This is a modified extract from my Members’ Post 34, dated August 2, 2015

Dr J Chiappalone

My Motto: “Take it or leave it”


In 1985, as an incarnated member of the Team to rescue Viable Consciousnesses of the respective Classes from this planet, I stated that all life forms would be removed from Earth and that the planet would be totally destroyed no later than the year 2035.

Here is an update to that process of which I am certain.

  • A meteor is scheduled to hit the Atlantic Ocean sometime in late September, 2015. Apart from many others who have said this, this prognostication had been made by aliens of questionable ontology to a Puerto Rican man in 1988 and I posted that video in Post 7


Aliens Tell Man Asteroid to Hit Near Puerto Rico?! (US Army Corroborates)




  • A second meteor is scheduled to hit Earth in November, regardless of the first meteor strike occurring or not occurring. Initially, I was the only one to prophecy this second meteor. Since then, a number of sources have mentioned on videos that there are 2 major meteors to hit Earth soon.


  • Astronomically, Planet X is now on its outward leg. It has circled the Sun and is on its way out of our Solar System. It will be seen with the naked eye more explicitly from late August onward. By November-December it will be a very menacing sign in the sky, just from its size and ominous iron oxide wings, and everyone will probably think they will die from this ‘Destroyer’. How right they are!


  • From December 2015 onward we may be bombarded by massive debris that resides around Planet X. These bombardments have begun and may climax by March 2016.


  • In March, suffocation of our Earth may occur due to the Iron Oxide dust surrounding the Planet X environs.


  • Sometime in late June to August 2016, gravitational tugs on the Earth may eventually result in a sudden physical axis fall and those not suffocated by the Iron Oxide dust may drown.


  • As you will hear on various videos, some people, anticipating the worst, hope they are not alive after the pole shift for conditions will be horrendous.


  • I am now telling you NO ONE WILL SURVIVE BEYOND AUGUST 2016!


  • Do you recall I told you that my encounter in a Medical Tribunal in April 2014, at which I was set up to lose, allowed us (my Team and I) to bring the END forward from 2017 to November 2016?


Well, a similar advantage occurred for us with the prognostication of the West Coast EQ in late May, 2015. I was impressed to give the date of occurrence in late May as a near certainty. I did however give a 4% window as you will recall on a Show with Jeff Rense.


The Evil Opposition blocked that EQ. They again wasted so much energy, as they did at the Medical Tribunal, to block that EQ, that “we” have been able to advance the End date from November 2016, to August, 2016.


I realize this makes absolutely no sense on the outer mind level. But never forget that we are in a Battle of Essences.


Those with reservations about all this will just have to wait and see if it is all true.


You will note from the various warnings that the Government and FEMA are giving, that the EQ on the West Coast was merely postponed a few months. So, it will still happen. By blocking it in May, the Evil Beings have disadvantaged themselves a great deal. They are in self-destruct mode, are they not? Yes, it will happen. Sooner than we all think!




  • A rogue heavenly body, perhaps even a rogue planet, of which there are innumerable numbers, may enter our decaying Solar System and smash into the Earth when we are all gone, and the Earth will be no more. That timing is irrelevant to us for we will all be in the spiritual dimensions and not in the Physical.


  • The (Elite) rats in their DUMBS will be all gone by then.


  • Before the end of 2016, it will be all over for the orb we call Earth.


  • From then on, mechanisms will destroy the Solar System and then all the Galaxy. But, as I said above, that will not be our concern for we will no longer be in this dimension. That has been the fate of over 95% of this doomed Physical Universe to date. Thus, what is occurring to our Galaxy is not unique. It is a progression of destruction of an Evil Entity.


  • As the Earth is thrashed, its Ethereal and Astral Planes will also be dismantled and be no more.


  • Those consciousnesses to continue will be transported to their respective locations in other dimensions.


  • Those to be liquidated will be liquidated.


  • Those who do not want to continue their evolution, for whatever reasons, will have the choice of being transmuted.

You can well imagine the FEAR and PANIC that will grip unprepared people once they realize they may be physically doomed.

I have been attempting to prepare people with this message for 31 years. Idiots don’t listen.

Those with no spiritual acumen will go insane. They are going insane now!

That is why Governments all around the globe have prepared armies to kill deranged crowds before they cause too much immediate and unstoppable trouble for the others.

Some in Governments still have the belief that a few, especially the Elite in their DUMBS, will survive this cataclysm.

The FEMA camps and such other prisons are to corral the rabble that will starve to death or die of suicide and/or disease. Others will simply be executed in cold blood by their so-called brethren.

I am the only writer saying no one will survive.

We will just have to wait and see who is right in this and who is wrong.

Remember that from the very first day in 1985 when I went public, my message was that ALL LIFE WOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE PLANET IN PREPARATION FOR ITS TOTAL DESTRUCTION.

That message has not varied.

Do we have any evidence to support what I have just written?

It seems there is. I have posted quite a number of videos and essays that give credence to this physical timetable on my website and in my Special Posts which are only available to my Members.

Can there be an alternate scenario?

Is it possible that less or nothing will happen?

No! It is not possible. It is a WAR, and things are often unpredictable in wars. But, terminating events have already been triggered by my Team.

To say nothing will happen is absurd.

Nonetheless, there are a number of variables in the scenario I have painted.

Bear in mind, however, those changes attributed to Planet X are already being described by many, and that the changes are affecting not only Earth but all the planets and the Sun of our Solar System as I previous advised readers..

Again I remind you that “It’s a WAR of Essences, so expect the unexpected!




In this Epoch, we know from recorded History that:

  • Zoroaster, the Persian Prophet, predicted an end to this Evil World! He did not mince words.
  • Jesus of Nazareth said the world would end.
  • Manichaeus did likewise.
  • King Arthur: Celtic Tradition (nothing to do with the pseudo-Christianity of the period) stated that Arthur – who had been Jesus in a previous incarnation, would return to take the “spiritually Viable” to Annwn (Celtic Heaven) and that the Earth would End.

Many others throughout the centuries have anticipated an End, some sincerely, and some comically.

Nonetheless, we now have the Mechanisms of Destruction of Earth unequivocally in view.

Where did I get the message of Finality from?

From “Me”, is the answer.

I recall speaking with ‘my team’ even as a child and the conversations were all about the fate of this planet!

I have been involved with all the 95% of the Physical Universe that has been corrected.

Just prepare mentally for whatever the outcome may be.

If there is a slight delay, there is a slight delay.

There is nothing that we, on this level, can do about timing.

All timing alterations since I declared the Message in 1985 have been to advance the End forward.

The End was to be by 2035 and no later.

Since then, the End has been revised downward every time I have reviewed it,

so much so that now it is August 2016.

Obviously this War of Essences is not a pushover for either side. If we are to believe what we have been told, it has been going on since the start of the Physical Universe which is at least 13 billion years old.

But, as I said, 95-96% of the Physical Universe has already been liquidated, terminated.

Hence, the terminations of Earth, of this Solar System and of this Galaxy, are a forgone conclusion.

Also, in the meantime, other disasters, not related to Planet X are to affect our lives,

  • Financial Collapse is on the cards; it is happening now with near fatal consequences. It may ultimately trigger the long-await Civil War in the USA and a Nuclear WW3.


  • The Fukushima Radiation seems to be a global terminator. Are we to really believe what Evil Aliens are supposed to have said? It is reported that they can neutralize radiation almost immediately. If they do come from Nibiru or elsewhere to live on this planet openly, and if the planet is to continue, their intention apparently is to neutralize the radiation. It appears that Alien Disclosure is to coincide with their taking over the Planet. That is their War Plan. They have many Hybrids for this Plan.


Will they be allowed to do this? No. None of their evil plans will come to fruition! They are cornered RATS and will soon perish also!


  • For a long time it has been known that Gamma-ray Radiation from collapsing stars could possibly travel our way to affect Earth in such a way that all life would be destroyed. Super-waves are of the same genre.


  • Of recent times, it has been discovered that here are innumerable Rogue Planets wandering the empty spaces between Solar Systems in all remaining Galaxies. These rogue bodies could collide with Earth or any of the other planets to cause disastrous disruptions.

Thus, at the outer mind level, there seem to be other possibilities for mechanisms of Destruction apart from the Planet X Doomsday Scenario.

This is the End but minor variations will occur in this War of Essence on a day to day basis. Thus be flexible.

Of course, ultimately the Light always wins.

That is why over 95% of the evil Physical Universe has already been dismantled.

It appears we have all the information we need and do not need to know more as all is set to finish.

Thus, we need to accept that there may be no need for further information other what I have written.

Many of you are receiving visions, either psychically or in dreams, of Planet X and/or of the pronounced disasters it will cause. Some of you are having dreams of the Rescue Procedure by our Rescue Crafts.

All we can now do is mentally and spiritually prepare, wait and witness the End.

By the way, it is 4:14 a.m. as I write this and meteor after meteor (falling stars) are visible in a most unusual fashion in the dark night sky. It is common to see one every now and then but it is most unusual to see groups of 5-6 at a time. I can see them in the black sky through my study window. There were about 12 in all. Expect more of these. I am sure they are from the effects of Planet X traversing the Solar System.

As they continue, they will be more numerous and much bigger and will cause increasing damage to the planet.

My ‘Team” is adamant that the Earth will end. I am to be here, in the physical, to witness its last day.

In the 31 years since I began delivering my message, many people around the world have been told that this world is doomed. For example, it was common for Aliens to talk to the peasants in Mexico in the 1980s and tell them the World would end and only ‘good’ people would survive spiritually to be taken elsewhere.

Many readers have communicated dreams of Rescue Crafts and rescue of individuals.

These are prognostic dreams, and the Plan of Rescue is definitely on schedule.

For now, those who having no Inner Knowing can only observe and surmise.

The Earth will end as I have written

The “Viables’, all 650 million of them, will be rescued.

Some rescue will be physical. Others will be rescued spiritually once they physically die.

The Evil ones, in all classes and in all forms, including more advanced races such as the Annunaki, the Zetas and the Pleiadians, will all be harnessed and transmuted in due course.

Inspite of all doubts, which are by-products of all the bombardment we are receiving from the fracturing of the Thought Pool around the planet, you should stay true to this Message that I began to disseminate in 1985.

Many evil bombarding thoughts urge some to hesitate and doubt what I have written.

But, that is the Evil ploy in the Personal Battle of Viables for spiritual survival. They must not give up now, even if their stupid, Evil-created, Monkey Minds tell them that day is night and v.v.

Hang in there. Viables have nothing to lose and everything to gain by remaining faithful to the True Light.


Copyright Dr J Chiappalone, August 2, 2015


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Welcome, dear fellow travelers, to this shared adventure.

We are well and truly on our Path Home. We are almost there.

Many of you have written to me saying you are excited by the thought of a Members’ Forum, a private Site free from the fools, and energy suckers, that seem to always very quickly infiltrate any open forum that is established. I will give you direct details as soon as I know them.

I am here to co-ordinate the Membership we are establishing, to answer any of your questions and to guide you on what I think is relevant in these Last Days.


Here is an essay from Membership Post 4:


“You’ve heard the bark?

Now here comes the bite!”

 Confusion, of what is happening to Humanity in general, the environment, our personal lives, and the entire planet, reigns supreme in most minds and is increasing the degree of manifested Madness in many groups. I had previous warned you about the emergence of Terminal Madness of the Endtime. It is now unmistakably present everywhere.

What is accurate these days?

In the last 30 years I have revealed much about world changes and about what is to come. Some changes have occurred and others are yet to ensue. When it applied, I gave you the variability that applies to all prophecy. The endpoint is the END. Because my information is so dramatic for those who know nothing about Gnostic Eschatology and about the Esoteric Past History of the Ancients, my revelations are SHOCKING to say the least for the sleeping morons.

That is why I have made my Motto ‘Take it or Leave it”.

It concerns me not in the slightest what individuals think or don’t think of me or my information. What I say will happen, will happen, and that is simply because I say it will happen. That has nothing to do with Ego. That is how things stand, as you will be able to confirm retrospectively.

You may well ask me: “Was your information accurate?”

I will answer you: “Indeed it was 100% accurate! Where there was to be variability in the timing of events, I said so too.” People can only come to this conclusion if they read everything I wrote.

Use that form guide of my past performances and what I have revealed about the coming End of the Earth and about conditions in the Endtime to assess my accuracy.

Use an assessment of my past performances to view my present prognostications about the mechanisms I have described that are yet to manifest, and their timing, to bring about a total End to Earth that has obviously NEVER occurred before! Indeed, there is evidence of many cycles of Mass Extinction Events, but what I am writing about is different again. I am saying the whole Earth will vanish, as well as the Solar System and the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

Apart from reading my material, at this very moment, even though very dramatic and very horrible, scary things are happening in our lives, or are predicted to happen, the only gauge you have to what these changes mean is your own feeling within of what it all means.

All people have purposely been confused by Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrinations. This plane has always been ruled by Evil which programmed doubt, confusion, ignorance, stupidity, malice, prejudice and hatred with its untruths and its lies.

Have a glance for these things in the dispute between the West (especially NATO and the instigator, the USA) and Russia, and you will agree with me this Earth has been ruled by Evil.

BTW, in my books, I have gone to great lengths to explain the Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination which affect all of us on Earth.

Clever demons, who have occupied these human physical bodies, since the bodies were developed by their Higher Grade Demonic Masters, have seen to it that the majority are kept in the Dark as much as possible, for as long as possible.

Some people, in fulfilment of Ancient Gnostic Prophecy are starting to see them as reptiles and as horned demons in human bodies. Gnostic Prophecy, repeated in the extant Bible, stated that this very thing would occur in the Endtime. In other words, in the Endtime, we would all know ‘Who is Who’.

Just to side track for a moment: Human Consciousness (both Theomorphic and Counterfeit) has been forcefully placed in a variety of physical bodies since the inception of this malignant Physical Universe.

Physical Bodies which we call ‘Man’ were NOT created by “God” but by the forces of Evil. These forces rebelled against the True Divine Essence in what has been termed the Celestial Error, before this dimension was created, and then created this abomination called Physicality, with all its species and variations throughout the doomed Physical Universe. For details you will have to read my books.

Note that consciousness was placed in a variety of physical manifestations. The bodies we have now as humans are a recent production.

I know my information can be traumatic for unprepared minds, and will send such minds spinning even faster into the states of Doubt and Confusion for a while.

But once viable individuals tap into this invariable Truth that is within them, acceptance of what I say is confirmed, by them, for them!

Conversely, those who persist with bitterness, anger and hatred against me and my information are the doomed failures that shall soon be no more, both physically and spiritually. Alas, they greatly outnumber the Viables with the Truth within. Thus, one cannot judge on degrees of popularity of the information to decide whether to accept it or reject it.

Let me move on to specific topics:

Denying the very existence of the Planet X Constellation, inspite of Ancient History recording it, as we find in Sumerian texts and the Mayan texts, as well as other less pristine texts such as the Bible (Revelations 8:11), is one such cause of Modern Day confusion.

BTW, while most know about Dr Z. Sitchin’s work with Sumerian texts and the Annunaki (or Anunnaki), few know that the Mayan Creed mentioned, just the once, that after 2012 they would await the return of their 9 “Gods” from Heaven. This was the Planet X Constellation – the dwarf Star and its eight circulating planets and moons.

At first, in the middle of last century, the presence of the Planet X Constellation was denied to the general public, principally by NASA and the USA Government. Like rats following the Piper, other nations intrepidly followed suit.

When denial of the Constellation’s presence was no longer possible, for many amateur astronomers saw it in the skies, eventual denial of any major catastrophic effects it could have on Earth were openly uttered to placate the masses.

What I say, and what others say, for the moment on this subject is of secondary importance. Try and get your own information to “What’s Going On.” My books assist the awakening process that all must undergo if they are to be prepared for what is to come.

As far as my information is concerned, only in the final moment of your physical existence can you, or anyone else, assess whether I was correct or not on your outer, physical mind. If you are a Viable, and you will know if you are a Viable by your positive internal response to my words, why wait that long. Follow my advice and attempt to attain the Supra Mental Consciousness which will supply you with the answers you need.

If your response to my words is negative, and you are filled with anger and hatred by what I write and say, you SIMPLY CANNOT BE A VIABLE. YOU ARE A FAILURE AND ARE SPIRITUALLY, AS WELL AS PHYSICALLY, FINISHED.

This obviously applies to all those fools who are so maliciously vociferous in attacking me openly on various forums throughout the Internet.



To the non-Viables I say, “This is no game. The D.E.D. (the Divine Energy of Destruction) has now been released. The Final Bell has been rung.

Time for useless rumination into self-delusion of your spiritual status has passed. It is time for DESTRUCTION! This information about the Endtime is everybody’s business at this late hour. No one can escape their Final Kismet.

My first book, written in 1985 was called “Clearing of the Planet”. In it, I stated emphatically that all ‘physical life’ would be removed from the planet in preparation for its TOTAL PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION.

It was not going to be like the cyclical, evil-orchestrated episodes of mass extinctions on Earth of which there have been many.

No; this time it was going to be different.

It was going to culminate in the destruction of Earth, the Solar System and the Galaxy, similar to what was hinted to in Ancient Gnostic Texts.

Read Revelation 8 completely. http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Revelation-Chapter-8/

It was, and is, going to be FINAL.

No one, except the Avatar, who appeared as personalities such as Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus, King Arthur, etc., has ever made that statement of Finality in its own words. These beings spoke of an ending but gave no precise date. What Jesus was supposed to have said about a timeframe, (an ending within His generation) as written in the Judeo-Christian Bible, is spurious. The word ‘generation’ is a misrepresentation. Did Jesus really mean the End would come within this Epoch, meaning the final time of the arrival of Wormwood, the Planet X Constellation? I think so, for 2 reasons.

  • Jesus was a Gnostic and knew of the Gnostic Prophecies,
  • And secondly, it was the Gnostics who wrote the Book of Revelations which was ‘borrowed’ for inclusion by the thieves who put the extant Bible together. Thus, he knew about the End of the World in that context!

This reconciled exactly with the subsequent prognostications of independent seers over the remaining 2 millennia. While St. Malachi and Mother Shipton were clear on a date for the End, which is NOW, the writings and sayings of prophets such as Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and the Hopi, as they are presented in this generation, are suspect.

It is written that Cayce, and the Hopi said that there was to be a continuation after another cyclical Polar Shift. But were they reported correctly? I think not. The original utterings were precise with timing. The writings of Cayce were not accurately published in regard to this matter of timing. But, now it matters little.

The Inca and Maya knew of the End. They also mentioned a New Beginning. Minds focused on Physicality alone extrapolated that to mean a new beginning here after Earth suffered its disasters, as occurred after previous visitations by Planet X. But, I know the Inca and Maya did not mean that. They meant their “gods’ would come to take them away for Earth would be destroyed, and they would have a New Beginning elsewhere. In that context, their message is exactly as that of the Avatar. And why is that? It is because their main ‘god” WAS the Avatar incarnated for their time and location. It was the same consciousness as that of Buddha and Zoroaster and Jesus and so on.

Viracocha was The God (Avatar) for the Incas.

Take no note of the idiocy written in the Mythology of any of these races. The Avatar presented as Kukulcan for the Maya.

 For the Aztecs he presented as Quetzalcoatl.

The Avatar is the Consciousness from the Highest Level of ‘God-Consciousness”. It can split to manifest in more than one physical body at a time. It can manifest in all levels of Consciousness, including the Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Devic, Galactic and Universal level.

The Manifested Ray always splits into 2 major portions that occupy separate physical bodies sustained by the same Class 4 consciousnesses (of the physical body) every time and this has been so since the entry of the Avatar Energy into the dimension.

These two portions, which meet at every incarnation, can, and do, have minor offshoots that occupy other bodies in the respective levels entered during the time they are in the physical. Thus, the Class 4 Consciousness known as Zoroaster which accommodated the Avatar and the Christ Energy, in his time (which is uncertain to us) reincarnated to be known as Buddha, later as Jesus who then came as Manichaeus, then King Arthur, then Mohammed, etc. Many manifestations in between these are not recorded in our history books.

Do not confuse the activities, culture and customs of the Class 4 Consciousness with the Divine attributes of the Higher Avatar Consciousness within. The Class 4 being will be programmed, polluted and indoctrinated by Evil on this level to make mistakes as we all make, especially before it awakens fully on this level. Usually, the Avatar Consciousness expresses in the body for an hour, two maximum, per 24 hours, otherwise it would burn the body out.

It is evil fools who point to customs, practices and/or weaknesses of the physical body of the Avatar in each era and say it is incompatible with God-consciousness.

Zoroaster killed many in battle,

Buddha abandoned his family,

Jesus was said to have a raging temper,

King Arthur killed thousands in battles,

Frederick Nietzsche acquired syphilis as a young man following a dare to visit a bordello, and so on.

But who are these fools who think they have a right to judge? They are fools alright and they will soon exist no more.

The cryptic tablets of the Maya stated an End would come and a New Beginning would occur. The Hopi state this also. But, why can the End not be a total physical end of Earth and the New Beginning a beginning in a totally New, non-physical Dimension as suggested by Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Manichaeus,, Arthur Pendragon, Mother Shipton and St Malachi, and many, many more?

Indeed that is the true interpretation. It is the Fear of Evil Humans that has distorted the Prophecy of Finality. They added the continuation of this dimension and this putrid, doomed Earth out of the Fear of Accountability!

I say, unconditionally, that this is the End! It is Final! My words and Message are dramatic and critical, and that is why my Motto is “Take it or Leave it”.

Thus, you see, there is a consistency in the Message of Finality throughout the Ages. To affirm, without contradiction, that this Message, given by so many Prophets and Seers throughout the Ages, is either true or false, can only be done AFTER the time for the event has passed.

I repeat, from the outset I warned all who came in contact with my information that the details I gave could NOT be rationalized on the lower, physical, evil-Created, Monkey Mind of the body, even though we have the historical details I reviewed above. There is no way anyone can offer full physical proof on this level for the metaphysical assertions I have made.

At best, Theomorphic Beings, the individuals with Light Within, once awakened even just a little, will know from that personal Truth within them that what I reveal is accurate! Eventually ALL WILL KNOW, because of the events of the Endtime, that this information is true. No one will be left in any doubt of what is going on.


I gave the basic reason for such destruction of the Physical Universe in detail in my books.

Here is a summary:

There are 2 creations sharing this dimension, the True Creation and a false, illicit, temporary one. The latter is the Evil One, an illegitimate, parasitic, impermanent one that exists by sucking out energy, and thus destroying, the part of the True Creation trapped without its boundaries.

Along the Path of Revelations, I gave the number of Viables on this Earth.

I revealed the outermost date for destruction of the planet (and the Solar System as well as the Galaxy) agreed to by the War Council of Light of which by now you have guessed “I”, the real Me, not this next-to-useless Cardboard Box, am a Member. After 2035, at the latest, Earth would exit no more. All ‘physical life’ would have been removed before the physical destruction.

The destruction of the Galaxy will be witnessed by others living in other as yet uncorrected Galaxies. The only ‘humans’ who will witness it will be the Viables who will be on the Rescue Crafts.

I am to stay here on Earth, physically, till the Last Day. It is part of my role to do so. I think those of you who are ‘Avatar splinters’ will be here till the end too.

In due course, I revealed the fact that all of the Physical Dimension would, in time, be totally demolished.

As time passed, I revealed the fact that 95-96 % of the Physical Universe had already been destroyed, and that we, in the Milky Way, and the surrounding neighbourhood, were near the tail end of the demolition of the Physical and its associated Etheric and Astral Components.

In time, I revealed our Sun was dying. I then said the planets of this Solar System were all fragmenting and were to be destroyed, as would be the whole Milky Way.

While revealing this material, I wrote that nothing of TRUE WORTH would be lost in this destructive Clearing Process, for the only thing that matters is the eternal spiritual component of Theomorphic Beings. If you don’t know what those terms mean, read my books.

I gave details in my books of how this dimension came about, who were Divine beings, and who were temporary Evil beings, who were Robotic beings to be saved, and who were Robots and Demons to be liquidated. I also revealed details of the Demonic Creation and its fate, as well as the fate of the Evil Essence and of everything it spawned.

Obviously, I cannot give tangible proof for any of these assertions. They will only be assessed as being accurate retrospectively.

On a more prosaic level I wrote that:

1          The Programming Mechanisms of the Evil Essence, which controlled its physical bodies, here and everywhere, had been demolished and that all that was not actively protected by Divine Light would Manifest Terminal MADNESS of the Endtime. That has, in fact, been the case as we examine life all over the globe.

 2          As well as that, I wrote that Terminal Fragmentation of all aspects of our PHYSICAL EXISTENCE would occur. There is no doubt that this fragmentation is occurring. But, when one is off-guard, it is easy to feel comfortable with the world and think that nothing dramatic is really happening. A trip to the supermarket and interaction with the negativity there soon tells a different story, as does repeatedly watching the ever-more-horrible-News, especially the news spewing from the mendacious and sycophantic Main Stream Media (MSM).

 3          To accompany the Terminal Fragmentation affecting all 4 Classes of Consciousness on the globe (the Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human classes) Evil beings were now programmed for Terminal Self-destruction. And, as we can see, they are Hell-bound in their attempts to destroy themselves and everyone else on the globe. Their irrationality knows no bounds. Again look, at and listen to, the MSM. Their perennial War, of, for and on, Terror affecting ALL can lead to no other conclusion than an Evil Process of Self-destruction!

 All these actions have been sanctioned by the Light as they are mechanisms to eradicate this ‘cancer’ called the Evil, Physical Manifestation. As the eradication proceeds, the assistance by the Light to suffering Viables seems to be minimal.

The Light is not there primarily to appease Viables in any way they want in the physical. The Light’s role now is the destruction of the Physical. We have to help ourselves to make the best of a really bad situation while we are still trapped here, and until our rescue.

4       Throughout history, valiant ones were tortures and murdered in the most despicable ways. Physical consequences mean nothing in spiritual terms. The faith of martyrs saw them through. The same applies to us in the last days as things start to get really, really bad for the Physical.

In between these details, some ten years ago, I published the fact that the Light, in the main, had temporarily withdrawn from the Dimension in order to minimize the energy available for the Evil Ones to STEAL. That is how they, the Evil Ones, have been surviving all this time since the inception of the Physical Dimension resulting from the Celestial Error.

This step of Light energy withdrawal, repeated in all the Galaxies that have previously collapsed, assures the total collapse of this local Evil System that has had a vice-like grip on all activities on Earth. That is why Evil-controlled robots and demons are slipping out of control, and not only going insane (The Terminal Madness of the Endtime that I predicted) but also seem to be Hell-bound on finding ways to Self-Destruct.

5           In conjunction with that removal of Light from this ‘neck of the woods’, which resulted in energy depletion and accelerated deterioration and fragmentation, a major portion of Theomorphs who contained the Divine Energy, which the Evil Ones (both Robots and demons) kept stealing, were removed spiritually from this planet in 1999. Other Theomorphs in other planets were involved in similar rescue operations.

6        A few thousand Theomorphic Warriors were left on the planet to aid in the March to the Endpoint. Their numbers have been receding as we approach the End Day. They are being shipped Home as they complete their missions. Many of the Warriors were, and are, in Class 3 (Animal Class) and they too have been systematically evacuated as the work towards the End is nearing completion.

7          In order that the remaining Viables would not starve from lack of energy, a new nourishing and protecting energy was released onto this planet and on all others, via the Avatar Consciousness, to sustain the Viables. It is called the New Green Energy (NGE). I have seen this energy with my own eyes. Many others saw it even before I wrote about it.

8         The NGE nourishes the Viables physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as long as they cleanse and purify sufficiently to be able to allow it into their lives and are able to connect with Higher Levels. With this energy, Viables feel serene, joyous, happy and confident, inspite of fragmenting, ever-deteriorating conditions on Earth. That is what it is supposed to do.

10        I discussed the connection to a Supra-Mental Consciousness (SMC) which sincere Viables would attain, in due course, before the End, so that they would be given help and information to remain strong in very trying conditions. I warn you that any information you receive via this Pathway to the SMC is for you only, and not to be shared, unless you are told to do so.

11        The effects of the NGE on non-Viables are the direct opposite. They feel ANGER on encountering the NGE and externally manifest this irrational anger if they are given the chance.


They know they are doomed, and that increases their outer mind MADNESS and their physical manifestations of destructiveness. Perhaps now you understand this Madness that has gripped the globe.

Do not be fooled by the false bravado of the treacherous demons that are being rounded up.

12        Variously I have mentioned the evil mechanisms for local destructive effects, such as I listed many times previously: HAARP, Vaccines, GMO foodstuffs, Perennial Wars, accidents such as the Gulf Oil spill, Fukushima, a Nuclear WW3, Chemtrails, etc. These are evil mechanisms of Evil’s Madness and are not really related to the true, Divine Clearing of the Planet. They are examples of the demonic self-destruction.

 13        I also hinted at a second Energy that was to be released by the Avatar in due course.

 14         I gave details of how those who survive the Nuclear Holocaust of WW3 would either physically die (via the effects of the radiation, or the nuclear Winter or of effects of the red Iron Oxide dust from Planet X) or else be rescued by the Divine crafts, which by-the-way entered our Solar System in December 2014. I also gave details of how the planet would be destroyed by that Planet X Constellation after we (of Classes 2, 3 and 4) are all out of the physical.

15         The second Divine Energy, which I had previously mentioned, but of which I gave no details, was released approximately 50 days ago and this is the first time I am writing about its release.

It is the energy of maximal destruction of all Evil. That is why I wrote that WW3 may well start in December 2014 or very shortly thereafter. I had the inkling that the Divine Energy of Destruction (DED) would be released in December 2014.

Its storage in the appropriate container (the physical body of the Avatar) before its eventual initial release had side-effects, inspite of modifications for its accommodation having been performed on the container for quite a period before the energy descended. These actions were somewhat perilous and could have had very serious consequences, but all has gone well. It will be henceforth steadily released at an ever-increasing dose as required.

16        It was on December 16, 2014, that I revealed that the Rescue Crafts have entered the dimension. This would tend to suggest, if you accept what I say, that the End is near. Realize I can’t as yet take photos of them or make them land on my property so that their existence can become undoubtable. At this point, we have to take the information on trust. No one is being forced to believe any of this. Go within to assess the value, to you, of this information!

 17        On December 19, 2014, I confirmed that Iron Oxide dust from the Planet X Constellation had entered our atmosphere. The fate of Earth is sealed! For details of how it will affect us, and the planet, read my essay called Nibiru 4.


 Even to a lower mind, all the information I have released over a time span of 30 years is far too precise and detailed to be spuriously made up by one individual using its lower, Evil-created Monkey mind of the physical body. As I wrote earlier, all bodies and their lower minds are created by Evil.

When I first published this message, all I got was abuse, defamation, ridicule and attacks from the fools. University educated morons turned out to be the biggest closed-minded bigots on Earth as far as I could judge from their response to my words.

As the accuracy of what I wrote became pronounced, fear mounted in the fools. But to protect themselves from that fear, they went into further denial.

The world changed to openly demonstrate  Destructive Madness, Terminal Madness of the Endtime, Terminal Fragmentation, evidence of Death of the Sun, etc., etc.?  The certainty of what was to come mounted. There was indeed undeniable truth in the information I delivered. And yet the morons dug deeper holes in which to hide. My message has been totally ignored. It is as if I and my message do not exist. Boy, are the masses in for a massive shock?

All the changes are PREDESTINED. I am simply reminding the World and giving more detail than ever before.

Did I invent the story of the NGE, whose presence many have affirmed, and of the Divine Energy of Destruction (DED)? Of course not! They are Divine Mechanisms to assist in the Endtime to solve the Problem of Evil.

There is a logical sequence to all of this, if anyone bothers to read my books, which leads us, step by step, to the conclusion of a total ‘Clearing of the Planet’ before its Total Destruction, as I wrote in my very first book. And, the mechanisms for achieving this End are here! Now!

Even from a lower mind perspective, if one considers all the factors I have mentioned, one can easily come to the conclusion that it is most probable that the End will be within the Timeframe I have published. With the points I now write, all who understand this work may more easily conclude that the Final Bell has been well and truly rung.

  • The Divine Destructive Energy has been released;
  • The persistent talk of annihilation via WW3 and the deteriorating conditions, not the least of which is the dying Sun, lead to an Endpoint. (The fools in their costly bunkers may survive the Nuclear bombs and their fallout. They may even expect to survive a protracted Nuclear Winter over many years, but how are they going to survive the planet being smashed into smithereens by impacts from the Planet X Constellation?
  • The accelerated fragmentation of all parameters, as we witness them, of our previously homeostatic planet, means total annihilation;
  • The confirmation of the existence of the Planet X Constellation, and its arrival, as confirmed by the presence of its iron oxide dust in our atmosphere, affirms the possible destruction of the planets within this Solar System;
  • The fact that Planet X’s red iron oxide dust has entered our atmosphere indicates ITS DESTRUCTIVE EFFECTS ON EARTH HAVE BEGUN!
  • With the Divine Crafts re-entering the Dimension, and this Galaxy and this Solar System in particular, to take Viables Home, we may conclude, that the final Rescue of Viables is a very short time away.

I am well aware that I am probably the only one of the modern writers discussing Planet X that says there will be no ‘other side’ for Humanity after Planet X passes the Earth.

Study what has been written throughout the Ages about the Endtime, and study what I have given you in my books, and then decide what is going on.

Be aware too that the Demonic Controllers of Earth (through Governments) have attempted to obfuscate the Truth about Planet X and the disasters to come which will cause great devastation. But, as you can now see by the many publications and videos with photos of Planet X and its Constellation, they have failed miserably.

Of course, fools will be fools till the End. And these very fools who make up a very large percentage of Humanity don’t want to know anything about the REAL End!

This is not a time for Fear. It is a time for Understanding!

 In time, we will all know the Truth!





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This is an essay I posted on May 13, 2012 on the “My Family” page, but for some reason it vanished. It is Part A of the series. The others that follow can be found in the “Resume” page.



Part A

 Tell me it is not so. Tell me truly that you are not confused, not perhaps a little and not perhaps a lot!

Alas, Confusion is the state most people are in at present. They don’t know what to believe.

Don’t focus on minutiae or details of the fragmentation. Look at the big picture at all times. For example, the Gulf oil spill, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, madness in various levels of society, the financial collapse, perennial wars, etc., are all details of the collapse of the Virtual Reality.,

All of sudden there has been a massive explosion of new knowledge. Actually it is old knowledge that had been there all the time, but it was well hidden and is just now surfacing for all to see. It is emerging because the Virtual Reality is breaking down,

  • We all have to awaken to the lies, deceit and skulduggery that have been perpetrated against us.
  • We must all see who is who and what is what in preparation for the total annihilation of this absurdity called the Physical Dimension.
  • We must know exactly what has happened, what is happening and what shall happen.
  • We must all realize that the “world” cannot continue in this way.
  • We must realize collectively and individually that some will make it to a new existence but the majority will not.

Finally we will need to realize

  • How we have been fooled,
  • How we have been trapped,
  • By whom we have been trapped,
  • How we will be liberated,
  • By Whom we will be liberated,
  • When we will be liberated.

What sort of knowledge do we have, want and need? It is the TRUE Ancient Gnostic knowledge now available to us. As you awaken you will confront some or all of the points of knowledge that I enumerate below.

Reflect on each point for it is a window leading to an aspect of the Knowledge that will set us free.

As you contemplate each point, windows within your mind will open up and you will then assess your own truth within. My points are simply catalysts for you to active your awareness and gain what you need for this Endtime. We are all unique and need unique knowledge, so once you begin your awakening process, let you Higher Mind guide you. You will eventually find facts and figures, and outer mind knowledge are not really all that important.

Points of knowledge:

1                     Kept as Mushrooms: There has been a conspiracy to hide the Truth from the Common Man. We have been kept enslaved in Darkness, in Ignorance and Falsehood. We have been fed lies by dishonest ones and murderers of men and truth. We have been kept in the dark like mushrooms. Any who attempted in the past to give us the Keys of Reality were mercilessly slaughtered.

 2                     This Physical Dimension is an illicit product of an experimental error. It is temporary and about to be dismantled.

3                     There are innumerable other aspects of the True Creation, but our awareness of them has been restricted by the mechanism that has kept us as mushrooms.

 4                     Not Alone: We are not alone in the Universe. There is abundant evidence of alien visitors. Over 100,000 alien races have visited Earth and this has been confirmed by Babaji, a Being with Whom I work very closely.

 5                     We are Spiritual Beings: We are not just physical beings. We have spiritual components. Some are of these spiritual structures are temporary and some are permanent.

 6                     The Consciousness of some beings, even though that component is spiritual, cannot exist outside of this Physical dimension without special modifications.

 7                     Robots: Some people are soulless robots. They have a physical body like the rest of us, but their consciousness is an artificial one which cannot exist outside of the Physical Dimension.

 8                     Life after physical death: There is life after death. Advances in Thanatology aver this. Near Death Experiences, Out-of-body experiences and Astral travel are valid. Even University experiments have proven this to be so.

 9                     Be aware that, unless you are a first time consciousness in a physical body, that is, you are a robotic consciousness recently created by the Evil Overlords (the Archons), you will have died and re-incarnated many, many times on this earth plane and in other locations.

 10                 Evil exists:  It is the cause of all our problems. The pain, suffering and exploitation, decay, degeneration and death that plague us are due to Evil. Evil created this Dimension. It is now being eradicated by a Process I have called the Final Solution to the Problem of Evil.

 11                 Demons, the sons and daughters of Evil, created totally of the Evil essence, are in human physical bodies, and in fact, in all classes of consciousness.

 12                 The Future is NOT in Humanity’s hands. A Superior Force and Divine Consciousnesses are rescuing the worthy Viables from the clutches of Evil. Humans cannot alter the course of events to any major degree. This negates any spurious assertions made by the deluded New Age Movement which is run by ignorant idiots and demons who delude the gullible.

 13                 Humanity, although sharing similar physical bodies, with variations of sex, colour of skin, race, etc., has many different consciousnesses within those bodies. I have enumerated the various types elsewhere on my website.

 14                 I and others have been outside of this dimension. In part, these visitations and their sequelae confirm the assertion that:

 There is life outside of the Physical Dimension, and after physical death;

  • Higher Consciousnesses exist;
  • Other Dimensions outside of the Physical exist,
  • There is a set Plan affecting this Universe, unbeknown to most inhabitants of the Universe, including most Humans and Aliens.

 15                 Fragmentation of all physical things as part of the Rescue Plan is a reality. You need to critically examine the evidence, and not be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand.

 16                 Aliens and Reptilians live among us. More and more are now seeing them with their extended vision.

 17                 Psychic abilities, which we all have, but which we have generally been forced to forget in childhood, are being restored so that people can now see demons, aliens and reptiles in human bodies. This is very much on purpose so that we will all know who is who.

 18                 Giants existed in the not too distant past. They were aliens in the main. This is proof other extra-terrestrial races existed and visited earth. At times their genetic code breaks through and their progeny in human bodies manifests gigantism which is not the same as the abnormal hormonal state we often see.

19                 The Speed of Light is not a constant, indicating that our Science and Physics are not accurate.

 20                 Bell’s Theory is no longer a theory. It has been proven and can be used to suggest instantaneous inter-dimension communication is a reality. The implications of this are shattering for ignorant fools such as Atheists.

 21                 The essence of Jehovah has been neutralized. That is the name given to the aspect of the Evil Principle in this age and in this area of the physical universe. Thus, as a consequence, all the structures this essence supported will now collapse.

 22                 The Essence of the Christ Light is back in a different form. The Christ Energy is the manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness that has often come onto this level to support those to be eventually rescued. Now, it is here for the final time to rescue the viable ones.

 23                 All Religions, with no exceptions, regardless of the original platform on which they were based, have become traps to ensnare spiritual awareness, and are devised and run by the Evil essence. They have snippets of Truth which they use as bait for Truth seekers. They are invariably run by demons.

 24                 Science and its handmaiden, Technology, are in essence against Spiritual Truth for they deny aspects of the Greater Reality and hide or eliminate the spiritual aspect of existence.

 25                 Modern Psychiatry does exactly like science does. It denies the spiritual dimension in human existence and in mental illness which is nearly always due to spiritual dissociation.

 26                 Humanity is far, far older than that given in history books. Evidence abounds. You can find it with a little effort. And, it is not a homogenous entity. It is now made up of 30 % demons and almost 70% of Robots since a mass spiritual evacuation that occurred in November 1999.

 27                 The major portions of Civilian Theomorphs, which numbered almost One Billion, were evacuated spiritually in November 1999. I wrote about it at the time.

 28                 Bishop Usher was wrong, wrong, wrong in his ridiculous estimation of the age of the world, and yet look at how many foolishly accept his assertion that the Earth is just over 4,000 years old. That point demonstrates the very dumb nature of some aspects of Humanity in general. Moronic, mindless robots is what they are and they will not be missed by anyone once they are transmuted for they have no innate spiritual value. On this level they are cannon fodder and space-occupying lesions, asserting by inference that being an imbecilic, lowest common denominator is natural to this evil world. And the Theomorphs succumb to being just like that when they are unawakened.

 29                 The Bible is a compendium of homilies, of distorted and inaccurate Gnostic truths mixed with some accurate facts, glued together with tainted history full of lies. It also contains stories, true and untrue, stolen from earlier civilizations such as the Akkadians, the Sumerians, etc. It was compiled by those who would fool the masses, and keep them in Darkness, for that was and is their role in this iniquitous Virtual Reality. We have evidence that evil ones continued the distortions in the 4th and 5th centuries at various Church Councils.

 30                 Zionism is Jehovah’s essence that rules this Planet and the entire Universe. That has now become obvious for all to see. Zionist essence and consciousnesses can be in any race, any creed, in anybody, and anywhere, anytime.  Just as an example, the Pope is Zionist, as is the Catholic Church in general.

31                 AS I said above, this Dimension is an illicit experiment and was scheduled for dismantling shortly after its inception when the evil essence that was responsible for creating it in that experiment refused to apply the usual correction process to its error. In the Ancient Texts, it is called the Celestial Error. It was created as a consequence of “The Fall of Lucifer”, “The War in Heaven”, etc.

 32                 Chemtrails, which we can all see, are a reality, and are dangerous to physical existence. People are waking up to their presence. Of late the evil ones are spraying them at night. They are used to interfere with proper mental function, thus dumbing populations down even more. Excuses were given by governments once people became aware of them. They included the assertion that they would shield Earth from excessive radiation and prevent further heating. Apart from their being neurotoxic, they affect the respiratory system deleteriously and one side-effect is the protrusion of fibres contained in the Chemtrails through the skin in some people. The condition is called Morgellons. It is real. It is not a neurosis as the mainstream Medical Fraternity would have you think.

 33                 There is a Eugenics program operating in order to eradicate the majority of humans from the planet. Chemtrails, HAARP, Genetically Modified Foods and Vaccines are some of the means to be for this culling.

 34                 Alien abductions and animal mutilations are real. The Internet is replete with accounts.

 35                 Colonel Corso was substantially correct in his book “The Day after Roswell”, wherein he exposed the duplicity of the US Government regarding the existence of aliens. Some poetic license is implied and necessary.

 36                 Jesus of Nazareth was a real man that accommodated the Christ Light inspite of the pseudo-scholastic attempt to deny his physical existence.

 37                 The Jesus Myth, with a dandified do-gooder who is said to have loved this evil, evil world, was created by the pseudo-Christian Churches and is a mockery of what Jesus really was and is. The Consciousness that was in Jesus has descended many, many times in all eras. It is the Consciousness arranging the Rescue and assuring the total eradication of Evil.

 38                 AS I said above, this Universe is a Virtual Reality in which certain ones, whom I have called Theomorphs – created by the real God, have been trapped in order that their innate Divine Energy (which only  Theomorphs have) can extracted from them by the Evil System by means of programming, pollution and indoctrination.  The Evil empire cannot exist without that energy.

 39                 Knowing the Evil cannot exist without the Divine energy from Theomorphs has led to the formulation of the Definitive Solution for the Problem of Evil which will lead to its permanent eradication: remove all Theomorphs and their energy from the dimension and cut off all other sources of energy. This is exactly what has been done. This evil dimension is running short of energy. That has resulted in various phases of fragmentation that we are now witnessing, and soon it will die an entropic death.

 40                 To sustain Viables until they are removed from the decaying dimension, a New Green Energy (NGE) has been introduced which Evil cannot use. This NGE neutralizes evil on contact.

 41                 Governments cannot be trusted for they set up and exploit their subjects regardless of truth and fairness. In the main, they follow evil principles and are dictated to by Evil Archons who are Class 5 (evil) beings that control every major governmental, religious and educational institution on the planet.

 42                 Big lies are easy to sell to the gullible masses, and they are used often. For example:   The reason for using Chemtrails, the reason for developing HAARP, the reason for using Genetically Modified Foods, the reasons for using (sterilizing) vaccinations in poorer countries, the reason for the Pearl Harbour attack; the false Myth of The Holocaust; the reason for starting the Vietnam, the Iraqi, the Afghan wars, etc., etc.

 43                 Our Sun is dying. Evidence for that statement exists. Our inability to convert precursors to Vitamin D as we could previously do avers to this.

 44                 Empirically, the Universe must end for it had a beginning as in the Big Bang Theory.

 45                 Humanity is not in control of its own destiny, or of any other process affecting Earth such as Climate change, the fragmentation, the Rescue of Viables, Governments decisions, Religions Dogmatism or the functioning of Secular institutions, regardless of arguments put forward by fools. It never has been in control. It is an illusion we are allowed to wallow in. New Agers who advocate that humans control their destiny are deluded fools or evil liars.

 46                 Communication with other dimensions is possible and occurring spontaneously more and more. Cleanse and purify so that you too can communicate with Guides and Helpers from other levels and dimensions.

 47                 The basis of Modern Psychiatry is false. It is going to be of absolutely no help now that Terminal Madness is gripping minds everywhere as I predicted in the 1990s would occur. Most mental disease is due to spiritual disconnection. The solution is spiritual reconnection.

 48                 Demonic Possession is real. Those with psychic vision can see it occurring. There are well recognized mechanisms that allow demonic infiltration of a physical body. The use of illicit drugs, of hallucinogenics, sex with demons and Reptilians, are just a few of the mechanisms. Be careful what and who you let into your body!

 49                 Being able to see and hear things in the range beyond the senses called Psychic Ability, is not an illness as classified by Modern Psychiatry. The misdiagnosis of a normal spiritual state by those who are supposed to care for our wellbeing is a serious matter and going to cause even more problems as we progress. Alas, we are dictated to be those of “Cultivate Ignorance”.

 50                 God Consciousness is a reality. You will be able to connect to the Higher Divine Levels wherein the realization of the Numinous will become very real and detailed for you if you are one of those to be rescued. And God realization will be in preparation for your eventual rescue.


Link to Rense Show of May 11, 2012:



 DECEMBER 10, 2014


There are a number of reasons why I continue to write, attempt to sell books; give interviews, etc., even at this late hour of Earth’s doomed existence, inspite of the continual attacks upon me from all sectors of society.

  • I am attempting to awaken the Viables to the falsehood of this World and the reality of their own nature and their future. They can only awaken if they want to, and see the evil traps if they wish to do so. My information gives them that opportunity to see what has happened to them, what awaits them, and what the Nature of this Physical Universe truly is. It is evil beyond lower mind comprehension.

As I attempt to awaken Viable ones, I support them, and the already awakened ones, in all their daily struggles, with the New Green Energy (NGE) this body has been given to distribute to them and all Viables in all Classes of Consciousness, so that they are sustained in a healthy spiritual, mental and physical manner until the moment of Liberation from this Hell.

If you have felt the superb healing and liberating effects of the NGE, you are left in no doubt of its wonder. When it floods lower minds, all Doubt, Confusion and Fear are dispelled. The woes of this world just seem to dissolve and we turn our thoughts to the nourishing Numinous, and our existence in it that is to come very, very shortly.

But, inspite of my exposing, attacking (and destroying) the Evil Status Quo, as I do, many have called me “Satan” no less.

Tell me, could Demonic Energy, or Satan himself, be able to awaken and sustain you, and all Viables, with the Divine NGE as I do?

It would be the very opposite, surely. It would try to annihilate you!

The Demonic Hierarchy would want you drugged and uselessly unawakened so it could exploit you maximally for ever and ever. Is that not so?

It would hardly expose Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination that it uses in an attempt to keep all in the physical stuporous and trapped.

And yet, I have revealed these traps to you as no other teacher in History has ever done. (If you have read all my books, you know that is a fact; no ego involved.)

That being the case, how could anyone then say that I am Satan?

They can say I am exposing and destroying this evil Hell. But that is a different thing altogether. Satanic energy does all it can to sustain this Hellish trap.

They say it because they want to discredit me and to stop me awakening Viables!

That means, surely, that the people who call me Satan, are workers for Evil, does it not?

I have mentioned this before: Amitakh and Stefan Stanford wrote an essay in which they called me Satan, once I exposed their illegal tax scam here in Australia.

They are both Vulturite Reptilian Demons, part of the Satanic Consciousness that must be exposed, for they have already adversely influenced many Viables who remain still trapped in their nonsense. They exploit those whom they have trapped, like all demons do, of their money and energy.

They have to try and stop me because if people awaken, because of my work, the Stanford’s pilfery will come to an end. They can’t have that, so they frighten people by calling me Satan.

Why am I spending time on them?

It is because they are my direct enemies on this level. It is they who are Satanic.

I was directed to go with Amitakh, in the early days of this body’s awaking, as part of a plan to prevent her joining up with Stefan Stanford. While they were apart they were ineffectual in their evil. Once Amitakh met him and began copulating with him, the Demon in her awoke.

In an attempt to keep them inactive, Amitakh was told directly, through her own channels,  by Higher Divine Spiritual Beings who “I” was. She is a trans medium. She believed then what she was told, and then wrote a book stating exactly what she had been told by Higher Consciousnesses.

When the demon in her awoke, the first thing she did was deny what she was told by those Higher Beings. She denied what she wrote in her book, and said it was false.

Why would she do that? It is because ALL evil beings are liars and deniers of Truth. The proof of their villainy is in the pudding, as it were.

A while back, a highly spiritually evolved and awakened being, who reads my website, sent me the site that has Amitakh’s singing. That sound shatters the Heart Centre, if you listen long enough, and facilitates demonic possession. I wrote about it as a warning, if you recall. Is that singing, to do that shattering of the Heart Centre, not Evil?

I know this is true. All the followers who have gathered around her are like zombies. They are brainwashed fools, taken over by demonic energies.


Is that not what happens to followers of all very evil, charismatic ‘gurus’?


You must know these dangers even at this late hour.



3       I persist with my message and give previously undisclosed details because the non-Viables must be told WHY they are being spiritually destroyed and why an End must come.

Emotions do not come into this. “I” state the case impersonally, and even though “I” know who is to be rescued and who is to be transmuted, it does not affect me physical, emotionally or mentally, in the slightest.

Do not write asking me what your spiritual status is. I have told you in the past that your response to the NGE is your best indicator of your Viability or otherwise.

“I” have done this work in many, many other Galaxies, and will continue to do it until the very last one is destroyed, and the entire Physical Universe, and ALL Evil, are no more.


From my Poetry Book, Vol. One


It’s thirty years or more now in which time many books and newsletters

Have I written with keen eye,

Explaining mysteries, and many things, that will happen

Long before they do so, bye and bye.

And many times in print, which many find so cherishing, so dear,

I’ve explained the why of all that’s happening in terms that are quite clear.

But inspite of all this effort on my part, you see,

There is a genotype of stubborn human donkey, arguing,

Saying all cannot be as I decree.

But to read what I have written is all that one needs to do,

No matter how high or low the brow or the supposed flash IQ.

To see clearly all the world’s events developing near and far exactly as

I described they would develop now, with no bar!

What sort of grandiose evil fools they be,

The ones who, inspite all the evidence, want to contradict me?

They are a special class of stupid demons, cretins to be sure,

Who all, thanks to the ‘God on High’, soon will be no more.

Unlike Pythagoras, I am asking none to subscribe to “ipse dixit”,

All one needs to do is lift the head, open the eyes, and witness it.

The only reason any refuse to believe things they see with their very own eyes,

Is the fact that they are Doomed Demons, evil rabble, in disguise.

They really see the world changes I’ve described, with open eyes,

But to say as much is admission of their evil, and imminent demise.

And so as liars and hypocrites do these rotters live,

By their own evilness cursed, to them no mercy or pity give.


DECEMBER 11, 2014

 “Uh, Uh, …. Dr. Crimplelline, I note your new webbed-master in Swedeland has placed a Detonation button on your new, mirror-imaging website.”

“Yes, that is correct, Jerry and it’s a DONATION button, not a detonating one. We are not quite at the End yet.”

“Sowwy. But, but….Just think of the possibilities, Dr., with all that money that is coming in, you can now afford to retire even further in your retirement, ….go even deeper into your boredom as it were…..”

“And jut how would I do that, Jerry?”

“Well, for starters, you could employ me as a Ghost writer and I will slave away writing your near-daily essays and posts on Ghosts-in-schizm and frying far coasts.”

“Jerry, it’s got nothing to do with ghosts, nor with distant hot topography. It’s about Gnosticism and fearsome Forecasts. Besides I can’t seem to get you to stay awake for 10 minutes at any one time, thanks to your Scottish whisk….err…alien spirits. How are you going to manage writing for an hour or so?”

“Easy Dr Chaplaine, I’ll wear pajamas and if I falls asleep I’ll sleep-talk and walk and talk some more, straight to your computer and write.”

“Jerry, that’s ridiculous!”

“Please, please, please, pretty please? Besides, when you fire up all your neurons, all 2.5 of them, I don’t get a chance to express.”

“Oh, all right. Go and check to see how much we have received in donations and then I will decide.”

A little later…

“Dr., you is nearly rich…..”

“How much?”

“$2…but its US currency, and after PayPal takes its toll, you have almost $1.75 Ostrayan…”

“But Jerry, that $2 is what the webmaster put in, trying to see if the button works.”

“Oh….well….I’ll work for a free fee in that case ….and besides …if you double the nothing you get every month, till the End, from the button that seems to have detonated readers….. see? I was right the first time …..you will never be sub-zero, Dr C. Isn’t that a positive for us?”

“Ok, I’ll see……Geesh…ah…, you’ll be the end of me…..”

“I only worked one time,….. during the Carrion War …..near a Geisha…….”

“Cork it Jerry. No one wants to know your past. Besides, you told me you were in the Pacific theatre during the war?”

“I was. I was watching Scary War films in that theatre on the Pacific Highway just south of Busybane. …..It was so hot in there ….like the Black Hole of a Coal-cutter …..before the movie started …..after the lights went out….., and I had to worm my way through a hole in the crowd to get a stair gate …. then ……a drink….Anyways I now know a lot about Black Wars, warm holes, and steep stairs and gates in Star films …. I think I can qualify to write on Astrophyzzers and haemorroids ,,,, err … asteroids ,,,, and …. comic.. …commies…..commodes…. commiteds ….that’s it ….Comets… if you want……”

“Jerry I think you mean Black Holes and Stargates and ……oh, never mind…..”

Dear readers, ….Yes, I am addressing all 3 of you, ……our own Jerry Attrick promises to have his first attempt at Gnostic writing posted in the next few days for a free fee. Take advantage of the time interval and go buy plenty of aspirin……or better still…go on holidays…….

“I heard that err ….Herr … err…Dr. Cippollini…….”


 Exposing Endtime Baloney and persistent

Camouflaged attempts at Demonic Possession!


What is it with these persistent and very comical modern BS artists who are far weirder than the old-time bible-bashers?

Why are they so vociferous in cajoling the moribund sheople into committing themselves to a biblical ‘god’ and to their ‘GEES-USS’ in repeated YouTube videos as in the one below? Even a cursory glance at the Old Testament reveals that the ‘god’ within is an egotistical liar, hypocrite, abuser, rapist and murderer. How could anyone take ‘him’ seriously? If you want details of these revelations, read my book ‘Death of an Evil God.”

Why are they pushing Zionism, flavoured with pseudo-Christianity, down people’s throats by frightening them as they do with the coming Wrath of the Lord and inescapable Judgement?

Are they manifesting Terminal Madness of the Endtime or is there a more sinister and concealed ulterior motive?

Don’t they remind you of the TV commercials in which a lying lout yells “Hurry, hurry, hurry! Get your wooden toaster while they last at his fantastic price. This offer must end soon and will not be repeated!”

Here we have these theological goons DESPERATELY URGING people who could not care less to believe in their GEES-USS, and to OPEN THEIR HEARTS, unconditionally, and with absolutely no protection from demonic forces, so then they can be ‘saved’ by whatever maleficent forces come into their hearts!!!

What is it they are so forcefully demanding from the brain-dead?

They are, no doubt, using FEAR OF THE ENDTIME to ensnare people.

The battle as I have told you has always been about ENERGY! If these demons can get to a being’s Centres of Consciousness and drain them of the energy therein, then they, the demons, are well fed.

Better still, for the barking demons, if the targeted zombies are stupid enough to open their Centres completely and let whatever forces are lurking about them into their unprotected centres, then those centres become purposely occupied by the malevolent forces waiting for just that opportunity.


Thus, the demonic barkers, are calling on sheople to surrender their Centres to Evil. Their mode of action is exactly like hallucinogenic drugs.

Religion of any type tries to block a person off from the real God Consciousness and also implant spurious knowledge, while it drains the individual.

Now, at the Endtime, these demons think they can invade enough individuals and demonically possess them so that they, the demons, will be energetically strong enough to survive the Endtime. They can’t survive, of course, but that does not stop them from trying. They are programmed to do what they have always done. They have been programmed to drain others of energy and possess their Centres if possible, since the day they were created by the Ghoul. It is with energy drained from others that they exist. They are parasites and energy vampires. As I have explained at length, they have no energy source of their own.

Just by the way, the battle between the early pseudo-Christian Churches and Gnostics was exactly about this topic. The Churches insisted that people had to give themselves totally to the Faith that the Church stipulated, without question! That included Faith in the teachings it stipulated and in the Traditions it spuriously created, Truth be damned. And by these actions, Truth was damned by the demonic clergy who took control! You will recall the real Jesus said the Sacerdotes took the keys of Truth and hid them.

The Gnostics argued that the ‘Faith alone principle’ was for Fools, and that such Idiocy did no one any good. They were correct, of course, for no matter how much Demons believe in themselves as being Divine, and wanting the Evil Essence, (represented by Jehovah, Yahweh, Yaldabaoth, Saklas, the Ghoul, the Moloch, etc., ) to forgive them, they are still of Darkness, and very much doomed, for without Inner Light, they cannot survive in Divine Dimensions.

These modern day tele-evangelists want sheople to follow this false principle of ‘faith alone will save you’; faith in whatever they say is to be believe!

The Archons, who are always evil, and New Agers, most of whom are demons and misguided robots, believe they are a part of ‘god’ consciousness. That does not make the Darkness, of which they are made, the Divine Light. They are simply deluded. If they were genuine and sought the Divine attributes and lived in the Light, then they would be included in the Light as Viables. But, not one demon has done that. They are unable to, as they are programmed to be liars, hypocrites and murderers from their very inception. (Thus sayeth the real Jesus, in John 8:44)

Once the proselytizing demons of each era had people committing to the “Faith” of the Evil-created and Evil-controlled church, regardless of its name, the church then had, for all intents and purposes, mindless robots on its hands and could, would, and did, use them to do anything, including committing the grossest evil imaginable. For starters, they murdered all the Gnostics they could get their hands on, simply because the Gnostic Knowledge exposed the Church’s Evil Essence even before it committed anything.

(Today’s exposures of the evil practices of the various churches leave no awakened person in any doubt of what is going on in those hypocritical institutions. Their evil is exposed maximally, and they can never hide it again.)

As Truth would have it, Jesus, as most of you know, belonged to the School of the Essenes, who were Gnostics, even before the pseudo-Christianity trap was sprung. The Essenes lived a contemplative, peaceful life, following the Gnostic tenets of Pythagorean Philosophy. And why would they not? Pythagoras was the Christ Light bearer of his era who later incarnated as a carpenter’s son called Jesus! Before that Pythagoras had been Zoroaster.

Baloney easily flowed in the history of spurious religions as time passed. But, I am here to tell you all 3 were the same incarnated Class 4 Theomorphic Being who acted as host, in the physical body it occupied, to the Christ Light, as every Avatar did, and does, in every era.

