing — when you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors — when you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you — when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice — you may know that your society is doomed.”  Ayn Rand
SEPTEMBER 7,  2014
A few sites to keep yu busy:



Vladimir strikes back…

Subject: 9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators | Alternative News & Commentary


Jim Stone’s latest:


Why is Israel seeming to try to meet a world war deadline?

The zionists are spewing more lies than ever, with two fake beheadings, a story about 11 stolen jet liners from Libya which could not possibly be true, the theft of flight 370 and subsequent shoot down of “MH17″ with rotting corpses as passengers, and many many more obvious lies and acts of desperation. All during a blood moon tetrad, which has, in the past, had a history of spelling disaster for Israel. I have a hunch Israel and zionists in general are lashing out at reality, hoping to make this tetrad beneficial rather than a time of disaster. And they will fail.
One has to question why the beheadings were so poorly done, and the Isis scam so transparent. This time around it is all going different than before, the ISIS scam is being fronted at a time when the world is hitting a peak of awareness towards this type of false flag effort. The fact that even one government leader has stood up and stated in no uncertain terms that ISIS is sponsored by the West means a tipping point has been reached, where if the lie continues to be pushed there could well be a very hot war, possibly even nuclear and the wrong people will be targeted, at least according to zion.

Why would Israel and the zionists push hate disinfo so hard now, beyond a level that has any rational basis?

I believe it is for religious reasons related to the current blood moon tetrad, which is now in progress. I believe they believe they now have to meet a do or die timeline and spark world war 3 or a massive die off via ebola – something, anything to put the world in complete disarray, or Israel will be finished before the tetrad is over. The world is onto their lies, and it is a matter of time before Israel fails to survive it. Interesting it is that ISIS has never threatened Israel, is it not?
They are crazy, religiously fanatic, and that makes them VERY dangerous




Worth a listen:


See the UFOs NASA has deleted:


ISIS = CIA; Read it: http://www.tomatobubble.com/id661.html


One reader writes: “I am almost done reading your 5 books titled “My Conversations With God“.    I am near the end of the fourth volume.   This Book will be like a True Bible to me.  I will often go back to read and meditate on many answers given.     The content of this Book really reinforce my connection with God and how important is the NGE .   Also how important it is to purify to allow the integration of the NGE and finally become a True Light Worker which will bring an end to the Evil Essences down here.  Now I know I am involved in the process.   Sometimes I say I have seen and read enough, but it surely does not apply to your Books.   Your Teachings make me realize how many links I am missing to really understand all this scenario playing out down here.   With Divine Love and Gratitude , ☺”



Demons at work:


*                                                                                           *

More about Ebola: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3-d6UQFa3c



WW3 wont be too long in coming: http://tomatobubble.com/id669.html


We know someone from this area in Canada working in the Fracking business in the Northern part of Alberta Canada .  He says Fracking is destroying everything, the plants, animals have to leave and it is contaminating most of the water supply of Alberta.  He says doing this work really bother his conscience but he can not find a job around here and decided to go back.  Says he has family to support .

Another example of the fragmentation you talk about on this planet.


http://www.alternativesjournal.ca/energy-and-resources/fracking-hotspots?gclid=CN_EsdGuxcACFcZDMgodhUMAnQ Fracking Map Canada


Another Hollywood ‘Golden Moment’?



Is the Penny starting to drop?



The words come first….


The mis-information is everywhere.


You know the Endpoint of all this.


I will borrow a line from Chris Columbus:  “I told you so!”



SEPTEMBER 10, 2014
Looks like the aliens have won with their Agenda 21?

Look again: They have really lost – everything:


Ebola is just one of the mechanisms for eradiating physical life. “Life” for some will continue of course, but none of the Physical Universe will.


This clip can well be called shaking the ‘Merry Cans’:



I had predicted Civil War in the USA long, long ago:



I have told you “Mammon” is dead. Hence, his Monetary System is bound to collapse.


I mentioned such things in the very first book I wrote back in 1985. Money will become useless.


The Jerks’ Eugenics Program in action:



Of course if they released a killer, they are not going to release a cure !!


Religion vs Religion BS:


If only brain-dead morons like this chap could realize that Jesus the Christ was Mohammed the Christ reincarnated.

The Truth is, modern Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus the Christ, and Islam has nothing to do with Mohammed the Christ. What is presented is all BS. The evil Mind would have it no other way!


BS presented as BS: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/09/the-remote-viewing-911-project-3025726.html?utm_content=beforeit39snews-verticalresponse&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fb4in.info%2FddYW&utm_medium=verticalresponse&utm_source=direct-b4in.info&utm_campaign=


Can some really know too much about the Archons and their activities? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr-xQbLwgvw#t=87


Dear Dr.

I am half way through ” My Conversations With God”  and I feel that these books are a must read.  I am taking my time, taking notes and quiet time reflecting on the information.  The format in these books helps me to anchor the material.

You are able to put into words so eloquently how I feel.  Since I was a child I would say certain things to family and friends and their response was ” How do you know?”  I would reply that I just knew and of course I would get the ‘rolling of the eyes’.


Working on myself, avoiding pollution as much as I can is an ongoing challenge.  However, all of this is for the Light and I will do whatever is needed on this journey.  All of your writings is sustaining me at this time. Love and Gratitude,




I like this one especially: Falsehood posing as Falsehood


My, but the Western Powers are clever. They are indiscriminately going to bomb communities where they suspect terrorists to be in order to protect the innocent civilians. They just know the bombs will only kill and maim terrorists, leaving innocent ones in their midst unharmed. Aren’t they clever and caring?

Thus, while indiscriminately bombing everything in sight, the bombs will discretely discriminate goody from baddy once they explode! Quick, Fairy Godmother, tell us more.


Angle -eesh class:



The Nuclear War is a’comin…



Well, the aim here is to make brain damaged morons even more moronic (and more easily placated and terminated).



Gasp…It seems the 9/11 bomb will never explode. But, it will when it is the most appropriate time:



A little Truth mixed with a hell-of-a-lot of BS:



I think this is worth reading: http://journal-neo.org/2014/09/08/israel-the-nuclear-mouse-that-roared/


Had I not warned you that 9/11 was a major KEY to introduce the Final Phase which would include Civil war in the USA and Nuclear War everywhere?

You will see Putin’s role more clearly in these clips.

Just in case you have forgotten what such actions are from: They are from EVIL!


Note that when some talk about Psychopaths in control substitute the word Demons for Psychopaths. And the percentage is now 35% of th Human population, not 3-4%.

As you can see in these videos, The Main Stream Media (MSM) is in control, and it is very demonic. How sad that so many sheople have as yet not awoken to this fact!

Nonetheless, Evil is being totally exposed, no matter how painful the process may be, in preparation for its total obliteration!

Don’t miss the “shaking of the Merry Cans”.



There is no doubt that the Archons (Demons) run the institutions of the World. Their main aim is to extract energy from their victims.

Here is a perfect example of how they extract energy from helpless victims and how they protect themselves from prosecution.