The Zionist demons murdered Jesus, for He was teaching Gnostic Principles which exposed them as Sons and Daughters of the Evil Essence. As history tells us, the evil-inspired pseudo-Christian zealots then eventually murdered all the other Gnostics they could get their hands on, throughout the ages for the same reasons of exposure.

Jesus revealed that there can be any of 3 types of spiritual beings in a human body, and this equates to what I have termed Theomorphs, Robots and Demons. See my books for details. There is a passing mention of this in the Nag Hammadi Library. But, of course, it may be that by now such detail has been expunged from the texts. Demons corrupt absolutely.

The true Jesus explained that the Kingdom of Heaven, and its knowledge, are within some, and not in the spurious waffle of the old religions (and their sects to come).

The Sermon on the Mount is spurious nonsense, as are the miracles He was supposed to have performed.

Thus, you see, as these modern day evangelists passionately plead for sheople to accept their fake GEES-USS into their hearts and become robotic morons to be ‘saved’ (from Rationality), and to give them money in the process, they are activating the Mechanism of Demonic Possession, as well as stealing energy, if anyone has any left.

Pseudo-Christianity battles all other beliefs, and attempts to place itself above all other religions doctrines and beliefs, in a childish and very egotistical manner, by promoting the falsehood that their GEES-USS was the ONLY Christ, the ONLY Son of God, that he was the only one to resurrect, that he was the only one to open the Gates of Heaven, etc., etc., etc. All of this is spurious nonsense.

Buddha was Christ, as was Zoroaster, Pythagoras, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, Arthur Pendragon, Joan D’Arc, Galileo, Mozart, and so on. It is the same Class 4 Consciousness that incarnates in each era into a physical body. It has been trained from time immemorial to accommodate the Christ Light within the evil body it occupied in each incarnation.

This event has infuriated the Evil Essence that controls the plane and that is why each physical ‘Son or Daughter of God’, in each era, has been trapped, traumatized and eventually usually murdered for its efforts of accommodating the Christ Light which helped sustain the Viables trapped in this Hell. Until the work proper was to be performed, the Christ Light carrier usually remained incognito.

Not only that, but the body’s lower mind had to be awakened in order for the Class 4 Consciousness to be allowed to re-awaken to its own identity and then recommit to allowing the Christ Light to descend and do its work, regardless of the hardship the physical body was to face.

It is the Christ Light that presents to us and the New Green Energy. (Remember, we are simply using words to describe Beings and energies we cannot fully comprehend). However, in this last incarnation, energy beyond the Christ Light has descended, as is usually the case when the Galaxy is to be totally destroyed. I may write about this later.

This true knowledge reveals the lie of these demonic babblers in claiming that their GEES-USS is the one and only Path to God the Father!

I repeat, it is the Christ Light, which the same individual (the Avatar) accommodated in his various incarnations, that lights the way to the Divine Realms. When required, that Christ Light divided into fractions that entered the consciousnesses of other Theomorphic Class 4 beings, on this earth and all other structures in this vile, evil Universe, to perform its function of sustaining the trapped Viables. As an example, I cite the case of Haydn, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven who incarnated in roughly the same era and accommodated the Christ Light for that era. The true spiritual identity of all 4 is known to me.

(BTW, here is another point to demonstrate the evilness of the Stanfords. They both urged Amitakh’s older daughter, who studied Music, to write a malicious essay attacking Mozart and calling him demonic. They did this because the rumour had gone around that someone had said I had been Mozart, and in order to attempt to discredit me…and so on. Can you believe the extent of the evil of these demons? As History would have it, Mozart was Haydn’s pupil for a while and Haydn is report to have said that Mozart was the greatest musician the world had ever seen and would ever see until Earth’s end. Yes, Haydn was privy to the Endtime scenario.)

With this Knowledge, one may understand better that such a Light could and would have, and actually has, an infinite number of projections in all celestial structures in this illicit universe, helping to sustain the Viables until the Second Energy I have mentioned does its demolition work. There, you have cleverly forced this information out of me. J.

The way the demons, with their one and only GEES-USS, would have it, only Earth has had such a being (The Christ), and only once, in the 13.7 billion years in which the Universe existed. Even a child could see the fallacy in that notion. Of course, the demonic idiots counter with their stupid notion that the Earth is just over 4,000 years old, as espoused by Bishop Usher in what must have obviously been his pre-senile dementia phase, and that Man is the only ‘living thing’ in the Universe.

One of the reasons why most Theomorphs were evacuated in 1999, as I revealed in the essay ‘Phase of the Shells’, was to minimize this drainage of Divine Energy from them with which the demons could fight even more. Besides, the End was near and there was no reason for them to be here any longer.


Back to the video I have posted below: The targets of these proselytizers are the robotic Viables on the planet. Of course, they target all people, for they don’t fully know on this level what they are doing. They are programmed demons themselves and do not have this knowledge of Viable and non-Viable Robots and Demons.

It must be obvious to you from what I have written here and in my books, that the GEES-USS they have created is a myth. Listen to their Bible-bashing and you will realize it is utter nonsense.

They are using fear tactics to steal whatever little amounts of usable energy remain in humans, Viable and non-Viable alike. From the Viables they get energy. From the non-Viables they hope to get money, which on this level is a form of energy.

Think about this for a moment: Why would anyone shouting “Save me GEES-USS” actually be saved?

These barkers ask the sheople to repent for their sins. What are they to repent for? Is it for being idiots? Is it for being liars, hypocrites and murderous from the time of their creation?

To be ‘saved’ out of this Hell, one has to have the Theomorphic Energy and the Divinely-created apparatus within that will allow one to exist in non-physical dimensions.

The robotic Viables to be saved, all 650 million of them, have had modifications to their Centres of Consciousnesses in order for them to survive in Divine dimensions, as I have explained before.

They earned their “salvation” by:

  • Being of a spiritually wholesome heart,
  • Being truly loving and caring,
  • Putting Justice and fairness before greed,
  • Attempting to eliminate Evil from their lives,
  • Living in Harmony with all who would respect such Harmony,
  • Seeking Righteousness and the Light of Truth,
  • Avoiding the Evil Programming, Pollution and Indoctrinations that affected them from their day of birth, even though they did not know the details of such entrapments,
  • Glorifying Truth,
  • Putting Honesty before all things,
  • Seeking Wisdom,
  • At all times seeking Peace,

Compare these points with

  • the characteristics of the murderous warmongers who rule the planet,
  • the liars and hypocrites we meet every day,
  • the dishonest scoundrels who run our Religions, Governments, Injustice Systems, rewrite History, abuse Science and Technology for profit and for the exploitation of Earth and its populations, its Fauna and Flora included.


The claims of these evil-hearted evangelists are nonsense too. Note these points:

‘The Lord’ has been among us ever since the Error was created.

He has been here in the form of the ‘Son Energy’ that I have written about.

The Lord has instructed, encouraged, supported and spiritually healed those who remained worthy but were trapped in this Hell since the time of their entrapment.

None can be rescued out of this Hell until the entire Universe is dismantled.

Only Holographic Projections of Higher Consciousnesses have been able to enter and exit the dimension.

That Lord Identity/Consciousness (energy) has had to incarnate in each and every generation to help the trapped Viables and to sustain them, as best as possible, with the Energy ‘It’ brought down from the Divine Dimensions.

Realize that I am using words which do not convey the full meaning of what has happened and what is happening.

The “Lord” Energy had, and has, Its own battles to, first of all, awaken in the meat bag into which it incarnated, and then battle to not only minimize the bombarding evil programming, pollution and indoctrination, but also try to stay alive as long as possible, avoiding all the entrapments laid out maliciously in its path. Its experiences are no different to those of any other Theomorph of this level.

Have you not had to fight against all sorts of demonic encounters and mechanisms in your life? Have you not had to avoid or escape many entrapments that awaited you as you grew up, as you worked, as you married, as you reared children, as you studied, as you tried to maintain an occupation, a career, etc.? Were those entrapments not carefully laid out with the specific purpose of making your life as difficult as possible and to destroy you if at all possible?

Indeed, we all have the scars of running evil’s gauntlet on this level. And it is a miracle we have reached this point of realization to what is going on!

I have enumerated many personalities who carried that Energy (of the Son, of the Lord) in recent history. Alas, He/It did not fare well in all the lifetimes, for the demons did their best to entrap Him, the Consciousness, and force It out of the physical so it would stop helping the Viables who would then become weaker targets for the demonic nefariousness and energy extraction.

Thus, all I have explained is part of the real battle of Good vs. Evil

In the meantime, while the Christ energy nourished us generation after generation, aspects of the Creative Energy (the Mother Energy) had been trapped in this Error, because aspects of Its energy were part of the anatomy of creations which had both Divine energy and the altered demonic energy.

.None of these points of Truth are known, or explained, by these howling jackasses.

They misinterpret that which they do not understand for a very important reason. They are spiritual energy vampires on death-row. They know not Truth or their Fate, and yet, they will continue to try and fool the masses till the very last.


Finally, consider this, just as an example of how these people mix up reality with stupidity:

They are expecting the Lord to come on a Cloud from the East

To bring the Day of RECKONING!

Actually what will come from the East will be The Planet X Constellation,

On An iron oxide DUST cloud,

to bring the Day of WRECKING !!

Do you see how, with all their ignorance and misunderstanding, they twist words to suit themselves and fool the sleeping, gullible dorks?


 John 8:44 Proven yet again. http://rt.com/usa/212499-george-bush-cia-torture/

As usual, Demons at work: http://rt.com/usa/212839-cia-torture-senate-report/


DECEMBER 13, 2014


Let me give you details of what will happen to Liars, Hypocrites and Murderers.

The first thing you may ask me is “How do you know this?”

I know because I know.

If you are not happy with my response, remember my Motto.

Here we go: Watch these videos and vomit



Why did these supposedly highly civilized Merry Cans torture victims as they did?

The ones in charge and all the subordinates who executed the plan of attack on 9/11 knew the victims they tortured and murdered did not attack America as per 9/11.

So why did they torture and murder so many?

It’s for the extraction of energy, don’t you think? It is what evil Beings have always done throughout the Ages, in all areas of the Earth, and through the entire Physical Universe, in ALL Classes of Consciousness.

When is it proper to torture and murder? “Never”, is the answer!

“CIA will continue torture with help of mediators’ – UK’s former envoy to Uzbekistan”

Think of this question for a moment, even if you are aware: How much pity do you think the USA and its leaders and citizens will receive when the Shit-hits-the–fan with the negative Karma they earned from their actions, from all the countries they destroyed, from all the families whose members were murdered, from all the innocents that were bombed with malicious pride by the soon-to-be, not-so-Merry-Cans.

They murdered not just humans, but beings in Class 3, 2 and 1 also. Think about that. Who gave them that right?

There is such a thing as collective negative karma. It has already begun.

This is only one chapter in the sorrow-filled history of this globe. Think of all the other atrocities committed by the demons in other eras, other countries, etc. If you know history at all, you know that the overt and occult evil that the Catholic Church committed in its 2100 year history cannot be surpassed. I am using this USA torture episode here to highlight my points of the Eternal Moment which all evil Ones shall suffer.

We have reached an Endpoint when True Justice for all will prevail, and Mercy will apply to the truly contrite.

But for the unrepentant liars, hypocrites and murderers, no Mercy can apply for they are NOT contrite:


Expect more, much more exposures even on this level, and then for these foul demons, and all foul unrepentant demons, there will be an eternal Hell in an Eternal Moment.

Now read what is in store for these demons:

Although they were created by the Evil Essence to do exactly what they do, they had been warned many, many times that, if they continued in their nefarious ways, there would eventually be devastating consequences for them at a future point when accountability would be called for. They were left in no doubt that a Time of accountability and Judgement would come.

Do you think they listened? They simply scoffed at the idea. Not for one moment did they reflect on this. They continued on their destructive ways which gave them what they craved: energy extracted from their victims and consequently much, much pleasure from committing evil. This does not just apply to demons in human form. It also applies to more highly evolved demons who appeared as ‘gods’ to Primitive Man.

Although they were warned innumerable times, they continued with their Evil, thinking they were protected by the Evil Essence. They thought they would never be brought to Justice. How wrong they were!

Each will be transmuted back to Primordial Energy, in due course, but, for an instance, which will appear to each Evil Individual to last an eternity, they will suffer all the pain, sorrow and misery they had inflicted on their victims. It is too gross for us to conceive such punishment. But, it is not the Light punishing them. It is punishment they have brought upon themselves. They had been warned of the consequences innumerable times. Unlike them, the Light does not lie.

In contrast, the punitive consequences of evil doings in Dante’s Inferno will seem like a Sunday Picnic.

Before they get to the eternal Hellish Moment, these miscreants WILL suffer while in the physical. We will all suffer the consequences of fragmentation of Earth and of the Solar System and the Galaxy. Such events are unavoidable. Those who are aware, and in contact with the Supra Mental Consciousness (SMC), will welcome the transition that will result in the end of the physical, even though the physical has to per force go through this harrowing passage. Those with no connection to Higher Planes will suffer the anguish of doomed fools.

The biggest fools will be those of evil who think they can cheat Divine Justice by hiding in their underground lairs or fly through Wormholes to safer locations. Their DUMBs will be torn asunder as the Earth yields. There is nowhere for them to escape, for all the Galaxy will fracture and be destroyed. If they attempt such journeys through Stargates and Wormholes, they will suffer Time-warp, that will seem to last forever, even while they are in their physical bodies in those passages, and they will suffer the conditions of Hell IN THE PHYSICAL, as if forever. So, they suffer both ways, more extremely than those who suffer, then physically die, on Earth.

It will be not so much the fear of physical death that will affect the evil ones deleteriously. After all, most adults have resigned themselves to the fact that they have to physically die at some stage. It will be the thought, which they had hidden deep in their memory banks, but now overtly exposed by circumstances, that they are accountable. That thought of accountability, and their knowing full well that they are of an evil ilk, and that they are now being forced to account, will drive them insane as nothing else could. For so long have they foolishly convinced themselves that the moment of accountability would never arise!

Contrast this reaction to the reaction of the Viables. Knowing they are of Truth, of Justice and of Immutable, Eternal Love, after quickly dispelling the fleeting fear of physical death, they will be joyous at the thought of True Justice occurring, of the eradication of Evil and all its progeny, and of the fact that they will be lifted into the Light as they have yearned would happen for so long. They finally will realize, even before they die or are lifted off the planet, that their prayers have been answered.

In Viables, all fear will be dispelled, for they will be blessed with true vision and Truth. They will not be blackmailed by the evil emotions of the evil physical body or by such thoughts as who is Viable and who is not. At that instant of Total Realization, they will know the meaning of Justice. They will see with unerring vision who is who and what is what. They will not be blackmailed by the thought they may be failures, for the certainty of their true status will stamp their minds indelibly that they are particles of Light being gathered as part of the meagre precious harvest from this doomed orb.

The FEAR of what will happen to their children, parents, relatives, pets, gardens, etc., etc., will all vanish in an instant as they realize who their true siblings of Light are. The evil, camouflaging mechanisms will be gone forever, never to be remembered again, never to blackmail or deceive them again. They will be truly free of sadness, misery, injury, degeneration, disease, punishment and the fear of death. In fact, they will be FREE of all fears, of all types, forever, for these were attributes of the evil trap which will have been, in that moment of Illumination, totally destroyed also forever.

But for the evil ones, their suffering will be compounded by their recall of what they have done, of what misery they have imposed on others, on how they raped, abused and murdered those of Light. Their fear of confronting the JUDGE, as they must, will force them to die again and again and again,. But THEY CANNIOT DIE UNTIL THEY ARE TRANMUTED, for they are spiritual, and so the fear repeats again and again and again, in them, for an Eternal Moment that they cannot escape, no matter how hard they try to do so.

They can blame no one but themselves for their fate. What fools they are! What fools have they been!

Simply by being in the presence of the Judge, the non-Viables will know their fate. There is no escaping that FATE. They judge themselves by their reactions to the Judge. But, of course, it is the Judge’s presence that allows the judgement to occur. Without the Judge’s energy, they would not realize their evilness and doomed future.

Who or What is the Judge? It is a manifestation of the Highest Divine Energy. It is the TRUE LORD, manifesting for each in the moment of judgement.

Viables will be drawn to that Energy from all Levels of Consciousness. They don’t see it as a Judge, but as a personification of the eternal loving, nourishing Father/Mother Energy. That is what they feel, even in the physical, as the fragmentation occurs for that is what the SMC supplies.

For non-Viables, the appearance of the Judge will be a moment for them to DREAD. Let them try to crucify Him now. Let them try to spit on Him, to mockingly crown Him with thorns, as they did when he presented as the physical being called Jesus. Let them try to skin him alive, as they did when he presented as the physical being called Manichaeus. Let them try to burn Him at the stake as they did when He presented in the female physical body of Joan of Arc, and so on.

I can only give you earthly examples. But, believe me, these evil sycophants have committed such blasphemy repeatedly, throughout the entire evil, Physical Universe. It is now time for them to receive their just dues!

I am able to write this way because it IS the Endtime,


Because I have the Authority to do so.

If you don’t like it, you can leave it for now.

But, what will be, will be! And it will be exactly as I say it will be!


 Further evidence of

Fragmentation of Terminal Proportions for Earth



DECEMBER 15, 2014


If you are new to my website, these later entries may not make as much sense to you as they should if you lack a basic understanding of WHAT IS GOING ON in this final Era on Earth.

It will assist you to read my earlier entries and also my books in the order I have placed them on the Books page.

I am not out to convince anyone of my views.

My Motto is Take it or Leave it.

The Website and all my work is to basically deliver a Message of Finality.

You must understand that for full understanding you will have to attain a spiritual perspective of all that is happening, for the lower, evil-created, Monkey mind simply cannot understand all that is happening at this level. For example, the reason why we have Terminal Madness of the Endtime is because the spiritual basis that sustained the evil robots and demons has collapsed. The fragmentation, chaos and anarchy that result from that madness are subsequent effects of the Madness, not the cause of it.

Some of us are spiritual beings that will continue after the destruction of the physical world. We are made with what I have termed “Permanent (Spiritual) Atoms”.

The majority of humans also have a spiritual component, but it is a mock structure that cannot survive outside of the Physical Dimensions which include the Etheric and Astral dimensions. These, in essence, are spiritually Counterfeit Beings. They are robotic and their consciousness is artificial. They were NOT created by the true ‘God’ Force.

For details please read my books

The material in the website and in my books is to help awaken individuals, and as they do so, they can prepare for what is to come physically, emotionally, mentally and, most importantly, spiritually in this period which I have called the Endtime.

Depending on your state of spiritual awareness or otherwise, some of the revelations in my work may seem far-fetched or even untenable. Until you awaken fully to whom you are, and to what is going on around you, I ask that you simply read with an open mind, for you may simply NOT be in a position to assess information of this type accurately just yet.

No one is forcing you to believe this or that.

The material is to awaken you to YOUR Truth within.

Once you have awoken somewhat, you are then on your way in the Spiritual Journey we all need to make. It is a lonely path, so don’t expect others around you to understand you fully. Many will, in fact, attack you rather than support you. The majority are inimical to true spiritual understanding, so be wise in what you say and reveal about yourself, your thoughts and your progress on your Spiritual Journey, even to the ones closest to you.

Nonetheless, I must warn you at this late stage, that the Message of Finality I bring is indisputable. For all intents and purposes, the Earth, and this Solar System are all but finished.

The Endtime is a period when all Evil will be exposed. Previously, it had been cunningly hidden.

At the same time of revelation of all evil, the evil ones (both robots and demons) are programmed to self-destruct. That accounts for the never-ending battles and conflicts e now see.

This self-destructive process also applies to other Classes of Consciousness, and so the planets are fragmenting, as are our Sum, the Solar System and the Galaxy in toto, for it is time for them to cease existence.

What you need to do is find your place in the spiritual dimensions once the Physical Dimension is no more.


This short letter about me and my writings was sent to me recently.

“I managed to get hold of couple of Dr. Chiappalone’s books, and it’s mind-blowing stuff. (What’s going on? Making sense of madness volume 1, and volume 3).

His writings are metaphysics with Gnostic perspective, which I found extremely revealing, educating and….sobering. I think everyone should read his books, but bare in mind, those are hard to get and expensive. You cannot buy his writings in any bookshop and I managed to get hold of his books on internet. There’s some articles circling around and discussion threads if you type his name on Google. But it’s important to remember, not everyone is ready for what his writings reveal, and an open mind is a must to take it on board.

I am a seeker and read hundreds of books on all sort of esoteric knowledge, paranormal, occult, (wasted 10 years of my life on studying New Age writings), and to add to the package, I’ve been a catholic for 33 years… And, can tell you, nothing has contributed to my knowledge, only frustration unnerved my soul.

What I read in Dr. Chiappalone’s books is simply a confirmation what I’ve always known to be ’the truth’. That is why his writings are a breath of fresh air to me, as most of the other stuff was a waste of time and effort…  Kind regards, Tina.


Another reader writes:

Dear Dr C.

You did not mince your words in this wonderful essay of the Transmutation and Eternal Moment.   Truth is Truth and so it is.

I’m at the end of reading “One World Order” and can relate what you have written about in your book to what is happening now.  You have left no stones unturned. I’ve reached the point where I can no longer view some of the videos because I just want to vomit.

Hopefully some people will awaken to what has been done to society all along by the elite.   It’s time that all be revealed.  Thank you for helping to expose these Evil Consciousnesses. After all of the pain and suffering that the liars, hypocrites and murderers have caused it is time for them to face their own demise. Thank you for bringing the Truth …….Gratitude and Love, Rachelle


In the Endtime, all evil will be exposed.

Look briefly at these articles and videos that are in the public domain:

Those of evil, regardless of Race or Religion, have forgotten this idiom: “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”

I have stated often previously that, for all of us, it would be wise to remember the Akkadian Golden Rule at all times “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

The spiritual class separation in the above article can only originate from Evil. It clearly demonstrates that there are beings of 2 creations in this Universe: Beings of a Divine Creation who are trapped in this dimension, and beings of a temporary Evil Creation, run by an unfair, evil demigod, who apparently is as asinine as the Old Testament and its followers make him to be.


Evil runs this world, which is part of its physical apparatus, regardless of the living beings in it. The most evil institution of the last 2,000 years indisputably has been the Catholic Church. It rules for Satan in Satanic ways. The history of the church that I have exposed in my book “Death of an Evil God”, and recent exposures in the public domain, should leave no one in any doubt of the evilness of this institution, inspite of the good intentions of the many caught in its clutches over the centuries.


 If such information about the fraudulent Holocaust is new to you, begin your research by reading “The Holocaust Hoax exposed” by Victor Thorn.

Also, avail yourself of the excellent essays and articles on Rense.com


 And the Truth shall set you free…….


Shocked you may be after reading the above article. But, remember that the Founding Fathers were Masons and thus, the fledgling Nation, being dedicated to Jehovah ( and not the true spiritual energy of Isis, Osiris, and Horus), was as doomed as doomed can be. Where has its dedication, firstly to Jehovah via the Masons, and then to the Vatican’s Jehovah led it? It led it along a path that has exploited and destroyed many Nations and True Beings, inspite of what spurious History tells us. That path had to end in total misery, as all Evil does. He who lives by the sword…..

Today, what you are seeing in the USA, as it crumbles before our eyes and as its population is husbanded to be slaughtered like diseased cattle in FEMA camps is due to the Fragmentation and Terminal Madness that are the inevitable result of using Evil to commit Evil against all others.



Merry Cans may fool themselves as much as they like, but an Empire of Evil, masquerading as a benign one, has truly been the mechanism under which they lived and, for a time, prospered illicitly. Do you call the progress made by the USA a blessing? You can only do so if you view the destructive, and biology-ending, so-called technological progress brought down onto Humanity by the Military-Industrial ghouls and warmongers. No war that the USA has fought, since its inception, has been a so-called ‘Just War’, no matter how many spurious words are spun in its defence. The only Just War is the one that eradicates evil. On this level, all Wars are for the enhancement of Evil, to the detriment of all who favour Peace and Harmony.

Here is an incomplete list of Earth-destroying and very dumb items of Technological Progress. Of course it is not just the USA that has engaged in these nefarious activities, but it does share a major portion of the iniquitous developments:

  • HAARP technology,
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction,
  • Biological warfare viruses and bacteria,
  • GMO products, whose malignancy has to be hidden by legislation,
  • Brain-destroying vaccines,
  • Fluoridation which is again brain-destroying,
  • Nuclear Radiation Poisoning, of which Fukushima is the alter dispensing the poison for Termination of all live in the Seas and eventually of all life on Earth, if there is time, http://rt.com/news/214239-fukushima-radioactive-water-pacific/

Brain-destroying and cancer producing short wave radiation and cell phones,

  • Spent-Uranium bombs which have poisoned Humans, Fauna and Flora, even when it is mockingly, maliciously called ‘friendly fire’,
  • Cancer and abortion inducing Wi-Fi,
  • Chemtrails and the poisons they contain which lead to Dementia, Asthma, other obstructive Respiratory Diseases, Morgellons, etc., etc.


The list goes on and on.

If these notions are new to you, read about them.

Looks like the ‘Luddites’ were right, hey?

There can be non-destructive beneficial progress, but, not in an Evil Environment where everything is exploited deleteriously for the sake of a few elite (demons) gaining wealth. Greed is the epitome of Evil.

We are living in an absolutely Evil dimension, regardless of what the Evil Beings try to tell us. Some of you may not see it as such because you are still somnambulant in this Evil Illusion of this Virtual Reality, created by Evil so it could extract the energy from those who have been trapped here. Indeed, this is a prison planet! You will need to read my books for a fuller understanding of these concepts.

Here is a tongue-in-cheek idea of earth as a Prison Planet. Many of the anomalies cited in this article below can be explained by Gnosticism. The bodies we now have, as Homo Sapiens, are experimental adaptations, created by more advanced Demons, who are/were not from earth. The fact that so many recall their home in other planets and Galaxies is because they come from there and have been translocated to earth for maximal energy exploitation, or else they have escaped the destruction of those planets and Galaxies of origin.


What I have just revealed to you, in general above, is the reason why the whole Physical Dimension and this Earth, obviously, are being totally destroyed, planet, by planet, Galaxy by Galaxy, until the whole illicit Physical Dimension is no more.

But now, as the destruction of the Physical progresses, the call for Accountability is to be made, by the Father (energy) of Goodness. The USA, and those who supported its iniquities, and all iniquities since time immemorial are, in the main, to be found wanting.

Is it not a fact that ‘those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it’?

And ‘Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity.’ This applies to all of Evil in this Evil Earth.


 Evil acts like this one are not reported much because History and the Media are, to a very large extent, controlled by Evil and its minions.



Zionists and many in Israel believe the prophecies for Israel’s territorial expansion. Why could it not be that they want to take over Ukraine and Russia in due course? As they contemplate this, let them know that time will beat them and that the Prophecy of Luria of Safaad is to be fulfilled before Time ends. You will find that Prophecy in this website. Search for it.


December 16, 2014









Be patient
It cannot be long now !!

I will give details later, as they are needed by individuals who to be rescued


December 30, 2014

Hello again. It seems that the problem with the sitebuildr has been corrected for now.
However, as my work is being stolen and placed on other sites which charge for the privelege of giving you MY informtion which is FREE on this, MY website, I have decided to commence a Membership Club and will email entries directly to members.

Some have already responded  to this suggestion with enthusiasm.

There will be a charge for membership.

I reserve the right to allow or reject Membership.

If you are interested in this Membership Club, please email me with your Name, Postal Address and other contact details such as phone and skype.

I am not sure how long the Internet will last, so emails may still be valid when websites are torn apart.

It appears major events are closer still than when I last swrote about them.

I will write about such things in the Mmebership papers.

DECEMBER 31, 2015




The Fee will be a voluntary donation as I realize THESE ARE DIFFICULT FINANCIAL TIMES FOR MOST OF US.

If and whenever you are ready to become a Member and want to send a donation, no matter how much or how little, please let me know how much you wish to donate, and how often you wish to do so, and I will send you a PayPal invoice for each occasion.

I have been forced to do this to keep the information away from SHILLS AND THIEVES who are tampering with my work.

I have asked for postal details simply to keep Membership genuine.


I intend commencing the Membership posts no later than January 5 (Oz time).

If you, as a paid up Member,  have not received a copy of the Post by email,
please inform me immediately.


Kristina writes:

Everything you have written online (and graciously given for free) has been like finding a light in the dark.  I’ve been on the path for 30 years and only just now discovered Gnosis.  I also have experience with astral projection, and I do believe I (and my son) have been abducted.  I see through all the hoaxes.   I recognize the non-humans.  I can no longer look at news even online.   I have very few people to talk to about such things.  So, your words are like a breath of fresh air and a renewal of hope!  Thank you again, Merry Christmas, however you celebrate it.  For the very first time, I feel confident in Jesus’s message, without all the religious bullroar!  😀




January  4, 2015


Dr. C . You have a great sense of humor!  The Post is so nicely done . Lots of work involved .

Packed with most  helpful information. I wanted for a while to make the suggestion for these kind of posts .

While reading your Books I often would like to ask questions and discuss certain subjects with You etc…

I really laugh when I saw the picture of the Real You. I guess you remind me of myself.

For over 20 years I have had a thirst for Truth and knowledge, non stop.

I do not know if that is what you meant by that picture, but that is what I see from it.

At the beginning of the post you talk about attacks on True Beings.  They tried to kill me at Birth and the attacks never ended after that.

Before I found Your teachings , I used to reflect on my life and hate just about everything about my life except the Beings I Love.

I love The Spiritual Warrior First’s Prayer and The Daily Prayer , but also love to repeat this following Quote from You.

Amount the many many Quotes I Love from You there is this one I read often

”The more Your Higher Consciousness may be in the Divine Hierarchy, the more will the Evil Ones attack you and attempt to entrap and eradicate you if they can”.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…………P.M (California)






















January 6, 2015
Izdihar  wtrites:  Thank you especially for sending to me your fantastic Membership Post 1.

I completely treasure your beautifully created presentation for it’s extremely valuable information which you have offered so generously and lovingly. I just love your work so much…I can’t stop the love it awakens in me. You are absolutely exquisite in your writings. Nothing compares ……. …WOW! A Most Devoted Admirer, Izdihar


Hi there Giuseppe……………just got and read your inaugural members’post.

Thank you so much, it is fantastic !!

love the humour, caricatures and of course the generous NGE content.

All the best,    Glen


Thanks a million for your brilliant  1st Post in the new genre. You have successfully  bypassed  Evil’s attempt at sabotage & discreditation  –  and given us who hope for a better future in a better world  reason for renewed  hope & confidence.

In particular, I would like to thank you for  those  YouTube  music clips. They will give great benefit  to many, like me, who don’t have  an extensive classical music collection, and are sick to death  of all the mediocre & downright satanic sh.t that we are bombarded with from most sources these days. I look forward very much to your 2nd posting.


This first Post was very beautiful. These intimate posts without a doubt will sustain us now until the end. Remember one thing doctor……..you are my greatest hero………I believe in u! :-)
C. E.


January 12, 2015
Dear Joseph,

Thank you so much for the awesome membership posts.

Apart from the comedic aspects provided by Jerry (which unfailingly induce a giggling fit), I am left feeling reawakened to some little treasured truth, comforted and energised at each reading.

In the eighteen years since I first stumbled upon one of your books in the local library, my life has changed so dramatically that I sometimes cannot believe it myself.

From years of confusion and depression, I emerged from that first reading of your work with newfound clarity and hope.  There is no real way I can thank you for the gifts you have bestowed over the intervening years.

My thanks is truly heartfelt.

Love as always,


I’ve finished the first book (MY EXPEREINCES OF ALIENS….).

All I can say is THANK GOD for this information.  I’m so relieved to find out it is all temporary, and that it isn’t real at all, and that I’m not really part of it, that I’m actually a much happier person.

For the first time, I actually feel light in my heart, things aren’t bothering me much, and I’ve been finally able to detach emotionally from mostly everything and everyone, and I feel more loving because of it (that sounds paradoxical but I know you get what I’m saying).  Every moment of my life feels happier.  My family is happier, I can see this.  It really does feel like being born again.


Please invoice me for the next two books, “Journey into the World of Metaphysics” volumes 1 & 2.  I will be purchasing the books in groups of two or three now, depending on what goes together.  I’m going to be tearing through this material.


Also thank you for the Membership Post #2, these are wonderful.  Any luck getting a forum started?



JANUARY 16, 2015


I  read both of your posts, 1&2. And I remember reading your books and you gave similar info.

But there is a different energy this time.

The New Green Energy is much stronger and there is another energy present.

I feel it is the Babaji energy, for lack of a better word.

Anyway, whatever it is……….It is beautiful beyond belief.

This is a sustaining energy of, I think the color of white.

I could be wrong but anyway it is beautiful and I thank you for it.







JANUARY 28, 2015
Wow !!! Post Number 6 is absolutely wonderful ,…… So much work involve in your posts

….. All the musical soirees spin magic!

The music you share with us is one of the first things I check. I love music ! Love the beautiful picture under Dvorak Symphony in that post. I am listening to this Symphony right now ! I love it !

 Love Story, Moonlight Sonata, Chopin’s Tritesse and many more just melt my heart . Makes me want to go Home!  Only a person with a Tender Heart can make this choice of music !

This is so rare in a man. In this Evil place Tenderness is taken advantage of.


 I prefer The Best Ever O fortuna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdIpoE2LEps

With Much Gratitude, P.


Forbidden Knowledge TV Alexandra Bruce November 22, 2014:


Alexandra:  “This lecture is too true for me to broadcast. It’s a doggone shame.

If ever there was a truth that most people couldn’t handle. This would be it.

With so much mystification and BS blindering us at all times, it’s a miracle that an incarnate human was able to articulate this message.”



My information has been STOLEN  and placed on other websites.

On those websites you will find NO GOOD ENERGIES.




JANUARY 30, 2015

Dear  Dr. Chiappalone,

I think the Post are all very good. I place top value on them and pay special attention to the exercises you give. The Music I love and I play them ever so often. Your work is truly making a huge difference in my life. Thank you.

I have not yet received Post #6. I saw a comment about it on your website and decided to let you Know since i might not be the only one who have not received it.

I really appreciate your dedicated service to us. Lots of love and light to you and the family.

Yours truly,  Keith.


Dear  Members and Readers

I am at a lose to know what is going on with the Internet Service.

So many did not recieve Posts and I did not receive emails the first time round from so many others that I think both ends are being attacked simultaneously.

As the posts come out very 5 days or so, contact me if you have not recieved your copy.


I shall be doing a radio interview with Jeff Rense on Monday at 8 p.m. Pacific Time in USA

This translates to 2 p.m.  Tuesday, Queensland time.


February 5. 2015
If the Angel of Death came to you
Right now and said:
“Come! Come this instant,
the banquet is ready”,
Would you panic?

Or would you say:
“Thank You, let’s go!”?


Dr., the posts have been getting better each time. They are not too long since I enjoy reading your information. I especially enjoy the information regarding the preparations that need to be made leading into the future changes. Thank you. Stephen.


URL for Rense Show of February 2, 2015


Problems of sending and receiving emails continue.
I appreciate your patience.


FEBRUARY 19, 2015


I am writing Posts to assist readers maximally in these harrowing days.


As you will see from the comments below, they have been a great success.


They are to provide knowldge, energy, encouragemnt and comfort as we go forth towrds the Final Day.
Obviously they are not for everyone, as many think they know everything there is to know in these Last Days.  Some think they know more than I do and only want to argue. They will not benefit from what I have to give.
If you want to join the MEMBERSHIP, contact me.


A fee which is less than a weekly cup of coffee applies.

YAAAAAY I’ve been WAITING for another post.  These posts are great.  I have some thoughts I’m going to write up later, you can tell me if I’m on the right track or not with my current paradigm of thinking.


Everything in the posts is appropriate and appreciated.   Keep the posts coming, they feel like life preservers.   Please and thank you!!!!!


An Amazing post,
I love this post preferably at the very beginning when you were talking about the new dimension. you have never been so explicit about what to expect in those realms. Have you never revealed such details about the new dimension before? I don’t believe so. While reading that part the energy therein was very strong.

It takes me some time to read through the post because I know you take so much time in them and I don’t like to rush through. I actually have to read it in moderation, take a break from it due to the energy content, drink water or eat something to refresh my mind etc. and come back to it. If one actually takes the time and reads through it slowly and really grasps what you’re saying you get more from it in energy terms and it is very nourishing as opposed to just rushing through it quickly with one straight shot. You can never be too detailed in my opinion preferably when talking about the realm we are to go to. I have many questions about that, but for now I will let these writings quell the appetite. The Jerry Attrick Corner is very interesting, using him as a Segway to more great music posts.

You were spot on when you said we would be more aware of the poisons that affects the mind body and spirit. I try to keep the divine light on my mind so much that they’re actually times when I say to myself “am I thinking about things too much? should I really be calling upon this power in small situations such as this” It’s just so hard to tell sometimes. AnyWho all I can say is that I am truly blessed that I have found you and have tuned into your work. To work with you on this level is truly an honor and a blessing. Thank you for doing this!


Dear Dr. Giuseppe,Another wonderful Post #10. Jerry had me laughing when he said that some people may not fit in the cargo bays of the Rescue Crafts.  He is most accurate about that.  I do have to admit that sometimes I don’t always get what he says but he does add some humor.


The details that you give are essential to give us a better understanding of the whole scenario.  You really know how to communicate this in writing.


I love the music and of course the videos support what you are telling us.


In doing the Lessons it helps me to go within even more. Thank you again for your work and your continued assistance.


With Gratitude,


I I hope this finds you well. With regards to the feedback that you requested, I’m going to keep this brief and to the point:


I do enjoy the links to other articles that are relevant to the material in the post. I feel the material is detailed enough yet not too complex that it would leave some scratching their heads. The material you present gives a lot to ponder on. I find myself thinking back on events I’ve experienced relating to what I’ve read. When my husband and I first found out about your group we were excited but weren’t sure about the frequency with which we would receive your writing. Much to our surprise, we are ELATED that you average about a post and a half per week…we look forward to your posts and we both start reading immediately. I enjoy the contents very much.


Love the detail and the knowledge contained in this detail…please continue


Love the music.


The verbage is ‘just right’ for everyone/all levels to understand


My husband and I always joke about the Jerry Attrick corner…(the pronunciation of Attrick). I say it’s pronounced like Geriatric, he says it’s like ‘A trick’…not that the pronunciation matters but we found ourselves laughing like little kids which is a great change of pace.


I like that you have a little of everything. Your poems, music, Jerry….these things provide some beautiful things that we can focus on and keep us uplifted and energized until we’re evacuated.


Be well and looking forward to your next post :-),



Thank you for your wisdom which has tied all those loose pieces of thread together into a True picture and has expanded the base I had.


I appreciate all the time and energy you put into them. Nicely done.



I listened to Your show on Rense a week ago which was great !

Rense was surprised to hear that scientist are now backing your predictions



I I find each post is great. !  I love music !



Re posts : .  I think you’re doing a fantastic job:)




* They’re just perfect for me although I could read them everyday 


I really appreciate what you’re doing with all my heart.



Dr., posts every 5 days is just right. I’ m enjoying the music attachments. I never spent anytime listening to this type of music before, but I enjoy listening to these peaceful pieces as I read your posts. Please keep them coming. For me, your writings are serious and instructional. I enjoy each post more than the one before and look forward to them showing up. Thanks for the help that you provide all of us.


Dr. G.,

All posts are TOO perfect, a smorgasbord for the senses, Spirit and  mind to soar far away

and leave the mundane behind .So spoiled for choice i barely can digest without evoking admiration and wonderment deep within my chest. Love, Iz.


Just finished reading post 10. Thank you for all that you do for others.  Your posts are perfect


The Posts are very timely, even though life’s daily tasks do not always make room to sit and read.  The detail is absolutely appreciated.
Before finding your work, the metaphysics out there was either made hard to understand or fell short. You have actually made it possible for anyone who can read and comprehend at least secondary school level English to grasp what is written. (One can use a thesaurus too), but it’s how it speaks beyond words… Love the motto too…. Love the music, very educational!

Thank you for your sincerity, your love, your support and so much more, it is a true example (IMHO) of a spiritual warrior to the rescue. Sincerely, W.



Dear Dr. C.
What I get from the posts is focus, encouragement and reinforcement. The reading can get intense, but you break that up with humor and music. This helps to keep thoughts or eelings from going too far one way or the other. I don’t listen to all of the music, only because I do better with silence sometimes.
The news links help us to pay attention and be vigilant.
For me, these posts are doing what you set out to do.
I enjoy the posts and thank you very much for your work.-Bob



I think the postings are about the right frequency, size, and the content spectacular. Truth is so terribly hard to find in this world so I patiently wait for your postings. The more I read of and about the Gnostics it’s abundantly clear they, and you, have pretty well nailed it.

The music links are valuable as they have extended my musical appreciation to areas heretofore unknown.
It’s my hope that I won’t be here to experience what Jerry experiences since I’ve had more than enough of my own already in my 52 years on this whirling globe of inequity.

I love to receive your posts.  I feel happy when they come in.  Hearing from you is a high point in the week.  Receiving your posts allows me to shift from reviewing your books to something new.  It’s a lot of fun to receive and read your posts.  As far as I am concerned, your posts could come in as often as every other day, but I am retired and have the time to read them.


We love the Consciousness in your books and posts.


My thoughts are that your posts offer something for everyone.  I think you are being guided to reach as many others as possible.   Different people have different states of consciousness and like different things, so I think it is good that you include different things in each post.


One thing that I do notice is that the energy in your work causes distortions to be activated for clearing in both myself and my wife.  I will read for 15 minutes and feel something being activated for clearing, then I will go over to the sofa and facilitate the clearing, then go back to the post.  My wife does the same thing.


Peace, R


This post was soo spot on for me, it hit right home many times. I just can’t wait to move to the gold city and get rid for good of all my demons. Fighting them is really exhausting. Love


Hello Dr. C!


The Posts are just right in frequency and length.  I check for them and wait eagerly for the next one.  The content you feel inspired to include will no doubt be helpful and useful to some, if not all, readers.  There is a nice variety and mix of topics, media, and tone.  Personally I don’t watch all the videos or listen to all the music but I do the exercises and read the assignments so I imagine a lot of other people also take what they need and save the rest for later.  Thanks very much – and keep ’em coming!!  L.

Dr Doctor,

These posts of yours are of inestimable value to those of us who can appreciate the ENERGY within them,  AS WELL AS THE KNOWLDGE AND WISDOM.

They ARE PEERLESS. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. G W


NOVEMBER 18, 2014

This is the url of a radio show I did yesterday on an Irish Station called Open Your Mind


Here is the show: http://youtu.be/0FVBqmX8kw4

I suspected most of their audience would know little about me and my information, so I developed my theme of Truth based on True Gnostic Knowledge gently, in order that initiates be slowly exposed to this knowledge that can be, as most of you know, rather explosive and even frightening for unprepared minds.



Just in case you have NOT connected the dots fully yet, know this:


The Being known as the Destroyer of Worlds is the Messiah!


The Messiah is He who rescues the Good (Spiritually Viable) out of this Hell, which He will destroy, and takes them to their rightful Home, while sending all of Evil to Perdition!


That Messianic figure includes many identities in our history, especially Jesus, the Christ, and Arthur Pendragon, the Celtic Christ, who are one and the same being. I have mentioned this same Being as being other personalities, other  Cardboard Boxes (physical manifestations),  throughout our History, both before and after Jesus, and  King Arthur.


Recently, I identified Babaji as Shiva, the Destroyer of (Evil) Worlds.

Babaji’s work, and mine, is all but finished in this Sector of the Physical Universe, in this Earth, Solar System and Galaxy.



The trouble with Bible-Bashers is that, in their ignorance, they have equated the insane demigod, Jehovah, the thief, hypocrite and murderer, who no longer exists BTW, with the Supreme God Consciousness which is destroying Evil and all its progeny!

These fools talk about their ‘god’s’ wrathful anger. But the True God Consciousness does not have anger, it does not have an Emotional Body. It has no human emotions. Bible-bashers, in their ignorance, have equated the now dead Jehovah, the Usurper, the demiurge, with the True God Consciousness that they really cannot comprehend, for they themselves are of total Darkness.

That Supreme God Consciousness sends out ‘splinters’ from Its level of Consciousness to do the work that has to be done. And what work is that? It is to correct the Celestial Error and retrieve the Trapped Beings of Light within it. Once this is done, the trap itself will be totally destroyed.

That is exactly what is happening now in our neighbourhood of the Error!

NOVEMBER 19, 2014





This is a broadcast of Amitakh Stanford’s singing.

If you are somewhat purified, and Viable, you will note that you will become more and more irritated, nauseated and fractured in the Heart Centre the longer you listen to her.







You will note her followers are reduced to mindless Zombies

As well as destructive, Demonic Idiots.






Further: even her voice has the same evil effect, but less powerfully so.

Listening, even for just a little while, will make you immediately note that you are “out of balance”, physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually.




Contrast with how you feel when you hear my voice.



You MAY FEEL no change from Amitakh’s assault on your Heart Centre,


And you may feel deep-seated FEAR listening to me,

For that is the effect the New Green Energy (NGE),

Which I deliver through my voice, and written words,

Has on non-Viables.


Conversely, Viables are soothed, and elated with the NGE.

They are lifted to a place of Peace, Serenity, Love and Joy.





Dr., I listened to your podcast with the Irish radio hosts that you had linked on your website. I thought it was your best radio interview that I have heard you do to date. Your passion for the Gnostic truths left the New Age hosts a little taken aback. Well done sir!


Dr., many people who I come in contact with have all noticed a considerable energy drain in the last few days (I live in Massachusetts USA). We just had the “polar vortex” bring bitter cold weather through after a period of rain. I have noticed in the last few years that some mornings I wake up exhausted an go through the whole day feeling lethargic and mentally drained. I’ve also had dreams where I was shot and when I woke up, I had pain in the area of my dream injury that lasted a couple of days. If you could take a minute, I would be interested in your thoughts on these topics, weather or other influences affecting energy levels and dream time injuries carrying over in waking life. As always, thank you Dr.



My reply: Warriors of Light often go to battles during sleep and can suffer subtle body injuries which are reflected in the physical. Energy drainage can also occur which is felt in the body..

Energy drainage is real ! Rest as much as possible when any of you are like this.


The polar change was expected.



Hello Dr. GC

I did listen to the interview with the Irish guys and it was a very good one. Not only did I perceive the NGE but I also sensed that Destroyer energy you have mention a year or so ago. And that clued me into the fact that that very energy is now ubiquitous. And that means that the end is nigh.





In regard to your recent Irish Radio Show, for those who wish to hear, you have allowed them to see where the door is.  The rest are doomed anyways.  Nothing will change what is happening.  I am spreading the ‘word’ too, but those who are lost will stay lost.  There are mightier forces at work than the little ant.  I think of it like we are ants and above is much more.  The highest energies have control. A.



Dr. Chiappalone,


Just sending another follow-up note of thanks, if I may.  I’m sure you are getting increasing numbers of them from those of us you’ve reached, as we proceed further and further into the end stages of this hellish world.


I have been diligently reading your books and have finished most (just 2 left), and they have seemingly been getting better with each one.  Death of an Evil God and Essential Gnostic Truths were my last two, and the best so far.  Your information and predictions have always rung true for me, and now, with the ongoing happenings in the world, they seem undeniable.


Like most of “us” I guess, I’ve struggled a lot in life, and been the target of negative treatment and luck that seemed to defy any stretch of logic or imagination.  Before finding your writings, I had no sane choice but to gradually accept what all around me was invariably judging and treating me as, and feel worthless and utterly out of place.  My self-worth and sanity were broken down bit by bit and I believe I was at the end of a rope when I ran across your site and books, and they have helped drastically.  My life may not be any better in visible terms (in fact if anything, the attacks have only gotten worse…one can only imagine what you’ve had to endure over the years), but being able to *know*, and make sense of things, has helped me very much to cope.  And so, like so many others, I just want to thank you very sincerely.  I wish I was in a position to repay you somehow, even if to make things happier/easier for you, but for now, I thought I could at least send another note of support and appreciation.


For myself, I don’t pretend that I am any better adjusted to this sick hellish prison…like perhaps all of “us”, I just feel increasingly impatient.  There is so little pleasure left in anything, and so much increasing revulsion day by day at the happenings in this deteriorating demonic world (proving your writings true by the day), that it is a struggle to find the strength to continue here.  But your writings, and knowing that you and the few others of us are also out there, are a big help.  Thank you very much again, and if I may, I wish you happiness and strength.  I hope we all meet again on the Other Side, sooner rather than later.  Grateful Regards, J.


Hello Giuseppe……….thanks for the link to your recent OYM interview. It’s great to see people in Ireland inviting you to spread Truth into their bleary lives. Your delivery was perfect ,energy therein, off the wall !! Cheers  G.


Awesome show on Irish Radio !!  The interviewers were most receptive.  I liked it VERY much!!! Every show you do I learn more!!!!! Thank you,  Anita


November 20, 2014


I have reposted an essay I wrote on Dec 31, 2011 for reference.

Let’s see how relevant what I wrote then is now, after the passage of 3 years:



There is no point in trying to be specific about the destructive changes that are about to engulf this planet, and all other physical structures in the Universe.

I have written previously that the Divine Energy has been withdrawn from this dimension and now all that is left, apart from a few thousand warriors assisting the evacuation of viable conscious from all classes (Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human) is the Evil energy in all its forms.

(Most of the warriors have now, in fact, gone Home. A few hundred remain.)

Evil begets Evil.

The evil energy will do what evil always does: it destroys everything, including itself. We will not be the first planet to be destroyed by evil practices.

Obviously Evil needs instruments by which it can cause its destruction. Evil beings lie, and cheat and are hypocrites and murderers.

There is also what is called “Natural Evil” where the evil elements in the Mineral Kingdom express their madness and cause pains, suffering, fragmentation and destruction.

I have also stated that all constraints have been removed, so Evil can plunge headlong into its self-destructive mode. This is quite obvious now. The Archons are not trying in the slightest to hide their evil.

Dishonesty everywhere has become the modus operandi.

Violence and anarchy are the disorder of the day. We will witness the most atrociously evil actions imaginable: War crimes of unprecedented magnitudes, slaughter of animals, of children, of the elderly, often for no reason. Remember demons get energy from that sort of suffering. Bestiality, cannibalism, sexual depravity, etc., will also occur openly. We are going to see the demons at their worst.

And all nations are planning on war, war, and more war, regardless of whether they have a cause to go to war, or whether they have no cause. Some are planning suicidal missions against superior forces for no reason other than that the ones in charge are affected by the Terminal Madness of the Endtime. No one is going to win. The result will be a loss-loss. So, does it really matter where it starts and by whom it is started? Of course not!

All the ridiculous plans of the Archons to cull Humanity, to introduce a New World Order, to announce the arrival of Aliens who will supervise us, will all be a grand show of Idiocy, and although these things may begin to happen, they will come to naught.

Every activity now on the planet can be likened to shuffling of deck chairs on the Titanic. Earth’s fate is sealed.

But awakened ones will suffer least for they will be prepared and will understand the operation in action is for the removal of this malignant tumour called Evil from the face of Creation.

The emotions that will saturate the planet will be those of Selfishness, Hate, Anger, Fear, and Despair. We see this even today.

Purify by cleansing meticulously, and protect, protect, protect,

Don’t let these destructive, evil emotions destroy you.

Think and express LOVE, True Love, and gratefulness that the Divine Light has seen fit to rescue us and correct this Celestial Error. With Love in your heart, the difficulties will be easier to bear, and you will be a comfort for those around you who may understand less than you do.

As the process proceeds, Viables will want to be with those of like mind and energy. We will be able to congregate if there is time. Already you have probably noticed you don’t fit into the Virtual reality very well any more. Others may shun you for they cannot stand your (purer) energy. You too find you cannot be near Reptilians when you recognize them, and those who carry much negative energy, be they robots or demons.

Those who do NOT respond to LOVE are not your friends.

Read that again: Those who do not respond to LOVE are not your friends, and in all likelihood are non-viable, regardless of what excuse they give for not responding to love.

Do not equate Love with sex or physicality. You all know what Divine True Love is. I am sure you have experienced it. I am sure you recognize it, and I am sure you have met people who respond to it and those who do not.

Do not make excuses for any who do not respond. Do not take chances.

By all means emanate love at all times. It is never wasted. It will bounce off those who cannot use it and return to you or go to one who can use it and needs it.

There is so little True Love in the world today that the pervading essence is of Darkness and Gloom.

You will find that as you purify you will recognize the New Green Energy more and more and it will nurture you more and more.

This is a miracle that should leave you in no doubt that this Finality is upon us.

Do not despair at any stage.

Do not contemplate suicide to hasten your departure.

You will most likely pick up such thoughts from the Thought Pool circulating the globe. It is full of the thoughts of Depression, Gloom and Despair. That is why suicides are increasing all over the world exponentially.

I have explained that as thoughts of Finality and Accountability reach the lower minds of failures, they will despair. That is the cause of so much gloom and its consequences that we see.

If you are alone a lot, do not become lonely. Focus on what is happening and where you will be soon. Stay in touch with those of like minds, by phone, by emails, by skype, by snail mail, etc.

Thus, fragmentation is of minds, of relationships, of families, of communities. It is a religious fragmentation, a geographical one, a political, industrial, financial and climatic one, as well as a Solar and a Galactic fragmentation, culminating into a Universal fragmentation and conflagration.

The process cannot be stopped. All the physical structures must all go.

The mendacious Archons will no longer be able to hide the Truth with their lies. We will all see what they have done. We are seeing that today are we not with evidence of their greed, deceitfulness and hypocrisy everywhere? But they cannot help being like this. They have always been like this. It is their nature. They cannot change.

Their lies will no longer matter. They are doomed along with their lies.

As less and less energy is available to sustain the Evil Empire, it will collapse upon itself.

Long after Human Consciousness has ceased to exist, the very bonds that hold atomic and sub-atomic particles together will dissipate for they too depend on energy to operate. Thus matter will fragment to its energetic form and be transmuted. Nothing will remain.

A dimension collapses upon itself if it has no content, as this one will have. Thus, time and space will no longer exist and the dimension and all its sub-dimensions will cease to exist. If you can believe the nonsense uttered by theoretical physicists, they are up to 27 or 28 sub-dimensions mathematically now, perhaps more, in order to accommodate their String Theories for explaining the totality of the Universe. They would be closer to the truth if they counted the string bags people carry around for shopping in any metropolitan area of a major city.

As an awakened being, you will see this fragmentation as having a purpose. While it is painful to see it occur, we must remember that we are seeing an illusion disappearing before our eyes.

Gaining psychic powers like I predicted may assist in knowing coming facts, but it can also traumatize minds for we shall see who is who. Don’t be emotionally exploited. You may see Reptilian Consciousnesses in your parents, your children, friends, associates, pets, etc.  It is a shock, believe me. But, we must soldier on.

When I saw (my ex) Amitakh’s reptilian eyes (we were having lunch at a restaurant) I was shocked into disbelief. I had to leave hurriedly. “It cannot be”, I said to myself. And yet the imprint of what I saw stayed in my mind. I could not erase it. The more I thought about what I had seen, and the more I examined her actions, they more I knew I had seen truly. When I examined what I knew of her dispassionately, clinically, I knew she was a liar, a thief, a hypocrite and a murderer. Why did I not put this together before? Because it was not time!

Timing is everything. And things will happen in your life when it is time for them to happen, just like you and all of us will leave when it is time for us to leave.

We will all know who is who near the End. You will know who is a demon, who is a robot, who is viable and who is not.

We will all, Viables and non-Viables, come to the realization that this world must end, so horrific will its state be.

It will emotionally destroy us, if we let it, to find some of those we called ‘loved ones’ are reptilian demons. That will truly fragment our lives if we let it.

But we must be strong and not falter.

Remember, all beings have had innumerable chances to turn to the Light.

It is their choice to be Evil – except for demons, of course, who have been created totally of Dark Matter and they cannot see the Light or respond to it or to Truth.

My final point is this: Prepare, prepare, prepare. Not to survive physically, but to survive spiritually.

NOVEMBER 21, 2014

Well? How accurate were my forecasts written in December 2011? And what about what I wrote in the 1980s, and 1990s and so on?

Things have gotten worse in the exact way I described they would. Is that not so?

Hence, you should have confidence that we are on the right track, that what I have told you is the Truth and your path is being  facilitated by the True Gnostic Wisdom.

You must develop Inner Peace, for the outer mind is going to be assaulted continuously by deteriorating conditions.

The most obvious FEAR we have to overcome is that of Physical Death.

Impatience for this Hell to end is going to make us jittery and unreasonable if we let it.

The abuse of us by others is another. If we are serene while they undergo the Terminal Madness of the Endtime, they will want to know why we are different.

If we have knowledge they cannot comprehend, they will want to attack us for being more aware of things they cannot understand. Dont argue with them. They will be maximally irrational.

Our tolerance of all things Evil will diminish even as Evil increases exponentially in our lives.

The pain of Evil exposed will cut us like a sword would.

Crumbling economic circumstances, relationships, jobs, families, friendships, cultures, religions, etc., will leave us despondent if we do not attain the proper mental stability to see it through till the end. We are witnessing the crumbling Illusion of the Virtual Reality in which we were trapped.

The thought of Viability and/or failure may blackmail outer minds and cause unwanted and unnecessary concern.

Loneliness could be a factor for, as we look around us, the total blindness of the majority is not only irrational to us, but also horrendous and soul-destroying for them.

The evil acts we will witness in the Last Days will tug our hearts right out of our chests if we do not detach and see what is really going on with enlightened minds. What is really going on is the scenario of Evil and its evil beings self-destructing.

And yet, we must soldier on till the end as best we can.

We must avoid, at all costs, those mechanisms and situations which have the potential to drain our energies to a dangerous level. To minimize this drainage we must purify as best as we can and avoid all those extracting situations and mechanisms that we can avoid. To avoid them you need to know waht they are.

The closer we get to the Endpoint, the more mechanisms of Energy Extraction will attack us. Here are some pointers from Chapter 25 of my second volume of Journey into the World of Metaphysics that may assist you.


Viewing with a metaphysical, ontological vision, it is obvious there is a war in this dimension and yet few of the general population are able to see it. Once the superficial camouflaging activities of Maya are perceived, what is occurring will become so obvious that it will make the everyday activities in which people are caught even more meaningless and useless.

Fundamentally the war is about energy, and the activities between people are all about energy exchange and energy extraction from one type of person (the True Being) by the other (the mock being). Some are robbed of their energy, others have their energies polluted, still others give away their negative energy to cause pollution, and others are energy suckers.

When so-called normal social interactions are viewed at the subtle levels, where the energy flows can be seen or realised, a true picture of the situation emerges. Outer physical activities and social interactions are meaningless. They are all part of Maya. The real situation that exists is the exchange of energy between the subtle bodies. This occurs in all interaction between all types of beings inspite of their metaphysical nature. This exchange is obvious on every plane except the physical and the astral planes, and that is why these realms have been so damaging to the True Beings.

Unfortunately True Beings have been trapped in these realms and have been exploited mercilessly. It has been like shooting fish in a barrel. Now that this situation is being realised True Beings can do something about it.

It just shows how important it is to protect the self at all times. Protection will minimise exchange of energy which could result in drainage of one’s positive energy, pollution of one’s energy or acquisition of negative energy.

Unfortunately the bombardment by negative energy from all facets of this realm is so intense, and this I’ve made clear throughout these volumes, that 100% protection and freedom from programming and pollution is impossible.

There are very few beings on this planet who set out to give positive energy to others on purpose. Hence, any interaction is likely to be disadvantageous to True Beings. Every situation of social interchange must be seen as an occasion of energy exchange and as an opportunity for Evil to attack, drain or pollute. The non permanent atom beings (non-Viables) have encouraged social intermingling of course, because this has been their duty. They are there to simply extract energy from True Beings. Hence, they have set up practices in society which give maximal interaction, maximal exposure of beings and the best chances for development of maximal dependence on such practices.

For beings to become independent of society is a very great threat for the evil beings. When facets of society have isolated themselves, as has occurred in monastic orders for example, evil beings felt threatened. But even in these, there existed a nidus of pollution and agents to cause drainage of energy from True Beings within these isolated communities due to infiltration. Much damage has occurred in the past to beings of Light who sought to isolate themselves in such isolated pockets by the infiltrating robots.

As beings of Light suspected the gross pollution of society and as they attempted to lessen this by joining the monastic orders, and forming isolated societies, they were often trapped in these more rigid traps and drained even more. As they sought seclusion from the general pollution, various non-permanent atom beings were programmed to respond to seclusion also, simply so that they could pollute and drain the genuine isolationists.

False beings (non-permanent atom beings that is) cannot live in isolation, nor can they live in groups with only their own kind as the components of the community in isolation. They require the presence of True Beings whom they can exploit (of energy). This is quite obvious. When there are no beings of Light to be exploited such isolated communities always fold up completely, and the reason for this is that there is no longer a need for the communities to exist.

The physical plane has been constructed in such a way that True Beings have been totally fooled on this level and they have been a continuous supply of energy for all the evil exploitative systems.

The churches fall into the category of energy-sucking systems. Genuine seekers have been trapped in these energy suckers by the millions. They have responded to the impulse within to return to the Divine, and due to the programming which commenced in infancy they have been directed to the organised religious institutions and evil sects to be totally drained of energy. Without the positive energy of the True Beings these religions would not have survived.

Apart from being drained of their positive energy such True Beings have been polluted with negative energy and the beings then responded in various ways.

  1. Some became totally converted with the programming of the religion and were used as bait to trap others.
  2. Others were polluted to such a degree that they denied the inner urge to seek and became agnostic, irreligious and often overtly and indiscriminately anti-social.
  3. Still others were awakened enough to see the insincerity and superficiality of the religions and gave them up. But not knowing where to turn, or why this was so, they lost fervour and simply gave up the quest.

As all interactions are energy interactions at the subtle levels, many more systems have been developed to make the energy extraction efficient and also to mask the energy exploitation which is occurring. This is how Maya was created.

From the earliest days of life, emphasis is shifted away from the energy possession and the energy exchange of a being. Material possession and exchange are given far greater importance. Other attributes are also given more importance than the energy content and quality of a being – physical looks, ego, intelligence, nationality, race, colour, etc. – all these are used and/or exploited throughout the life of a being in order to cause energy drainage.

The systems of society all have a material basis and this has been so since the takeover by Evil. The fight to survive from a material point of view has been so time-consuming and so difficult that the energy drainage which has occurred during this fight for survival and material acquisition has not always been obvious.

It is overtly obvious during wars that there is a fight for survival, but what is not obvious is the energy drainage which occurs. War is used as a magic veil for massive exploitation of energy from the people caught up in the war. Most do not even know why they are fighting when they are involved in a war. After all no-one really wants wars. Yet people are programmed by the evil usurper and his system (which includes the emotions) to fight, simply so that energy can be extracted.

In peacetime people have to earn a living or so it seems. But many are caught in traps which program them to possess more and more. Very few work to exist in a basic manner. Most are caught in a grind to get further and further ahead.

In the poorer countries this inability to get ahead, or even to subsist in some cases, gives emotional energy drainage. And this is a good method the evil system uses to exploit people who live their life in poverty and misery.

However, even in the wealthier societies the social interactions are always emotive and exploitative, no matter how much they are masked. The mechanisms of Maya are forever present to cover up the energy exploitation which occurs in the various situations in which people normally find themselves.

Hence, we have groups such as governments which try to prevent any monetary exploitation of the population by others. These governments set up rules and laws and courts. But these measures are often useless or of very little worth. They do not prevent exploitation to any great degree. More than that, the extra laws give more and more power to the governing bodies, which then use this power and authority to themselves exploit the masses. This occurs in every level and type of government be it Democratic, Socialist, Fascist, Communist, or totally Dictatorial.

Other watchdog groups are forever arising from the masses to try and prevent exploitation. If genuine, they are rarely effective. More often than not they are themselves overrun by “robots”, and used to exploit people. Or they simply merge to become quasi-authoritative bodies and therefore an extended arm of the governing authorities. Some of the genuine ones are effective and do help members from being energetically drained by society, but these genuine ones are very few indeed, and the members they attract have usually been severely exploited anyway before they get to these genuine groups for further protection.

In other words, much damage has already been inflicted on those who seek their help, and/or such great amounts of energy have been extracted from them that there is little more to be gained from them in this life and little to protect. Such groups and the beings they cater for are tolerated and are used to bolster the mayic veil. Amongst these genuine groups one can include A.A. (Alcoholic Anonymous), and Gamblers Anonymous, etc.

The types of traps to exploit people are innumerable. Often if one type does not work, others are tried. Often many types co-exist so that many are sprung at once. The commonest traps, of course, are sex, gambling, alcohol, smoking and drugs. These I have covered in detail in these volumes.

Any and every type of crime eventually becomes associated with these traps, and here I include white collar crime which is a means of energy exploitation from the corporate masses and not just from individuals. These traps are gross ones.

There are many subtle ones also. I’ve mentioned most of them – ones like religions, nationalism which bolsters war, soft pornography, media, etc. The subtle ones also work in such a way that beings do not realise they are being drained of energy. They do not realise that they often need to engage in a fight in the subtle levels to prevent this energy drainage.

Things which pander to the ego are often subtle traps to extract energy. Normally things of the ego lead to excitation of emotions which may be expressed or suppressed. The very instinct to survive at our neighbour’s expense, or to live better than him, leads to practices which drive us to exploit the system in order to better our lot. But this striving always involves energy loss in the subtle levels and on this level in one way or another.

There is an exchange of energy in the subtle levels. Often what occurs is that energy is lost in order to acquire some gain on the material level, e.g. a possession, wealth, power etc. (this can be equated to the well-known stories of selling one’s soul, heritage, to the devil).

A balance with little energy expenditure or loss is very difficult to achieve while existing in these systems of this trapped dimension. The interactions which cause energy loss, programming and pollution are then the causes of positive energy drainage and negative energy accumulation, which result in physical and mental diseases, accidents and death.

These illnesses are then used to further exploit us of energy and repeat the cycle. More drugs are used to treat illnesses, which means more exposure to programming. More interactions with people, (most of whom are non permanent atom beings – healers, doctors and nurses) occur. More exposures to institutions, hospitals, religions, etc. occur. All these things increase exposure to drainage and to negative input.

The cycle has been an intensive and never-ending one with virtually no escape. That is why this system and dimension in which we are trapped has been declared very evil and has been condemned. The only solution is that which is in operation now – total destruction of the system.

Note that the traps for energy exploitation initially have their own mechanisms to ensure their own survival. They have a pleasurable component which allows people to fall into them, and make them want to get further involved. The beginner in drinking, gambling, drug taking, smoking, sexual pursuits, etc. always gets `kicks’ and `highs’ from his activity. He often has moderate success which encourages further involvement in the trap. It is only as the trap tightens that the true effects become obvious. But often this is too late. Too much energy has been drained, or too much programming and pollution has taken place. In other words, for such an individual the energy-sucking trap has been successful. If the traps were not pleasurable and appeasing to the physical senses obviously they would not lure any victims.

Anything on this level which leads to a physical self-satisfaction must be examined closely, for the practice giving this satisfaction may be leading to programming and pollution and/or positive energy drainage. This would then cut off the inner mind connection to the outer physical mind.

Because of all these energy sucking traps in this evil system, it is obvious that True Beings could never be happy and satisfied in this realm. This whole realm is a trap and we have been caught in it. The trap is elaborately constructed for the following simple reasons:

  1. To emotionally exploit us.
  2. To keep us ignorant of what had occurred.
  3. To drain us of our energy, and
  4. To prevent reconnection to our Source.

Personal interactions in our everyday lives with relatives, friend, acquaintances and co-workers, supervisors, etc. are all battles in the subtle level which cause energy exchange and /or programming and pollution. There is no need to deny that beings of Light have always fared badly in these battles. The negative beings have always had the advantage.

The beings of Light are subjected to maximum efforts of energy drainage and pollution and therefore programming. Their true nature has forever been attacked from every quarter and they have been subjected to a forceful putdown since takeover. True Beings have had to suffer humiliation, harassment, degradation and timidity, and have become oppressed members of the systems in society unless they compromised with these systems and cooperated to some extent.

Their strength has been sapped and the attempts have been very much to break their spirit. Even today True Beings are severely knocked down, disadvantaged and forced to bear unjust Karmic consequences which punish and exploit them. They are usually the very sensitive beings of society and the exploitation to which they are subjected takes a great toll from them when measured in energy terms.

As I said earlier, non permanent atom beings in society are also subjected to such forces and exploitative mechanisms, but inspite of apparent appearances they do not really mind. They may appear disadvantaged and exploited, but metaphysically they are insensitive and not really concerned. This can be confirmed to be so on the subtle levels. Their loss of energy is really non-existent, for they are not the targets for exploitation nor are they the beings with the positive energy to be drained. They simply help to make all of the distorted existence on this plane appear that it should be as it is, inspite of all the inconsistencies and injustices. They help to make it appear `normal’ that people should be suppressed in the way they are.

Those who are used to doing the bullying and exploitation of the masses are extremely successful because they are part of the exploitative machinery. The more successful exploitants they are, the more powerful do they become! They are fed more and more power by the system which they help to expand and enrich. This is obvious wherever one looks. These exploitative beings appear protected by what could have been called before the exposure by this philosophy “an unknown force”.

They thrive on the pollution and negativity of society and are able to use more and more strength in suppressing and exploiting others. Most times a subtle mechanism is used for this oppression and exploitation, but there are times when the mechanisms are so gross no one misses them.

Some of these include, for example, the exploitative mechanisms used by despots and dictators, the ones used in Religious Inquisitions, in Religious wars such as the Crusades, in the war in Northern Ireland, in Wealth wars such as in the dispute over oil which occurred in Biaffra and in the one which is occurring in the Middle East today and which will be the scene of a Nuclear War for this generation, etc., etc. The material costs of wars are insignificant when compared to the energy loss of those exploited by the suffering and pain that the wars create. You must see that these mechanisms are very much on purpose.

It takes great courage and much strength on the part of True Being to escape any traps in which they have been placed, and to overcome the programming and pollution which have tried to emotionally exploit them and suppress them again, and again, and again.

This courage and strength are a true measure of the being’s worth. That is, they are a measure of the being’s LOVE, FAITH and Longing for the Divine.


With this Love they express the inner conviction (faith) and expose their true Divine nature.

Alas, very few True Beings have found the courage and strength to remain completely faithful after countless lifetimes of oppression and exploitation. Most have given in to the programming and pollution to some extent by an act of Freewill on their part. They can only blame themselves.

All mechanisms of exploitation are used and these involve individuals, societies, local and national governments, and whole nations and races. Those making up the societies, governments, nations and races are not all non permanent atom beings. The 70/30% split between non permanent atom and permanent atom beings still remains. (This was so until 1999 when one billion viable True Consciousnesses were evacuated.  The others had failed. Now we have 9% viable, and the rest are non-viable robots and demons, barring a few hundred Light workers.)

It just means that the majority is used to sweep the minority (the 30%) along with them in their trends of exploitation. And as a high percentage of the true permanent atom beings who make up the minority are unawakened or have not resisted the evilness of these exploitative mechanisms, the job of the majority has been made easier. At present nations are being used more and more to attack others and cause maximal energy extraction from True Beings. ( I am sure you have noted this mechanism of energy exraction has become extreme as the Endtime approaches.)

Because this realm has been cut off (and in fact this Earth has been isolated by the Light in preparation for the final phase of the war, as have all other planets), the amount of energy that can be exploited from the trapped True Beings is now very, very limited.

The quicker the positive beings are drained therefore, the quicker will an end of the positive energy supply for this planet be reached. The aim of the Light is to prevent positive energy drainage as much as possible and to minimise the pain and suffering in these last few years.

As there is less and less positive energy return for the evil exploitative mechanisms at all levels, the mechanisms will be used more and more. In other words, the fighting, oppression and exploitation will escalate more and more, and the return for the exploitative evil usurper will be less and less. This unavailability of positive energy (which has kept this planet balanced for a long time) will cause more and more frenzy on this plane.

The ratio of negative energy to positive energy will greatly increase, hence programming and pollution will become more and more effective. This will mean that the effect of negative energy will become maximal. There will be more evil in every direction. The evilness and wickedness will be exposed more and more. The positive energy to counterbalance these will be lacking. Hence, all caught in this enclosed planet, who allow themselves to be programmed in these last few years, will be programmed for maximum unrestrained evil.

As evil is a destructive force, and as it will become unchecked, it will be a destructive force totally out of control. There will be more and more exposure of evil practices and evil beings who have been used in the mechanisms of energy extraction. The unleashed, uninhibited negativity will result on this plane in an increase in fighting, sexual abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, crimes, perversion of all types, etc. In other words, the process of exploitation and wickedness in the whole system will be greatly accelerated and the system will head for self-destruction.

In this generation any positive energy which the enemy has gained has been from the exploitation of the trapped permanent atom beings. It is important to be drained as little as possible of positive energy by avoiding programming and pollution and by using protective techniques, not only to prevent personal loss of awareness and Divinity, but also to starve the evil system and help bring its eradication to fruition as quickly as possible within this generation!

The fireworks of the last phase of the war have already well and truly begun. The start of many facets of the destructive negative energy tearing into society is already being witnessed throughout the globe.

There is daily escalation of hostilities, wars, riots, crimes, chance of economic collapse etc. all over the globe. Just as individuals are involved in this escalation, so also are all nations and cultures about to be embroiled in the last phases of this desperate energy war which will lead to self-destruction of the system which we now know.


Regarding the exposure of Amitakh’s evil plot to destroy Viables, I received this email from Mac, the person who alerted me to the YouTube video:

“The way you described the effects on your post is exactly how I felt listening to Amitakh just for a moment. I have spasm in my Heart Centre and felt ‘out of balance, etc., as you say so well.”


Do not be concerned about my actions of highlighting evil-doers. The New Green Energy and the other energy I carry (of which I have as yet given no details) are simply doing their job as I expose demons and hypocrites, all of whom, with no exceptions, must be totally destroyed.




It was well over 20 years ago, in the very early 1990s that, as I walked with Babaji in Far North Queensland, the topic of spiritual survivors on this Earth arose. Babaji became uncharacteristically subdued. His mannerism had always been one of joviality and light-heartedness.

He said “The harvest is very, very meagre. But, we cannot be disappointed. The majority have exercised their right to be destroyed. Alas, it is your duty on this level to tell them what is to come”.


NOVEMBER 22, 2014



Planet X?






Cometh….cometh….the Thief in the Night!

Verily, for doomed Earth, the End is in sight.

For Evil Ones, it is the greatest Fright,

For Ones of Love and Light the future now is bright!

This Hell a future has no more;

I gave you, from the beginning, the Final Score.


Rejoice my Dears; shed no more tears,

Express freely your Light and your Love

Soon enough we’ll meet in Realms Above.


For those who doubted me,

Who cares; just who cares?

And who, to doubt, to scoff at evidence, now dares

To say that things are not decaying quickly?

Are they blind? Can they not see?


Look at the video above and below!

What does it show?

It is the End for sure,

And quite early did I reveal the score.


Did I not say that not just Earth would die?

But also the Life-giving Sun, Nature’s pride?

From you nothing did I hide.

And did I not reveal the Solar System would also go,

Like the Milky Way, which eventually into oblivion would flow?


No need for Fiscal Failure, Global Warming or WW3,

Nor for Civil War, Fema Death Camps, or 9/11 iniquity.

It’s the certain End for Earth that with Planet X we see.


No time remains for Dementia to cloud our minds

With the deadly Chemtrails everywhere one finds.


More Madness of the Endtime now for sure,

As even the Solar System knows the score,

And fractures in its death throes as an encore,

To accompany Earth’s last gasps,

Destroying doomed non-Viable misfits both rich and poor,

Inspite of their dirty holes, fit for moles, galore.


No more need I say.

Cometh now that for which each Viable did pray.

We have won our War against Evil.


And so, to our true Home we are all but on our way.





Indeed my work and Babaji’s is almost done

It has certainly not been all that much fun.


But, Our victory assured, we leave soon

After giving the Viables a Boon.


I personally shall take you from the Villages

To your New Abode,

Where you shall celebrate our great Victory

Against Evil, for all Eternity.


Babaji and I shall then rest a while

On a Blessed Heavenly Isle

Before entering another Galaxy once more

To, against Evil, settle there, victoriously,

Once again the local Final Score.





Planet X? http://www.ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.com/page/26835.html
Even if this proves to be a hoax, it is only a matter of time!


And Charles, who sent me the same video wrote:


The fact that this video popped up a week after your recent essays on planet X is of no coincidence at all …… I believe it was planned as I believe it was Providence to prove your point





Indeed it appears the End is sooner than we all thought.

My lower mind had doubts when it picked up

The possible End of Earth in November 2016,

But since then look at what sights,

Like the video above, we have seen.


Nonetheless, the doomed fools cannot see.

They still pursue the Path of Iniquity

And with their bombs they’ll dangerously play

Till they are ended for all eternity:



1             http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/11/20/addicted-to-lies-kiev-cia-still-pushing-fake-reports-of-russia-invading-ukraine/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29


2             http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/11/20/us-nato-lie-about-russia-military-buildup-in-near-ukraine-analyst/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29


3             http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/11/20/nato-concerned-over-russian-military-buildup-inside-near-ukraine/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29


So, it looks like we are ready to go to WW3 in December (9 days away!)



This is Terminal Madness of the Endtime in Children who, in the main, are non-viable robots and demons (Star Children).




Demons in Self-destructive mode!





Be Happy !!

We are on our way!!

From my Dearest friend Kara:

Begone forevermore, evil Foe.

Tic Toc, Tic Toc, goes the clock,

Times a’ticking down for Evil’s Mock.

Planet X, Nibiru and the Constellation

Orbiting ever closer now this way,

True Beings celebrating

At Evil’s dismay.


Viables were trapped for far too long

By evil’s rotten, cruel throng,

But we fought valiantly to the End.

As Warriors True, Brave and Strong.

Now Home we go,

To the Promised Land where we belong!


November 23, 2014


Well, well, no news in the Mainstream Media whatsoever about the Solar System being invaded by an intruder which is Earth’s Destroyer, right?


In Australia, the Media, catering to sleeping fools, is choked with football, cricket, trivia of all kinds including horse racing, weather conditions, and varying points on the board for a myriad of supposedly exciting investment houses, while advertised are new sensational colours for horsehair wigs, and better wax for bikini lines that matter naught. Phew.


Not a word about what really matters: the termination.


I guess that’s how they choose to be. If they ignore it, I guess they think nothing will happen.

But, have I got news for them! Each is tagged and a certificate of failure they’ll be given; To Transmutation vats they’ll soon be driven.




What hoax?


Here is a chap who wants the video I posted above to be a hoax.




He claims the hoaxer makes money out of his YouTube hoaxes.


I noticed this in the video:


1             The voices could not be more dissimilar. He claims they are one and the same.

2             The photo of Saturn is a mirror image – easy mistake for anyone to make on a PC.

3             How could the supposed whistle blower make the gross mistake of calling Neptune, Uranus?

4             The supposed photo-shopped image of the unknown object is nothing like Neptune. The surfaces are very, very different. In fact, what the second video points out as similarities seem to be photo-shopped by him. I repeat, how could he make the gross mistake of calling Neptune, Uranus?


The question remains of why Saturn and the unknown object appear so close.


Could it be that both exist within the confines of the Solar System, as obviously Saturn must, and to make his point “Ken” transfixed the Unknown near to Saturn to make that very point?


The plot thickens.


Nonetheless, we know the following:


  • The Planet X Constellation exists.


  • It is within our Solar System.


  • All will witness the Planet X Constellation sooner rather than later.


  • Our Solar System is showing stress via heating of planets, destabilization of orbits (yet to come on a major scale) and sudden and unexpected decay.


  • Deadly collisions will occur, and Earth is imperiled.


  • The iron oxide dust from Planet X that will saturate our surface is coming and it will be our introduction to the End.


  • Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and laval surges are to be expected on a massive scale, as will be gross flooding, due to a fragmenting Earth, gravitational forces from rogue heavenly bodies, and both magnetic attraction and repulsion.


  • The Earth will heat up to life-threatening degrees as the whole Solar System heats up.


  • Mars and Uranus have already suffered death-dealing blows highlighting the sudden and unexpected decay that will occur in every orb, large and small.


  • By the time a major collision with Earth occurs, no living thing will exist on this planet.


  • I stated in 1985, as a matter of fact, that all living things will be removed from Earth which would then end no later than 2035.


  • There are accidental and purposeful mechanisms on Earth such as the Fukushima radiation, GMO foodstuffs, vaccines, Man-made Ebola and other manipulated diseases, Chemtrails, and HAARP technology that can terminate all life on the planet.


  • More recently I told you that the Process of Destruction had been accelerated and, in fact, we may well see the End as early as November, 2016. Variation is inevitable as all things become erratic, even the Laws that the planets obey.


  • I have stated the Solar System will be destroyed.


  • I have also stated that this Galaxy will be destroyed.


  • I have stated 95% of the Physical Universe has already been destroyed, and the remaining 5% is in the process of being destroyed, and that includes our neck-of-the-woods. I know this because I know.


  • Many humans have been shown life-ending cataclysms affecting Earth during Near Death Experiences, in Out-of-body experiences, and in dreams.


  • Seers throughout history have seen what is about to occur and recordings have been made of such predictions. Of particular importance are the Revelations of St. John and the utterings of Mother Shipton many, many years apart.


  • Of most significance is the fact that Babaji told me personally that when the Blue Star appears, the Clearing Work be done, and Viables can go Home. The Blue Star has appeared.


  • All the above points fit into the CERTAINTY of an Endtime scenario that I revealed to the World some 30 years ago.


Thus, I now need to ask: “Where is the hoax?”





Babaji means ‘Holy Father’. Nearly all venerable, elderly men are given this title in India.

I differentiate the Babaji I met by calling him Haidakhan Babaji. There are some YouTube videos of Him. His photos are of Him, but the superimposed writings, purported to be His sayings, are nonsense in my opinion.  Remember, I am writing about the Conciousness called Babaji, not the physical body!

Babaji and I met in 1983 and then again later after He left the physical in 1984. He gave me a personal, private name when I saw him in India and that is how I knew He was the same being that presented as a Walk-in in Australia a few years later.

Spiritually and metaphysically He has been associated, by devotees and spiritual historians, with the Essence of Shiva – the Destroyer of Evil, and of Evil Worlds. Shiva is the Liberator of the Just. Thus, as anyone might understand, being the One to destroy Evil, by sending Evil Ones to Perdition, and saving the Viables, by liberating them from Evil and taking them Home, He is none other than what one would call the Messiah!

The distortions about the Messiah in Judeo and pseudo-Christian texts are just that, nonsense!

He said our work will have been all but completed when the Blue Star appeared. It has now appeared.  But, what was that work?

It was my role to deliver the Message of Clearing of the Planet, describing all its sequelae, including  termination of the local Evil Realm and the Liberation of Viable Consciousnesses in all trapped Classes of Consciousness. Few listened to it. The fools fell over themselves to attack me for my efforts.

I think Babaji has been busy on subtle levels arranging the decay of matter in this Galaxy, using mechanisms our lower minds cannot understand, and this decay I presume we shall shortly see. I have had no direct contact with Him for over 20 years.

I write a lot. Is it fiction or is it reality? You must judge for yourselves. One could speculate on where the metaphysical information comes from. When I was in contact with ‘Superior Aliens’ in the 1980s, I asked them where all my writings come from, all they said was “They are your own thoughts at another level”.

Thus, if I am wrong, the fault is all mine.

If I am right, then I have perhaps read the ‘tea leaves’ correctly on some other level! Or is there another possibility?

Think about that. It is a great answer they gave me for, if I am wrong, or their plans go astray, I can be set aside as another failure in life who made a complete fool of himself!

But, if I am right, it may well mean I have the Power of Truth in my bones. Scary, hey?

Having been in this field for some 30 years now, at least in this life, it is obvious to me that what is to occur does not seem to depend on the beliefs of ignorant humans or aliens. If changes depended on belief, then no clearing changes would occur, mainly because none of those of Evil would want the changes to come and then for them to go back to Hell and thereafter be transmuted!

Where have I gotten the unique and seemingly extremely accurate information I have written about over the last 30 years since I lost contact with my ‘Superior Aliens”?

There are 2 possibilities;

  • I am a really, really good creative writer of Fiction that 99.999999% of people reject.

2                 I am in some way working with, and for, the Superior Aliens from whom I have not heard for many, many years.

Any unaware person would go for the first choice, of course.

I do not have any powers other than the ability to write until my PC overheats, and the ability to talk till the legs fall off a kitchen table.

I do not have any extra-ordinary powers like the demon Dynamo, and others, seem to have demonstrated.

I calculate that, judging from interactions, I have managed to reach a few hundred people in a world of 7 plus billion after 30 years of trying to deliver a message that could turn out to be important.

A further consideration for you is this: To give a date for the outer limit of the existence of Earth, something that no one has ever dared to do in the past (except those that were wrong, of course), should alert you, once again, to the possibility of Finality. But, it could still be a sting, a ruse !!!! We won’t know until it happens.

This physical body I am using knew nothing about such an ending. It was an Alien idea from the beginning. And this leads us to the notion that the lowly bodies have no idea of Supramental Consciousness and Knowledge (SMC). The evil-created physical bodies are idiotic, empty-minded containers.  The SMC is a property of certain Consciousnesses that occupy the bodies. So, we now  have to ask these questions: ‘What consciousness occupies this Cardboard Box I wear? And why does it seem to have a natural/spontaneous connection to the Supramental Consciousness?’

Identity aside, prophecy aside, visions of world’s end aside, we won’t know what will happen until it happens.

We can begin to judge by what is happening on Earth and in the Solar System, but that evidence is not conclusive either, even though the Fukushima poisoning seems serious enough.

Why the End is to occur is the crux of the matter. I have explained why the Physical Universe must end in detail elsewhere. Again we must ask, where did I get that information from? Did I read tea leaves about that too? Why has no one else gotten the information about the percentage already destroyed?  Could it be I am permanently connected to the Supra-Mental Plane?

I wrote that all consciousnesses have been categorized, in all Levels of Consciousness, as Viable or non-Viable. You will find details in my books. But where did I get that information from?

Could I be more than the sum of the parts I present on this level? Time may tell.

To the loonies (the unawakened sheople) I am an even bigger loony than they are, or so they say.

Nonetheless, I know that the End has been set as fact into the Divine fabric of the True Creation. No loony could know that!

If this seems too much for you, remember my Motto: Take it or leave it.


November 24, 2014


How half-truths make complete lies:



Listen to the ‘Pleiadian’s” voice and note your reaction.

The more awake you are, the quicker will the nausea arrive!

Who are the Pleiadians? They are a race of demons who escaped captured from another Galaxy that has since been liquefied.


Why do they bother with their untruths? They are part of the Illusion in this Virtual Reality. What else are they going to do, reveal the truth? Not on your nelly. They feed on our energies.



I’ve posted this next video for 2 reasons: The very beginning has the President of the Merry Cans telling them, and the rest of the robots and Goyim of the planet, that they/we are mindless and useless blobs and don’t know how to manage our lives. Therefore, the NWO is going to manage us. The inference being that they will get rid of us at their leisure. Is that address enough to wake up the sleeping ones? Apparently not! Which means, Obama is saying this: “the dorks deserve what they get”.


The second point starts at 7:30. It is the statement by the French Foreign Minister saying something about the 500 days towards a deadly catastrophic period. That was said in Washington on May 13, 2014.


I don’t think the rest is worth watching, especially the fear-mongering promoted by the demon in the red dress. She is also, in a subtle and rather lateral manner, urging people to think about pre-emptive strikes on the enemies of the USA to prevent an EMP attack. So, the fear-mongering is to bring on WW3. Can you not see that?

As these changes occur, the Terminal madness of the Endtime will not go unnoticed! If you do listen, Madness is hinted at in the video at approx.. 25 minutes. Don ‘t take any notice of the BS that follows about the cause.





I received this email regarding the Hoax video:


Dr. C,
About the giant body behind Saturn.  As you’ve already indicated, despite the increasingly desperate denials, it is not a hoax.  Here are a few extra points to consider that most may not have noticed:
– If you search on Youtube using the video id (just search for “JWCvt6t_54M”), you will get several hits, when generally you should only get one hit (sometimes, rarely, a couple).  Literally within hours of the original posting, the “debunk” claim videos started appearing trying to shout down the original video.  HOURS.  They have been altering and re-uploading the videos so they appear to have been uploaded a day or two later, but I saw it happening in real time.  They have also added more videos as the days have passed, since their views are very low in comparison.  This (and the flood of negative comments) is very obviously the work of shills, and increasingly desperate ones at that.  Youtube (and the other sites below) is beyond saturated with “conspiracy” and “Nibiru” vids and the like…one more would normally hardly be noticed or make a difference, no matter how much of a “hoax” it was.  Let alone to engender this kind of disproportional response.  A nerve has been hit

– On the Before Its News site, the link was skyrocketing almost as soon as it was posted, and just as quickly, the comment thread became flooded with “debunkers” shouting it down as a “hoax”.  This in itself was already odd, but very shortly afterward, the link suddenly plummeted to the bottom of the list and all but disappeared.  Now, you generally have to search to find it.  (here it is, for as long as it’s allowed to remain:  http://beforeitsnews.com/science-and-technology/2014/11/111914-leaked-giant-body-behind-saturn-entering-solar-system-2732618.html
This was very unusual and again I saw this happening in real time, in the span of hours.  BIN is no stranger to outrageous fear-mongering and conspiracy links, most of which are brain-dead hoaxes, and there are tons of Nibiru links as well…one more would hardly make a difference, if it really were a “hoax”.  And, if it really were that unpopular a video, it would never get so many comments (very rarely do obscure BIN videos garner large comment threads, or any at all for that matter).  But the “debunkers” flooding this one seem particularly…motivated.  So now, an obscure so-called “hoax” video, so unpopular that it hardly shows up in the list anymore (and in the list for only a few hours), now has one of the longest and most hostile comment threads on the site.  Odd, wouldn’t you say?

– On the ForbiddenKnowledgeTV site, very shortly after posting the video, the site admin herself posted a rambling disjointed notice advising that this was determined to be a hoax video, “apologizing” for it (quite lamely), and pillorying the original vid posters for “hoaxing” for financial gain on Youtube hits…an absolutely ridiculous, hypocritical stance to take if one is at all familiar with that site.  The majority of what it posts are various questionable conspiracy lunacy (one has to sift through to find the bits of value), and ALL of it is of course for financial gain, through Youtube hits.  So this vid was not unusual in that aspect whatsoever, other than in the ridiculously hostile response it has engendered.  Also, NEVER has she posted a notice like that, let alone an apology(?!?).  That site, like BIN, is filled with hoaxes…one more would hardly be noticed let alone make any difference.  It is so obvious what is happening, and almost surreal in its ridiculousne
ss, and transparency.  Someone got to her, and quickly at that.  That is one browbeaten operative…its masters are not happy.

Similarly, secureteam10 (the original vid posters) have now also just posted a notice saying that the vid is a hoax.  They don’t explain how, just that it’s a “hoax”.  So, unsurprisingly, they have also been gotten to.  And frightened/threatened into posting that notice under duress.

And, look at the comments of the those posing as “debunkers”, you will find they all echo the same comments across sites, liberally peppered with “crazy”, “stupid”, “batshit insane” and the like.  Their language in trade.  Whereas the posts of the genuinely innocent/curious use much more muted language and try to speak logically about the vid’s potential legitimacy.  This is nothing new but the language now indicates an urgency and desperation which was not there before.  There is something very unusual about this vid and its information.  Again, a nerve has very obviously been hit.
There is a lot more that I can add but this note is getting too long, and the point is made enough.  My guess is that those behind this squelching/debunking campaign are trying desperately to push this vid out of the majority’s attention/consciousness, and when they feel things have cooled off a bit, they will have all the vids silently removed altogether (they aren’t doing that now because there’s too much attention and would only make it more blatant that they are actively hiding the truth of the video).

That video was not a hoax.  That huge object near Saturn is real.

Doctor, it looks like your predictions may be coming true sooner rather than later after all.  Though, not too soon for me… Kind Regards, Joe


In these astronomical videos of what is seen in the skies of today, realize that what is being photographed is light that arrives on our lens after travelling for many millions of years from its origin. Hence, most of those structures that emitted the light are no longer there in real time.


This video tends to demonstrate that it is a sycophantic existence on all levels of consciousness in this filthy, evil Universe:






And, it is a Dog eats Dog Universe which is limited by its own avarice:





And, of course, Black Holes are part of the energy-sucking Evil web. I described them in my earlier books as “Fallen (and therefore evil) Galactic  Consciousnesses.





Dissatisfaction grows. Civil War will be at all levels:



November 25, 2014


I am proud to announce that Light Beings (Viables) shall see the destruction of their enemies BEFORE the physical END!!


We will be left in no doubt that all those of Evil who have hurt us in so many ways will be gone forever from our midst. Their arrogance and conviction that they are unassailable will disappear as does the morning dew  with the appearence of Light.


Think for a moment what this means, and rejoice. All Evil will have then been removed from our lives.


The suffering and gnashing of teeth we shall witness in those of evil is due to their own evil, for evil beings are cursed by their own evil!


It will be important to witness this for once out of here, our memories will be wiped clean and we shall not recall anything of Evil.


But, this way, we will have known Evil lost the War, as was obvious from the very beginning. It wsa only a matter of time!



Look at how embarrassingly sad it is, at this late hour, to see such insanity and blindness attempting to give (false) hope to the hopeless dimwits:







Do you recall I stated all evil beings will be exposed in their true ontological nature in the Endtime? They will all be seen for what they are. They can no longer hide their evil nature, no matter who they are or what roles they play, and this includes Princes and Popes.

I also said that evil beings are in self-destructive mode. They cannot pretend forever. Their time is up! Their actions of self-destruction will become obvious.

Detach, detach, detach! What we are going through is very painful. But, it can be no other way.

I live out in the ‘bush’ in Australia where the road kill toll is unbelievably high. It is mainly 18 wheeler trucks that race along at night killing anything in their path. They don’t stop because at the speed they travel, they simply cannot stop quickly enough to avoid any animal in their path. Strewn on both sides of the road one sees kangaroos, sheep, cats, dogs, red foxes, the occasional cow, etc., etc. every few metres. There is no stopping the carnage.

But, strangely, perhaps like you, I hardly noticed it when I was unawakened. However, once I began to awaken I became more and more upset at the pain and suffering these creatures had to endure.

Now, as I come across each carcass, I say my usual prayer for them, give them directions on what to do, in case the subtle bodies are still around the area, as they usually are when a sudden, traumatic death has occurred. This applies even to humans).

After that I ratonalize that if it was a Viable, it has been liberated from its physical prison (the meat bag) and if it was a non-viable, I still rejoice for one less energy-sucker is on this level to contend with.

Inspite of the countless kangaroos, especially, killed every night, and motorists complaining of their numbers on roads, their population has dramatically fallen when their total in the country is taken. You see, they are being cleared like all other species are, not just by accidents but by many other factors.

Either way, I feel happy for ‘the Planet is being Cleared’ by these processes. You will read that many places around Earth are losing the local flora and fauna at a very rapid rate. We, the awakened ones, and especially my helpers down here, are enthused by witnessing this process being completed, for we now know that the total destruction of the planet will occur in due course.


By now many of you are having thoughts that you are one of the Helpers in the Endtime. You are not picking up these thoughts extraneously. They are purposeful. You may well be picking up who you are, in an ontological sense, why you respond to my words, and what role it is you are fulfilling, even though you may have no idea of details. Cherish these thoughts for they will elevate you to Joy and Serenity. You are being given recognition of your worth in spiritual terms. But keep them to yourself. The fools will not know what you mean if you talk to them about such thoughts.

And, of course, even as the energy is decreasing on all physical levels, Doubt and Confusion will be at a maximal. When you become confused or doubtful, just say something like this: “I know what is going on. I expected these attacks. I am great when I am not attacked. Evil is in desperation mode for it is starved of energy and attacking everybody. I will ride these attacks out! This is a passing phase!”




Emotional pain on this torrid level,

In the awakened individual,

Is the Price of Freedom.

Be aware of why you suffer.

Minimize your suffering by detaching.

If the suffering is inevitable, rejoice,

For you are paying the price of Freedom.

And, knowing this, who would be

Unwilling to run Evil’s gauntlet?



Dear Dr. Chiappalone ,

Many thanks for this post tonight.  Your essay from Dec 31, 2011 applies right now.  It is amazing how accurate you are in everything you say and said.

I also feel this post is kind of personalized for me tonight. This is what I needed to read even if I did already. You mentioned “The pain of Evil will cut us like a sword would“.   This is so true for me; I have to constantly block it to avoid draining of my energy.

When Babaji said ”Alas, it is your duty on this level to tell them what is to come “, I am sure you did not completely realized the enormity of the work involved, the attacks that would come etc… With gratitude, P.



Regarding Higher Divine Energies


Realize we are using words to help these evil-created, moronic lower minds of ours to understand that which they were created to dismiss.

There are 3 categories of Divine Energy: Father, Mother, and Son.

Parts of the Mother energy became trapped in the Error that evolved into this dimension.

Part of the Son energy came into the Error to sustain “Her”, and Viables, until total correction could be made. Together these two energies, in time, coalesced to form part of what can be termed the “FATHER” energy which would, when it was an appropriate time, manifest in the Error, to cut away the Mother energy from the Evil Creation and liberate Her.

By saying the Father energy is here, I mean that the Clearing energy is now here and that it is the Endtime. The story is replicated in the Myth of Isis, Osiris and Horus.

I sense that some of you, ‘splinters’, are clearly attached to parts of the Mother energy and therefore feel the cutting away from Evil more acutely than other Viables.

The Christ energy is the Son energy and, as I explained in the books, it is not from the Highest level as such. It anoints. It sustains and teachers. The World Teacher that has presented in each generation since the start of this abomination is the Christ energy. But it becomes the Father energy in due course at each area that is being corrected.

The Father Energy is like the Shiva Essence.  But, these are just terms. It is hard for us to fully understand the mechanisms involved..

Realize also that I am talking about Units of Consciousness that were/are to be rescued. The packages in which they (we) were placed by Evil, once the dimension was closed off, are artificial, ever-evolving ‘cardboard boxes’ and of no spiritual consequence.

Thus, at this time we have these human bodies. At this stage of physical, biological evolution (which is about to come to a complete halt)  we are as we are, obviously, but the Units of Consciousness had been trapped in many diverse physical traps, including all species of microbes, algae, insects, reptiles, birds, mammals, etc., both on this Earth and in other Planets and Galaxies, even before Earth was formed and was suitable to sustain physical, aerobic life.

We are all waiting and as we do we (Viables ones, that is) are all growing more and more impatient. That is an indication that the End is just around the corner.


“I don’t know about you, Doc.”, Jerry Attrick said to me, “but Armageddon out of here!!”



November 26, 2014


How, When and Where did news of planetary destruction arise?


Many may think, with the limited capacity that they have for such considerations, that termination of all life on this planet and destruction of it may be a big deal and virtually impossible. But, I can categorically say it is no big deal. Many, many planets, just like this one, and many other diverse ones, many Solar Systems and many Galaxies, have been exterminated by matter liquefaction. Some of the beings identified as Divine Energy splinters have been involved with all of these endings and will continue to be involved until there is no more Physical Universe.

What is so strange about the notion of planetary destruction? Planets, Solar Systems and whole Galaxies are destroyed by a number of mechanisms and we have the evidence of this by observing our skies. Galaxies collide and are torn asunder; many are swallowed whole by Black Holes, ripped apart by extraneous gravitational forces, and so on. Few last as long as their potential. Our Sun is supposed to last another 5 billion years, but I have it on good authority that it is degenerating and dying now.

So, what is so peculiar about our Solar System being destroyed? There is nothing unique or peculiar as it is a common occurrence. What is of importance is the question of why it is happening.

We can give the reason that it is an unstable Universe and it matters not who or what is physically on planets at the time of their untimely or accidental destruction.

Or else we can consider the Gnostic view that all these structures are illicit and are being systematically destroyed by a force greater than the creator of these worlds at a time that suits the Superior Force.

If we accept the latter explanation, as I have been asked to delivery to the inhabitants of this planet, then we can more easily accept that Earth’s time is up, as is the time for its neighbourhood, and for the whole Milky Way.

Unfortunately, to date, this message of termination has been mixed up with the Biblical mumbo-jumbo, and has received minimal publicity and acknowledgement on Earth. I’m not in a position to say if things will change. One would think that after 30 years of trying to delivery it, some breakthrough would have occurred. But, that is not the case up until now. So I guess at this point my mission can be marked down as a failure. Or is it? It may be that the morons and unawakened robots can’t be bothered with such matters. And we know that demons have no concept of life outside of this Universe. So, for them, no Universal destruction is possible. They won’t believe it even when it happens.

The Biblical Mumbo-Jumbo is actually this message, distorted and convoluted in a manner that suits those who have twisted the Truth and trapped the unawakened. Instead of presenting this finality as part of a Universal event, evil miscreants have focused on it being a predominantly local phenomenon in which the main character of their ‘Jesus Myth’ will come down and play his bit the way they, the Truth-twisters, say he will. The fallacy of resurrection of the physical body, the variations of what happens on arrival of Jesus on his cloud with trumpeting Angels, the Book of Life readings, etc., etc., all lend scenery to a comically staged play.

Physical occurrences, such as the Planet X Constellation and its sequelae, have been rewritten as pseudo-fantasy in a puppet show. And even today many so-called charismatic fools are taking advantage of the situation and are telling the morons “Give us your money, believe in us, do what we say, and you will be saved”. The unawakened are falling into traps in which they lose, not just money and time, but also energy which is the primary target of the so-called charismatic demons!

The Message of planetary, and Universal, destruction is as old as the Universe itself, for no sooner was the Universe manifested to trap Light Particles, that its doom was prognosticated and sealed! Thus, every generation since the beginning of time, regardless of what physical manifestations it wore, be they amoebic cells, snake bodies, bird bodies, dinosaur bodies, mammoths’, monkeys’, or the bodies of Homo Sapiens, etc., and each consciousness trapped in matter, have been reminded of the local AND Universal destruction to come. Who reminded them? The Avatar of the era did.

As the epochs and eras passed, the message, inspite of pristine reminders, became more and more convoluted by demonic efforts. And this occurred to such an extent that today the unawakened majority not only don’t give the time to listen but also dismiss it as gruesome fantasy. And besides, the demons have seen to it that it became a mockery by getting puppets to announce a false Ending in just about every generation that has existed. With nothing happening, the fools were satiated and put back to sleep as well fed sheep and cattle would be.



I continue to write for the benefit of the very few who seem to have responded in some way.

I have explained previously that what we are now seeing in the heavens with our telescopes are views of long ago. Most of the structures whose light we see have long gone. In reality, we are living in a Universe in which only 5% of its original structures remain. Accepting this assertion makes it easier for us to accept that the End of it all is approaching.

These thoughts do not originate from the stupid lower, mischievous Monkey mind of this meat bag that I am occupying on the physical level. They must be implanted thoughts from someone or something which has knowledge beyond that lower mind. How could the lower mind know such things? It would be impossible.

By the mere fact that these thoughts of the End of the Earth, its Solar System, this Galaxy and the entire Universe are again expressed on this level tends to allow some of us to conclude there is a certainty about the information. Who could or would dare to repeatedly make up such a story with absolutely no evidence from where we are located?

We have witnessed from reports by astronomers that Galaxies get destroyed, but we could have no idea of the extent. The 95% destruction rate must come from a consciousness outside of this Universe who can view it as a unit in time and space. That consciousness cannot be of the Universe for it exists outside of it. Hence, what is fed to this cardboard box must originate from outside the Universe for no being or consciousness within the Universe could have the capability to decipher the extent of destruction.

Of course, if an individual refuses to believe any of this, well then, for now, it does not matter. But it will matter in due course. If we start to accept that the Earth is dying, that our Sun and Solar System are fragmenting and dying, that the Galaxy is imperiled, as many others had been, then we can more easily accept that these inferences and assertions are accurate. That opens our minds to the wonders of a possible Greater Reality and its Truth. We will have escaped the Illusion of Untruth, of which the Avatars spoke, in which we were trapped and deluded.

You either know this is correct or you don’t. Experientially, it really does not seem to matter as we proceed in our daily lives, for ultimately we can only know for certain when the End happens. Those who see nothing wrong with our physical existence will never understand writings like this.

But, those who accept this truth can prepare for the knowledge they will subsequently gain which then opens them up to a spiritual existence beyond the putrid and doomed physical.



The Man who would be King! He is very creative. He is going to create

1             Civil war in teh USA,

2             WW3,

3             A Doomsday scenario.



Everyone in the USA seems to say he is not even a Merry Can and should not really hold the office he holds. So why doesn’t someone do something about it? Too few are there to go against the evil tide at present. Will they let things go, as they have done with 9/11 until they all drown? Or will they act?


Meanwhile, in the not-so-delusional world:




Well, you knew this was on the cards to start WW3:




Liar, Liar, pants on fire:



Amazingly, it seems many prefer to view the occurrence of the Planet X Constellation as a hoax rather than the encroaching reality. Why would they do that when many others tell them it is coming? Is it not he FEAR OF DEATH that sends them into denial? Indeed it is.


It will be worse for them unfortunately. Here is what I wrote years ago in my book ‘My experiences of aliens and Other realities”:


A Worthy Milestone

It is a very important milestone that is reached on the path of spiritual development when one realises one is not the body, but that the body is simply a disposable vehicle of expression. It is only then that the fear of physical death is dissolved.

Where does the fear of death come from? It comes from the sense of the need for self-preservation of the basic physical, unaware being. It is instilled even in animals. But, like the gross unawareness in Humanity in general, it is part of the corruption that has occurred on this plane, a subject beyond the scope of this book. Many books demonstrate that consciousness does survive death of the physical body and therefore, it is valid to believe that all consciousnesses survive physical death. Documentation exists to prove the marked improvement in the quality of life that occurs when people understand the significance of the continuation of consciousness after physical death. I have referred to a few of these books.

Although some sceptics try (unsuccessfully in my view) to discount the validity of the continuation of consciousness after physical death, they are lost in trying to explain the real improvement in the quality of life in those who have Near Death Experiences. They cannot explain the occurrence of often staggering increases in awareness, psychic abilities, in healing power, etc., in these people either. Auto-suggestion can go just so far. Ultimately, there must be a basis of substance to allow these powers to develop.

But most people are not spiritually aware. How many want to increase their life span in order to be of greater service to their fellow man? How many really want a long life out of selfishness and because of the fear of what may be in store for them after death? Most do. Investigation and research into cases of Near Death Experience, Out-Of-Body Experiences and other phenomena assist both the patients and the investigators.

Both have a strengthening of faith and their quality of life improves. The literature reveals that this has occurred in doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and many other health professionals. With proper knowledge, one can resolve the inherent fear of death and then bypass the grief, sorrow, anxiety and depression often felt by people who have little understanding of the meaning of physical death.

Do people need to undergo such traumas as massive heart attacks, severely painful cancer, life-threatening surgery, perilous transplant operations, all with their gloomy fear of death in order to awaken to the significance of physical death? I certainly do not think so!

People can be and should be taught to dispel the fear of death while they are still healthy and strong, and not in danger of dying, so that when the episode which threatens or ends their lives comes, they can cope quickly and easily, without fear, anxiety, depression, etc., and hence, they can sustain the mental, if not the physical, quality of their lives. The disease process may place a time limit on their physical existence, but at least they do not become devastated by a sense of impending doom, as many do at present. Now those people who are to continue must prepare to end one chapter of existence and look forward to the next.

I repeat, nothing can shatter and devastate the quality of life quite like the fear of impending death. All else in one’s life pales into insignificance when one is at death’s door. When one can understand why physical death for all is now necessary, one simply accepts the situation and obeys diligently the command to leave by whatever means are prescribed, without fear, without anger, without any of the emotive stages enumerated by Kubler-Ross in her book, except the final, loving acceptance that “God’s” Will be done.

If unprepared for the confrontation with death and the fear it can engender, one may not recover quickly from the emotional trauma, and the consciousness may be affected deleteriously. In truth, the emotional pain of death is always there, for we have an emotional body which invariably and reflexly responds to such dramas as death. But we can lessen the pain greatly and indeed, convert the process to one of true happiness, as shown by the examples of those who have had Near Death Experiences and who have sublimated their fear of death into joy for a new, better beginning.

People must educate themselves to bypass these emotions of grief, pain and sorrow which drain them. These emotions serve no useful purpose. We can do without them, and we are better for doing without them, as surveys of Near Death Experiences show.

As a doctor, I often witnessed the devastation of a person’s or his family’s life by the occurrence of sudden death or by the shadow of impending, unexpected death. Even a diagnosis of a fatal malady was enough to send some reeling into the gloom of desperation from which they never quite recovered. Imagine, if you can, the effects on six billion unprepared people, now, as they are told they will die, for the planet is doomed. An ounce of preparation would have surely relieved a ton of anxiety and fear.


Those with the Truth provided by the Gnostic Nous, are dealing with idiots similar to the Flat-Earth brigades of long ago. These zombies and Masters of Cultivated Ignorance are all over the place in society. I cannot believe the depth of ignorance and stupidity in supposedly university educated men and women, professional people, educators, religionists and in those claiming to be on a Spiritual Path.

At the End, they will suffer the torment of the damned. But many will be there to say, as they said many times before, even on this Earth, “We told you so!”

But, it will be far worse this time for failures will face their doom, and upon physical death they will know what awaits them clearly and succinctly. True Justice will prevail and the Transmutation vats will do their work efficiently.



December 1, 2014

I am sure most of you have seen these items, but I paste them here just in case you missed them.
This video is about WikiLeaks and its work exposing the liars, hypocrites and murderers. Is this the world the New Agers are telling us will turn into Heaven very, very shortly? If you are easily disturbed by witnessing the madness of murderous and inexcusable violence, do not watch this. If it is watched, one must ask this: What karmic retribution will come to the willing killers and all who support them?





A Must watch:

The Secret Mars Colony


It does not matter where the Evil Ones go, they are doomed!!!’


Is Modern Medicine part of the NWO Agenda 21?




Is this creeping Genocide?




Another must watch!!

Is Justice coming on this level?


It will never equal the Justice to be metered out on the next level!



Are we waiting for WW3?





Of Great Significance:



Notice the last sentence:

The third possible explanation for the continuing refusal of the British royals to set foot in Israel is that either they or the Foreign Office harbor deep and undying enmity toward the Jewish state



December 2, 2014

Global Awareness Day

Should we have a Global Awareness Day?

I say, “Why bother?”

As I wrote to a friend recently, “It appears to me that, from a true spiritual perspective, most of the ants in my garden are more aware than 99.99% of humans on the face of this Earth, so why bother?”



December 3, 2014


Many have criticized the format of this website. But, I find that is stupid of them to do so.

This is NOT a commercial site, even though I make my books available through it.

I began the site specifically for 2 reasons:

  • To continue delivering the information that may be of assistance to people who truly want to examine my version of the Truth and truly want to awaken to what I believe to be details of a Greater Reality

2                 To deliver a new energy, the New Green Energy, via my written and spoken words.

I set out to deliver the former by giving information in the form of essays, items of news and my interpretation of them, and extracts from my books, as well as informative and entertaining poetry.

The important thing was to make people concentrate on the words and their meanings. Hence, you see no commercials, no distracting rush to here and there, no diversion of the flow to other distracting pages, etc. At times, readers are directed to various videos and sites for further ideas and knowledge. All one needs to do is start at Page One and read on.

Soon enough, as visitors to the site commence reading in earnest, those who are receptive to the Energy know something is happening to them in a very positive way.

Those who seek information simply to expand their egos will not get the Message, or the Energy. Soon enough they become bored, and don’t return, or else they seek to change my site to suit themselves, and some then even begin to criticize and abuse the site and me. What they are doing by engaging in that criticism is exposing their true spiritual nature.

The website is like a daily Journal and I feed readers with what I think they need for that day. When some news items come that I think are relevant, of course I include those on the site and expand on their meaning, if I feel that is necessary.

As a human, I am the first to admit that the response to the message I was instructed to relay to the World has been disappointing. But that is a reflection of Humanity, not of the Message. I am sure the sponsors of the Message anticipated the poor response.

I will continue in this manner of writing on this website. I have rejected many times those who wanted to make it a jingoistic or commercial site.

You don’t see any commercials or paintings of dancing girls in serious books on Philosophy and Metaphysics, do you? Well, you won’t see them on this website either.

You will notice that, if you do commence reading from Page one onward, that there is a progressive chronology in the entries. That is by design. That would not be possible with a scattered website that caters to curiosity rather than the Message and its Energy content.

Here is a letter from Charles, a long-term reader of my work that supports what awakened ones feel:

Dear Doctor.

I think your website is very beautiful. It is very true indeed that all one needs to do is read from the beginning until the end. I think the energy content and the truth of what one reads on your website should ultimately outweigh anyone’s opinion on the format or style of the website 1000 times. I agree things should be affordable and you have to do what’s best for you.

In my opinion, the website you have, with the combination on the lectures you have on YouTube, Jeff Rense, etc. is way more than enough to reach out to the masses. Take, for instance, your original YouTube video. It has well over 15,000 views. The truth is that the biggest outlets on the Internet just do not want to broadcast your material whether it be for personal issues, metaphysical disturbances etc… That is just the case here.

It’s not like no one can understand it, they know what’s at stake when they listen to your information. You just get backlash because of what you talk about. After a brief correspondence with Forbidden Knowledge TV that I had, the lady in charge just thought your material was too controversial (which is a load of nonsense).

I forwarded your website, your YouTube videos, as well as other corresponding videos and articles talking about the electromagnetic net around the planet etc. She just felt that it was too controversial and she was afraid of the backlash she would receive. For me that was an unacceptable explanation by her for rejecting your material.

In my opinion, if your website has the ability of impacting someone’s life well over thousands of miles away, I am sure it has the possibility for others as well.

I believe that if one truly wanted to find the truth that they would find it… they would go to great lengths to find it…. as I did. Yes Doctor, you should definitely just carry-on as usual …if you need any assistance at all when it comes to such issues like that, let me know and I will certainly see what I can do to help you J Charles




We are all weary and impatient for this Mad Hell to end. The more awakened we are, the more we see the Evil to which the majority are blind. Indeed, what I wrote about Ants being more aware than Humans is very true. At least they have an enviable spiritual connection which guides them in a far better way than Humans are guided. Remember the Principle of the Hundredth Monkey? It applies to all consciousnesses in the lower 3 classes.

Why are humans, in general, less guided? Blame the blasphemous Religions that labelled all knowledge and practices of a superior spiritual nature, and connection, as works of the Devil, when they, in fact, were active devils of that Demonic Consciousness! Even early meat-bags (robotic physical humans) were programmed to use drugs and abhorrent practices such as rape, torture and murder to reach Demonic Levels that fed them more and more Evil to use against the less fortunate.

Even today we have programmed fools, acting very much in the same manner, urging people to use Marijuana, Ayahuasca and other such brain-destroying agents to reach into those soul-destroying demonic levels. Some hallucinogenic drugs, as you will read in the literature, were defended with the abhorrent argument that they were religious tools for the enhancement of the spiritual welfare of participants. Can things get more demonic than that on this level? These practices lead to demonic possession of the meat-bags. Well done demons. You have certainly won many a day and destroyed many a Theomorph by these practices!

Not only that, the more awakened we are, the more we feel the pain of the savagery we see around us. We feel the pain and sorrow of the Evil being committed, of the injustices metered out, of the miserable fate of the poor, the weak, the sick, the injured, and the captured ones, such as animals in Zoos, and of those unjustly jailed and/or executed.

We are sickened by the spiel demons vomit out on our television and radio sets and movies, now that we can see that they are demons and that the words they speak are fatuous, scurrilous lies!

We see the evil scheming that allows strong ones, including most Western Nations, to bully weaker ones to death. We see most clearly how evil ones set up false scenarios to maximally punish any whom they choose for reasons of extracting energy from their victims and for stealing whatever they hold of value because of geographic locations.

Awakened, we now see the Evil with which beings have become entrapped in soul-destroying religions and sects, how supposedly ‘good-thinking people’ are fooled to believe their fate depends on History and Science, with all their spuriousness.

Even now, the fearful, and very evil, hopeless ones are turning to doomed Science and its rockets and bombs, DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases), rockets to Mars, Stargates and Worm Holes to escape the Solar System, etc., in order to furtively save them from the fate metered out by a collapsing Solar System and the death-dealing Planet X Constellation. They are doomed. They are beginning to suspect it. And soon enough, those of us more sensitive than the rest will perhaps feel their fear also in our bodies. But that is the price of Freedom it seems we have to pay.

Awakened, we see how people, the Merry Cans in particular, have been truly but surreptitiously milked like trapped cows, of their funds and of their future, by the Evil Archons who are in charge. They are the ones who have stolen trillions from the sleeping populace in an attempt to save their own skins, their subjects be damned. To add a huge insult to their injury, those very Archons murdered many by a well-planned and well-executed scheme (a la 9/11) and started many more wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc., etc.,) to hide their pilfery and to continue on their so-called, by them, merry, thieving ways. Alas, all other peoples throughout History have suffered the same fate since time immemorial.

Awakened, we see all these evil mechanisms and are nauseated in the extreme with the exposed Archonic hypocrisy.

Do you think these Archons in charge are just greedy humans? They are not human.

  • They are Reptiles and other evil alien consciousnesses in physical bodies.
  • They are the ones who, under instructions from the aberrant Evil Mind, set up this Universal Abomination.
  • They are the ones who set up these filthy mechanisms for draining the Theomorphs on every planet in existence.
  • They are the ones who care naught for the lives of these so-called cattle (Goyim) they created artificially. Of course, they only created the bodies and the artificial intelligence in the majority of those bodies. They did not create the Theomorphic component which is their enemy and target and which ws trapped in matter.

These in charge, with few exceptions are the Ancient Aliens who are said to have repeatedly visited Earth in the Days of Old. But, many of them were here from the beginning of Time, to rule and abuse at their leisure.

As you know well, whenever benevolent Aliens descended into meat-bags to instruct and support the Viables, they were attacked mercilessly. Most were destroyed one way or another. And boy, don’t I know it! The representatives of the Christ Light were crucified, skinned alive, poisoned, burned at the stake, beheaded, starved to death, etc., etc. You call it, the evil ones did it!

Why could not the Divine Beings in physical bodies who had the Christ Light within them fight and win in the past and now?

The answer is simple. They were, and are, restricted by being in the physical. They were, and are, no match for the Power of the Evil Ones on this level. There are too many evil ones and they control everything on this level – Laws, Religions, Science, History, etc., etc.

Even when the beings containing a drop of Divine Consciousness gained power, as did Hitler, the Evil Ones ganged up to destroy any effect the Light Beings may have had. This is an inexorably Evil Level. No non-Evil individual can win the day here by acting as a human. This level, the entire Physical Universe, has to be totally destroyed as I have described and explained elsewhere.

(Just to diverge a little: If you scan through the present day nonsensical Mayan Myth of Quetzalcoatl which is repeated somewhat in many other ancient cultures, you will find that the Flying Serpent was, in fact, the Christ Light Being. The Myth goes back to the creation of the Universe at which point an evil entity (represented as a bird) extracted the blood (energy) from the Serpent to build the Universe. That accords with the Evil Mind stealing energy to build.

When the ‘Serpent’ made its periodic visits to the trapped people, obviously to supply them with knowledge and energy, ‘He’ was either killed or forced to leave the plane. Distortion over the years has given us the nonsense you read in books today about Quetzalcoatl, the Christ.

Notice that the Flying Serpent notion is not just a Mesoamerican Myth. It is in many cultures including China’s. It is quite possible that flying crafts appeared to the ancients as a fiery serpent in the sky, hence the name.)

Knowing all of this, we simply cannot wait for the End to come.

We seem helpless on this level. No matter who we are, and no matter what knowledge or energy we possess, we are hopeless against the Evil Ones. I know that personally. That also leads to frustration in the physical body. The more elevated your Consciousness may be in the Divine Hierarchy, the more will the evil Ones attack you and attempt to entrap and eradicate you if they can. I know that very well too and I am sure most of you do.

Just think about this: the Consciousnesses of Haidakhan Babaji (The Maternal/Feminine Aspect of Creation and of the Destroyer of Evil Worlds – Lord Shiva) and His Twin (the Father/Masculine Aspect) and all their Band of Merry Splinters are scattered throughout the Physical Universe as droplets of Consciousness.

They are here, as Holographic Projections, taking this illicit, Evil Creation apart, brick by brick as it were. Why are they Holographic Projections? The answer is this: So that they cannot become trapped in the Evil Essence.

When any of these Consciousnesses enter meat-bags (physical bodies in any of the lower levels of consciousness, to exist on the Physical level, they are stripped of all their power. If they did not tone down, they would burn the body to a crisp in seconds.

What they do have, that they bring down from Higher Levels, is a little bit of truthful knowledge that they can awaken to, and with which they can awaken others. They then can recall enough to make a connection to the Supra-Mental Plane that subsequently allows minute droplets of Energy to descent in order to further awaken and sustain any trapped Viables that respond to them positively.

These High Beings become trapped by the physical body as all descending consciousnesses are trapped. They have to struggle to reconnect, to who they truly are, while going through the misery of being human on this level. You may well be such a splinter. Is it not a fact that you have struggled like a weak, emotional, and very vulnerable entity? Indeed that is the case, even if you are a Splinter of the Highest Consciousness.

Thus, knowing this, namely, that we may be part of the Massive and very powerful Divine Mechanism systematically destroying Worlds and Galaxies, while simultaneously appearing to be a weak, humble human on this level, and are being kicked about and spat upon by any demon that wishes to do so, leads to no end of frustration. And the frustration grows the more we awaken and feel the senseless, unfathomable Evil and our relative impotence on this level.

Having no control on the timing of the End, or any ability to process our True Powers, all we can do, as vulnerable, weak humans, is hang on, and keep praying: “Please, please, deliver us from this Evil….”

And just to whom is it that we are praying? Why to our Higher Selves, of course!

Disregard what your Evil-created Monkey mind tells you. It repeatedly tries to tell you, especially when you are off guard, when tired, hungry, stressed, attacked, etc., that you are a weak, useless, sinful, doomed and trapped fool, just like the Religions tell you, does it not?

Truly realize the fact I revealed above, namely, that you, dilute and trapped in the physical body, are praying to your Higher Self, and instantly shall your heart be filled with the ecstasy of eternal, indestructible, Divine Love and its effusive Joy.


December 6, 2014

I had indicated December 2014 would be the start of WW3. This article leaves us in no doubt of what is going on:





All evil will be exposed in preparation for its total destruction:

Next is a rather prosaic and relatively ancient but nonetheless interesting video demonstrating that the natural evolution of Evil leads inexorably to detrimental effects and to its own self-destruction.

The video is extremely suitable for beginners.


It ends of course with the banal and specious plea to the sheople to collectively do the impossible and save doomed robotic Humanity (and its hitherto well-concealed alien masters).





Flying Horse-sheet

DECEMBER 7, 2014

It did not take long for V. Putin to respond to the USA and NATOs threat of war!



Worth reading:




You don’t think the majority of Humans are robots?

Wait and see:




BS vs. BS


Before you click the next site, let me say that  at first I did not really think Humanity was as stupid as it appears. The response to my work has been virtually nil at thsi stage !!


But, on the other hand, it is reasonable for them to stick their heads in the sand, for if the majority suspect or know they are losers in everything, why would they want to be reminded?




The Mesmerizing BS is never-ending:




This is a short video with Oprah Winfrey. Forget the words which are a problem for another day. What do you see in the cardboard box?





Isn’t loverlee?



Human robots, created by Superior Archons of the Demonic Creation, have always been play things of the demons. Today’s situation is no different. The demons know they own the ‘lab rats’ they created.

The Theomorphic consciousnesses entrapped in the robotic bodies were treated even worse than the non-viable robots.

In my books I have mentioned that robotic classes were created very early on. Some had true Divine energy in their make-up. The ones that were totally robotic, made of negative energy, were periodically eliminated and new species created as evolving experiments  throughout the  entire Universe continued.

Some of the Theomorphs were eliminated also, as they lost all their Divine energy by cutting themselves off from the Divine supply line that allowed the faithful ones to survive till now.

It is a fact that, over billions of years, many lost hope of rescue. And who can blame them? Just look at how overwhelming Evil is in our lives. Many philosophers gave up the quest of becoming a Divine instrument. Many others declared not only that there is no ’god’, but also that there is no definite Good and/or Evil, only just a chaotic game of random idiocy, affecting us all, which has no purpose or endpoint. This appears to be the conclusion of Modern Science also, inspite of its declaration of the existence of a Selfish/Evil gene.



October 28, 2014



Those of us with our eyes even slightly opened can see that some rather dramatic and catastrophic things are impinging on our life.


Such things as pollution of air, seas and land, GMO foodstuffs, injurious vaccines, massive climatic changes, fragmentation of economies, perennial wars, radioactive pollution, Chemtrails, degradation of standards of living, fracturing of minds, ever-increasing mental illness, social disorder, hatred, anger, abuse, sexual deviance, brutality, cruelty to animals, and the Earth, by rapacious, calamitous mining and fracking enterprises are but a few of the problems we see easily, even if we have no spiritual acumen.


To go further, it is a time when many are receiving messages of an extraordinary kind. People suffering Near Death Experiences and Out-of-Body Experiences are reporting the same or similar occurrences for the near future, namely, Planetary Destruction.


Without invoking psychic capabilities, we can infer from observational coincidences by down-to-Earth people that something is going to happen to the planet.


Deductive reasoning, of which we are capable, allows us to come to conclusions from astronomical data now easily obtained.


There is a wealth of information, as you will see, just from the few videos I have posted below, that may lead one to the conclusion that something BIG is about to happen.


If you have been a student of Ancient History and are aware of alternate views in Archeology, and are aware of possibilities described in the Sanskrit writings of bygone eras, you will know there is Precedence for destructive and sudden planetary change. (Graham Hancock’s ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ is a good starting point)


What differs on this occasion, in this the Final Generation, is the fact that we are able to predict this calamity because we are more awakened to what is going on in the Heavens. The Common Man can read and knows enough about Astrology, Mathematics, and Science to be able to deduce his own conclusions.


In bygone eras, such talents were attributed to the “gods’ that visited the planet. They were of course, the more advanced visiting extraterrestrials, both Good and Evil. Need proof? Look at the Life and Astrological records of the Maya. That was NOT their work. That was the work of the ‘gods’ that lived with them for a while. The Mayans as a race, were feral, murderous, cannibalistic morons who dissipated once the ‘gods’ left.


This assertion can be applied to Atlantis, the Egyptians, Sumerians, Altaics, Druids, the Hindu, etc., etc. In fact, it applies to any ancient group or race that appeared, inexplicably, to have advanced Knowledge and Science beyond its capabilities. And that is why they receded to their natural moronic state once the Aliens who built such things as the Inca temples, The Pyramids, Stonehenge, etc., etc., left the scene. They are back of course, and are well entrenched into Humanity and into our Knowledge and Science. And of this fact we are awaiting Disclosure.



Today, it is the Aliens that have infiltrated Humanity who have given us the useful, as well as the destructive, knowledge and technology that plague Mankind. For example, if you trace the development of weapons and rockets from the Nazis to the USA, via Operation Paperclip, you will see the handwork of aliens everywhere.



BTW, If you investigate this topic further and see videos with photos of Oppenheimer, the ‘father’ of the Atomic Bomb, you will see clearly a Class 5 demon in human form with distinguished reptilian features.






Apart from those points, we have extraterrestrials such as the Zeta Group warning us of a terminal event. And the Gnostic documents incorporated in parts of the Bible do the same. Although the latter have been distorted somewhat, we can deduct that the prophecies within them are about Earth’s termination. Just skip the idiocy attached to them by the Born Again Lunatics.


Zeta Reticuli: http://www.nicap.org/articles/hillzeta.htm


That someone like me was told in 1985 that the planet will be destroyed by 2035, at the very latest, is a story similar to extraterrestrial communication.


Many others are now spontaneously receiving psychic messages of similar events and timing.


Conversely, many psychics who are fed by the Dark Side (and that includes the majority) have no idea about this at all. And that is because they ARE fed information by the Dark Side which does not really want to reveal any of this.


The New Agers, well aware of the data that I have gathered for you below, come up with their own version of BS and tell us the Earth is going to split in two, with the Goodies, which includes them, going to an Earthly Heaven and the baddies (who only recently they admitted exist) going to an Earthly Hell. In reality, they mean the baddies will stay on this Earth as it is. Another version is that the Earth is dying so that matter and all life will be transformed into another Heavenly density. Only ‘god’ knows what that means, for it does not make any sense to anyone accept them on this level.


I’m really embarrassed to even post a site of the Cultivated BS the Dark Side is feeding the gullible fools. But, its here for completeness:





Having written all of the above, I must admit that some of you are picking up some catastrophic planetary event in 2015, one year before I was told Nibiru is to come. Bear in mind what I said earlier about my information. It may not necessarily be accurate for the reasons I stated earlier.


Ceres is due to come closer next year and could do a great deal of damage:






If you have time investigated these sites to gain non-psychic knowledge of what appears to be coming. Realize that there is much conjecture of what happened in the past.


Look at Nibiru’s path in relation to Earth at 1:30 sec into the video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BmPg9Gu0hSc




Who is playing dirty?   http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DLWwViEhvX4





The Zeta story again (comically): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoBzrqHGpJE





The death list grows; Astronomers being killed to maintain Nibiru Cover up:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTUCcnfnWVg



Thee are many more videos available if you have the time.


The Ebola bubble gets bigger and bigger. Well, we all knew this was coming:





Many of you have corresponded with your thoughts. Let us make a network of like-minded individuals in these harrowing times.


Dear Dr.

In regards to your past and present work you have given so many explanations as to how to refocus our minds to a ” Supra-Mental Consciousness, how to find our own Truth within and you have explained why this world is so evil.

You are doing your best, however people need to take the time from this crazy virtual reality to listen.  My past experience has shown that sometimes people don’t want to know because they don’t want to take responsibility for themselves.  It requires work. You have also mentioned other reasons so very well in your books.

You mentioned in one of your posts that there are now a few hundred Theomorphs left at this time as compared to a couple of thousand a few years ago.  What happened ?  Did they fall?

Thanks again for sharing all of this information. Gratitude, R.
My Reply:

Many of the civilian warriors who remained behind after the 1999 Theomorphic evacuation to assist me in the Endtime have gone home. They were in Class 4 (Human) and Class 3 (Animal). This is another confirming occurrence that the End is near.


Some Class 4 (Human consciousnesses) had taken the opportunity to come into animal bodies – usually as pets to be near us – so as to be of assistance. They are less entangled in the tragic human Rat Race that way and are able to finish their work with less interruption. I know of some who were placed in human bodies as “walk-ins” only to find the Dark Side simultaneously placed a demon in the body which neutralized their effectiveness somewhat. When they are ineffective in that way, the warrior is usually recalled and that body manifests overt demonic traits.


It is a very complicated picture. That is why you should not judge anyone. One example is V. Putin of Russia who seems to be a villain according to the Western Media and Governments. But, he will pull the trigger when he is given the order!


Also, from what I have just written, you should come to the conclusion that your pets are to be cherished. Some of them are Class 5 angels, not just animals or humans in pet bodies. Some contain even Higher Consciousness than Class 5 for short periods. Show them Universal Love and give them the care that they deserve. Of course, Counterfeit consciousnesses can also reside in animals. In fact, many are of such an evil nature, but the majority are simply Mock robots.
October 29, 2014

Warning!! More of my books are being sold illegally by thieves.

I cannot guarantee they have genuine content.

If you buy them, you are supporting the Dark Side.


Poem 48
from my Poetry Book Vol. 1


Silently flows the eternal, effervescent,
nourishing, Heavenly Spring,
That font of many things, even knowledge,
which I sought and now whose praises I do sing,
As daily by the Muses I am fated,
lovingly entwined and satiated,
on thoughts of wondrous facts and deeds
in which, by the Graces, I am guided.

Minerva’s wisdom no less a role does play,
In the facts I write for you and also I display,
On webs of world wide computer bands,
So we of Light can join, with energy, our hands,
And our minds too, for without
the Inner Nous that we share,
We would be victims in this jungle
and, without weapons, remain exposed and bare.

Our greatest armour is our Inner Strength and Love,
These are gifts we express when we are
connected with the Light above.
No man, or woman, unconnected to the Light,
against Evil, can win the Personal War,
Such a one would be mauled and killed
spiritually with ease, of that I’m sure.

So drink, if you are of Light sincere,
from the eternal font of Love and Cheer,
And connect to your Source of Peace and Harmony
so that your final role is clear.

Drinking waters from that succouring Eternal Spring,
will fill you with wondrous charm,
And in the midst of this raging Rat Race,
this decaying putrid jungle, you’ll be calm,
For you will have within you the Truth
and Love of Light with all its Might.
With these you will not commit evil
or fall into its traps, for you will be
on the side of Right.
As simplistically as this, to
unreceptive minds, may sound,
From the Eternal Fountain all must drink,
if they seek to be Heaven bound.

There is no life without the Source,
its Green Energy and its Strength you see,
And these can only be obtained
from the Eternal Font,
in this you must believe me.

Only those of Light can connect to Light
and its New Green Energy,
For this Energy knows the real True Beings
and cannot be deceived by any false effigy.
With you I’ve shared that
which the Muses have instructed,
Be of Spirit, Light and Love,
and so to eternal Life you’ll be conducted.

But if you think this is not for you,
Then here I will bid thee adieu,
I have no time to waste on those
who knowledge of worth do repel.
They, not of my ilk, reside,
and rightfully belong, in a place
whose name rhymes with bell!


November 1, 2014


Factors leading to the Endtime.

This is an essay about Planetary Destruction.

If you are easily disturbed by thoughts of the possibility of your physical demise, please read no further.

If you have contemplated notions of an Endtime and wish to know more, I suggest you read the first 3 essays that relate to this one titled ‘Nibiru 1, 2 and 3,’ which are to be found on this website at www.jchiappalone.com


As I write about this topic, please realize that these are my thoughts, my conjectures, my opinions and conclusions. You must make up your own mind at all times on what the evidence presented means, and what you want to believe. You know my Motto well: Take it or Leave it.

As a continuation from the other 3 essays I have written on Nibiru, here is another instructive video on the Planet X complex and Nibiru:

We can decipher some of the information revealed to perhaps make sense of some of the verses in the Book of Revelations. Ignore the attempts in the video to make you act like a Korean, and breath like a cloacal amphibian.


Latest positioning:


I have written in the past (See my book ‘Death of an Evil God’) that the Book of Revelations, supposedly written by John the Divine, has been rewritten many, many times by people who did not know what had been really seen by former Seers and what the writings really meant. Many commentators were of an obvious Evil Essence and gave erroneous conclusions to the Gnostic writings upon which the Book of Revelations is based. They were nonetheless in a position to dictate to the masses what they were to believe and what they were not to believe. One classical example is Irenaeus.


This is what I wrote in my book “Death of an Evil God”:

Apart from the purposeful creation of a false elitism of the clergy, what has really happened is that selective editing of the writings and supposed visions of many so-called prophets, saints, martyrs, and others, set a standard of absurd mystical irrationality that was, and is, hard to understand but it suited the church hierarchy for it to be this way. And so one finds people like Irenaeus, Hippolytus, and Eusebius in the early Christian church who were “correctors” of doctrines and texts and gave their versions of what others believed.

In its transition, the evil church needed to stop men thinking or awakening further to the Truth within them which Jesus, like all the other Messengers of God, had pointed out was within them. It began to oppress them with its own idea of what was right and wrong.

For example, in 180 AD, Bishop Irenaeus wrote 5 volumes entitled “The Destruction and Overthrow of falsely so-called Knowledge” against the Gnostic Truth. How did he know what was true and what was false? Who gave him the right and authority to judge? He purposely distorted Gnostic thought to make it appear ridiculous and his actions cost many innocent lives.

By their actions we know such beings as Evil Archons of the Evil system! Eusebius claimed to have letters from Irenaeus to establish some authenticity, but none were preserved. Without hard evidence pertaining to the claim, we can either accept this to be true or we can say so much was spurious about Irenaeus, including his martyrdom, that most of the information about him and written by him was either fictional exaggeration or plain lies.”

Things have not changed that much in the modern age have they? The Churches and Governments still dictate what we, the sheople, the Goyim, should believe or disbelieve. Have not governments, in conspiracy mode, hidden the truth about Planet X for at least 60 years while they knowingly built underground facilities to save themselves, and thus damning the masses? See the previous essays for details.

One disgusting example of how dominant the evil controllers are is the moronic stance of the Catholic Church in baking whole families alive in ovens especially built for the occasion on their special Feast days. What crimes did the victims commit? They believed in Gnosticism which is the Philosophy of the Truth, of the Greater Reality!

Again from my book “Death of an Evil God”:

The civilization of the Aztecs is usually written off by Western Historians as bloodthirsty and barbaric. When Cortes entered Tenochtitlan, he found a city larger and more splendiferous than anything existing in Europe, with an erudite priesthood highly skilled in Astronomy and Mathematics. (This was a legacy of the visiting Aliens. I may write about this later.) (At the same time) The Christian Spaniards were appalled at the bloody human sacrifices to the Aztec War God, Tlaloc. (This was a legacy of the Aztec ‘human’ morons, although it is known that many evil Aliens thrive on such practices, the Jehovah tribe of Aliens included. The Hebrews/Jews were renowned for these blood sacrifices of humans and beasts.)


However, historians overlook the fact that a much greater number of people were butchered in the name of the Christian Church during their Heresy Wars and the Inquisitions. They would like you not to know about the men, women and children, whom the Inquisition had condemned and that were ROASTED ALIVE, in specially built ovens in Spain and Portugal, and other countries of Europe up to the 19th century. These “festivities” were held on Sundays and Holy Days and were known as ‘Acts of Faith’. The victims of the Aztecs were killed in a much more humane manner than the Inquisitional roastings. Is it not strange that these evil, so-called Christians should use the excuse of strong objections to human sacrifice for completely obliterating the Aztec civilization?”

Here is a Jewish view of the Spanish Inquisition:


Governments are no less dishonest and malicious. Consider the cover up of the Roswell Incident in which two (not one, two) space vehicles of extra-terrestrial origin crash landed due to being struck by lightning, and the butchering of truth by enterprises such as Project Blue Book, the cover-up of the murder of innocent people at Waco, the assassination of JFK and, of course, the Granddaddy of them all, the cover up of 9/11.


Dr Hynek exposed the cover-up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Allen_Hynek

9/11: Start here and go to other videos if you need more evidence:


Why have I gone to some detail about these things? It is because even today “We, the people” are still subject to Factual, Intellectual, Theological and Spiritual Corruption and humungous LIES, imposed on us by the Rulers of Societies. These rulers are the Archons, Class 5 demons, created by the Darkness to destroy Truth and any who possess Truth. See John 8:44 in the New Testament.

We live in a world of Lies, Hypocrisy and Untruth, the very opposite to what one seeking Truth would want. We are living in an Evil Illusion, within a Virtual Reality, created by, and with, the Evil Essence. Those of Truth are prisoners here. And the End, prophesied from the beginning of Time, is the mechanism of Liberation for them. Dismiss, as doomed fools, those who deny Evil. They are not your friend. They are the sycophants who keep ones of Truth trapped in the Illusion.

But, as I have written extensively elsewhere, the Demons who rule the Physical Dimension have failed miserably in their quest of feasting on Theomorphs, (Beings of Light) forever. The End of the Virtual Reality, and them of it, has come. All aliens who have interfered with physical life on this planet are members of the Demonic Hierarchy which will be totally destroyed. The Annunaki, written about by Z Sitchin, are included in this doomed category. They are just one of many, many Alien races that visited Earth. Many of them, of all types, are still here. For details, read my books.

The other reason for the detail I give is to remind you that we are living in a Hell of Untruth which must be destroyed totally and forever!

(BTW, in your readings you will come across many versions and opinions of Gnosticism. I am the only one you should read if you want the facts on Gnosticism. I don’t make that claim lightly or egotistically. It is only after you have read my work that, if you are a Theomorph (a Being of Light), you will agree. Even works like the Nag Hammadi Library are mistranslated by those with no Divine Inner Nous. Be warned!)

Ancient peoples, as you can confirm by reading the history of diverse primitive races around the world, including the Aztecs, Maya, Hindu, Egyptians and Hebrews of their common eras, referred to anything that came from the heavens as “angels”, “God” or “gods”.

Thus, spacecrafts were fiery chariots; Aliens were ‘gods’; meteors were messengers of ‘God” or flying mountains, and so on.

These descriptions are similar as given in Sanskrit writings and in the Old Testament, of spacecraft, missiles, flying platforms, etc., simply because the locals did not have a vocabulary to adequately and precisely describe what they saw. The same thing happened to isolated natives who called airplanes ‘very big, noisy, shiny birds’ as late as the Second World War.
Now, let’s have a brief glance at the Book of Revelations. Here is Revelation 16:3:

‘The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead person, and every living thing in the sea died.’

If you have listened carefully to the first video above, and others I have posted on Planet X and Nibiru, you will have noted that the Dwarf Star has plumes or wings. This makes it, in the eyes of the ancient writers, an angel with wings that pours ‘something’ into the sea. That something was likened to the blood of a dead person, and everything in the sea died.

You heard in the video that, as this planet and star approaches us, the whole of our planet Earth will be covered in dust containing many molecules, principally IRON OXIDE – rust – coloured like a dead man’s blood. It is the iron oxide that will kill everything in the sea, so concentrated will it be. The acidity of the water will be so extreme no living thing will be able to survive. The pH could be below 2! It will deprive all aerobes of oxygen. If there is enough iron oxide to choke the seas, can you guess how much will be in the air that we would be forced to breathe? Of course it will choke anything that breathes. Thus, we have the End scenario! We will all be dead before the Impact occurs. How long before we last before impact will be a matter of conjecture.


Our atmosphere and seas will reach extreme concentrations of iron pollution which are as yet unheard of.


If what poured into the sea was the blood of humans, then the sea creatures would prosper with the extra feed. It is not the blood of humans.

Iron (III) Chloride will be formed in massive amounts because of the quantity of iron everywhere. The colour of iron (III) chloride crystals depends on the viewing angle: by reflected light the crystals appear dark green, but by transmitted light they appear purple-red. Hence the appearance of sanguine seas!

Iron (III) chloride is toxic, highly corrosive and acidic. Ingestion of ferric chloride can result in serious morbidity and mortality. Can you not envisage massive concentrations in sea water and gross ingestion by fish and mammals in those seas which will kill all of them as they cannot avoid the compound?

Indeed, Iron is a toxic heavy metal. In excess, it can cause cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses. In the excessive amounts I would anticipate in the massive dust clouds from Planet X, I would say the death rate would be extremely high and it would occur swiftly, especially by asphyxiation.

How long do you think the goons (moles, demons, non-Viables) will live in their underground bunkers? How long could one stay in an air-conditioned room? How long would a gas mask last? How long would your filters last? How long would you have power to run air conditioners?

Revelation 16:3 is describing the fatal poisoning of the planet by iron oxide which we know this visitor, The Planet X Complex, will shed in deadly abundance.

Could it be the Archons know this and built the FEMA camps to kill people before time?


Earlier in Revelations, the first angel poured his bowl onto the Earth and it became a loathsome and malignant sore (on the people). I guess massive amounts of iron oxide (rust) in the air and covering everything, including clothing and skin would kill in due course. Can you not imagine fatal asthma, severe fulminating chest infections, skin pustules that would give rise to septicaemia that can kill within hours?

And what are we to make of Revelation 8:8 which states:

‘The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood’.

What can something like a huge mountain all ablaze coming from the sky be? Is it not a massive meteor? Aren’t the number of meteors spotted and travelling towards Earth increasing exponentially as the Planet X complex approaches us, as stated in the video? (How many second angels could there be? I would have thought there would be only one. This is surely an indication of corruption of the original texts by later ignorant scribes!)

Revelation 11:6

These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will.”

This tells us that there will be no rain for the ‘heavens are closed’. Of course, if the sea is full of iron oxide, evaporation will be halted. Clouds cannot form and obviously, as a consequence, rain cannot be produced.

Revelation 16:4

The third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood.


Why did this iron oxide deposit never seem to happen to this extent in previous fly-byes?

My answer to you is that the Planet X Complex never came close enough to poison the Earth fatally like this before. And the Complex was never as degenerated as it is now. Realise that all heavenly spheres are degenerating and dying, just like Our Sun, the Earth, Mars, etc. This is not a recurring event. It is the last, final, fatal event giving us the Endtime.

With such poisoning killing ALL living things, whether an impact occurs is merely academic, for we shall all be on the ‘other side’ long before the potential impact. Negatives will go to the Transmutation vats. Viables will go to their respective Villages.

Of course, the whole Solar System will be in complete disarray. That is the intention. It and all the Solar Systems of the Galaxy are scheduled for liquidation as I have pointed out before.



And so I now refer you to something I wrote a while ago. How many of you recall that I wrote that one day Babaji, while walking with me in our garden in Far North Queensland, said to me “T., when the Blue Star becomes visible in the sky, you can take it as a sign that our work is done and we shall go Home!”

At that time, I did NOT know what He meant. I was not fully awakened. I knew nothing about the Blue Star, but we left the conversation at that.

If you listened carefully to the first video, you will have heard the mention of Kachina, the BLUE STAR, as being in the Planet X Complex. There is the proof of Babaji’s forecast.

Many have been awaiting the appearance of this star, including the Hopi Indians.

Wikipedia: “In Hopi mythology, the Blue Star, Kachina or Saquasohuh, is a kachina or spirit, that will signify the coming of the End of the World by appearing in the form of a BLUE STAR. The Blue Star, Kachina, is said to be the ninth and final sign before the “Day of Purification”, described as a catastrophe or a “world engulfing cataclysm” that will lead to the destruction of the Earth.


“In 1997, the Hopi Elders appeared with Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast show. They spoke to millions of wary listeners around the world as they predicted the coming of The Blue Star, Kachina, and that the Purifier, the Red Star, Kachina, would follow shortly after the twins had (Hale-bopp) passed from our heavens. They spoke about us seeing strange things going on with animals, frogs with six legs, rabbits with four ears, animals being born with both genders.  They spoke of Earth Changes, and ‘Firestorms.”  and they talked about the Eight Thunders Prophecies… and the Pale Prophet.

The following is an excerpt from LAST CRY, Native American Prophecies & Tales of the End Times, by Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf © 1994-2004. It has appeared in numerous articles over the web, and in magazines all over the world.

“The story of the Blue Kachina is a very old story, very old.  I have been aware of the story of the Blue Kachina since I was very young.  I was told this story by grandfathers who are now between 80 and 108 years of age. Frank Waters also wrote about Saquasohuh, the Blue Star,  Kachina, in The Book of the Hopi. The story came from Grandfather Dan, Oldest Hopi.


“It was told to me that first the Blue Kachina would start to be seen at the dances, and would make his appearance known to the children in the plaza during the night dance.”

(This is a psychic phenomenon, not uncommon in races closer to the spirit world, and similar to the phenomena recently experienced by people around the world who have Near Death Experiences and Intuitive dreams).

“This event would tell us that the End Times are very near.  Then the Blue Star Kachina would physically appear in our heavens which would mean that we were in the End Times.”


If you go further into Hopi Prophecy, you will be subjected to the corruption that occurs to all prophetic writings or legends. Take no notice of such things as ‘we have time to change’; ‘we are on a ride, and can change the course any time,’ etc.

I’m telling you firmly, without fear of contradiction, that the fate of this planet, of the Solar System, of the Galaxy, of every Unit of Consciousness trapped in this Illusion, and of every unit of consciousness which is part of the Illusion, is sealed!!

What we are now witnessing tells us that the so-called coincidences are too many to be just that.

That Babaji had the foreknowledge to tell me what He did was enough for the unawakened ‘me’, years and years ago. Indeed, it was enough for me then and it is even more absolute Truth for me now, for now I am fully awakened and have been for quite a while and can see the Greater Reality. As a bonus we all have tangible proof of the End.

To have it confirmed by the Book of Revelations and by what the above videos reveal, and by the many changes we see clearly in our lives, is a bonus.

(BTW, who is Babaji? For the answer, you will have to be aware of the fact that ‘Real Life’ exists beyond the Physical Dimension, which is very much a temporary, and soon to be destroyed, evil illusion.

Babaji is known universally, by those in the know, as the Guru of Gurus, the Immortal One, and also as ‘Lord Shiva’, who is of the Hindu Godhead. Shiva is known in Ancient and Modern Eastern Cultures as the Destroyer of Worlds. Why do worlds need to be destroyed? And why would part of the Godhead destroy them?

If you accept what I, and undistorted Gnosticism, say, that this Physical Universe is an illicit and very evil structure created by Darkness as a result of the Celestial Error, and that it must be totally eliminated, it all makes sense. Shiva, the Divine Destroyer, and his celestial Twin, and other Light Workers, are going about their business destroying evil ‘Worlds’ and Galaxies, until the entire Physical Universe is no more.)

Back to Planet X: From what I have been told, we have 24 months approximately to Impact.

Do not forget the aim of this Celestial Madness, and of clashing planets, deteriorating Suns and of life-extinguishing events, etc. All heavenly bodies have consciousness. Planets belong to the 6th Class, the Galactic Consciousness. They too are undergoing fragmentation due to Terminal Madness, and, in due course, the whole Galaxy will be destroyed, as will be all Galaxies of the illicit Physical Universe.

You need to integrate what I am revealing, especially the timing of events, with what I have written at length elsewhere.

Before this planetary perturbation comes, we will have to suffer the consequences of WW3, which I said will now probably erupt in December, 2014, and the perturbations caused by the approach of Ceres in 2015 as was explained earlier. The probability is that Nuclear Weapons shall be used in WW3, inspite of the warnings given to the Leaders of Humanity by concerned Extra-terrestrials. Between one to two thirds of Humanity will perish within 18 months!

If these concepts are beyond your level of understanding, you can do one of two things. You can either make a rapid attempt to wake up and catch up with the Greater Reality which lies outside and beyond the stupefying Illusion created for us by Science, Religions and History and maintained by our overbearing Archonic Leaders. Or else you can dismiss all this information and simply go back to the moribund, anaesthetized state Evil wants you in.





As much as is possible, I have attempted to base these essays, on Planet X and Nibiru relating to an Endtime Scene, on evidence.

I repeat: ultimately you have to make up your own mind about what to believe and what not to believe.

You know my motto well: Take it or Leave it!

And finally, to add to these supposedly ‘coincidental events’ with their evidence that I have described in details in the four essays entitled ‘Nibiru’, you must add this pertinent one:

This last Pope in Rome, a clear class 5 Demons from his physical appearance (as were Joseph Ratzinger, and most of the others when you examine photos of them), is the ‘Peter of Rome’ that St Malachi wrote almost a millennium ago in his prophecies. He is the last Pope to ever rule, for within his reign comes the End of the World!

Indeed, you will read that the longest and final prophecy predicts the Apocalypse:[14]



In this article you will read that this last Pope may just cut Catholics loose from unity and the papacy, causing total disruption and confusion. If you have been following the news from Vatican City, he is doing just that.

Apocalypse: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocalypse#End_of_the_age

As you read these texts, be mindful of the fact that great distortions have occurred, often to favour the Catholic Church. Nothing new there, is there? Look at what they did to the Writings of the Gnostics! As I said earlier, even modern day scholars are misrepresenting the writings and essence of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library. If they do not have the Divine Inner Nous, and from what I have read, the translators of these ancient manuscripts do not have it, they CANNOT understand what they are interpreting and attempting to understand!

Having given you all that information, I do believe things need to change radically, and they will change, for the better. And to me that means the exit of all Spiritually Viable Beings from this Hell, and the permanent transmutation of Beings of Darkness who have done nothing but abuse, in the most horrible ways imaginable, and pillaged and murdered, those of Truth and Love. Again go to John 8:44.



From this moment then, Earth will become hotter. The major cause has really nothing to do with belching cows and the hot air forever forcefully issuing from rambling politicians and ignorant, paid-off scientists all over the world.

First of all, there will be more radiating and damaging effusions from our dying Sun, as we are seeing of late, and as is being forecast continuously by Sun watchers. The Archons (our evil rulers) can hardly hide these facts.

Interstellar pollution, including cosmic dust and radiation will arrive and make our atmosphere, and lives, even more unpalatable. (Those of you who listened to a radio show I did with Jeff Rense before 2012 will recall that I said one of our problems was going to be “Dirty wind” coming from the introitus of the Galaxy.)

The numbers of Comets and Meteors in our skies will increase greatly. Some will cause havoc. Many WILL hit the Earth causing anxiety, death and destruction.

The iron oxide pollution which I described in detail above, will especially hit us a lot earlier than the time of the predicted IMPACT, by any of the companions of Planet X, which none of us will see from the physical for we shall all have left the physical by then.

The pollution will become life-threatening weeks or months before the time of impact which I have been asked to write as being in the vicinity of November 2016.

Yes, I fully appreciate that, if this information is accurate, it is life-changing in an unprecedented way to say the very least.

Remember I have published these details of an END since 1985 after attending a Conference in a Space Vehicle outside of this dimension. It is up to you whether you want to believe anything I write. If you have read my books and publications, you know there is a consistency in the information that I (or any human) could not possibly make up. The more aware of you can see and feel the New Green Energy in my words. It’s impossible that we are ALL deluded. So, go away and think about these things and prepare spiritually as best you can. I say ‘Spiritually’ for the Physical is all but gone! It is pointless attempting to build shelters, store food and water, masks, medications, iodine, etc., etc.

Put simply, we are all about to meet the Real Creative Force.

That which created the Physical Dimension and its Robots and Demons, that have attempted to drain to death the Theomorphs trapped in this Hell, is NOT the real creative force. It is a temporary imposter, a deluder, a usurper, a fraud, the Demiurgos as Plato called ‘him’.

If these concepts are beyond your comprehension, but you want to know more, know that my books go into extensive details. You will find a list of them on the first page of my website.

(Who is asking this body to write all this material? My Higher Consciousness, of course! And who may that be? Hugh Nose? (Hee, Hee.) When you are ready, when you have truly attained some link to the SMC, you will be told what you need to know, and you will know on your outer bumbling, Monkey mind what it is you know and what you have to do. That connection to the SMC is for you to attain. It is no one else’s business. And no matter what answers you get, keep them to yourself, otherwise you will be attacked by the sceptical, doomed ones!)

Of course there can be no guarantee of the timing of the End. It will certainly happen sooner rather than later. So what if the date is not as give? Could it be that it has been given earlier than the real date in order for us to hastily prepare ourselves for when the event comes? I think that is quite a valid assumption, if in fact, the End is delayed just a little.

Remember, the War Council of Light, which I attended, outside of this dimension, agreed in 1985 that this Earth must be destroyed by 2035 at the latest!


Quick reminders:

  • Don’t give this information to those who are unprepared, be they family, partners, friends, colleagues, etc.
  • Live your physical life as if nothing is going to happen. Don’t resign from your job unless you have ample resources for a 20 year retirement.
  • As you recognize the demons amongst us, do not panic. Send them love without expecting anything in return. They will become insane, and nasty, brutal even, but do not retaliate. They will envy you without reason, Leave their midst if need be.
  • Obey all laws of the land.
  • Fulfil all your social obligations.
  • Do not panic.
  • Don’t argue with Fools.
  • Attempt as best you can to contact the Supra Mental Consciousness (SMC). After all that is where you will be shortly.


Contact with the SMC via contemplation and meditation will provide:

  • All the comfort you need,
  • All the answers you need (we don’t all need to know everything),
  • All the support and
  • All the Pure, Divine, and Universal Love you could desire. You will never feel alone or lonely. Of course, the more you have purified your body, the more shall you appreciate this Love that will flow to you.


9             PURIFY: Thus, stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking, do not take illicit drugs, do not take any hallucinogenics, do not have sex with demons, and do not eat animal flesh. Keep away from polluting situations and people. Learn to discern energy-suckers and keep away from them. Read my books for further details.

The more purified your body is, the more chance you have of contacting the SMC. If you do successfully contact the SMC, you will have Peace of Mind which the failed ones will envy but which they simply cannot understand.

All FEAR (a condition purposely and forcefully programmed in our lower minds by Evil) will be dispelled from you and you will project your mind to our Home with ease.



You will become far more aware of the great nurturing and protection provided to you by the New Green Energy.

  • Most of us will die physically. Some will be extracted from the dimension by Divine Crafts as I have written elsewhere. Do not be concerned. It is an automatic process. I will write more about this as the time for Evacuation draws near.
  • In the meantime, follow Babaji’s advice:




Sleep well. Viables will all join hands and travel to the ‘Promised Land’ soon enough!


Home to Take Thee

True friend, I hear your cries and know your soul-felt pain,
But in self-pity dally not, for there you’ll find no gain.
In the noxious, stupefying depths of evil-imposed,

Heart-tearing misery I too have been,
And the destructiveness of ubiquitous
Evil and its iniquitously spread
unwanted Sorrow I have seen.

However, you must now know, that was not the Godly scene.
Our true life, and its worth, have been camouflaged by a deceitful screen.
We were never meant to suffer so; on this wretched, exploitative path
we were never meant to go.

Unknowingly trapped by fraudulent, deceitful hypocrites of Dark Hearts,
who drain our energies with deceit at every single chance,
We, True Beings, sought Love and Peace in what we thought was earthly, innocent dalliance and its romance.

We were fooled, and fooled well, abused in our trustfulness and in our naivety.
But now come, forget the pain and tears!
Discard these harrowing experiences; rejoice with me in levity,
there is abundant reason, this you’ll soon see.
You have reached this point, in your journey, of painful realisation,
From which you can now be free of the strangling, emotional traps in this doomed, evil abomination.

Here, take my hand, and let us now
proceed towards the Promised Land.
Let us journey in peace, in harmony
and its serenity, and in True Love,
As we contemplate the Harmony of the Truth
of the True Beings, that we truly are,
belonging in the Glorious Realm above.

Let us accept that this cruel, evil world,
and its incorrigible demons, will no longer
use us evilly as fodder, or as bait, but rather will be totally destroyed,
and soon, for that is now their inescapable, justified fate.

Come, honest, true friend, take my hand,
for you have suffered, far, far more than enough.
From this point on, trust in Light and trust in Love True,
and call, with me, Evil’s bluff.

Only in that way can you be free from the vicious, ferociously turbulent,
draining and poisonous emotional sea, which engulfs, and seeks to drown,
with spurious desires and fraudulent dreams, all who are trapped in the despicable, duplicitous realms of counterfeit Humanity.

But once you, like me, fully realise who you truly, truly be,
A child of the True God, a particle of Light Pure from Eternity,
You will wallow no longer in the Curse, or cry with pain,
or wish nihilistically to drown in Evil-prescribed destructive self-pity.

You will rise, Phoenix-like, to be another priceless Pearl of Infinity, that was temporarily lost in the mire of this mockery, this fatuous, vacuous, useless, fraudulent, soon-to-be transmuted, impurity.

Come, dear friend, smile!
Know that indeed you will soon be safe,
and you will be forever truly happy,
For I have come, to greet you
but with one solemn thought.
I have come, Home to take thee.


November 4, 2014

Please note there are many disinformation artists with no spiritual insight whatsoever telling people absolutely nothing will happen to planet Earth. The very people who pay these fools don’t even believe them, otherwise why would they bother building the massive, virtually impenetrable underground bunkers around the world for themselves? Surely they built them because they think, or know, a massive catastrophe caused by some heavenly body or bodies is about to hit within our lifetime. As most of them are 60 years old, and above, you can do the maths on the expected timing of the catastrophe

Besides, even just examining our Earth and ignoring space, you know there exist terminating mechanisms in the globe, and I have covered these in our essays.

As you read further and search the Internet, do not fall for the Cultivated Ignorance of ignorant fools and liars and the BS that goes with them.


Thank you for all your positive responses to Nibiru 4.

Dear Dr. Giuseppe,
Thank you for the detailed and beautifully written essay.  You have left no rocks unturned.


This was certainly labor intensive with putting all of the pieces together, but it  was done out of  Love for the Divine.


I look forward to meet the “Real Creative Force” as we Viables “join hands and travel to the “Promised Land”.


With Heartfelt Gratitude,


  • Earth is fragmenting and dying


  • Do you remember me saying all evil must be exposed in the Endtime?


  • According to this article, nearly everyone that can manufactory a thought in his or her head is a Terrorist! Now you may guess the reason for fluoride in water, aluminium in Chemtrails, nano-weapons in foods and drugs! They are there to destroy the brain and make us the virtually brainless robots the Elite seek.


  • I am not sure of the accuracy of this report, but it fits in with the above.




  • State Terrorism is for total control


  • Governments are honest, right?


  • Exposing American Dishonesty and Australian Stupidity:


  • World War 3 inevitable according to Putin




  • The West loses again:




Charles writes:

After reading the book revenge of Camelot it proved how much Darkness went to great lengths to destroy my family and myself. In your book you revealed that Darkness not only destroyed Camelot from within but even went as far to destroy Arthur and Gwenevere’s family in an esoteric sense even before they were mature enough to start there mission. The system targeted them physically, emotionally, and psychologically. After the incident of  what happened with my father earlier this year and the awareness of my childhood was like…..I could connect with Arthur and his wife totally of what the system will do in order to prevent one from completing any modicum hope of purpose  one may have. My father was the only one that ever came close of ever understanding anything I talked about in terms of spiritual topics, And now he’s gone…… I think the biggest obstacle any of us will ever have is finding one who can truly understand them.

Your writings had the biggest effect on me….even more than my father… and I love him dearly .  Now you know why your my biggest hero…for after you go….there is no one else…….thank you doctor :-) :-)


Dear readers, If you have not read The Revenge of Camelot, read it NOW.

I have a few eBook copies waiting just for you!!

Order NOW.


November 5, 2014

The Universe IS disappearing !!

Do you recall that I have said repeatedly that over 90% of the Universe had been “corrected”?

In other words, that it has disappeared as our Earth, Solar System and Galaxy will shortly? This illicit evil structure, called the Physical Dimension, and all its structures and physical beings are being destroyed by dissolution piece by piece.

Read this:


In 1985, I had stated in my very first book called ‘Clearing of the Planet’, which I then expanded into the 3 volumes of ‘Making Sense of the Madness’, that the Universe was over 85% Dark Energy. It was not for another decade that information on Dark Matter and Dark Energy was published worldwide by astronomers.

In the past I have also stated that over 90% of the Physical Universe has already been corrected and that ‘We, The Light’ were near the correction of the lot, all 100% of it.

How did I know the information?

I am going to make a statement that I cannot prove on this level and no one on Earth can disprove:

“I” have been involved with the destruction of the Universe, ‘brick by brick’, since the time the decision was made to demolish the Celestial Error. This ‘Made-in-Italy’ cardboard box that I am using for this incarnation (the final one) is simply reporting the facts.

It’s good to know some parts of Science are catching up to my assertions.

Of course, Science does not know the how, when and why of all that is happening.

If you have read my books, you know!!


Dr., Your posts and the recent timing and predictions about the coming end in the mid 2020s are identically on par with recent research and studies. You are on the money! Charles


Original article: http://rt.com/news/201827-dangerous-asteroid-discovered-ur116/



Recall what I said earlier: Orbits of heavenly bodies, large and small will become more and more erratic and unstable. They too are suffering a form of Terminal Madness. GSC



Our Sun is fragmenting and dying:


Another version of Modern Day of Robber Barons:





I remind you that more and more UFOs will be seen everywhere as their places of abode and their sub-dimensions are destroyed. They are mainly of evil Aliens. We will eventually see them fighting amongst themselves and with the aliens on Earth who can be disguised as ‘humans’. They may become involved in the nuclear WW3 coming up. They are not beyond blowing up the planet in disgust, for they too are suffering Terminal Madness of the Endtime.


The size of UFOs can vary. Some can be as big as Earth when they come into this dimension of ours. I have explained before that usually they shrink to be of a relatively appropriate size. Conversely, they can come into the dimension from smaller sub-dimensions at a size that is microscopic!


Consider this: All 650 million Viables, and the few Theomorphs left on the planet can, when reduced to their basic Centres of Consciousness, can be all transported in a Divine Plasma Craft the size of a pea.

I have included this sight for interest. The first 2 videos are interesting and support what I have just written, about the inimical presence of UFOS and about their relative size.








WW3 definitely on its way:



Britannia no longer rules the waves, Fear, Terror and Lies do:


Funny and so very true: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/war-is-a-racket-1/why-albania.html

Is this another false-false flag?




I have told you repeatedly that all Evil will be exposed, and that the Evil Beings are in self-destructive mode.

They will fight and kill as much as they can in the Endtime.

This includes not just Earthlings, but all the tibes that make up the extra=terrestrials in our Galaxy.

So expect fireworks anywhere and everywhere.



Doomed Earth:


I guess most New Agers are in Portugal making a huge, huge cork to put into this hole until their Earth elevates itself to their 5th dimension!!


Confirming what I wrote about Nibiru:


November 7, 2014

A Day for Miscellany

Is it not amazing that, inspite of the overwhelming evidence and information available to us all, everywhere we look, so few are even the slightest bit awakened to what is going on?

The massive dramatic changes to occur which will end Physical Existence in our Solar System will come as such a shock to the unawakened ones, that verily shall there be, in the last days, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Not knowing what is happening, and why it is happening, will fill the ignorant ones with maximal fear and they will ‘envy the dead’.

Even many well educated people in various professions are totally ignorant of the facts.

Whom can they blame for their unpreparedness? There is only one person each can blame: itself!


Who is preparing for What, When, How?

I’m here to tell you not one physical being will survive the changes to come.

Exposures of Evil and Self-Destruction abound. Here are 2 examples:




New Cities:


This is how the Martians live underground !!

Impatience grows:



Are there Martians?



How do I know the following information is accurate?

If you have read what I have written in the past, you will know I said the Greys are soulless robots (as are 55 percent of ‘humans’). As this dying man describes them in the video, they are like robotic individuals with no emotions! That is exactly right. They have no Emotional Body because they are ROBOTS. Their masters are the larger Greys and the Tall whites. Human Robots do have an Emotional Body whose main function is to drain energy from others, and collect it too for the system when needed.

How did I get the 55% I quoted above?

36% in human bodies are now Demons.

9% are Robots who have qualified to continue existence and have had attachments placed into them, as I have explained elsewhere, that make them Viable.

That leaves 55% as non-viable Robots.

91% of Earth’s population will cease to exist anywhere in Creation.

Such figures apply to all other planets in Creation. Some have a smaller percentage of Viables, some slightly higher.




The Planet X Fireworks/bombings have begun


Nibiru 2014: The evidence says it’s still out there.



9/11 once more:






If you have read my book “Death of an Evil God” you would know all the miracles attributed to Jesus are false assertions. They are part of the “Jesus Fraud” to trap fools.

Here is a laugh for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umRRCkspaQU

What is this JESUS FRAUD?
By creating a religion on the Gnostic sayings of Jesus, which it distorted, the Church fraudulently gained a powerful tool for entrapping the unwary. Once they fell into the trap, the victims were easy prey for manipulation, exploitation and abuse, as the two thousand years of TRUE History of Catholicism and pseudo-Christian sects demonstrate.

In the early days, as you well know, there were intense battles between the nascent pseudo-Christian Church and Gnosticism. And these continued for many centuries. Evil always wins to win on this level as those battles reveal. But, it has lost the war that comes. It has lost its own LIFE!

BTW, Gnosticism is not a splinter of he Church as it wants you to believe. Gnosticism is the Ancient Wisdom that arose when the Universe Solidified after the Celestial Error occurred and was condemned by the Light, for the consciousness of the Error would not allow the appropriate correction.

The Higher Consciousness of Jesus came to energize the Viables and sustain them while separating them from the demons, and yet, what grew instead was a malignant plant (the church) that trapped Viables even further with its spurious doctrines.

As I have explained elsewhere, this Higher Consciousness returned again and again to this level, as it did to all other planets in the Universe, via the Cardboard boxes known as Zoroaster, Jesus, Manichaeus, King Arthur, Joan D’Arc, Galileo, Hitler, Shri Aurobindo, Frederick Nietzsche, Sai Baba, Babaji, etc., etc. This Consciousness is the Supreme Consciousness and it splits into many rays, as you may well understand, to be present throughout this evil Universe. There is ample evidence to demonstrate that it splits into many sub-rays to be in 2 or 3 cardboard boxes in each generation at any one time. Jesus and John the Divine is an example I am now giving.

It often enters the physical body of beings and works quietly without being recognized.

It is in all sectors and levels of consciousness. Thus, your cat may be of the Christ Consciousness, as can be a tree, or a pebble.

There is more than one cardboard box accommodating the Christ Consciousness at this time on Earth. There is a main Ray and splinters from it. You could be accommodating such a splinter. You will know when the time comes.


Did not Jesus come with a sword to separate the Wheat from the Chaff? What do you think that means?

Jesus did not say many of the things attributed to Him that make no sense in Gnostic Terms. They were all interpolations. One classical example is the Sermon on the Mount.

Those who are asked to accept the Jesus Fraud, the Myth, are forced to believe what those that dictate to them tell them to believe. They are forced to sell their minds, and their FREEWILL, to these scoundrels.

Once they have accepted the Fraud, can you not see that they are putty in the hands of demons? They are forced to do whatever the demons ask under threat of punishment or excommunication and perdition.

They are asked to accept the whole package unquestioningly, even abuse, exploitation, penance and victimization. This goes no matter how idiotic the Doctrines and Traditions of the Fraud are. There are many examples of those who stood up to this bullying, only to come off second best. Galileo is a prime example.

The Church argued that Faith in what it said was the way to salvation. Once people accepted that, what did they become? They became unthinking, gullible and easily manipulated MORONS, as they are today. Just examine the Bible Bashers and the Born-Again Brigade!

The Gnostics saw through the danger of that. They firmly said that it is the Knowledge of Truth (the Divine Nous), within those that have it, that liberated the being from evil enslavement. The Church could not have that, for it would mean it would have no prisoners, so it set about slaughtering the Gnostics to stop the Truth anywhere and everywhere they presented themselves. What hypocrisy! Where was the Church’s tolerance, its love for its enemy, the directive to do good to others, the principle of turning the other cheek?

The Gnostics went further, of course, and correctly stated the Jehovah Mechanism was Evil! Jesus too said that in John 8:44.

As I have clearly pointed out in my book ‘Death of an Evil God’, there can be no doubt that the Catholic Church and all the pseudo-Christian sects are of EVIL, and they have trapped innumerable Viables in their clutches. Alas, few Viables have seen this trap and those who have not awakened on this level have suffered life after life as a consequence. They cannot awaken when in the Astral World either, for it is an extension of the Physical with exactly the same traps created by Evil.

There are many good people who are Viable still trapped in these evil religions.

Finally, to end this short discourse, remember that Jesus said the “Kingdom of Heaven is Within’ (the True individual) as I am teaching by getting you to establish a pathway within yourselves to the Supramental Consciousness.

He also stated there were 3 types of humans – Theomorphs, Robots and Demons. Those words were not used. Other words are, and you will find the discourse describing them in the Nag Hammadi Library. Of course, the Church couldn’t have such Truth publicized so it ordered all those texts burned, under punishment of death. One brave monk, as the story goes, had the foresight to realize the value these texts would have for Humanity in the future and so he buried them in caves. They were found as you know in the middle of last century. And since then, the ignorant know-alls have been misinterpreting them as much as possible.


How do I know what is correct in the distorted texts of the Bible, and what Jesus really said and did not say? That is an exercise for you to find an answer.



Lighten Up !



Archons in Self-Destructive mode:



Oz gets into the act:




November 8, 2014

This  video hints to the fragmentation of Pseudo-Christianity and the stupidity of (fabricated and therefore false) scriptures in the Bible:


Among many idiocies, note the references in the Bible to Jesus being the Creator of this evil Physical Universe. In contradiction, Jesus is quotesd as saying, in the same ‘babble’, that His Kingdom is ‘not of this Earth’.


Russians on night watch; Aliens holidaying at the Ice Rinks:


And there you have the proof to my assertion that spacecraft can be as large as Earth (and larger).


The Love of Money IS the Root of all Evil.

And here is just one more example that we, the supposed Goyin or cattle, are prisoners of the Archons who have the Greed for unending exploitation in this Hell:


See here, War is all about the Money:


And where is perhaps the biggest lair for those who Love money?

All Evil will be exposed as the Archons self-destruct.


Will Morticia turn out to be a mortician?

The nauseating ugliness of this level will be extremely hard to bear as we approach the Endpoint!


More about Nibiru below. You now know most of this information, so do not waste too much time on these videos.



Making onions with layers and layers and layers of unending BS. This video gives some indication of how the Spin-doctors work on a story.  Evil knows no bounds when it comes to coveruing up Truth in order to promote Untruth.



December looks good for start of WW3





November 10, 2014


How, When and Why

Today I will attempt to highlight, explain and expand on some of the points made, and also hinted at, in the first playable video on this site I posted yesterday:


It is the one showing a static line of women before the video begins and is some 2 hours 37 minutes long. The first half is the most informative in my view.

First of all let us address questions I have discussed in detail in my books.

What is Evil? Evil is a Cancer in the True Creation that arose from an experiment by Light Beings. It is a temporary aberration that must not continue for it would, like a fatal, feral virus, destroy everything with which it comes into contact. It is contained in the Physical Universe and its sub-dimensions which the Principle of the ‘Cancer’ created inaccurately from stolen plans. These structures have been isolated by Evil to prevent its capture and correction, and by the Light to prevent its escape. In reality, by sealing itself off, Evil built a tomb for its own demise.

Who is responsible for the development of this Cancer? The Light takes full responsibility.

Do Evil Beings know what they are doing? In reality, the answer is “NO”. They were created with the energy of the Error (the Evil essence that arose within and expanded from the Error) and behave the way they do for they know no other way. They are created to take Divine Energy from Divine Beings anyway they can, for they cannot exist without it, and they have none of their own. Evil modifies that energy to suit its purposes. That it cannot do with the New Green Energy I have written about. Therefore, the Evil Beings, everywhere in the Universe, including all the evil extraterrestrials, are exploitative thieves and murderous hypocrites as Jesus stated in John 8:44.

Do they really have Freewill? The answer again is “No”, for their creator, the Evil Mind, a temporary artificial mechanism, that arose from activation of the Negative Balancing Principle in the Error created them as servants. There are, in reality, 3 classes of Evil Beings.

The first batch were robotic beings created with some Divine energy from the ‘Divine Mother Principle’. It is some of these that responded to the Light when they were given a choice (follow Good or evil) for they recognized Good and Evil and their differences, due to the fact that they had some Divine Energy within them. On Earth they are the 9% I have referred to in the past.

The second batch is of Robots made entirely with stolen Divine Energy modified by the Evil Mind to be entirely of an evil intent. They cannot survive outside of this Physical Dimension and will perish with the third batch.

This last batch is the far more malicious line, called Demons, that were created in order to control both types of Robots and the trapped Theomorphs, and to maximally exploit any being or situation at all costs.

The Demons, with far greater powers than humans, are the ones incorrectly called the Fallen Angels in ancient non-Gnostic texts. The ‘War in Heaven’ refers to the separation of the Evil Essence, and all its structures, from the Divine Realms, once war on it was declared by the Light Beings.

If you examine the irrational behaviour of most world leaders even on Earth, you will see the distilled Evil Essence within them. They have no love, no compassion, no scruples. They are beings full of lust for Money, Sex and Power. They will destroy at will whomever they choose. More about that later, perhaps.

Neither of the latter 2 batches have Freewill. They act according to their physical and pseudo-spiritual genetics (which are of the Evil Essence).

What I have just written suggests why there needs to be a PHYSICAL Endtime?

From the very beginning, when the Evil Principle rebelled against the Plemora (the Divine Beings of the Higher Realms) and refused to conform by VOLUNTARY correction, its personification was called a doomed fool, Saklas, by the ‘Mother Principle’ that brings forth creative aspects and which took full responsibility for what had happened in the experiment that went awry.

After numerous attempts to appease the erroneous Principle, the Mother Energy gave up and stated clearly that there was only one course to end the travesty that had ensued: Total elimination of the Error and all its by-products.

In the meantime, the Error solidified into the Physical Dimension, entrapping many Theomorphs. Hence, the rescue of these was paramount before destruction of the cancer. Realize that from the beginning of this Horror, the Divine was concerned with the rescue of the Divine Centres which became trapped by Evil, regardless of what physical garments the Centres were wrapped in by force. This is an important point to consider, for the various structures such as amphibian, reptilian, animal, and human bodies were merely ‘clothing’, developed along the evolutionary pathways, everywhere in the Physical Dimension, in which to trap the Centres that were ‘spiritual structures’. Thus for example, the fact that more advanced evil beings such as the Annunaki could infuse higher grade DNA to morons on Earth millennia ago is simply a continuation of the physical development of the clothing for robots, demons and Theomorphs in this vicinity.

Consider the cardboard box millennia ago in earth as being a 2 cylinder vehicle. Along come more advanced beings and experiment with these vehicles of expression (physical bodies) till they get a V8 motor into them (always to their advantage, of course). The Theomorphs thus trapped were always the Divine Beings at their arrested state of development. It is that now they have a more advanced vehicle in which they are trapped.

Consider further the rapid growth of intellect and technology witnessed by Humanity in the last century. That has all been due to input by more advanced and evil extraterrestrials. Note it all led to more destructive and evil enterprises. This had occurred in cycles on Earth as ancient history reveals. Some of us are aware of far more advanced civilizations for we recall them in our twilight times and dreams. We have been there, done that. But the Theomorphic Centres remained the same – clothed in fashions of the periods with destructive knowledge being properties of the clothing, but awaiting rescue all the same from this Hell.

Some Divine Consciousnesses have also always come in to sustain the Viables with the Energy they brought down. But many Theomorphs got tired of waiting and sold their souls to Evil in exchange for the preferential treatment they would receive from it. They became as demons for the exploitation of others.

Many Theomorphs, and even Robots, have been traversed throughout the Universe. Some recall living in other Worlds and Galaxies, some more advanced than this Earth, some less advanced.

The Centres were also clothed in bodies of lesser classes, for maximizing exploitation of their energy, for their suffering would be increased. And so, many remember (especially under hypnosis) being in dinosaur bodies, in eagles, in whales, dolphins and so forth.

From the time of declaration of the intention for total annihilation of this illicit tumour, an Endtime scenario was envisaged.

Here on Earth, and in this Solar System and Galaxy, we are now witnessing the time for our Endtime. The Light Workers have been steadily working their way around the Galaxies of the Universe, cleaning up one neighbourhood after another. It is a massive undertaking. As I explained elsewhere over 90% of eh Universe has been eradicated. They Theomorphs who were trapped there are waiting in Intermediary Villages for permanent placement in Divine dimensions when 100% is eradicated.

Most of the Theomorphs on Earth had been rescued, as I stated in my essay in 1999, and the viable robots have been fully modified to exist outside the Evil Realm. The few Theomorphs still on Earth have specific jobs to do, right to the very End, as I have discussed elsewhere.

Why do we suffer? We are trapped in an exploitative system. There is no other way we can exist while in the physical. Existence in this system brings suffering, for it is a system of maximal exploitation. Those who support the system seem to be advantaged. Those why fight the system, as you well know, are targeted for maximal suffering and exploitation.

Karma is NOT applied justly. Evil cheats. What would you expect? Recall when you first awoke to this Gnostic Truth and the fact that you may be a Divine Being trapped in matter. What happened to your physical life? I dare say, like mine, it went down the drain hole and you had to fight as never before to try and prevent your physical and spiritual demise.

Everything seemed to turn against you, did it not? You may have lost your wealth, your health, your family, your friends, and so on. What other indications do you need to realize you were being held prisoner in a hostile, exploitative Hell? It was OK for it while you were asleep and allowed the process to maliciously, surreptitiously, quietly destroy your spirit in an environment everyone else around you took as being normal.

But the moment you started to awaken, you became enemy Number One to the System, for you could then not only escape the traps but also be a force to awaken others. Evil could not have that. Thus, now, you understand the fate of the True Gnostics.

Why does the Light not see our suffering and do something about it? It sees our suffering clearly. But the Light knows that suffering is an illusion that affects our physical and spiritual bodies. If the physical is exhausted or killed by the exploitation, nothing of importance is lost. As things stood, regular Theomorphs went to the Astral Dimension and then were forced to reincarnate into meat bags again to repeat the vicious, malicious cycle all over again. Each incarnation took its toll.

If the Theomorphs have taken the advice given to connect to the Divine, sufficient Divine Energy is given to them via the visiting Avatar and His/Her ‘splinters’ to be sustained, thus nothing of real value is lost!

If they did nt take precautions, they could lose enough energy to be thus unable to sustain a vehicle of their class. In other words, a Class 4 being (human) could lose enough energy as to be forced to reincarnate into a Class 3 (animal body) which required less centres (5 as opposed to 7) to function reasonably. But it would still know it was a class 4 being. If you recall I told you the story of meeting a Class 4 who was most distraught at having lost the energy to activate his 5 Higher Centres and was now in the vehicle of Class 2 as a tree awaiting the Liberation that the Endtime would bring.

Why would the Light be concerned about the state or suffering of any cardboard box? It’s not, of course, unless the malfunction via degeneration or some disease process interferes with the functioning of the special being using the box. If it is destroyed, that being may reincarnate into another prepared box, either from birth or as a walk-in. If time does not allow this, another is chosen to complete that particular mission.

If a being has an important mission, the Light usually helps it maintain the cardboard box in working order until its particular role is finished.

Generally though, the Light is not in the slightest bit interested in healing your arthritis or heart disease or cancer, etc., if you have no mission to accomplish or if you have finished what you have had to do on this level. Until 1999, It knew you would simply recycle after each physical death.

If you are a non-Viable, why would the Light worry? It doesn’t! If you are a Viable and have no mission to finish, it matters not whether you are in a meat bag or attending choir practice in your Astral Body in the Astral. The Light is only interested in the spiritual health of your Centres of Consciousness.

Whether you live in a cardboard box (meat bag) or in your Astral Body in the Astral is of no importance to It. The Light is only concerned about the viability of the Centres which are truly Divine. The cardboard box, the Emotional Body, the Etheric Body and the Astral Body are evil, rubbish appendages with which we are burdened in this realm. They have been forcefully imposed on us by Evil to drain us and reduce our spiritual effectiveness, awareness and viability. Thus, why would the Light want to heal you or any other Viable of conditions that would assist Evil in its role to exploit you and other Viables more easily of essential Divine Energy?

It will keep those who have important jobs to do in the physical for as long as it takes for them to complete their missions.

It is up to each of us to ease our suffering, and therefore lose as little Divine Energy as possible by noting the advice given to us periodically by the Avatar. We must always remember we are eternal beings wrapped in in useless costumes. What did Buddha say about attachment and emotions?

And here is Shakespeare, an Avatar’s Splinter for sure, in Sonnet VI:

Be not self-willed, for thou art much too fair (i.e. Divine, an Immortal Beloved))

To be death’s conquest and make worms thine heir.


Why has it taken so long to correct the Error?

It is a very complicated process. Inspite of its brutal arrogance, Evil knew it was doomed from the beginning. In order to improve its odds of survival for as long as possible, Evil split Theomorphic structures in half and attached them to evil, robotic structures. Thus, the Clearing Process involved, from earliest days, the virtual separation of Theomorphs, one by one, from the evil ones. Just imagine how many there are in the whole Universe.

Scientists calculate that the Physical Universe is some 13-16 billion years old. Babaji told me it is closer to 50 billion years old. To answer this question of why correction has taken so long, we need to understand the Nature of Time.

Time, like Gravity and Distance, are interdependent properties of a dimension, once it forms. Outside of that dimension, there is no specific Time, Gravity or Distance. Note that if there is no Time, there can be no Distance. If there is no Distance, there can be no Gravity!

(This concept of Time, Gravity and Distance – and Mass – came to Galileo as he listening to a boring sermon in Church one hot summer’s day. It was 1582 in fact, and he created his formula by watching the swinging motion of a chandelier in the Pisa cathedral. Thus, he integrated the concept of Time, Gravity and Distance in his formula for the Periodicity of a pendulum, long before Newton’s claim to having discovered Gravity! Newton came up with his “discovery of the Theory of Gravity” exactly one hundred years after Galileo used it in his formula. Isn’t History wonderfully accurate and precise? Ha!)

What did Galileo, the Father of Modern Physics, use to define his formula and how did he know the value of G for Gravity? His belt buckle you say? No, it is clearly a case of contact with the Supra-Mental Plane, for he was the Avatar of his era. His had been Chris Columbus who had visions of a round Earth! Remember, regardless of what Consciousness was within them, they (He) had to express through an ignorant, recalcitrant, evil cardboard box as all of us, not of Evil, have to.

Time is also a variable, as are Gravity and Distance which can alter with changes in the dimension. Thus, we are now seeing the acceleration of Time as this dimension fragments. I have discussed this in more detail elsewhere.

(BTW, as an indication of the imperfection of this Physical Universe, consider the value of Pi. It has no precise value which means the whole physical system was doomed, from its inception, for terminal decay. That is why physicality is a danger unto itself!)

Thus, if you have understood that Time, Gravity and Distance are properties peculiarly of, and within, a dimension, and do not apply outside of it, it is easy to accept the notion that, no matter how much time has passed within this Evil Dimension, for the Beings effecting the Correction, no time has, in their Reality, passed. This is a most difficult concept to appreciate. Just take my word that this is so.

Thus, Time is an illusion, emotional suffering is an illusion and Evil is a temporary illusion. All of these illusions will pass in due course. In regard to our Endtime scenario, our physical deaths will also be illusions. It is just that most of us, thinking we are just the body, the cardboard box, the meat bag, cannot appreciate that it is so. Read Shakespeare’s Sonnet 6 again in its entirety.

So, after such a lengthy introduction, what is it that we can decipher from the above video?

Let us start with the 3 prophecies of Fatima.

The first was reported as being a view of Hell: a sea of fire and noxious fumes below Earth. All visions are translated in the lower mind with the acquired interpretation of the resident knowledge. Thus in ancient cultures, spacecraft were described as fiery chariots or as flying, smoking serpents; beings in spacesuits were angles, or gods, etc. A vision of a beautiful lady to Christians is the Virgin Mary, a male is Jesus; For Jews it is Moses, etc.

If you read what has been published as the visions, you will note they have a preponderance to favour Catholicism and the Papacy. What were released are forgeries just as the message of Medjugorje is. The dishonest Archons who manipulated the Messages want all of us to convert to Catholicism and fall under the yoke of the Papacy, the most evil of Evil’s instruments on Earth.

In the first vision the children were reported as seeing Hell. In reality they saw a vision of a fiery and noxiously effusive Planet X, situated below the Earth! It will indeed manifest to us, still living in the Endtime, as the fires of Hell. Thus, they claimed (according to the evil manipulators) that they saw Hell.

The Second vision was not of WW2 but of WW3 in which a third to one half of the population of the planet will perish. Mother Shipton refers to this, as does Revelations. What has been delivered by the Papacy is timely nonsense, for its benefit.

The third vision has been withheld. The way the Vatican, Popes and Cardinals handled this third vision, which was to be shared with Humanity, demonstrates the absolute hypocrisy and evilness of the Papacy. We can extrapolate what this third vision is about from:

  • The timing of the approximation of Planet X to Earth according to the Annunaki records;
  • The postulates of Mother Shipton;
  • The comments about the Last Pope from St Malachi;
  • The Prophecies of the appearance of the Blue Star signifying the End;
  • The assurance given to me in April 1985 by Beings in another Dimension involved in the Correction of the Error that Earth would be destroyed no later than 2035 in order to liberate the remaining trapped Viables on it.

Many other Extraterrestrial groups, apart from the Annunaki and the Zetas, have attempted to warn Humanity of the coming cataclysms throughout history, but the recipients of the messages were, in the main, ridiculed as fools. But these warnings were of a prosaic nature only, with no spiritual acumen or perspective and were thus useless other than to cause Panic on whose liberated energy the Extraterrestrials fed.


The third vision of Fatima was a vision of the End, full stop!

It was some time after my meeting with Them, which I have described elsewhere, that information filtered through of how great this Opus of Correction was, how the whole Solar System we are in is to be dismantled, and how, in fact, the time has come for this whole Galaxy, the Milky Way, to be liquefied! The percentage of the Universe thus corrected was eventually revealed.

Mother Shipton was a Theomorph, as was Edgar Cayce. It’s comical to read Cayce’s reaction when he introduced incarnation, while in trance, as a fact in his readings. He, being a staunch Christian, thought he was being deluded at first. He soon woke up enough to accommodate the truth beyond the fallacy of what he was taught as a so-called Christian.

Mother Shipton gave as a superb timeline for the End, as did St Malachi.

In essence, she said that those who survive the century of Movies, Submarines and Airplanes, will wait in the last Days for the End.

Generally speaking, Movies were developed in the same year as the Wright Brothers flew the first heavier than air machine – 1903.

Although the submarine was in some form of development from the late 1880s, it is generally agreed that an acceptable functioning and useful form was introduced in 1914.

Thus, from her prophecy, we entered the Endtime Days THIS YEAR!

Revelation 8:13: Then I looked and saw a lone eagle flying across the sky. It was shouting, “Trouble, trouble, trouble to everyone who lives on earth! The other three angels are now going to blow their trumpets.”

She states half the world will be in blood. I take that to mean the Nuclear WW3 which will kill, as I previously said, one third to one half of the people on Earth in a very short space of time indeed. There is no stopping it. The Destruction of this Hell is mandatory!

Thereafter, will come the harbingers of Earth’s Death: Stones from the sky (meteors – which have already begun in abundance) Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Fire from the Sky (this could mean the iron oxide clouds which will appear to be as fire in the sky) an increasingly heated Earth, and the appearance of the Red Dragon with its 7 heads.

The Red Dragon is Planet X and the seven heads are the seven planets that orbit around it. The ten horns are the moons of those planets. Revelation 12:3New International Version (NIV)

Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads.

Apart from the account from the Annunaki, when did some people know about the appearance of Planet X?

As you heard, Aliens that crashed at Roswell in 1947 told the US Military that Planet X was coming. What did those people do to prepare Humanity? Absolutely nothing, as did the Vatican in 1917!

But the Military and Elite began trying to save their own skins by commencing the building of underground shelters, implementing Alternative 3 (bases on Mars once flight was adequately established via Wernher Von Braun from the knowledge he and the Nazis had been given, again by aliens, and by searching the world for Stargates and the physics of Wormholes as mentioned by the Annunaki and other visiting aliens. Now you know where the trillions missing from the US budgets went!

But just consider how futile these exercises are. The Stargates and Wormholes are simply physical structures that can be used, by those who know how to operate them, to go from one part of the physical dimension to another. They are simply doors and passageways in a condemned house. What is the point of going from the kitchen to the lounge room in a totally sealed and condemned house like this Galaxy is? There is no escape, not in that doomed house, not in this doomed Galaxy.

They are evil fools attempting to avoid Correction. They cannot escape their fate. No evil being can.

As things became desperate, the search for the Stargate that the Annunaki used in Persia some 3600 years ago became intense. Hence, the War against Iraq where the Stargate was thought to be. As a byline, all the oil was stolen and millions mercilessly murdered. Evil Archons have no conscience and no scruples. They will not be missed when they are totally eradicated. But, there is a price they have to pay for their maleficence. Perhaps I shall reveal what that price is in detail soon.

Evil ones have used this technique to escape collapsing Galaxies in the past. That is why we have so many aliens in and around Earth and so many Star Children being born into the physical at this time (after 1999), They are escaped demonic class beings from Galaxies that have collapsed in the past. Most are from far more advanced civilizations and that explains the technical wizardry they possess and which we observe. After a time in this polluted backwater called Earth, they become dumbed down by the severity of the mental pollution found here. Could they do it again and escape this doomed Galaxy? It is a small possibility. But, it is futile for them to run. Sooner or later they will again be cornered and transmuted. No non-Viable will escape the Process of Correction.


Once Planet X is close enough to destabilize the physical poles (and there will be signs when that will occur) we then have 7 days before the END! In other words, once the Earth falls on its axis, one week of Earth time will remain.

Why is this episode of Planet X’s proximity different now to the previous ones? Planet X has passed by Earth many times.

It is different now because it has been declared the Endtime! That may sound tautological, but let me explain.

All structures in the Galaxy are in a state of Terminal Decay as they will be in all the remaining sectors of the Physical Universe. This is obvious to us as Earth decays also. What do you think all the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, erratic, murderous weather, etc. etc., mean? The Sun is also dying, as are all the planets. The whole Solar System, in fact is heating up as a result of this decay.

Planet X is burning up. It is a torch! It is much hotter than ever before. As I said above, that is the lake of fire the children of Fatima saw. Its planets are heated in the extreme and many of their former inhabitants are already out of the physical. This fragmentation is due to the Terminal Madness affecting all beings and structures of Evil. It is due to the lack of Divine Energy with which they can sustain themselves, due to the malevolent actions of the evil ones, and the presence of Special Divine Beings who are to see that the end of all heavenly bodies occurs, just as is the case on Earth. Orbits are being manipulated, erratic behaviour ensues, destruction is sequenced.

The fragmentation not only affects their orbits which will become erratic but it will also allow a bellicosity to express in alien inhabitants which means space wars of an unimagined magnitude. We on earth may suffer as a consequence before the End. Aliens from the Inner Earth (Yes, the Earth is hollow and inhabited) who had warned the demons in human form who developed the Atomic Bombs not to use them again may retaliate on what remains of Humanity after WW3 starts. We are aware of their capabilities as attested to by the carnage suffered by Admiral Byrd’s expedition to the Antarctic in 1939.

You will note in all the videos about Planet X, and other videos of impending disasters to which Humanity may succumb that there is absolutely no spiritual perspective whatsoever.


Timing from History

The last Annunaki visit was in the middle of 1600 BC, just after Nibiru’s approximation to Earth. It was very close to 1640 BC. Adding the periodicity of Planet X (3657 years), we get the closest point to Earth as being 2017. As some of its planets will be in rotation around it, any of them or their moons can crash into Earth before or slightly after that date. Of course, massive changes as I and many others have written about will occur before the Impact date: meteors, magnetic fluxes, heat, iron oxide dust, deadening of the seas, volcanic eruptions, massive earthquakes, tsunamis, polar shift, etc., etc.

Thus, it could all end in the next 2- 5 years. Don’t forget, WW3 is to commence shortly too.

You will note that the arrival of the RED DUST, iron oxide, from Planet X is to signify the End. That dust has already made its presence felt. So, I guess we are in the last 7 years (max) according to my calculations.

The red dust will be most pronounced some weeks before the Pole Shift. So, how far away can that be?

Remember, this is not about the survival of the Physical. No one will survive physically.

It is about survival of the Spiritual by Viable beings.

Most humans are not viable. The rats attempting to hide underground or on the Moon, or on Mars, or any other place within the dimension, or its sub-dimensions via Stargates and Wormholes, if they can find and operate them in time, are fooling themselves. No one will survive physically, not even the evil aliens who are virtually everywhere.

One final point that may have relevance in all this, and especially the timing of the End: I was told repeated that his cardboard box that I inhabit has to be here till the Final Day of Earth.

Inspite of my asking, I was not given an official reason for this assertion. I speculate that it may be to do with the New Green Energy or another energy, of which I am aware, which flows through this cardboard box.

I have no reason to doubt ‘Their” this assertion seeing ‘They’ have been so accurate with their information to me in the past.

As coincidence would have it, this cardboard box is genetically limited by processes which make it somewhat unlikely to last another 5-7 years. It is even more unlikely it could last 10 years. Thus, we could speculate and say the End is going to be sometime within the next 5 to 7 years. I have previously written the outermost date as given to me for the End was 2035. I do not think we will reach that date.

As all things are possible according to Quantum Theory, I could be completely wrong about all this, and I could end up being another Methuselah with some ‘magical’ changes to this cardboard box (God forbid) thus postponing the End indefinitely. But, I very much doubt that will happen. I am in as much of a hurry as any of you to finish my assignment and get out of this Hell and go back Home.

The only other major question anyone could possibly ask is this: What if nothing happens? What answer can I give?

Too late! It’s too late to ask that silly question. All the destructive mechanisms have begun as you can aver if you have been paying attention, and all the postulates of the End’s timing, both old and new, are there for all to decipher!

I think you and I have read the above information correctly. It’s the End folks!

Think about these things and prepare well, as I have advised you to do previously.

PS You can take this as proof that the Galaxy we are in is being dismantled, as have been most of the others in this evil Universe”

Read this:


And this:



November 13, 2014

On the Question of Viability

I wish to thank  all the readers who have sent appreciative comments especially over the last few weeks.

I guess most of you have realized that what I have revealed over the last 30 years is true, and that we are nearing an Endpoint very quickly.

This body I am using had been instructed in 1985 to deliver a Message to the World. The Message was simple and yet terrifying to all unprepared minds: ‘All Physical Live would be removed from the Planet in preparation for its total destruction, which was to occur no later than 2035’.

This Message was unique for no date had ever been given so clearly for the End of Earth!

For my troubles I received the scorn of fools and morons, and was attacked viciously and very stupidly by almost all who heard what I had to say.

I recall that even the Medical Board of the day attempted quite vigorously to declare me insane inspite of the fact that I wrote quite a number of books detailing the Message. Did any of the Board Members bother to read what I had to say? Of course not! These people are used to judging in complete ignorance, for their cultivated ignorance had allowed them to climb the dead limbs of a dying society rather successfully since the commencement of time in this doomed dimension.

In the 30 years that have passed, the decay of which I wrote has certainly occurred, and as things progressed towards an Endpoint, I released more and more information to eventually relay the fact that not only Earth but also the Sun, the Solar System, this Galaxy and all the Universe, in fact, were involved in a dying process, purposely commenced, and supervised, by Beings whom I represent on this level.

I did not write about Planet X in the past for, with the great denial by the Archons about the existence of Planet X, and its Constellation, readers would have been in a state of greater confusion than would have been desired. Once the Archons were forced to admit the rogue Constellation actually exists, I was instructed to pursue the topic as I have done.

Who or what instructs this Cardboard Box? Obviously it is “I” at a higher level. So, it is “I” that takes full responsibility for what the Cardboard Box writes and does which is in accordance with the Light.

Realize that, as you probably clearly understand, there are risks in using an Evil-created Cardboard Box to disseminate Truth which goes against the Evil Essence that created the Cardboard Box. All objects of physical expression, including the physical bodies that we humans use, have been created specifically to block Truth on this level and prevent such dissemination of it in the first place.

I have written a great deal about this in my books and, if you are really serious, you will read those books which I list on the front page of my website.

One has to consciously overcome the inertia and evil of the evil-created physical Body (the Cardboard Box) before Truth can manifest through it. To manifest Truth under such circumstances is a victory in itself for the Light, for it is only the Light that can disseminate Truth.

Neither your Cardboard Box, nor mine, has any idea of what Truth is. It is the True Consciousness of Light, within that physical body, which has the Truth. If there is no True Consciousness within, that particular Cardboard Box is just an evil container and cannot, under any circumstances, recognize even the slightest scintilla of Truth.

BTW, this is why on first hearing the Truth, unless the Light within has been contacted even in miniscule proportions in individuals of Light, the Truth sounds foreign to the outer mind, and we all tended to reject it on early encounters. To those with no Inner Light (Nous) the Truth will always be, for them, unintelligible hogwash.

It follows therefore, that if a Box manifests, understands or contains Truth, then what is contained within the perishable Box must be an eternal, viable Particle of Light.

Failure to recognize Truth is a dooming failure! Evil Beings, no matter which vehicles of expression they wear cannot see, manifest, understand or contain Truth. Hence, they are not viable.

Regardless of how this information manifests, as far as you are concerned, the most important question that is uppermost in your mind is this: “Am I a Viable?” Is that not so?

Please read the section on the first page of my Website dealing with ‘The Effects that may occur on reading or hearing my material’.

The single most important factor on which to base the answer to your very important question is YOUR REACTION TO MY WORK.

Initially, of course, until you cleanse your Centres of Consciousness a little, cleanse your physical body a little, and learn to bypass the Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination on your outer mind, you are not in a position to have a valid reaction to my work. This is understandable, and it occurs, or has occurred, in each of us. The outer Evil-created Monkey mind rejects the Truth as forcefully as it can, in the beginning, in almost all of us. That is what that stupid mind was created for; to reject the Truth and uphold Evil’s Illusion.

Few are the ones who awaken instantaneously on first encounter with my work. But, I have witnessed that happening, so it is not impossible. I have known people who, on hearing what I had to say in only one lecture, came up to me and said “I know what you say is right…… I don’t know how I know but I just know it is the Truth”.

Most of us are sceptical at first, and that is a healthy sign.

We battle within our minds as to what to believe and what not to believe. If we are sincere and begin to cleanse and purify, little bells seem to go off in our heads every now and then, and the information seems to become familiar to us INTERNALLY even though we don’t know why that is so at first. That, in fact, is an unmistakeable sign that the Inner Nous is awakening in us.

Often we swing backward and forward, especially if we try to discuss the information with morons and fools who try to humiliate us with their profane and/or cultivated ignorance.

It may have taken weeks, months or years for us to reach a point at which we could say “I know this is true!”

The ones with no Inner Nous can never say that, and even if they initially attempt to accept my information, one finds that they, in due course, drop off, for they have no Truth within to sustain their efforts on a True Spiritual Path.

Worse than that, they often become hostile and attack me and my work, and other Light Beings, for all they are worth. It is amazing how often such a situation arises in marriages. It is no accident. Evil, in order to expeditiously drain energy from Light beings, is well known for pairing demons with Light Beings in marriages, and has given that repulsive command that no man should pull asunder that with their ‘god’ has joined together.

In their stupidity, many, even organizations, have called me insane, deluded, etc. All who attack me and ridicule me, or my writings, are evil.

[According to some who have told me, Amitakh and Stephan Stanford, my direct enemies, have even written that I am ‘Satan’. Go figure! See how malicious and desperate these people are? Of course, they are both Reptilian Demons and will be cursed by their own evilness soon enough as will be all who support them, especially Cheri Fowler and Alan South. The former was a robot on the cusp of viability until the Stanfords strangled her mind. The latter has always been a reptilian demon like the Stanfords. All 4 are the ones behind the theft of my books. They have undermined the faith of many people who responded to me, and my work, but who became confused by the lies these hypocrites spun and continue to spin.]

But, it must be obvious to you that any who are my enemies, any who attack me, any who have entrapped me, and any who attempted to entrap me, are non-Viable.

I am the first to admit the Light works in mysterious ways. I was trapped in a marriage to Amitakh for many years, but it suited the Light to keep me there until it was time for me to move. Use was made of the fact that she was a demon, a fact they did not allow this physical body to know (although I suspected it) until much later. When I asked why that was the case, I got the answer I received many times before and since: “Timing is everything”. You see, by unknowingly being in the ‘lion’s den”, I was able to contact many, both viable and non-viable, that I would not have been able to contact otherwise.

Now, fully aware, I know who is who and the specific fate of each. And that is because of what my next role involves.


Back to Viability: The best way to assess your Viability, or otherwise, is to accurately assess your reaction to my energy, the energy in my voice and the energy in my work.

But, go easy on yourselves. You may not yet be in a position of adequate purification where your connection/reaction to Truth is a valid one. Continue working on yourselves.

Once you feel uplifted, even just a little, even for a very short time, by the information in my essays, or by my voice in a lecture or radio show, or you are uplifted by some parts of one of my books, by a poem, or by all of my books, you know you are responding to the Light and the New Green Energy this body has been given to distribute. I know this is so from experience.

However, it does not matter if you cannot be accurate about your response. There is time to awaken more fully, if you need to awaken more fully. Btw, you may be viable even though you do not awaken to that fact in this final life. So, don’t worry! Be happy.

Conversely, if you are inimical in any way to these energies, move on. This is not for you.

If you manifest increasing anger at me or my work, you are certainly not one of mine.

If you are reassured and soothed by my energies and words, you are on your Way!

At first we can all react with FEAR to this information. After all, it is a profound change we are contemplating and we do not know how we are going to handle what is to occur. A little fear in the outer mind is good for a short while until we dispel it. It is good in the sense that it will spur us on to find why we have fear and how we are going to eradicate it.

When you read one of my books, or essays, or poems, and the fear is replaced by a sense of tranquillity, of understanding, of happiness and joy, even though you don’t know why, then, friend, you are on your Way.

I know some who have a favourite essay or poem or passage from one of the books that they have beside their bed to read when they feel low. They use the energy in the contents to elevate their own energy and to dispel attacks or polluting doubts. Is that effect not a sign of Viability? Of course it is.

No one can understand everything on this level. You don’t have to understand everything. Just a sense of knowing that somehow this seems right for you is enough of an indication that you are Viable.

Contrast positive effects that my work has upon you with the upsetting and nauseating effects from the websites of evil ones. That will tell you where you stand and what you are. If you have no such ability to discern, put greater effort into your spiritual purification. You will get nowhere without effort.

As you awaken more and more, your reaction to Good and Evil energies will be more and more pronounced. Your psychic vision will develop quickly. You will find you simply cannot view or listen to lying politicians for long, since nausea seems to overwhelm you. You may have the same reaction to smug Tele-Evangelists and crazed Born-again pseudo-Christians who are having a feast with the energy extracted from their frightened audiences whom they urge to send them big money in order to be saved, ‘cos their ‘god’ needs lots and lots of money at this time when everything is about to be destroyed.

If you are unsure about your reaction to my work, go easy on yourself. Wait until you are more purified, until you are a little better connected to Higher Realms, until the Doubt, Confusion and Fear leave your outer mind.

Realize you don’t have to be connected to the Supra-Mental Consciousness so explicitly that you will obtain answers to great technical or philosophical conundrums. It does not work that way. Connection gives one a feeling of Joy, Serenity and Peace of Mind, in the quiet moments of the day.

It will give sanity in the midst of the Terminal Madness with which all others around you are going insane.

Note that your state of wellbeing will wax and wane according to attacks upon you, upon pollution you acquire, and upon the degree of activation of your Nous at any one time. That is why daily cleansing and meticulous avoidance of pollution are essential. Spend more time cleansing and less time surfing the Net if you are in that habit, for most sites are not worth looking into. Remember, ‘the Devil’ is in the detail. Besides, how many of them have truth that will assist you spiritually?

Realize that even as you awaken, it may not be your role to write as I do.

It may not be your role to attempt to assist others.

We are all concerned for those we know and with whom we are close. But that does not mean we force what we believe to be true down their throats. If you do that, you are doing them a disservice, Let them respond to whatever stimuli come their way. You must remain neutral, no matter how much you want them to wake up the way you want them to awaken.

And that brings me to another point. One does not need to be awakened at this end stage in order to be Viable. Are your pets awakened to this information on their outer minds? Of course not! But, chances are that they are viable beings of Light.

Finally, let’s have a look at the question of who is who. Why do you want to know? Is it not ego that is so inquisitive if there is no need for you to know?

You will be told who you are, or who others are, if the need arises. Thus, if you are in a partnership that is overtly or surreptitiously, abusively destroying you, and you lose a great deal of energy, your eyes will be open to the nature of the partner who is abusing you. You will leave that union. Like will seek like. That is why it was stated we shall know, on a need-to-know basis, who is who in the Endtime. That is why your psychic abilities will return, in proportion to the degree of your spiritual awakening.

(Is it not interesting that the pseudo-Christian Church, from earliest days, knowing that spiritual awakening would expose its evil basis, and the demonism therein, declared such awakening and spiritual acumen to be works of the ‘Devil’?

If the need does not arise for you to know the status of others, why bother about it? We work on a need to know basis. Respect that and be happy with what you know.

Most who contact me and tell me they are viable, and are of this and that importance, are usually not of the Light.

So, be careful and destroy the Ego.

Finally, this question often arises: “Doctor C, who are you?”

Who cares who I am?

I am someone who writes books, gives lectures and does radio shows. That is all you need to know.

If you need to know more, you will be told privately by YOUR Higher Being. What your Higher Being tells you is for you only! Whatever information you get is no one else’s business.

Giving myself an ‘identity label’ could actually interfere with your task of seeking your own pathway to the Supra-Mental Consciousness (SMC). Do you realize that? It could interfere with your decision making, for you could be tempted to glibly accept something because I said so, rather than because you know it is so, having diligently obtained your own answers from your connection to the SMC.

In this perilous journey, never accept at face value the thoughts of another. Always refer information to your own True Light Being within. If it resonates within you, well and good! If the information does not resonate within you, put it aside or discard it.

When I specifically point out the spiritual nature of others, as I have done above, and occasionally in my writings, it is because I need to warn people of the great danger those exposed ones are.

In summary, you will know your state of viability from the reaction within you to the energies that emanate via this Cardboard Box. After all, your pure and true reaction will come from the level where the Truth resides, and where all Viables belong. You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you whether you are viable or not, regardless of whom you or I may appear to be on this level.



Poem 84 from my Poetry Book 2

A Rescuer Speaks

As I cross the evil realm of decaying space and time to achieve my goal,
and eventually reach my final destination, With those I’ve helped rescue from Evil’s traps and liberate from this abomination,
I have to suffer the slings and arrows of shameless misfortune and
also the persecution from the doomed demons and robots,
archons and minions of the Counterfeit Creation,
as well as their ceaseless vituperation.

But with Godly strength and truthful sight, I have almost reached that
aimed for destination, and am ready to witness the promised transmutation,
of the villains who have mocked all the Rescuers, including Jesus, whom they
especially derided with their spiny coronation.

O God of Light and Love, I joyously celebrate the transformation
from this realm of all trapped, salvageable True Beings into sparkles of liberated,
Divine, ever-loving Illumination, As each, borne by the spacecraft’s motivation,
enters into the New Dimension of everlasting Celestial felicitation.

Every moment of suffering, pain and misery will truly be worth the
inheritance of that tomorrow, When we, who are not evil,
will live in Peace, Harmony and Love without Evil’s sorrow.

Cry no more my valiant friends, We have suffered enough, enough.
Our strength has pierced Evil’s bluff, And dispelled all the unreal fears
That reduced us so very often to tears.

In this vale of pain, sickness, death and perpetual scorn,
We, often in desperate times, were utterly vanquished it seemed, and forlorn,

Almost at the point of quitting, As the robots around us were bleating
That no Evil did, in fact, exist.

But we asked often again and again “How can Evil not be real,
When around us, all by force malicious, are forced to kneel,
At the altar of the ghoul who, by exploitation and by rapine
spoliation, treats every True Being as a demented fool?”

I have almost come full circle Reaching, with true knowledge,
the point of destruction for this plane that I sought,
And from Evil’s grasp, the rescue of many
deserving True Beings have I wrought.

Now all that is left, if you are one of these rescued,
is to fly to the Dimension New, Made of Love and Light
as you are too, Where the Indigenous Divine
are waiting to welcome you.


Poem 553 from my Poetry Book 10

(For the Peedee Attrick in all of us)

Over hill and over dale, there I skip, to regale;
for I’ve found my “Holy Grail”.
Over hill, over dale, listen to the failures wail.
Better off would they be with their heads in a pail.
Over hill, over dale, ‘bove clouds I plan to sail,
As the spacecraft that I know takes me back to Heaven’s glow.
Over hill, over dale, with Love’s Light I’m so hale;
that’s why now, ‘gainst all Evil, I can’t fail.
Over hill, over dale, like a hare, not a snail,
singing happily all the while, running mile, after mile,
for my ecstasy, does prevail.
Over hill, over dale, won’t you join me? It’s worthwhile!
‘Tis the last, the very last mile; we, victorious, cannot fail!!

November 15



With our hearts in True Love entwined,

And our minds to the Supreme Power assigned,

Our Spirits, with Hope, soar ever higher quickly,

And, unerringly guided by that Love and Power,

Cannot, simply cannot miss,

To reach their goal of Purest, Eternal Bliss.



November 16, 2014
Regarding WW3

All decisions affecting this level are always taken on a Higher Level first.

The Green Light has been given on Higher levels for WW3 to occur.


Who are the liars and hypocrites?




Dear Giuseppe,


After reading the latest poem you posted and all the information on Nibiru, (which is spot on) I just wanted to say  T H A N K Y O U for everything you have endured in order to bring us Truth….. There is absolutely NO-ONE else that is sharing what you are sharing out there, nor saying it as you are, and to have found you years ago is a miracle to say the least…. With Love, gratitude and respect




Dear Dr. Giuseppe S Chiappalone,


I am most thankful to you for all your work, which through all the years you have been doing. The essays on the coming Nibiru are most appreciated by me. I started filming the progress of this approaching System in 2009. and knew something out there was being covered up by the powers that be. I said I would wait until I hear you say something about it.

I had a vision of two Suns sometime back. I know you are right on track with all that is going down. I agree with you this is the end.


It is great news to know that finally all evil will be destroyed. That all true being and Viables will be taken out of this mess by rescue in the crafts or by dying, that is dropping the cardboard Box. It has been a long ride of pain and suffering for all of us throughout the ages. The time for going home to an evil free dimension is very close.That thought brings so much joy to me I literally applaud and shout yes. If you saw or could see my reaction to your writings I guess you to would break out laughing with me.


Let me say thanks once more. I am ordering the book: The Revenge Of Camelot. Please let me know the cost and i will forward it to you pronto!


Yours truly,  Keith

Another great post ! (on Viability). This post is important for the Viables .

I like your explanations on how to know if we are Viables or not .  In this life I was put down by so many people that I eventually thought I was a bad person for wishing and end to all this horror .   I have a feeling that most Viables go through the same thing .  Right now I think it is very important to find out who we really are to be able to do whatever we have to do before we leave .  For me right now  it is to take care of my cats, go Within more, be available if needed and nourish my Spirit by reading your wonderful Books .


Also, like you said we have to know Demons to know who they really are .  A person who has never been sick does not know what it is like to be sick .  A person who can not Love does not know what Divine Love is .  Etc…

On this planet we have to experience whatever to know .



Again,thank you so much for the ongoing posts Giuseppe, they pick me up so much upon arriving home after a hard days yakka in more sense than one !

I remember the day twenty years ago your book ‘”Journey into the world of Metaphysics” fell at my feet in the philosophical section of my local library and I took it home and finished it that night.Let me be quite clear,the info contained therein resonated with me as the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH and has done ever since to this day.

I know I am far from perfect down “here” but I know enough about myself to know I was meant to be introduced to you and your body of work for which I am eternally grateful.

Best Wishes,   G. McG.


I am reading “Death of an Evil God”  right now.   I did not know exactly the meaning of “Supreme Consciousness” and “Brotherhood of Light“.    At chapter 13 “Monotheism” it is so clearly explained .


So people that are asking all kind of questions, can find them all in your Books, we can find all the answers and know who we really are. You have a lot of information on your web site ,  but reading a Book quietly somewhere is totally different.  I go in a meditative state every time.


I did a lot of research these last 20 years and I did not think I could learn a lot more until I started reading your Books .   We can not even imagine the amount of information and True Knowledge there are in your Books .


With Gratitude ,



From my book “Death of an Evil God”


“I am the Lord thy God, Thou shalt have no other Gods before me, …. for I am a jealous god.”

(And with this he revealed that there were other Gods in existence)

And the Divine Mother, on hearing this, said, “Thou art an evil fool Yaldabaoth, (Jehovah) and blind, for with this utterance thou hast offended the entire Divine Hierarchy.”


By this bluff did Jehovah (also known as Yaldabaoth) fool the True Beings and belittle the genuine Divine Hierarchy and by extension of this doctrine did the Christian church claim itself to be the One True church. Monotheism is not so much the doctrine of one God, but rather the doctrine of belief in only one valid manifestation of God even though in Christian doctrine, which is a subsequence of Judaism and its Monotheism, that manifestation becomes tripartite and is called the Trinity.

Polytheism has been both misunderstood and misinterpreted, very much on purpose, by those who wished to gain from their own doctrine of Monotheism. The polytheists (and here must be included the Gnostics) with their pantheon of Gods, never for one moment believed that there was more than one ultimate level of consciousness at the Divine Godhead which could be classed as the level of consciousness called “God”. Never did they suggest that all which was Divine did not belong to the “One”. They saw the Divine Pantheon, not as a multiplicity of individual and independent Gods, but rather as being made up of the legitimate manifestations of the same God consciousness in diverse characters.

Their level of understanding was greater than the monotheists because ultimately they understood that the level of God consciousness could not be reduced to one mere expression or manifestation. They knew that while manifestation of that God consciousness was possible, an Unmanifested Aspect of the level of God consciousness always remained, for it would be incomprehensible to even suggest that the omniscient consciousness would limit itself to one level, or one manifestation or one character. Only a portion of that Deific level of consciousness would do that, or only a lesser level of consciousness would do that.

Any manifestation, any character, any essence, any representation of a level of consciousness therefore which declares itself the “one and only God” and forbids its subordinates to believe in the existence of other aspects of the Godhead is either a mendacious portion of that Godhead or a member of the Divine Hierarchy who is lying and in reality is not God at all. By definition, no aspect of the Godhead would be mendacious. Hence, the conclusion is that only an evil subordinate would claim itself to be the only aspect of God. Only a scheming liar would forbid lower consciousnesses to acknowledge other Gods (that is, other aspects of the Ultimate Consciousness). Only an evil demiurge would perform this act of self-aggrandizement at the expense of the other members of the Divine Hierarchy.

The True God consciousness has no need to carry on in this way. It has no identity crisis. It has no need to try and convince anyone it is the God Consciousness. It need not set up punitive measures for those who do not believe its decrees. It need not be jealous of its other aspects for, in truth, they are all aspects of the One Supreme Consciousness.

Only an evil demiurge would be mendacious, jealous and punitive. Only such a being, who is not “God” but is pretending to be, and is trying to convince subordinates of its false claims, would try to discredit other aspects of the Supreme Consciousness. And this is the case with the demiurge who has been identified as the Rex Mundi, Yaldabaoth, Saklas, Samael, Yahweh, Jehovah, the god of the Old Testament, the god of the Judao-Christian Doctrine. Only he would need to self-aggrandize. Only he would need to deny the existence of other aspects of the True God Consciousness. Only he would call the others of the Pantheon false idols. Only he would be threatened thus. Only he would be concerned about men worshipping these others, for in truth, the Real God would receive any worship offered to any of its Divine Aspects.

Polytheism as a doctrine then, is a misunderstood one, but only in the cultures in which Judao-Christian monotheism became embedded. The Polytheist who truly understands the concept does not hesitate to recognize the different aspects, representations, characters, personalities, manifestations and avatars all as parts of the One Supreme Godhead. Within him there is no confusion for he knows that God is a Level of Consciousness with both manifested and unmanifested aspects, and that the manifested aspects can take many forms at different times, or different forms at the same time.

Polytheism and belief in a Pantheon of Gods is not synonymous with Pantheism. In Pantheism, the belief is that ALL material and spiritual manifestation is God, that is, that all levels of consciousness are really differing levels of consciousness of God. This is not correct, for although God has created differing levels of consciousness which exist in Its creation, they are not levels of consciousness pertaining to the Godhead.

They all have the potential to evolve to levels of consciousness to be incorporated with the Godhead, but they are NOT levels of the Godhead from the moment that they are created. To complicate matters, there is the spurious creation formed by the evil rebellious demiurge which will be totally destroyed by transmutation along with the demiurge, and these two certainly are not part of the level of consciousness of the Godhead.

Gnostics, who are polytheists, do not make the mistake of equating polytheism with pantheism. Nor do they believe the claims of the evil demiurge when he says he is the one and only God and that all other Divine aspects of the Godforce are false idols.

In the light of Polytheism and Gnostic philosophy, the command: “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt have no other Gods before me”, is therefore spurious and untenable. Realizing this opens a whole world of Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom and begins to allow us to make sense of the various aspects of the Divine Godhead which have visited us on this plane as Messengers, Prophets, Seers, Sages, Warriors, Sons of the Light and Sons of God.

Rejection of the monotheistic principle which allows only Jesus as the Son of God and the Holy Ghost as the pervading essence of God, at least in Christian theology, allows us to give full recognition to the many other aspects of the Godhead which have manifested on this plane as Divine “Walk-ins”. We can begin to realize, acknowledge and accept that beings such as Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus, Manichaeus, Orpheus, Hermes, Moses, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Zeus and his pantheon, Odin, Mohammed, King Arthur, Gwenevere, Merlin, etc., etc., were all aspects of the one level of consciousness of the Godhead.

The doctrine of Monotheism, which is false of course, rejects this realization, acknowledgement and acceptance for a very good reason. By doing so, it divides populations and allows an intolerance and animosity to occur between those who believe in the polytheistic Doctrine and those who do not. It creates disharmony between those who worship different Aspects of the Divine Godhead. Being a fundamental part of the Creed of Judao-Christian philosophy and one which needs to be accepted by the members of such religious institutions, Monotheism negates the validity of the other religious doctrines because it labels the identities around which the other religions were based, as false prophets, false idols and charlatans. This is religious bigotry arising from fundamental religious theology. And from such bigotry have arisen the divisions, intolerance and persecutions of those who would not accept such evil manipulation of the truth. Monotheism cuts off all the others, labelling them heretics and pagans for believing in the polytheistic manifestation of the Divine Level of Consciousness which is the Godhead. It classifies all the others, apart from Jesus, as false prophets and false idols. How sad, how disruptive, how disrespectful, how calculatingly destructive and how EVIL this doctrine is!

The Demiurge knew that its Doctrine of Monotheism would disrupt the populations in this way. It knew what it was on about, because its aim was to exploit the True Beings, trapped within the dimension it overran, of their Divine energy through the mechanisms of conflict, disharmony, war, persecutions, etc. arising from the religious bigotry, intolerance and hatred. The proselytizing effect from the monotheistic doctrine is a result of the programming which this creed spawns and also from the need to destroy the Polytheistic creed, for if the truth of it were grasped, it would dispel Monotheism. Hence, with the doctrine of Monotheism there is created a struggle of creeds with survival of the fittest, as it were.

But Monotheism could never win, for within the essence of all True Beings there was the Knowledge and Wisdom which stated that a doctrine which calls the Deities of other Religions false prophets and idols is not only uncharitable, disrespectful, divisive, offensive and wrong, but that it serves no good purpose and is therefore very evil.

Monotheism discredits the creeds of others. It belittles their concepts of Divine Beings and labels those who do not accept Monotheism as beings outside of the Truth, as Heretics. In fact, the Truth is the very opposite. Only when one accepts the various aspects as manifestations of the one God can one re-awaken to the Truth of things and to the Truth of what has really happened on this plane.

Only when one rejects what the evil demiurge is trying to do with this doctrine of monotheism, can one truly perceive the efforts made by the Divine Hierarchy to awaken the trapped beings of this plane in all eras, in all cultures, over all continents since time immemorial via different beings such as Horus and Dionysus and Attis and Jesus and Tammuz and so on.

Only when one recognizes and acknowledges that it has been the same Divine energy which has nurtured the True Beings and tried to awaken them and remind them of a time of Liberation to come, can one understand the words of philosophers like Hermes and Manichaeus, Zoroaster, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Plato, Plotinus, Philo, Roger Bacon, Milton, John Locke, Ben Franklin, etc. These were men who accommodated the Christ Light and the manifesting aspect of the consciousness of the Supreme, which is even higher in the Divine Hierarchy than the Christ Light, even though the more recent ones were labelled as Deists.

The consciousness of this Christ Light and the consciousness of the Supreme Godhead were “walk-in” consciousnesses within the basic consciousness of these beings. I have explained the concept of walk-ins elsewhere. Such an explanation does not belittle the nature of any of the Divine aspects which different people cherish, but rather it unites all of the Divine manifestations into the Brotherhood of Light and into the Divine Hierarchy of Light, which culminates in the Supreme Consciousness of the Godhead. All these Aspects have been working for the good of the True Beings and those who have turned to the Light, and for their ultimate liberation since the takeover by evil.

Jesus is in no way belittled if he is acknowledged as one of the many Aspects of the Supreme consciousness which has been called God, and not just the only begotten Son of God. To say that He is the same Walk-in consciousness as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Adonis, Attis, Apollo, Orpheus, etc., all of whom are manifestations of the Supreme consciousness of the Godhead, does in no way detract from the fact that He is God. He is an aspect of God, as is Mary, the consciousness which played the role of his physical mother, and as are many, many others.

There can be no belittling of Jesus in equating Him with other Messengers of God around whom religions grew. In fact, there are great benefits for all True and faithful Beings of the Light to recognize and acknowledge all the Divine Aspects.

If this truth of the Oneness of all the Aspects was accepted, at least the people who believe in the various aspects of the Godhead would realize that they were believing in, praying to, and cherishing the same energy, the same Level of Supreme consciousness, the same Godhead. There would be an instant destruction of that which has caused prejudice, bigotry, intolerance and hatred between populations, which have culminated in so many wars, persecutions and deaths. If this Truth and the aims of the evil essence had been exposed earlier, there would have possibly been less labelling of others as pagans, heretics, infidels, etc. There may have been less persecution of the Gnostics, of the Essenes, of the Coptic Christians, of the Cathars, of the Albigensians, of the Hermetics, of the Manichaeans, etc. etc. There may have been less disastrous Crusades, less effective Inquisitions and less burnings at the stake, for the awakened people would not have been indoctrinated so readily by the evil essence driving the religious institutions which caused all of these tragedies.

Exposure and acceptance of the Truth would have, in fact, thwarted the plans of the Demiurge for physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual exploitation of the beings it had trapped on this plane. But, alas, forgetting the Truth and accepting the destructive monotheistic doctrine, which is the basis of the Nicene Creed formulated in 325 AD, has led to great suffering and death.

Actively pursued attempts at conversion of polytheists by those who were heavily programmed in the false monotheistic doctrine gave rise to great conflict, resentment and confusion in many of the populations which were literally invaded by the proselytizing missionaries of the false doctrine. Many are the stories of the massacres of pagans, heretics and savages, and destruction of legitimate belief systems such as those of the Incas and Mayas as well as of all the other well-known religions in ancient Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Ireland, Britain etc.

And such stories are based on the destructiveness of those who, believing in the false monotheistic theology, thought they knew better and used force to displace the Divine energy manifestations worshipped by these foreign beings, with their own idol which they were indoctrinated to think was the only valid one. Missionaries taught that Christianity was the ONLY path to “Heaven” and that all other deities were demons and that their myths were false but that the Bible myths were absolutely true. The Celtic Druidic church was driven Westward into Wales by the invading Christian church in the early 5th century.

In the Light of Gnosis it is easy to identify such attempts as evil infiltration of populations in order to forcefully destroy the faith of others, to confuse, to harass, humiliate and belittle them and to remove their Gods from the status of Divine Beings. There is no other word but evil for such action. But, of course, the programming which did this did not affect the Monotheists alone, for many evil beings infiltrated all the religions that grew around the Divine Messengers. And these evil beings perverted, distorted and destroyed the True Divine philosophies and manipulated what remained for the benefit of evil.

They too, inspite of the truthful concept of Polytheism, were able to generate religious bigotry, prejudice, intolerance and hatred for others just as the monotheists did. And this situation has existed to this very day.

The unperverted Gnostic Knowledge allows the Truthful recognition of the many aspects of the Divine consciousness of the Godhead. And it allows this recognition to be used to UNITE the True Beings of the world, who had been trapped by the evil Demiurge, into one large family of Beings of Light. This knowledge allows the identification of: Rama as the brother of Jesus and Krishna as the brother of Moses and Hermes as the brother of Manichaeus and Horus as the brother of Zeus, and Dionysus as the brother of Osiris and Shiva as the brother of Attis and King Arthur as the brother of Mithra and so on.

And it recognizes that all were the receptacles of the Christ energy which descended onto this plane, and that they were receptacles of the Ultimate Father/Mother Energy of the Supreme Consciousness of that Level of consciousness which we call “God”.

Denial of this Knowledge denies the worth of the faith, beliefs and knowledge of others and their Gods, and sets up the battleground for heated confrontation. And this is exactly what the production of the spurious doctrine of Monotheism did. That was the intention from the very outset when it was created by the evil Demiurge.

Those who recognize this GNOSIS (true knowledge) and message are joyous. They are not gripped by fear as the evil ones are. They sense that, despite the physical changes which are to come and which I have detailed elsewhere, the clearing means liberation from this hell and the gift of unobstructed Grace and Love from the True Father/Mother God as they are bathed in the Purity and Glory of the Divine Light. And this will occur even as the physical world crumbles.

Let the evil ones live in their stupidity and evilness. Those who wish to listen may do so. The ones who refuse will eventually be forced to listen to the voice of change. They will be forced to listen, not by me, but by their own fear of what is occurring. Do not argue with fools. Let them be. When it is time we may say: “We tried to tell you but you would not listen. We told you so. Know then, that even this suffering, which you could have avoided, is all your own doing!”


November 17, 2014



When you can see beyond What your eyes can see, And perceive through the fog

Of the Evil created Virtual Reality, When your hearts sings with Joy constantly,

Even as your lower mind is battered By negative thoughts attacking it relentlessly,

When you love with fervour, With Justice and Truth, unconditionally,

When you believe with all your being, That soon all things will be corrected totally,

And that an end will come to all The suffering, pain and misery,

Then friend, are you truly free,

For beyond this Abomination, This Depravity, this horrendous Nightmare,

You are living really!

Indeed, friend, when thus you see, You are truly free!!




Worth the time:

This video below, made by an Evangelist movement in Switzerland called the Organic Church of Christ (OCG), led by the controversial Pastor Ivo Sasek, describes the current geopolitical situation and the inevitability of World War III, being stirred-up by the “Warmongering Americans,” who he describes as “financially steered by foreigners seeking world domination.”

It’s both exotic and yet familiar, to see these American Evangelical mega church stylings, juxtaposed with his jarring and riveting message (in Swiss German), which is essentially an explanation of current events in Ukraine and the policies of the former US National Security Adviser and Obama-controller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, as if lifted from the latter’s 1998 book, ‘The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives,’ which he wrote for his
Columbia University Political Science students.

Pastor Sasek continues his warning of the inevitability of War War III, unless the people wake up and refuse to be mind controlled by the mass media, citing the following pattern in all past wars:

“Why we know World War Three is just around the corner:

1. Because the externally, financially-controlled US Government wants it.

2. Because the United States are bankrupt, they’re economically-depressed and they are the most indebted country on Earth.

3. Because the new BRICS banking system seals the final downfall of Wall Street and Pentagon Capitalism.

4. Because the US Government has always re-structured its national bankruptcy through external wars.

5. Because the bond-slaves of Wall Street, sitting in the White House desire undivided world dominion.

6. Because the mainstream Media, who are allies of the US intrigues, spread their war lies, worldwide, and thus systematically instigate a readiness for war in all peoples.

7. Because this results in making the people zombie-like, through believing
the media.”


And listen to Part 2:


– See more at: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/geopolitics/clarity-in-the-court-of-hell—part-1.html#sthash.n595kDYU.dpuf


If you have the time: a summary of what you know from the Jeff Rense Show: http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/http/MP3Download/Oct2014/e6OL4u/rense_100214_hr2.mp3


Mendacious hypocrisy: http://rt.com/op-edge/192908-biden-speech-isis-us-allies/




As I wrote long ago: “No amount of rationalizing will erase the fact that this is a very evil place, that it exists upon a basis of dog eat dog and that it thrives on unfair and unjust methods of exploitation.
It is not simply survival of the fittest at all. It is a place of survival of the most evil and of those who can unashamedly steal the energy from others best of all.

There is nothing on this planet worth preserving.  There is nothing which is pure enough to be of value in a truly Divine dimension.”


October 6, 2014
From “My Conversations with God”, Book 2,


How do You

Tell so quickly who is who?”


“I go by two rules,

The FF rule:

Failures Fear Me.


The TLC rule:

True Ones Love and Come to Me.”



Dear Giuseppe…


Thank you for the info on the different consciousness in this dimension i find that a big value for the big picture…and it’s wonderful to break the madness with interludes of love, and pets also reminding us of how special they are…I go to the web site Pinterest and their Animal Section daily it does help in sustaining me and admiring their pure beauty… My best to you and all your pets…


Lots of LOVE, L.


Re the video of the saved lion: Those of you who discerned that a fallen Class 4 Consciousness (human) was in the lion’s body should now go to the top of the class.

Those of you who received the knowledge that the being had a close fraternal relationship with the woman that saved him as a lion deserve a medal.

The love expressed by the lion is miraculous. It is not just emotional love; it is the True Divine Love of a penitent who realizes it has erred and is happy for the chance to be rescued before falling further, as many do. Such love cannot be negated by time, distance of cages. It is the Love and Joy of Universality. Many pets contain human or even higher classes of consciousness. In the latter case, they are usually volunteers who have come into animal bodies to be of assistance in the War. Respect and love them at all times.

Those of you who were critical of my posting that joyous video should rethink your stance. You may not be where you think you are in your personal battle.

In case you missed it, here is the video; http://www.vitality101.com/Fun/lion-kisses-rescuer



Chapter 19 from my book “Essential gnostic Truths”


Consciousness is divided into many segments and levels by the basic frequency of its wave pattern. There are innumerable levels of consciousness and innumerable segments.

These are connected laterally and vertically as it were, by other wave forms which are fixed conductors of consciousness and which are themselves a class of bridging consciousness.

Any wave form which oscillates has conscious awareness. What this means is that it can interact with other wave forms and absorb or disseminate information in the form of energy packets.

If massive numbers of these energy packets are released by a particular wave which is limited in its capacity to do so and if they are not replaced, then that wave form, as consciousness, can become inert.

A wave form to be activated needs to form a circle. It is then conscious of itself and its surroundings.

While it is linear it may be activated by external inputs and be drained of its own packets, but it will not be conscious of this. It would be a `passive interactor’.

When massive numbers of packets are input into the consciousness, it will oscillate at a higher frequency. A circular consciousness can then alter its frequency depending on exchange of its energy packets.

It can be connected by linear lines of consciousness which form a circuit from one level to another. It can also join into a larger circle of consciousness which is vibrating at its own frequency, thus forming a part or segment of a larger consciousness.

When it breaks off to either elevate or decrease its frequency it needs to become a circle from the linear wave form in order to become self conscious.

Some levels of consciousness have such a vast circle of consciousness that it is almost incomprehensible.

Only when segments break off into individual circles do they manifest as individuals and can interact with the lower frequency consciousnesses.

The greater the circle of consciousness, the higher the frequency within that wave form and the greater (more elevated) is that being in the hierarchy.

The hierarchy then is a voltage grid. The highest has the greatest voltage within its waveform. It is the largest and has the highest frequency and from it lower ones are broken into smaller and smaller circles as the hierarchy is descended. As they form smaller and smaller circles, the voltage and frequency diminish.

Any interruption to the circuit of a consciousness will automatically render it `unconscious`.

In order for a consciousness to consciously interact with any other wave form it needs to be in a circular state. If it is not, it will interact and can either be forced to acquire energy packets of the same frequency or give them out without being conscious of doing so.

Consciousness in the physical body has needed to form a circuit. Any disruption to this circuit renders it non-conscious. As there are a number of concentric circuits in the make-up of a human, it is the outer circuit which controls the consciousness of the body.

The body may be unconscious because the outer one is fractured but the others can remain intact and be fully operational. Hence the consciousness on all other levels beyond the human level can be intact and operational.

The energy to keep the circuits intact on this plane is the prana. As this decreases, the outermost ring loses it first. As it is depleted normally, the circuit breaks and the being falls asleep in order that the other rings of consciousness can leave within the etheric covering and acquire further prana in the astral plane.

If this is not possible, then prana is taken from the other inner circuits to sustain the outer one. But as this is done the inner circuits can be weakened as can the connecting lines between them and communication between them is diminished.

This is tolerated to a small extent only, and if it continues and drains the inner circuits excessively, the supply is cut off so that the outer circuit is no longer fed energy. In this way it cannot support itself as a circle and breaks off.

Hence outer consciousness is lost. If the cut in supply continues it breaks off the connecting links to the physical body and death results.

The Silver cord is the main connecting wave form between the outer circuit of consciousness and the physical body but there are others around the body and these can be affected as in acupuncture and acupressure.

From this it can be seen that in a human, in whom we said there are 7 Centres each with 7 rings of awareness, there are at least 7 levels of consciousness.

To purify means to prevent breaks on the interconnecting lines and thus function at all 7 levels of consciousness.

The inner-most circuits are connected with the essences contained within them. These form the inner-most mind of the being. Unless a consciousness is a circular consciousness (that is, unless it has formed a circuit) it cannot support essences or store information within it, hence it cannot have a MIND.

Mind is only a temporary creation of a wave form once it forms a circuit and becomes conscious.

If a consciousness becomes linear, that mind is lost and energy for a new mind (with essences and information) needs to be provided to form a new one if it forms a circuit again.

Destruction of levels of consciousness and of whole consciousnesses occurs as energy is drained from these circuits and they fall in frequency until they cannot sustain the circuitry. At other times polluting energy is impregnated onto the interconnecting waveform links so that intercommunication is not possible. This negative energy acts as circuit-breaking plugs.

Any form of electro-magnetic wave is consciousness. Only when it forms a circuit with itself or with other waveforms does it become conscious of itself.

Random lightning, static electricity, magnetic fluxes, etc. are all lower consciousnesses which have become inert and are exposed and measured in some way. These consciousnesses can come from any of the classes of consciousness in this dimension, that is from the mineral, vegetable, animal, or human consciousness class etc.

The earth’s magnetic field is still a circuit and is the consciousness of the physical structure of the planetary logos. Its strength and frequency vary depending on its pranic supply and the interactions it undergoes.

Non-Permanent Atom beings do not have the complex structure of Permanent Atom beings. They have only one ring of awareness which contains the mind within. They are easier to program collectively and depend on interaction with outside consciousnesses far more, for both mind content and energy packets to sustain their frequency.

The non-permanent atom (non-PA) beings, that is the counterfeit beings created by the demiurgos, are energy vampires. They are electro-magnetic sponges and have loose connecting rods (wave forms) projecting out of their solitary circuit which impinge on other outside consciousnesses.

Once they attach to another outside circuit they suck the energy from that circuit. If it’s another non-permanent atom being they attach to, then the gain will be minimal, for the other sucks them also.

But if it is a Permanent Atom (PA) being, that is, a True Divine Being they attach to, they will suck as much energy as possible from that being. The True Being has no equivalent suckers to get energy back hence it is ALWAYS disadvantaged.

The closer their physical proximity, the easier is this suction and drainage done. The drainage is facilitated and accelerated by intimate contact as occurs in sexual relationships.

If a True (P.A). Being has such suckers attached to him from a non P.A. to drain him, he can also develop interconnecting wave links to the outside so that he can drain others. Hence he can become a pseudo-non P.A. sucker.

Once these interconnecting attachments are placed on him he drains others and then in turn is drained by non P.A.s when they come to collect from him.

Without the energy from True Beings the non P.A. system would collapse completely.

This energy exploitation of the true creation by the beings of the counterfeit creation occurs in all the classes of consciousness: mineral, vegetable, animal, human, spiritual, galactic and universal.

Food formed of counterfeit plants, animals and minerals provides the consciousness of these non-P.A. entities which can help form these sucking outer links in higher classes.

Hence with contaminated food, not only is the consciousness of the consumer polluted and programmed, but energy wave forms can actually form sucking outer links on his subtle bodies so that he unwittingly becomes an energy vampire in the system.

The greater the degree of purification, the less the number of these outer connecting links and obviously the less the interaction with polluting energy, and therefore the less will the accumulation of polluted energy be and the less the drainage of one’s energy.

When dependent non-P.A. suckers, who are used to feeding on a P.A. being, are cut off their customary supply, they react most adversely because they know the full significance of the cutoff.

As the Earth’s magnetic field weakens, (this is occurring NOW) it means it is losing consciousness. The more it loses consciousness the quicker will it fracture and dissipate. The change in the magnetic flux can be measured.

A graph of the change will give an adequate picture of final failure and planetary disintegration in the not too distant future.

(If these words are beyond your comprehension, move on and don’t let this fact of incomprehension bother you.)


I may have posted some of the items below previously.

When I first began writing and lecturing about Evil and Finality some 30 years ago, I had the problem of being confronted by many fools and unawakened beings who claimed Evil did not exist, that Aliens did not exist, that the Earth could never end, etc., etc.

See now where we are at:


I had previously mentioned that the USA became the headquarters of Jehovah for this planet when WW2 ended. Previously it was in Switzerland would you believe. Israel is a subsidiary.



Had I not warned you that 9/11 was a major KEY to introduce the Final Phase which would include Civil war in the USA and Nuclear War everywhere?

You will see Putin’s role more clearly in these clips.

Just in case you have forgotten what such actions are from: They are from EVIL!


Note that when some talk about Psychopaths in control, you should substitute the word ‘Demons’ for Psychopaths. And the percentage of demonic consciousness in human bodies is now 35% of the Human population, not 3-4%.

Always remember, the physical human body is simply a complex temporary ‘cardboard box’.

As you can see in these videos, The Main Stream Media (MSM) is in control, and it is very demonic. How sad that so many sheople have as yet not awoken to this fact!

Nonetheless, Evil is being totally exposed, no matter how painful the process may be, in preparation for its total obliteration!


There is no doubt that the Archons (Demons) run the institutions of the World. Their main aim is to extract energy from their victims.

Here is a perfect example of how they extract energy from helpless victims and how they protect themselves from prosecution.




October 7, 2014

Mechanisms for revolutions: They work every time:



I had advised all my patients to avoid dairy products.  Here is more proof why such products are unhealthy:



If you need to speed up your bowel movements, watch Sid Roth’s video.

BS does not get much thicker:

: http://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2014/10/staggering-update-on-the-blood-moons-what-is-really-coming-2014-and-2015-you-wont-be-surprised-you-will-be-utterly-shocked-video-2464560.html?utm_source=direct-b4in.info&utm_content=beforeit39snews-verticalresponse&utm_medium=verticalresponse&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fb4in.info%2FqgvH&utm_campaign=


The connection now seems obvious: Eugenics Program, Agenda 21, Prediction of mass elimination of Humans from the Planet, 911, FEMA camps, millions of body-bags, Ebola, etc.


The Camps and body-bags are in anticipation of a Civil War in the USA, and the Civil War is an eventual expression of deadly ire in the USA communities for the treachery that people have realized had been planned for them.

The truth of 911 will awaken them most to the Evil to which they have been subjected.

You must think in metaphysical terms to understand the full picture.

Class 5 Demons are the ones ordering the culling. They were involved in developing these bodies and the evolution we see on earth.

They think they are ‘god’, sharing as they do the Mind of the evil Apparatus set up after the celestial Error.

They have no cognisance of Higher Divine Levels or of Divine Justice.

In this Galaxy, as yet they do not believe they will be terminated permanently as their evil brethren have been in other Galaxies.


This is a show I did in Switzerland last month:


You can explore other venues:




still uploading:

We also play the archive 24/7 on our Internet Radio: UWS/ICRN Radio:

in German:


From long-term reader, Joy: Loved the lion!   That was so touching.  I have to admit it brought tears to my eyes to see that pure love.    Then there are those who try to do the right thing in this world and the old saying “no good deed goes unpunished” is all too true.



  • One of my books has been printed in France and sold worldwide without my consent.



2             Amazon.com is selling my books new (Death of an evil God – $500) and second hand (The Revenge of Camelot for over $700).

These are stolen items. I have not authorized such sales.

If you know anything about these thefts, and infringement of Copyright, please let me know so I can take legal action against the thieves.



Universal Love, Golden rule? U kidding me?


Then this:


This is what I wrote in my book, ‘The Kingdom of Zion’: The scriptures, including the Torah, Talmud, and the New Testament are not given from heaven. Every word of the Bible is not perfect truth but part of a heartless lie and cruel deception, in which Truth has been suppressed, distorted, reversed, and confused, on purpose. Biblical half-truths make complete lies!

Madness all around http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/10/05/truthfest/

Where will it ALL END? You know the answer: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/10/06/tehran-chronicle-exposing-israeli-disinfo/

Everything is disintegrating: http://beforeitsnews.com/environment/2014/10/%e2%98%85-experts-reveal-yellowstone-supervolcano-unpredictable-helium-increasing-video%e2%98%85-2510656.html?utm_content=beforeit39snews-verticalresponse&utm_source=direct-b4in.info&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fb4in.info%2FthEq&utm_campaign=&utm_medium=verticalresponse


Hi Giuseppe,

After seeing the lion I remembered seeing a crocodile story on Rense and found the link below.

http://rense.com/general94/friend.htm   Regards, Safir


Retro-prophecy: http://beforeitsnews.com/space/2014/10/2nd-blood-moon-followed-by-a-never-seen-before-celestial-event-2483924.html

This is how seriously you should take these prophecies: A man had a bad tooth extracted, and there was blood seen during the procedure. And he remembered the tetrad. Actually it’s called a quadrella in Oz (a four horse parley). And he lost the bet. Going shopping, he was caught in the rain and he caught a cold. Two weeks later he suffered a flat tyre. His question: was this tetrad caused by the bad blood from the extraction? Bible-bashers are trying to find the jaw bone of an ass to give an affirmative answer. Dare I Sai ah?


Evil vs Evil




A little bit more of Terminal Madness



Forwarded by Randy:

Dear Dr.

Jim Stone provides veracity to your words about Ebola being genetically engineered, etc. in the form of a letter from a medical doctor peer…


An American Professor is telling Liberians that America manufactured Ebola, and is backing it up with hard proof.

Dr. Cyril Broderick, Professor of Plant Pathology

Dear World Citizens:

I have read a number of articles from your Internet outreach as well as articles from other sources about the casualties in Liberia and other West African countries about the human devastation caused by the Ebola virus. About a week ago, I read an article published in the Internet news summary publication of the Friends of Liberia that said that there was an agreement that the initiation of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was due to the contact of a two-year old child with bats that had flown in from the Congo. That report made me disconcerted with the reporting about Ebola, and it stimulated a response to the “Friends of Liberia,” saying that African people are not ignorant and gullible, as is being implicated. A response from Dr. Verlon Stone said that the article was not theirs, and that “Friends of Liberia” was simply providing a service. He then asked if he could publish my letter in their Internet forum. I gave my permission, but I have not seen it published. Because of the widespread loss of life, fear, physiological trauma, and despair among Liberians and other West African citizens, it is incumbent that I make a contribution to the resolution of this devastating situation, which may continue to recur, if it is not properly and adequately confronted. I will address the situation in five (5) points:


Horowitz (1998) was deliberate and unambiguous when he explained the threat of new diseases in his text, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola – Nature, Accident or Intentional. In his interview with Dr. Robert Strecker in Chapter 7, the discussion, in the early 1970s, made it obvious that the war was between countries that hosted the KGB and the CIA, and the ‘manufacture’ of ‘AIDS-Like Viruses’ was clearly directed at the other. In passing during the Interview, mention was made of Fort Detrick, “the Ebola Building,” and ‘a lot of problems with strange illnesses’ in “Frederick [Maryland].” By Chapter 12 in his text, he had confirmed the existence of an American Military-Medical-Industry that conducts biological weapons tests under the guise of administering vaccinations to control diseases and improve the health of “black Africans overseas.” The book is an excellent text, and all leaders plus anyone who has interest in science, health, people, and intrigue should study it. I am amazed that African leaders are making no acknowledgements or reference to these documents.


I am now reading The Hot Zone, a novel, by Richard Preston (copyrighted 1989 and 1994); it is heart-rending. The prolific and prominent writer, Steven King, is quoted as saying that the book is “One of the most horrifying things I have ever read. What a remarkable piece of work.” As a New York Times bestseller, The Hot Zone is presented as “A terrifying true story.” Terrifying, yes, because the pathological description of what was found in animals killed by the Ebola virus is what the virus has been doing to citizens of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia in its most recent outbreak: Ebola virus destroys peoples’ internal organs and the body deteriorates rapidly after death. It softens and the tissues turn into jelly, even if it is refrigerated to keep it cold. Spontaneous liquefaction is what happens to the body of people killed by the Ebola virus! The author noted in Point 1, Dr. Horowitz, chides The Hot Zone for writing to be politically correct; I understand because his book makes every effort to be very factual. The 1976 Ebola incident in Zaire, during President Mobutu Sese Seko, was the introduction of the GMO Ebola to Africa.


The World Health Organization (WHO) and several other UN Agencies have been implicated in selecting and enticing African countries to participate in the testing events, promoting vaccinations, but pursuing various testing regiments. The August 2, 2014 article, West Africa: What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone? by Jon Rappoport of Global Research pinpoints the problem that is facing African governments.

Obvious in this and other reports are, among others:

(a) The US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), a well-known centre for bio-war research, located at Fort Detrick, Maryland;

(b) Tulane University, in New Orleans, USA, winner of research grants, including a grant of more than $7 million the National Institute of Health (NIH) to fund research with the Lassa viral hemorrhagic fever;

(c) the US Center for Disease Control (CDC);

(d) Doctors Without Borders (also known by its French name, Medicins Sans Frontiers);

(e) Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company;

(f) The UK’s GlaxoSmithKline; and

(g) the Kenema Government Hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone.

Reports narrate stories of the US Department of Defense (DoD) funding Ebola trials on humans, trials which started just weeks before the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The reports continue and state that the DoD gave a contract worth $140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research. This research work involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly Ebola virus. Hence, the DoD is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715, which started in January 2014 shortly before an Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March. Disturbingly, many reports also conclude that the US government has a viral fever bioterrorism research laboratory in Kenema, a town at the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The only relevant positive and ethical olive-branch seen in all of my reading is that Theguardian.com reported, “The US government funding of Ebola trials on healthy humans comes amid warnings by top scientists in Harvard and Yale that such virus experiments risk triggering a worldwide pandemic.” That threat still persists.


The U. S., Canada, France, and the U. K. are all implicated in the detestable and devilish deeds that these Ebola tests are. There is the need to pursue criminal and civil redress for damages, and African countries and people should secure legal representation to seek damages from these countries, some corporations, and the United Nations. Evidence seems abundant against Tulane University, and suits should start there. Yoichi Shimatsu’s article, The Ebola Breakout Coincided with UN Vaccine Campaigns, as published on August 18, 2014, in the Liberty Beacon.


Africa must not relegate the Continent to become the locality for disposal and the deposition of hazardous chemicals, dangerous drugs, and chemical or biological agents of emerging diseases. There is urgent need for affirmative action in protecting the less affluent of poorer countries, especially African citizens, whose countries are not as scientifically and industrially endowed as the United States and most Western countries, sources of most viral or bacterial GMOs that are strategically designed as biological weapons. It is most disturbing that the U. S. Government has been operating a viral hemorrhagic fever bioterrorism research laboratory in Sierra Leone. Are there others? Wherever they exist, it is time to terminate them. If any other sites exist, it is advisable to follow the delayed but essential step: Sierra Leone closed the US bioweapons lab and stopped Tulane University for further testing.

The world must be alarmed. All Africans, Americans, Europeans, Middle Easterners, Asians, and people from every conclave on Earth should be astonished. African people, notably citizens more particularly of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are victimized and are dying every day. Listen to the people who distrust the hospitals, who cannot shake hands, hug their relatives and friends. Innocent people are dying, and they need our help. The countries are poor and cannot afford the whole lot of personal protection equipment (PPE) that the situation requires. The threat is real, and it is larger than a few African countries. The challenge is global, and we request assistance from everywhere, including China, Japan, Australia, India, Germany, Italy, and even kind-hearted people in the U.S., France, the U.K., Russia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and anywhere else whose desire is to help. The situation is bleaker than we on the outside can imagine, and we must provide assistance however we can. To ensure a future that has less of this kind of drama, it is important that we now demand that our leaders and governments be honest, transparent, fair, and productively engaged. They must answer to the people. Please stand up to stop Ebola testing and the spread of this dastardly disease.

Thank you very much.


Dr. Cyril E. Broderick, Sr.

Jim’s comment

Sounds convincing, but a 1976 production date for an original strain sounds a little bit early to me. My guess is that is late 80’s stuff, but then again bioweapons manufacturers keep things hidden for quite a while, and the patents are indeed real, so it is at least to a degree plausible. The rest is spot on.

Sierra Leon in CHAOS

Massive quarantines are now in effect with martial law in full swing, to such an extent that the food supply infrastructure is starting to break down. GREAT. JUST GREAT. New NWO tactic: Crack down so hard that food cannot be sent to market and people will starve to death as a result and you can then blame starvation deaths on Ebola! THAT way, even if Ebola is not real with regard to population reduction, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


I post such items as above to keep you informed, and to highlight the Terminal Madness and Fragmentation that I predicted long ago via my books, radio shows and lectures. GSC



October 9, 2014

Demons at work, as usual, and this you know:

The Fluoride Deception: How a Nuclear Waste Byproduct Made Its Way Into the Nation’s Drinking Water


Did I not predict that ALL EVIL will be exposed in the Endtime?



All Evil shall be exposed:





From my friend Glen:

Hello Giuseppe…………just finished listening to the recent interview you did with Detlev from Switzerland

It was great, very informative as always and more importantly loaded with NGE for all those seeking Divine sustenance from your special work.

Thank you so much for providing the plethora of valuable links outlining/confirming the rapid and increasing demise of this cesspool prison planet earth !

In spite of the nausea and ugliness at the physical level of accessing this info on such a regular basis,I clearly see the necessity as it all contributes to the essential breaking up of the evil energy patterns as we prepare for evils’ self destruction and liberation for those of The Light.

Best Wishes,    Glen.


More about Ebola:

Jim Stone postulates that The Ebola thing going on in Africa is not the virus, but cabal poisoning.

Jim Stone:

“Ebola” in Africa may well be a chemical attack instead.

JJMC wrote: I think its an open and shut case that this “Ebola” is actually a CIA-Zionist bio-chemcial weapon tested in Africa, but being used to control Americans thru fear. If they release the chemical poison here it will definitely result in bedlam and martial law. This is also why they are not worried about the borders as this is not a virus…
Alex had this CIA whistle blower interview forecasting this exact thing as a chemical weapon and you have said this is most likely released in the water…

great interview recommended by Colonel Shaffer


good job keep it up..

My response:

I strongly believe this is exactly what we are looking at in Africa. We are getting no Ebola pictures out of there, all photos appear to be of people sick with the flu, and there are a LOT of poisons out there that mimic the flu (McDonalds food is the one I am most familiar with.)

If the NWO wanted to poison a water source that was well trusted that many people used, it would be DIRT SIMPLE in Africa and people there would not likely draw the connection.
It is very important to know this – Africans may wash their clothes in a dirty river or questionable water, but they DO NOT DRINK THAT WATER, Africa has had a drinking water revolution and nowadays EVERYONE there drinks packaged water, the same way Mexico does.

Packaged water is a Multi billion dollar business in Africa, because people there are aware of the dangers of drinking bad water. It is all packaged now, usually in bags (which are cheaper than bottles) which makes it cheap enough for Africans to afford.

All the NWO would have to do to kick off a very predictable “plague” would be to select the brand of water that hit the numbers of sick they wanted, and then poison it. No one would draw the connection to purified water and I strongly believe that this is in fact what is being done to actually get people sick there.

THAT would explain two things – 1. Why this brand of “Ebola” shows no Ebola symptoms and 2. Why a different virus has not been named in all of this. Poisoning via water sources, in my opinion, explains what is going on in Africa better than anything else.


It’s the Endtime. Hence, evil cannot hide anything.


Containment has failed because it was meant to fail!







Why Viables are nauseated with the spewing from the MSM:


Now do you believe we live in an Evil Illusion?

Now do you believe this Evil System runs on lies, hate and unrelenting exploitation?

Now do you believe that the unawakened masses are programmed, polluted and indoctrinated
by Evil, for Evil?

Now do you conclude it must be destroyed totally and forever?


Seems we love lions that express love and all creatures of True Love!
My thanks to Ray T. for forwarding this:



Finally, the Message of Physical Finality is getting through.

You knew this, of course, and you know the real why and wherefore of this Terminal Fragmentation!



This confirms what you already knew about the Tall White ETs. They are robots guided by Class 5 demons who are their superiors. There is no benevolence in either group.


Here is an expose of the robotic little Greys:



Regardless of Evil Alien Agendas, remember the Divine Liquidation of the Physical Dimension.



Finally the word “Demons” gets into the act:


Demons are the Archons (Class 5) who control this world and ALL the Physical Dimension.

Demonic Consciousness is found in ALL Classes of Consciousness – Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Devic, Galactic and Universal. They do NOT exist in classes about the Universal Class.

Don’t believe the baloney about Crowley letting them into this dimension, etc. In the main, the dialogue is rubbish, especially the last third which is Bible Bashing Baloney and vomitus.


Anita writes:

As all of this information is coming out, it is getting to the point where I am almost tired of watching them self-destruct.  Most of the stuff which is happening you have already mentioned, so it is getting to the point where I am just waiting for it to finally get going.  The faster this mess is over the better!!!!!!





ISIS busted again





October 11, 2014

“Hello God,…”

“If it (the Physical Universe) cannot get enough energy,

Then the whole system is doomed?”



It has always been a waiting ‘game’.

Nowhere to run,

No way to win.

That’s the fate of Evil.

It’s futility you have seen.

Useless has its rebellion been!”


From My Conversations with God, Book 2,



Everything, everything of Evil, is being exposed:

India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes

From Vac Truth.org

As Bill Gates faces a lawsuit for the illegal testing of tribal children in India, it appears that his crimes against humanity have finally caught up with him.

A recent report published by Health Impact News has reported that the Gates Foundation has found itself facing a pending lawsuit, due to an investigation that is being carried out by the Supreme Courts of India.

Health Impact News stated:

“While fraud and corruption are revealed on almost a daily basis now in the vaccine industry, the U.S. mainstream media continues to largely ignore such stories. Outside the U.S., however, the vaccine empires are beginning to crumble, and English versions of the news in mainstream media outlets are available via the Internet.

One such country is India, where the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and their vaccine empire are under fire, including a pending lawsuit currently being investigated by the India Supreme Court.” [1]

The Health Impact News article centered largely on a four-page report that was recently published by Economic Times India.

Eager to know more, I investigated their story and discovered that the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation and two organizations funded by them, PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health) and GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), have found themselves under fire, after a writ of petition originally submitted to the Supreme Court of India, by Kalpana Mehta, Nalini Bhanot and Dr. Rukmini Rao in 2012, was finally heard by the courts.

The petitioners submitting the petition stated:

“BMGF, PATH and WHO were criminally negligent trialling the vaccines on a vulnerable, uneducated and under-informed population school administrators, students and their parents who were not provided informed consent or advised of potential adverse effects or required to be monitored post-vaccination.” [2]

Young Tribal Girls Tested With HPV Vaccines

The Economic Times India published their report August 2014. They stated that in 2009, tests had been carried out on 16,000 tribal school children in Andhra Pradesh, India, using the human papiloma virus (HPV) vaccine, Gardasil.

According to the report written by KP Narayana Kumar, within a month of receiving the vaccine, many of the children fell ill and by 2010, five of them had died. A further two children were reported to have died in Vadodara, Gujarat, where an estimated 14,000 tribal children were vaccinated with another brand of the HPV vaccine, Cervarix, manufactured by GlaxoSmitheKline (GSK).

Shockingly, the report stated that many of the consent forms used to vaccinate the girls were signed “illegally,” either by the wardens from the hostels where many of the girls resided, or using thumbprints from illiterate parents.

This travesty was not discovered until a team of health activists from the non-government organization SAMA, an organization specializing in women’s health, decided to investigate what had been going on.

According to the report, they were shocked to discover that a total of 120 girls had been taken ill, suffering from a variety of symptoms, including “epileptic seizures, severe stomach aches, headaches and mood swings.”

The Economic Times stated:

“The Sama report also said there had been cases of early onset of menstruation following the vaccination, heavy bleeding and severe menstrual cramps among many students. The standing committee pulled up the relevant state governments for the shoddy investigation into these deaths.

It said it was disturbed to find that ‘all the seven deaths were summarily dismissed as unrelated to vaccinations without in-depth investigations …’ the speculative causes were suicides, accidental drowning in well (why not suicide?), malaria, viral infections, subarachnoid hemorrhage (without autopsy) etc.”

This information is even more shocking when you discover that the organization funding the study was none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who declared the project a total success.

Kumar wrote:

“According to the BMGF, the WHO, the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, and the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India have all recommended vaccination ‘as a proven and highly effective preventive measure for cervical cancer.’ The project used vaccines that are licensed in India and that have been administered safely around the world tens of millions of times, preventing countless cases of cervical cancer illness and death, ‘maintains a BMGF spokesperson in an emailed response (see GAVI & PHFI create incentives …’”http://vactruth.com/2014/10/05/bill-gates-vaccine-crimes/ He continued:http://vactruth.com/2014/10/05/bill-gates-vaccine-crimes/ “BMGF’s role in funding the controversial studies, however, has led to many healthcare activists in India voicing their apprehensions. ‘BMGF has to take full responsibility because PATH is funded by them. It is also unethical when people championing the cause of vaccines are the same ones who are also investing in vaccine development,’ said V Rukmini Rao, one of the activists who filed a writ petition before the Supreme Court in connection with the HPV vaccine studies.” [3]

Absolutely, and this is not the first time that these organizations have been caught illegally testing vaccines in developing countries.

Gates Foundation, WHO, PATH, GAVI, UNICEF Behind Chad Vaccine Disaster

In December 2012, in the small village of Gouro, Chad, Africa, situated on the edge of the Sahara Desert, five hundred children were locked into their school, threatened that if they did not agree to being force-vaccinated with a meningitis A vaccine, they would receive no further education.

These children were vaccinated without their parents’ knowledge. This vaccine was an unlicensed product still going through the third and fourth phases of testing.

Within hours, one hundred and six children began to suffer from headaches, vomiting, severe uncontrollable convulsions and paralysis. The children’s wait for a doctor began. They had to wait one full week for a doctor to arrive while the team of vaccinators proceeded to vaccinate others in the village.

When the doctor finally came, he could do nothing for the children. The team of vaccinators, upon seeing what had happened, fled the village in fear.

The original report written in a small, local newspaper called La Voix, the only newspaper to have published the original story, stated that forty children were finally transferred to a hospital in Faya and later taken by plane to two hospitals in N’Djamena, the capital city of Chad.

After being shuttled around like cattle, many of these sick, weak children were finally dumped back in their village without a diagnosis and each family was given an unconfirmed sum of £1000 by the government. No forms were signed and no documentation was seen. They were informed that their children had not suffered a vaccine injury.

However, if this were true, why would their government award each family £1000 in what has been described as hush money?

The only mainstream news channel to have highlighted the plight of these poor children was a local channel called Tchad, which filmed footage of the then-Prime Minister of Chad visiting the children in hospital.

VacTruth has copies of both reports, along with medical and government documents.




High cost of cancer drugs immoral:



A lot of good this is going to do the demons:



Told you so! The terrible truth about cannabis:


My thanks to Charles for forwarding this article.

“his main finding is that regular use, especially among teenagers, leads to long-term mental health problems and addiction”

“Too often cannabis is wrongly seen as a safe drug, but as this review shows, there is a clear link with psychosis and schizophrenia, especially for teenagers.”

“The common view that smoking cannabis is nothing to get worked up about needs to be challenged more effectively. Instead of classifying and re-classifying, government time and money would be much better spent on educating young people about how smoking cannabis is essentially playing a very real game of Russian roulette with your mental health.’

“It doubles risk of developing psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia”

From- Professor Wayne Hall, a drugs advisor to the World Health Organisation

Another perspective on Ebola;



About the American Medical Association :



October 12, 2014

Martial Law


And More



In case you missed it: http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/07/25/pope-francis-found-guilty-of-child-trafficking-rape-murder/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29


http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/05/10/video-anonymous-homeless-people-sent-to-fema-camps-in-usa-it-begins/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium =email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29




Agenda 21 in Action





We had been warned:

This – http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/10/05/fema-camps-mass-graves-and-ebola-in-the-us-the-time-is-now/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29

Then this:


Then this:




If they can release Ebola so easily, why not slip other viruses or bacteria into the system to comply with Agenda 21?



The Zenith of BS for the Morons?



I realize the story of Vaccines is getting to the Borrrring stage…..


Now, the $64,000 questions is this: what is really in those vaccines?

: http://beforeitsnews.com/conspiracy-theories/2014/10/details-of-how-mandatory-ebola-vaccines-will-soon-be-a-reality-2465746.html?utm_campaign=&utm_medium=verticalresponse&utm_source=direct-b4in.info&utm_content=beforeit39snews-verticalresponse&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fb4in.info%2FgfxL





Aren’t the Archons creative in their pursuit of Self-destruction?


then …..



SETI is still awaiting Radio Signals to answer their big questions: Are we alone (or are we at SETI just very, very stupid)?



A lot of Baloney mixed with some truths:




Who is your hero?”


“You are

For, with My help,

When you try,

You can achieve the impossible!”


From My Conversations with God, Book 2




October 13, 2014



I am continuing to post articles which highlight the Mechanisms for the END.

You will note the following points from the articles I post:

  • The Terminal Madness of the Endtime in all levels of Society, especially the Archonic leaders, is developing at an alarming rate with gruesome consequences for us all;
  • The automatic Mechanisms that have started which lead all non-Viables to Self-Destruction are increasing and are unstoppable;

3                 The irrational, wanton destruction of as many aspects of “physical existence” that they can target is ubiquitous and inexorable.

I shall write about the significance of physical existence shortly. If you cant wait, I suggest you read my books titled “Making Sense of the Madness, volumes 1,2 and 3.

Back to the articles exposing the destructive non-Viable Robots and Demons:

The Archons are taking us all for FOOLS:

ISIS Busted Yet Again



Here the Martial Law that I predicted back in th e1990s.



“Disaster Teams Were Notified Months Ago They Would Be Activated in October”

A public tweet from a large government supplier of emergency response products specializing in “high risk events” says that Disaster Assistance Response Teams were told to prepare to be activated in the month of October. The shocking revelation, made on the Goldenstate Fire/EMS Twitter page, suggests that not only did someone know that the Ebola virus would be reaching America, but that they knew exactly when it would happen.

“What we are now hearing is just the tip of the iceburg as we enter October,” noted the company’s Twitter spokesperson. “Ebola virus will cripple EMS and hospitals.”

When Future Money Trends, a follower of the page, asked what they meant by this statement, Goldenstate Fire/EMS responded with a shocking revelation.

“DART teams were notified months ago they would be activated in October. Timing seems weird. Source: current DART member.”

Twitter exchange:

What we are now hearing is just the tip of the iceburg as we enter October. #Ebola virus will cripple EMS and hospitals. The wait is over!

— GoldenStateFIRE/EMS (@GoldenStateEMS) September 30, 2014

@FutureMoneyTren DART teams were notified months ago they would be activated in October. Timing seems weird. Source: current DART member.

— GoldenStateFIRE/EMS (@GoldenStateEMS) September 30, 2014

Be prepared to self quarantine yourselves if you experience flu like symptoms. Do not venture out as EMS & hospitals will be overwhelmed.

— GoldenStateFIRE/EMS (@GoldenStateEMS) September 30, 2014

There is speculation that this #DallasEbola case is not Ebola. DART teams were told months ago they would be activated in October.

— GoldenStateFIRE/EMS (@GoldenStateEMS) September 30, 2014

The full twitter exchange is available here and a screenshot has been archived.

With the Ebola virus now having been confirmed on U.S. soil, speculation as to how it got here and how many others may have contracted it is mounting. The traditional thinking here is that the virus made its way to the United States simply by one infected individual coming into contact with another, and so on. But, a growing chorus of contrarian researchers suggests another possibility – the Ebola virus may have been weaponized by a government or rogue terror cell and it has been deployed as a bio weapon.

This may sound outlandish, but in August SHTFplan.com posted a video of a State Department official’s remarks to reporters about developments in Africa. In her statement she specifically referred to the growing crisis as an “Ebola attack,” suggesting that not only has the virus been weaponized, but that the U.S. government knew it was not a naturally occurring event.

Though such weaponization is difficult to achieve according to Dr. Joe Alton, it remains a distinct possibility.

As noted by Kurt Nimmo, who cites a 2013 Global Policy Journal report, if someone had the resources to make it happen, they probably could:

Although weaponization of Ebola is complex and unlikely, experts in the field say transmission of the virus by air has occurred between animals. They believe “with advancing knowledge about how to manipulate viruses, the traits that make these [hemorrhagic fever virus agents] difficult to weaponize might be a diminishing barrier.”

Additionally, a “reverse genetics system provides a way to produce highly virulent mutated viruses for the purpose of biological warfare or biological terrorism,” scientists believe, according to Teckman’s research. (Infowars)

Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show notes that the U.S. Army is intimately involved in Ebola research, adding further fuel to speculation that it has been used to develop new bio weapon systems:

The fact that the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) is involved suggests that either the Ebola virus, or the vaccine, or both, have been weaponized.

Weaponization aside, there is a third possibility and that is the virus did spread through the natural contagion effect, but that its entry into the United States is being facilitated by lax border policies and almost non-existent airport screening procedures, something that has Immigration and Customs officials terrified.

Over the last several years the U.S. government has been actively preparing for a widespread crisis scenario. Whether that crisis is Ebola or something else remains to be seen. But, what we do know is that they have stocked up not only armaments and ammunition, but tens of thousands of Hazmat suits, body bags and what are believed to be millions of disposable FEMA coffins.

Moreover, the President updated several Executive Orders over the last several years authorizing, among other things, forced quarantines and round-ups in the event of a pandemic emergency and the appropriation of private resources like food, water and human labor.

That a major government supplier of emergency equipment has come out in the open to claim that their sources had foreknowledge of an emergency Disaster Response mobilization to occur in the United States in October of this year is an astonishing development considering what has transpired in the last 72 hours.


Light kills Ebola



German Docs Drop Ebola-Bombshell On CDC! They’re Lying!


A group of German medical doctors in a peer-reviewed medical journal article published by Oxford University Press have challenged a key assumption regarding the Ebola virus repeatedly asserted by Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

The researchers found that a patient showing no symptoms of the disease can still transmit a virus like Ebola by air if droplets containing the virus are transmitted to another person by a sneeze or cough.

WND reported Wednesday Liberia is preventing journalists from reporting Ebola-related stories from health care centers in the country unless they obtain written permission from the government.



The Ebola deception.

It can verily be called the Vaccine 911 as predicted.


Four natural ways to fight Ebola:




Just how badly anaesthetized have most of us been by Evil’s noxious programming, pollution and indoctrination?

Just how stupid did the Archons think we were?

Just how unfathomable is the depth of their Evil?



Was “Humanity” ever in control?



This article was sent to me by a Canadian:



Merging of the Three Realities

It is obvious that the ruling Archons are bent on destroying as many of us as they can by the mechanisms they have developed, some of which I have highlighted in this website. Their schedules go by the name of the Eugenics Program and Agenda 21. If you are not familiar with these, I urge you to Google the names and read about them.

It is also obvious the Archons are taking advantage of the coming so-called natural disasters to clear out “Humanity”. They themselves, if they are in the physical, will hide out in the underground bunkers they have built for themselves and their servants. This site has abundant information on bunkers: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=modern+underground+bunkers&qpvt=modern+underground+bunkers&FORM=IGRE

The other Archons, not in human form, will observe all this change from the safety of their crafts which are in the skies, in lairs under water, in mountains, inside the Earth, etc. Read about alien hideouts on Google.


What you may not know is that the Annunaki-type aliens have a NEW line of humanoid ready to take over the Earth. Some have suspected that our progenitor aliens such as the Annunaki have been tampering with the DNA strands of humans and animals.


Had I not told you they were stealing ova and sperm from humans and animals to produce a new, more malleable creature? Alien abductions, studied by many, including Prof John Mack, a prestigious Harvard psychiatrist, with whom I spent some time in Boston discussing these issues, were for genetic harvesting.

I was asked by the Rescue Council to visit him in Boston and delivery to him information to make his assessment complete. He ws eliminated by the you-know-who.





Will these evil, idiotic Demons who set up this ghastly system on Earth succeed as they have in the past? There can only be one answer: “NO!”

The whole Galaxy is planned for total destruction by a Force far greater than them. BTW, as I have revealed previously the highest demonic consciousness can only go to Class 7 (the Universal Class). There are 6 more spiritual classes beyond them.

Up till now, Archons have thumbed their noses at this news of total obliteration of the Physical Dimension. But, it will hit them soon enough as being the Greater Reality, and then shall we see what Terminal Madness of the Endtime really means.

One cannot divorce what is happening in the Physical Dimension from the encompassing Greater Reality. The answer, of necessity, is found in the Metaphysical Truths that I have exposed like none other has done before me.

Let me diverge a moment: It is not a matter of an “Ego” or of “i”. It is a matter of “I” and all the beings that make up that “I”.

“i” am basically a little nobody on this planet.

“I” is the essence of the Supra-Mental Reality found in all the planets of all the Solar Systems, in all the Constellations of all the Galaxies that make up the Physical Dimension.

Me, the little “i”, is part of, and connected to, the big “I” that originates outside of the Physical Dimension as will be all the Viables in due course, even as they proceed in their respective Classes in the Evil-free zones. In fact, “I” is the highest developed consciousness in existence. It is non-violent and non-destructive. However, its role, apart from being the God Level, is one of correction of errors and the eventual elimination of this Celestial Error.

It is the one sponsoring the New Green Energy (NGE) which will sustain Viables to the End. One “i” (me) is the physical outlet for that energy on this Earth. You will find an “i” in all planets and structures of the Physical Universe that require the NGE.

When this body dies, the “i” is absorbed into the “I” until it needs to manifest again somewhere as an “i”. Thus the Ancient Gnostic saying “i” am that “I” am. (The anthropomorphized god is none other than Satan, Yahweh, Jehovah, the evil god of the evil Robots and demons “it’ created”. It is malicious, vindictive, murderous, mendacious, lustful and vengeful.) The true God level has none of these disgusting properties.

The “I” is not emotional, nor fractious about events in the Virtual Reality.

Thus it is that now we have a Point of Convergence of the three Realities of which I wrote long ago, the Prosaic, the Esoteric and the Supra-Mental realities.

1             The Prosaic Reality: The diseases (such as Ebola and others that are being sprayed into our lungs), the accidents (Fukushima) and natural disasters (Fall of Earth on its axis, etc.) are part of the Prosaic Reality that most beings in the Physical can understand.


2             The Esoteric Reality: Those a little more awakened can envisage the actions of Aliens in their Crafts above and around Earth creating Hybrids to implant in the noxious and ever-changing conditions of this, soon-to-be, defunct planet. This is the Esoteric Reality that all are being forced to acknowledge and accept now that the Archons have decided to make UFOs and Aliens known to the sleeping masses.

Previously, most who were aware of the Esoteric Reality did not believe in Evil. But now they are, as they see the wonton destruction of all things, including their own physical lives.


3             The Supra-Mental Reality: And thirdly, my Knowledge and Message about total elimination of the Earth, this Galaxy, and in time, all the Physical Dimension, shall be superimposed onto the first two realities which will then be seen as pseudo-realities. This is the Supramental Reality predicted first by Frederick Nietzsche and then by Shri Aurobindo and is now finally being delivered for the last time by me, your host. What is my relationship to Nietzsche and Aurobindo? You tell me.

As I have explained elsewhere, the Supramental Reality is the only true, permanent Reality. The other two are Evil-created pseudo-realities.

The Pseudo-Christian pseudo-reality of an Endtime with Christ coming on a cloud, resurrecting the dead from their graves each in its one and only physical body, and sending Satan to a pit for 1000 years, is but a mocking, evil pantomime with lots of rigmarole of the real thing, created by the Archons to camouflage the true occurrence of the True Endtime.



October 15, 2014

A new take on “E”:






So, the Tragedy is now a Farcical Black Comedy to entrap Merry Cans?



More Chess moves:



A thoughtful email, from a long-term friend J.E., expresses what many of us have no doubt been thinking as our misery and impatience for the End increase exponentially:

Joseph, I have not found any reason, in 27 years, to find any of your writings, or website postings, nonsensical.

The one thing  that does not make much sense to me is the  prolonged, painful termination of the existing  order of things in this place, with its endless suffering & misery,  by a power that is supposedly capable of terminating entire Galaxies !

I mean, it would only be necessary to speed up the (now evident) approaching Mini Ice Age to rather quickly bring to an end the entire Earth ‘civilization’ and all its mistakes & all its weaponry, without the hell of thermonuclear war and the prolonged horrors of radiation.

Who’s who could then be extracted from the frozen corpses expediently

But prolonged suffering, pain & misery has apparently been decreed the necessary solution, and who the hell is an ignorant little class 4 nothing like me to question the Grand Logic ???

My Answer: The Beings in control of the Corrective side are in a dimension which is non-sensical to us. Millions of Earth years pass as one of them yawns (if, in fact, they do yawn!)

We live in a bubble of Illusion which makes no sense to them for it is indeed NOT real. Our pain, suffering, misery and anxieties are really non-existent as far as they are concerned. Besides, they promised they would wipe our minds clean of all memory of Evil’s effects.

Thus, for them there is no time, no rush, no impatience.

It’s hard on us, but that’s the story folks. Take it or leave it!

PS Once we are in Light dimensions, according to what I wrote long ago, we have the right to transmutation if we do not like the way things go or if we simply have had enough of the never-ending experimentation, disappointments and hard work involved. That is the Freewill given to all consciousness units that are created. I don’t know the exact numbers that take this drastic step, but I can well understand if many do take it.

Many other readers have raised other issues which I have distilled into these words:

A very disturbing observation in this Physical Dimension is the fact that the Light seems to have lost every encounter with Darkness that has ever been recorded. All its workers seem to suffer horrible failure, regardless of what they attempt to do, and Evil seems to actually gain from their efforts, this being the very opposite to what the Light intended, surely?

Consider just as brief examples, Jesus, Manichaeus, King Arthur, Joan D’Arc, Galileo, Christopher Columbus, etc., etc. They were neutralized, incarcerated or wiped from the scene in one way or other, and their attempts to bring knowledge into this Illusion were basically futile. And what was the point at all of bringing knowledge into a condemned bubble of Illusion that only ultimately benefitted the Darkness?

One very obvious example: Columbus finding the free world introduced Hell to the natives! Was this Light being then not a vector for massive pain, suffering and misery to be delivered to simple natives?

If the ‘Light’ was so concerned about losing Particles of Light trapped in the Illusion, why would ‘It’ take over 13 billion years to ultimately rescue them? It makes no sense at all.

My only reply is to say this: There is much we cannot appreciate with our lower monkey minds. Perhaps pain, misery and death were properties of the price these Messengers had to pay for bringing in some sort of energy that sustained the Viables in their timeframes.


More on the theft of my books:

After I complained to Amazon.com that they were selling my books as stolen property, all the books became “second hand” at a still very ridiculously high price.

I ask all of you to boycott the sale of this stolen property.

I know who is behind this theft.

They are cursed by their own evilness and will meet, as all demons will, a most horrible end which I have already witnessed. They live in Australia and the USA.


As if you did not know:


Worry about Paedophilia:



In the Kingdom of Zion:

This: http://www.dailyslave.com/insane-u-s-state-department-spokeshole-jen-psaki-praises-israel-for-helping-gaza-residents/

Then this: http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/10/13/israeli-official-the-upcoming-war-on-gaza-will-be-greater/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29

Then this: http://www.dailyslave.com/jew-anti-defamation-league-offering-holohoax-training-to-teachers/


I guess you all saw this: http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/09/26/russia-warns-of-nuclear-disaster-if-syria-is-hit-2/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29

All we can hope for is that the End comes soon.

Are we not all sick of this Madness!

When I first started this work, I was told to be flexible and to expect the unexpected.
There is no way anybody can be 100% accurate on everything.
I ask that you use discretion when considering possible future changes.
If events dont turn out the way we think they should, there is no disappointment for we should not have any firm expectations of what is to be.
Plans for events can change at the last moment for reasons we may not understand.
Be cautious.
Don’t listen to any thoughts that come into your head at this stage and don’t act on them.

I dont think any Light Beings are in the dimension, so any communication you receive will be from Darkness.
Even Viables will most often be just the shell with no Higher Consciousness within them.
Hence,  restrict the shell so that it does not get you into trouble.


October 17, 2014

Class 3 has to be cleared too.



Another Foreign News Outlet Links U.S. Bio-Warfare Labs to Ebola Outbreak

Russian news outlet Ria Novosti recently featured an interview with Professor Francis Boyle, University of Illinois College of Law, implicating the United States military-industrial complex in the current Ebola outbreak which the World Health Organization claims has now taken over 4,000 lives in West Africa.

Via Ria Novosti :
“US government agencies have a long history of carrying out allegedly defensive biological warfare research at labs in Liberia and Sierra Leone. This includes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is now the point agency for managing the Ebola spill-over into the US,” Prof. Francis Boyle said.

“Why has the Obama administration dispatched troops to Liberia when they have no training to provide medical treatment to dying Africans? How did Zaire/Ebola get to West Africa from about 3,500km away from where it was first identified in 1976?”
“Why is the CDC not better-prepared for this emergency after the US government spent about $70 billion since the anthrax attacks of October 2001 to prepare for this exact contingency?” Boyle said.

more http://www.activistpost.com/2014/10/another-foreign-news-outlet-links-us.html


Have I not written that:

  • Evil begets evil?
  • Evil beings are cursed by their own evilness?

How much more Evil will they manifest?


I am happy that in some way I have prepared my readers for this steep and swift descent into Hell which we are now clearly witnessing.


Remember the Terminal Point: All life on this planet must cease. It will cease as will even those dastardly Aliens who are promoting this Evil we see.


Only those deemed spiritually Viable will continue on an evolutionary pathway.

Having said that, look at what these miscreants, Bastards of evil, are up to now:




October 18, 2014

Yet another view of the Ebola BS:



As I predicted in 1985 in my books

Clearing of the Planet is a reality:



Why? Oh Why, are they attempting to frighten the innards out of the Merry Cans and out of everyone else on Earth who is still breathing?

The Archons are running very, very short of energy and are attempting to drain it out of anybody and everybody with every means they have!

You may recall that I said there are many Evil Alien groups on the planet, each with their own agendas. It is the battle between them that is causing so much deadly havoc on Earth. And ‘humans’ are caught in the middle.

Go back to what I said could inhabit the bodies that are classified as ‘human’, and you will see they are mainly now fighting over the right to own these robotic ‘slaves’ and to eliminate the ones they do not want. If you check History with metaphysical eyes, you will note that this has always been the scenario on this level. Class 5 demons (which, by definition are always evil) have ruled the roost at various points on the planet with murderous cruelty, and fought any other demons that crossed their paths.

As you well know, whenever Messengers of Light acted to protect Viables in some way, those Messengers paid a very heavy price for doing so. Again I remind you of the fate of Jesus, Manichaeus, Joan D’Arc, Christopher Columbus, Galileo, etc., etc. There have been many Messengers, all despicably treated by evil which is the controlling essence on this Physical Plane..

You know by your own suffering, if you are Viable, that it is unwarranted and very destructive. The reason the Evil System turns on Viables is simply because they are Viable and have awoken to some extent. While they are asleep, they present no danger to their energy pilfering and are left alone to slumber in the noxious Illusion, slowly drained of their precious energy.

As I wrote earlier, the majority of the Light Beings were evacuated in 1999 in preparation for total destruction of the planet. Similar evacuations occurred in all other planets of the Galaxy in preparation for the total liquidation of the Galaxy, and the Light has virtually abandoned the whole Galaxy for this reason. Thus, the evil, opposing groups are fighting without restraint while the Viables that remain feel they have virtually been abandoned as communications with the Light seem to be almost non-existent, inspite of the presence of the New Green Energy.

To make more complete sense of what is before us, remember that many other Galaxies had been evacuated and eradicated in the Physical Dimension. Some of the Demons residing in them escaped and came into this Galaxy. They fought the local demons for supremacy wherever they landed and also developed the planets with their superior skills if they came from more advanced civilizations.

Think of what conquerors did to Indigenes on Earth. No clearly examples exist than what the White Demons did to the Native Americans and what the white invaders did to the Australian Aborigines.

The invading Space Demons did this for their benefit, not for that of the indigenes on the planets they occupied. One classical example is the Annunaki developing the human zombies into more advanced and therefor more useful human slaves.

When you examine history, you will come across hints of far higher developments than are available even now (Nuclear War, Space Travel, Vimanas, etc.)


Those demonic civilizations had reached far higher levels of technology than even our own. Light Messengers attempted to balance the scales by promoting non-demonic, non-destructive development. But, you know the story: on this level the demonic influence always won.

Being an imperfect system, periodic catastrophes occurred all around the Universe so that many civilizations on many, many planets were obliterated. With their ability to harvest and store genetic material, the Evil Demons, presenting as Space Aliens, were able to re-ignite civilizations and “physical Life” at will wherever and wheneve3r it suited them.

Every 25,600 to 25, 800 years or so with the Process of Precession of the Equinoxes, changes due to instability occurred on our Earth causing more erratic changes to physical life.

And, as was popularized by Z. Sitchin, every 3600 years or so, the whole Solar System in which Earth resides has a gravitational confrontation with Nibiru, the planet of the Annunaki. In the past, this produced dramatic changes such as the great flood recorded in all the Earth’s civilizations (and not just as in the bible’s story of Noah).

This video is extremely boring, and watching the first half is enough to gain some data.


The Nibiru flyby was enough to cause the Earth to fall on its axis on many occasions.

I will have more to say about it soon.

What I want you to know in this essay is this:

Planet X (a brown dwarf sun) and its orbiting planet, Nibiru, are overdue for their flyby.

Massive catastrophic effects will occur in the whole Solar System and our Earth soon enough as they approach us.

There has been a change in the paths of their trajectory due to purposeful manipulation, and the planet Nibiru may come close enough to impact on our Moon making it crash into Earth, or else hit Earth directly. Either way, it is goodbye Earth, Moon, and Solar System.

Some of you may recall that I had predicted the occurrence of rogue heavenly bodies with changed and unpredictable orbits and also erratic behaviour of hitherto stable bodies, with some even entering this dimension from other physical sub-dimensions.

As the approach of Planet X and Nibiru is overdue, it cannot be too far away. Being overdue in its periodic visit indicates a change in the orbit has occurred, obviously.

This incident (of a Immanuel Velikovsky type collision of ‘worlds’) will make our fears of Financial Collapse, Ebola, Global Warming, Global freezing, WW3, etc., etc., all too minor and ridiculous to consider.

See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worlds_in_Collision

Thus, the End is prescribed.

The End is here.

The Death Certificates for Earth and the entire Galaxy have been signed!





October 20, 2014

Get ready: Here begins the Merry-go-round for the Merry Cans!!


The Rats are at play: BS to sell BS and get real results with their terror!



Now you know Evil Archons control everything on this level. They can and do call “Terrorists” any persons they want to obliterate.

Recall the Catholic Church and its Inquisition calling any they wanted killed “Heretical”.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.



WW3 is on the cards, and thus, it will manifest!!



Dear Dr.

I have been reading your many posts these past two weeks and must say that tonight’s information (October 18, 2014) has really made my day.


I’m so tired of all the lies and the evil agendas that persist in all areas of our lives.  We truly have been trapped and the only thing that keeps me sane is going Within and reading the many affirmations from your books “My Conversation With God”.


I just finished reading “Keys to Reality” and have started “One World”.   Everything you describe explains the scenario here.


I’m sure that you are tired as we all are and are also looking forward to going Home.


Thanks again for all that you do. Divine Love and Blessings, R






What are we to make of this post? http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/10/18/matt-drudge-tweets-dire-warning-self-quarantine/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29
We need to consider the possibility that, under the easily exposed guise of a false flag operations, the Archons really are releasing Ebola to kill the majority of humans. They have done it in other epochs when they were dissatisfied with the results of their genetic experiments, and/or when they thought the numbers of ‘useless eaters’ were multiplying too rapidly, as they are now.

Once created, robots, with their artificial intelligence, are able to self-propagate. Recall that I said robots make up 65% of the world’s human population. The other 35% are now DEMONS! Most Theomorphs were lifted out in 1999, and a few hundred to one thousand Warrior Theomorphs are here with special tasks to do with the Endtime.

The Fear of Physical Death haunts spiritually unawakened individuals and fools.

Viables know what physical death means. It is our ticket out of here if we do not have to wait till the Last Day.

Those with no true metaphysical and spiritual perspective are traumatized to the very core of their fake ‘souls’ about dying.

Let me spend a moment putting ‘existence’ into perspective.

Physical Life is not “LIFE”. It is a brief, dreamlike state in an evil, exploitative illusion.

Most people identify as simply being the BODY which is due to die in a very short time after its creation. It may last little more than 100 years maximally.

That physical body has a consciousness which MAY, but not necessarily, be eternal, but is blocked by the Filtering Mechanism of the body from knowing that.

The body also has an Etheric Body which, as I have explained in my books, is electro-magnetic. It has its own properties and awareness. It can last hundreds of years after the death of the body. It is the one seem at places of death long after the physical body dies. Thus, an individual can actually see its own etheric body as a ghost, wraith, apparition, etc., not knowing it is his etheric body from a past life which he left behind by dying, and then re-incarnating into a new meat bag with a new etheric body but the same Astral Body.

Funny, is it not? A ghost or apparition of your former self can follow you over many lives and frighten the living daylights out of you if you happen to see it and if you are ignorant of this aspect of reality in the Illusion!

As well as that, there is an Astral Body, as I just mentioned, which again has its own properties and awareness. It can last until the end of the Physical Dimension, for it is still part of the Physical. If a being incarnated into prepared physical bodies (not necessarily what we would classify as human) at the start of the solidification of matter that forms this Physical Dimension, its Astral Body can be approximately 13-16 billion years old.

All these bodies will vanish when the Physical vanishes.

Thus, you see, one can, in reality, be billions of years old. But unknowing fools identify simply with the physical body that lives 60-100 years at best.

Any Counterfeit Being (robot or demon) created by the Evil Mind cannot be older than the Universe. It will perish with the Universe. All the evil extra-terrestrials we here so much about are doomed thus. True Atom Beings (Theomorphs – Children of the Light) were, by definition, created before the Physical Universe came into being, and will continue to exist long after it is gone, if they are still spiritually viable!

So, you see, if you are a VIABLE, YOU ARE AN INFINITE BEING!

Even when one, in ignorance, identifies as the physical body only, clues can be gained that tell the individual it is not just the body.

We spent up to 50% of our lives asleep. (Some spend even more time out of the body with stand-ins playing a role. But, I will keep this simple.)

Some scientists in all their stupidity (Programmed Cultivated Ignorance) will tell you sleep is merely when the brain switches off in order to repair itself, and the body, and that all the dreams, messages, astral travel, visitations, etc., that occur in that state are of a tired, unwinding brain seeking its own levels. What rot! Unconsciousness comes when the Astral Body leaves to seek prana or to go into the Astral World.

Even when awake, as in day-dreaming and during lucid naps, the consciousness (which is multi-faceted) can be away, partly or totally, doing other things in this realm and other realms while the stupid lump of meat robotically does what it is programmed to do guided by the rudimentary consciousness of the lower body. So, any who see themselves reflected in their mirror simply as the meat bag, are ignorant fools.

Viable are awaiting the Rescue out of this Hell. They can think of nothing better than ‘dropping the shell’, the cardboard box, as I have called the body, and moving to where they truly belong.

In full realization, they have no fear of physical death. In fact, they welcome it, for it means rescue, and it also means their particular mission in the physical has ended.

It is the ignorant fools who fear morbidly the loss of their meat bag which they were going to lose sooner or later anyway.

And one can use the presence of this fear to discern viability or otherwise.

Those of us already projecting forward to what we call ‘Home’ cannot wait to get out of here.

(BTW, don’t contemplate suicide. I know many of you do. It would be OK if your work was finished. But, the question is, “How do you know your work is finished?” Best hang around, hey? If you were to suicide, you would spend time as a prisoner in the Astral World until the End when that dimension is destroyed also, for it too is part of the Physical.

The failed fools will die a thousand deaths as they furtively and uselessly try to think of ways to escape physical death! Such an escape is impossible, and yet stupidly they fear the inevitable.


This is the development of a self-protection mechanism for the Endtime so that we can avoid traps and energy exploitation better than ever before.

The evil religions told us to love our enemies, do good to them that hate us and to turn the other cheek. What baloney! Do that and you will be stripped of your Divine Energy faster than you may have thought possible.

We were told in the Endtime we would know who is who.

The reason for that is because all the evil veils would be torn asunder and we would recognize the Demons that have held us, Viables, trapped and exploited.

Practice spiritual self-preservation. Recognize who is who and protect maximally, keeping away from all deleterious items and beings. This goes for food and drink as well.

Don’t panic. Keep the monkey mind under control. Live your day as usual, being aware of all the above.

Just to brighten things a little, here is a poem by my Best-est friend Jerry Attrick:


A love poem by Jerry Attrick



Pretty log


(Pssss, It’s Prologue, Jerry)

Arrr… thanks.

I want to tell you how to interpirate my poem so you will get the fullest with it.

The scenes of the poem are set in your mind.

I begin with a ewefarm ….your family ….youfarmistic celebration of the trials and joys of Physical Immorality, err Immortality, but then as in, Thespian Tradition, I falls victim to

the far-reaching tentacles of Love – thank Goodness.

Here goes, like …… I donna wanna dye. I wanna live forever,

Long, and hard, So I can be ever fresh, And sprout wings when

The GM foods mutate my jeans with no fly.

I wanna keep on livin’ And enjoy life like in the movies,

‘Xcept I don’t want their sinnin’.

I wanna paint the town red, Not lie like a dorky invalid in bed.

I wanna live till me kidder-knees give out And I gets me own dialysis machine

With all them tubes that go in and out.

And sans teeth or hair, I’ll emulate a gummy bear.

And I’ll come to grips With walking when I have no hips

‘Cause I’ll buy one of them Darn-fangled machines That move you around

And even let you fly.

And then I’ll wiz about As like a young kid I’ll shout.

You see? I don’t wanna dye. And that ain’t no lie.

But if I’m so old that there is no air, Why, I’ll wear a mask

With tubes to a cylinder That I see people use even though

They can’t get out of a chair, And their brains, unoxygenated,

Have the IQ of that chair.

And if I’m so old my bowls don’t work, I won’t care, I’ll be no jerk,

I’ll let pretty nurses enemize me For a fee that’s fair.

And if my sight should fail, I’ll watch TV in Braille.

I know Wallie-mart has such sets Periodically on for sale.


And if my legs don’t work either Along with the failed vision,

At the very worst, I’ll hang on to your coat tails.


What? What’s that you say?

You will have long said goodbye?


You mean I’ll be without you?

I’ll be lonely and on my own?

Well, in that case Dearest, I’ve changed me mind.

The world without you Would not to me be very kind.


I’ve changed my mind. With you off this world I’d want to fly.

If you go, I go too.

Yes, yes, tell them greedy medics That when I collapse I want no part of their heroics.


When it’s my time I too want to die.

Yes, dearest, When it’s time Nowhere else but with you I ‘d want to be.

Without you? No Joy!

I’d be most unhappy.


Don’t you know? I’d cut my stay in Heaven short If you, dearest, where not there,

For it’s only your presence That makes my life fair.

I want to be with you in the sky. And that ain’t no lie.



Now that you have digested that little essay and Jerry’s poem, get ready for the nausea created by the New Age garbage in this post:


Darkness will continue to deceive until the very last moment!



October 23, 2014


Some of you may recall that I canned the story about Nibiru and any future role it may play in Earth’s destruction some time ago. The governments around the world did the same thing. But now its presence is obvious, and there are some pointers it could have catastrophic effects on us.

Thus, it’s time to go to some tangible evidence:

The first video on this next site shows planets of a secondary Solar System within our Solar System. Ignore the extraneous comments of the presenter.

The second video shows the Dwarf Star (Planet X). Nibiru is one of its planets.

The third video is what I had posted before.

Video 4 is next to useless.

The 5th has snippets that may be of value to you.


Of Wormholes, Star gates and sub-dimensions:




Aliens leaving the Solar System

By now you will have seen this video of possible spacecraft leaving the Moon:


You may recall I mentioned “Aliens” stationed on the dark side of the Moon:


You will probably recall that the US astronauts were told by these Aliens to go back to Earth and NOT return to the Moon.


Follow the leads to read more on these topics.

So what could the possible significance of the spacecraft leaving the Moon mean?

Remember our axioms at all times:

  • Be flexible
  • Expect the unexpected

The leaving of these ships may well fit into the possibility that the Moon will be destroyed by a marauding Nibiru or any other of the planets that orbit around the dwarf brown star called Planet X. Earth too will be destroyed.

We know the Elite have taken this threat very, very seriously and have been building, from the early 1960s, deep underground bases in which they hope to escape the inescapable.


Start your journey with this video which is boring but detailed:


There are many other leads on that site that will allow you to expand your knowledge on this subject.

What does this all mean?

You may recall I had said a massive Earth-ending catastrophe may end our existence as early as November 2016.

You will also recall that “i” was chosen to give the message that Earth will end by 2035 at the latest! From the very beginning it was anticipated that the End would be well before 2035.

Another condition forecast was that I was to be physically present on Earth on its Final Day. I will expand on that assertion later.

When I received the date of November 2016, I jumped to the conclusion Nuclear War, which many of us expected to erupt around July 2014, was the trigger. But that was not to be. This WW3 is still scheduled, possibly for December this year.

But when I received the November 2016 date again, it was accompanied by “pictures”.

Nibiru’s course has been purposely altered so it will fatalistically smash into the Moon and Earth, or just the Moon, which would then strike Earth, ending every aspect of Physical Life at that date.

You know my Motto: Take it or Leave it.

Is this another ruse by one or the other side to fool all of us? You will have to meditate on it and make up your own mind.

Meditate on this issue after you have considered these points:

  • The Governments around the world have blocked news about Nibiru since the 1960s. Now they cannot block people knowing what is going on in relation to it. It is obviously in the skies, along with the dwarf Sun and other planets of that Solar System whose rotational plane is at right angles to our own.
  • The Elite realized the danger it posed and began construction of the underground bases all around the world.
  • Alien Craft are seen leaving the Moon on masse.
  • I have continued to receive the date and the pictures of the disaster again and again.
  • Many are now being prepared for Rescue around this time.

We will not have to wait for impact before we leave the physical. Many of us will be evacuated by Plasma Crafts in the later months of 2016 according to the information I have been given.

Do not panic.

Continue your life as if nothing is going to occur while you seriously attempt to mentally connect to your Supra-Mental Source.

Find that space within you where you feel most nurtured and comfortable. Let the Silence and its Peace engulf you.

You would be wise to remove all unnecessary burdens imposed upon you by social circumstances of this physical existence and project yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually into the New World.

Comply with all laws of the land and honour all social contracts and responsibilities.

Do not argue with fools.

Realize that this is what we have been awaiting for a long, long time.



October 25, 2014


Please read the post for 23 October if you have not done so as the following post follows from what I wrote.

There are a number of considerations to be reviewed in light of what I wrote earlier.

  • Who can “survive” the catastrophe that is to occur?

I have stated previously that ALL the Physical Dimension, and all its physical contents, are being dismantled and destroyed for it is an illicit structure arising from an experiment that went bad, called the Celestial Error. It stands to reason therefore, that nothing of the physical can survive. It is useless for physical beings to attempt to build physical crafts to escape this planet, this Galaxy, this Universe.

Familiarity with my previous work will assist you to comprehend the changes we are undergoing.


All parts that make up the Physical must and WILL be destroyed. Thus, for us, the Etheric Body, the Astral Body and the meat bag (physical body) will be destroyed.

Obviously those who are constructed only with those components will be TOTALLY DESTROYED. There will be nothing left of them.



If you don’t know what I mean by that, go to my books for details.


It follows then that all beings created by Evil, including the Robots and Demons (who act as the controlling Archons) will vanish!


In the past, I wrote that some robots that make up the present population had been made with some Divine Energy and that some 650 million of them had been assessed as being viable. I told you that they were having attachments added to their structure so that they would be viable outside of the Physical Dimension. Those attachments were the Permanent Atom structures which would allow them to exist in Divine dimensions! Thus, they were transformed from Counterfeit (Mock) Beings to Permanent Atom Beings that could and will survive in Divine Dimensions.

You must begin to think by now that no one could make such detail up!


Thus, you see, that no matter how hard the evil ones try, they cannot escape annihilation! Their spacecraft, which are very, very rudimentary, are of no use.

Their underground burrows are of no use. Even if they were able to create Wormholes, like superior Aliens are capable of doing, and escape this dimension and go to other still physical dimensions, they would not survive, for they too are being obliterated.

All the evil aliens, no matter their degree of evolution above Humanity will perish. In fact, all 7 classes of the Physical will perish.


  • Many will want to dispute what I say. Nothing new there, I assure you. They will claim that Science tells them trajectories for such large objects as Nibiru cannot change so quickly, that their ‘god’ would not allow it, that the bible states the Earth will survive for at least another 1,000 years, etc., etc.


I have dismissed the bible as distorted nonsense many times. Read my book ‘Death of an Evil God’.

Science is, in essence, a sham consisting of Cultivate Ignorance. Its Laws of Physics appear to work at a simplistic level but do not necessarily apply in all circumstances. For example, Science calls superior intellect and the abilities of the Spiritual Realm diseases..


Orbits of any or all heavenly bodies can be changed at will. How do I know that? Babaji and his Celestial Twin are redirecting Nibiru! They/We are directing the whole show, in fact. If you do not understand that comment, move on. It does not matter.


  • I am to be here as a human for the Last Day. This means that I will be present until the last living thing is dead. I make this distinction because we will all be gone by the time the impact occurs.


Radiation, heat, debris and gravitational effects from the approach of Nibiru will see to it that we will die very quickly before impact. The Earth will be scorched. It will lose its atmosphere. The seas will boil and evaporate. Subterranean chambers will explode. Perhaps the mole-like cowards in their bunkers may last just a little longer, but not much longer.


I, and the few hundred Theomorphs assisting me will be on the last Craft to leave and we shall witness the impact, the death of the Moon and of the Earth, the destruction of the Solar System and of the entire Galaxy.


We will then move back to the Divine Mothercraft which is in another dimension, and after a rest, we shall consider plans for the destruction of the next Galaxy on the list. We do not return ‘Home’ until they are all destroyed.


In the meantime, the other Viables will be directed to Intermediary Villages that I have mentioned before. They will be classed according to their development and proceed with their evolution. The ‘converted’ Viables will take a separate path for now.

4       Nibiru has approximated Earth many times since the creation of both Solar Systems, that of our Sun and that of Planet X, the small brown dwarf. On previous occasions, the Earth was shaken dramatically and usually fell on its axis to cause great destruction and flooding. These changes eradicated most of the living species of that period. Evidence of such disasters is mounting now, with some 200 cities found on the ocean floor in the Mediterranean alone. The distorted tale of Noah in the bible relates to just one such episode. Stories of planetary flooding as in the Noah story are to be found in myths of all the ancient world’s cultures. This earthly perturbation shall be the last one. There shall be no more after 2016, for there shall be no Earth, No Nibiru, no Solar System, and definitely no ‘Humanity’!




Expect the Unexpected for the unexpected inexplicable DOES happen:


Our Sun is dying! Earth is dying! Mars is dying!

The Solar System is scheduled for demolition

In fact, in the next 2 years we shall see more and more evidence that all the Physical Dimension and its constituents are fragmenting into nothingness.


We already see Mental Fragmentation everywhere. Societies are fragmenting. All levels of consciousness are decaying and disappearing, including Vegetation, Insects, Animals, etc.


We see fragmentation in our Sun, the planets of the Solar System, and sites all over this Galaxy which would have collided with another if time continued.


Here is a video showing a sudden calamitous and fulminating change on Mars. The cause is unknown but the magnitude appears to be planet-shattering. Remember, the beings on Mars live underground, just as the archons and their chosen minions plan to live on Earth.




Listening to the comments in these next videos will tend to make us wonder if November, 2016 is actually a little too far away!!!


There is little doubt we are coming to an Endtime event for all!!

BTW, I don’t think you need to view all the videos to get the gist of what is to come. And learn quickly to discern the reality from the BS. Just look at the provable data. Don’t fall for the deceiving, diverting, anaesthetising New Age garbage.







All the feedback from you, the readers, has been positive and most of you agree with the dating, as well as expressing your desire for all the Evil Empire to end.

The sequence was thus: This information entered my mind as all information does. I pondered for a good week whether to make it public or not. After all, if it was false information, it would not have been the first time the evil Side tried to implant falsehood onto this level..

Then, the data represented again on my mind, this time with pictures of the End distilling in my mind. That was about 7 days after the initial input. I think what happened with the second transmission containing the visual views was that the information was released into the ether and those who were supposed to get it got it. That is why so many of you are comfortable with what I wrote and the date.

Now, what if it does not go according to what we have been given?

You know from what I wrote in 1985, the End is coming between now and 2035.

All the steps I wrote about have eventuated so there is no denying my information was, and is, accurate. We are definitely heading towards an End.

What about this date of November 2014?

Well, there are a number of possibilities.

  • It may be the exact Truth that the Light wants us to have NOW.
  • It may be a ruse by the Light to force the opposition to spend its energy to try and prevent such an occurrence.
  • It may be a false message sent to us by the Evil side to make us lose faith when it does not happen as prophesied.
  • I may have sub-consciously made the whole thing up, out of boredom!

The fact that I wanted to just sit on this data at first, and that it then presented itself even more forcefully on my outer mind with pictures of the impact and the End, tends to lend credence to the possibility that the message of the dating of the End is real and genuinely from the Light.

The fact that so many of you feel comfortable with it suggests you too have been picking up correctly.

The fact that Mars was hit on October 20, 2014 (Oz time) and the video was released hours after I posted the date of November 2016 on my website tends to lead us to conclude big planetary events are afoot.

As I said in yesterday’s post, we are to now live our lives as normal, or as normal as we can make them, being aware of what this message may mean.

We work on ourselves to be spiritually ready to leave the Physical Dimension at a moment’s notice, trusting that the Light knows what it is doing.

As I stated above, the videos being produced lead one to think the end may well occur before November 2016. There is precedence here. On one occasion, Representatives of the Light from the Superior levels contacted me stating I needed to do such and such within 24 hours and therefore to prepare myself for the coming mission immediately, which I did. In fact, the event occurred within the first hour. In other words, although they gave me what seemed to be 24 hours’ notice, it was actually one hour’s notice. This was perhaps so I wouldn’t panic about doing what I had to do so soon.

The same applies here. Perhaps they have given us a remote date but the events of Finality may occur well before that date.

Mentally prepare as I have explained in the past.

Be prepared for all eventualities in the physical.


October 26, 2014

In view of what I revealed in the last 2 posts in particular, it is appropriate that we continue to seek data that will confirm the occurrence of an End and its timing, if indeed they are for real.

Remember at all times what my work is about:

  • I am trying to awaken some of you to your own Truth within.
  • I am trying to make those of you who respond positively to my words refocus your mind towards what I have termed a Supra-Mental Consciousness.
  • I am trying to give MY explanation of the World, why it is so evil, how it came into being, and what steps I think are going to be taken to improve our lot.

Where possible, I give tangible proof of various assertions that I have made in the past and continue to make now.

My work is obviously not for everyone. Many cannot even comprehend the simplest explanations I give of “Physical Life” and the future of the planet, of the Galaxy, and so on. Many have no ability to elevate their awareness beyond the Physical Illusion in which we live. The majority cannot comprehend the concept that this is a “Physical Illusion” in which we live. Many are simply automatons that function by responding via pre-installed reflexes that their bodies contain.

The Majority cannot project into a Higher Plane of Awareness for they are simply incapable of doing so. And why are they incapable of doing that? It is because by their very nature they are restricted to a paradigm of artificial absurdity. That is how they were created by an evil essence.

The response of such people to my work is ridicule. But, if you are truly aware, you will see that we are beyond the point of mere ridicule. What I have presented cannot be dismissed so easily any more.

What I write is of an obvious certainty that we are approaching an End of what has been called ‘Humanity”.

What I write is of a glaring Reality to which the masses have been blinded.

To the few with True Vision, what I write is a glimpse of the Greater Reality in which they will continue to exist once the Illusion is dispelled..

Thus, in a short period of 30 years, we have seen the old adage pertaining to MY truth come to fruition:

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. (Arthur Schopenhauer German philosopher, 1788 – 1860)


This article was included in the previous site I published. I represent it here in case you missed it:


The US Government sees an End coming:



My thanks to Priscille for forwarding this video and comments:

Canada and agenda 21:

“Canada regularly on the world news now.  North America is going to be the first continent with Agenda 21 in full force.   I hope we leave first !”


While you are on this site, and if you have the time, watch this about MH17:


Here is a shortened version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFlGLqiDogA

And what has V. Putin’s response been?


Remember the song with the words “BANG, BANG, you’re dead”? Watch it ! It’s about the Hell we are trapped in, demons and all:




In the meantime, it’s fragmentation as expected:





Practice drill for the real thing:



More evidence of Alien genetic harvesting and manipulation



For October 27, 2014


Highlighting, yet again, the shame of Allopathic Medicine:

Who would have thought that death was a money making concern, Ha, ha?

How do New Agers explain this demonic enterprise? What lessons are they learning here?

‘Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan Kettering’



This world is run on unrelenting exploitation and maximal dishonesty!

This video is a good reason for not eating animals, too.

Note the alien consciousness in the last cow on the video !!!!



Medicine and Governments have indeed gone mad:



Making money out of cancer and misery: That’s what Allopathic Medicine is all about!!



It’s for the Money as well, stupid:




SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
Dirty tricks of Warfare:



Interesting 24 seconds:



Are the flood gates about to open?



This explains the complicit and disgusting history of these evil things:



Fukushima-update: http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/http/MP3Download/Sep2014/d61RW8/rense_090814_hr3.mp3


Some Canadians think Canada is lost forever:



Of Morons who really would be better if they were brain-dead:



Evil’s MO: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/09/08/obama-threatens-war-on-humanity/

Evil plays the same games again and again all leading to Self-Destruction !




Of expert lying: http://www.therealfoodchannel.com/videos/food-fraud/fake-foods.html


This is 11 days old but it may point somewhere.



You must judge for yourselves:





MH 17 was a failed false flag.



As they say in some commercials: It gets stupid-er and stupid-er:



SEPTEMBER 15, 2014
You remember:  Not long ago it was the non-existent WMD in Iraq,  Then El Wackiest in Afghanistan;
Now ISIS – ISIL so the bombs wont for long lay idle.



What is it really? It’s the Plan to allow these loonies to Self-Destruct.

Oz is so very quick to follow the Plan. Ain’t that just grand?





Iran is not fooled:


There are many videos on the right side of that page worth viewing. What are the targets? In order: Syria, Iran, Russia, China, and the other members of the BRICS alliance (Brazil, India, and South Africa) !

Yes indeed, the Path to Self-Destruction.


This next video clip is of paramount importance, but do not be foolish. Abraham Lincoln was shot in the back for urging whistle-blowers to speak up. Did he not say that knowing that Evil is being committed and not speaking up makes the observer guilty of the same Evil?

Today, it is too dangerous to speak up. That I know personally.

Let the demons fight the demons. If you are one of the Light workers, your job is to energetically support awakening Viables, not to cause further trouble on the Physical Plane. The demons will make trouble enough for themselves. Besides, Light Energy is most precious in this increasing Darkness of the Endtime. Do not waste it.



Demons have been at work for a long, long time. This is what they do to countries and simple people for the sake of profits and control of others. It is most horrible.

I wish everyone could see videos such as this. Then they would immediately understand why the whole Physical Universe must be obliterated from the face of the True Creation.


Many in the USA and around the World now believe it is time for valiant Merry Cans (most of whom do not seem to realize just how abused they have been) to stand up and be counted!



I post this clip to show that people are seriously thinking about the Endtime, the appearance of the Anti-Christ, etc., etc. Thus, if such ideas have penetrated the psyche of the numb-skulls, then time is at an end.



September 16, 2014

You have all head of the High Country. Well, Oz is being now called the ‘How-Hi Country’. The US says “Jump!”, and our elected PM, without any consultation with the populace, shouts “How High?”

This is from an Investment Magazine in Melbourne.. It shows even ordinary people are starting to wake up to the nonsensical workings of powerful ones. You, of course, being a reader of my work, know it is the Plan for Demonic Self-destruction!

From Greg Canavan in Melbourne:

–In a minute, I’ll show you the most important chart in the investing world right now. It’s affecting the price of just about everything else.

–But first, isn’t it good to see Australia still a part of the coalition of the eternally willing? On the weekend, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that military personnel and aircraft are off to the Middle East in a ‘humanitarian’ mission.

–Abbott said, ‘I stress that this is essentially a humanitarian operation to protect millions of people in Iraq from the murderous rage of the ISIL movement.’

–The Financial Review says that this is the fourth deployment to the region in the last 13 years. We were willing back in 2001, 2003, 2005, and now again in 2014.

–The country should ask why its willingness is not getting any results. In fact, the region seems to be going from bad to worse. Do you think this latest effort is going to make any difference?


A time for some proud satisfaction of helping others:

“Hello Giuseppe, Time for me to order again:

* Psychiatry – The Struggle For Your Soul

* Essential Gnostic Truths

I have to say a massive Thank You for reawakening me to the truth. Your information is such a clarion ring that reverberates in my whole being so powerfully.

Even giving me intimations of traumatic past lives for having
known/expressed such knowledge in the past. I would just like to share this with you.
In a private One on One session I once had many years ago with a Channelled Entity,
I was told that I was still carrying the pain of a most dreadful death possible
at the hands of the Church during a life as a Monk. I was told “An Angel” taught
me the meaning of “True Love” and that I publicly disseminated this knowledge to
many people against the repeated warnings of my Superiors. I was told that
stubbornly, every day I trudged up a hill and spoke my truth and that many people
were helped by the knowledge. I was also told I would have contact with this “Angel”
again in this life.
I have often wondered what this supposed knowledge was. Now I know. Although I am somewhat sceptical of Channelling and the Entities that come through. I can’t but now think that perhaps there was some truth to it

Highest Regards Phil.


It’ll be on soon:






Feeling listless at times?

Viables, especially Theomorphs, still on the planet often we go to war areas elsewhere and come back very tired, or even get injured in the etheric and have to be taken to the crafts for treatment.

When this occurs we are often very vague during the day with little energy.


Alas, it occurs to me often.

when it first began over 30 years ago I had no idea what was wrong. In time it was explained to me.


Do what I have learned to do: stay quiet and wait for the full consciousness to return.



More and more are awakening:



September 18, 2014

Hyperbole about Ebola?


I’m sure you have all seen this by now:



I finished reading the 5 Books on “My Conversations with God”  a few days ago … …. the best words that express the way I feel about these Books is they are a True Bible to me .    These Books answer the questions and confirm some of the answers I had since I was young.    Now I know why you recommended these Books.  I feel a change of vibration in me.     I feel more confident, more happiness, more joy inside and I know I can access that state anytime by going Within .   Amount the many, many good comments that are staying in my mind the most are to Surrender to God, Trust, have Faith, never look backward but forward, regain the innocence of Infancy, I am always with you, work on disciplining the shell, the True Knowledge liberates your mind and spirit, if Guilt threatens you affirm you Faith in Me,  look forward to Me and My Realm, I could go on and on.   As another friend of mine said, “these Books are a must read”!


I started The Books “The Revenge Of Camelot” last night.  I felt like staying up all night .  I am at page 50 and I realize all the Light Workers struggle down here with these Robotic Bodies, memory wiped out and everything .   It will be a very joyous day when we finally all go home. With Divine Love and Gratitude


Things are moving along:



This should seal the deal on Hollywood being the Devil’s playground:



My friend Anita has again put together a few of my quotes:


“The historical basis for the knowledge and the Truth of all this is clear for those who wish to see it, but there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.”


“No amount of rationalizing will erase the fact that this is a very evil place, that it exists upon a basis of dog eat dog and that it thrives on unfair and unjust methods of exploitation.


It is not simply survival of the fittest at all.  It is a place of survival of the most evil of those who can unashamedly steal the energy from others best of all.


There is nothing on this planet worth preserving.  There is nothing which is pure enough to be of value in a truly Divine dimension.”


“Faith is a measure of the degree of expressed Divinity of the being.  It is a measure of the success the being has had in connecting to the inner being and remembering the reality within.”


“In reality the ‘Father Energy’ does not punish anyone.  It is the failed beings who punish themselves by rejecting the offer to come into the Light”


“It was true sceptics…who told Christopher Columbus that the world was flat.  It was they who opposed him, forcefully, abusively and vindictively.  It was the true sceptics who told Pasteur that his theory of microbes was impossible.  It was the true sceptics who told us that man would never fly.”


“Metaphysically scepticism is a severe and profound form of programming which sweeps away the need to think.  Scepticism appears to make things very easy.  The easiest thing to do in any situation where effort is required to attain knowledge or to reawaken and discern information is to make an ACT OF DENIAL.”


“The truth is neither easy nor painless to acquire.  A degree of sincerity beyond curiosity is required of seekers of Truth to attain it and even then, once acknowledged many will refuse to accept the Truth to attain it and even then, once acknowledged, many will refuse to accept the Truth, for it is too painful or too distressing, or they have too much to lose, either from an egotistical point of view, or from a monetary one.”


“If a man(woman) convinces him(her)self that he(she) is the total sum of beingness, intellect and awareness, his(her) self-delusion will prove to be destructive in a very short space of time.” 


“Evil has no respect for anything, not even Evil”


“As soon as one truly sees through the evil illusion, there is a tendency for one to grow impatient for its total destruction.”


“Evil always destroys, it never creates.  This we are now clearly seeing.


Evil eventually destroys itself!  And that is exactly what the Light is allowing to happen.


The solution to the problem of Evil is now clear.”


“…unless we expand beyond the confines of the physical mind, we cannot adequately comprehend those concepts which are beyond it’s limited capacities.”  


“Only those who know the Truth will be calm in the horrendous storm that is to hit the whole Earth. That Truth will come from within them.

No non-Viable has the Truth within. It cannot be learned or rationalized.”


“If we question the fundamental principles upon which the present knowledge is built, then we would find the basis is false and the whole structure would crumble.  Showing these bases to be false would allow a reconstruction of the basis with the truth and then a full explanation of the truth as it really is.


“There is a door through which all will enter, but not all will exist in the ‘space’ on the other side of the door.  For many have declared themselves unfit for the conditions found in that space beyond the door which must be entered.”


“Evil is not a fad, a garment or a temporary learning experience.  Evil is an essence of beingness totally opposite to the divine essence and totally destructive.”


“Divine love identifies it’s own beings and enhances their nature.


Evil beings are not only incapable of giving Divine Love, but they are also unable to absorb it or be enhanced by it.  Instead True Divine Love reflects back off from their hollow internal formation and returns unchanged to the giver.


Divine love is never wasted.”



September 20, 2014

Charles, a long time reader of my work sent a video to support what I said in one of the shows I did with Jeff Rense.

This is what he thought I said:

” A black hole is in the center of this galaxy that is now shortly going to be bombarded so that nothing else will come through…..the whole galaxy will go……the earth is part of that and it’s going to go spontaneously…..that’s why we’re going to see the whole Sky fall in and so on ………different galaxies have been swallowed up by black holes outside of the Milky Way so this is nothing new……

Here is the video: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CNZecG3kXuY


Big sigh…..more about the bl…..y Holocaust:

1 http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/polish-archaeologists-find-hidden-nazi-gas-chamber-where-250000-jews-thought-have-died-1466283

2        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-m39QKicqk


For when the S….Sh….Sh… Shemitah hits the fan:

To be honest, as I watched, I thought of a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters coming up with a better scenario……




September 21, 2014

This site has some earlier work of mine including the Newsletters. You may wish to visit the site if you have not seen it before:



Changes are occurring throughout this Galaxy. Remember that the observed changes are in the past although the light of the changes is appearing to us now. Here is an example. What we are seeing is of 8 years ago. If our Sun which is also dying were to explode, we would not see the event until 8 minutes after it occurred.


“The Revenge of Camelot” selling for some $750 for a second hand copy on Amazon is now available from me for $30 as an eBook! Although it has myself and Amitakh as the authors, I assure you she did not write ONE words of it.


I need to remind you all that Body Snatching is a reality.

If a friend, relative or acquaintance suddenly changes personality for the worse, consider the fact that s/he may have been taken over by dark forces.

Another mechanism is also in play: when an individual’s work is finished on this level, or s/he is required on another level, the consciousness can leave the body without notice. The empty shell is then taken over by lurking discarnates or demons.

In some instances, the consciousness may leave for a short time and what is called a Stand-in occupies the body. These are selected by the Light for that purpose and are not malicious or destructive as in the case of evil discarnates or demons taking over the body. Their takeover is usually permanent. The Stand-in consciousness often appears rather vague and unfamiliar with the normal routine of the body. The contrast is noted when the original occupant returns.

So, if someone you know inexplicably changes personality as I have described, consider these possibilities, after ruling out obvious pathology such as a stroke, senior moments (indicating on-coming dementia), high or low blood sugar, sudden worsening of a uraemic state due to renal failure, etc., etc.


September 22, 2014

More info on VACCINES

1 http://cts.vresp.com/c/?BeforeItsNews/63b887a9de/cc77e90d7f/3c8bb936c9

2 http://beforeitsnews.com/survival/2014/09/about-all-those-vaccines-2539816.html

3             http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/09/18/the-cdc-nih-bill-gates-own-the-patents-on-existing-ebola-related-vaccines-mandatory-vaccinations-are-near/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29

4 http://www.infowars.com/dozens-of-children-dead-after-un-gives-tainted-vaccine-in-rebel-held-syria/

5 Another scam; another way to milk money out of the suckers: http://beforeitsnews.com/health/2014/09/drug-companies-begin-push-for-alzheimers-vaccine-on-millions-2549572.html



1 Full speed ahead. http://www.pakalertpress.com/2014/09/16/russia-admits-ww3-is-coming-there-is-a-war-coming-in-europe-2/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29

2 This is hilarious. After you have viewed the videos, go and check your cat’s litter box. If soiled, I  think you will find a clearer path to the prognosis of Earth and of the Endtimes there than in this sham show:




These articles are to demonstrate that many know what is going on.

This one talks about the origin of ISIS:


This one is about Ebola again:


Free Food and Lodgings anyone?


This is a natural development from what the USA government is doing to the USA, its people, to the whole World and its peoples.


But, recall that I said evil was going to be allowed to destroy everything without opposition!


You would think essays such as this next one would serve Truth. But, they don’t. They serve Evil by once again obfuscating Truth and re-enforcing the false Oneness and the Denial of  Evil.



My thanks to Phil Hogan for forwarding this:


The trouble here is that the author of these clips paints EVERYTHING WITH THE SAME BRUSH!

Many he labels as being Evil are, in fact, representations of Light, (e.g. Isis and Osiris, Horus, Zeus, etc.) and he fails to distinguish facts from corruption that created Myths. But, I got tired after the 5th 10 minute clip. He may clarify things further on, but I doubt it. If any of you watch further and he becomes more precise, please let me know.

The critical point is made is that Evil is seen to be maximally pervasive in all dealings in our existence, past and present, and it was designed to be so, thus proving conclusively my often repeated assertion that this is a Demonic World!
Many others,  of course, have stated that throughout History. So you have to wonder who the Deniers of Evil really are. They are simply minions of Evil, are they not?


September 23, 2014
BTW Monsanto means Holy Mount. What is so Holy ABOUT SUCH Demonism you may well ask!



War IS Coming 2015-16: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTFAfhyBI7s#t=263

View the other videos on the Right side when this site opens.


Who has the biggest bragging rights?



American Pie being overcooked. This you already know:



This would be a natural precursor to WW3:



Ebola becomes Mammon’s BS embolism?
1 http://truthsector.wordpress.com/2014/09/20/final-nails-in-the-ebola-scam-coffin-the-2014-ebola-outbreak-is-a-proven-fraud-here-is-the-evidence-i-am-sick-and-tired-of-repeating-this-fact-over-and-over-again/

2             http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/09/its-all-scripted-ebola-outbreak-and-impossibly-rapid-vaccine-response-clearly-scripted-3033078.html?utm_content=beforeit39snews-verticalresponse&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fb4in.info%2Fce9I&utm_source=direct-b4in.info&utm_campaign=&utm_medium=verticalresponse


Some in the USA government are awake:


Don’t forget: the Demons are in Self-Destructive Mode, and nothing will stop them destroying EVERYTHING, INCLUDING THEMSELVES.


September 26, 2014
Georgia on all our minds:


I had told you that it was very likely that Nuclear War would begin in 2014, and that, if it did, we could all be out of here by November 2016.

I recall Babaji often saying that the longer the mechanisms of destruction were delayed, the more concentrated would they be near the End which would then be a fulminating one.


Have no qualms about calling certain ones demons.

I recall Henry Kissinger stating long ago that the USA needed to fight a major war every 5 (five) years just to keep its economy afloat.

He was the same one who was said to have ordered the bombing in Indo-China at the time of the Vietnam slaughter.

An article in Cosmos Magazine confirmed that there are so many bomb remnants in Laos and Cambodia that a whole jewelry industry has been started there using the metal from bombs.

The magazine quotes this statistic: A planeload of bombs was dropped on Laos and Cambodia every 8 (eight) minutes FOR 9 (NINE) YEARS!!!

Who else but demons would be so generous with their bombs?

That episode lasting 9 years is no cause for National Hubris. It is a great tragedy. It is a reason for massive National Shame.

That is just one of the many genocidal acts committed.

So, what Karma do you think the USA has earned?


Demons at work: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/war-crimes-1/the-best-kept-secret-of-ww-ii.html

The first time I visited Japan early in the ‘work” I was told the exact number of True Beings there on the Japanese Islands. The number was 2 – yes, two – and one of those was a young Exchange Student living in Tokyo.


A wealth of information here: http://beforeitsnews.com/

The real reasons why Syria is being bombed:



It gets stupid-er and stupid-er:



This may have been posted before:



 September 27, 2014

More and more on the Endtime War

4             http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/09/corrupt-government-fear-mongering-3035218.html?utm_campaign=&utm_medium=verticalresponse&utm_source=direct-b4in.info&utm_content=beforeit39snews-verticalresponse&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fb4in.info%2FffYd
5             Here are a  must-read and a must-view video from Forbidden Knowledge:
If you watched the Webster Tarpley interview a few days ago, this excellent summary of world geopolitics today might be even clearer to you but SCG does a phenomenal job, here:

“…[W]hen you see the mouthpieces of the ruling class begin to demonize a foreign country, the first question in your mind should always be “what is actually at stake here?”

“For some time now Russia, China, Iran, and Syria have been in the cross hairs. Once you understand why, the events unfolding in the world right now will make much more sense.”

9/11 and the seeds of WWIII cannot be fully understood without understanding the yoke of the Petrodollar, which has been placed around the neck of any country that wanted to buy oil, since the 1970s…as SCG says here,
with the establishment of the Petrodollar, “…the dollar went from being a gold-backed currency to a oil-backed currency. It also became America’s primary export.”


“This petrodollar system stood unchallenged until September of 2000 when Saddam Hussein announced his decision to switch Iraq’s oil sales off of the dollar to Euros. This was a direct attack on the dollar, and easily the most important geopolitical event of the year, but only one article in the western media even mentioned it.

“In the same month that Saddam announced he was moving away from the dollar, an organization called the ‘The Project for a New American Century’,
of which Dick Cheney just happened to be a member, released a document entitled ‘REBUILDING AMERICA’S DEFENSES Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century’. This document called for massive increases in US military spending and a much more aggressive foreign policy in order to expand US dominance worldwide. However the document lamented that achieving these goals would take many years ‘absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event –
like a new Pearl Harbor’.

“One year later they got it.

“Riding the emotional reaction to 9/11, the Bush administration was able to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and pass the Patriot Act, all without any
significant resistance.

“There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and this wasn’t a
question of ‘bad intelligence’. This was a cold calculated lie, and the decision to invade was made in full knowledge of the disaster which would follow.

“They knew exactly what was going to happen but in 2003, they did it anyway. Once Iraqi oil fields were under US control, oil sales were immediately switched back to the dollar. Mission accomplished.

“Soon after the invasion of Iraq, the Bush Administration attempted to extend these wars to Iran. Supposedly the Iranian government was working to build a nuclear weapon…[but] after the Iraq fiasco, Washington’s credibility was
severely damaged. As a result, they were unable to muster international or domestic support for an intervention…However, the demonization campaign against Iran continued even into the Obama administration.


“Well, might it have something to do with the fact that since 2004 Iran has been in the process of organizing an independent oil bourse? They were building their own oil market, and it wasn’t going to be tied to the dollar. The first shipments of oil were sold through this market in July of 2011.

“Unable to get the war that they wanted, the US used the UN to impose sanctions against Iran. The goal of the sanctions was to topple the Iranian
regime. While this did inflict damage on the Iranian economy, the measures failed to destabilize the country. This was due in large part to Russia’s
assistance in bypassing US banking restrictions.

“In February of 2009 Muammar Gaddafi, was named chairman of the African Union. He immediately proposed the formation of a unified state with a single currency. It was the nature of that proposed currency that got him killed.

“In March of 2009 the African Union released a document entitled ‘Towards a Single African Currency’. Pages 106 and 107 of that document specifically discuss the benefits and technicalities of running the African Central bank under a gold standard. On page 94, it explicitly states that the key to the success of the African Monetary Union would be the ‘eventual linking of a single African
currency to the most monetary of all commodities- gold.’

“In 2011, the CIA moved into Libya and began backing militant groups in their campaign to topple Gaddafi and the US and NATO pushed through and stretched a UN no-fly-zone resolution to tip the balance with airstrikes. The presence of
Al-Qaeda extremists among these rebel fighters was swept under the rug.

“Libya, like Iran and Iraq had committed the unforgivable crime of challenging the US dollar.

“The NATO intervention in Libya segued into a covert war on Syria. The armories of the Libyan government were looted and the weapons were shipped via Turkey to Syrian rebel groups working to topple Assad.

“It was already clear, at this point that many of these fighters had ties to terrorist organizations. However, the US national security apparatus viewed this as a necessary evil. In fact the Council on Foreign relations published an article in 2012 stating that ‘The influx of jihadis brings discipline, religious fervor, battle
experience from Iraq, funding from Sunni sympathizers in the Gulf, and most importantly, deadly results. In short, the FSA needs al-Qaeda now.’…

“Let’s be clear here, the US put ISIS in power.

“In 2013, these same Al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels launched two sarin gas attacks. This was an attempt to frame Assad and muster international support for military intervention. Fortunately, they were exposed by UN and Russian investigators and the push for airstrikes completely fell apart when Russia steppedin to broker a diplomatic solution.

“The campaign for regime change in Syria, as in Libya has been presented in terms of human rights. Obviously, this isn’t the real motive.

“In 2009, Qatar put forth a proposal to run a natural gas pipeline through Syria and Turkey to Europe. Assad however rejected this, and in 2011 he forged a pact with Iraq and Iran to run a pipeline eastward cutting Qatar and Saudi Arabia out of the loop completely.

“Not surprisingly Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been the most aggressive regional players in the push to topple the Syrian government.

“But why would this pipeline dispute put Syria in Washington’s cross hairs? Three reasons:

1. This pipeline arrangement would significantly strengthen Iran’s position, allowing them to export to European markets without having to pass through
any of Washington’s allies. This obviously reduces the US government’s leverage.

2. Syria is Iran’s closest ally. It’s collapse would inherently weaken Iran.

3. Syria and Iran have a mutual defense agreement, and a US intervention in Syria could open the door to open conflict with Iran.

“In February of 2014 this global chess game heated up in a new venue: Ukraine. The real target, however was Russia.

“You see, Russia just happens to be the world’s second largest oil exporter, and not only have they been a thorn in Washington’s side diplomatically, but they also opened an energy bourse in 2008, with sales denominated in Rubles and gold. This project had been in the works since 2006. They have also been working with China to pull off of the dollar in all of their bilateral trade.

“Russia has also been in the process of organizing a Eurasian Economic Union which includes plans to adopt common currency unit, and which is slated to
have its own independent energy market.

“Leading up to the crisis in Ukraine had been presented with a choice: either join the EU under an association agreement or join the Eurasian Union. The EU insisted that this was an either-or-proposition. Ukraine couldn’t join both. Russia on the other hand, asserted that joining both posed no issue.
President Yanukovich decided to go with Russia.

“In response, the US national security apparatus did what it does best: they toppled Yanukovich and installed a puppet government…

“Though this all seemed to be going well at first, the US quickly lost control of the situation. Crimea held a referendum and the people voted overwhelmingly to
secede from Ukraine and reunify with Russia. The transition was orderly and peaceful. No one was killed, yet the West immediately framed the entire event as an act of Russian aggression, and this became the go-to mantra from that point on.

“Crimea is important geostrategically because of its position in the Black Sea which allows for the projection of naval power into the Mediterranean. It has also been Russian territory for most of recent history.

The US has been pushing for Ukraine’s inclusion into NATO for years now. Such a move would place US forces right on Russia’s border and could have potentially resulted in Russia losing their naval base in Crimea. This is why Russia immediately accepted the results ofthe Crimean referendum and quickly consolidated the territory.

“Meanwhile, in Eastern Ukraine, two regions declared independence from Kiev and held referendums of their own. The results of which overwhelmingly
favored self-rule.

“Kiev responded to this with what they referred to as anti-terrorist operations. In practice this was a massive and indiscriminate shelling campaign which killed thousands of civilians. Apparently, killing civilians didn’t qualify as aggression to the West. In fact, the IMF explicitly warned the provisional government that their 17 billion dollar loan package could be in danger if they were not able to put down the uprising in eastern Ukraine.

“While the war against eastern Ukraine was raging, elections were held and Petro Poroshenko was elected president. It turns out that Poroshenko, was exposed by a leaked diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks in 2008, as having worked as a mole for the US State Department since 2006. They referred to him as ‘Our Ukraine insider’ and much of the cable referred to information that he was providing. (A separate cable showed that the US knew Poroshenko was corrupt, even at that point.)

“Having a puppet in place, however hasn’t turned out to be enough to give Washington the upper hand in this crisis. What does Washington do when they have no other leverage? They impose sanctions, they demonize and they saber rattle (or pull a false flag).

“This isn’t a very good strategy when dealing with Russia. In fact, it has already backfired. The sanctions have merely pushed Russia and China into closer cooperation and accelerated Russia’s de-dollarization agenda. And in spite of the rhetoric, this has not led to Russia being isolated. The US and NATO have put a wedge between themselves and Russia, but not between Russia and the rest of the world (look up BRICS if you are unclear about this).

“This new anti-dollar axis goes deeper than economics. These countries understand what’s at stake here. This is why in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis, China has proposed a new Eurasian security pact which would include Russia and Iran.

“Consider the implications, here as the Obama Administration begins bombing in Syria, which also has a mutual defense agreement with Iran.

“This is not the cold war 2.0. This is World War 3.0. The masses may not have figured it out yet, but history will remember it that way.

“Alliances are already solidifying and and a hot war is underway on multiple fronts. If the provocations and proxy wars continue, it’s only a matter of time before the big players confront each other directly, and that is a recipe for disaster.

“Does all of this sound insane to you? Well, you’re right. The people running the world right now are insane, and the public is sleep-walking into a tragedy.

“If you want to alter the course that we are on, there’s only one way to do it. We have to wake up that public. Even the most powerful weapons of war are neutralized if you reach the mind of the man behind the trigger.

“How do we wake the masses you ask? Don’t wait for someone else to answer that for you. Get creative. Act like you children’s and grandchildren’s
futures depend on it, because they do.”


(As I have told you often enough, there is no Physical Future – GSC.)


Video: (21 mins) : The Geopolitics of World War III



All these items above give details of the Terminating Ha Ha War in La La Land.


You know the esoteric meaning of it all: The demons are programmed to Self-Destruct!!

September 28, 2014



I have revealed to you that the Demons are programmed to self-destruct and thus reduce this World to rubble by their iniquitous efforts, and at the same time, kill themselves and most of us as we approach the End.


I have also revealed to you that there is a massive Spiritual Energy shortage on this Earth and in the whole Galaxy, in fact, because the Energy has been cut off by the Light. That is what I meant in part, in previous writings, by the statement that the Galaxy has been ISOLATED.


No ‘living’ thing can exist without spiritual energy to drive the Centres of Consciousness which make all of us aware, regardless of ontology. The Energy is needed even by the Evil Empire and its Minions for they have no source of their own. They have been stealing the necessary energy from any Theomorphs they can trap and drain. Theomorphs can be drained mercilessly by those of Darkness to the point of not only just physical but also spiritual annihilation, and many have been thus destroyed!That is why this Evil Empire must be eradicated completely.


In order to prevent the viable minority from being further affected by spiritual starvation, the New Green Enegy (NGE) was introduced into the Physical Dimension as I revealed many times before. However, this Energy is only of benefit to those deemed to be SPIRITUALLY VIABLE. Non-Viables cannot use it.


That means that the others (the non-viables) will run out of energy sooner or later, and will decay spiritually and then physically. Without that energy, the Centres of Consciousness will collapse in due course (resulting in spiritual death) and all the other bodies (etheric, astral, emotional, physical, which are all part of the temporary physical make-up) will then decay and die.


As it progresses, this process will have deleterious effects which can be observed by astute ones before the termination point. That is why it has been stated that, in the Endtime, we shall all know who is who. We will see those who flourish (the Viables) in the deteriorating Endtime collapse, and those (the non-Viable) who will degenrate and die with the Evil System.


As a matter of fact therefore, I can catagorically state that the ‘lifeforce’ within those not nurtured by the NGE is waning. Thus, their Higher and Lower minds will fragment, and their bodies will go into a degenerative phase which will lead to physical putrifaction and death.


I have witnessed irrifutable proof that the decay from loss of spiritual energy is affecting the Sons and Daughters of Darkness, and non-Viable Robots, and this proof can now be observed by others, for the processes of Terminal Decay and Spiritual Death, as well as physical Death, have commenced..


I knew this day of being able to witness that event would come. That day is here!


I can confidently affirm that I have witnessed the effects of the spiritual starvation of which I wrote.


With spiritual starvation, the hypocrites will be unable to sustain their camouflage. That is why it will become easier and easier to see who is who. Their true identities will be clearly seen. Firstly their evil nature will come to the fore and then we will be able to see their reptilian countanences with unmistakeable clarity. Some of you are seeing these things now.


Yes, such a prophecy is included in Ancient Gnostic Texts, which have also been ‘borrowed’ by, and included in, the extant Bible. At the Endtime we will all see who is who. And this is also a confirmation, as we see who is who unerringly, that it is the Endtime!!


BTW, It is reported that NASA is preparing a plot to expose Aliens to the World. That is because they now know the Aliens, even in human bodies, can no longer camouflage themselves or hide out as if they were just humans. Thus, NASA and those associated with this plot know it is the Endtime, but they are hoping against hope that they can beat the Terminal Process, which they cannot, of course.





Two prominent members of Darkness were seen in this town the other day. I know who they are ontologically. (I know who everyone is ontologically. If you have a problem with that assertion, too bad for you. Work harder on yourself spiritually.)


They looked old, decrepit and very, very evil. They could no longer sustain their mask of deception. They were a male/female couple, and the male appeared to be very close to physical death, for sure. The female had the countanence of an exposed Demon, and this was verified by others who reported back to me. These reporting persons said they had never seen a demon so clearly before. They stated that the obvious evil on the countenance of the couple they saw was unmistakeable.


Thus, while Viables grow weary of the horrific Evil, and all its despicable and cowardly acts around the globe, and patiently await the End, the Demons are about to enter the PANIC PHASE, as they realize the energy they crave and must have to stay spiritually alive, is no longer available.






If you are Viable, your Higher Mind, and even your body and its lower mind, will REFLEXLY steer you unerringly, because of the New Green Energy (NGE), onto a Path of least pollution and greater physical and spiritual safety. Your body will dictate which foods to consume and which to avoid. Your mind will tell you with whom it is safe to mix, and with whom it is not. You would be foolish to ignore what your body tells you. Your Higher Mind impresses the body and its lower Monkey mind towards the correct Path.

Being nurtured by the New Green Energy, although you may feel impatient for the End, and disgusted with the antics of Evil and its Minions, you will actually feel stronger, younger and more confident in your body. Even your lower Monkey mind will appear less erratic with greater resolve to obey the Higher Mind. That is the result of the nurturing by the NGE. You will avoid the Mental Fragmentation others are undergoing. You will not be fearful of what is going on.

Many will note you look younger, that you are happier, and that you are not like ‘the rabble’. You know what I mean by ‘the rabble’. And they will be envious. They will want to know why you are like this, but they will not understand any explanation you will give. They will think you may be taking extra vitamins and other medicinal compounds to prop you up when, in fact, you are being subjected to an automatic process of absorbing the NGE which is creating miracles in you and for you. The NGE is a very healing energy.

In contrast, the non-Viables will appear simply awful, no matter how they try to camouflage their looks. Viables will see both the physical and spiritual decay in the failures which they can no longer hide. Their energy will repel Viables, and Viables will be unable to stay in their midst for long.

This is indisputably a sign of the END!

As this process of increasing fear grips the failures, in contrast, you will feel joyous at the thought of dropping this shell and GOING HOME, inspite of the ubiquitous physical and mental destruction!

If any of you thought I had been making all this up, this last piece of evidence pointing to energy starvation should dispel any such thoughts of doubt. This is something you will witness, even if you are thousands of miles away from me. These changes are unmistakable. For the non-Viables, they are signs of their Terminal Madness, Gloom, Doom and journey to Perdition. For Viables, they are the signs of the End of the War and their return Home.

Pretending to be ust an aging ‘human’, I could not be more privileged, proud and joyous at being able to give you this news today!


PS There are approximately 1,000 Theomorphs on the planet assisting me in this Clearing Process. I have written about this before. You may be one of them. I do not need to know you personally on this level, even though I have met quite a few in person and via the Internet.

If you are one of these Frontline Warriors of Light, you may experience days when you become more tired than usual without any valid reason. You may feel mentally vague, ‘not with it’, with aching muscles and joints.

Do not be concerned. More likely than not, your Higher Consciousness on such occasions is usually away, fighting battles elsewhere, or assisting other Viables, attending Conferences on Crafts, etc., etc. You will usually not remember these episodes of visiting other places because of your body’s Filtering Mechanism.

You may have noted a pattern in your life of such episodes, and you may now identify the timing when you feel one such episode coming on. Often you will rest or even take a nap. When the episode is over, you will usually feel just fine and full of vigour again. That means your Higher Consciousness has returned.

Such episodes do not last more than a day or two. Often, if they are to last longer, a ‘Stand-in’, selected by the Light, may enter your body and continue your normal activities while you are away. Others, in such circumstances, may find you a ‘little off”! You may be less familiar with routine work, ‘less with it’, less spontaneous. Do not be concerned.

Having described these episodes of ‘whizzing away’, I must warn you that if you have physical ailments (anaemia, hypertension, vertigo from whatever cause, fainting spells, cardiac problems, history of transient cerebral ischemic attacks, strokes, renal disease, liver disease, etc., etc., please be wise and seek medical reassessment of the state of your physical health. Do not blindly or ignorantly classify any symptoms as being due to spiritual effects alone.

Of course if you do see an Allopathic Physician and describe these episodes of ‘whizzing off” during the day, more likely than not he will diagnose a form of CPS (Complex Partial Seizures) of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and he will then want to subject you to a lot of expensive investigations and treatments, and specialist consultations. If you have nothing physically found (such as the conditions I mentioned above), ignore this diagnosis and tell him/her to go jump! Alas, Metaphysics (and its Truths) and Allopathic Medicine are inimical.

 September 30, 2014

This article and its videos are definitely fuel and matches that will ignite WW 3 and let Russia validly accuse the West of dishonesty, hypocrisy and war-mongering.

 MH17 Fully Exposed! You Won’t Believe the
Shocking Truth About the Ukraine False Flag



CONFIRMED: MH-17 Victims Dead Before Crash – Forensics and Witnesses

Before the hideous tragedy of Flight MH17 disappears entirely down the memory hole, let us honor all of those grievously injured by this travesty
by NOT FORGETTING the ineffectual false flag terror event and horrendous
crime for what it was, as it disappears before our eyes, having been completely ineffective at achieving its ends; to make Russia look like the aggressor in this crime.

The crime scene continues to languish in the middle of an active war zone and the case will likely officially remain “unsolved,” if the PTB have their way.

Here, we see very genuine-seeming and spontaneous reports from local civilians on the ground, two of whom “won” the lottery, when their ceiling was crashed open by most of the remains of one victim, who landed inside. Another man describes a body that had landed on the street, already stinking awfully of decomposition.

Several witnesses shown here reported soon after the crash of MH-17, that the corpses of some victims appeared to have been dead for several days. Some were even reported to have undergone the initial stages of embalming.

This would be consistent with the ample evidence shown in other films, that the crash site appears to have been set-dressed, with props and planted evidence (such as unstamped passports and hole-punched, invalid ones).

These civilian reports were initially doubted, because they were from “rebel”
witnesses (those supporting the secession of their area from the Ukraine, as per the recent popular elections), contrary to the agenda of the USG and other players. However, other third-party witnesses, presented in this film, confirm these initial reports.

What were already-dead bodies doing, mixed in with the remains of the crash victims is anybody’s guess – perhaps it was a convenient way to dispose of airline workers who were witness to the switch-up of the actual aircraft, which was disposed-of in this crash?

As I have pointed out previously, there is much evidence to substantiate that the plane which was shot down over Ukraine had serial numbers and a distribution of windows on its fuselage that matched the plane that went
missing during a separate unsolved crime, involving the same airline, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing last March – and NOT those of the actual aircraft that was scheduled to fly to
Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam and which, was evidently shot down over the war-torn Donetsk region of Ukraine.

(Let’s also not forget that in hearings held during 2011 and 2012, the Malaysian war crimes tribunal found Tony Blair, George W. Bush and members of the latter’s Administration guilty on several counts, in
the Wars of Aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan).

Also, here is a video with more information about the likelihood that Flight MH17 was taken out by standard-issue weapons used on Ukraine fighter jets, NOT by a Russian BUK missile fired by Ukraine separatists:

Video: (under 8 mins)

CONFIRMED: MH-17 Victims Dead Before Crash –
Forensics and Witnesses


Dear Dr. Giuseppe,


After reading your last post of 9/28 I was compelled to write to tell you how privileged and joyful I feel for receiving this news.


I have experienced what you describe in your post about being fatigued without any valid reason.  Napping was not something that I was use to do but lately I’ve had to rest more frequently.  Good to know that it is part of being a Warrior of the Light.  Whatever it takes to bring this Evil planet to its demise I’m willing to do my part.


I just finished reading ” The Revenge of Camelot” and have a renewed sense of commitment, inner strength and confidence. As I was reading it was as though I was in another Dimension.  The struggles and challenges that Arthur and Gwenevere experienced are the same as those of today.  Yes, history does repeat itself.  It reaffirmed for me to recognize  and avoid  the traps, to not  get pulled in to the emotions, to always go within, to keep that pathway of communication open to the Divine Power and most important to Surrender to the Divine Being of Purity and Trust.

What a well written story as it also applies to what is happening now.


Your urgent message that we are near the End time brings such joy because that means that we will go Home soon where Divine Love, Peace, Harmony and Beauty will truly be.


Thank you for keeping us sustained.  You are a Treasure to us True Beings.


Gratitude and Love,



S writes:

I read your latest post for today, the 28th, September, and “feel better” after reading it.  I have been being blasted lately with thoughts of what a horrible person I think I was in the past and am aghast at how I could have been this way.  This type thing may be happening to others also at this time.  Anyway, thanks for what you are doing for us.  Even dark people can be helped by you if they desire sincerely to turn to the light.


A H writes: Sir,

Just finished the first volume of your series “My Conversations with God”. It was awesome.  I am in a room where my mother is watching the MSM news which is awful!!!!  Anyway, this book is wonderful.  I will check out Volume 2 tomorrow.  You are right about how everything is looking.  Models are not very beautiful at all.


Charles writes:

Beautiful essay(s) dr. . Thank you !! please don’t stop writing.  And remember those lives you changed and have an effect on, even all the way across the world in Boston 😉



I have told you that Evil would be exposed in all its facets in the Endtime for all peoples to see it clearly. This article is of particular significance in fulfilling that prophecy:



Hi there Giueseppe………….wow thanks for the post today (Sept 28) !

I do feel and look younger especially since being in India. I do hope I am helping you on this and other levels.

I do feel sore and knackered at times ,before always bouncing back. I do see who is who in the zoo far more readily these days. I do feel the NGE far from you as I evidenced in Mumbai. Glen.


More about ISIS BS:



The “KEY” is making the rounds:


Think of the consequences of the revelations made once the “Key” of 9/11 is analyzed peoperly by many. There will be no rest for the wicked.


October 3, 2014


While this article and its videos reach the conclusion of conspiracy against the sheople, their meek cries for correction are stupid and stupefying in the light of the Eugenics Program and Agenda 21.

Thus you see, some can awaken so far and no further.  Such limited and limiting knowledge is still part of cultivated ignorance.

It is like the many groups who are urging others to cut down their carbon footprint, and asking Governments around the World to reform themselves towards a better outlook and outcomes to thus advantage the (targeted and doomed) sheople. Such aspirations are pointless in the Light of What is Truly Going On.

It means such people are really still very much part of the Illusion and cannot see beyond it. They are non-Viable for sure, just like the rest of the non-Viable components of the Illusion.



In this next video, this gentleman, partially awake, wants to blame the apathy of the people for what is going on. But that is not the case at all. The populations have been purposely made apathetic so that the mechanisms of the Eugenics Program could be implemented with little resistance. They are being applied by Class 5 Demons (Archons) who are in human bodies and also in the next physical dimension above us.

Overriding this nightmare scenario is the Plan of the Light for Clearing of the Planet, and the whole Galaxy.

If you have read my books, you know all about that!



I do NOT expect you to watch all the videos in this article. I post it to demonstrate the fact that the “Archons” have always used the “Fear of Physical Death” to manipulate the sheople.

Even as they blackmail sheople with this fear of death, they give (false) hope by saying there is a Heaven as reward. But, they are quick to point out there is a Hell if you have sinned. Of course “EVERY BODY” is programmed by the Evil System to make mistakes which the System calls ‘sins’. Thus, unless truly spiritually awakened, one is in fear of punishment for ‘sins’ commited. Clever, hey? No, not clever; just very evil!! Many overcome this fear somewhat by declaring they are atheists and do not believe in any afterlife mumbo-jumbo – an even more stupid pseudo-solution to the Problem of Evil.


Awakened Viables are looking forward to their exit from this Abomination, regardless of the Mechanism of exit. Of course, we would like our exit to be peaceful and painless, if possible, for all Viables, including our wonderful pets.


Confirming what we all know:



This article explains clearly what I have revealed to you. However, the conclusive thrust is NOT what they say here. We need to prepare to get out of this HELL before it is totally obliterated.



Again the emphasis is on the impossible: Survival of this Condemned Hell. These types of articles are doing a great disservice for as they highlight the danger, they give false hope of survival of the physical and continuation of this Hell. In other words, these authors are working for EVIL. They have no idea about the Greater Reality, and if they have, they are making sure no Sheople know about it.

I have told you repeatedly, this Physical Dimension is finished!!

Your mental, emotions, intellectual and spiritual preparation should be to prepare you for the exit from here asap when the signal to do so is given.




My thanks to Randy for forwarding these most revealing articles about Vaccines, Aspirin, Dishonesty, Greed and Death on a massive scale:

Read the other articles within the main one. They are most revealing:





I guess you have seen this about the evils of Big Pharma:


These articles confirm that this is a very Evil world that exists for the exploitation of certain beings that are trapped within it.

The only solution possible is the total elimination of the Prison, release of the trapped beings that are still viable and placement in their proper Evil-free dimensions.

It has been my privileged role to be able to

  • Give this information to the world in this Final Generation;
  • Provide a timetable of the eventual total destruction of the planet, the galaxy and the whole Universe.
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the Virtual Reality, how it arose, who runs it, and what is to be done about it and its non-viable minions;
  • Provide a detailed explanation of all the facets of Evil’s Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination which have kept us (as physical beings) drugged, incompetent and unaware of the Greater Reality to which we truly belong;

5                 Assist in the distribution of the New Green Energy which will spiritually sustain the Viables during this period when the non-Viables will spiritually starve to death (energetically).

I do more than that, of course, but it is not yet time to reveal all aspects of my work.


Dear Giuseppe…


After all these years i really looked at your heading on your web site…it was more beautiful than i had ever seen it before…i saw this beautiful seed of divine spark floating in a sea of the New Green Energy…


All my best to you and your beautiful pets… Lots of LOVE;  L.

October 5, 2014

There are many items to explore today. Big breath, take phone of hook, turn off mobile and go..go..go…

Reminders of what I wrote in the past:

Evil begets Evil!

Evil Beings are cursed by their own evil!

What the latter means is that evil Beings cannot escape self-destruction!

So, let us continue to examine other videos from diverse sources that affirm these statements I made years ago.


I reproduce what I had written on the website a little earlier:


It follows logically that if you have understood what I have written,


  • You will be filled with Happiness and Joy.
  • All Doubt will be dispelled from your mind.
  • All Fear of any loss, fear of Physical Death, of the fate of ‘loved ones’, will vanish.
  • Understanding will fill your mind
  • You will glow with the sanctifying New Green Energy that will sustain you.
  • Your mind will exhibit the clarity of the Beatified
  • You will escape the scourge of Terminally Madness that is even now engulfing the Plane.
  • As failures around you go insane, from you will emanate the Love and Glory of the truly Divine.



As time progresses, Viables will sense the foul energy of the non-Viables more than ever and they will want to shun them, and to be with ones of like energy, if possible. This will not always be possible.

The non-Viables will grow angry, irrational and violent, mainly because their minds are decaying at an accelerated and alarming pace and because of their reaction to the NGE, as I mentioned above.

Watch closely the leaders of the World. The madness will be most clearly expressed in them. This is already abundantly clear as they start threatening each other with nuclear weapons and forecasting the desire to kill their own populations on suspicion of lack of Patriotism to support foul deeds, past and future, etc.


List of Consciousnesses

In answer to a reader’s question, here is a list of consciousnesses on Earth today:

  • There are 10 major classes of consciousness in human bodies and they are physically indistinguishable while in the physical bodies.

These classes are as follows:

i Ancients,

ii Ancients of Ancients,

iii Earthling PA beings, (PA means Permanent Atom)

iv Translocated PA beings from other planets (beings who have been kidnapped from other planets — many of these are now spontaneously awakening to the fact that they are not earthlings),

v The counterfeit, Evil-created non-PA beings (both robotic and demonic),

vi Class 5 beings (Spiritual beings called Walk-ins), of both essences. Reptilians are in this class. They are all demonic and therefore evil.

vii Fallen Class 5 beings (from the Angelic, Devic class),

viii Special Creations of the Supreme,

ix Evil incomplete beings (called soulless beings) and

x The Divine Rescuers (Avatars).

For details of these you will need to read my books.


More from Randy about the Ebola scare and scam:

Pretty happy looking people at the ebola-fest. Check out the guy behind the judge. Is he looking down because he has a big smirk on his face?


Cheerful property manager.


This site has a few anomalous photos.


Here we have a cleanup truck with a guy wearing jeans – very protective. We also see the judge entering the building with no protection. Since he is in on the scam, he knows there is nothing to fear. We have cops standing around doing nothing, and a spectator sitting on the curb. There is also a big scrum in front of The Ivy complex, which would not be happening if there was any health risk.

Here is a second photo of the cops with one of them smiling – nothing more amusing than ebola, don’t you know.


Read on http://www.jimstonefreelance.com

Jim Stone thinks Ebola, real or not, is a ruse to get the Merry Cans vaccinated and chipped.


Who really is behind the Ukrainian abuse of Russia?



My thanks to Priscille for sending these informative videos.

More Examples of Terminal Madness:





Bill & Melinda Gates , they are always up to no-good !



On the fun side:

1             Who loves you baby?


2            Dance with me:



Leopards cannot change their spots and Evil Beings can never stop lying:



Proliferative Terminal Madness:

All 7 billion outside of the USA now know 911 was a false flag, as do 90% of the people in the USA.

This Archon wants to kill them all for knowing the Truth!!


  1. H. writes: Thank you so much for the wonderful books “My Conversations with God” and the time you took with them.  The quote below rings so true with so much!!!!!



There is a bully that worries me,

What should I do?”


“Pity him,

for the manifestation of

Physical Violence denotes a

Weak, undeveloped mind.


Pity will arouse Shame,

Then Self-pity, which,

If not dealt with properly,

Is soul destroying

Even in bullies.”


-Conversations with God, Book 2, Joseph Chiappalone (Doctor of Metaphysics)


Here are the two chapters of my book “Thoughts of a Gnostic, Vol 1” referred to in this email:

Chapter 84

Unresolved Anger

Each on this plane has suffered in countless ways, some more than others. Some have managed to resolve the negative emotions stimulated by the pain, suffering and misery they have been subjected to and witnessed, others have not. Many are so badly scarred, they are dysfunctional, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Many are wrecks, in the wings of life, being unable to cope any longer, terrified by thoughts of having to re-experience that which affected them severely.

Some, from torrid love affairs, and unfaithfulness, become hateful misogynists, even misanthropes. Many, of course, go on a destructive rampage against society, the system, religions, etc. Others appear less affected, but internally they hurt quite a lot. But what they are really doing is hurting themselves further.

Many are actual outlaws who are trapped and punished further eventually. The system is set up to emotionally exploit indiscriminately. Sure, the True Beings are the targets, but all live under the same conditions. To react, and become even more destructive, is to fall into an even greater trap, for that is what the system wants, for then it can punish more openly, and more severely, with apparent justification.

There are as many ways that people suffer mentally, emotionally, physically, as there are people. Many are traumatised in childhood, either being abused sexually by relatives and friends, etc., or bullied by peers and spiteful teachers at school, etc. One shudders to think how many young girls have been molested and raped by uncles, cousins, and others whom they trusted, how many others have been molested by religious figures from whom they sought counsel, etc.

Many of those doing the molesting, inciting suffering in minor and major ways, are demons placed there especially to do that. They do not see their victims in a personal way at all. The conditions are not unique. If it was not you they were taunting, it would be another. The personal aspect is very minor. They do sense True Beings however, and know these are more trusting, easier to fool, and they have more energy to be stolen. Hence, they seem to target such True Beings. The demons seem to be able to recognise each other more readily and are more wary of each other than True Beings are of them, but they still exploit other demons.

True Beings are built with a great degree of trust within them and the need to love, share, not judge, think the best of everyone, etc. This is because they are not evil. But these qualities in the evil societies of this evil realm are not valued. In fact, they are seen as weaknesses and exploited by the demons.

The fine qualities of the True Beings make them easy prey. They are more likely to listen to the spurious indoctrination of the demon-controlled religions, and attempt to love others, regardless of what they seem. They are the ones who try to turn the other cheek. They are the ones who try to be fair in business, etc.

The demons do not believe their own propaganda. They are hypocrites. When did the Catholic Church ever turn the other cheek or give its enemies a second chance? It raped, pillaged and burned without remorse. If you want more details, read my earlier book, “Death of an Evil God”.

True Beings have to learn the methods of evil, to act evilly, for evil is not in their nature. In every lifetime, because of the forgotten lessons of previous lives, the forgetfulness being due to the erosion of memory by the filtering mechanism of the physical body, the True Beings have to struggle to reach a point of awakening.

But almost without exception, they have all fallen into various traps which exploit them and make them suffer, before they reawaken. No doubt you, the reader, will have recognised the traps you have fallen into at this stage.

But all is not lost. It is now time to reassess the situation, in the light of revealed Gnostic knowledge, and see what can be done about it. You may have a great deal of frustration and anger within you which are as yet unresolved. These feelings can tether you to the past and prevent spiritual advancement and further fulfilment of your designated role. It will be as if you are trying to travel on a path with a burden beyond your capacity to carry. You will not get far. Hence, you, like every other True Being who has been affected deleteriously, must lighten your load. I do not know any True Being who has not been adversely affected. I do not know any person on earth who has not suffered.

True Beings who sell out to the system appear to escape somewhat, but they are really no longer True Beings. They are traitors and will be dealt with accordingly. It would be of little concern if they sold out and left others alone. But, in fact, they are used by the system to entrap other True Beings, and that is the tragedy of it all.

You have to examine your mind yourself and see what is there. What bothers you the most? In the quiet moments, what thoughts come to torment you? Often when your energy is low and you are least protected, the thoughts which have had the most exploitative effect on you, return.

They are always there in the background and are used to stir your emotions, to incite anger, guilt, frustration, remorse, feelings of unworthiness, etc., so that you will, once again, lose energy, or be motivated to act destructively against your partner, against those whom you want to blame for your problems, against society in general, against your religion, God, etc.

Ultimately, such motivation is to force you to self-destruct. In all of this you are the real target. These thoughts making you act this way are bullets with your name on them. They do not affect anyone else. They are dangerous.

Hence, do not entertain them. If it is in your power, destroy them by logic, by attacking them, by sublimating them, by sharing your problems, by asking for help, by praying, by calling upon Higher Consciousnesses for advice and assistance, by seeking out God’s advice directly.

You see, there are many ways to solve the problem. What you must not do is act destructively. Act constructively by all means. By this I mean that if you are in an exposed, exploitative situation, whether it be a personal relationship, business partnership, job, school, rental agreement, whatever, that is obviously detrimental to you in any number of ways, you should take steps to remove yourself from that situation. That is only common sense. But it is amazing how many people cannot do it.

They lack the courage to act, or else, they are blackmailed by little pleasures which in themselves are even more destructive and weaken the True Being further. You have to judge whether you are in such a situation.

This may appear remote and a little academic to some but it is of paramount importance to the physical well-being of an individual as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

It is well documented that unresolved frustrations, anxiety, anger, depression, etc., can all lead to physical disease including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, even cancer.

With the Gnostic knowledge, and knowing what is going on in this realm, you should be able to resolve your inner emotions satisfactorily. It may be even more painful initially, for we all tend to suppress rather than resolve feelings which hurt us, but it must be done. It will be like pulling out barbs from the flesh, and until the wounds heal, they will smart. But that is a once only procedure.

It is better to do that than have the barbs always there in the flesh to fester at any time and to have demons come along and torture us by giving them a twist whenever the occasion for them to do so arises.

Left in place they are a constant source of exploitation and energy drainage. We are better off without them. We are healthier without them. One is not cured unless they are removed.

Inner emotional conflicts must be resolved for you to become an effective worker of the Light.


You also said in this Book in chapter “Crisis” “As crisis come and go in your physical life, realize that evil programming, pollution and indoctrination are more effective when one is tired or physically and mentally overtaxed.  I used to be involved with a group from 2001 to 2010 and the teacher would keep us up all night.  During a week end workshop I would get just a few hours of sleep.  I was looking for the truth in the wrong places (traps!).

Chapter 63


Personal crises, mid-life or otherwise, appear to be a necessary occurrence in the Awakening Process as one begins to see through the Veils of Maya, through the sham of what the Evil Empire presents as Reality.

Not all such crises are spiritually orientated of course. Many have crises as they see the end of youth’s thought of physical immortality and plunge even more recklessly into the pursuit of self-gratification. This the psychiatrists can understand, for they are in the same group to be sure.

But the thought of spiritual reality to replace the mundane one is often beyond many of them and so they categorise the results of further pursuits by awakening aspirants in pejorative terms.

Do not be put off by any attacks from any quarter as you awaken. Be firm in your convictions and seek the Light always, regardless of how many obstacles Evil places in front of you.

It is the lower beings who must change to fit into the Plan of the Light’s correction and not vice versa. Hence, change yourself in any way needed for you to progress on your Path to Liberation. You will know when you are doing well and when you are doing poorly. You are no fool.

But, you would be foolish to think that this system will not submit you, as a True Being, to the utmost humiliation, if it can, especially as you awaken.

Every evil mechanism in creation exists for 2 reasons:

a to exploit True Beings of their Divine energy;

b to make True Beings give up their struggle against evil.

As Crises come and go in your physical life, realise that evil programming, pollution and indoctrination are more effective when one is tired or physically and mentally overtaxed. Avoid such states. Rest often on your journey and hasten slowly.

Give the lower mind little leeway, for to depend on human reason is to be human. But to depend on the Inner Faith is to become Divine.

And even as you struggle, like all other Viables must, know that admitting one’s weaknesses is the first step in their eradication. Never, ever give up the struggle against Evil, for sorrow and silence are strong, but patient endurance is godlike.

Confusion on all topics, with misinformation and disinformation coming from all angles, will be the order of the day as the final days approach. Such Confusion can deepen your Crises and make you entertain Doubt more easily. See through this phase and remain strong!

On any level at any time, especially the physical where we find ourselves, the Divine Power can only be as effective as the instruments used are effective. That is why any who want to use such Power should try to become as perfect an instrument as possible.

And watch your thoughts at all times. They can be implanted rubbish. Your mental function can make or break you. Beware of those who attack you insidiously and implant doubt as you spend time with them. They are anathema to the Spirit. When one is affected by the negative energies from anyone or any source, mental function manifests little or no Divinity. Realising this and accepting that it is so are the first steps to improvement and detaching from such sources.



No longer a guessing game?   http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/testmossad.mp4





Take courage. Only good will come out of this, for the Good.


The rationale behind Fluoride, Chemtrails, Psychotropic drugs, etc…..




About the coming Fragmentation which I first mentioned in my first book in 1985.

Warning: These clips are boooooring:






You are probably aware of most of these items, but it is still interesting to review them:



The ‘ghosts’ seen in such clips and photos are the etheric bodies of discarnates which can last hundreds of years before they dissipate.



Robots on the march with the clear programing of Nationalism! The best part of this clip is the few bars of music at the start written by Beethoven – an Avatar splinter who, with Haydn, Mozart, and Bach formed a renowned quartet for that era. They all contained the Avatar Energy. I know the identity of all 4. Babaji was Bach.  J





This is from Waking Times. I think they should call the site Wasting Time:




Dr Maurice Rawlings, in fact, provided data that over 70 % of NDExperiencers have a Hellish experience if they are interviewed as soon as they awaken. If the interview is delayed, the memory is washed clean and either nothing is recalled, or the ‘heaven’ baloney.

Where is the Hell? It is part of the lower Astral World!!


BTW The Astral Plane Hell is the level in which ALL Religious Hierarchy’s are based.


The “Wonderful” afterlife theatrics are Astral World Illusion.


This again reminds me to remind you that psychics and clairvoyants who contact your dead relatives, pets, etc., are giving you pre-determined baloney in nearly all cases.


I have firsthand experience of (True) beings who have been forced out of the Physical and gone to the Astral World and been encased in jail type compartments. They are in prison and await the time of Liberation.


If you have time, read Dr Rawlings’ book “To Hell and Back.”


I guess by now you have seen this:




Demons at Work:




Near the end of the video, there is the case of the older woman dying of cancer and donating most of her money to these demonic sharks who feast on the Fear of Death. It is said she hoped by giving them her money “god’ would cure her of her cancer. This is really sick !


The fault lies with the idiotic individuals in the audience too, does it not? If a person really believes in ‘God’ and Heaven, s/he would welcome the chance to get there asap by dying, no matter what the cause, as long as they were happy to leave. But programmed FEAR holds them back and instead, the fearful ones do everything they can to live in this Hell longer and to to prevent their journey to be with “God”.
Given the choice, what would you choose?


Generally speaking, those who try as hard as they can to live as long as they can in this Hell are not True Beings.


A true Being will seek the path to Home once it feels its work here is done.


If you are a True Being, you will know when that time comes, and you will rejoice the Liberation, regardless of whether it comes from war, accident, earthquake, drowning, radiation, cancer, starvation, assassination, etc., etc.



Consciousnesses in Class 1, 2 and 3 also need to leave the Physical. Don’t be like the stupid ones and feel sad. Be joyous for you know what it all means. The evil non-Viable consciousnesses are being eradicated. The Viable ones are ‘Going Home”. That is, they are going to another dimension to resume a new evolutionary cycle without Evil.





Dont fall for anecdotal stories of apparent great success like this one. I had many, many cancer patients taking this particular mushroom in capsule form with not the slightest change in the course of their disease.





August 28, 2014

In an attempt to help you a little more in these confusing Endtimes, here is another chapter from one of my books.


Please note, I have had to increase the price of books from today.





What is faith? What allows beings to believe certain things which they cannot prove on the physical plane? How is it that some understand things beyond the physical senses, and express an inner knowing which allows them to be confident of, and have faith in, that which cannot be seen, touched, measured or demonstrated to others?

What is the mechanism and rationale behind faith? Why is it that some have infinite capacity for faith and others have very little or none? These are the questions I will answer in this chapter.

Only fools believe that which is non-existent. Only fools allow themselves to be caught in a world of unreality. But, True Beings are not fools!

Faith is based upon the INNER REALITY.

All True Beings recognize and acknowledge the Inner Reality. They recognize all aspects of the Truth, and in their Inner Being they have access to all aspects of the Truth. Faith is only needed at the outer mind level. There is no need for faith when one knows all, when one is aware of the True Reality and all its implications, interactions and consequences. When all is known, there is no need for faith.

Faith is a condition of the outer mind which expresses an acknowledgement of the reality which is not immediately remembered, recognized or used at that outer mind level. In other words, faith is the essence of a being functioning at the outer mind level when the inner reality and the truth (which have been recognized at the inner spiritual mind level) have been temporarily forgotten.

It is a mechanism which reminds the outer mind that the inner being knows far more than the outer mind can remember, express or understand. The greater the degree of faith, the less room is there for the evil programming and pollution to create the essences of doubt and scepticism. Where faith expresses, doubt and scepticism cannot. This is the reason why all the Masters Who have descended on to this plane and all the genuine spiritual philosophers, exhort us to have faith.

In expressing faith we minimize the manifestation of doubt and scepticism caused by evil programming and pollution, and indoctrination, and maximize the chance of bypassing the filtering mechanism of the physical body and remembering the true inner reality.

Beings who have faith in certain things such as:

  • the existence of evil,
  • the destructiveness of the evil system,
  • the presence of an invisible war, the consequences of which are very, very visible of course,
  • the presence of a rescuing Divine energy, and
  • the existence of a `Father’ Who will judge, punish the evil and reward the faithful,

base their faith on facts of reality which the inner being knows.

Faith is based on a very sound logical basis. It is based on the actual reality of that which exists. Because things on this plane have been distorted and obscured, the logical basis for belief in various things is not obvious. People who believe certain metaphysical and spiritual things believe them because they are facts, and not because they are things that they want to make up.

When certain facts are remembered or encountered at the outer mind level often confusion results and the being is not certain as to how much it should believe and how much credence should be placed on these facts.

This confusion and conflict are proportional to the amount of programming, pollution and indoctrination which have caused doubt and scepticism on the other mind and also can affect the degree of faith of the being. The more a being recognizes the facts of truth, and to be able to recognize them he must connect to his inner being, the greater his faith and the less the doubt and scepticism.

When some facts are met, they awaken a `knowingness’ within and beings have more and more faith that they are true. In other words, they are believed more and more because they awaken beings and mirror the truth within them. At other times, when faith is called for, to accept other facts which appear very foreign and disturbing, the inner being knows just how truthful such facts are, and the inner being will tell the outer mind whether they are to be believed or not. So it is that our inner mechanism can actually filter false facts and confirm facts of the true inner reality so that the basis of our faith is unshakeable and it will not be misplaced.

Beings who are totally programmed on the outer mind for full scepticism as discussed in a previous chapter, do not only express faithlessness, but they also actively attack those who do give themselves to this feature of the inner reality.

True Beings, as I have said, are not fools. They recognize reality and the facts of reality no matter how distorted the system that contains them is. Their being knows what is true and what is false, and that is why faith is created within them.

It is the distorted evil system which tries to destroy this faith by bombarding them with more and more programming, pollution, indoctrination, scepticism and doubt in order to destroy the connection to the inner reality and allow acceptance of that illusion which it has built and which is called Maya.

This is why all the Masters have stated that we live in an illusional world, that there is a reality beyond the senses, and that we must have faith that this is so. A time has almost been reached in this generation when it will no longer be necessary to have faith because the true reality will be exposed, as the illusion is destroyed.

Faith is a measure of the degree of expressed Divinity of a being. It is a measure of the success the beings has had in connecting to the inner being and remembering the reality within.

Fools do not have faith. Fools do not have the courage to express faith. Faith is an essence of true Divine beings that have courage to express the fact that they remember glimpses of the reality which the Evil System has tried so desperately to make them forget.

The greater the faith the being expresses, the more unshakeable is s/he by the doubts and scepticism of this evil system.

Conversely, the more s/he allows programming, pollution and indoctrination to affect his physical vehicles and mind, the less will his faith be, and the more will he become subject to the whims of the Evil System.

The inner being connecting to the outer mind, and also connected to other levels and dimension and to other helpers, guides, protectors, and other dimensional beings, can communicate information to the outer mind of the being in various ways. Clairvoyant mechanisms, tuition in times of astral travel, regression, rebirthing, and so on, are used.

The faith expressed at the outer mind level is the manifestation of such communication and the success of the being’s ability to unshackle his outer mind from the effects of programming, pollution, indoctrination, doubt and scepticism.

The more a being is aware of the Inner Reality, the greater his faith. This is true logically, for the faith will be proportional to the amount of the Inner Reality brought onto the outer mind.

The unaware person can have only `blind faith’, and really this is a misnomer for how can one blindly believe in anything one does not know? Only a fool would do this. Only a fool would have blind faith.

No, the faith of True Beings, the faith of the aware person, is an essence of expression on the outer physical mind of the knowledge of the Truth within.

The unaware person, or the person who expresses blind faith in anything, is really like a mindless robot. He can be pushed this way and that by anyone who cares to program his outer mind. He has really no logical basis for any faith. He is a mind ready to be taken over. This is not a faithful being, this in fact is a faithless being. He would switch allegiance to match the programming!

The non-Permanent Atom beings also know the truth of things. Their evil controlling demigod dictates how much they can recall. They also have faith in their inner reality, and can express this at the outer mind level. However, their inner reality is a programmed reality and not the absolute truth. Hence, the basis of their faith is false, and they can be programmed with any information that the evil demigod wishes, once they have given themselves over to him by use of their freewill.

Once awareness increases and connection to the true inner being is made more proficiently, the inner reality will be revealed more and more to the outer minds of beings on this plane. It is then that the logical firm basis for their faith will be revealed, and the more the truth of the inner reality is revealed, obviously, the less the faith needed. However, greater will be the confidence that they will express in having had that faith.

And so it is in the latter part of this generation as the massive changes occur to clear the planet as I have described, the faith of the True Beings who knew this information in their inner being will be rewarded with that confidence of having known the truth in times of darkness and evil attacks.

As the knowledge is exposed there will be no more need for faith by anyone, for the time for faith will have passed. Faith is only required when the truth and inner reality are hidden. It is faith that allows the True Beings to say “I believe such and such”, and they could add: “for within me I know that such and such is the truth. It is only the filtering mechanism of this physical body I am using which prevents me from knowing the details of that which is within me. However, because of this faith I know that this inner reality for me is the truth”.

And so it is that the True Beings will awaken more and more as they hear this information, and their faith will increase for this information and message will correlate with the `knowingness’ their inner truth and reality provide.

And as their faith grows their doubt and scepticism due to the programming, pollution and indoctrination, which they will bypass more and more, will decrease. And then as the things described come to pass their confidence will increase enormously. Their faith will be vindicated.

As more and more of the evil system will be destroyed the programming which has been used to block any beings, including the non-Permanent Atom beings, will be smashed, and even they will come to the realization of the true reality and truth previously hidden by the Maya. And even they will see that this information and message were correct.

However, on the outer mind level faithless and evil beings may not acknowledge the truth of what has been given. In their stubborn, programmed way many will defy the Divine to the very last, clinging on to their evil egos and denying the truth and inner reality which is exposed more and more even as the planet crumbles around their ears.

It is impossible to have faith in anything unless the truth of what is given is within the inner consciousness of the being. And so it is that those who express faith in the `Father’, His rescue, His Judgement, His ability to punish and reward, base their faith on the truth within them. They know that this is so.

(In reality, the ‘Father Energy’ does not punish anyone. It is the failed beings who punish themselves by rejecting the offer to come into the Light!)

Faith can be built up more and more by going into the realms of the inner being and contacting that information contained within, even if it is not adequately translated back on to the outer physical mind. This explains the confidence, the poise, the serenity and faith of people who practise meditation, and practise connection to their units of consciousness, to their guides, helpers and protectors.

In these episodes of connection they receive the encouragement, information, and the reminders of the Truth, and, of course, these express as the qualities I have mentioned and as a strengthening of the faith in the beings. The faith of aware beings and their confidence of an inner knowledge are so strong that they threaten the doubt and scepticism of the unaware. (Thus, you will find the faithless and failed individuals will have a loathing for you while at the same time they secretly fear that you may be correct in what you believe.)

This faith and inner knowing are powers which are beyond the comprehension of the outer mind. One need not delve deeply into metaphysical philosophy to confirm that this is so. Many beings who have received communication form other levels, realms and dimensions even on mundane matters such as literature, mathematics, physics, etc., knew this.

Beings such as Newton, Einstein and Edison had powers which consisted of inner poise, confidence, faith and knowledge because their inner beings knew of undisclosed information which was truthful information and which would be released in their own lifetimes. At the outer physical mind level this knowingness of truthful information merely expressed as faith in their abilities to be able to eventually manifest the information onto this plane.

The mechanism of their faith was this: the information was channelled to them from other levels, realms and dimensions where the reality of the information was unquestionable. And in their inner being it was also unquestionable. It was a matter then of merely allowing the outer mind to produce the faith and express this know reality, which on this level was still a part of the unreal.

(I have mentioned this previous: Friedrich August Kekulé dreamt of the structure of the benzene ring. Dr George Ritchie mentions the creation of structures and solutions to problems to be passed down to this level as ideas from the Astral. He does so in his book ‘Return from Tomorrow’ in which he describes his NDE and what he saw while out of the body.)

Profound metaphysical concepts are involved in the lives, discoveries and works of these men whom I have singled out as `ordinary’ examples. They too were aware of them. And yet how illogical science is, it does not even acknowledge the existence of most of the truth and reality of Metaphysics and Ontology, the mechanisms of which were used to create, develop and enhance science on this planet!!

In these volumes I have asked people to examine the information and discern for themselves the correctness of any information, to go within and see whether the information does harmonize with the awakened being within. Of course I’ve mentioned the safeguards that need to be taken, such as protection, bypassing programming and pollution, cleansing of chakras, proper diet and so on.

Beings will find that the faith produced by the correct information will be a measure of their degree of awakening. The knowing will come as a realization from within, as an awakening which cannot be described with words. They just know it is correct!

It will not communicate via the brain and outer mind, rather it will communicate as a `knowingness’ from the fourth chakra, for it is at the fourth chakra level, (the heart chakra), that the inner being communicates with the physical and subtle bodies. The heart chakra is the channel of communication of the inner being to the physical in Class 4 beings.

To express faith is to recognize the presence of the inner being, the inner reality, the inner truth and the awakening that has occurred in a being. It is a measure of progress on the spiritual path, not because others have given information, but because the being has recognized information from within and has built faith with which to express it.

Conversely, the expression of doubt and scepticism is a measure of the degree of disruption of any connection and loss of recognition of the inner being, inner reality, and inner truth.

Doubt and scepticism are a measure of the degree of unawareness of any being. The further along the path of spirituality and the more awakened, the less the doubt and scepticism does a being manifest, and the more faith and unshakeable conviction of the inner reality and truth will the being have and manifest.

Faith is the fundamental principle by which all True Beings exist in this evil, distorted system.

It is the expression of confidence in themselves, in the truth, in their heritage, in their Source and in their heavenly `Father’, Who is about to rescue them.

Doubt and scepticism are impositions onto the outer physical minds because of programming, pollution and indoctrination.

Faith instead can only come from within the being. Anyone can be forced to have doubt and scepticism by being bombarded with programming and pollution and illogical arguments of the Evil System. However, no one can be forced to have faith, for faith comes from within the being, and it expresses from within outward.

Faith is a measure of the being’s knowledge, connection to the inner reality and truth, and degree of development of his awareness, whereas doubt and scepticism are a measure of his degree of programming, pollution and indoctrination.

As beings awaken more and more and connect to their true inner being they will bypass any distortion, programming and pollution which has caused misplaced faith in certain things to occur. They will quickly see those plots which are part of the illusion and the illogical basis of the spurious knowledge and information provided by this Evil System.

There is no way True Beings can be held back from discovering their true knowledge and truth and expressing the true faith which such a discovery brings. When such awakening occurs en masse the evil faithless beings will be no match for the Warriors of the Light, which the True Beings will become. Their faith will be so powerful and unshakeable that it will send shudders of defeat into the evil, usurping, energy-sucking mock beings. The illusion will have been destroyed forever.

Those who consciously astral travel know that they astral travel.

Those meditators who connect to other levels, realms and dimensions and to other consciousnesses know that these other levels, realms and dimensions and consciousnesses exist.

Those who channel information from other dimensions know that to they are communicating and channelling this information from outside this dimension.

Those who regress into past lives know that they have existed in the past lives they see.

Those who express psychic phenomenological manifestations, such as clairvoyance, etc., know that this mechanism is of their own natural abilities.

This knowing is the unshakeable basis for their faith. They do not have to believe in things that are unreal or untrue. Their faith is based on experiences of knowledge and facts, experiences which are just as real, and even more so, than experiences on this distorted, evil, physical plane. With these experiences and inner knowing they have all the faith they need and are unshakeable when targeted by the sceptics with their scorn and ridicule.

  • There is no other way to develop that faith except from the inner knowing.
  • There is no way that the faith of one can be transferred to another being.
  • There is no other way that faith can be explained except by the inner knowing.
  • There is no way in which the faithless beings can be given the faith produced by the inner knowing.

All those who profess lack of faith in any inner reality or knowledge of truth, as I said earlier, are either totally unawakened and fooled beings, or programmed liars. They are minions of the evil demigod and his system.

Some of the more difficult hurdles awakening beings have to overcome are the scorn, ridicule, hatefulness, derision and vindictiveness which the faithless evil ones have for the True Beings who express great faith in their inner knowledge and `Father’ energy. This is because these faithless, evil beings refuse to acknowledge the truth.

The certainty of the inner knowing of those who successfully connect with the true inner being and discover their nature, identity, mission, powers, Source and Divinity is also the quality which allows immense unshakeable faith to be expressed in their physical lives.

There is no way that such beings can be fooled by this distorted illusion of this system. And there is no way they can be convinced by the programming, pollution and indoctrination that what they experience within is not the true reality and the truth. The inner knowing gives them all the answers they need, and it expressed at the outer mind level as the faith which give them all the strength, determination and courage to valiantly wade through this filth, and assist in the war which is about to be resolved.

The faith produced by this inner knowing provides them with an armour and shield with which they are totally protected from the attacks of scorn, ridicule and humiliation thrown upon them by the unaware, the faithless, the evil beings and the robots of the Dark Side, and with which they can attack programming, pollution and indoctrination.

Be proud to express your faith which reflects your inner knowing, your certainty and your true identity. The more this faith is expressed, the more are the evil beings of Darkness repelled back into their demonic realms to await the fate which they deserve.

Just as doubt and scepticism are tools of the evil demigod, faith is the tool of the Divine beings, which is to be used until the time of liberation and total exposure and destruction of all Evil.


August 29, 2014
Modern Medicine and Big Pharma now clearly demonstrate their true nature. As one reader said to me, “You said the Evil Ones would be exposed! As always you are right! “

They are Demons at Work, so read this:

And this: http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/phages.html

And this: Canada used to be such a nice country:






As one cynic said “What better way to get rid of people, as per the Eugenics Program, than to give them compulsory, YES COMPULSARY, vaccines with death-dealing agents in them e.g. Ebola?






All need to know why the End is here and that some (the majority) have NOT ‘made it’.






But, to this day, it appears most do not want to wake up. But wait, when the S.H.T.F., all those asleep with yell with fear at the horror!








Be warned: It is going to become really confusing in these last days. The BS will be highlighted as never before.:











Galaxies do suffer trauma and death. Here is an example of collision.

This one, our galazxy, is scheduled for liquefaction as I discussed before.

BTW, take note of the movie trailer in this clip. Have you noticed nearly all Hollywood productions, especially TV series, are now about FEAR and Physical Death? What better way to control the mob?



They probably will keep using BS while they destroy Truth-revealing sites:



September 1, 2014
Who needs to smoke Dope to become one?


Governments, Modern Medicine and Big Pharma are looking after you

Ha ha!!


This is just another reason to ring the final Bell!





About Vaccines: Very Important data






Hopefully the above link still works by the time you get it…graphic video of the MH17 crash. It verifies the claims by Russian military that indeed the bodies of the passengers were in an advanced state of decomposition when the plane crashed. Here is the link to the article linking the video…



The Plot thickens









It’s called pandering to the goyim:



The Truth about Snowden:



Fatal BS! Truly Terminal Madness of the Endtime



Who is behind all the evil?



For when you have nothing else to do:



What an O’bummer:



Laurie writes:

So much going on it is hard to keep up with it all….i usually just go for the overview of what’s happening and focus on a few headlines that catch my eye….


Do you think this is for real?….it’s amazing how quickly the failures and robots are being exposed….


I read something from your books or website everyday it really keeps me grounded, focused, aware so THANK YOU


Demons at work, at play, on TV


Demons are bound on Self-destruction. Iacta alea est: The Dye is cast:



Oh oh, more S…t for the fan:



I’ve just returned from a 9 day tenting vacation and missed your posts.

However, while camping I had the most priceless items with me your books.  I’m reading ” Keys to Reality” which I find interesting and so enriching. The information resonates to the core of my being.  There is so much to read and I would like to reread the books a second time.

We are all so trapped here and we are waiting for the Rescue Team to take us home.  Soon I hope.
Reading your books is helping me to understand everything at a much deeper level.
You have brought so much joy in my life and I am truly grateful.

Must add that it was enjoyable having you on my camping trip.  Oh yes, and my bedtime reading are your poems.  I never cared much for poems, but yours are from the heart.  Thank you for sharing.


There will be no end to the BS in order to start a war:



My assertion that ALL religions are evil stands:



Where is the root of all Evil?




September 2, 2014

Part Three



I suggest that if you are timid or easily upset by descriptions of the ferocious Reality we are being forced to live in, you do not continue reading this essay. Rather, try to tap into your ‘soul” and ask for guidance in these horrendous times through which we are entrapped and ask yourself what the Endpoint of it all may be.

If you want the essence of what is happening, regardless of emotions being stirred, and brutal, illusional, evil Fear raising its ugly countenance in your life, more than ever before, read on.

FEAR is a programed illusion, for what is to be is to be, and there is no point worrying about the outcome of the situation we are now in.

Fear is programmed onto our Outer Mind. Yes, there is also an Inner Mind, and for explanations you will have to read my writings further.

Fear is programmed by the Essence of Darkness that controls this ungodly world (the Physical Universe) for the purpose of exploiting all of us and controlling us, but the real targets are the ones with Divine Energy within them. Again I ask that you read my books for details. You will find a list of my books on the first page of my website whose address is given below.

There can be no better example of this evil exploitation than the FEAR engendered in the lives of all of us, in every country on the globe, now especially in our American cousins, by the purposeful fragmentation and disorder orchestrated by ruling archons that do not have the best interest of the citizenry at heart. Three simple words will expose this feat as nothing else can: “The Eugenics Program”. In modern times, although it has been disguised as a moderate, humanistic, self-serving Plan called ‘Agenda 21’ the Eugenics Program essentially refers to the evil and selfish elimination of most of “Humanity” for nefarious, and certainly not benign, reasons.

But, there is a Divine Plan in action, and this Plan CANNOT fail! This I guarantee.

Even Blind Freddie and Dumb Debbie can now see something extremely dramatic and unprecedented is occurring in the world.

Our lives are affected by hitherto unimagined factors that spell DOOM for the Physical Component of our existence.

Those who can only conceive a Physical Component of their existence are, in essence, doomed and are going to be extremely distressed by what is taking place and what is to develop as we progress inexorably towards an Endpoint.

Those who know and see beyond the Physical Absurdity can easily bypass the temporary, programmed fear of physical annihilation and project into a welcomed Evil-free future.

 The challenge now, in the few short remaining years, is for every living creature on this globe to come to grips with its Physical Mortality.

In essence, we are all going to physically die very, very soon.

In the meantime, what does Hollywood do? It attempts to traumatize its audiences with its movies even more by forever exploiting the Fear of Death! This is the very opposite to what you should be doing, which is taking steps to destroy that evil-programmed and unreal Fear. Does this mean that Hollywood in essence is evil? You bet!!

It is a punitive Law of Physical Nature that all physical things must come to a physical end; Physical Immortality be damned. We were all going to die sooner or later. Physical Death is unavoidable. All of you reading this need to know that you have physically died many, many times before, here or else on other planets. Physical death is a physical reality, but conversely, a spiritual illusion!

But, this time there is going to be a mass extinction of EVERYTHING; the planet, the Galaxy in which Earth is in, and the whole Physical Universe. All these illicit structures are going to perish. To find out why I call them illicit, you will have to read a little more of my work, if you do not now know.

I have told you before we are living on a DEAD ROCK. The Consciousness of “Mother Earth” is gone. The planet has no aura. Those of you who are familiar with the dying process know that humans and animals, even plants, which are about to die lose their aura. Hence, we can see by this that although the physical body is still there, breathing and moving, without an aura we know its time, a matter of minutes, hours or days, is up.

Thus it is with the Earth. It has no Aura. The weakening magnetic fields are an indication of its demise. As the Earth is doomed physically, so are all physical things on it.

But, we are not just Physical Beings, and that is where the Hope, Joy and Bliss exist for some who are to continue. Alas, not all will spiritually survive the coming changes concluding in a Physical Endtime.

Most scientists now agree that we are undergoing some mass extinction event. They compare it to past episodes when the exact same thing seemed to have happened, and then regeneration took place, often with divergent species replacing those eliminated. But, I am here to tell you this is not a recycling of species. This time, as I said above, our physical home, the Earth, is also dead!

I shall go further and say, as I have said previously, that our Sun is all but dead. All the planets of the Solar System are dying; the whole Galaxy, in fact, is in its death throes.

This is all part of a process which commenced long ago for the elimination of ALL the Physical Universe which is a product of Evil. If, at this stage, you do not believe in Evil, you are a blind, ignorant, programmed idiot. More likely than not, you are of the Evil Essence, thus you are denying your own essence for truly immoral reasons. Just look at what other, more powerful and often Alien, Evil Ones are doing to your life, the lives of your family members, your friends, associates, country, etc., etc., and then tell me no Evil exists.

Faced with these indisputable facts, our Greatest Challenge, for all of us, on this very day, if we have not already done so, is to come to grips with our Physical Mortality.

In this day and age, you very well know we are being inundated with information, misinformation, propaganda and downright lies as never before. Connectivity is unprecedented. This is very much on purpose in order to confuse, frustrate, and further hide the Truth of the unfolding Greater Reality as well as spy on each and every one of us. The Evil Ones in control are failing miserably in their evil agendas. They are being exposed as never before and the Truth of what they are, what they planned, and what shall REALLY happen, shall win!

Beware Information Overload. Do not get caught in the detail of the Terminal Fragmentation, or in the minutiae that have no relevance or importance. The Devil is in the (spurious) detail.

Very briefly, let us look at the most potent of the factors affecting our lives that represent the Plan of Total Physical Annihilation and Extinction:


  • RADIATION: The deadly radiation from the so-called nuclear accident at Fukushima must stand alone. This poisoning will eradicate ALL living things from the planet by the mid-2020s. Many scientists agree with this assertion of mine. This correlates with the timing I predicted before anyone had even heard of Fukushima.


There are other less dramatic forms of destructive radioactive poisoning as you well know, including HAARP technology, radioactive vaccines, our mobile phones and Wi-Fi, and that from our dying Sun.


  • AEROSOLS: Chemtrails are poisoning our air as never before. Chronic respiratory ailments including asthma, chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, and Morgellons, dementia, etc., resulting from the compounds in these Chemtrails, are no joke. They are deadly. Can you not see that, as they get more and more desperate, the Evil Controllers will lace their Chemtrails with cocktails containing death-delivering viruses such as Ebola and more radioactive material? Is it that so hard to believe? They have done such evil things as spraying deadly chemical and radioactive elements before on a lesser scale.


You are probably aware of these examples, so keep them in mind:








Remember Pinocchio when the Archons give their reasons for creating Chemtrails:


BTW, in the 1990s, I mentioned on the Jeff Rense Show, even before the Chemtrails began, that the world’s skies would be poisoned by such spraying to affect living creatures and their minds deleteriously. Search Jeff’s archives for that show. I am not privy to Archonic Plans, so how did I know that would happen? You tell me. How do I know all the things I have written about?


In regards to the eugenics Program, the intention of Evil Aliens (a topic I have covered elsewhere) who wanted a changed Earth for themselves, once they had displaced (killed) 80-90% of ‘Humanity”, was to implant more controllable Humanoid Hybrids that they have already prepared. Why do you think they abducted so many ‘normal’ humans and stole ova and sperm from them? But, of course, their evil schemes will come to naught, for they, and all Physical Things, are to end.

There is no chance of continuity of the Physical. Full Stop!

By what Authority do I declare that? You tell me!


  • THE ARTIFICIAL FOOD NIGHTMARE: GMO products are means to an end – a dead end.




There is great detail on the Internet about GMOs. If you are not familiar with this topic, I suggest you search pertinent articles for yourself on the WWW.


  • BIOWEAPONS AND VACCINES: Ebola, a bioweapon created as an agent of the Eugenics Program, as HIV-Aids was, to eliminate a major portion of human bodies, will take off very soon. Who of you is to say it will not be in vaccines and aerosols coming into your Health Programs and skies?








As many ask: Could it be possible? What better way to get rid of people, as per the Eugenics Program, than to give them compulsory, YES COMPULSARY, vaccines with death-dealing agents in them e.g. Ebola?


Who needs to smoke Dope to become one?

Governments, Modern Medicine and Big Pharma. are looking after you, ha ha!!

This is just another reason to ring the final Bell!


Here is some more Very Important data about Vaccines:




  • WAR, WAR, WAR: Nuclear, Civil, Financial, Racial, Religious, etc..: Nuclear War, which no one on the planet, or in the planet, can survive is a certainty, and on its way. By ‘in the planet’, I mean the evil human moles who have the erroneous belief thy can ride out the furore in their artificial underground hideouts.


Wars based on false Religious Paradigms (actually all religions are based on distorted Truth and Falsehood) are the order of the day. As they have been throughout history! Now we have the ISIS crisis.




  • INEVITABLE STARVATION: As the air, soil, seas, and all foods are poisoned, starvation will be the result, EVERYWHERE. Have no fear. Your Divine Helpers are waiting on other levels to welcome you as you drop the shell, the meat-bag, the cardboard box, and are then rescued into the non-Evil spiritual realms!


  • FALLING SKIES: Rogue comets and meteors are still scheduled to strike Earth before it is liquefied. Some of these will enter from inter-dimensional portals created by the collapse of other physical sub-dimensions which are also to perish. Thus, such heavenly bodies may not be spotted until the last minute before they strike Earth.


BTW, Ol’ Sol’s ethereal twin is due to make his appearance. What? You did not know he had one? How can you have an elliptical orbit like Earth, and the other planets have, without two foci?


  • FATAL LOCAL PHYSICAL INSTABILITY: With anticipated Earthly fragmentation from its death throes and poisoning, one must expect instability on a grand scale. Thus, the Earth may fall on its axis with catastrophic results before we are all dead (AND out of the physical into other non-physical dimensions).


Fault lines will become unstable and cause volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, flooding, disease, pestilence, etc., etc. As a dead, rotting apple collapses and fragments before our eyes, so too will this dead rock, this Earth, do the same, helped along by the Terminal Madness of the Self-destructing Demons that are bent on destroying themselves and everyone else. It is the Light’s intent to accommodate their self-destruction which we, with extended vision, now clearly see all over the globe!


  • MENTAL DISINTEGRATION. Years ago I coined the phrase ‘Terminal Madness of the Endtime’. It is a reality. Those of you with open eyes and with even a slight amount of true spiritual awakening are now witnessing the rapidly progressive, ubiquitous, unstoppable disintegration of unprotected minds (the failures). The descent into Self-destructiveness and suicidal Nihilism, in all its forms, Ethical, Existential and Political, and Epistemological, is as overt as it can be.


While Evil’s programming, pollution and indoctrination on captive minds (the stupid, evil, lower monkey minds that all physical bodies possess) is becoming more and more ineffectual, more and greater false Religious and Scientific paradigms are being released to the masses in an attempt to harness them into the net of mind-control. But, as we can all see, the Madness is everywhere. Evil has failed miserably in programming its own Robots and Demons.


Scientific Paradigms will collapse, for they are based on Human Laws of Physics which appear to hold true but are actually false. The presence of the Solar Twin is a perfect example, as is my ability to consciously travel into non-Physical Dimensions (my Home) and return with the information I have shared with you over the last 30 years or so. As these Human Laws collapse, the angst among those who depended on them will inflame their madness.


Entrapping, punishing, exploitative, Religious Paradigms, which, as I said above, are all false, apparently fuelling crazed minds, even in the West, will be further and totally exposed in their demonic nature. Their members, already committed to slaughter and mayhem, or murderous support of those whose demonism is now obvious as we see around the world (do I really need to spell the sites out?), will fall into Terminal Gloom and Doom as they realize they have been lied to by mendacious sacerdotal overlords.


Religions have used falsified, so-called sacred documents, and faked tradition, and as people trapped within them sense they are doomed for having embraced the Darkness and rejected, repeatedly, the Truth presented to them time and time again, the madness can but increase. As the promised false Endtime scenarios do not develop, foolish, gullible minds will be crushed into insanity bearing the destructive anger of doomed desperados.


No ‘Jesus on a cloud’, no ‘Resurrection of the Dead’, no ‘Trumpeting Angels’ will meet them, only the Divine Reality will present itself, the Reality which they refused to accept and which they willingly buried as they attacked those who were different in Truth. The True Gnostics can now validly say ‘We told you so!”


Whom can the Failures blame for their lot? None but themselves, for each is responsible for none other but itself.


Warmongers everywhere are practising their highly skilled reprehensible crafts. But no victory, nor booty, nor joys await them. Only Murder, Destruction, Terminal Madness and Perdition await them and all the followers they once again incite to action.


As some of you have surmised, the Christ Light is among us for the final time and yet the failures cannot see It, feel It or hear It. They are blind, deaf and dumb. The few who see, fell and hear truly are even now rejoicing for they unerringly know “What is Going On”!


Alas, all classes of consciousness, including the Plant and Animal Kingdoms, are demonstrating this Terminal Madness and disintegration of non-Viables therein.


That being the case, what can you expect? It shall be vileness in its most iniquitous forms: murder and mayhem, wars with plunder and death, suicide, cannibalism, demonic possession of men, women and children, rape of minds and bodies, desecration of all things with the hint of holiness. Now it is that you might understand why the majority of viable consciousnesses were removed off the planet in November 1999. It was so that they would be spared the horror we see, the horror that will escalate beyond the wildest imagination.


Indeed, Frederick Nietzsche, the Christ Light bearer of his era, was correct. There is no meaning to the lives of the failures. I will now assert that they are but Wraiths in the Shadow, awaiting their final dissolution by the rays of the dawning True Light!


That is a very brief view of what is on our plate even now.

These are now, undeniable, self-evident, physical truths of “What’s Going On”

If you are a Viable, this Truth shall have set you free from the FEAR of what is to come. Your future is of eternal Love, Serenity, Joy, Happiness and Bliss.

Deniers can verily be called blind fools who are no longer spiritually viable and will be dealt in accordance with the Divine Law of Justice with which I am most familiar.

I repeat, if you understand the process, and WHY it is happening, all FEAR in you shall be dispelled.

Inspite of what appears to be horrendous destruction, NOTHING of TRUE VALUE will be lost! The Physical World has always been valueless except to the demons and non-Viables who themselves are temporary and worthless in spiritual terms.



Falsehood of the Illusion
o satisfactory explanation of what is going on can be given without an examination and understanding of the metaphysical and spiritual components affecting our lives. Evil has done its best to make us ignore or even forget these

components and in its place given us pseudo-truths, in particular in the form of Science with its false answers, and Fear-mongering, rapacious, extorting, raping, murderous Religions.

I had mentioned previously that we are witnessing a resolution of a War of Essences, a War of Good against Evil, with the result definitely being the total elimination of Evil and all its by-products. Viables are going to live and witness the Solution to the Problem of Evil.

Some “Humans’ are by-products of Evil and are to be eliminated as they have rejected the often repeated offer to step into the Light and abandon the Darkness with all its animosity to all that is Good..

As you can see, some of the destructive actions to bring Earth to an end appear, superficially, to be instigated by “Humans”. Thus, GMO products, Nuclear War, Civil war, the Fukushima Catastrophe, Chemtrails etc., etc., are all “man-made”. The reality is more complex, and I have dealt with it elsewhere. More evolved, evil, alien beings, called Demons, Archons, etc., are the Masters of this Evil Universe. I explain how they came to be created, and why, in my books. I know them all and I promise, all will disappear from the face of the True Creation.

I had previously told you the “Army of Light” had retreated from the planet, and Galaxy, thus allowing the Evil Ones to self-destruct without resistance. The actions of the evil ones always result in SELF-DESTRUCTION! And that is exactly what we are seeing. The total destruction of Maldec which now remains as the ‘Asteroid Belt’, and the partial destruction of Mars forcing many of its inhabitants to leave and others to live underground in Mars are two recent examples.

Whether you want to believe it or not, Physical existence is all over folks!



 The Fear of Physical Mortality

The situation, as you may well appreciate, is far more complicated than this simple outline that I have written here. If you are interested, read more of my work.

I am the first to admit that this, at first glance, is a frightening scenario, even for prepared minds. Hence, my assertion that what is happening now, today, is the Greatest Challenge to each of us still on the globe. It is the challenge to our Physical Mortality.

I repeat: Your Divine Helpers are waiting on other levels to welcome you as you drop the shell, the meat-bag, the cardboard box! This applies only to Viables, of course.

You will be aware enough by now, of course, to realize that Humanity’s Science, in the main, does not believe in any of the spiritual components of existence even though it is greatly assisting the Self-destruction!

My advice to you is this: “Don’t argue with the fools!” There has been much research by more aware doctors, scientists, and psychologists into such things as UFOs and Aliens, Re-incarnation, Near Death Experiences, Astral Travel, Disturbances of the Spirit and Demonic Possession of Centres of Consciousness to produce Mental Perturbation which manifests as Mental Illness, and so on. Being an Allopathic Physical and a member of the Medical Profession, my belief in these things, and my writings, resulted in a 30 year battle with some members of Medical Boards, and many other doctors in the profession, resulting in a letter from them to me in 2013 saying they “did not want my kind in Medicine!” I have the letter on file.

What is my response? I know them all individually on other levels. I don’t want their kind in the True Spiritual Dimensions. They will NOT spiritually survive. That should tell you a lot. I will write more about this at a later date, perhaps.

Those who can reason with their Truth within as we progress to the Endpoint and conquer the fear of the challenge of Physical Mortality successfully will be rewarded instantly, even while living in this decaying Hell, with Peace of Mind, which is invaluable seeing so many that surround them are succumbing to Terminal Madness, and will also be rewarded with the Anticipation of Better things to come as promised by the Light and its representatives throughout the Ages.

Those who cannot meet this challenge are destined to languish in the Doom and Gloom provided by The Terminal Madness of the Endtime that I had described at length previously. It is all their doing. No one else is to blame for the existence or failure of any other, regardless of what your Monkey Mind tries to tell you.

How does one conquer the FEAR of Physical Mortality?

It is done by connecting to that part of the Self which is Immortal!

That connection will take you to a non-physical, Evil-free future if you are one of the ones to have one. Alas, only 9% of consciousness in Human Bodies will continue. The rest will perish (and dissolve) in body, mind and soul. But, it is not a simple, painless process. They have to pay, in ways I may describe another time, for the evil damage they have done to others. The Law of Divine Justice applies!

I have written about this very thing often. If you have forgotten those writings, go find them.



In Retrospect

The ‘Retro-spectroscope’ is a wonderful instrument. If only we all had one! The trouble is, it can only be of use retrospectively. If you have studied what I have written since 1985, all that remains for me to do is say “I told you so”!

In 1985, I revealed all these things to come, all the changes towards an Endtime, the Death of the Planet, the Terminal Madness of the Endtime, the Transmutation of Matter, the elimination of the Physical, the elimination of all Evil and the placement of Viable Consciousnesses in an Evil-free zone.

Thus, it is almost 30 years that I revealed

  • What was going to happen;
  • How it was going to happen;
  • Why it was going to happen;
  • When it was going to happen.

True to form, the evil fools in the Mainstream Media attacked me for all they were worth (they are spiritually worthless, by the way) so that my Message was buried in the stupidity of simpletons. Of course, they were driven by controlling Evil Masters who did not want the Truth revealed.

Alas, even today most psychic and clairvoyants have no idea what I am talking about, even as the Mechanisms for the End stare them in the face. Why is that? It is because most of them are part of the Fraudulence that is to be demolished totally. They have no real spirituality. They have no Truth. They are moronic phantoms of a soon-to-disappear Evil scenario.

30 years have been wasted since then. Just think, people could have been a lot better mentally prepared for the changes I announced and much suffering could have been avoided if it were not for the destructive effects of the demons on my work and for their blocking it. But, forget the past. Let’s look ahead. If you are familiar with my information, you know what’s coming. You know the Endpoint. You know what the future after your physical death and after the death of the planet holds.


As an Allopathic Family Physician, I was running one of the busiest solo medical practices in Melbourne, Australia, when I received the signal that it was “time”.

After a Conference at my “Headquarters” outside this dimension, in April 1985, I published the blueprint for the elimination of Earth and all non-Viables in all classes of consciousness.

As time progressed I released more and more pertinent information of what was going on and what the Endpoint was to be.

Alas, I was somewhat distracted by having to make a long list of the pejorative names that I was called and became amused at the creativity of some of the mindless, evil cretins in that regard.

But now things have changed. The Reality has struck. What I said has hit home. The time for name-calling has well and truly passed.

There is no turning back.


Those who claim otherwise are deluded fools and failures who have truly mistaken the Darkness for the Light. The reality is that they cannot see the Light for they are of Darkness!

Those to continue have been anointed. The percentage is certain.

The changes that will bring about the annihilation will occur as I predicted. They are in motion now if you have eyes to see. Become wiser and seek understanding of what all this means and what is really going on. The evil Aliens of a superior evil evolutionary ladder think they will escape the Endtime. I am here to tell you they cannot and will not. When that realization filters into their outer minds we will truly see madness in them, for they have far greater destructive powers than we have yet witnessed.

I had previously repeatedly revealed that 2035 would definitely be the outermost year to terminate this abomination. It was scheduled by the War Council of which I am a member that 2035 was to definitely be the last year for Earth if it did not finish earlier. We are ahead of schedule.

Had Nuclear War commenced in July 2014, the End was scheduled for November 2016.

Never mind, other dates are now 2019, 2021, and 2024 for the End. The End date does not really matter. Most Viables are already mentally in their New Evil-free Homes! The Rescue vehicles can penetrate this dimension at short notice for evacuation of the Viables. They had made their presence known in the dimension previously to a select few but for now have all retreated.

I doubt that Earth will go beyond 2024.

The End depends on a number of factors which we do not control from this level. The consciousnesses in the rest of the Galaxy need to be classified. When that is done (we are nearly finished) 2 years (Earth time) have been set aside for total destruction of the whole Galaxy.

I will have more to say about the re-entry of the Light and the Rescue Teams for the Final Days, about the Rescue itself, the Crafts and how to discern Good Ones from evil ones, about the physical dying process, what else to expect, etc., etc., as the time for the End draws near.

It is wonderful to hear that more and more people are being prepared for the coming changes in NDEs, in pre-cognitive dreams, in short periods of Day-dreaming (which are really bouts of Astral Travel) and episodes of intuitiveness in normal awakened states.

If my words mentally and spiritually exalt you, it is the energy within them that you are responding to, and you are to be congratulated. It is a very positive sign.

If you are made anxious and fearful by what I reveal, I suggest you work spiritually on yourself; attempt to contact your Higher Consciousness (the one that may live forever) and ask for help to eradicate all Fear and elucidate your Path of Destiny.

I am the first to admit what is coming is going to be horrendous, thus, the prophecy that the ‘living will envy the dead’.

But, if you are truly mentally and spiritually prepared, your suffering will be greatly minimized. And, you will make the realization that this existence and all its suffering, pain, terror and misery are soon-to-be-forgotten illusions.

To assist you even more in your quest for Spiritual awakening, consider consuming a diet more appropriate for spiritual purification and progress.


  • Avoid animal products. Eggs are Ok if you must have them.


  • Do not consume alcohol or psychotropic drugs. If your Centres of Consciousness are damaged and you suffer any form of mental illness (which is disturbance of the spirit manifesting on your physical vehicle) take the appropriate prescribed medication if and while it assists you. Ask for the blessing of everything you consume, even medications.


  • Practice what I call SCLOMP:


i              Surrender to the Will of the Divine, which is to destroy Evil, and rescue Viables by the most appropriate means the Divine sees fit. Your Will, what your monkey mind wants, is not going to count for much in the events that are unfolding, is it? So, merge your Will with the Divine Will.


ii             Cleanse your Centres of Conscious daily, removing all the negative pollution accumulated in a myriad of ways in this putrid dung heap called Physical Existence.


iii           Listen to your Higher Self, to your Guides and Helpers on more pristine levels via the process of Meditation which is simply sitting quietly and stilling the outer Monkey mind. You may be able to meditate while jogging, swimming laps of a large pool, listening to the music of the Avatars such as Haydn, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc.


iv            Obey any direction from the Higher Realms as long as it is NOT deleterious to you or anyone else. This is important. Look at how many nuts claim ‘god’ told them to arm themselves and kill infidels, rape children, overthrow elected officials, etc., etc. If the directive is not for your personal spiritual enhancement and not for you to promote Love, Peace, Joy and Harmony, forget it! You have contacted the wrong channel! Keep cleansing.





v             Merge your lower Monkey Mind with the Higher Mind. It is not hard to do. Learn to think like a ‘philosopher and saint’. Bypass the evil emotional body and respect all, no matter of what essence they may be. It is not your job to judge anyone. Never lose your cool or show anger; always manifest Love. The Divine Energy knows who is who.


True love is never wasted. If the recipients of your love are demons, they will reject it and it will come back to you in other ways. Thus, by manifesting love even in the midst of the most despicable demons, you are enhancing the quality of your own life.


vi            Protect, protect, protect. It’s an evil jungle outside your door, and often even inside your house, even inside your head, if you are in a relationship with a demon, or have demonic parents, relatives, children, siblings, and so on. Beware of Emotional Attachment. It is evil programming for which you will pay a heavy price. (For further explanation of any topic I mention, see my books). Protective exercises should see you in a cocoon of White or Golden Light protected from Evil’s harm while forced to exist in the midst of these demons and robots, and being a temporary part of this soon-to-be expunged Tragedy.


(BTW, Body Snatching is on the increase. Spiritually protect yourselves at all times. I will write about Body-snatching by evil entities soon.)


The failures (non-Viables) have nothing to look forward to after ‘paying their dues’.

Once they fully comprehend, the Viables could not be happier that they are going Home, out of this Hell that kept them prisoners. You will find the reasons I say that in my writings.

Do not worry about the physical effects of the Fragmentation. See each physical death of humans, animals, plants, etc., as either liberation of a viable consciousness or the elimination of a non-viable one.

The Process of the Endtime that we are going through and forced to witness is inevitable. The thought of an Endtime for this Dimension was conceived the moment the ‘Celestial Error’ refused correction, long, long ago.

There is no sadness in this. It is what the Divine Energy wants. It is what Viables want. The Solution to the Problem of Evil was never going to be any other way. It is a process for the eradication of the spiritual and physical cancer (in metaphysical terms) that has temporarily existed, by accident, in the True Creation.


At the end of almost every lecture, show or workshop, I get the same questions from novices: “Who are you, doctor? Where do you get your information from?

As an Allopathic Physician I had lots of patients.

It is now your turn to have some patience.

In the meantime, remember that Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding (of What’s Going On!)

I realize many doubts will arise in unprepared minds from what I say and write, but I want to remind you of this: What I have said and written is immutable.

You know my motto well: “Take it or Leave it.” If you can find and use a retro-spectroscope, or peep into the True Future, you will be able to prove the immutability statement as true for yourself indubitably. I am not boasting. I do not need to boast. Truth is Truth, regardless of who thinks otherwise, and I write such remarks because it is TIME to do so.

Horror will engulf ALL the planet. Thus, my final piece of advice is this: Regardless of the circumstances around you, keep living the Golden Rule!



URL of Show with Jeff Rense yesterday Sept 4, 2014 (Oz Time)




September 6, 2014


Jeff Rense & Dr. Joseph Chiappalone – Terminal Madness Of The End Times






Suntzeff says the discovery that even the universe’s smaller galaxies are now dying also raises other, more philosophical questions. “Thinking not as an astronomer, I find this behaviour curious – we are living in a time in the universe when galaxies are dying out,” he says. “Is it just coincidence? What is our future?”


I need to add this: “Remember that when you are reading articles such as this one, observations therein are being made and conclusions are being formulated  about what was there millions and billions of years ago. ”  GSC

“When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion — when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing — when you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors — when you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you — when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice — you may know that your society is doomed.”  Ayn Rand
SEPTEMBER 7,  2014
A few sites to keep yu busy:



Vladimir strikes back…

Subject: 9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators | Alternative News & Commentary


Jim Stone’s latest:


Why is Israel seeming to try to meet a world war deadline?

The zionists are spewing more lies than ever, with two fake beheadings, a story about 11 stolen jet liners from Libya which could not possibly be true, the theft of flight 370 and subsequent shoot down of “MH17″ with rotting corpses as passengers, and many many more obvious lies and acts of desperation. All during a blood moon tetrad, which has, in the past, had a history of spelling disaster for Israel. I have a hunch Israel and zionists in general are lashing out at reality, hoping to make this tetrad beneficial rather than a time of disaster. And they will fail.
One has to question why the beheadings were so poorly done, and the Isis scam so transparent. This time around it is all going different than before, the ISIS scam is being fronted at a time when the world is hitting a peak of awareness towards this type of false flag effort. The fact that even one government leader has stood up and stated in no uncertain terms that ISIS is sponsored by the West means a tipping point has been reached, where if the lie continues to be pushed there could well be a very hot war, possibly even nuclear and the wrong people will be targeted, at least according to zion.

Why would Israel and the zionists push hate disinfo so hard now, beyond a level that has any rational basis?

I believe it is for religious reasons related to the current blood moon tetrad, which is now in progress. I believe they believe they now have to meet a do or die timeline and spark world war 3 or a massive die off via ebola – something, anything to put the world in complete disarray, or Israel will be finished before the tetrad is over. The world is onto their lies, and it is a matter of time before Israel fails to survive it. Interesting it is that ISIS has never threatened Israel, is it not?
They are crazy, religiously fanatic, and that makes them VERY dangerous




Worth a listen:


See the UFOs NASA has deleted:


ISIS = CIA; Read it: http://www.tomatobubble.com/id661.html


One reader writes: “I am almost done reading your 5 books titled “My Conversations With God“.    I am near the end of the fourth volume.   This Book will be like a True Bible to me.  I will often go back to read and meditate on many answers given.     The content of this Book really reinforce my connection with God and how important is the NGE .   Also how important it is to purify to allow the integration of the NGE and finally become a True Light Worker which will bring an end to the Evil Essences down here.  Now I know I am involved in the process.   Sometimes I say I have seen and read enough, but it surely does not apply to your Books.   Your Teachings make me realize how many links I am missing to really understand all this scenario playing out down here.   With Divine Love and Gratitude , ☺”



Demons at work:


*                                                                                           *

More about Ebola: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3-d6UQFa3c



WW3 wont be too long in coming: http://tomatobubble.com/id669.html


We know someone from this area in Canada working in the Fracking business in the Northern part of Alberta Canada .  He says Fracking is destroying everything, the plants, animals have to leave and it is contaminating most of the water supply of Alberta.  He says doing this work really bother his conscience but he can not find a job around here and decided to go back.  Says he has family to support .

Another example of the fragmentation you talk about on this planet.


http://www.alternativesjournal.ca/energy-and-resources/fracking-hotspots?gclid=CN_EsdGuxcACFcZDMgodhUMAnQ Fracking Map Canada


Another Hollywood ‘Golden Moment’?



Is the Penny starting to drop?



The words come first….


The mis-information is everywhere.


You know the Endpoint of all this.


I will borrow a line from Chris Columbus:  “I told you so!”



SEPTEMBER 10, 2014
Looks like the aliens have won with their Agenda 21?

Look again: They have really lost – everything:


Ebola is just one of the mechanisms for eradiating physical life. “Life” for some will continue of course, but none of the Physical Universe will.


This clip can well be called shaking the ‘Merry Cans’:



I had predicted Civil War in the USA long, long ago:



I have told you “Mammon” is dead. Hence, his Monetary System is bound to collapse.


I mentioned such things in the very first book I wrote back in 1985. Money will become useless.


The Jerks’ Eugenics Program in action:



Of course if they released a killer, they are not going to release a cure !!


Religion vs Religion BS:


If only brain-dead morons like this chap could realize that Jesus the Christ was Mohammed the Christ reincarnated.

The Truth is, modern Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus the Christ, and Islam has nothing to do with Mohammed the Christ. What is presented is all BS. The evil Mind would have it no other way!


BS presented as BS: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/09/the-remote-viewing-911-project-3025726.html?utm_content=beforeit39snews-verticalresponse&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fb4in.info%2FddYW&utm_medium=verticalresponse&utm_source=direct-b4in.info&utm_campaign=


Can some really know too much about the Archons and their activities? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr-xQbLwgvw#t=87


Dear Dr.

I am half way through ” My Conversations With God”  and I feel that these books are a must read.  I am taking my time, taking notes and quiet time reflecting on the information.  The format in these books helps me to anchor the material.

You are able to put into words so eloquently how I feel.  Since I was a child I would say certain things to family and friends and their response was ” How do you know?”  I would reply that I just knew and of course I would get the ‘rolling of the eyes’.


Working on myself, avoiding pollution as much as I can is an ongoing challenge.  However, all of this is for the Light and I will do whatever is needed on this journey.  All of your writings is sustaining me at this time. Love and Gratitude,




I like this one especially: Falsehood posing as Falsehood


My, but the Western Powers are clever. They are indiscriminately going to bomb communities where they suspect terrorists to be in order to protect the innocent civilians. They just know the bombs will only kill and maim terrorists, leaving innocent ones in their midst unharmed. Aren’t they clever and caring?

Thus, while indiscriminately bombing everything in sight, the bombs will discretely discriminate goody from baddy once they explode! Quick, Fairy Godmother, tell us more.


Angle -eesh class:



The Nuclear War is a’comin…



Well, the aim here is to make brain damaged morons even more moronic (and more easily placated and terminated).



Gasp…It seems the 9/11 bomb will never explode. But, it will when it is the most appropriate time:



A little Truth mixed with a hell-of-a-lot of BS:



I think this is worth reading: http://journal-neo.org/2014/09/08/israel-the-nuclear-mouse-that-roared/


Had I not warned you that 9/11 was a major KEY to introduce the Final Phase which would include Civil war in the USA and Nuclear War everywhere?

You will see Putin’s role more clearly in these clips.

Just in case you have forgotten what such actions are from: They are from EVIL!


Note that when some talk about Psychopaths in control substitute the word Demons for Psychopaths. And the percentage is now 35% of th Human population, not 3-4%.

As you can see in these videos, The Main Stream Media (MSM) is in control, and it is very demonic. How sad that so many sheople have as yet not awoken to this fact!

Nonetheless, Evil is being totally exposed, no matter how painful the process may be, in preparation for its total obliteration!

Don’t miss the “shaking of the Merry Cans”.



There is no doubt that the Archons (Demons) run the institutions of the World. Their main aim is to extract energy from their victims.

Here is a perfect example of how they extract energy from helpless victims and how they protect themselves from prosecution.